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They believe that their team is the best in the business, and have complete and total confidence in every person providing their services.

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Quality of service: 2.1

Punctuality: 2.4

Accuracy of Estimate: 2.2

Customers’ rating: 1.6

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Over the years, we’ve learned that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which explains our rigorous hiring process. North American Moving finishes each project on schedule and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations.

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Since its founding, North American Moving has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire them for this service and learn how they cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve. They have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes their way. With North American Moving, clients know exactly what to expect – professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

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North American Moving is licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 1095904

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 3403416

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is the average Las Vegas mover service cost?

North American Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Las Vegas moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the North American Moving Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.
Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes f rom licensed movers with our tool here.

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Moving-me is a team of professionals who respect your time and money. Being one of the best moving service selection companies operating all over the USA with reliable moving company reviews, we are doing our best to match a to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation at your needs and budget. Our aim is to gather facts about reliable movers to guarantee a stress free, cost-effective and fast moving. We’re guided by integrity and trust in everything starting with our beloved customers to our team members.

North American Moving Company Reviews

North American Moving Services LLC is the worst moving company I have ever experienced. Long story short, they never provided services promised. They took our deposits ($1,300) readily, but never showed up. We called and called the numbers provided, was told many stories, i.e., truck had a blow out, truck had to be treated for COVID19, no drivers available... it was a nightmare. What this company didn't seem to grasp, is the amount of havoc they created for so many people. Trying to find a moving company at the last minute is almost impossible. Kudos to ABF who took us on as freight and we were finally able to move - on the very last day of our lease. We had planned to be out a week prior to the end of our lease, and painters and housecleaners were in place to do what was needed. The folks moving into our place we vacated had their own moving services in place. It was a domino effect for all involved. Last minute moves such as this cost us more money, and the stress was not good for anybody. This company is a sham - I believe they are nothing more than brokers and scam artists that take your money and look for local movers that might be available, something that I could have done myself. I did get my money back after many phone calls and absolute rage at this company. Please save yourself much aggravation - DO NOT ever consider placing your business with North American Moving Company. A note - this company is NOT affiliated with North American Van Lines.
- Patty B.

I would not recommend this company. I'm beginning to think I've been scammed because I was supposed to receive my things mid-Sept and they have yet to come. When I call I get excuses. They did not pick up all my things on the date agreed upon. They did not deliver on the agreed upon date. They almost doubled their estimated cost AFTER my house was on their truck. If you're thinking about using this company: DO. NOT. DO. IT. They have my things hostage and there's nothing I can do, but it's not too late for you.
- Joshua S.

This is THE WORST shadiest company I have EVER dealt with. The Customer Service women are HORRID!!!! Clear give away that they don't want you to know who they are? They answer the phone, "Moving Services". I've been waiting THREE HOURS for the movers, a key broke in the driver's door, and they wanted us to wait for their insurance company to come out, rather than pay $200 to AAA. I called them and asked them if they thought that that was acceptable, to which Emily stuttered over her words and said, "Well that's how we do it." So yes, it's acceptable to make the customer wait what now would be an entire day. I called once before to call and request my money back, and the girl put me on hold, then came on the line and said," I'll call you back in 30min", no call. My moving dates are gone, and they could care less. I will be contacting the AG for the State of Nevada, because something is very shady about this company if I do not get my refund. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Heather P.

After waiting for almost a few days to be a month , finally got my belongings from Los Angeles.,which it was storage in a warehouse in Las Vegas Nevada state. When I received 3 days ago my shipment I was happy to finally have them. But I encounter last issued with this broker company Konami the brokers partner by North American movers. When they contacted me to let me know that the deliver was to come in 2 days!!! They told me that the pay es expected to pay in cash or US postal money order. No check or money order.!!!! Next issue the 18 wheel truck. They said did not fit. Which is hard to believe, I have see many others companies delivering belongings in the complex because is like a villa, with wider street as well as the gate. But the driver decided not to go though it. And told me that he have to rent a small truck that will cost me as much as the deliver cost, so in other word twice as much. So I told that there's no way that I will have that kind of money so he suggested for me to rent a uhual truck and they will be able to transfer all my belongings in my he small truck. Ones I decide to rent the a house uhaul truck. That was that their job was done. Nothing was originally deliver to my home. In Huston. Texas it is hard to find help to download my belongings. So I was in terrible a situation since I have with a bad sciatica pain. Now that I open a few packages thaw in be that I can to reach. They are broken, my brand new dining room set table is s missing the legs they were not in the truck. Who know were they are? Another thing, if you don't go on the first choice that the driver give you, you cannot claim anything that is missing or broken. To me these is all very well convenience well organized for their convenience. Please people be careful , get the contract before you get this company. Read that f you are not agree don't sign. They will convinced you verbally but if is not in the contract don't go for it. Otherwise it will be problem after problems. Apparently nothing is being done. Jennifer the customer Service manager @ North American Moving very mean person not willing to work with you or listening, they will transfer you to dispatcher with Cici, which is another person who doesn't listening to you with short tempered who will try to cut you off. So not help what so ever on their end. The Dispatcher is the Konami broker , the ones that storage your belongings in the warehouse and contract the trucker to bring your belongings. North American Movers are the one that get your money just to connect you with the brokers without your knowledge. Both are very unprofessional, irresponsible and don't care for the business that they run. Hopefully the rest of my things are okay, I need to check and take pictures. So far fridge 2 doors all ding every where, my brand new printer all corners are broken. Antique ornaments all in pieces. Flat TV unknown yet. Did not check. I did wrapping really well even describe porcelain in the boxes or fragile on top of the box. but when they took them to the were house everything was thrown like trash. That is why everything is in pieces. My frustration is so big. That I don't understand why authorities are not reacting to these people , I am sure , I am not the only one who has experience this issued.
- Yicela V.

Scam Alert!!! Do not use them. -Very unprofessional/ rude and disrespectful. Under quotes with purpose. Thinking customers will just pay the drivers when they are told after the truck is loaded that they will owe more $$$ to take the rest of the quoted items, right then and there or their items will not be loaded and delivered. The supervisors are rude and disrespectful and want to argue. These multiple companies under quoted us, as Prestige Moving and Storage. We had to get several quotes changed before the move which resulted in a $3000 increase upfront. That should have been our sign!!! Then we had to list out specific items quoted for the square footage that they estimate. And At no point do they ask for measurements of items. The rights and responsibilities state that if there is to be a change in the money expected client will be told before the items are placed on the truck. The driver loaded his truck and left off items listed in the binding quote and then at 10:30pm at night explains that it will cost more money right then and there in order to load the rest of the items. I refused to sign the contract with the driver. He then started cussing and yelling at my 62 year old father that we had to sign the contract. He then gets his boss on the phone who tells me the same thing. I stated no, a contract is where 2 parties agree. And to this we do not agree. So then they stated they could unload the house in the front yard but we would have to pay the drivers. I stated no, that was not part of the quote we received either. She stated that it is part of the contract that we are refusing to sign with their company driver, right now. She further told me that Prestige who also operates under North American is a brokerage company. So I asked her to call them In which she stated it was late and she is unable to do so. I explained we would not sign the contract her driver has until we spoke to Prestige, as I have an email and a text message stating that they were not a brokerage company, and our binding quote is from them. In the morning I emailed and called every number and email listed on the quote with no response. Then I text the representative who prepared the quote who then stated I have to contact dispatch. Which that information isn't included in the quote. Dispatch supervisor gets on the phone- has no idea what is going on but is ready to argue. Then when I ask her to speak to her driver first and then call me back - she is very rude. Calls back and states that they never have a problem that customers just pay them for extra square footage on the spot without any hassle, even if the items listed in the quote are not on the truck. She stated that her drivers do not have an inventory list of items they just load all items as they choose and ask for more money if it goes over square footage. Expected to pay $2,000 more than originally quoted for original quoted items to be loaded on the truck, on the spot. So actually expected to pay $5,000 more then original quote all together. Terrible company(s) working together to scam people when we could have went with a more reputable company had we known. Please read all of their other reviews - I wish I would have done so prior to using them.
- Melissa r.

Penske wanted me to fly to Salt Lake city from Vegas to get a cheaper truck because demand was so high it was to expensive. North American Movers saved me over $2,000 and a headache of commuting to another State to get a truck to move to Florida.
- Jaime D.

Also known as Prestige Moving and Storage. Website states the owner is Marc Sammson but his real name is Mario Joseph Samson. This company quoted me a price for a full truck. On moving day, Superior Van Lines showed up to move me and informed to me Prestige was just a broker. The truck they provided was already partially loaded and they could not verify getting me an empty truck until the following Monday. This was on Friday and my lease ended Sunday. I had no choice but to refuse to let them load my belongings. Even though it was there error Mario Samson sent this falsified letter to my credit card company in order to keep my deposit of $1038. There was never any discussion of more money; the main issue was they lied about being a moving company, they are a broker and they did not send me the full truck as quoted in my estimate.
- Angela F.

ZERO STARS!!! These guys disgust me. They rope you in with promises of cheap services by underestimating your square footage and then pummel you with fine print. Frankly this place is a scam. They showed up 3 days late and we had to extend our stay which cost us extra money. And don't even think about trying to call them! I've been sent to voicemail more times than I can count WITHIN THEY'RE BUSINESS HOURS!!!! My emails have gone unanswered, I've literally been put on hold just to be sent to voicemail... like really? The most unprofessional company I've ever done business with in any profession period! If anyone from corporate sees this I have way more to tell you but since nobody will let me speak to they're supervisor... [email protected] I'm done... these guys don't deserve anymore of my mental energy than they've already stolen. God I hope everyone sees this -_-
- Dalton U.

At first thought they were respectable and honest. Gave me an estimate based off of the best guess at the time. After we got everything packed and knew exactly what we were going to move, I contacted them with exact figures. Well low and behold they double the cf increasing the cost dramatically. I am a mathematician and computer programmer. they could not tell me why their cf went from 327 to 610 when I measured and cam up with 345 with the changes. their rep would only say that is what their system calculates and it is accurate. It is no-where near accurate unless Brian inputted stuff wrong. They couldn't even tell me how their system calculates. Never ever trust this company.
- Mike R.

FRADULENT...HIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! They will take your deposit seem like legit, good people, but they're con artists...especially CHRIS 1!! UNETHICAL, ILLEGAL group of people like this taking advantage of people! Once I made my reservation and deposit, I could no longer get ahold of them via phone, text or email. They never called or showed up for my move date. I've reported them to the DOT, and hope others who have been scammed will do so as well, to get them out of business!! YOU CAN REPORT THEM TO THE DOT at (888) 368-7238 and their DOT# is 3403416 -ZERO STARS!!!!
- Laney L.

The story of what this deplorable company did with my move is way too long to tell here, but suffice to say they are crooks and should be shut down (I'm suing them in small claims court). They have had 33 complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau in the last three years, and if you Google their street address, you'll get a long list of moving companies at the same address:… They guy who served my small claims papers told me that their office is basically a call center. If you look at the reviews of all the companies listed for that address, they are all terrible. DO NOT USE NORTH AMERICAN MOVING SERVICES LLC (and don't get fooled into confusing them with North American Van Lines, which is a legitimate company).
- Terri D.

let me tell you how this company works (based on both my experience and several others you can read on here). first, they have a bunch of guys in a call center call you incessantly and give you lowball quotes. they're nice to you, answer the phone evenings and weekends, and keep promising that you'll get what you need. they promise you a certain price, a certain pick up time, a certain delivery window, and then demand a check for a large deposit (not a credit card that you could dispute with your credit card company). in the fine print, which they never tell you about, it says the deposit is non refundable after 72 hours. then they wait for the 72 hours to be done and run the clock before contacting you again. after the 72 hours are over, then their "quality assurance manager" calls you and changes your quote and tries to extort more money out of you after the 72 hour window is done. he claims your belonging will take up more space than his underling employees quoted (why aren't the underlings trained better then?), he claims you have to pay extra to actually get pickup during the promised window, he says even with the extra fees the truck will basically pick up whenever bc they're just so busy. oh and they stop answering the phone during evenings and weekends after they have your money. so they take your money, have you by the balls, and then basically say they can do whatever they want and you have to have to arrange for someone to do nothing but sit around and wait and hope to be contacted by the moving truck who knows when. also they are not even a moving company. they dont own the trucks. they dont employ the movers. they have literally no direct relationship with the people who will be showing up and taking your belongings. they're just middle men with no power and no accountability. who needs a nigerian prince when we have our very own scammers stateside in this company. as an added bonus, go check out their bbb reviews. loads of ppl who went through the exact same experience. loads of people who's belongings were stolen by the movers. loads of people who paid them and were then never able to get ahold of them again. update: got some of my stuff and it was destroyed!!!! missing a television and two pieces of large original art. their response was to "send them the sticker on the box for what i'm missing to start a claim" how in the world am i supposed to send you a sticker number for a box i do not have??????? i'm down over $5,000 in lost and damaged goods because of this company (not even including the money i paid this scam company for the move) i also received two boxes that are not even mine. so some poor other person is missing their stuff because it got sent to me.
- Sara F.

The worst move EVER. They never told us they would sub the job out to a horrible company called Konami. Called to confirm pick up but showed a day late after emptying refrigerator and stripping beds. Promised us 3600 cubic ft of storage and a semi but showed up at 10:00 a.m with a 28 ft Ryder truck. 3 guys that packed our garage and part of a guest room only. Used 8 wardrobe boxes we paid for, to load garage junk and filled half way. Took up a lot of cubic ft in their truck. Took empty boxes from our garage that we had to pack with and put them in truck to fill up space. The 3 guys kept using our bathroom way more than a normal person would. One guy even stayed in there for 10 minutes and has his radio blasting. Our neighbors asked if these movers hired prisoners? When they left they had 2,000 cubic feet but still tried to charge us for 3600. Calls to No Amer were unsuccessful as they pawned itoff to Konami. Konami kept saying they have done everything promised and that her guys didn't take any breaks WHAT? My husband finally told them they couldn't use the bathroom anymore. TOTAL items packed were the 2 car garage and part of a guest room. They took a bed but left the headboard. Total cost $13,606 plus fuel charges and transport fees. No Amer took a broker fee of $1866.00 up front. They "guaranteed delivery on Tuesday but showed up Wednesday. My husband had to fly up to the home and rent a hotel since they didn't show up with the mattress that he could have put on the floor. I tried to call the company numerous times but they would always say "hold on" and I held 3 times for 30 minutes and gave up. When I did get someone in charge she wouldn't even give me her last name. I told her I was billed for $13,606 for 3600 cubic feet but got 2,000 cubic feet delivered and that comes to 7,000. She said " too bad, that's what you signed for and we delivered your items. Seriously??? After I threatened to sue her she called back and gave me a discount of $2250. Still not enough and the stress this has caused with her scrungy, bathroom using, nose sniffling crew is disgusting. Packing the way they did is an outrage. Our house is still full in every room except guest room whic still has the headboard and boxes in it too.
- Dale F.

THEY ARE A SCAM! They are not accredited by the BBB and have had 38 complaints in the past 2 months. They stole $804 from me and never provided services. They block your number after they take your money. I have disputed a claim with my credit card company, but they repsonded and LIED saying they did provide services and are keeping my money. They have been nothing but a headache and liars. Stay away from them at all costs. Check their BBB!!!!
- Sara R.

ZERO STARS!!!!! This company is a scam. They take your money and don't provide any services. We talked to Chris a booked a move, putting down a down payment. 2 days before our move , we talked to Justin. He told us that needed another $200. to get the date we wanted. The day for our move came and we did not here from them . Called their office, Chris, and Justin and left numerous messages. They told us the movers would be there between 4 and 8 pm. We said that did not work They called us the following day and said that there truck had a flat tire and they could not get to us until a few days later. We had already hired a new company and we're on our way by the time we heard from them. They are just a broker, they promise you what you want to hear just to get your money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY
- David S.

OMG RUN!!!! They picked up my belongings in Tempe Az on October 29th. I am over here freezing in Vestaburg PA, and I STILL don't have my belongings! When you call they put you on hold until they can transfer you to a message machine that is full! FULL of ALL of US looking for our damn stuff! The owner is a scammer, and has done this before! I have reported them to FMCSA and the Attorney General's office.
- Sharon A.

DON'T DO IT!!!!!! RUNNNNN!!!# Hello To whom ever this may concern: First I get my call to confirm pick up on Monday December 7th, I was told that Julian would arrive between 3-6pm on Tuesday December 8th. On Tuesday I get a call at 5:45pm saying the job took longer than expected and there is a job ahead of me. I was asked to do it on Wednesday (9th) I told him I was available after 3pm. On Wednesday (9th) I received a call at 10:45 am for confirmation, we confirmed for 3 pm. **this next part is our TEXT conversation the rest of the day and the last conversation we had. Hey Erica it's Julian I was just informing you that our last job is bigger than we expected so it might take a while to finish up here. -2:44 pm Thanks for the heads up -2:50 pm Hello, just checking in haven't heard from you in over 5 hours - 8:25 pm Hey we're still here and it looks like we won't have enough space to get to you tonight I apologize for the late response this customer job turned out to be larger than we anticipated - 10:17 pm Starting Thursday (10th) I was calling. I talked to multiple people that said they would have someone get back to me. One lady even told me the crew called me saying the truck broke down and the crew said I would handle it (funny right?) Another told me the crew called and said they had no more room. Question - why weren't I notified and had a new truck sent to my home? Finally after 3 days of trying to "Handle it" Ronnie called say he was calling to reschedule the movers that I cancelled. WAIT ... I DIDN'T CANCEL!!! They were a no show. He asked if anything had changed I told him the amount of stuff he told me that wasn't a big deal. We set it up for Monday (14th). Sunday (13th) get a confirmation call telling me the crew would be at my house Monday (14th) between 1-4pm. Well I waited around all day Here is our TEXT conversation on Monday (14th) Hey Erica this Steven with ur moving company letting you know we are delayed and will be arriving at 6:45 I will call 30 min before I arrive - 3:49 pm Let me know you got this message -3:50pm Ok thank you for letting me know -3:50 pm Eta is 7pm if this is too late we can do first thing in the morning? 6:21 pm 7 pm is Fine with me - 6:22 pm Sorry 15 min behind maps took me to the wrong location -7:03 pm They arrived and started working, everything was going well. And 11:15pm he comes up to me and says they packed till the quoted 415 cubic feet mark and that's all they could do because they had a job in Irvine the next day the needed to save space for. The truck wasn't full. He said he would have space left and could come back the next day but I needed to call and tell them I needed it. Well I did just that and nothing happened. I spent hours getting bumped from waiting yesterday finally when talked to 2 ladies which couldn't help she said someone would call me by 11 am today Wednesday(16th). Well I have been calling since 11 am and started writing the within the last 30 mins. It took over a week to get the rest of our items pick up and at full price. When our schedule day came up (the 2nd day) they call and said they could make it till the next day which was the my husband had to leave. The guy extorted my husband for money to be the first pick up of the day. When they picked up they tried not to take the BBQ grill and proceeded to extort my husband (who was on the road) for more money to throw the grill on the truck. When we got a call to rate this moved my husband gave it an F and not 5 mins later the mover was texting my husband and talking crap to him. A few days later I got a notification that my credit card which was only used for this move was used in Henderson NV hmmmm. Good thing I changed the billing zip. Now I am patiently awaiting my belongings from both lots l, fingers crossed that both arrived together like I was told when I put order #2 in, but later told by dispatch that it can't be guaranteed. This has to be the worst customer experience I have ever had.
- Erica K.

These movers are conscientious and hard workers. They were on time and my move was very smooth. I don't understand any bad reviews. They did a great job for me. The movers both coming and going handled my things with care, worked very hard and all the time smiled and had a great attitude. I recommend this company to my family and friends. I hope 5 stars will bump them higher because they deserve it!
- Robyn H.

I was contacted by Christian at North American Movers after requesting a moving quote from some website. I was a bit hesitant at first bc I did not think I requested a quote from North American. As I spoke to Christian telling him about my move, my phone was blowing up with calls from other moving companies. I mentioned something briefly about it and Christian knew just what I was talking about. He told me how he wished these websites would be a bit more clear on how they operate. He told how that website sends my info to dozens of moving companies and now my phone and email would be bombarded with messages, even though it had nothing to do with him or his company he apologized and I could tell instantly he was sincere. Christian took the time to listen to me and ask questions about my move. He laid out everything for me, from how his company operates, to how they come up with the price for my move. I always thought it was some grand mystery on how moving companies determine price. But he took the time to explain. He had me do a very detailed inventory and after it was completed. Christian broke down exactly how the price works he showed me in my contract that I was at 645 cf and I was paying $4.00 a cubic foot. So if I went over the 645cf the price would rise @ $4.00 a cf no more no less and if I came in lower the price would drop @ $4.00 a cf. ( finally someone who cares enough to take the time to explain things. I said to myself) Christian answer every question I had and never once made me feel rushed. I knew by the end of our conversation he was the guy I wanted to move with. We filled out the paperwork online he emailed it all to me and then stayed on the phone so we could go through it line by line together just in case I had any questions. After contract was signed he gave me all his contact info and told me he would be here with me until my stuff was delivered to my new home. A few weeks went by and I wanted to change my pick up date so I called Christian's number and got his voicemail after a few rings, then sent him an email, A few hours later I got a call from a number I did not recognize after answering it, come to find out it was Christian I called on his day off and he called me back from home on his cell. ( who does that these days ?? ) I apologized and told him I needed to move my pick up date but it could wait and to enjoy his day off. No more then 20 mins later Jeff another employee of North American called me and said Christian had called into the office and asked him to call me so I could move my dates. Then the next day Christian still called me to make sure I got the dates I needed. Fast forward a month to the day of my move I expected them to arrive between 3-7 the driver called me at 5 and said he would be there about 630. They showed up at 645. 3 man crew Shawn, Jake and Dillion . They were pretty good guys did exactly what I was expecting of them. The only minor issue was one of the guys smelled of B.O. after the truck was packed I signed the paperwork and my first available delivery date payed the guys my balance and off they went. I was told by Christian when I signed the contract it would take approximately 7-12 days to delivery my stuff. He said he felt it would probably be closer to 9 days but wanted to give the guys the 12 days buffer to be safe. " made sense to me" they picked my stuff up on 12/15 on 12/23 I got a call from dispatch and was told my stuff will arrive 12/24. The next day Jake called me and said he would be at my new home between 2-330. 3pm arrived and so did my STUFF!!!! Unloading went smoothly, my wife made the guys some lunch which they were very happy to get and we sat on my front porch and ate, ( the one gentleman did not smell anymore) later that night I got one last call from Christian, he asked about my new home, how my wife is handling living in a cold weather state now, even remembered my dogs name and ask how it was with him in the car for all those hours lol. I guess I made the right decision or maybe just got lucky working with Christian through out my move bc it was far less scary and stressful then I was preparing for. I keep Christian's number in my cell and I plan to tell anyone I know who's moving to checkout North American Movers. Thanks for all your help guys and a special thanks to Jake, Shawn, Dillon and Christian
- Erik L.

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