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About North American Van Lines

Whether you’re moving across the nation or across the sea, North American has more than 80 years of experience in both long distance and local moves. Plus everything you need to make your move easier. Company offers local, long-distance and international moves for residential, corporate and military clients. The company makes moves to all 50 states. Common additional services include packing and unpacking, temporary storage and furniture disassembly.

Moving-Me about North American Van Lines

This mover has an extensive list of add-on services, including custom crating and auto transport, so you can customize your long-distance move. North American Van Lines is an excellent choice for those planning a long-distance or international move, or for those who need a moving company with North American’s range of service options.

North American Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

North American Van Lines is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The moving company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 107012
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 070851
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: Not provided
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What is North American Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $6280. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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North American Van Lines Reviews

The most unprofessional company I’ve ever had to deal with. They contracted our move out to a moving company filing for bankruptcy (didn’t tell us found out online while wondering if they sold our stuff) which this company then laid off all their drivers. Because they had no drivers , they could not get us our stuff for almost 4wks!!! North American van lines would tell us one thing and the other company (republic movers) would tell us another. They gave us 4 different dates that they promised we’d have our stuff and never called the day before or showed up. So finally after 22days of waiting (having thanksgiving on the floor) and right before Xmas we finally got our stuff. The movers broke the legs off our tv console, several dishes, they wrote on items, etc!!! After filing a claim North American van lines won’t reimburse us for all the winter clothes I had to get my kids for school (since they couldn’t manage to deliver ours on time) the only reimbursement we get is a insulting $50 a day. That doesn’t fix our damaged furniture, That doesn’t cover anything we had to get to live on for a month without dishes, cookware, mattresses, bedding, and the list goes on and on. This has been beyond a mistake. We should have moved our stuff ourselves. Don’t take a chance at North American van lines. This was a expensive mistake. It costed us everything to use them. The few nice pieces of stuff we had they broke. It’s not right
- Harmony Ammon

I can't believe this company is still in business after the awful experience I had with them. Moved from Chicago to Pasadena. Lost my couch, dining room chair, damaged my dining room table, lost/stole my bike and then claimed I didn't have a bike. Charged me an additional $500.00 to change my move date, but didn't tell me that I would be charged. Over $5,000.00 in damaged/lost items and received a check for $150.00. Highway robbery! I don't know why anyone would use them after reading the reviews. I've moved a lot and BY FAR WORST MOVERS EVER. I wrote the CEO about my experience and he told me to jump in a lake. I guess it's true, the fish rots from the head down.
- Ronnie Blaszczyk

We moved from Texas to California and paid over $18k. This included one month of storage in Texas which cost about $4k. Everything went seemingly smoothly until our items were delivered. Almost all major pieces of furniture were damaged. Large cracks in our brand new dining table, legs knocked off new nightstands, chips on edges and corners of everything. We went through claims and got $5k back and now are the proud owners of damaged everything. Do NOT recommend using northAmerican Van Lines unless you don't care about your stuff.
- Mesut Bilgin

I moved from Sherman Oaks (LA) to the WDC area in April 2017. North American Van Lines transported my goods cross country. I had the Protection Plan and paid just under $13,000 to have my possessions transported from one point to the other. Here' s the problem: Some items were lost. Even with a video taken just before the move showing the missing items, North American refused to honor the claim. The items did not show up on the inventory form because North American's affiliate failed to properly note the items on the inventory sheet and the protection plan failed to protect me. North American did honor my claim for broken crystal glasses (irreplaceable) because the remnants arrived to the destination. I appealed the refusal but North American had no interest in other forms of proof even though we were under contract. I seriously considered legal action but the cost of legal representation would have outweighed
- Marion Jacks

I have moved over 12 times in the last 14 years. My cross country move last month was the first time I used North American Van Lines. It will be my last time using them. They lost several items, broke several other items, including a sentimental and signed sculpture. I submitted a claim with documented photos, and they refused to pay a cent on the missing and broken items. I even purchased additional insurance with them for the move. These guys will gouge you at every turn, then give you the stiff arm after then lose and break your items. Stay away from them on your next move.
- Dirk Van Matre

We were moving from Washington state to Pennsylvania. They signed a contract with us for delivery for 2 houses between the 8th-13th of May 2019. They delivered part of the first household . They haven't delivered the other part of our shipment yet. The day of the move, the driver told us that North American had contacted him the day before he was going to pick up the entire household. They assigned him to a move in the state of Michigan which meant he couldn't pick up our entire household as contractually agreed upon. The driver stated they had even tried to get him to postpone picking up the entire move for 2 weeks. This was not feasible as we had made arrangements for children, jobs and hotel reservations along the way. The driver said he would take the load to one of the Pennsylvania houses and the 2nd load would be warehoused for 1-2 days before delivery to the 2nd house. North American has still not delivered the load to the second house 10 days after their deadline. The driver of the 2nd load called to inform us that the local North American affiliate was unable to provide moving help for May 23rd ( as promised) so the truck will sit for 24 hours .The entire shipment for the first house was not delivered as promised. There are a lot of items that have not been delivered ( items I stated earlier as well as others). Because of the poor logistical planning by North American, we had to rent a U-Haul truck to move numerous heavy items that were delivered to the wrong house, which my 64 year old husband had to move. They have not delivered my wedding dress ( sentimental value), shoes, winter coats and Payton Manning jerseys! Some glassware was broken as well as some of the picture frames. Some of my clothes were packed with non-clothing items( tv base and light bulbs). We had to purchase our grandchildren clothes, air mattresses for them to sleep on as their beds still have not been delivered, toys for the grandchildren and pots along with kitchen utensils to eat and cook with.The communication with the company have been horrible. The day following the move, we contacted the company for a date for the 2nd shipment. They informed us that they were unable to provide a driver for 2 more weeks. When we asked them what our grandchildren and daughter were supposed to live on, they informed us they would "provide" air mattresses and silverware but made no mention of clothing or bedding. They have not contacted us to inform us as the status of our items; we have been calling them multiple times just to get any information. They charged us $17,800 for this type of service! Do not under any circumstances ever use these guys.
- Lynn Blanke

My driver stated he was showing up on 6/7 to load my furniture for a move to Florida from North Carolina. Of course he did not show up. The delivery spread in my contract was 6/8 - 6/15. Now they are hoping to load on 6/17 and deliver 6/19. I am told I get no compensation for this delay. If they wait until Christmas to deliver I do not think there is anything I can do about it. Beware of this company!!
- Robert Carter

We moved from Indio, California to Prescott, Arizona with North American Van Lines. Our move was coordinated by their agents, Burgess Relocation, Palm Springs in two stages. Furniture was packed and loaded in November, 2018 and stored until April, 2019 before moving to our ultimate destination, Prescott, Arizona. Beware of dealing with this company. After the furniture was loaded into crates on a flatbed truck I was asked to sign "Household Goods Descriptive Inventory", "Statement of Additional Services", "Bill of Lading & Freight Bill", and "Bill of Lading - Customer Declaration of Value" sheets. I was not given advance information regarding the last document. It contains "Option 2 - Waiver of Full Replacement Value Protection" which was completed for my initial and signature. As requested I signed this along with 8 other documents. Unfortunately, under this option the movers liability for items lost, damaged or destroyed is limited to $.60 per pound regardless of the value.....Ethan Allen furniture is settled the same as Big Lots! Again this was presented as the truck is leaving my residence in Indio. Now I am living with a real life problem. The legs from an Ethan Allen dining table were lost. I have the table top and leaf. North American Van Lines settlement is $66.00! The dining table is not functional anymore. I don't believe Ethan Allen is selling dining room tables for $66.00! Another example, a Brown Jordan teak patio chair belonging to a set was essentially destroyed. North American Van Lines settlement $24.00. Our claim was submitted online as requested by the carrier along with appropriate pictures. It was never appraised or reviewed by a third party. A settlement is offered based on the weight of each item times 60 cents. I will never use this company again and I recommend others to do the same. There are many other alternatives. Request full documentation before your furniture is loaded...not in the flurry of activity of moving day.
- Douglas Duncan

North American Van Lines could not take all of our household goods so they only took what could fit on the truck. That delivery was on time, but the remaining household items aren’t anywhere in sight. Their office said they could be delivered by 6-27 whereas the first delivery was on 6-19. The local agent is pointing fingers at the corporate office and the corporate office is pointing fingers at the local agent. I’ve told them it is you problem not a me problem. Their customer service is a joke...still waiting for a callback (two days) Totally disappointed!
- Barry Moore

I would give them 0 stars if I could. I have used NA many times and never again. Disassembled an antique table - completely destroyed. Broke antique desk even though it was marked fragile. Broke lawn mower which I had just fixed. Assembled bed without the wheels so now I get to do it. Left feet on the sectional unattached. Took apart something I have no idea what AFTER they moved the furniture in. Broke bike. Broke hall tree. Broke another desk. Boxes were upside down or on their side. Helped themselves to my frig without asking. Google their reviews BEFORE you sign. You will find they are pathetic. You will also find they do not pay claims! Disgraceful company! GO UNITED!!!!!
- Susan Foster

I'm a 100% disabled veteran and hired North AMERICAN van lines using there disabled discount. Tim Mento said he always estimates high & he estimated 10,000#'s with a price tag of around $10,000.00.I told tim my stuff needed to go to storage until I could build a pole barn to store it in on my empty lot! Tim ask me for the address for the empty lot, of course I gave it to him, but said there's nothing there, storage was necessary until the pole barn was built! After the trk was loaded the driver said he was headed to the scales to weight my load. A couple of days after that I talked to Tim & he said my stuff was going to be delivered in a few days? I reminded him it needed to go into storage... he started saying something about a change order? Still don't know what a change order is, but it should have been headed to storage? I emailed Tim asking for the weight, no reply? I emailed him several times in the following weeks? No answer? My stuff was delivered to a storage unit that I rented (couldn't get pole barn built) and when I ask the guys unloading into the storage unit if they knew how much weight there was, they didn't know? NOT SURE WHY THE WEIGHT WAS SUCH A BIG SECRET? So about 45 days later asking for the weight from Tim and Holly and after delivery I finally got a answer? It was almost 4,000#'s less than the estimate! A couple of weeks later I call for the total & was told they don't have it? What? Said it'll be a couple more weeks! I call back after a couple of weeks and the lady told me I had overpaid by about $2,000! A couple of days later I get a call from Tim saying I owed the almost $2000.00 & ripped it fm my credit card? LIKE I SAID I'M 100% DISABLED FROM VIETNAM AND WE'RE STILL BEING TREATED LIKE DIRT AND STEPPED ON CAUSE THEY CAN! I feel RIPPED OFF FROM A COMPANY THAT HAS DISABLED VETERAN DISCOUNTS! WHAT A JOKE! I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND NO VETERAN USE NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES, KEYSTONE MOVING AND STORAGE, COLEMAN MOVING & STORAGE OR ANY OTHER MOVING COMPANY ASSOCIATED WITH NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES...
- Richard Midgetti

The packers used by this company never packed over $1000.00 worth of children's toys that were located in a playroom in my house. All the toys were for 3-7 year old children. Some of the toys were from the 1970’s and are valuable as collectibles. We believe the female packers loaded the toys into boxes, then placed the boxes into a van they had parked in our garage. The boxes were never inventoried, so the moving company refuses to cover the loss as missing inventory. As a warning to others, never leave packers alone in your house and carefully monitor all their movements. Do not assume a reputable moving company hires honest employees. Obviously this company did not.
- Irene Goley

Tina from customer service was incredibly rude and unprofessional when I needed help dealing with the local movers Dimon & Bacorn. Worst company I have ever dealt with, I guess it is no surprise they contact out to bad companies since they are such a bad company.
- Lisa Penny

I recently moved from San Jose, CA to Oregon. The agent I contracted w/ subbed out the move to Allied without my knowing until the day before the move at which time I had one day to vacate the house or I would have had to pay another months rent. They had 3 loads on the truck including mine. I marked with labels with my new address, impossible to mess this up. But they did. One load went to Reno, NV, another went to Idaho. When they arrived at my house there were broken & missing. With my address labels on "ALL" boxes how could you confuse Oregon with Idaho & Nevada! All the horror stories I've heard about moving are still in effect even though there are government regulations supposedly protecting the consumer. I will never use this company again, nor will I recommend. This company and it's sub agents suck.
- Rich Elliott

My concern is regarding an unacceptable amount of damage to my belonging while receiving professional moving services through North American VanLines / AirVan / Sirva and a denied claim. I spoke with Sirva - North American Van Lines regarding a move from California to New Jersey for work. I had two full discussions with the Professional Move Coordinator regarding my belongings being in packed in storage and needing to be moved across the country. I inquired about the various ranges of insurance listed on the contract and what they covered. Although we discussed percentages of coverage, it was never mentioned that customer packed boxes would not be covered. Therefore, I purchased 100% insurance. Please note that I have moved several times in the past and utilize quality wrapping, peanuts, bubble wrap, heavy duty boxes etc. and all my delicate items were marked fragile all around the box. My belongings arrived in the timeframe as described, and while the movers were moving, I noticed particular one of the movers was very rough in how he was handing the items. Examples include dropping a lazy boy chair on the ground once inside and the chair making cracking sounds. I abruptly looked at the mover and he replied "It's heavy". Or him flippantly bouncing his dolly down the stairs without picking it up, causing a loud banging noise at each step and shaking of the stairwell. Items had also been left on another truck which involved a second trip, and paperwork was forgotten which involved a third trip. Most importantly, while the movers were present, I noticed a number of boxes appeared a bit smashed, and I therefore starting opening them to find that approximately 18 pieces, $659.67 in damage, in over 7 different boxes were broken. In addition, a very large vase that was to be boxed and transported by the company was missing, and when asked about it, the mover responded "It probably got broken and was thrown away." Subsequently, I filed a claim with the company regarding the broken items and was informed by a Senior Claims Adjuster that "While reviewing your signed delivery documents, I find that all cartons are listed as PBO-Packed by Owner. I am sorry to advise that since we had no control over the packing of such cartons, we are unable to accept responsibility as claimed. Therefore no settlement check will be forthcoming." My dispute is that firstly, the incredible amount of carelessness demonstrated and damage to my boxes reflects a lack of concern, professionalism, and handling by the movers and not a customer packing issue. Therefore, I would like to dispute that the cause of the damage was customer error. Secondly, the large vase was not packed by the customer and was to be packed by the movers and never made it to the destination. Lastly, in two full inquiry conversations regarding insurance with the booking agent, never did he advise that the packed boxes I had described to him would not be covered yet upsold me on the most expensive insurance amount. NOTE THAT I COULD ONLY UPLOAD TWO PICTURES YET HAVE 18 PICTURES TO SHOW.
- Lisa Quadros

They damaged all of the large pieces from my move. They were dishonest and the driver left with these large damaged pieces (because he told me that this is what the protocol was and that he would take it to the ware house. Instead, he "disposed" of it himself). Subsequently, they did not reimburse me for these items during my appeal. I waited over 3 months and did not have my issue resolved. I had over $2,000 in damage that I never got back. The customer service was poor. I would not recommend their service to anyone under any circumstances. They should not be allowed to continue a business as such.
- Carolina Benjamin

The process was simple, clear and on point each transaction from the coordinator Renee to the mover Jose. Very organized, clean, careful and polite. They met all our expectations and we were grateful for their on time delivery
- Carol Ward

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