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About Open Road Moving & Storage

Open Road Moving & Storage is insured and bonded. We are also a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With our huge database of recommended moving companies, we can negotiate competitive prices on behalf of our customers by leveraging economies of scale, and get you the bargain you’re looking for. We represent a high volume of customers and the moving companies that we recommend will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through us. Whether you book a move directly through us or hire our services as a broker, we are confident that we offer the best value and service.

Moving-Me about Open Road Moving & Storage

Open Road Moving & Storage presents itself not only as an independent, but also as a broker. They work with a huge base of carrier companies with whom they can agree on cooperation on favorable terms. If you have questions regarding moving after, during or before, the professionals of their company will give you an answer quickly and solve any question. Turning to Open Road Moving & Storage you can be sure that they will control the entire process of moving.

Open Road Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

Great Van Lines is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Open Road Moving & Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 81215

US D.O.T: 3108059
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Open Road Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Open Road Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Open Road Moving & Storage Reviews

Open Road moving and storage was great. I had to move at the last minute. Thought I was gonna have to pay an arm and a leg. But not with these guys. They made the price binding and walked me through the process every step of the way. I plan to use them on this job and many others. Definitely would recommend to family and friends.
- James of Stafford

At first, I was planning on moving my stuff down to Florida myself. I don’t have all that many things and was expecting a moving company cost to be astronomical. I put my information online, and was immediately contacted by Open Road Moving. I was surprised at how affordable the estimate was for, and after a few days of wondering what to do I decided it would be easier to have a company do it for me rather than drive a truck myself.
- Robby of Delray Beach

I hired Open Road Moving & Storage to move our household items from OH to WA. I understand that when moving companies give you an estimate over the phone you could end up paying little extra. However, I ended up paying $3,000 more to them, unbelievable. It almost felt like I was robbed. On top of that, when they delivered our household items many of the furniture came damaged and broken. For example, the large TV unit set we had was broken and unrepairable so I ended up calling the junk company and removing it from our house with an extra cost. My bookshelf was broken, our wine rack was missing one of its wheels, the handle of our drawer was broken, and this list goes on and on.
- Ibrahim of Bellevue

If I could give negative stars to Open Road Moving and Storage, I would. This company is a scam. We were moving down south and needed a mover. Joe contacted us and told us about all the five star reviews that the company received. You will notice that these five star reviews sound fake, and are from reviewers that have only given one review. After we made the deposit, we discovered that this company is a broker, and passed us on to a completely incompetent moving company. When I called to complain, the manager, Judy, was aggressive and rude, screaming at me on the phone. I am going to relevant authorities about this company’s business practices, but am warning anyone that is considering this company to critically look at the obviously fake reviews on this company.
- K. of Ballston Spa

Our move started at a cost of less than $9,000. The final cost was over $24,000. This company has changed names in order to escape their bad reviews. They hire a company that actually performs your move and you are forced to use that company. From start to finish, everything is a lie. We had decided to walk away and accept being robbed until we were forced to pay an additional $3,000 for the cost of the gate keypad replacement at our storage facility which was hit by the movers Open Road hired and forced us to use (AM/PM Movers). We have asked for Open Road's help in recouping our money from AM/PM Movers but they have refused.
- Sherri of Bastrop

Very bad experience with this company. Called and spoke to Dylan. He gave me a quote of $1444.00 to have us moved. I gave him the complete inventory. Nothing more and nothing less was packed onto the moving truck. 1. The trucking company is a different company that is a subcontractor. 2. They were supposed to show up between 11am and 1pm but didn't show until 7:30pm (in the dark) and didn't leave until 11:00pm. 3. The bill ended up being $1,000 more than DYLAN quoted me because the movers go by sqft not weight. 4. Called DYLAN to speak with him about the situation and he said he would call me back in 3 minutes. He didn't... I sent him an email and he NEVER replied. What a crap company! Bad business. Beware!
- Kimberly of Dallas

Open road moving and storage helped me move from Alabama to New Jersey smoothly and effortlessly. Thanks to them I managed to organize my move on a tight budget. They proved that one doesn’t have to spend a small fortune for quality moving services. A convenient quote and a bunch of positive reviews actually convinced me to go for them. And I didn’t regret the decision! My move was taken care of professionally as promised. Open road moving and storage guys are that kind of movers everyone is hoping for! Hiring them means having all the tasks completed in no time. So, go for them, people!
- Abbey Butters

Open road moving and storage turned my relocation into an easy and smooth event. I was looking a perfect moving company that won’t overcharge me for my office move. As they were willing to accommodate me on short notice, I accepted their offer. They accomplished everything as promised and my experience with them was just perfect. My first conversation with their representative was very informative. They helped me understand terms of the move as I didn’t even know what to expect down the road. Whether you are moving house or your business consider contacting Open road moving and storage team. They may have an interesting offer for you!
- Rayanna Vangrouw

I’ve moved with Open road moving and storage a couple of months ago and I have to say that they are one of a kind. Thanks to my friend who referred me to them, my move became much easier. Their experienced and knowledgeable approach guided me through the process all along. My items were loaded and unloaded with the utmost care and when I unpacked everything I realized that nothing was damaged or lost. Each aspect of the move was properly planned and accomplished. I cannot be more pleased with the service and commitment they showed during the move. Thank you so much for making my move a breeze!
- Audiana Burford

Open Road Moving & Storage was an exceptional company that quite a few people at my office used. They came highly recommended and we decided to go with them as well. We did have some prices that were cheaper but were strongly advised to use a company that we could trust versus a company that we 'thought' would be less expensive. Glad we took the advice, it ended up working out in our favor. Everything went very well with Open Road. We had two storage units we needed to be moved from. Wow, what a good move I made. Extremely professional. Thank you for making this so easy and smooth. Reasonable prices, along with great customer service. Thank you.
- Tymothy Buckenham

THEY DO NOT MOVE ANYTHING. THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY FOR A "DOWNPAYMENT" WHICH IS JUST THIER FEE. THEY SEND YOUR INFORMATION TO ANOTHER COMPANY THAT THAN CHARGES YOU 3 TIMES THE QUOTED PRICE. BEWARE!!!! They started out a month ago after a detailed walk through of our home on the phone quoted $6900 to move us from Texas to Ohio including 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, Garage, Goldwing motor cycle and trailer. They called again 2 weeks ago and the price went up so we reduced what we were moving. Thier policy so they say is someone will come out to get actual pricing. We gave a deposit of $1940.71, then because you lose 50% of your deposit if you cancel 48 hours before the move they called 2 days before the move and said we needed 2 trucks now and it will cost $4000.00 more for the move which requires additional $2041.00 dollars down. We added nothing to the move from the second conversation. Movers show up only 1 truck, they can't take the Motorcycle or trailer and they are going to charge another $5000.00. We now have no movers and Open Road has $4000.00 of our money for nothing more than calling us 3 times and calling a moving truck company that could not do the job. Open Road moving also said it would take 3-5 days, the company that showed up only picks up the stuff, they take it to a storage facility than transfers it to a storage unit, then transfers it to a truck, 4 transfers later and 2 weeks later they might have it to Ohio by the end of February, picking up on February 17th.
- David And Shari Chambers

I flew down from Ohio to Alabama on the Friday morning that the trucking company was to pick up my daughter's household goods, to help my daughter tie up any loose ends and help her drive back to Ohio. The movers were supposed to pick up her (2 bedroom, in which the 1 room was used for light storage) townhouse belongings that Friday or Saturday. She had called 3 weeks ahead of time to schedule the pick up and received a Friday / Saturday window. She allowed herself 1 week before she started her new job. The Friday / Saturday window came and went. My daughter called Saturday evening to get the status of the pick up with no return calls from Dylan. She finally received a call from customer service at around 6PM saying the truck broke down and that they did not have another trucking outfit to take their place. They would work on it. When asked about compensation we were finally told a patent answer that "pick up's are estimated times/days", no compensation due. Then WHAT IS THE USE OF GIVING A WINDOW AND CALLING 3 WEEKS AHEAD OF TIME TO SET UP A PICK UP, IF THEY CAN'T EVEN MEET THAT? We finally got a call on Monday saying that a trucking company would be there to pick up her goods that afternoon. Company did not show up until around 7:35PM. Of course the price increased. We asked when we could expect her stuff to be delivered in Ohio and they told us we would have household goods in Ohio in about 2 - 3 days. By the time they finished packing/loading the truck it was too late for us to drive back to Ohio. We left early Tuesday morning. My daughter's goods did not arrive in 2 - 3 days. The trucking company came at 8:00PM Sunday night. My daughter had to start her new job on Monday morning. DO NOT USE THIS OUTFIT FOR YOUR MOVING NEEDS. Use a company that will stick by their pricing and pickup window. This will save you a lot of headaches.
- Barbara Lee

These morons deserve to be put in jail for the lies and stealing they do to their customers. Not only did they reach out to me over and over when I got a quote for a move I was doing. They assured me this was the best deal and my property would get to its destination in a few days (Charlotte to Boston). Well most of my property was damaged or lost and then these assclown all of the sudden don’t answer the phone or emails or provide no informations saying I “wasn’t in their system”. I still may take a trip to Florida to see what this place looks like in person lol. You live and you learn but please don’t make the same mistake I did, stay far away from these snakes!
- Scott Simonson

DO NOT USE! I thought I had found a decent moving company to help with my move... boy was I wrong! Everything seemed great until the movers showed up at my door, then it just got worse and worse. I was misled on multiple accounts and didn't find out until the movers showed up at my door and I was in a tight spot as I had to be out of the house by the next day. I am convinced that the ratings they show online are either fabricated or paid for advertising. When I called them they didn't attempt to make it right. The most they did was offer me $150 (out of a $9,000 move) and say they removed the carrier from their list. That was only after repeated attempts to talk to their customer service department. Most of my messages and e-mails were never answered. Here are some of the main issues I had with Open Road: 1. My move would not be contracted out to a third party, something I specifically asked about and was assured it was an Open Road truck. Only afterward was I told that all they do is contract out. 2. That my move was going to be cheaper than the competitor I got a quote from. This competitor did not include everything on their inventory list, but came up with a weight around 10,000 lb, which was my estimate and which was later proven. At the end of the day I would have been incredibly better off going with their competitor. 3. That my quoted price was the absolute maximum I would have to pay unless my weight was more than the estimate, and that if my weight was less it WOULD go down. STAR Moving USA (the actual moving truck the purchased my contract from Open Road) told me that WAS NOT how it worked and that it would only increase because he bid on the total truck cost and it wouldn't be profitable for him if it was any less. I was led to believe that if my weight was less than the estimate I would have a cost reduction for the full amount of each pound less. It took two hours of haggling, Open Road's involvement and high tension to get to a point where I was offered a cost reduction of half the pound cost for every pound less than my quote. Due to the high tension that pervaded for the remainder of the day I did not hover over the packers as I was worried if I did they would not take care of my household goods. This caused me to not scrutinize every box they packed. 4. The Open Road price I paid was itemized to show a specific amount of over $1000 for the packing cost. This packing cost was further broken down to the specific number of each type of box required. I was told by Open Road that the more boxes I packed myself, the more I would save. STAR Moving USA refused to do any type of box counting stating that there was no such thing as a separate "packing" cost, that it was a "total" moving package I paid for and that it was impossible to do such a thing because his team would decide the best boxes that needed to be used. I heartily disagree with "best" as you can see from the pictures I hope to attach after I post the review. When I spoke with Open Road that morning I was told I just needed to make him keep track, I'm not quite sure how I was supposed to do that when he flat out refused. 5. The packing job was absolutely horrific.They did NOT use ANY fragile picture boxes! Four of my large pictures where squished together, with nothing in-between them, and wrapped in a blanket. It is a miracle that only one of the frames had broken glass! I am just very thankful that I packed up a lot of my pictures myself before they arrived! 6. I was flat out lied to by Open Road and STAR Moving USA about getting climate controlled storage. I specifically asked each more than once if I would be getting climate controlled storage to which I was assured I would be. Due to my horrible experience I elected to pay a little extra and have a second company go an get my stuff out of storage for final delivery. I found out from this company that my household goods WERE NOT stored in a climate controlled storage unit.
- John Hu

If we only knew then, back in November of 2018, what know now about Open Road Moving & Storage, we would NEVER have hired Open Road Moving & Storage. We don't know how you can sleep at night knowing what you scam your customers into believing. We are senior citizens on a fixed income and sorely disappointed in your horrible work ethics and customer service. We received a callback only minutes after inquiring online about getting estimates from moving companies to move us from NC to PA. Brian Hannan called us with what he promised to be the BEST estimate we could get from anyone else. He convinced us to go through and inventory each room with him and tell him what items we were planning to move. His estimate was $3808.49 with all the "Discounts" we were entitled to. He PROMISED US that we could use our American Express credit card for the entire move, but NEVER ONCE MENTIONED that there would be a surcharge for doing so. We gave him a deposit of $1427.87 charged to our American Express card, which we now understand is really their "FEE" to subcontract to a third party moving company. That third party company turned out to be Moseley Van Lines located in Fort Lee, NJ, which we did not now until they arrived 4 1/2 hours late to start our move.! At least 8 driving hours away from us in NC. A follow up phone call to us from Open Road asked for another inventory of our items to be moved, which upped the price because of the potential weight of our items. We tried to find a way to back out of our contract with Open Road, but if we did, we would have had to forfeit 50% of our deposit. We opted to pack as much as we could ourselves and bought our own moving boxes. Negotiating a moving date was a terrible experience as well. We finally got Open Road to commit to a firm moving date since we had to be our of our rental property on a certain date. On moving day, Mosley Van Lines sent a rather beatup truck and 4 men. They arrived 4 1/2 hours late explaining that they had to drive all the way to Morehead City, NC in heavy traffic. They were instructed not to call us personally, so we had to rely on a very unprofessional person to keep us updated on when they would finally arrive. They began packing our furniture at 2:30 in the afternoon on January 2, 2019. We were living in a 2000 sq. ft. condo. They worked all afternoon and all through the night and into the next morning. It took them 16 1/2 hours to pack us up!!!!!!! No one got any sleep....the movers, us, our neighbors. The final price of this $3808.48 move turned out to be $13,249. We're retired and living on a fixed income and are still reeling from this overcharged scam that Open Road and Mosley Van Lines charged us. We have tried many times to contact them, have sent copies of our moving invoices and lists of all that they packed and have heard NOTHING from either Open Road or Mosley Van Lines. The final blow after getting this bill which we had to pay onsite before the movers would leave with our furniture is that they also charged us $600 for the "privilege" of using our American Express Credit card, which Brian Hannan assured us would be fine to use, except left out the part where there would be a surcharge for doing so and failed to tell me the truth when I asked about using it. I tried to call them again yesterday and got a voice mail to leave a message. Mosley's number is not working right now. We feel cheated and robbed by Open Road and Mosley Van Lines. We are in the process of making a claim to the Better Business Bureau for both companies.
- Beverly Decker

Open Road Moving and Storage is an excellent moving company! Nick, Alex and Natan were extremely professional, efficient and pleasant to interact with. The move went as smooth as it can be. They moved everything out of my place and even stopped by a storage facility to pick up additional things before dropping it off to the new house. They packed the large items well didn't have any major damages nor minor ones either that I can see so far (just moved in!) Setting up a date with them was easy and they were extremely accommodating when I had to change the move date and move it back within 2-3 weeks of the original date. Thanks again for a smooth move!
- Quinn Page

We just used Open Road Moving and Storage this weekend to move. I was a bit nervous because we have all heard the horror stories about scammy movers (damaging items, missing items, deliberately slow, etc). None of that was the case with Open Road Moving and Storage. The phone call and online sign up experience was great. All of the details were explained. There were a few items that we had to pay for separately - but it seems like all of the moving companies charge for certain add ons (cling wrapping TVs etc). None of them were a surprise on the day of. They arrived on time, calling ahead of time to let us know they were on their way. They immediately went to work. The guys moved quickly but not carelessly. They were very clear on what they were doing at all times. I can't emphasize enough how fast they worked. We almost went with a flat rate mover to be sure we woudln't be taken advantage of, but this was less than half of what that company quoted. I would definitely go with Open Road Moving and Storage again in the future.
- Kayla Adams

I hired Open Road Moving and Storage for my move on 08/17/19. Joseph and his team were awesome! Seriously! They were so nice and not to mention SUPER fast and careful with my stuff. They relieved me of my moving stress in an instant! If I ever move again, I would definitely hire them. So professional and knows what they are doing. I was very scared of getting my furnitures scratched but didn't find a single scratch on them. They moved more things that I told them so which was nice and came with an extra person which was courteous of them. They were very considerate of my new carpet in my new apartment. Overall, amazing! Joseph and his team are gems and I'm sure are valuable to the company! Will recommend and hire them again for sure!
- Gilbert Moore

This was my second time using Open Road Moving and Storage movers to coordinate my move. I could not recommend them enough. Mark, Benjamin and Carlos were fast, efficient and extremely professional. Considering that the move is priced by amount of time, I definitely felt like they were on my side trying to get the most done within the smallest possible duration. I haven't always used movers and I was skeptical about whether or not it would be too expensive and not worth it, but all my concerns were allayed with Open Road Moving and Storage. As long as Open Road Moving and Storage is around I will always use them - they are low cost, high quality and DEFINITELY worth the expense. This was my boyfriend's first time using movers and he was also extremely impressed and agreed that Open Road Moving and Storage was worth the expense. I have a feeling he too will never go back to self-moves from now on! Thanks Open Road Moving and Storage:)
- Leticia Yates

Open Road Moving and Storage helped us with our move this past week. I was stressing out due to how large our furniture was and our 9ft sofa would only fit down 3 flights of stairs. Lily reassured me that they are professionals and can handle anything that comes their way. Fast forward to moving day, the movers were complete gentleman and went the extra mile to wrap all of our white linen furniture up multiple times for extra safety. They wrapped the fine art just like professional art handlers would. I was blown away. They spent a total of 7 days moving us to our new home and everything was in perfect condition upon arrival. I will always use Open Road Moving and Storage in the future and will recommend them to everyone!! Thank you guys so much for white glove service at an affordable cost. Forever grateful.
- Wilbert Payne

These guys did an awesome job! They wrapped all the furniture carefully before loading it up, which we really appreciated. We used them to move my dad's belongings from an 800 sq ft apartment into a storage unit and ending up having to break the move into two separate days - halfway through the move, thunderstorms rolled in and didn't seem to be leaving anytime soon. At this point, Mike asked my dad if they could return in the morning and finish the job. My dad was hesitant at first (half his stuff was already loaded up in the truck) but Mike assured us about the safety of the truck and it being locked away behind their gate etc. Mike and Arnold (different guy from the day before) showed up bright and early the next morning to finish the job! They worked hard and efficiently, even when we were all disappointed to find out that the storage unit we were moving everything into was on the second floor instead of the first floor as we had planned (with no elevator!). The guys were super nice and worked hard - would definitely use them again!
- Maria Frazier

We had a complicated move, since it involved downsizing and had three stages to it: Approximately half of our home was moved into our storage facility, and then the other half needed to be stored at Open Road Moving and Storage until our home closing was finalized. The third involved moving us into a new home almost a week later. Two teams of 4 were led by Evan and Ricky, all of whom were incredibly efficient. I particularly appreciated that Evan's team was then assigned to our move-in, since we were familiar with him and he with our belongings. Every touch point at Open Road Moving and Storage was excellent! From the initial quote, to the sales/quote process with James, and to customer service on the phone. I'd highly recommend this company.
- Alan Mcguire

I can't even begin tell you how happy my husband and I were with Open Road Moving and Storage. They were so helpful and easy to work with. I really appreciated the not to exceed price given right at the beginning, this put my mind at ease. We ended up paying less than they originally quoted us as well 🙂 Always a pleasant surprise. The crew was extremely friendly and professional. Everything was wrapped disassembled and reassemble well at our new place. They even stopped by my parents house to pick up some stuff we had been storing in their garage. We lost nothing in our move and everything made it to the new place looking just as it had before. I would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone. Thank you Open Road Moving and Storage!!!
- Sherman Greer

I came across Open Road Moving and Storage while Googling moving companies in Los Angeles and took a chance based on their positive reviews. I'm very glad I did. They made my move from Sherman Oaks to Arizona completely painless. My movers were David, Jack C, and Peter. They were great. They arrived on time, were done in only a few hours, and were very respectful of my things. I had a one bedroom with a fair amount of stuff and a couple of big, awkward items. Namely a couch which actually couldn't fit up the stairs at my new apartment so they passed it up to the third floor in the building's courtyard (it was very impressive). I've already recommended Open Road Moving and Storage to a friend with an upcoming move and I will absolutely be using them again.
- Sherman Greer

I am a living proof that these people are perfect in offering moving services. I saw them relocate me last week and the experience was more than perfect. With minimal supervision from my side, they were able to move all my properties from Georgia to North Carolina. Their moving services were awesome and I am grateful. I believe in awesome services. The only people who deserve my loyalty are those who are capable of sowing their worth and professionalism; like Open Road Moving and Storage. Through their adorable relocation services, I was able to move so peacefully and wonderfully. They carried out their part the perfect way and everything was awesome.
- Spencer Sharp

Frank and Chriss and Alex showed up on time and cheerful. They kept calling me "boss" even though I insisted they call me by my first name. It actually became funny after a while, so we just went with it despite how hot the weather got and how heavy the boxes got. I kept offering water and bananas to the guys but they politely declined and just kept muscling through the move. I've had other movers take advantage of my talkative-ness by chatting up a storm while taking lots of breaks. They are paid by the hour, so it's just what happens. Not with Frank and his crew. They just kept going like Energizer bunnies. Frank and I talked about Crossfit and exchanged great tips on lifting and nutrition. These guys could not have been more professional or friendly. The company that I work for lives and dies on client reviews, so when I get good customer service I am super impressed. Not only did Frank and his crew get through the big moving job efficiently and carefully, they gave me the peace of mind that I had made the right choice in movers. Moving is stressful enough on many levels. Open Road Moving and Storage understands this, so its employees must know how to make one of the hardest parts of moving easy, and maybe even fun. Thanks again, guys.
- Kristy Jensen

I used Open Road Moving and Storage and it was the best moving experience I have ever had!!! From the first phone call to inquire through the move they did a great job both moving and communicating. No hidden fees or surprise charges. They called the day before to confirm and they were there promptly when they said they would be there. I had a two man team show up and they got right to work. All the things they moved arrived unbroken or undamaged and they placed the items where I requested even moving and item or two when I changed my mind. They wasted no time loading and unloading and took away all debris when they left. I would highly recommend them for your move. I had Phill an Kevin both very helpful and polite. Moving charge is very reasonable too.
- Mamie Sutton

What a pleasure and relief to find this amazing moving company. I had a multi-part move from a storage unit and my old apartment to a new one in the other state. They met me at my storage facility on time, had the storage emptied in 30 minutes, emptied my old apartment unit and had me set and ready to go in 4 and a half hours. They wrapped my furniture, boxed and tagged everything, so this saved time. The three man moving crew, Arnold, Ray and Matthew were mindful of carefully moving items so there would be no breakage or damage. I'm fairly picky so this was a big relief. They also did a masterful job maneuvering a large couch through a door that had little room for mistake - not a dent was left. They even rolled out a floor runner to minimize dirt on the floor. Very personable, thorough and who doesn't want to support a company that employs veterans. Thank you for your service guys. I will recommend you in the future.
- Timothy Massey

We moved from our home in Scottsdale, AZ to a new house in Beaverton and Open Road Moving and Storage could not have been more amazing!!! I've never had a move where there wasn't damage either to an item or walls/floors etc. but Open Road Moving and Storage didn't leave even a mark on anything. The way they wrap, handle, and care for your belongings and home is unlike any other company I've ever worked with. For perspective this is my 8th move in 7 years.... our team consisted of Larry, Joseph, and Dave. Daniel the other foreman even came after wrapping up another move just to help out! They wrapped every piece of furniture, put a protective mat on the main walk ways through the home, wrapped door frames, bannisters, etc. to prevent any damage (to be honest they never even got close to a wall/door). I would hire them again in a heartbeat!! These guys WORK and they work FAST! There is no down time for them. I'm probably forgetting half of the amazing things they did but could not be happier! They truly went above and beyond in every aspect!!! Hats off fellas and Open Road Moving and Storage? Not only have you got yourselves a helluva team there, I will 100% call on you again for moving!
- Deanna Ball

Last week I moved from Indiana to Valrico, Florida for work. When I called, they were right to the point and courteous and friendly. I spoke with Dave and he said he'd be there 10am Wednesday morning, and there he was right on time. Along with him were Arnold and Mike, 2 of the strongest work horse I've ever had the pleasure to work with. They all dived in, moving from a 3 story apt to a 2 story apt. They never slacked and had incredible energy and enthusiasm for hard, heavy labor. For being flesh and blood guys, they worked liked machines and still I can hear Arnold 'Gimme some more!'. And that was getting ready to unload up to the second floor. They were DAM good, DAM as in Dave, Arnold, and Mike. If I could, I buy you all a cold one for the fast, hard work y'all did, in few hours, no less from beginning to end. Hats off fellas and Open Road Moving and Storage? Not only have you got yourselves a helluva team there, I will 100% call on you again for moving!
- Michael Wells

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