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About Mubers Moving

Mubers Moving Corp is a premier moving, packing and storage company. They operate in New York City and was built from the ground up to provide reliability, value, and simplicity. This company does this while boasting the lowest prices in the area. Mubers wake up in the morning with one mission in mind, serve the customer. Do not make a mistake and go with a company that will double your price. Mubers Moving Corp assures you that you will receive nothing but the best with them!

Moving-Me about Mubers Moving

The services Mubers Moving Corp offer local residential, long-distance, and commercial/office relocation. They also specialize in storage and packing, they are very proud of their secure, climate-controlled storage spaces. Mubers Moving Corp is a diligent and hardworking professional team with years of experience in the moving business. They have worked in every aspect of the industry from labor to sales.
Mubers Moving Corp also provides full packing services at an additional cost. This company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Nonetheless, they take in moving individuals and treat them just like family.

Mubers Moving Licenses & Certificates

Mubers Moving Corp is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Mubers Moving Corp is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 972002
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2893157
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Mubers Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Mubers Moving Corp is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Mubers Moving Reviews

Unprofessional, uncommunicative, disorganized and hard to work with. When I first spoke to Mubers they seemed great and I was excited to work with them. The day of the move was a bit hectic, they had trouble with their truck and pushed back the move time, that was fine. They were able to get everything and then get going. That's when everything started to go wrong. When I got my things my book shelf was broken, I had two missing boxes and several things in the boxes I had had been broken. Also one of the men who moved my things in was creepy and made me very uncomfortable (I realize this wasn't their direct employee but another company they contract with). We completed a report that day for the broken book shelf and boxes and I never heard anything. I started to call Mubers almost every day and it was difficult to get in touch with anyone. When I did contact someone, I was told something would be done and then I didn't hear anything. It wasn't until I left a bad review that someone contacted me, saying they would reimburse me $200.00 for the missing boxes (which was no where close to the value of the boxes, but I had no proof of what was in them) if I would remove the poor review; which I did. They also said they would start the claim process for the broken bookshelf. I never received anything from the bookshelf, I did receive the $200.00 and thought that would be the end of it. Several months later I needed a receipt for my move, and I had to call and email almost every day over several weeks to finally get a receipt. Several times I had been told that someone was working on it and nothing happened. Months later I got an email from someone in California, saying she had my boxes, they had been in storage with her boxes from her move. I contacted Mubers, who at first said they wanted the woman who had found my things to mail them to me herself and they would reimburse her. Both she and I felt that this was inappropriate and that Muber's should arrange the pickup and transportation of the boxes. This went on for several weeks, where Mubers said they would take care of it and we did not hear anything until I started emailing and calling every day. They said the parcel company they were working with wasn't reaching out and eventually the woman who had found my things had to take them to the parcel company herself and I had to pay for them. I have sent the receipt into Mubers, and of course had to email and call a few times before I received confirmation that they had received the receipt and I would be getting reimbursed. I have never dealt with such an unprofessional company before. They are uncommunicative, pay people off to make problems go away, and overall a disaster. I will say, that while I was incredibly unsatisfied overall, when I was able to get a hold of someone, Nicole, it seems she tried her best to make things happen. I would never use this company again.
- Joy z.

We used Mubers last year for a move that was terrible. First of all, they didn't stop by during the original two-hour window that they said they would -- were a little bit late, but that's okay. The movers took their time wrapping everything slowly, but when the truck was packed they told us that based on the "cubic footage" in the truck, that the cost would be almost double our original moving estimate, given by Mubers before we solidfied our appointment with them. It literally went from $900-something to over $1800. We threatened to fire them right there, but after a few angry phone calls during an already stressful day, I guess they managed to drop their extra charges. When we got to our new place, the Mubers movers actually showed up about an hour after we did. Must have stopped somewhere else on the way. Then, while moving in our things, they broke a bookshelf and an expensive framed poster we had. So much for all that time spent wrapping things. I assume Mubers is the kind of company that doesn't screen well when they hire moving people. My suggestion is to spend a little extra somewhere else and save yourself from some stress (and broken things). Final note: I posted a similar review here last year after the move. The owner called us afterwards and was very apologetic and I felt bad about the review so I removed it. But I'm adding it back now because people deserve to know what they're getting! And to the rep from Mubers who keeps messaging me: no, Xavier, I won't tell you my order number -- but I moved to Connecticut if that helps.
- Marianne D.

I have been meaning to write this review for awhile. I did a cross country move from NYC to Portland, OR. I paid an additional $300 for a full pack. The two packers/movers showed up a full day late. I waited all day for them then they came and said they didn't know it was a pack as well. They promised to show up early the next am. I told them I had a dr. appointment I could not change. They said they would be done in time for me to leave. Well they showed up the next day with no packing materials and not enough boxes. It took them much longer to pack me up so I had to leave with them still there. They left items there were supposed to go on the truck. Someone came the next morning to pick those up. It was a total mess. I had found them on Thumbtack and I was quoted one thing and when they came to deliver they said I owed $600 more than I did. They would not release my items until I had cash in hand. I tried calling multiple times and no one answered. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!
- Melody E.

My friends Ronaldo and Allen were phenomenal. Courteous friendly professional and efficient. First time getting professional help with moving and I'm glad I did. Will use them again when I have to move again. Felt more like fun than a chore. Very pleased with the process.
- Sung Moo C.

Update: despite what they say- This moving company is UNINSURED. I called State Farm today, Friday, May 25th at 10 am Pacific time, and spoke to two representatives who confirmed that Muber's never filed a claim on our behalf for our items damaged in the move. They confirmed that Xavier gave me a fraudulent claim number when he told me a claim had been made. They also confirmed that Muber's has NO policy with State Farm at all. This is a continuation of the pattern of misinformation by Xavier. Do not use this company!! Warning: LONG story of this NIGHTMARE of a company follows, but I really hope I can save someone else the pain from working with this unprofessional company. I am also filing a complaint with the BBB. Our things took OVER A MONTH to arrive from NYC to Seattle. This extreme delay of the arrival of our things was outrageous, as it was over the December holidays and I was 8 months pregnant! Muber's seemed to not care at all of our complaints post move, where a high number of our items were damaged and we have yet to be reimbursed for all the damage. "Binding" estimate was not honored. Previous to our move, I spoke with Xavier of Muber's and did a consultation over the phone where I listed the items and approximate amount of boxes we would be needing moved from NYC to Seattle. He confirmed a BINDING moving estimate of $3650.00 and my husband and I decided to hire Mubers services. In fact, the email with the moving price that we confirmed has the subject line as "Binding Moving Estimate" so we took this at face value. A couple days before our move, we called Muber's to let them know we had more boxes than expected and to adjust accordingly. The rep from Muber's, Nicole, told us that our addition of a few boxes would cause the rate to increase over $1000 what was already agreed upon. This seemed ridiculous to us and we proceeded to go back and forth on how that was possible. When we asked them to explain how they were calculating these additional boxes, they could not explain in any straight manner. We believed they were purposely using a very confusing method so we could not question them. The issue was still not clarified by the time of our move date on Nov 25th. At this point, I was 7 months pregnant. The movers were scheduled to arrive at 9 am and did not come until 3 pm. This completely messed up our scheduled cleaners, and the cleaners and the movers were working alongside each other, which was a huge inconvenience. The cleaner was not able to actually complete the cleaning of our apartment properly for the check out inspection. She actually had to leave before the movers were completed, because they were moving so slowly. At the end of the move, we learned that the moving team had not been informed of our discussions with Xavier and were still asking us to pay the extra $1000 that Nicole had incorrectly added to our "binding quote". So, it was late at night and we were exhausted and still negotiating rates. At one point we were told by the mover that if we didn't want to pay the extra, then he would instruct his team to unload all our things. With no real choice, we finally agreed to pay an extra fee to finally be done. Our belongings took over 1 month to arrive! Our contract stipulated our things would arrive in Seattle about 2-7 days after our move date and no later than 21 days. After a week, I inquired when our things would arrive and was shocked to be told that our belongings had not even left New York yet. But was assured that the truck would be leaving shortly and I would be given an estimated arrival date soon. On Dec 12th, I asked again for an estimate and on Dec 13th, I was told that the estimated arrival date was Christmas, Dec 25th. During this time, we were living in our new house without any furniture or basic kitchen items, and again- I'm 8 months pregnant at this point. Our belongings finally arrived December 28th, over a month after our initial move date on Nov 25th. When we asked Xavier what he could do to reimburse us for the delay and extreme inconvenience, he offered just $250, which was frankly, an insult. When we asked for more and said we would file with the BBB, he told us he would not be bullied and it was "customers like that that hurt companies". Clearly, he had no interest in resolving our issues or addressing a bad customer experience. We have not received any reimbursement for multiple items that were damaged. We submitted our claims for the damages to Xavier on January 9th and were told that we would receive reimbursement from insurance in 30-60 days. We have yet to receive anything from insurance, despite multiple follow ups. Overall, this was the worst move we have ever experienced. We believe this company promises a lot, but doesn't deliver (literally) and does not care at all about the customer.
- Jamie S.

Update: My stuff arrived in DC- 22 days after it was picked up from NY. It was supposed to arrive within a week and the lateness diverted some travel plans, cost me $$$ to alter my plans, took hours of research and phone calls, and was stressful. The place still gets a low grade as they knew when they took my check that they would not be able to provide the service in the quoted time frame.
- Hilda E.

Do not use Mubers Moving, particularly for long distance moves. Mubers moved me from New Jersey to Florida. It has been over a month and I still don't have a bed to sleep on. I made the mistake of falling for Nicole's (sales rep) seemingly great and quick communication in the beginning and the reasonable price quote. All of that changed after the movers picked up my belongings. After pickup, I strongly suspect Nicole started to screen my calls since I was only able to get a response from her through texts. The only time I was able to speak with her on the phone was when I used a different phone number to call. The move cost almost two times what I was quoted, despite mentioning the dimensions of all my belongings when getting the quote. I would have accepted that had I received my belongings on time and undamaged (or at all, in the case of my missing furniture). Mubers drastically underestimated the amount of time for delivery. I had been told 7-10 days for delivery, which was on the longer end for moving estimates I received. I figured that meant this estimate was reasonable and that they would actually deliver within the timeframe. Nicole had not mentioned that this was 7-10 business days, and their contract did not state so either. Despite the already long delivery time estimate, Mubers managed to take even longer, avoiding my inquiry calls regarding when I could expect delivery. Nicole would only text and promised several false dates. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the reason given for the delayed delivery was the truck breaking down (two times for my move per their driver). This seems like something that happens consistently with Mubers. Mubers finally delivered after 3 weeks of picking up my things, with just one mover. I will give it to Larry (the driver/mover) that he was able to handle moving everything inside himself and was professional and courteous. The move, however, would have been a lot faster if they had provided a second person. Perhaps saving on costs and sending one mover is the reason they are greatly behind schedule. I had just one piece of furniture that Mubers disassembled and I needed reassembled - my bed frame. Reassembly was not possible, however, because Mubers lost the 12 steel slats of my platform bed. Again, I was not able to reach Nicole or anyone at Mubers by phone. Nicole had once again chosen to text, citing that she had bad phone signal, and promised to look for my bed frame slats first thing in the morning or send me replacements. Just like trying to get a time estimate for delivery, I had to follow-up in order to get more false promises as to when they will actually look for my missing bed frame. At this point, I have given up. It has been over a week and a half since Mubers delivered and the last I heard a week ago is "we are currently working on finding your slats hopefully [the warehouse] will give me a definite today. Since we already delivered you the timing for 21 days is done if we have the slats in the warehouse I will get them out to you immediately if I do not I have to put a claim in for them which takes 30 to 60 Business days I have to follow protocol." Almost all my metal pieces had some kind of scratch or dent. I will give them credit for wrapping my wood pieces. I'm still waiting on how their claims work out. I'm not holding my breath. Mubers claims to be a full service moving company, responsible for disassembling and reassembling. Yet, they have not accepted any responsibility for not being able to reassemble my one piece of furniture. They don't have the professionalism to answer calls after they have your things and money. For the price you'll end up paying, despite a lower quote, go with a professional moving company. Avoid Mubers!
- Fei J.

Moving is never an easy task but with Mubers moving everything went incredibly wonderful.Nicole was so patient with me and made sure all details were in place Ariel and Justin far exceeded any expectations I had. The were so very professional, took extra special care with everything and made what I thought would be an anxious day into a great experience. I would recommend Miners without any hesitation. Thank you all..your work is very much appreciated
- Rhonda B.

Moved from NYC to Seattle. Mubers overcharged us, delivered unreasonably late and even managed to break painting frames, sideboards and lamps. A year later their insurance still has not compensated us a single dime. Definitely do not recommend them. Check out their rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB)... They have 3 locations and they're all rated F.
- David S.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU USE THIS COMPANY! I used them recently to move from NYC to VA and they were incredibly disorganized and unprofessional. After they picked up my stuff I had to call them multiple times in order to even begin to get a time frame for when they would drop it off. I called at least 5 times and each time they pushed the time frame later and later, even though the original quote said they would drop it off within 5 business days. Several weeks later they showed up at my new house completely unannounced! No call, no email, no text, absolutely no heads up whatsoever. They were very lucky I happened to be home that morning, but it was a very rude awakening to be woken up by the movers pounding on the door. After I let them in they they then told me I had to pay via Venmo. That's right - they DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OR PERSONAL CHECKS - only venmo or cash. It was EXTREMELY SHADY AND UNPROFESSIONAL. They also lost one of my pieces of furniture. I have contacted them a dozen times about a refund and they always give me the run around. The person who can authorize refunds apparently only works for one hour every morning. Again, extremely unprofessional. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
- Alex B.

In setting up the move, the company was responsive. The issues arose during the moving process (late, delayed in delivering, increased price from quote, etc.). Although an issue, it isn't alarming given that it's a moving company and these things occur. The issue is that my furniture came damaged. A majority of the pieces were unusable, had to be replaced or permanently damaged. As requested, I went through the process for the insurance claim. It took a year for them to pay out not even 5% of my moving expenditure without providing me proof of the claim. They have not responded to e-mails, calls and follow up. It took at least an e-mail and call once a month with little to no follow throughout with t he company for me to get $200 which doesn't cover the cost of repairing even one of my items. I found my main point of contact, Nicole, to be curt, dismissive and overall unhelpful. It's unfortunate this was the moving experience and want to allow others to be aware so they can make decision to engage with a company.
- Jessica W.

Dishonest and illegal practices. Do not use this company. After my disastrous experience with Mubers I have discovered that moving prices are actually quite simple. Once a moving company provides you with a binding estimate they are legally not allowed to exceed that price without revising the estimate with your consent. If they feel their estimate is off on the day of the move they have to notify you and provide a new estimate BEFORE loading the truck. If they fail to do that then there is a simple process (arbitration) that they are legally required to use. Mubers Moving more than doubled my estimate, without notifying me. And flat-out refused to provide me with their arbitration information, despite the fact that the are legally required to do so by the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Mubers Movers, and specifically the owner Xavier, does not follow the law, and resorts to fraud, threats and in-action. Below is an exact breakdown of how a $3,037.50 move became an $8,316.00 move (or 173.82% more than the binding estimate). --------------- I was provided a binding estimate for $3,037.50 At no point during the packing process was I notified about an increase in cost. After they packed everything and the truck was loaded they presented a bill of lading (final cost) of $7316.00. Then, the delivery professional in CA called ahead of time to notify the truck wouldn't fit on the street we moved to. So we ended up having to pay him an extra $1000 for shuttle service and because of the stairs to our front door. Final Cost: Binding Estimate: $3,037.50 Bill of Lading: $7,316.00 Plus Delivery Surcharges: $1,000 Total Cost: $8,316.00 Difference between Binding Estimate and Final Cost: $5,278.50 (or 173.82% more than the binding estimate) Dealing with the Problem: A price increase of over 140% was surprising. This was against the FMSCA regulations and significantly higher than what we could afford. We talked to Xavier Estronza, the owner of Mubers Moving Corp. Over our communications he interrupted me a lot, shouted and was generally surprisingly unprofessional. His only solution for reducing the cost was to claim that items were broken on arrival and file a claim with insurance. I felt that this solution involved fraud and told him we didn't think that was acceptable. Additionally, he threatened that if we didn't pay the final amount he wouldn't deliver our belongings - I have since learned this is illegal. If this happens, you can apparently call the police. Again, all registered moving companies are legally required to go to arbitration if it is requested. Since 6/12 we have sent Mubers certified mail, emails and called repeatedly. They say they will send the information, but they have yet to do so. In general they are evasive, saying they will send later that day. Or the following. Or that the owner is out and will contact me back. And when I do get ahold of him he too said he will send the information. This has been going on for weeks. On 6/21/2018 we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (complaint #12925288) in an effort to get the arbitration information. The complaint analyst reached out to Mubers. After several weeks of ignored contact Xavier, told the BBB he would send the arbitration information that week. That was over three weeks ago. We have yet to receive the arbitration information. On 6/29/18 I again contacted Mubers and spoke with Xavier, who was again belligerent and evasive. Saying he would provide "when he gets around to it." He then hung up on me. When I called him back Xavier then flatly told me verbatim "I am dragging my feet on this because there is no time-table for me to provide it and because I do not believe in your empty threats with the FMCSA or Better Business Bureau." He again hung up on me. Complaints have been filed with the FMCSA, the Better Business Bureau and the NY Attorney General's Office. All of which have been ignored. In total this company has knowingly taken advantage of the system and based on recent reviews it doesn't look like I'm the only victim. If Mubers Moving doesn't provide the arbitration information after contact from the BBB, FMCSA and NY Attorney General I'll likely be left with no choice but to sue. Which is horrible and I hate but I feel that they will continue to abuse customers until held accountable. Don't find yourself in this position. Don't use Mubers Moving.
- Daniel Y.

We were very excited to be working with Mubers for our move from Westchester to Buffalo. They were professional, courteous, and helpful throughout the entire sign-up and pick-up process and assured us this was a move they could handle. Once our furniture and boxes were picked up however our rep (Nicole) went MIA. Over the next 8 days there were no updates without us reaching out first. Incorrect dates were provided ranging from 24 hours to 72 hours to a week later for delivery. We were even contacted by the owner Xavier to confirm a delivery date and provided a discount of $200. That date was missed as well when the truck broke down. A location could not provided to us then either. A week and half after everything was picked up, they arrived however with only 1 mover to walk-up 60+ boxes, a bed frame, a dresser, a large cocktail table, and 2 full size couches. Both he and our rep Nicole assured us he could move everything himself. He could not and an angry phone call with Nicole ensued resulting in the mover trying to leave. Based on our agreement, it appears his plan was to claim the furniture could not fit up the stairs and he would leave everything outside on his way back to Brooklyn. Fortunately, we were able to find another mover from a local company to assist. It cost us and the Muber mover $50 each. Eventually everything made its way inside with no damage to our stuff. Based on previous Yelp reviews, it appears Mubers is very hit or miss with long-distance shipping. Would strongly recommend avoiding this company if possible.
- Michael A.

Day of Pickup The movers arrived later than expected and failed to bring the correct tools to disassemble the bed. Larry, smug and condescending the entire time, arrives and states that he is to pick up the mattress only. After checking my invoice, I see that the full bed had been accounted for. Larry then asks if I have a tool box. He looks through the box for the tool, doesn't find it, then says that he will go to the dollar store for the tool. No apology or anything for being unprepared or costing me more time. He is gone for longer than expected, returns and continues to write on a box that I informed him is a part of my move. He forgets the box, and after I contacted the company was given no apology or compensation for the inconvenience. I will also say that Nicole the sales associate was very pleasant on the days leading up to the move. When it came to actually solving problems though, she became less available and less amiable. She informed me my belongings would arrive Tuesday after 3. I reserved the elevator for that day in my apartment complex and arrived home early in anticipation of my belongings arriving. I called the company and was blown off. So I SPENT THE FIRST NIGHT IN MY NEW APARTMENT ON THE FLOOR! Thanks Mubers!!! But believe it or not, this is not the worst part! Delivery Day The movers arrive the next day just before I have to leave. They call you and give you like an hour's notice, so in using the company, make sure you have no job or plans that may cause you to be unable to fit their ambiguous schedule, if there is one. Larry arrives and instantly demands money and access to my restroom, again no gratitude or anything. (He also didn't wash his hands) I will say I was impressed with how fast they moved the belongings. They also put together the bed without request. The men of color who assisted Larry both times were pleasant, genuine, and professional. The gentleman who delivered my stuff to the final destination even wiped down my bed. I was pressed for time so when I returned home later that night, I realized that my television had not made it in my long distance move. Upon calling Larry, he informed me the HE LEFT MY TELEVISION IN FRONT OF THE ELEVATOR IN THE BASEMENT. Oh and wait for it, "everyone was really friendly so you should have no problem finding it." The cavalier disregard for personal error and the value of other people's belongings is astonishing. FTR, the television was from a late Aunt, so it's the sentiment not the item itself that evokes my upset. Someone like Larry who has no respect for people's belongings and what they may mean should not be in this field. I also paid an additional 40 bucks to package a television that I spent a good two hours after my move working to locate. A box of my clothing also arrived severely damaged with clothing handing out of it. My favorite fall dress never made it to my new place. 🙁 it is worth mentioning that all boxes were brand new upon pick up--and weathered down to worn in the Muber's process. So in delineating my experience of the company leaving my box, causing me to sleep on the floor, and being careless with a valuable object, I hope that others will make an informed decision as to whether or not to use this company. I do hope that reading this will send you to another company more deserving of your time and won't leave you and your belongings subject to their carelessness.
- Catherine S.

Customer service person I spoke to was excellent. She gave me an awesome rate, and was super helpful. We book my move from NY to CO. I'm stoked. Week before my move, I haven't heard anything from the movers. I check in, daily... until the day before someone emails me back telling me I'm scheduled for the AM pick up. AM comes, afternoon comes... night comes... dude comes to get my things 14 hours later. He's a nice guy, but he's on his own to get all our stuff? We drive cross country... and wait. And wait. And wait. And call many times and leave messages, and wait. Talk to someone finally tells us, we're on "the schedule." We wait, and wait. I had to call the BBB, and harass the company through social media in order to get our stuff delivered. I was promised a discount and refund on some of our expenses as we paid a hefty 70% up front. Never got that refund. But we did get our things about 2.5 months after we moved. If you can find someone more reputable, or you can live without your stuff and camp out for a few months, go for it. Otherwise.. pass on Mubers.
- EJ V.

After mubers was 15 days late with my move, I was offered a credit. I left a review. I recieved a call after the review requesting that I remove my review. I told them I'd upgrade my rating after receiving the credit. I never received my credit. Don't waste your money. Pay a little moe with OZ moving. They're professional and it's worth the cost.
- Nadine H.

Warning!! Mubers is the worst. They've run off with ALL my belongings and deposit when I moved cross country last September. My heart sank when they started to refuse to answer my emails/calls after a couple weeks of "will update you soon". One of the rare times I was able to get through (was definitely screening my calls) the rep Nicole literally hung up on me. They've avoided my dispute payment request and lawyer by "disappearing". Avoid at all costs.
- Julie C.

worst.experience.ever. I wish I could give it 0 stars. My items were damaged and it took over 4 weeks for everything to get to my new apartment. I never got compensation for my items. They never called back or responded to e-mails.
- Melissa M.

Mubers Moving has closed shop and is now under the name Mars Transportation Services and is continuting to steal property from innocent consumers. They scammed and stole my property as well as damaged property I was fortunate enough to receive, unlike so many who lost EVERYTHING! Nicole and Quincy are still the same players and still lying and stealing from innocent, hard working people. We are working with Law Enforcement to bring criminal charges against these people as well as working on bringing a civil suit.
- Caroline R.

I will give an abridged version of our story and experience with Mubers Moving Corps. After waiting a long time for the truck with our stuff to get from NYC to LA, we finally received our personal belongings, and ... let's just say we did not receive it the way in which it was originally packed. With that being said, we reached out to Xavier letting him know of the situation immediately. Xavier was extremely understanding of our frustration and even more apologetic. He was very communicative via email the entire process and kept things professional. After a couple of days of going back and forth, we were able to get a full refund and Xavier is working on our insurance check as we speak. Recommending the company to a friend is a bit of a stretch, BUT I will say that everyone deserves a second chance. And Xavier was resilient enough and showed me that even his company deserves a second chance. I thank you for your diligence, Xavier.
- Jeremy H.

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