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Provided by business Specialties Moving Brothers LLC has a great reputation! With over 12 years in the moving industry, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence. We’re a small, local company and we care. We serve the Greater Denver Metro area and Boulder areas. You can count on friendly, prompt, and reliable service with Moving Brothers LLC which is the reason we have so many loyal customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

Moving-Me about Moving Brothers

This company appreciates how important moving day is, so they never overbook. They fit the crew and service options to meet your needs. If you’re doing the bulk of the packing–but didn’t get as far as you wanted to, they can step in and take over where you left off. They offer competitive pricing because they are owner-operated.

Moving Brothers Licenses & Certificates

Moving Brothers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2371440

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: HHG-00376

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What is Moving Brothers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Moving Brothers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Moving Brothers Reviews

End-to-end, the experience was seamless. They provided me with an accurate quote the same day, accommodated my schedule and availability, and the movers were polite, considerate, and respectful -- all for a responsible price.
- Travis M.

I contacted many moving companies, and Moving Brothers was very timely and quick to respond which was helpful. They also gave very reasonable pricing with no hidden fees. The confirmed the day prior to our move and showed up right on time. They absolutely hustled to get our furniture moved and the whole thing from start to finish came in at the time that was quoted.
- Jamie O.

I used this company today to move my washer and dryer from the basement of my house to the 2nd story. They were lowest of 3 bids that I received and were able to do it only one day after my request for a price. The movers themselves were two very strong, careful, capable guys. They were amazingly fast and very careful not to hit my walls. I couldn't be happier.
- Stephanie G.

Very good experience! Fast and affordable. The two Lithuanian guys were very personable, quick, and careful. I highly recommend.
- fat j.

Efficient moving experience, the guys were on time, respectful and careful, personable, and aided in reassembling the bigger pieces of furniture. The estimate was reasonable and appropriate for the move size. Based on a previous move I expected removal of the boxes and plastic to be included, which I did not specify in advance, the guys were great with contacting management and we worked it on the fly. Would definitely recommend and use again.
- Andrea H.

I recently used Moving Brothers for a short in town move. They were on time, polite and really hustled. I contracted for the 2.5 hour minimum and they stayed within the time frame. They were careful with items and careful not to bang walls, yet moved with efficiency. They were also available last minute, when another company I called sarcastically said, "Good luck finding someone at this late date." Thank you Moving Brothers for making this knucklehead with his unsolicited advice look like more of a knucklehead.
- Cee B.

I'm not sure if they can accommodate my move requirements--urgent, like today-- but they have been so responsive. I hope it works out, but if not, I recommend them just because of their attentiveness and rapid responses.
- Jan R.

I was looking to schedule them exclusively; unfortunately, as I requested a date for service, they contacted me to tell me that they were booked for that day. I don't have issue with the response, that is an good problem for them to have; however, no attempt to notify me of a potential day / time for availability to try to earn business of a potential customer isn't good business practice. Plus, there is no scheduling tool to determine when they may be available, so the date requested is a "shot in the dark". Glad others had great experiences with them!
- Damon M.

We selected this company based on their reviews and their rates. They must go on here and write their own reviews! I should have listened to my gut when they wouldn't return my calls, ever. I would leave a voice mail and they would respond with an email or text. They never called me back the entire booking process. We reserved our apartment elevators from 8:00 am-11:00 am because we didn't have a lot of furniture and our last movers would have had us out of here easily by 11:00 am. They didn't finish loading and arrive at our new place 2 blocks away until 2:00 pm! At noon we realized that they would never finish so my husband and I grabbed dollies and helped them for an hour! We left them with 5 minutes left of work and headed over to our new place. They didn't show up for over an hour later! We actually drove back to see what the delay was. Still have no idea what they were doing. This is our 7th move so we are not new to this. The last two moves we hired Amazing Moves, and were thrilled with their service. They literally ran after moving each box or item. They assembled the beds and furniture. So this was a stark contrast! We selected this smaller company to save money and give back to our local community. Lesson learned! It took them 8.5 hours to move our 2 bedroom apartment! We didn't even have them move any of our master bedroom furniture because we are selling it. Unbelievable! After we called and complained they ended up reducing our cost by 2 hours. We used that money to tip the workers because they did put in a full day of labor, They were just unacceptably slow. We should have been done half a day sooner! Very frustrating way to start out in a new home. Advice: hire Amazing Moves, do NOT this company!!
- MM M.

These guys are INSANE. And I mean that in the best way possible. They moved our two 1 bedroom apartments at different locations into a house 30 minutes away, in LESS than 3 hours. You better tip these guys well because they were literally sprinting, yes sprinting while loading and unloading. Don't be afraid to book by email, it's the only way the communicate, they'll show up and exceed expectations. Thank you so much guys. TIP THEM WELL!!!
- Adam M.

I've moved several times in the past few years & Moving Brothers is the BEST I've used, & not by a small margin - they were polite, lighting fast, worked hard & the price was nothing short of A-MAZING! Would highly recommend! Don't bother even getting quotes anywhere else, just start here, you will NOT be disappointed!
- Kathie A.

Second move with these guys. Didn't even consider any other company. Always quick response, clean and courteous. Moving out of state soon and I will miss their services. You can't get this great of services just anywhere. Don't hesitate! Hire them! I chose Moving Brothers from the reviews. I was not disappointed at all! The estimate was accurate, they kept the appointment time, very well mannered and even humorous. They moved a tread mill for my roommate - awesome job on that! Also, the day before my moved I injured my back so they helped me pack my car. Not only would I hire them again as movers, I would save up to be able to hire them as packers. Great bunch of guys - highly recommend!
- Francesca B.

Like a dream. Seriously. On time, so professional, so careful. I hadn't used movers before so I had a bunch of what I assumed were kind of dumb questions and they were so kind and friendly with all of them. Their calm energy made me feel at ease on moving day, which no matter what is always a little stressful. A little annoying that they only take cash but like...4.99999999999999 stars.
- Melissa T.

I was so happy to have found these guys for my move. A friend I've known for many years recommended them to me. They were pleasant, professional, and very reasonably priced. I would refer them without hesitation.
- Margaret A.

Best of the best. This is 2nd time moving with Moving Brothers. I feel always they are Good people & Good service. Thanks to John's team in Moving Brothers. 100% Recommendation !
- Kevin K.

I had to drop my review to 3 stars. We realized after getting settled in that one of our bookcases was badly damaged. The movers positioned the damaged side against a wall and we didn't realize until we were getting settled and rearranging furniture. I understand that damages happen but to try to hide it instead of being upfront felt pretty dishonest to me. We used Moving Brothers last week to move items out of storage and a house into a new house. We had a three man crew with a 24 ft truck and a 3 hour minimum for a reasonable price. They were on time and they don't start charging until they arrive and stop charging when they complete the move, unlike other companies that charge you for the time it takes for them to get to your house and the time it takes them to get back to their warehouse. They got everything completed right at the 3 hour minimum time. They were careful with our belongings and didn't damage anything. As other reviews have said, they only take cash and it would be nice if they accepted other forms of payment. I would definitely recommend Moving Brothers and would use them again in the future!
- Sara C.

I don't know why I never hired movers before! I was hesitant at first about hiring people to move my stuff but these movers were superb! They are punctual, professional, friendly, quick and very VERY careful with my belongings. I watched them take their time moving my furniture out of my old place and into my new place very carefully, not only making sure they didn't cause any damage to the place but also to my belongings. I would definitely recommend them. I don't plan on moving in a long time but if I do, I would totally use them again. And might I add, great pricing!! Worth every penny
- A.W. H.

I would recommend or use the Moving Brothers again. They called to inform me when they were en-route to my pick-up location and when they arrived. The two movers were quite efficient and were able to empty the apartment quickly. It was not an easy task since the apartment was on the top floor and had no elevator and a winding staircase. None of my items were damaged from the move and everything was accounted for.
- Hunty C.

I'm happy to add my five-star experience to the other reviews. I hate moving. When a move is unavoidable, I find myself making strong vows that THIS time, darn it, I will be organized. I will be efficient. I will reserve a truck and/or moving team weeks in advance. I will wrap, plan, discard, donate and come out the other side a veritable Martha Stewart of a man, my carefully winnowed possessions sparkling and orderly in my new, spotless home. The reality is me, five days before my move-out deadline, knee deep in detritus, no trucks reserved, little packed, no plan to finish this job, and unsuccessful in guilt-tripping any friends into giving up a gorgeous autumn morning to help my cranky and sullen self lug a granite-trimmed sleeper sofa up a wobbling metal ramp and into a cavernous, exhaust-belching, over-priced moving van (manual transmission only, broken gas gauge and a radio stuck on the all-static channel.) I had reached the knee-deep and no help stage of the process when I finally panicked enough to research moving companies (six days before the end of my lease). Fortunately, I sent a bid request to Moving Brothers. After a quick response that yes, they could fit me in, I glanced over the glowing reviews and booked them at once. . . before returning to the helpless sorting of papers and socks. The team arrived well within the time window. They were punctual, strong, hard-working, friendly, cheerful, careful, meticulous and in general, everything I would like to be when I move house. They quickly figured out the dimensionally-challenging puzzles involved in carrying large furniture through the malevolently-narrow doorways and tight passages of my antique building, then drove 15 miles through heavy traffic, only to unload it all in my new home, which offered the pleasure of two stairways, each with a sharp middle turn. I would have died or gone insane. They just did the job quickly and without damage or complaint. I happily paid their reasonable charges. Thanks, gentlemen, for giving me a vision of a better world, in which moving can be... okay, it's never gonna be fun, but it can, apparently, be competent and quick. I recommend Moving Brothers whole-heartedly and will absolutely call on them again for my next move.
- Steven R.

These two guys were polite, quick, and efficient. I got a $10 discount for paying cash. They were able to disassemble/reassemble my bed and moved all my things in 3 hours. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to all my friends.
- Yelper F.

Just did a move within Denver. We moved from a house and also had to empty a storage unit. The guys were great! They took care of each piece of furniture. No damage (how surprising is that?)! They called the morning of the move like they said they would and they showed up on time. There was no slacking going on whatsoever and they continually asked about where the furniture should go to make sure we were happy. They packed the truck tight so we could get everything in. Very pleased and highly recommended!
- Julie V.

The two guys that moved me did an excellent job. Nothing was broken, nothing was damaged unlike the last time I moved. They were a lot better than the movers I had with another moving company in May of last year. I highly recommend this moving company. Thanks guys and thanks for setting up my bed for me.
- Patricia R.

Recently moved to Denver and needed help bringing heavy furniture and boxes up 2 flights of stairs and these guys knocked it out so fast! Super impressed and grateful they were able to quickly schedule me for the next day. Thanks again for help!
- D B.

So basically the owner/insurance says it isn't their fault that after delivery our brand new leather couch has multiple rips and our 65 inch TV now has a defect/distorted picture in the lower left corner. The TV was boxed and padded prior to them even coming (perfect picture prior to boxing). It is damaged as though it was dropped, but obviously they say they didn't drop it. They are in such a hurry to leave that you don't even have time to truly inspect things and they didn't offer or even suggest that they could unbox the TVs etc.. Maybe if they weren't in such a hurry they would be a little more careful with things..I guess you get what you pay for with them.
- Nicole L.

Use them -- they really are the best deal in town. I got quotes from a bunch of places for my small (1 BR) move from SW Denver/Lakewood to NE Boulder. They moved quickly, while still being careful with my things, and I only ended up paying the low number of the estimate range they gave me. They were nice guys, too. Thanks again! Too bad I forgot to post this about 5 years ago, when I used them for my move. Just found this draft. Moved some time in early April 2015.
- Rachel W.

Had a move scheduled for today at 8am, and they never showed up. They said they called, which they did not, and claimed they couldn't find our address. Now we are stuck in our old home and have to pay a whole extra month's rent. This company doesn't have anyone answering their phones, and doesn't have a voicemail. Their reviews must be fake. STAY AWAY.
- Robert B.

Great move with these guys, we had 2 trucks and 4 guys and they loaded up our house, stopped at a storage unit to load 2 units up on the way to our new place, and got us into our new house all in about 6 hours. They stuck to their quote, which was among the lowest of 4 quotes that I priced, and they were very careful with all furniture and boxes (they even disassembled and reassembled large furniture like beds and dining table). We would definitely use them again!
- Chris S.

Seriously, this company has added so much stress on top of the stress that already comes with moving. What kind of moving company no shows! We are literally screwed because we can't get out of our current place in time now. On top of that there is no communication! No one called me on the phone not once! And when you call them you never get through to anyone. I just got these weird emails that made no sense. Super unprofessional. This place is garbage. Don't use them.
- Audrey L.

Two movers came with a huge fully equipped truck. Eddy and Andrew were amazingly fast and really careful. They secured all items properly. They didn't even use a dolly for the washer in case it damages the stairs and they carried the washer themselves by hand. Overall I am very pleased and suggest their service.
- Mehmet E.

I would recommend or use the Moving Brothers again. They called to inform me when they were en-route to my pick-up location and when they arrived. They arrived with a well equipped truck. The two movers were polite, friendly, efficient and able to empty my apartment quickly. None of my items were damaged from the move and everything was accounted for. And I might add- great, very reasonable pricing!! Definitely worth every penny!
- Carly L.

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