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We are a family owned and operated moving company. We have over 20 years of moving experience combined within our management team. Innovation and technology sets us apart from our competition. All of of our trucks have GPS tracking with camera’s and electronic logging devices. When we pick you up at your home your inventory is taken digitally. Each customer gets their own login to their account. You can track your move every step of the way. Our refund policy is second to none. If you cancel for any reason, your deposit is 100% refundable. Plain and simple. If we don’t move you, we get paid nothing. We truly believe that our staff and our customers are our most important assets.

Moving-Me about Pacific Coast Moving

Pacific Coast Moving is a full service moving company. Their moving experts can wrap and pack your valuables, backed by over 20 years of experience in handling and moving luxury and everyday items. They provide local, long-distance, and commercial moves. The company specializes in storage for all their client’s items while they wait in transit.

Pacific Coast Moving Licenses & Certificates

Pacific Coast Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 1063051

US D.O.T: 3355534

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Pacific Coast Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Pacific Coast Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Pacific Coast Moving Reviews

Worst experience as a customer. This guys are thieves. Took 45 days to deliver my stuff and half of it is ruined and damaged. Bad customer service and now they're saying it will take 6 months for the claim on damaged items. Don't book these crooks.
- Patel

I do not typically write reviews although, I believe my experience may protect many of you who are relocating and connecting with movers. Unfortunately, I would encourage anyone to avoid Pacific Coast Moving. Having recently used Pac Coast Moving to relocate my family from California to Florida, I'm concerned this organization (and online reviews) are both fake and a scam. To summarize: 1. We received a quote. After I specifically requested an estimator to visit my home; the quote increased ~35%. Odd as we were incredibly detailed in our submission. 2. We confirmed pick-up and drop off dates. 3. During pick-up, a mover damaged a chandelier and never told me/us. We found out after moving. I paid to replace. How I learned of this and who was responsible (Pac Coast Moving-movers), see further below. 4. I paid for a 28-ft truck and they arrived with a 26-ft truck. My goods over-filled the truck. They placed the remaining items (mattresses, furniture, etc.) on the lift gate of the truck and in their personal vehicles. Open to the highway air with risk. 5. Not hearing from Pac Coast Moving the week of delivery (as promised), we called 2-days before their committed delivery date. They said "we're not sure where your goods are but, we're 7-10 days out". What?! We tried calling everyone at Pac Coast Moving. No answers or follow-ups. 6. The night before their originally committed delivery date, I received a call from the driver. Shares he will deliver the next morning and if I move the date, I need to pay daily late fees. Are they not communicating with one another?!! I must find red-eye flights for my family to arrive on time. Staying in hotels and changing flights is very expensive. 7. The day of delivery, the Pacific Coast Moving Trailer arrives without movers. Only the driver. We wait for over an hour. 8. My family and I unload the entire trailer, ourselves. Movers never arrived. We found most of our boxes smashed/damaged. Many items are missing (designer shoes for myself and wife, tools, etc.) and many damaged items. Including our LG OLED 65" SMART TV, high-end furniture (antique furniture we paid thousand to refurbish, Ethan Allen, etc), appliances, etc. I’ve an extinve list fo damages and photos to support. I still struggle to understand if this is a reputable company. My costs have exceeded the investment paid to move. To date, I've not heard back from anyone at Pacific Coast Moving to resolve this matter. I have submitted a detailed report including pictures to the BBB. Additionally, I have email/vmail communications, additional pictures, and videos I would be willing to share should the need arise. Also, I am making myself available to anyone who is considering Pacific Coast Moving and who would like to better understand my experience. Happy to share my report, videos, vmails and images. Mark [email protected]
- Mark C

Nightmare Experience We were “misquoted” and ended up having to pay an extra $2000 upon arrival- even after going through inventory multiple times and adding extra space to be on the safe side. We were told our stuff would not be taken to a warehouse and would be taken directly to our location- it ended up taking them weeks upon weeks to deliver our stuff.. zero to no communication from the company. When we did get communication it was after I called, emailed, text and even threatened with authority. (I was convinced we had been robbed at this point) Staff was incredibly rude- one staff member actually got into a verbal altercation with my fiancé- incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional. When our stuff did come- they only delivered half!!! “No idea where the rest of it was” - was the drivers response, he had me call the company, and he left. It took them 43 days to deliver all of our stuff. After going through our things, we figured out that our stuff had been rummaged through and we had multiple things stolen. We had two pair of limited edition Lebron James shoes stolen out of one of our suitcases. (Never worn, collectors items) I say stolen because they were packed in boxes in a suitcase- the suitcase arrived completely empty. This means someone went through our stuff and took what they wanted! Such a disgusting act. I have yet to get a response from the company on the stolen items.
- Ashley Deslauriers

Do not trust this company 43 days ago they packed up a small load. It has still not been delivered Lots of promises NONE of them kept Price went up, priorities ignored , NO COVID 19 precautions They say it is my fault for moving to a location that isn’t convenient for them. The location has never changed , why didn’t they say something before they took my money Despicable business
- Sue Smith

Company Employ Thieves The estimate was a half what it actually cost but the worse after my truck was packed the movers said they have an issue with theft! When I got my boxes they were opened and they stole so many items and what wasn't stolen they unwrapped and left to break. They actually left their box cutters in 2 boxes. Company took no responsibility and offered me $50 for a $4,000 claim. They bullied me into taking down my reviews and complaints claiming they would not look at my claim until I did. They gave me no inventory didn't put anything back together is by far the absolute worse moving company I have ever used! I would not let them move my trash to the curb! I hope I can save other unsuspecting consumers from this scamming, thieving company.
- Pj Meshanko

Disingenuous Office Staff Run! Don't even think twice, just hang up on these guys before they sell you into the worst move you'll ever experience. Trust me, once you call them to ask about the status of your items in transit, they'll be the ones to hang up on you! That sweet-talk and customer-centric tone they poured on you during your cold call sales pitch will disappear faster than 5G downloads! I want to save as many people as possible from making the mistake of doing business with Pacific Coast Moving (PCM). I also find it important to expose a company that carelessly handles other people's items, reneges on its promises, argues with you instead of admitting fault, tell you your delusional when you make a good case, and intentionally hang up on you after you ask about the whereabouts of your items. (Yeah, I'm talking to you Joe, Jim, & Whitney... and yes, I'm a "real customer" so try a better PR strategy than to discount me as a fake customer.. or maybe just try being honest, having some integrity, and communicating. Trust me, it factors into a long-term strategy of customer satisfaction and an overall positive view of your company. But most importantly, you'll be able to serve your customer base a lot better.) Make sure to take a screenshot of the initial contract you sign because they won't provide you with a standard PDF. No, they'll provide you a link with your Signed-Agreed-upon Quote that becomes inaccessible after your items have shipped. The link, simply says, "Please contact Customer Service." Next, take whatever timeframes they say they can deliver over the phone or through email correspondence with a grain of salt. Joseph Stoia was the sales rep who sold me on my move by telling me he could get my items to my destination by June 1st by (ironically) telling me all other competing companies overpromise and I couldn't be sure my items would arrive as planned if I went with THEM. My entire first work week, I had no furniture and PCM could care less. On June 8th, I get a call from the truck driver saying they're about an hour out. Finally! I take off from work to meet the moving crew at my apartment. I pay them the amount owed and they begin to unload the truck. But wait, it gets better, the items on the truck belong to someone else. They sent the wrong shipment all the way from California to Texas! Unbelievable. I called and told Joe the situation and he said, well, PCM is going to have to eat the costs on this one (big lie). We $!%@:#ed up! The movers call me back at midnight and tell me they found my lamp, half of my desk, and my bicycle so they bring it to me the next morning at 6am. Another week goes by and I'm still sleeping on the floor. I called Joe and he tells me he's not responsible for what happened and that I'll have to talk with Jim the Operations Manager at customer service. I call Jim and he says that he's on the other line and he'll call me back. After the 5th time I call, Jim gives me Whitney's number which goes straight to voicemail. Nobody, is answering my calls and no one is claiming any sort of responsibility for messing up my shipment. I'm now being avoided. It's now June 18th (when this review was written). I had the option of going with three other moving companies but now I've been sleeping on the floor for 20 days straight, have 95% of my furniture missing, and have been hung up on more times in the past 2 weeks than I have in 10 years! Listen folks, do yourself a favor and go with another mover. This company only cares about getting paid. They exploit the leverage they have once your items are in their possession and will leave you hanging out on a limb. They take no responsibility for any mistakes they make, they fail to communicate when an issue arises, and they are completely disrespectful
- Donny Ritcharoen

They are fraud so stay away from them. I wish i had read some of the other reviews for this terrible moving company before , I would have stayed away from them. I was moving from bay area to seattle around 4th july and they sold me the move. Scott sweet talked me into this. God knows how many times i had to call them to get someone to pickup my stuff. They kept changing the pickup dates saying they are busy. Why do they have to sell the moves when they don't have capacity to handle it ? Anyway finally after multiple days 2 kids showed up at 11.30 pm with a big budget truck. Later someone named sam showed up who supposedly is their best driver. They started loading the stuff and i could see they they had no experience whatsoever of handling cargo or loading. They even dropped my tv and won't even admit it even though it happened in front of me. They managed to finished loading at 2.30 am somehow. Now comes the fun part. After loading they doubled the estimate. My load was around 400cf and they were charging me for 800cf. Sam kept arguing that my stuff is worth 800cf which was not possible as i had staged the stuff and measured it already. Then he called Jim who manages the moves. Another terribly rude guy. He started threatening me and said either pay for 800cf or get the stuff off the truck. Dealing with this at 3 am when same day your travel is planned is not fun. I ended up getting my stuff off their truck with the help of friend and neighbor. Now i feel lucky reading other reviews. I rented 750cf capacity truck myslf and after loading all my stuff still had half the truck empty. They won't refund my deposit. I am searching for my options to take legal action against them as they are running a fraudulent business. I don't think the two kids who showed up with truck were in legal age to drive a truck. Also which moving company shows up during midnight to pickup stuff. I don't want any other customer to go through what i have gone through. Stay away from them.
- Ashwani Tak

They were prompt to decision us a truck and after selecting it, they very carefully packed and loaded our stuff into the truck.We are thankful, this is a great service that made our relocation comfortable and very easy.
- smith thakur

I used a very professional, yet highly approachable crew from Pac Coast Moving. We could easily chat with any of the guys and it helped because I was able to enquire about any issue that caught my attention. they managed my move in a very short time and without losing or damaging my things.
- Justin Kuraitis

They were extremely friendly and wonderful to work with. The entire experience from a start to finish was super easy. Words cannot express how great of a job our moving team did. Five stars is not enough to rate how well of a job the guys did. I highly recommended!!
- Allard de Stoppelaar Stoppelaar

They were super quick and careful with all the furniture. I would definitely use them again! Their customer service when setting up the appointment was super easy. I’m recommending this moving company to everyone I know.
- Ata chaudhry

This was my first experience with professional movers, and they explained everything and answered all my questions. This helped me feel confident and relaxed about an otherwise stressful day! They worked as a team and helped me feel I was part of the process.
- lawton ityin

The best moving experience I've ever had. They explain all they were going to do in advance of time including what I may be charged for so there was no good work.The crew was quick, friendly, on time, and really helpful.
- william forbish

From start to finish they were awesome. I called, received the extremely reasonable quote and everything from then on was smooth sailing. The guys were awesome!
- Kathrin Köhler

The moving team was very experienced and moved very fast whilst protecting the furniture. No time wasted. They made our moving day painless and even slightly enjoyable.Thank you for the great services.I would definitely recommended them...
- sonja Morgan

I'd give 6 stars if I could. From start to finish they made my relocation from San Diego to Florida very easy. James, Tom, and Christy were all fantastic. The moving crew was on time and everything showed up within the time frame I was promised with little to no damage. Everything was professionally packed and wrapped. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a cross country move
- Christopher Handler

I had a good experience with Just packers from the time I called to inquire about their service, everyone I spoke to was courteous considerate,and helpful.the packers themselves were on time,skilled and efficient..they took good care of our furnitures...highly recommended....
- Dominik Hulliger

The staff was extremely professional, handled the complete inventory with care as if it was their own furniture. clothing, kitchenware, etc. The price was very good quality and value for money as well. In case we will move ever again we will certainly go again with this company. Strongly recommend.
- Perry Reed

Excellent movers! They handled our furniture and baby grand piano with great care and expertise. Definitely recommend them.
- william ronan

RUN. Have you ever heard of a moving company taking 36 days (and still counting) to deliver your possessions? Would you want to choose a moving company that takes that long? Our possessions left Utah and ended up in a warehouse in California for a couple of weeks (wrong direction, people). Now we have been told it’s supposedly in New Jersey and we are still awaiting all our things. Won’t give us straight answers. A literal nightmare. Where is our stuff!??? Gave us multiple delivery deadlines and blew past each one. if we ever get our things who knows what condition it will be in after this long and being transferred again and again. Absolutely abysmal service. Basically stole all of our things. RUN.
- Thomas Whitlock

I scheduled a move with this company to begin on April 29. They picked up my stuff on time and worked with me on getting my items on the truck. Everything went fine during pickup. They up-charged me on the number of boxes after the salesperson (Someone named Tom Lee) told me on the phone that I would not be up-charged given the relatively small amount of stuff to move (one bedroom). My first date of delivery was May 7 and my contract said that they have 30 business days after May 7th to get me my items. So after I constantly emailed and texted back-and-forth with this company trying to get an update (of any kind) on when my move would make it here to North Dakota, 30 business days have passed. My stuff is still not here and we are on June 26. I have contacted a lawyer and he has sent a letter. I still have not received a single update from this company as to where my stuff is or when it will arrive here in the past five days. I would not recommend this moving company and I am moving forward with litigation if I do not receive a response to my lawyer's letter.
- Jeff Bowe

RUN - classic bait and switch. AWFUL service. Beware of the good customer service and response you receive initially - it will not last. Paid fo full service move. Movers were late and unprofessional - took forever and did terrible work. Lost and damaged items upon delivery. Cannot get any help from anyone. Terribly disappointing and upsetting experience.
- Marissa Bramlett

My job transferred me to New York with very little noticed. My moving coordinator was named Greg. He was a pleasure to work with. Greg was able to get me a truck the next day. I’m extremely busy so I had them do all the packing. Very impressed with how they packed up my piano and they took apart my pool table. Sam and his guys were great. They even brought my German Shepard treats. From start to finish they were great. The truck got to my apartment in New York in a week. I feel lucky I got them instead of the horror stories I hear about other companies. I would highly recommend Pacific Coast Moving to anyone in need of a moving company.
- Sarah Green

The Best Moving Company Ever! After getting bombarded with phone calls my husband and I really liked Kristin. They were not the cheapest, but I trusted my gut. Kristin took her time and answered all our questions. She didn’t tell us what we wanted to hear like some of the other pushy salesman from other companies. I’m very skeptical of everything and this was no different. Kristin spent hours on the phone with my Husband. Finally he felt comfortable which is not easy. The move went great. Cindy and Dawn kept in contact with us and all our items were delivered in a timely manner. I’d personally recommend Pacific Coast Moving to anyone looking for a moving company and Kristin deserves a raise!
- Sarah Smith

They really made this move possible and understood how stressed I was about it. Everyone made their best effort to make sure I wouldn't have much on my plate for this move at all. After I scheduled it they took control and kept it organized.Also thank you for helping me understand how customs work for moving.
- Wilma Immobilien

I have been looking for a moving company for about 2 months. I did inventory after inventory with all different types of companies. We had 3 in home estimates. I looked at pods, small moving companies, large moving companies, even hiring a driver to drive a truck. I had about 1800 cubic feet. I needed a guaranteed delivery date in writing. Many companies would tell me they could deliver a date however when putting it on paper many stopped returning my calls. My wife was 8 months pregnant. I have a large family. I started my new job in Washington 2 weeks from the day I was picked up. One week is all I was willing to wait. I wanted all of my items professionally packed and unpacked when they arrived in Seattle. Many companies wouldn’t do it. After hearing every sales pitch and quote I decided on Pacific Coast Moving. They weren’t the least expensive, they weren’t the biggest but I felt extremely comfortable with Tom He took his time and never pushed me to make a decision. He always had a solution for my problems. So I decided after months of deliberation to choose them. Everything was fantastic. The customer service was great, the Tim and his moving crew were so helpful and nice and Yaisel and his delivery crew were fast and efficient. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to move out of state.
- Moe Sallimore

They were pleasant to talk to, courteous, hard-working, organized, and extremely careful with our furniture and household items. The moving experience with them was seamless and headache free. Overall, I do have to say I was happy with these guys.
- Gustav Kinrys

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