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About National Van Lines

We make moving easy. Evolving from a Chicago horse-and-wagon operation in 1929 to today’s globe-spanning long distance mover, National Van Lines excels at providing stress-reducing residential/commercial relocation and storage solutions. Whether your move is big or small, we handle it all with nationally recognized customer service, award-winning drivers and unparalleled attention to detail. Named a Super Van Operator of the Year by the American Moving & Storage Association, our cross country moving company holds a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. We’ll get you moving!

Moving-Me about National Van Lines

This moving company is a moving company with a deep history in providing relocation services that goes back nearly 100 years. What started as a one-person operation has now grown into a full-service moving company that provides the best services in residential moving, commercial moving, warehouse and storage, and other moving services. Originating in Chicago, Illinois, today National Van Lines offers moving services across the country and the world, and they are ready to help make your next relocation experience your best and easiest ever!

National Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 42866

US D.O.T: 76628

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is National Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4900. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. National Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

National Van Lines Reviews

I wish I could give them negative stars. We moved from CA to FL. It was a nightmare. I booked with a small local company who outsourced our move to them and we had no clue who was in charge of what part. 1. We were already in FL and called them after a week and learnt that our stuff did not even leave CA. I called them every day and they kept making excuses. Yes, the emailed me often as status update (like every 2 days) which said “we are still locating trucks for your upcoming move”. Seriously. 2. Every time I called, I got a new person and no progress on my move. They told me that I had spoken to EVERYONE in their office. That is how much they gave me run for my money. 3. There was totally broken communication between their head office and actual movers who actually deliverd our stuff to our apt. 4. On the day of delivery, movers arrived 3 hours late. 5. My BIGGEST complaint is about attitude of the movers who delivered our stuff to our apartment. They were late by FEW hours. As soon as they arrived, they wanted to rush as they were already late for next delivery. They yelled at me. It is a 1 bedroom apartment and they were so lazy that they threw everything right in front of door. My poor husband had to MOVE EVERYTHING. And at top of it, they kept complaining of everything (too many boxes, this bag is way too heavy, you delaying us), singing songs and the older gentleman who seems to be the one running the show just kept blabbering in strange English that neither one of us could understand. 6. They were missing our mattress (the biggest item). 7. They could not put together 1 basic futon frame. My husband had to do it with them. Our futon frame was the only piece that required assembly and part of their job, but they complained non-stop about it. 8. After whole day of trying to talk with their head office who had no clue of anything, truck driver finally located our mattress around 5:30pm and promised to bring it within 1 hour. My husband called him directly every half an hour and he kept saying he is on his way. He arrived at 9pm. 9. Driver came alone (his helper was gone) and told my husband that “YOU CAN JUST CARRY IT BY YOURSELF” in pouring rain. This is not my husband’s job, who still helped the guy in carrying the mattress in our apt. There was no dolly, no wheels (as driver was too lazy) and they had to carry it from parking into our apt. The protective cover of mattress was missing. 10. They did not wear masks or gloves. 11. All of our stuff smelled of rodent pee, including our mattress. 2 additional items were broken. 12. We had bought extra insurance and filed the claim.
- shazia gogia

Michael (Sales) and Craig (Driver) were both great. On time, hard working and careful crews, good communication, and reasonable priced--no surprises at the end of the move. Could not have had a better experience with the traumatic process of moving your entire household from one state to another.
- Dennis C Evermann

I received great help from Micheal Hartung and Dan Howard! Both of them and the other staff members were great, very respectful and kind! My girlfriend and I would definitely hire them again. Next time we move again, they will be our first moving company that we contact and want to hire. Thanks again for the great work, take care and see you next time!
- Andre Cardenas

Great coordination, reliability, and quick/easy moving across the country. My rep Aaron Bacon helped greatly with flexibility & logistics considerations (moving from city apartment building + separate storage unit) and the move cost came in slightly under the estimate with no missing items and very little damage in transit.
- Kyle Griggs

completely disgusting business practices!!! completed a contract for my apt to be moved for $4900. upon arrival they told me they needed $9500 to move my 2 bedroom apartment!!! customer service manger adam cursed me and told me "he has zero sympathy for customers" and they will increase the price as they see fit! see fit thats funny i already had the quote done for my content!!! what a disgrace!!! stay clear of this company and watch your wallets! absolutely appalling!!! i wish i could rate negative stars.
- Nicole C.

Horrible claims experience! We moved from LA to Dallas and I settled on National Van Lines based on their reviews and experience with AQMS' rep. We paid for full value replacement on all of our items, since I was nervous about damage during a long distance move to furniture that was expensive. We paid over $8k for the move, so although it wasn't the cheapest, I was hoping for the best based on their reputation. When they came to pick things up, AQMS staff of 5 did an excellent job with packing an moving our stuff including some items that were heavy and a tight fit. Two months later when they arrive in Dallas they send a staff of 2 (should have been more people) to move our stuff in. Not only were several items damaged and missing including National to go through their claims process and they sent out an estimator from a refurbishing company and low balled me on the estimate, claiming that they could repair the items (a huge gash in my daughter's dresser) and that many of the items were still functional, including a mid century arc lamp. If they are going to damage items, they should not be able to deem what's functional (a dresser is functional but damaged vs. the lamp and a toy that is missing pieces). I claimed over $3000 in damaged and they gave me $800. I expect my damaged or missing items to either be fixed to look like new OR replaced at full value. I disputed the charges for the lamp and floors because as a renter I will likely have to use the company my landlord prefers as a renter. They said it will take 90 days for upper management to review. 90 DAYS? Why would it have to take 90 days?!!! Overall a bad experience, negligent delivery team, damaged item and terrible customer service on their claims. What a rip off after spending all that money on a move.
- Laura L.

I moved from MI to AZ. One of the worse experiences I have encountered and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of the company. I labeled, organized, and packed all of my boxes for an easy move, the only thing the movers had to tear down and setup is my queen bed. The movers that loaded my stuff lost my hardware to my bed and then came up with 3 different stories about where the hardware went. I had 3 different people tell me they were going to order my hardware which never happened until I escalated it to upper management. I have spent hours on the phone and at home after my initial move trying to get my bed put together. It took weeks to get it put together between scheduling their company and my travel schedule. I also have a damaged fan which the pedestal is completely broken and I still have not heard anything about the replacement or money back. I again have to call to follow up and waste more of my time. I understand things happen with moving but the lack of communication and follow through from the moving company is ridiculous. I have received some compensation for my time and headache but I much rather would have had a smooth move. I will not recommend National Van Lines to anyone. All my coworkers and friends have heard all about the nightmare.
- Tina S.

Absolutely AVOID. Read again. AVOID. To sum up, my items were picked up on Oct 21 and it was delivered on November 8 ! I moved to WA on Oct 26 and have been living from the suitcase for the past 2 weeks. These people have no shame and completely denied the phone conversation we had regarding when I wanted my items delivered. Absolutely exhausting to deal with them. My car was picked up by a different company a week after my house items and car was delivered last week. They will wait till the absolutely last delivery date they give you to deliver your stuff. Mind you, this window WAS NEVER discussed with me during all our phone or email conversations, except when we signed the paper during the final move day. Once again, they knew from day one my needs and when I wanted stuff delivered and even a week delay would have been okay, but it's been 2 weeks and they chose to deliver my items to the very last day of the window they gave me. The lady on the phone lied and when she was giving me the updates because the driver called me and told me he picked up my items last week !!! When it was handed over to them on Oct 21 !! They had my address incorrect, had dates incorrect ...just a really shit show when it comes to paperwork but I already know none of this will be acknowledged and thrown back at my face with "well you signed this" and disregard every phone conversation I have had with the company regarding dates. Some of my items were received damaged as well , which I will be filing a claim for, but we know how that's gonna Please avoid working with this company.go based on the other reviews people have written regarding claim.
- Neha K.

My move went very smoothly from start to end, despite some irregularities. I was doing a long-distance move from southern California to Oregon. The National driver was unable to be present on my pick-up day due to a truck breakdown he had to deal with (poor guy!), but the local agent (AQMS) picked up all of my belongings on the scheduled day and stored them until the National driver arrived. This pushed the Oregon delivery out to the very end of the 2-week window, which conflicted with a business trip I had hoped to make. National worked with me to push the delivery another day later so that I could make my trip and be back in time to receive my belongings. During delivery, the large semi truck was unable to reach my property, so a shuttle was needed. The driver and his two helpers shuttled my belongings, in a small personal truck, at no additional charge. This took all day and a lot of extra work on the part of the movers, yet there were no complaints. They were professional and energetic, working hard to get everything delivered. After two weeks living out of a suitcase, I was so grateful to sleep in my own bed! Thank you! I ended up with a few items having minor damage (broken lamp base, broken bike light, gouge out of bookcase, hole poked in coffee table drawer, broken foot on a hat stand) and two boxes missing (but these boxes seem to have been lost before National picked up the shipment, so I am following up with the local agent, AQMS). Overall, I would recommend National for another move.
- Kiri W.

My husband contacted National Van Lines a couple of days ago about scheduling an in-home estimate. He spoke to Aaron who asked what items were being moved and how many boxes. My husband kept asking can someone come view our items to give us a quote. How can you give a quote without taking a look at what is being moved? We called back today, and we were transferred to Aaron. I was on the phone with Aaron today, and I explained who I was and that I had questions. Aaron evaded my questions, and when he finally started to answer my questions. He claimed he would email, but I knew he never would. Why email someone that asks how you determine a quote without an in-home estimate? Who wants a customer that asks about the weight ticket? Do you weigh the whole truck with diesel? Okay, he answers they weigh the cab only. I don't know the weight of my load until the driver delivers with the weight ticket. I asked about pickup and delivery dates. Aaron told me I had to pay $775 to pick a specific pickup date, and pay even more for a specific delivery date. I asked what happens if you don't deliver on the date I paid extra for, and Aaron says lets focus on the positive. This is my hard earned money! If I pay an extra $1,500 for a specific pickup and delivery date the company should refund me that amount if they are late. He states they refund an amount like the cost of hotel, but he could not remember how much. If Aaron can remember $775 extra needs to be paid to lock in a specific pick up date then he should remember if the refund customers. I asked if he could send me the policy in writing. I asked for a quote in writing. I know doing things over the phone is binding and they want to avoid it. Good luck if you use this mover!
- Reina W.

Excellent company. Very happy with the whole process! Very affordable. Team loaded items efficiently and carefully. My items were delivered to my new location out of state a day ahead of schedule. Set up bed frame and bed, put items where requested. No problems. Would definitely recommend!! Thanks!!
- Mauri L.

I was looking for a Mover as I had to change cities. MN to TX was a huge move considering the distance and weather. I did some research and landed with NVL. The staff is highly professional and helped me with each step. All the information I needed was shared with me over email and then explained in detail over the phone. The move was seamlessly executed and I thank Sam Meredith, Mary Pat and Sandy Romcoe for their great customer service. I highly recommend people to go to NVL for their movement related needs.
- Sarang D.

We moved from PA to CA, and overall, we had a good experience. Aaron Bacon was extremely responsive and coordinated with us from the beginning all the way through delivery. Our belongings arrived well within the delivery window provided to us. The cost was reasonable compared to other companies as well. I would recommend, especially if you have a long distance to travel!
- Ashley K.

To Sam Meredith, who was my initial contact with National Van Lines: As you probably know the final delivery has been completed. My brother in Washington told me that the delivery went well and the workers were very good. We would like you and National to know that we were very impressed with the entire process from start to finish. Personally, I can tell you that the professionalism, efficiency, and communication skills displayed by all during the process was top notch. Last but not least, it was YOUR customer service skills, calmness and clarity of the process that reeled me in to choosing National Van Lines. I'm so grateful! Kudos and Thanks to all involved. Sincerely, A very happy customer!
- Zeina E.

National Van lines handled my move with professionalism, courtesy and they handled my belongings with the utmost care. I worked with Aaron Bacon, and he was absolutely the best. I had some unique challenges, but Aaron was always available to help me out and offered so many solutions to my challenges. Great Job, I would highly recommend National Van Lines in the future.
- Marcus M.

Cannot praise this company enough for the smooth process of moving - Especially during the Covid19 pandemic. I had a horrible experience many years ago and was reluctant to use a national mover again. These guys were top notch. If you want to call me to discuss feel free {{seven one four six zero six five seven one seven}}. Thanks National!!!
- Jeannie S.

Best moving service around. From the initial contact to the last box being moved National was on top of everything. The driver and moving crew were amazing.
- Austin G.

We did a cross country move with National Van Lines, and I cannot say enough good things about our experience working with them. To start, their quote was lower than any other company we looked into, however the service was amazing! Our driving team, Nancy and Derek, called a week before our move to coordinate the packing and pickup. They were a pleasure to work with during the packing and loading, and meticulous with tracking every single item and going over the inventory list with us. The best part, though, was that we got a call from our driver just three days after pickup saying that our truck would arrive at the beginning of the next week, just 8 days after they loaded on the east coast! The team was efficient, cheerful, and easy to work with. We would definitely work with them again. I've gotten many questions from friends about how it was to move during the Covid-19 crisis, and all I can say is "surprisingly smooth"!
- G.W.

If I could give less I would. We moved about a month ago, our belongings haven't arrived. The no later by date has passed so they just changed it. No big deal right? My whole family can just sleep on the floor until you find our stuff. We have called multiple times in this month, received different information each time about procedures. One woman saying a 48 hour window, one woman saying we would have a weeks notice, one man said 24 hours notice. But no notice matters because it's not even here yet. We also have to work around a sky rise move in schedule which costs about 200 per missed visit, a cost they said they're not responsible for because they haven't missed the no later than date, because guess what, they get to move the date around.
- Jessica M.

Great job-- friendly, professional. Moved my items as if they were their own. I needed boxes for large pictures, mirrors and TVs I couldn't find. They boxed them up and they made it unscathed. Great job and I highly recommend them.
- Amanda P.

First Yelp review just to ease any fears folks might have about cross-country moves with National: move was seamless and driver was an expert. If you keep your side of the deal, like getting parking permits, your driver will take care of the rest.
- J R.

Michael Hartung, Lori Munizza and Wilfred were outstanding partners in my cross country move ~ Always responsive and assuring. And the movers they arranged were of course professional: incredibly on time and confident in their skills (rightfully so). Most importantly, I felt my home and its contents were so well cared for.
- Jennifer Moran

Our move couldn’t have gone any better! Michael Hartung was great in listening to our needs and helping us navigate through the process, keeping us well informed along the way. He was able to get us from Florida to Denver on the days we needed during Christmas break, which was incredible. Our driver Jason Baker was very detailed in making sure everything got here safely. Jason and his crews were so efficient yet meticulous in loading/unloading our belongings...nothing was lost or broken! Everyone was really great to work with.
- Angela Logan

We were referred to National Van Lines for our household move from TX to FL by their partner company Firefighting's Finest Moving and Storage in Ft. Worth, TX. This was my family's fifth interstate move so I guess you could say we have experience with the entire process! It is a stressful, hectic time; and in our situation we had a lot of unknowns, last minute decisions, a short moving timeline and the December holiday season to work around. In spite of everything, the overall experience of working with Moving Agent Aaron Bacon was truly outstanding. We communicated by phone, text messaging and email. He was quick to respond to questions and provide information in all communication forms. His price quote worked well with our relocation budget; we were able to pay by credit card; and he arranged partial packing help for us through Firefighting's Finest which was super helpful. In my opinion, it is evident that Aaron enjoys what he does. He was very calm and reassuring in his interactions with me and checked in with me frequently in the process to see how things were going; which I really appreciated. We joked around a lot also; which helped keep my spirits up!! Our moving van driver Willie Sloan was fantastic to work with. He was extremely pleasant, professional and meticulous in the way he handled the loading and unloading. We received our belongings in FL so quickly we almost couldn't believe it!! The loading and unloading teams on both ends were excellent. Thank you, National Van Lines for a wonderful experience!
- Jen Anderhalden

If perfection is unattainable, the experience of working with this company was as close to perfection as it could be! Our representative, Sam Meredith, was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and responsive whenever we needed him. The movers themselves were as close to perfect as perfect can be. William, our main mover was professional, polite, and took any extra step we requested. He even offered the extra step. During a normally stressful time, Sam and William did everything they could to alleviate any stress, within their power. Side note, we have a very difficult couch. It's big, wide, bulky, and we went from apartment to apartment with thin hallways. Previous movers/delivery guys complained and threatened to not be able to bring it in. William, in a refreshing change of pace from previous movers, said, "We'll get it, don't worry," and sure enough did it with no complaints. The next time we need a moving company, we're going to specifically request Sam as a rep, and William as a mover. 5 out of 5!
- Francisco Aguila

Bullied, lied to, fleeced. I paid this company over $1,200 to pack 18 med boxes & 6 pictures. Once I signed the moving contract all I heard was "the packers are the boss" The driver is the boss" The "packers" refused to pack garage, closets, attic, outdoor furniture. After 20 min of "we don't pack that " I asked "What Do you pack?" Anything? Then pack that." Less than 40%. Moving day if my Son & local contract labor weren't there the "boss" driver wouldn't have allowed packing. As it was he refused many items. Funny how the estimate of weight was accurate...leaving 40% of my stuff behind.Horrible company. Horrible experience. If you must use them DoNot waste money on packers. Do it yourself or hire your own independent contractor. Refuse to be bullied. I am disabled. I just opened my storage after quarantine. The boxes marked fragile are at the bottom of ceiling high stacks of boxes. Even though there are 2 units available. The "boss" driver took 35 min & 3 people to bump a dock a trainee could manage. He was filthy. During sign off he repeatedly licked his finger to move forms. Not once,not twice but with the entire packet. And he had come off a NY run. Keep looking. You will not be pleased with National & Stans Express Movers of Florida.
- Monica Heeselman

Aaron Bacon was such a pleasure to work with. He answered all my questions (and I had a lot of them) quickly and courteously. I had been worried about the details of moving a thousand miles away, but Aaron looked to all the details, making the move go very smoothly. I would definitely use National Van Lines again.
- Nancy Land

Best experience we have ever had moving! Thank you for making an incredibly stressful move for us seem easy!
- The Millers

Michael Hartung was our representative to schedule the move and he was a great communicator, easy to work with, and responsive. When the move began, Brian O’Malley arrived in Boston right on time and was extremely professional and prepared. His team did a FANTASTIC job and we were so thankful and impressed. Brian delivered our items to our new home in New Jersey and once again - timely and proficient. The entire company did a outstanding job start to finish. They were conscientious of the current pandemic and took care of our belongings. 10 out of 10 would use again and highly recommend.
- Maggie and Dave

Moving across the country during COVID-19 is a challenge for sure. Aaron Bacon and Marvin (our truck driver) and their movers did amazing work in getting us to our new house. Communication was always there to keep us apprised of the status and they were on time. We moved to two separate houses at one time and they pulled it off flawlessly. I definitely recommend and would use them again. Thanks y'all!!!
- Travis Smith

We moved cross-country from Brooklyn to California in May'20. Our rep from National Van Lines, Sam Meredith, did a great job - responsive and helpful. The price was very competitive and all of our items arrived in perfect condition. The movers on both ends were great. Thank you and would definitely use National Van Lines again.
- Aaron Burch

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