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About NW Majestic Moving and Packing

This moving company and have been in business since 1993 providing quality moving and packing services. All of our movers are professional and dependable; always willing to listen to your needs. If your demands in a mover are high our standards will exceed your expectations.

Moving-Me about NW Majestic Moving and Packing

This moving company is a moving company in Seattle, WA that will get your belongings delivered to their destination safely and on time. They are full-service residential and commercial movers. Their services include local and long-distance moving, professional packing and unpacking, truck rentals, and much more. All their moves include moving pads, blankets, and dollies.

NW Majestic Moving and Packing Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: HG-063701

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What is NW Majestic Moving and Packing cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. NW Majestic Moving and Packing is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

NW Majestic Moving and Packing Reviews

Since my first review Majestic moving has made an effort to "make me happy." I appreciate what they did but have only raised one star. Had it not taken a year and a bad review to figure things out I would probably have given them 3 stars.
- Chris W.

Seriously. This experience was fantastic! It was very difficult for us to find a mover that would move windows for us (most companies will not take the risk). Not only was Majestic Movers able to move them for us, they were on-time, the windows were all intact, and the company communicated extremely well with us. Excellent customer service, superb communication, thank you guys so much!
- Chelsea L.

If you want a moving that goes smoothly and the guys know what they are doing. I would choose Majestic Moving. On Friday I had three guys to move me, they were fast and did a great job to accommodate all my needs.
- Morgyn M.

I had my move this past weekend and frankly there were some areas where they were great and others where they were terrible. First let me preface by saying Majestic was the 3rd company I looked at for this move and picked them over the others specifically because they claimed the ability to provide both packing and unpacking services, but for not their assurances that they could provide unpacking I would not have used their services. My move was Friday for packing, Saturday for moving and unpacking. When I called I couldn't have been more clear as to my expectations: I wanted to do absolutely nothing other than provide direction or answer questions for the entire process. The last thing I want at the end is a house full of boxes I have to deal with, I wanted everything unpacked into the room from which it came and all boxes/packing stuff removed. I reiterated this 3 times on the call and could not have been any more direct in my expectations. The good part: the guys that did the packing, they showed up on time, worked hard and the time they took to pack everything was what I'd have expected if not faster. Everything was extremely well packed and arrived to my new place undamaged. The bad part came the following day, first they provided a 3 hour window of arrival (11AM-2PM) which is really hard when you're moving highrise to highrise and need to arrange loading docks and elevators on each end but I was able to get my old building from 11-4 and the new one from 2-6 so it could work...except they were late. They arrived just before 3PM, explained their previous job took far longer than expected and one guy even exclaimed in the elevator when they arrived how exhausted he was because the last job "took it out of him"....well thanks glad you send me tired people who I'm paying by the hour. Where things went really sideways was on the unloading when I was asked : "Where should we put the boxes for the living room" ...which I thought was an odd question so I explained that they were to just empty the boxes in the correct room at which point they looked at me like I was crazy and said they don't unpack. WTF! The one thing I did not want, a house full of boxes and metric ton of packing paper, was what I was left with. The guy in charge explained the guys were beat, they had worked 12 hours and no one told him I wanted unpacking (remember this was the primary reason I choose this company). To his credit he was apologetic but all in all between arriving late and not providing the services I specifically asked for I'm not likely to use them again.
- Ryan H.

Booked them for packing+moving. It took ages for them to come back to my place after a walk through (about 40 mins), to bring back packaging material, which their brought none with initially, even though supplied detailed description of the content. They used very wastefully the packaging material, which I of course paid for (wrapped extensively everything, including empty cardboard boxes, bandages, tea packages, non fragile plastic containers etc), and then of course charged me for 90$(!). I shared my concern regarding the timing issue (was concerned about the packaging material, but couldn't support it prior to unpackaging), Michelle, is response, was very rude to me. Bluntly insinuated I'm a liar who wasn't willing to welcome them and show them the way to my place (as they didn't ask, and I was obviously available as I waited at home just for them to arrive), raised her voice at me, and as an act of "courtesy" was suggesting me to find a different moving company for the actual move, and to waive the cancelation fee. On top of that, one of their workers accidently turned on the oven top, (mistakes happen, that's fine), but then accused me that it's been on all along (which is extremely unlikely), and this incident caused that my entire place was full of smoke, and the smell stuck to the furnitures. Extremely frustrated and upset. Will not ever order their services again. Proceed with caution .
- Hagar E.

We moved this past weekend and had an extraordinary experience with Majestic. From the first contact with Brandon to the physical move, everything was seamless. Brandon was super helpful with determining how much time our move would take. It was as easy to schedule and confirm the date. Then, on our move date, Dave (move leader), called as they were on their way. He and the two additional movers (Dustin and Nathan) were pretty much perfect in getting my things to our new home then taking items from the new home to our storage unit. Dustin worked magic as he carefully stacked our furniture neatly into the small space. Overall we were so pleased with the experience and we would recommend them to anyone needing trustworthy and professional movers! Thanks Majestic!
- Dana Y.

Lovely service start to Finnish. I was coming out of a one bedroom apartment locally. Third floor stairs to second floor but they absolutely rocked it. I moved myself previously and taking everything up to my previous apartment absolutely killed me... I was limping around for a week! Efficiency was the name of the game here at Majestic they wheeled down our couch on a Dollie just one of them! I certainly won't go back to doing a move again by myself! Dave, Alex and Carlos were super friendly and just made the whole experience really straight forward and smooth. Not to mention they're absolutely hilarious, which when it comes to moving makes the day go so much quicker. Hard to stress about all the work you're going to have to do unpacking and getting situated when your having a laugh. Like being back in college but all your friends are on the football team I would highly recommend Majestic Movers, they're truly a diamond in the ruff. I've only heard horror stories from my friends with some really ruff looking characters but I took the leap of faith and I'm really glad I did.
- Linda C

My mom passed away suddenly leaving 2 of my siblings behind in her home. They are both in their 40's and had spent their life living in my mom's house. This was a delicate situation for them (us),. I called Majestic Moving and spoke to Michele. I voiced my concerns in regards to my siblings and how scared they were. plus the fact that they have lived there all their lives and my mom has been in the home since 1964, she eased my mind when she told me that she would explain the situation to the movers and not to worry because they where understanding and would take good care of them. The day of the move. Roger, Moses, and Michael showed up to my mom's house early. They had even beat me there. They waited for my outside as not to upset my siblings. That I really appreciated. When we went to do the walk thru all 3 of them came in the house. Moses and Michael had the biggest smiles on their faces. might I add this was during the whole entire time of the move! Roger did the walk thru with me never once expressing how much things they had or the poor condition of the house of the items. Since this was one area I was embarrassed in that was my biggest concern. The actual move was quoted 3-5 hours. The move was done in less time than my estimate. My siblings were at ease the whole entire time the guys were there doing the move. This was the easiest part of all that we are going thru with the loss of our mom. The caring and compassion NW Majestic Movers showed. thank you
- Peggy M

Having had not so great experiences previously I specifically searched for companies on the BBB. Found majestic moving and everything from start to finish was straight forward and super professional. Michelle was really understanding from the start to Finnish. The movers were just as friendly and easy to work with. Having had such previously sour experiences finding a company on their P's and Q's was a nice breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend.
- Cindy G

Great experience!! As stressful as moving is, finding a moving company that will be responsible and professional is a difficult thing to do. Unless you know the movers personally, or have a referral, it's kind of a gamble just picking someone on line. Majestic movers were wonderful! From the phone consultation, to the scheduling, (which I felt bad having to ask them to help me move Thanksgiving weekend....) to the actual move, everything went smoothly. All the guys were friendly and professional as well as on time. They took great care of all my stuff, and there wasn't a scratch on anything. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a responsible, caring moving company.
- Debra N.

Every thing was so easy. It started with Michelle. I explained what I wanted and she said that they could do it. I wanted to switch my oven, kitchen table, and a dresser. I have down sized. Going from a 4 bedroom house in Seattle to a 1 bedroom cabin on Camano Island. The van was on time. The two men were wonderful. Very polite. I would use them again and recommend them to others.
- Sally P.

We had an unusual request-we needed about 30 windows moved for our new house. This company was excellent! They had fantastic communication leading up to and throughout the move, they were quick and efficient and best of all-all of our windows showed up intact. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to move.
- Chelsea D.

From my first phone inquiry with Peggy (she’s hilarious), till when the truck drove off, I was treated like someone SPECIAL. The guys were interested, motivated, careful, and a HOOT to deal with. My 2 day move gets a 5 STAR review (and if there were more stars I would give them.)Stress free and not one item broken! Boxes clearly marked! WOW...this doesn’t happen, except with Majestic 🙂 HIRE THESE GUYS to do the WHOLE move..It is stress free, it is like moving with friends. They have it DOWN, quick, professional, funny, and nothing is a problem. Prices are very fair, but you get the ROYAL treatment. I would refer them to my family and closest friends: they were THAT GOOD!!
- Jonathan O.

Our POD was delayed and we missed our scheduled appt, but they were super helpful and flexible throughout. Took the time to talk to us and knew our situation every time we called back without having to re-explain everything. Straightforward and honest service. Thank you!
- Catherine B.

This was my first time using a mover and I have to say I’m really glad I went with this personal recommendation. They came on right on estimate, even though it turns out I listed waaaay less stuff on my estimate form. Some casual conversation calmed my nerves (I can be pretty socially awkward). They pointed out damage my vintage furniture had before moving it. I know that’s to cover them, but it also made me relaxed that they were cautious and attentive. They took care of a few delicate items I totally forgot to wrap properly. Alllllll of my stuff made it in unscathed. I’d happily recommend them if you need movers.
- David E.

Of the places I got quotes from, they were the most reasonably priced to move my stuff from Sammamish to Bellingham around late July, 2018. There were three guys and they did a good, quick job of getting everything loaded and unloaded, (although I only had a 1 bedroom condo and they said mine was nothing compared to other moves they’ve done). The next day, I was going to hook up my floor A/C. The flexible exhaust hose was fully retracted as expected. When I began pulling it open to snake it out to the window, (it’s kind of like an accordion that way), I saw that it had been torn at the end attached to the unit rendering it and the unit unusable until a new hose could be purchased. I remembered that the lead mover, Dave, had tried to remove the retracted hose as I guess it was just sort of in the way, although their truck was huge and my stuff barely filled even half of it. I told him that I was not sure how to remove it from the unit. It must not have satisfied him, however, as he must have fooled around with it when I was not there to see and he ended up tearing it. This was concealed from me as he retracted the hose as fully as possible. A couple of days later, I noticed one of my larger framed pictures had cracks in the glass in the bottom right corner. I called Brandon and he was willing to compensate me for these damages. I got estimates for replacing both things and sent them to him as well as photos of the damages. He said that a check for $100 would be sent to me which I felt was sufficient compensation. They made good on this. Overall, I was satisfied but I would make a visual inspection of everything that isn’t boxed up, and take before and after move photos.
- Barry G.

I and my family have used this company for several moves and have always had a great experience. They are friendly, careful, helpful, prompt, and have reasonable rates. I would definitely recommend them and I would use there services again. I was VERY happy with the guys that moved me, they were prompt, friendly, very helpful, and careful of my belongings. nothing was damage. They helped set up and place my furniture, even when I changed my mind, they didn’t seem to mind moving things a second time. The cost was very reasonable and every charge was explained to me prior to the move, followed up with an email quote. I felt the owner was very nice and helpful with all my questions. I would use them again in a heart beat!
- Kelley M.

This was by far the worse moving experience ever. I should have known from the first phone call. Thank you for noticably destroying my belongings and not saying a word. Did you honestly think I wouldn’t notice destroyed furniture. I work in real estate and will make sure that every buyer and seller I encounter knows who not use.
- Jane K.

Michelle, Yes I did receive a call from you from a blocked number. You were extremely aggressive during the call and I felt more like you were blaming me then trying to reach a resolve. I told you during the conversation that I would try to get into my storage unit to take pictures, to which you responded that you would send me an email to which I could respond. I never received said email when I went to my storage unit 2 of the 3 said items in question were in the back corner. I did take a picture of the one up front but again never received an email in which to reply to send it. I plan on moving next month and would be more then happy to send you any and all pictures when I can get to the items. I do have one picture if you would like to send me an email I’d be more than happy to send it to you. Let me know via email how you would like this resolved. If you would prefer to discus over the phone please send me the best number to reach you at.
- Danielle S.

0 stars BEWARE!! If you are looking for a moving company that will reduce the stress of moving, with movers that will speak with respect and be at least a little amiable - look elsewhere. As you read this review - keep in mind that this is supposedly a Woman Owned Business; I never once spoke with a female, and I am a single woman. Here are several reasons to avoid using NW Majestic Movers. 1) The lead mover (Dave) was a rude, disrespectful, complaining, criticizing, a$$hole. Here are just a few of the Dave’s comments: a) "yeah, these bolts are stripped, I’m not going to be able to move this" (in reference to my bed!) b) "lady you say one more word and I’ll dump your stuff on the curb and go to Denny’s" c) "go ahead and call my boss, it won’t make a difference" d) "I don’t care about this job" e) "that’s it! Put the bed down, we’re leaving" He complained about awkward angles, the size and shape of furniture, the way items were packed. In fact, almost every word was a complaint, criticism, condescending comment, or a delusional comment about how professional he was being. His partner (whom Dave also criticized regularly) actually apologized for Dave’s behavior, claiming he was having a bad day. As the morning wore on, he began referring to Dave as "god" or "the lord". He interrupted me every time I spoke. When I said "When we head out, you can follow me..." he cut me off and said "No, that won’t work. I have a lead foot and I’ve tried that before but people go too slow. You’ll follow me." (Yet, when we did hit the road, I drove the speed limit, passed him, and he fell way behind, arriving at my new home 35 minutes after me! They supposedly hit an accident, but I could find no information online that an accident had actually occurred when/where they claimed) 2) Management did nothing to "manage" the situation and the movers counted on that (see 1c above!). I called twice and got a voicemail both times. When Dave threw his tizzy fit and walked out, he stood by the truck and called his boss. Only then did I get a call from the manager (Brandon). I could hear some of what Dave said on the phone: a) "there is no way to fix this" b) "it’s a toxic environment in there" c) "it’s completely hostile" When Brandon finally returned my calls - after speaking with his employee - he did not ask me what was happening, just took his employee’s word as explanation of the situation. Instead he led with "it sounds like there is a conflict of personalities." A few other gems included: a) "I just woke up, so let me see what I can do to maybe get someone else out there but I don’t know if I can" b) "I can ask him to apologize, but I’m not sure he will" c) When I had been at the new place for over 20 min and they still had not arrived: "well I don’t know, maybe they had to stop for gas" (something they should have done before hand and which he intended to charge me) d) When, after Dave and his partner left, and I could not locate the cord to the television: "well I guess I could call and ask them..." Brandon made no attempt to compensate me or make up for the way his employee treated me. I believe he apologized once and agreed I should not have to deal with this type of behavior but nothing else. They were kind enough to not charge me for the 45 min Dave took to have his ‘professional’ temper tantrum. Go elsewhere. This company is not worth it.
- Ellie M.

The people were really nice but they are a less than impressive packing company. One big piece of furniture was broken when we arrived at our new home. Our expensive glass coffee table wasn’t wrapped and protected. They then stacked a bunch of boxes on top of it and since the table broke into three pieces during the move all the boxes on top shifted and the things in those boxes were damaged. They also stacked heavy boxes on top of boxes clearly labeled fragile. The only reason why I am not giving one star is because most of our stuff made it out ok. We just got lucky.
- Ruby R.

After filling out Majestic’s online estimate form I received a quote which ended up being spot on. I called to schedule and Michele and Brandon were very informative, went over my move with me in detail, and made sure I understood what charges I should expect. The movers showed up on time and were very professional. They handled my items with care, and put my mind at ease. At the end of my move when it was time to pay my bill I was pleasantly surprised there were no added charges. I was also impressed at how knowledgeable and detailed both the movers and the office was. I would highly recommend Majestic Movers to anyone looking to get help moving! It was a great and stress free moving experience!
- Aj O.

We moved, Friday, June 22nd. We had a really great experience with this company from quote to service date. We were looking to move in a hurry. There was an issue with our apartment, and had to find someone quick. Our apartment complex was working with us to find another unit. We settled on Friday, June 8th as our moving date to move 2 blocks down to another building. I called Majestic, got a quote, and scheduled the move. Tuesday, before the move our apartment complex notified us of an issue, so we had to cancel and reschedule the move for a later date. So I called Brandon and explained the situation. He was awesome and replied, "Just let us know when you’re ready". We rescheduled for the 22nd. The moving guys (there were 3), came right on time. They moved all of our belongings without damage (2 bd/1 bath) under 4 hours. They brought their tools, dollies, moving blankets, and a wardrobe box. That wardrobe box really did help, for any loose items we had not last minute packed (Thank you for that!). We will be moving again at the end of the year, and will call Majestic when we do.
- Jane. F.

We moved again in December, out of a 2 br apartment into a 4br home. We chose the same option of 3 guys and a truck. The service, again, was outstanding. They were not the same gentlemen from the first move, but even more efficient (didn’t think it was possible, as they were super fast). The most impressive thing, is the driver calculated the fees, and we paid in cash (as to save $ from a cc fee), and he called us back 2 hours later to say he overcharged us, and would bring the remainder of the balance back the next night. True to his word, the next night he came back with an envelope containing the overage. I recommend NW Majestic Moving. I really hope we won’t have to move again anytime soon (2x in one year is seriously enough), but if we do.. We'll call this company. Thank you so much for the fast, courteous service, and hiring honest hard-working people!
- Wisa F.

Lovely service start to Finnish. I was coming out of a one bedroom apartment locally Queen Anne to Queen Anne. Third floor stairs to second floor but they absolutely rocked it. I moved myself previously and taking everything up to my previous apartment absolutely killed me... I was limping around for a week! Efficiency was the name of the game here at Majestic they wheeled down our couch on a Dollie just one of them! I certainly won’t go back to doing a move again by myself! Dave, Alex and Carlos were super friendly and just made the whole experience really straight forward and smooth. Not to mention they’re absolutely hilarious, which when it comes to moving makes the day go so much quicker. Hard to stress about all the work you’re going to have to do unpacking and getting situated when your having a laugh. Like being back in college but all your friends are on the football team I would highly recommend Majestic Movers, they’re truly a diamond in the ruff. I’ve only heard horror stories from my friends with some really ruff looking characters but I took the leap of faith and I’m really glad I did.
- Linda C.

I Do not recommend this company. They had three guys to move my 550 square ft apt and they estimated me 4-5 hours and they took almost 7 hours! They were incredibly slow. I’ve used two movers that did it by themselves way faster. Side note: no one was in my apt for 15 minutes so I started bringing my own stuff out to the truck while they stood around AND they charged me 15 minutes at 142.00 and hour to drive .5 miles from their office to my house! These guys are scammers! And I did not have four flights of stairs and extra items. My apt is Tiny!
- Angelina L.

Seems like the experience with this company really depends on the day. I had 3 guys for a 1bedroom ground floor move to a 2nd floor on the flip side. I greeted the team with Gatorade and donuts but from minute 1, the lead guy was grumpy, bad mouthing the owners and overall just didn’t add value to the process. The 2 young helpers (plus a friend of mine that was there to help shorten the timeframe) did 90% of the loading, the lead guy was just there to direct traffic. They had all the furniture out in 1hr, utilizing less than 1/2 the truck so I thought they were totally on track for well under the 4-5hr estimate. But after the first hour, I didn’t see them again for over another hour. When I came out to check on them, they saw me coming and did some shuffling things around in the mostly empty truck (act busy, God’s coming) and said they were pretty much ready to go. When we got to the new place, unloading to the inside took quite a bit longer than the loading (and my experience with moving is usually just the opposite). So instead of being under estimate, they went about 30% over the top end. A few more unexpected bummers; Lead guy told to empty out all drawers (I hadn’t expected to do that and didn’t have boxes ready). When I asked if we could remove the drawers, keep the contents in them and just wrap them in plastic (especially the 2 file drawers) he said no. Since I didn’t have boxes but I did have plastic wrap, I did that method myself. I was also bummed that my light fabric upholstered sofa and dining chairs shoved through the doorframe, into the truck, upside down and scooted along the dirty floor of the truck without any wrap. Professional upholstery cleaning required. Overall, I can’t recommend this company but with so many positive reviews, if you’re a lucky person, roll the dice...
- Rebecca M.

We moved the contents of a small studio apartment (under 300 sq ft) from Capitol Hill to Des Moines. The movers showed up at 9am as scheduled and quickly loaded up a sleeper sofa, end tables and other small furniture and boxes. They were careful with the items and worked efficiently. Once we made the commute to the new apartment, they lugged everything up to the 3rd floor apartment with the same efficiency, they did not waste any time. The move time was around 2.5 hours (you have to pay for drive time from their office to your location) and the final bill totaled a bit over $300. A good value, considering the fact that renting a u-haul truck and day laborers would have cost me more - and I did not have to do any work!
- Becky B.

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