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If you truly want a worry-free move, enlist the help of our moving professionals; a full-service national moving partner that will manage every part of your move from start to end. We handle the details, and you focus on what matters. Our movers are drug-tested, background-cleared and fully-trained professionals. MyProMovers employees are consistently evaluated on job performance and re-trained annually. Our movers share in the success of our local moving company, and they are rewarded for the ensured success of your move.

Moving-Me about MyProMovers

When you move with MyProMovers for your residential, commercial or labor only move you’ll have a trained and energetic team of career moving professionals working together to ensure your move is smooth, on-time and within budget. The moving pros know exactly how to pack, load and move items to protect your property and save you money. The employees of the company are career moving professionals with years of experience. They are dedicated to ensuring the success of your move.

MyProMovers Licenses & Certificates

MyProMovers LLC is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 1001869

US D.O.T: 3116640

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is MyProMovers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. MyProMovers LLC is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

MyProMovers Reviews

Ilia and Narruz were very professional, on time, and listened to any concerns I had regarding the move. I would definitely recommend using them if you need to move!!
- Hope Knussman

Ilia and Navruz did an amazing job. They were prompt and professional. Would definitely ask for them next time I move.
- Pat Campana

Paulo and Mustafa were wonderful! They arrived on time, worked hard, were very polite and happy to help in anyway they could. I would highly recommend My ProMovers to anyone looking for movers.
- Peggy Brummond

We had to move an oversized refrigerator across state lines. After contacting TEN different companies without success, MyProMovers came through with a simple, very reasonable flat rate. They confirmed with us several times, the night before and day of, their movers showed up on time, were very quick and efficient. The contract and payment were done on line which made it very easy. Thank you Dan and Tony!!!
- Marina Zacharin

My ProMovers were very professional, and respectful. The crew that moved us were very easy to work with, on time, know how to listen, and again, very respectful showing a great value to the company, and also showing how well they are trained by a company that cares. Will always recommend MyProMovers.
- Beatriz L Rodruguez

This is my second time moving with this company. This time I was just as satisfied! The move took longer than anticipated on a Sunday evening, but the guys did a great job working hard in 95+ degree weather to get me moved in! I will be using them again!
- Brittany

Just got excellent help from Tito and Dinkier with our local move yesterday.I would highly recommend them for anyone needing a moving service.They made our move very easy.Thanks again .
- Alma Jukkala

Not sure why so many positive reviews. The movers cut corners endlessly and gave me an attitude. This was not an enjoyable move by any means. $131 service fee too. Ridiculous. They did it in good time however and were quite efficient.
- J Mehd

I would highly recommend MyProMovers. They made the entire process easy from start to finish. We had a short time frame and it was not an issue for them. I called Dan on Tuesday to make plans and on Thursday, they moved us. Not only was Dan easy to work with, but the actual team that did our move was professional and careful with our furniture. If you're looking for a mover who does a great job and who you can trust, call MyProMovers! Thank you, MPM Team.
- Alecia Farley

I am updating this review to reflect that they did call me to follow up on my experience. They sent out managers to survey the damage that is more that what I paid them to do the move. I won't get into the details of the conversation but they did do the right thing and refund a majority of what I paid them (not all...I did agree to pay for supplies and some labor). I am updating to reflect that I was pleased that they recognized the situation was bad all around and they should compensate us for the experience. I appreciate that they were willing to take responsibility.
- Shalla R.

I needed to move from one building to the one right next to it - so this was a short distance moving. I called MyProMovers, explained what exactly needs to be done and I was told that the move would take 3 to 4 hours to complete. Oh yeah, the guys on the phone informed me that the company would charge on hourly basis, which makes sense. 1) Time: on the move date the guys showed up on time and got to work. 6 (!) hours later I was told that my stuff didn't fit into one truck and they would do two loads which was fine with me as long as I hoped every furniture piece would be moved. I was assured that the longest part was completed and they would finish up unloading in 1.5 hr. However, that didn't include the furniture assembly part! All in all, guys "finished" the work in 10 hrs, they were complaining that management didn't send enough people all the while knowing that one of the movers had worked 8 hrs till 1 am the previous night!! After they left I had to move a large glass TV stand and another wooden stand, glass bookcase, 65'' TV and 45'' TV, small kitchen appliances like coffeemaker/pressure cooker and all glass and silverware by myself cause I had to let them go after 10 hrs of work!! 2) Quality: a) Bedstand with one broken leg, when I brought it up one of the guys showed me his deeply scratched knee and said he fell, so I just let it go. b) wooden dining table top chipped. c) Glass table screws lost - so can't fix the top - can't use with kids around. d) bunk bed's side storage bin leg is broken etc, not to mention misplaced screws from other furniture pieces- they were just hammered in at random spots. 3) Management/ Customer Service - when I called to say that the work took 10 hrs instead of 3-4hr per estimate because the office sent too few men and that was the wrong call of the sales office - not mine, not only the guy one the phone didn't acknowledge their mistakes but wanted to threaten me with calling the police!! *facepalm* But the worst part was when I said that I'd seen how hard the movers were working so I would pay the charge including the tips using my card over the phone, the phone guy agreed to give the tips to crew when they got back to office and a minute later I overheard that he was telling the crew that they wouldn't get the tips!!!
- Az S.

This "team" of movers appeared to have NEVER done this before in their lives. Their lead mover was a college kid from Florida, just in town for a short time and needed work. They had no experience whatsoever. They showed up for a very long day without any water or lunch. We fed them and ended up buying them two cases of water- and they left empty water bottles all around our property. They unloaded the truck and would bring things in and drop them in doorways, at the top of stairs, completely blocking all entrances to bring in more - let alone large furniture, which they decided to bring in last. I seriously went into every room, emptied it, reorganized the best I could, so that they could bring in furniture. They banged up our nearly brand new black stainless refrigerator horribly. We're at a loss with it and will need to order new doors from Samsung to fix it. The house was freshly painted prior to moving in. They banged up every wall in the stairways, halls, and then some. My husband can fix and patch drywall pretty inexpensively, but matching paint is no fun. Here's the most disturbing part of it all. We documented these accidents on the paperwork given to sign in the end while paying for the service. We reached out to Nick DiMoro about these concerns. After a long stressful conversation, he offered to reimburse us $100. He said things like, "we are NOT going to buy you a brand new refrigerator" and "you aren't being receptive of my solution". $100 doesn't pay for a new Samsung fridge door, let alone two doors. He's been completely unprofessional and rude throughout this entire experience. Not the service we paid for. Find someone else. Don't waste your money!!!
- Stephanie M.

We had a 3 bedroom house to move 5 miles. The guys were on time, strong, professional and attentive to what we needed. We have used cheaper companies in the past and been disappointed so we will definitely be using this company again. There was one breakage but not serious and they gave us $100 discount because of it. Accounting at the end of the move was easy, and we tipped appropriately. Would recommend for family homes.
- Philip B.

This was my 1st move where I hired movers & i'm so happy that I went with MyProMovers! I worked with Nick in getting everything set up and he was very informative & responsive. When moving day finally came around, the movers worked extremely quickly in taking my items from my old place & moving them to my new place. With all the movers in the Northern Virginia area, I would highly recommend MyProMovers!
- Hannah C.

Recently hired MyPro Movers for a local move in North Virginia. The movers were OK and were careful with packing/unpacking the items. They tried their best to complete the move quickly, though it was their third move of the day. One issue we had with the movers was the 25 minutes delay in reaching the new place. We understand it will be difficult to find the new place during night time, but could have just asked us for directions instead of trying to locate the apartment themselves. The other issue we had was with the reservation manager. Initially we booked our move for Saturday morning, with two movers. Due to unavoidable reasons, we have to postpone the move to afternoon, the day before the move. The manager offered us to reschedule the move to afternoon with two movers or in the evening with three movers (with third mover free of cost) and we agreed to re-schedule to evening. When the movers arrived late evening, there were only 2 movers and all calls/messages to the manager went unanswered, which was really frustrating. We would have given better rating if they had informed us about the change in the plan earlier.
- Karthik V.

These guys are amazing! Being the procrastinator that I am, I started shopping around for a moving service at the very last minute. Naturally, I was totally stressed out but still confident that I would find a good rate with a mover in November (not a lot of people move in November). Nick gave me a good estimate and was very reassuring at a very stressful time (moving is always stressful). Such great customer service! The two guys, Patrick and Eric, showed up early and were extremely efficient. Both of them had an amazing attitude! They were done with the entire move from start to finish in 45 minutes (doorstep to doorstep). I cannot thank them enough. Grazie mille, Nick, Patrick, and Eric.
- Private U.

Why does the estimate says 4 hours with 3 men and then the final charge is 9 hours with 3 men? I understand that estimate can differ from the actual but more than double? And then they go for a break for 30 minutes and charges us for that saying they took 3 minutes break. Seriously? Boxes broken with stuff falling out and it took them 9 hours for a two bedroom apartment with 3 men. At one point, we had to go with them and bring stuff to make it faster otherwise God knows how loNg they would have taken. And they also damaged my furniture. Then lost some of the screws and took another half hour to find it. Super unorganized and slow. They kept saying we had a long day. Well, then you shouldn't have taken this job to begin with. They were bringing one thing at a time and taking their sweet time to load and unload the truck. Definitely not going back to this movers again. The job quality was definitely not of a professional mover. If you pick up some guy from seven eleven then would do the same quality job and charge you one third the price they did.
- Nursat B.

Really happy with my experience with MyProMovers! I used their packing and moving services for an in-town move within Washington, DC. Dan helped coordinate and sent a group of very hard-working and nice guys, led by Tito, that I was comfortable with having in my home and they knocked it out efficiently. I highly recommend them and would use them in the future without hesitation. Thanks guys!
- Lindsay C.

Pro: the two movers we had arrived on time, were really nice, were working very hard. (Only reason for the one star.) Cons: I really felt taken advantage of by this company. We called, gave them all of our information (2 bedroom, 20 boxes, mini-fridge, etc) and was told we could get it done in four hours with two crew members. It's took them 7.5 hours to complete (granted, 30 minutes were the result of me buying the guys lunch and I had 32 boxes) but still. $300 difference in the estimate, scrapped hardwood floors, and a mini-fridge that didn't even make it to my master bedroom as requested (the Mrs and I had to go to childbirthing class that night and didn't expect the move to last as long and so we had to leave them with instructions). Now granted...estimates are only that, estimates. And every one makes mistakes at times (including the scratches and the mini-fridge being left in the garage). But what's most concerning is when I explained my concern to the company afterwards, it was all made to be my family's fault. Absolutely no accountability or desire to make amends. We have a family member moving in with us from Arlington. There's no way in hell I'd allow her to use a company that clearly doesn't care about their workers (my two guys were struggling) nor their customers. 12/27/19 Update: I think the core of Nick's message confirms the bigger concern of the initial review--there's absolutely no accountability. There are a few points I'd like to clarify since, in the company's "investigation," they felt no need to reach back out to me for clarity on what they perceived to be discrepancies. * The workers worked HARD and I stand by that. The lunch, water, and tip I gave them reflects how hard I believe they were working. However, it should be noted that while I did raise concerns about the length of time and give them a heads up that I would be raising them with the company, I didn't raise concerns about the the scratches or things not being completed (like the mini-fridge) because I had to leave before the move was completed for class. * Did I go into detail regarding all of these issues on the call with Don yesterday? No. Why would I when there's absolutely no accountability taken for a job that has almost doubled? Instead, on that call and in this review, all of the fault was placed solely on my mother for her not accurately giving the estimate of boxes. However, the difference in boxes (12-13) along with the furniture for the two bedrooms being typical (a dresser, a chester drawer, a bed, a tv) and normally sized should not have resulted in 3.5 difference. What I did make clear to Don was that I felt taken advantage of by your company, would never use your service again, and would be writing public reviews. All of that remains true At the end of the day, this is your company and when we use you, we expected more in terms of professionalism, expertise, and care. That's not what we got--especially from you as the owner. You're here to get a dollar and will attempt to squash any customer concerns in the process.
- Alexander P.

I found this moving service via Angie's List. I was nervous because it was my first time using movers, but it was a top-notch experience from start to finish, for an affordable price! They were a little behind in getting to the location, but they called me in advance to let me know, so that didn't bother me at all. In fact, I appreciated them reaching out as it gave me a moment to run a quick errand. I moved items from a storage unit into a condo building, and I had a fair amount of items sort of haphazardly packed (I had family help me move the items into storage and we are 100% not pros). But that didn't seem like a challenge for My Pro Movers. They worked quickly and efficiently to unpack the unit and properly wrap delicate items for transport to my new home. These guys are definitely trained professionals. I saw one of them singlehandedly wrap, and carefully flip over and load my very heavy, solid oak, 6-drawer dresser onto a dolly in one fluid motion! It took three of my family members and a sincere prayer to load it onto a dolly when we moved it to storage. Upon arrival at my new place, the team swiftly unpacked my belongings and were careful not to damage not only my belongings but the condo elevator and hallways! This building cares a great deal about potential damage, so having movers that know how to navigate that was a huge relief. I would *highly* recommend this service and will definitely look them up for future DMV-area moves!
- Veniqua S.

They moved a lot slower than I'm used to. They moved my (already packed) items from a storage unit to a residence, and it took them a little over 4 hours. I've had other companies load boxes, break down furniture, and move it in around 3 hours. They didn't even offer to help put any of the furniture together (which has been standard with other moving companies), so I ended up spending a few extra days putting it all together myself. They were also 45 minutes late and didn't think to call until I reached out to (what I assume was) the owner.
- Nicole W.

I called Dan at MyProMovers to arrange moving our household goods to a storage facility. He gave me a quote over the phone , which was very reasonable. The guys he sent were great! They were on time and worked hard and quickly. I choose MyProMovers and I'm happy I did. They did not disappoint. They showed up on time, were very professional and courteous and worked extremely hard. Would highly recommend.
- Darrel C.

MyProMovers has great customer service! The movers were efficient and friendly! I highly recommend
- Celeste B.

Requested an estimate on a one bedroom condo (700 sq ft). Moving within the SAME condo complex. Gave them a list of all the big furniture pieces and an estimate of boxes. The addresses were given for an accurate estimate. I ended up paying $400 more (not including tip). They will "START at an estimate" and build your move hours. That's how they make money. The manager is super condescending and disrespectful to say the least. If you like the feeling of being at a car dealership or a fitness center during a move, this company maybe the place for you. On the day of the move, the movers didn't mention a word about the move taking longer even after I personally showed them every single item that would need to be moved before signing the contract. When they were ready to unload from the truck, that's when the lead mover said, the estimate might be off. I asked him how off and his answer was "not sure." It went down hill from there. The lead guy would continuously mention why it was taking them so long. He goes on to mention how there was a mistake in the estimate. I explain and try to show him the string of emails that went on before the move. But I guess in the company's mind they DONT CARE. He then tells me to call his boss. I speak to him, and his job was clear. To put the entire blame on the mover and not take a single responsibility for the poor estimate and communication from his movers. I could clearly tell he has done this to people many times. Can't put all the stress into words. They will not work with you. They will talk in circles until you are so tired and fetup with all that has happened. By the way, they damaged my PB dining table and my bed frame. And the only thing the lead guy had to say was "you're trying to get a discount" and how the damage doesn't show on the dining table. The base of the table had chipped with splinters all around and that was all he had to say. He did admit the headboard looked bad. But again no apology. When the move was complete, he mentioned tip and said they were leaving. At that point, I had spoken to the guy that I had initially spoken to about the move. He specifically said I would not have to pay today and he would email me with a better total amount. I specifically asked him several times about how he would handle this and his words were "I will speak to my supervisor and get you a better deal." So I tipped the guys and gave them pizza because it is hard labor after all. BUT, the guy came back and was on the phone with his boss. It was like a car dealership. We went back to square one and they wanted me to pay right away the full amount. Can't tell you how upset I was at that point. The guy wouldn't leave, kept asking for money. The boss was refusing to talk to me when I asked. Thats when the guy mentioned the police. And I thought yes, let's call the police. I would appreciate some mediation and protection from this aweful company. So I said I would personally call the police. The guy started tearing up and interrupted my call. He said how his boss was pushing him to make me pay and he was just doing his job. At that point, I gave up. Life is too short to deal with this sort of nonsense. I was given illservice and I didn't want to deal with it anymore. It was just too much. I even thought about going to court but again life is too valuable for me to deal with more negativity than what I had to deal with today. If I were you, I would either have them come see your place and the place you are moving to. They don't ask lots of questions when they do the estimate. You have to help yourself with this company by not trusting that they will do the right thing by their customers. Customer service is NOT their priority for sure. Wondering how the company got such great reviews. Life deals you sour apples like this one but I hope your move goes a lot better than mine did.
- Jae-Yun Y.

Awesome awesome awesome found them on Angie's list. Responded within seconds. Best estimate in town. Most of all they were right on time. Not a minute later . Def recommend.
- Ginette R.

Thank you to Gabriel and Jose who efficiently moved a very large and heavy armoire from a second floor home to apartment in DC. From quote to day of moving, everyone was responsive and timely. Great experience.
- Chel M.

I was very happy with the scheduling and general professionalism. I scheduled a move in June 2020. They were to arrive at 9:00am with 5 people. They arrived after 2pm with 3 people. They called me 3 times in the morning to adjust the time. I felt a bit worried but was at their mercy. After several hours of work, a few more helpers arrived. They all worked very hard and were very careful with our boxes, furnishings and making sure they were placed in the right location in our new home. After sometime we began to realize that our beds seemed to be wobbling, all three of them! My husband who is handy had to go through and tighten every. single. screw. When he got to my daughter's bed, we realized that the entire headboard was just placed above her bed and not screwed in at all. Not only that the pieces were just GONE! (Our theory is that is was late and someone just tossed them, ugh). I called them and they were very nice, offering to find the pieces and come back and fix it. Wonderful, just what they were supposed to do! But unfortunately after a couple weeks of promises and no shows still no progress. Unfortunately, I do NOT recommend this company despite that they are nice and present themselves professionally I think corners were cut that could have been potentially very dangerous!
- Renee T.

Kevin, Ilia, Navruz were awesome help!! They made moving so easy and they were so nice. They took great care of our belongings and was sure to move everything within the time we requested!! Great value for the cost
- Sapphire W.

I really wanted to like this company. I started off talking directly with the manager, Daniil, when I was doing research to compare moving costs. I provided him with a detailed inventory of my 1400 sq ft condo (listing every piece of furniture and the # of packed boxes). I was told that with 4 movers, 8 hours would be the maximum amount of time I needed (esp since I have a designated parking spot 200 feet away from the 3 steps leading into the condo). He also prided his company on not having hidden fees. LIES. -The move took 12 hours with 4 movers (despite arriving to a condo that was fully packed except for a few items we previously discussed that needed special care- two chandeliers, a grandfather clock, and china cabinet). NOTE: I actually only had 3 movers for 1 one of those hours since they arrived without bubble wrap and one mover left to run to home depot. AND, this was despite having a phone call and follow-up email with Daniil about my concerns with how slow they were moving (i.e. 3 movers wrapping a mattress and 1 mover taking one tiny item to the truck at a time etc). . -I was charged hidden fees (for all the tape they used to wrap my furniture in moving blankets plus the use of bubble wrap/shrink wrap for delicate items) + a $250 unexplained base fee. AND, this was despite having a phone call with Daniil about the use of supplies that he assured me that I did not need to pay for but it was added to my bill -So, this raised the cost to an ADDITIONAL $750 dollars than I was quoted. Are they serious? This is outrageous. -To add insult to injury, two items were damaged (mattress covers ripped and my dress form broken). Now, in the greater scheme of things, this is minor when it comes to the items I care most about (i.e. my china cabinet). -But, of all the issues I faced, the most despicable was the unprofessionalism by one of the movers- Jose. He was dismissive, cynical, argumentative, and just unpleasant. -I emailed Daniil the details of our encounter (as well as the BBB). To summarize my experience here- Jose refused to cover my exposed furniture from the rain so upholstery was wet when he entered my home. When he saw the other movers actually covering my furniture, he decided to follow suit. When I brought to his attention that I could not locate 3 items (a hat box, clock chime, vacuum)- he immediately accused me of not ever having these items. He demanded that I tell him who packed it on the truck and talked over me in Spanish to his father. Fortunately, the other movers remembered seeing these items and located them (and also shared how they believed how out of place Jose was being in his aggressive and unwarranted response). I asked him to leave my home and he pulled out his cell phone and accused me of being racist towards him. (I forgot to mention that he asked me my dog's name- I told him I call him Beau Beau and he shared that this means dumb in Spanish. Why would he say something like this? I explained to one of the other movers who actually had interpersonal skills and stopped to rub my puppy in between trips that his name is Beau but I call him Beau Beau so much that he no longer responds to Beau). -Two of the movers decided to stay 1 hour after they "stopped the clock" to finish reassembling my beds & futon. I had to reassemble my vanity on my own though. I tipped them generously for this (and validating how ridiculous Jose was acting- which was beyond rude and unprofessional). -I talked to one of the evening managers about my experiences and he offered to split the difference between what was quoted and the new price. So, I ended up paying $500 more than quoted (given the additional $30 Daniil offered me earlier in the day when he learned that one of his movers left to procure supplies). The jump in price is also related to the fact that Daniil quoted me a $139 hourly rate and the bill listed it at $169 per hour. -I emailed Daniil my experiences on July 31st and was informed that someone from his team would be in touch. That was 2 weeks ago. How are they still in business? This is unacceptable. -Moving is already stressful. You need to entrust the process to a company that has integrity, values your service, and treats you with respect/dignity. They make false claims and absolve themselves of responsibility by pointing to confounding variables in the estimated time. While there were a few attempts to offer restitution for several missteps, they are not transparent or responsive. -I have pictures of everything I have documented here and my friend who came by has video footage of how slow they were moving but at this point, I don't want anything to do with this company. Spare yourself the trouble and book elsewhere. Update: I emailed Daniil privately 2 weeks ago. No response. I submitted a formal grievance with the BBB- no response. I post on yelp- immediate response. He only cares about the perception of his fraudulent company. Plus, his response is filled with boldface lies.
- Maranda W.

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