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About Newray Moving

Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, the experience can be both exciting and highly stressful all at once. You’ve done enough work finding your new home-let professional packers and movers handle the rest. Hire a trusted local moving company in Fairfax, VA. NewRay Moving has been safely and efficiently relocating people and their valuables for years in the Fairfax, VA area. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service at affordable prices. Turn to a local moving company that has your best interests in mind.

Moving-Me about Newray Moving

New Ray Moving is a relatively new moving company, established in 2018, however all the people working in their team are extremely experienced in the moving sphere. The movers opened their company as a family business and they are dedicated to provide best customer service and most comfortable moves.

Newray Moving Licenses & Certificates

Newray Moving LLC. is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 89309

US D.O.T: 3108060

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Newray Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Newray Moving LLC. is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Newray Moving Reviews

Our move was scheduled for 11 am. We got a call at 9 am about a truck break down due to which they cannot make it until 2-3pm. Once again I received a call in the afternoon that the truck broke down again after travelling 2 miles towards our address. Jay on the phone assured me that they will complete the move today, and he is requesting their other "team" who are finishing a job at 4pm to help us out. Are my movers coming today? Are they even real? What will I do if nobody shows up? Is the kind of stress you do not need when you absolutely need to move and need help. Eventually a team arrived at 5:15 pm. The "team" was actually another moving company (Real Deal Movers). They completed my move in a somewhat satisfactory manner. However, they told me that NewRay couldn't complete the move because they accepted a bigger job and frantically tried to arrange an alternative for us. One/both of the two companies are capable of lying through their teeth. Real Deal movers did not use any wrappings for our furniture, and we ended up with dinged appliances and scratched/peeled furniture. RealDeal happens to not have as stellar a rating on Google as NewRay. So I have paid them NewRay prices for much less than promised. The two stars are because they made the effort to arrange and complete my move on the same day instead of ghosting us.
- Karthik Subramanian

Great movers. I had a few items in my apartment that I was trying to get moved and NewRay was the most responsive with the most competitive prices. The movers showed up a little early but that was fine because it allowed us to get the move completed quickly! They took care of everything, packed my TV up well and were done in about an hour. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly. Would recommend these folks!
- Allison Nielsen

Unfortunately, I have to give my experience 1 star for one reasons: my flat screen TV was spider web shattered. If it weren't for this, I would have given a 4+ for price, timeliness, flexibility and customer service. I was not present during the move due to an unexpected funeral. When I arrived back at the new apartment, everything was delivered where it needed to be, which made me very happy after a sad day. When I saw that my bedroom TV wasn't wrapped up, I assumed it was because the movers had wrapped it then unwrapped it. However, after assessing the damage, I think they never wrapped it up in the first place. Everything else fragile, including the other 3 flat screen TVs, glass tables, art, mirrors, dishes, etc. made it securely. Simply disappointed because this is a very expensive item that I had no intention of replacing.
- Jazzi Jones

I recently moved from a 3rd floor condo to a basement condo. It was a big job with heavy furniture from start to finish these 3 gentlemen were nothing less than top notch, outstanding and professional. Very courteous and fast. I would definitely recommend this company for any/all your moving needs. In the future if I would have to move again I am calling NewRay.
- Letitia Thompson

These guys were awesome. They might run a little bit on the late side within their 2-hour arrival window, but they work super fast and efficient. JK Moving’s estimate was around $1000 minimum, but their pricing was around $300. Literally could not have moved without them!
- Gordon Chan

Someone showed up at the end the two hour arrival window and said they were just finishing up another move and were stopping to eat and would be another 20 minutes. I messaged the movers and asked that they wash their hands as I have food allergies and they would be touching my boxes. They clearly did not as I was sick every day for the week after the move. When they got to my apartment I was wearing a mask and they were not. He asked if I had extra masks which of course I didn’t, he said theirs were broken. I asked if they could still wear them but they didn’t. Also, when they arrived the first thing they did was ask if I had water for them. They also dragged and dropped some heavy items across the wood flooring of the apartment I was leaving. After they finished loading their truck (at this point it was around 7:30pm) they said they would meet me at the new place. I went directly to the new place and waited, and waited, and waited. Around an hour after I had gotten there they showed up (I’m guessing they stopped for food and didn’t tell me, that’s actually probably why I got so sick). They didn’t charge me for a half hour of that time saying that was on them. All this being said the movers were fairly nice and got the job done. It just took a long time, they were extremely inconsiderate giving the pandemic situation as well as my allergies, and also stopping for food without telling me - I was starving too and was waiting to eat till after they were done. The job was finished around was supposed to start between 2 and 4pm and started around 5pm...I contacted them afterwards to complain and received no response. I would not recommend them to anyone.
- Audrey Lugmayer

Having been burned in the past by another moving company, I am SO SO happy I hired New Ray for my most recent local move. Our movers Dylan and Alex arrived on time and were quick to strategize how to most efficiently move our stuff (which was on 3 different floors). They disassembled furniture for us and protected everything without charging extra. They finished within 2 hours and even reassembled the furniture! They were both extremely polite and followed COVID protocols even though we told them they could remove their mask (it happened to be 100° in July when they moved us!). I can't rave enough about this company and would 100% hire them again!
- Kate Sullenger

Neighbors used this company. One mover (with dreads) was polite and friendly. Other (Short) was loud and cursing why the guy expected them to move everything! I tried to call the company and could not get answer or answering machine. The cursing gentleman also purposely slammed the back gate and another hinge for effect, that he was done in a Sunday
- Carm Mom

I am so happy to hire NewRay moving company for my recent move from one bed apartment to our new hometown. I have been looking for a moving company that not only fair in price but provide excellent service. From contacting the sell manager Sasha to schedule a moving date and answering all my questions, I have had very good experience. Sasha helped me a lot and responded to all my questions, the day before move Bayan sent me reminder email. On the moving date, Garfield called me half an hour before arrival time, he arrived on time with his team member Javion . They started moving all boxes to the truck , they also disassembled bed sets and assembled when we got to the destination. Garfield is an excellent mover , very fast and professional and strong. Garfield and Javion both worked very hard and they also followed covid protocol. Highly 100% recommend.
- Nazanin Omidi

Anthony and Kevin from NewRay helped me move from one apt to another in DC. They were on time, super friendly, and great to work with! Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much!!
- Mariah Grant

Sadly I had a really bad experience with Newray moving. I think they took advantage of me because of my age. My stairwell was tight and narrow so they couldn't get my box spring up, that's fine, however they said no to even trying to get my dresser up. Still charged me full price. When i walked upstairs I realized they had not put my bed and headboard back together after they took it apart. When I called the company to let them know they told me it would be an extra $50 an hour to have them come back. When trying to resemble the headboard we realized the mover never gave us the screws back. Extreme lack of professionalism... also were not wearing masks. Would not recommend.
- Annie K.

Thank you NewRay Moving for helping me with not one but with two recent moves! Ashley assisted me throughout the process for both moves and made sure both moves went smoothly. I would also like to thank the movers that helped me. During my first move I had three movers and the second move I had two movers (two of them were from the first move). They worked extremely hard to make sure my furniture did not get damaged. I would highly recommend using the option where you have three movers (especially if you are using stairs and not an elevator). Again, thanks for everyone for their hard work!
- Andre B.

Professional team that made our move as easy as possible. Great to work with and would highly recommend.
- Kate Z.

I needed help with a specific type of move at the last second and they were able to help with unbeatable prices. The 3 man staff of movers were fast, however they smelt of cigarettes and my kids even asked me what the smell was. The smell stuck to my couch that they moved. Also! Make sure to track when the movers arrive, how many miles, and when they finish! Lastly, they scratched one of my dressers and when I asked them they stated it was already there which was a HUGE lie. I told my best friend who told me about this company and he and I both agreed this company has tanked and we will never use them again. Oh and to top it all off, one of the guys asked me to take him to the bathroom because he needed to go number 2. This company is a joke
- Ali A.

I moved from an apartment in DC (Woodley Park area) to a storage unit in Petworth. The NewRay team was easy to work with - all their paperwork ahead of time could be done online which is a bonus during a pandemic. I was also scheduled for a later afternoon move, and when the move before me took longer than estimated, the office and the movers themselves called me to let me know what was going on and give me updated estimates. Plus they still arrived within the two hour window originally scheduled. Once there, they moved quickly and efficiently, and all of my stuff made it safely to the storage unit, where they packed it in a much more efficient manner than I would have been able to do myself. As far as coronavirus, the movers wore their masks the entire time and the only time we had to interact closely was to sign the final document and for payment. I was really pleased with their service. Only note of caution (which they tell you about in the contract) is that it is much cheaper to pay in cash because the credit card surcharge is high, so make sure you have enough to pay and tip them. All in all, I was pleased with their service and would recommend them for a good low-cost local mover.
- Katie L.

Joey and Garfield were such a pleasure and a great team to work with. I had a studio apartment move and requested to only have the big furniture moved. They did that quickly and efficiently and moved some additional boxes for me as well. They went above and beyond and brought some empty boxes back to my original apartment after the move was finished because I wanted to use the boxes to pack up more stuff for later. This saved me more than a few bike rides back and forth. They also junked an old bed frame for me, saving me from having to buy a rental car to take it to the dump. Friendly guys who did they job well and the actual cost was less than the estimate. Would recommend NewRay Moving and Joey and Garfield to anyone in need of a move.
- Lizzie W.

Setting it all up was easy. Ashley was communicative and flexible. The actual movers were ok... I had one box of plates that broke, but otherwise everything made it fine. My issue was that they wouldn't wear masks. I ended up reaching out to their supervisor who must've said something to them, because they put on their masks for about 4 mins and then gave up. The movers were also really upset that my home was so far from the road. They made that apparent. I mean, that's why I paid for movers… Since they wouldn't wear masks, I ended up having to keep my windows open for a few days and didn't stay there until I was sure everything dissipated in the air and on my furniture. Also the price quoted ended up being about doubled by the time they finished.
- Jeremy B.

Very happy and satisfied with the movers. The movers were very professional and got straight to work and finished the move within the promised time frame without any issues. Would definitely hire them again in the future.
- Akhil G.

Great Moving Team, These guys had a ton of items to move from my apartment into a 2 story house and they knocked it out with ease. Ashley was great to work with and called me the day before to verify the time of the pick up and the guys called me a half hour before their arrival time on the actual day of the move. Wrapped all my big items in either blankets or shrink wrap to protect all of my items and the price point beats a ton of the other competitors when I did my comparisons.
- Jeff H.

My chest was not only scratched but a piece of it came off and the hinge came off. My coffee table is scratched. My couch has a rip and some weird red paint on it? And my dresser has a piece loose in the back. All things I eventually noticed, but yea most of my furniture was wrecked. I have to replace several things now bc they are ruined. Sigh… They also picked up my neighbors large package and never came back to get it so I had to deal with it myself.
- Xia M.

I absolutely recommend NewRay Moving and specifically Dillon and Marlin. I recently moved from DC to North Carolina and was anxious about moving day & anticipating things going wrong... movers being late or no showing, surprise additional charges being added, belongings going missing, belongings breaking, the truck vanishing, the movers taking their sweet time. I was more than pleasantly surprised when none of the above occurred and my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. I was told my movers would arrive between 8-9, I received a call when Dillon and Marlin were 30 minutes away and sure enough they arrived at 9:00 on the dot. They were friendly, helpful, professional, and super efficient; before I knew it all my belongings were safely in the truck! From there, they even beat me to NC by 25 minutes and were able to get a key from the front desk and managed to start moving my stuff to the new unit before I arrived, which was amazing. Unpacking was as efficient as packing and they worked very well as team. Moving day was as pleasant, stress free, and ideal as it could have been and I have Dillon and Marlin to thank!
- Blake P.

We had a fantastic experience with NewRay Moving - from start to finish. They were extremely responsive to initial emails and sorted the quote in a timely manner. They arrived within the one hour window and were fast and efficient. They were courteous, polite, friendly and just a delight to deal with. And the move took less time than we'd budgeted for! We will use NewRay for every move in future!
- Meghan B.

Dylan and Joey both did a great job moving me from a small Alexandria condo building to a larger Arlington apartment building, despite some unexpected challenges with another resident in my building moving out at the same time, and a very tedious building entrance w/ long hallways. They worked non-stop and I received all of my items and furniture in tact with no damage to them or the floors/walls. Overall, I greatly appreciated their help.
- Cecilia G.

To say I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about from the minute I conversed with Ashley until my movers finished is a gross understatement. First off, my move was not standard and NewRay was the ONLY company to recognize that and work with me on the details. That alone made me ignore all other quotes! Fast forward to moving day...I wake up slightly freaked because it is raining and NoVA weather is so bipolar that I was concerned the movers would need to cancel. Well...not only did these hardworking, dedicated professionals NOT cancel but they showed up on time and ready to work. They worked continuously and tirelessly IN THE RAIN...let me say it louder for the people in the back...IN.THE.RAIN! I don't hand out 5 star reviews for the heck of it...this one was both earned and well deserved!
- Cassie H.

NewRay Moving was a joy to work with during my move! They made it so easy and seamless; that it almost felt too good to be true. First, working with Ashley was great. She was responsive, professional, and answered all my questions. The movers were a couple of hours late due to the job before mine, but they were communicative and kept me updated on when they would get to me. They made up time by getting everything of mine (and my roommate) out of the old apartment and into the new one in 2.5 hours! I worked with Garfield, Alex, and Charlie, and they were efficient, friendly, and professional. I can't stress enough that you must hire NewRay for your next move!
- Josh R.

They did a great job moving boxes from a storage facility to a new apartment. Easy to schedule, arrived on time, courteous and efficient. Also the best estimate I could find in short notice! A++!
- Wendy G.

We used NewRay for our move from an apartment to a house. Overall, they were quick and very affordable. Once they left, we found several dings on our walls from the movers scraping the walls with furniture. They also broke a lamp in our entry way but sent us a check to get it repaired. For the price, we would use them again!
- Cara D.

Ashley, who scheduled our move, was great. She kept us informed and was very prompt. The crew showed up on time. We were scheduled to have three movers, but only two ended up being available. They did give us a discount due to that on top of their already reasonable rate. Even down a crew member, the guys were able to move everything we asked for in exactly four hours (granted, we moved within walking distance of the originating location). They were polite and, most importantly, didn't break anything. The only reason I'm not giving a five star rating is because they took their masks off, and we ended up disinfecting our items just to be safe. Pro tip: be very specific in the inventor you give them. The truck the crew brought ended up being a little too small, and they couldn't fit the last 2% of our items.
- Lauren J.

The movers are hard working, and fast! However, the front office is horrible! The movers dropped a 1500 dollar TV, and the screen shattered. Instead of even working with me, the front office offered me $75. That's it! I only asked for not even half. They are borderline criminals when it comes to claims. Don't even bother! I've told my entire apartment complex, and they will never get business here again!
- Jason B.

I called NewRay about a month ago to inquire about their moving company and was very pleased with the customer service, rates, and attention to detail. They communicated well and coordinated my move with professional ease. The nice gentlemen, Anthony and Kevin, were the movers sent to my house to help make this transition possible. They were prompt, friendly, and professional. I appreciated their patience with my questions and concerns in handling my belongings. They were very kind and understanding during this difficult, stressful time. I will most definitely refer any friends to NewRay Moving for their relocation needs. Thank you, Anthony, Kevin, Sasha, and NewRay!
- Rebecca J.

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