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Choose the award-winning experts at Moving Ahead Services for your next move, and enjoy peace of mind and professional service and support. We are a local and long-distance moving company for your home or business. Start with a free moving quote and experienced planning from day one! Enjoy open, available communication and a variety of resources to make your move an easy transition. Work with our planning team for residential moves, corporate relocation packages, military moving, business office moves and more. View moving services, get your moving quote, shop moving supplies and more to plan your move today!

Moving-Me about Moving Ahead Services

Moving Ahead Services is a locally owned and operated moving company. Their movers have completed extensive screening and training to provide unrivaled industry quality. Moving Ahead Services has the skill, experience, and high customer service standards that you deserve on your move.

Moving Ahead Services Licenses & Certificates

Moving Ahead Services is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 609826

US D.O.T: 1657726

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: PUC: 157491-HG

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What is Moving Ahead Services cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Moving Ahead Services is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Moving Ahead Services Reviews

STAY AWAY! DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS! THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF DAMAGE! My husband and I just moved cross country from *** **** to *******. We were initially thrilled to find Moving Ahead, as they were very pleasant on the phone and quoted us a reasonable price. We did not select to pay additional money for insurance, as we were assured our belongings would be handled with care. Our happiness ended there. To start, only two movers were sent to load the entire 26" truck with our belongings. We asked them to arrive at 10am and they didn't show up until almost noon. Additionally, what was initially estimated to be 4-6 hours of loading took over 10 hours! After about 6 hours of loading, the movers ran out of quilts/furniture pads for our belongings. Rather than going to **** ***** (or another store where they could have rented/purchased more quilts/furniture pads) they proceeded to load the rest of our furniture into the truck unprotected, which we didn't realize at the time. While loading the truck, numerous belongings of ours fell/were dropped out of the back of the truck- including but not limited to a dining room chair and my husband's weights. Our queen bedframe was not handled properly and a portion of the frame at the headboard side made a crack sound and was suddenly floppy. We were told at that time by the movers that we would be compensated for any permanent damage to the frame. When the truck arrived at our new home in ******* we were horrified. One by one, as each piece of furniture was unloaded from the truck we saw our precious belongings with damage everywhere. Our two dining room chairs that we'd paid over $200 each for had gouges and scratches everywhere, the dining room chair ($90) that had fallen from the truck during loading now has shattered/crushed/splintering wicker across the back, our bedframe (over $1000) was floppy at the headboard section and had paint scratched and rubbed off in some places & gouges in others, our headboard ($399) had chunks missing from it, the leather on our sofa chair ($699) was torn, the leather on our ottoman ($197) was scratched and torn, the paint on our entertainment center ($169) was chipped off, our diaper pail ($80) is crushed, and one side of our filing cabinet ($175) has the paint rubbed off. In total they damaged well over $3000 of our furniture. I am heartbroken, horrified, and downright angry. While the mover was still in our home at the end of unloading in *******, and I asked why they hadn't properly wrapped and taken care of our furniture, he told me he didn't know it was expensive furniture. Wait, what?!?! So you're telling me that because you thought my furniture was cheap you thought it was okay to damage it?!?! I immediately contacted the company, completed the claim form, and submitted pictures of the damage, as well as information about the cost of replacement. $650. That is what they offered me for our troubles. This was their response: "Hello *****, We understand your frustration. You declined additional coverage. We have exceeded what we are required to give for reimbursement and that is our best offer. Let me know once you accept and I will submit reimbursement." And this is their resolution?! Awful. Please, I beg you, protect yourselves and stay away from this company. I hope this review helps to stop you from having to go through what we've gone through.
- Erika F

The movers arrived on time, despite the storm that was taking place that day. They were quick and efficient and were very careful not to hit the walls or leave any damage. I had only paid for 2 hours because that was a special. They made sure I stayed within that time restriction. One item was left in the truck by mistake. They quickly returned once I called. Both men were friendly and professional. I would recommend this company to all family and friends. My stressful day went smoothly and you can't put a price on that.
- J.Thompson

What a fantastic company to do business with. While many companies will do what they say they will, Moving Ahead Services exceeds expectations! Dealing with them was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. They were on top of every aspect of my move and were willing to deal with several unexpected and last minute changes that had to be made to the plan. They also make available a wide array of additional products that can make your move easier. They arrived on time and were professional, thorough and careful with the items being moved--this shows a commitment to providing excellent customer service from the CEO to the great guys doing the actual moving. They were really wonderful to deal with and I'd like to recommend them to everyone looking to schedule a move of any kind.
- Nikki M.

Wow! Super job! Careful, fast, efficient and, very professional from the estimate through delivery follow up. Competitively priced. Much better than most. Thanks for a job (on 04/20/18) well done.
- James W.

After securing no less than seven estimates, I chose Moving Ahead Services for my downsizing move into a temporary apartment and storage unit. I based my decision on what I felt to be a more transparent estimate, the sense that the many and varied factors of my two-step move were heard and understood, and the company's reputation. I had many questions regarding best ways to economize on this first solo and non-company paid move. Other companies pressured, brushed off my more specific questions, and/or offered less value. Moving day could not have gone better. The crew was hard-working, kind, careful, and competent. I truly felt they were working for me and was pleasantly surprised to note a couple of the men running, despite the ridiculously humid heat (95 degrees), to help me beat the four hour time window. I recommend Moving Ahead Services without hesitation and hope my shared experience will ease the emotional and financial pressure for someone else approaching a similar life transition. I fully expect to use this company again as soon as I locate my next residence.
- Heather

Their services were clearly unsatisfactory. Cons: 1. Packed many boxes with no cushioning and damaged multiple items 2. Used unusual packing practices like using our own throw blanket to tape over and cushion mirror 3. Damaged several items temporarily-stored in their warehouse 4. Exhibited lack of customer service at times (see below) Pros: 1. Good estimate process 2. Friendly staff 3. Packed kitchen items well 4. Delivered items on time and in courteous manner Most troubling was that they focused more on not exceeding projected truck space than completing our move. We were consistently clear that they were to move ALL items and we could not stay after to attend to anything left behind. When they went to leave, we were exhausted and didn’t notice that they had not removed all items. And, we didn’t think it was our responsibility to check their work since we were consistently clear about them moving all items. The moving team left to add items we paid them to temporarily store at their facility. Then, they would not commit to returning to pick up the remaining items at our house until they knew that they would have space in the truck! We had to delay leaving for our new out-of-state home until they finally committed to return...inexcusably bad customer service. We certainly would not contract for their services again and cannot recommend Moving Ahead Services.
- Jim B.

Robert S**** & Dontae N*** moved my grandfather today into his new senior living apt. They were quick, careful, conscious, and very personable. Thanks for the great job! - ******* **** * ***
- Meghan -

What a great experience! This was my third move, first time using a moving company, and I can't believe the difference in my stress level. Everyone I spoke with at the company was friendly and well informed. Dee S**** and Rob were excellent - friendly, professional, and so fast!! Arrived right on time, gave me a time estimate, and stayed within that timeframe. No items damaged or lost, they even made multiple pre-planned stops for me to distribute items to a storage unit and another family member. Will DEFINITELY use again, highly recommend!!
- Shannon H

I used your company for my move and was very happy with Tony and Louie, they were professional, prompt and took excellent care of my furniture also re removed 2 air conditioning units from windows. Thank you ****** ******* **** ******* *** ******** ** *****
- Rhonda B.

This is by far the BEST moving experience I have ever had! From getting a quote, to setting up a day and time, to identifying what I wanted moved, to experiencing moving day – everything was easier than I expected. Chris Curry and his team arrived on time and ready to go! They didn’t need to be told twice what to do and because of that I got work done too! They were respectful of my belongings and, get this, NOTHING WAS DAMAGED. And they were funny and friendly and fast!
- patricia h.

We hired Moving ahead for a house move two miles from our current house. An awesome crew of four guys, Daniel, Todd, Sully, and Vinny worked diligently to move and protect our belongings in very cold weather. All the young men were very professional , polite, and friendly. They worked hard from the moment they arrived until they finished. In the days leading up to our move I received a few phone calls from Andrew and Adam, at Moving Ahead, to see if I needed any supplies and to confirm all the details. This was appreciated. Our family has had several moves and none were ever this smooth or with a company as respectable as Moving Ahead. Their prices were competitive and they are definitely worth every penny!
- Mimi S.

Pros: - They arrived on time - Items packed by the team leader Scott were well packed, labelled Cons - $2185 of damaged or lost items, still awaiting reimbursement or reply from the company. Many items were damaged due to poor packing. (doesn't include cosmetic damage like scratches to computer case or portable AC) (Update: after posting online reviews I did receive a call from the company owner, and a check for $2185) - I opted for the "Full Replacement Value" and have emails from their long-distance moving coordinator to that effect; however, they attempted to claim that I only had the minimum insurance until I sent copies of emails. - Fragile artwork was literally strapped to the outside of the truck for a cross country move and received water damage from rain as well as damage from poor packing (and, you know, being strapped to the outside of a truck for a 2500 mile move). - Furniture also strapped to outside of truck, also received water damage - Did not receive a household inventory as required - Finally, I just got a notice of fines from the Illinois Tollway for Moving Ahead services blowing through toll booths without paying; the camera recorded the license plate of my car being towed by Moving Ahead so the fines came to me. I used one of the 'big name' moving companies for my move from Portland to Cleveland 8 years ago - I did not have any of the above problems with the big name mover - the only damage on the move out was one handle of a coffee cup came off. This included moving all the same artwork, etc. Knowing that I'd be working with a different local agent in Cleveland for the move back, I figured I'd give a local company a try. They lowballed the initial claim, did not respond to phone calls or emails in a timely fashion (eg "I'll get back to you in a minute" in email translates to some time period greater than a week).
- Thomas C.

For reference, my move was local. Moving from my apt in downtown Cleveland to a townhouse in nearby Lakewood (10 min drive). The move consisted only of my large pieces of furniture. No boxes or other items. I had already packed and taken over everything else. All in all Moving Ahead Services was very professional. The movers arrived on time within the hour window and made a call ahead of time to let me know their ETA. Even with all the difficulty of getting around downtown, they did not have any difficulty maneuvering the truck into the ideal spot for this move. The move took 3 hrs, and for the most part, the movers were quick, efficient, and certainly made an effort. All the necessary equipment was brought for the move. Additionally, the three movers were courteous and friendly. The primary reason for my 2-star review is due to the lack of care given to prevent damage to my furniture. Most of the furniture I own is solid wood and is built like a rock. I do not buy from Ikea and only have a few pieces of furniture made from laminated wood (which I would fully expect to have damaged from any move). It should also be noted that I fully wrapped and prepared most of the furniture in this move in order to prevent damage. Including felt covers, corner protectors, and plastic wrap. However, despite this preparation, damage still occurred despite my own personal efforts. The movers managed to damage two pieces of solid-wood furniture and my LCD TV which I found could have been easily avoided by just a little preparation. I am under the impression that the damage occurred due to two reasons: 1. The movers did not wrap any of the furniture in blankets prior to removal from my apt 2. The movers attempted to move multiple pieces at once instead of one at a time In any prior move I have made, the movers always completely prewrapped each piece of furniture with blankets for protection during the entire process. The movers with this service only covered the furniture once it was on the truck (after the damage had occurred). Additionally, the movers attempted to stack multiple pieces of furniture during removal from the apt, which I believe contributed to the incident where the damage occurred. It was too much furniture for them to handle at once. At one point, one of the movers was tasked with taking out a large desk by himself, with no help or spotters. I am confident that these factors directly led to two pieces of solid wood furniture being damaged to the point that I now require professional repair in order to save the pieces. Even my LCD tv was taken out without any protection. As such, the front facing frame of the television was scratched up. If you decide to hire this company and you care about your furniture, I would highly suggest you confirm that moving blankets be used prior to removal from your home. I would also suggest you request that the movers take the larger pieces out one at a time. I am in the process of filing a claim to gain back some of the cost to fix the pieces which were damaged. I will update this review once the process is completed. UPDATE: Within a few weeks of the move, I submitted a damage claim to Moving Ahead Services. After a little back and forth on the details, we were able to come to an agreement on a suitable payment to cover some of the damage caused. Moving Ahead Services took complete responsibility for the damage to my furniture and was very polite and professional during the claims process. While MAS was professional and easy to work with, the significant time and energy I have had to put into the damage claim and furniture repair process added significant stress on my life, when the move itself had contributed enough already. As such, I have upgraded my review from 2 to 3 stars. I can recommend MAS as a very professional mover, as the other reviews have stated, but I certainly feel as though I had some bad luck with the particular crew which was assigned to my move. The owner has indicated in the comment that this issue has been addressed to the crew to resolve this issue. Its a good sign that a company is both willing to admit fault as well as work to continuously improve its operations.
- Jeff G.

We used them twice - first for our big move to our new home, second to get the things we left behind while we sold the house. The first crew was awesome - really great guys worked hard and moved quickly. They were from the Columbus office. Flash forward to the second move. 2 guys were slow, lazy and always on their phones. I caught one guy going through one of my boxes in the truck. They pretty much dumped everything in the garage despite the labels on the boxes. Not worth 750 bucks....
- Christopher C.

The service was excellent!! It started with the email from Kayla then the phone conversation with Liz to confirm my daughters move. Both Liz and Kayla were kind, professional and very helpful. They gave me a quote that was very reasonable for the 3 large items we were moving from my daughters apartment. We had called other moving companies in the area and they were extremely high for just 3 items(queen bed, dinette set and a sofa). Once, the young men arrived the were very kind and professional by shaking both me and my daughter's hands and introducing themselves to us. The 2 guys were DeeShawn and Scott they arrived 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time, immediately started securing the doors and went upstairs with my daughter to look around the apartment. By the time I parked my car they were already bringing down the dinette chairs. From the time they arrived they were working. It took them 40 minutes to load everything into the truck then they were headed to my house. Once they arrived at my house they immediately started unloading and setting everything up. They completed the move in 1 hour and 40 minutes. I was very impressed with both DeeShawn and Scott they are true assets to the company. I will definitely refer this company to all my friends and family.
- Tammie F.

The crew at Moving Ahead was super professional and showed that they cared about our possessions. Before the move, they delivered boxes in a timely manner. (We just used their wardrobe boxes because you can buy other boxes cheaper at UHaul and Home Depot). We took advantage of having them over the course of 2 days which worked out well for our local move. There were some damaged items, but they recognized the issue and immediately took the 2 items to repair them. Just one suggestion - make sure they put the plastic carpet protector down on any areas that need it before they start on either location. With new construction we have mud everywhere and some got tracked inside the new house on the first day. The second day they put it on and made sure we were good with coverage before starting to unload. (This is why I have 4 stars instead of 5.) I would definitely recommend them for a future move!
- Suzanne H.

My friend was moving from a house to an apartment and requested services from these guys. Their arrival window was 9-10am, and they called right at 8:50am to let us know they would be arriving closer to 9:30am. True to their word, they showed up on time. The two movers were very professional. No eye rolls or attitude when my friend didn't know where she wanted something. We had previously packed most of her stuff, so they only had to wrap the bigger items. Everything came over safe and with no damages. They even set up her washer and dryer connections. To any Akron-ites needing moving help, I would recommend these guys.
- Michelle R.

Don't even think about it. I had them quote on moving a one bedroom apt and a small house with similar furnishings. No refrigerators stoves or laundry the bid was $900. They started ok and had all the apartment furniture packed well in the back of truck by 11:30. Then they took a "lunch break" at 2:30 they showed me a truck with boxes all over the floor but noon were stacked. They said they would unload the truck and then do the house. I knew this was going bad. So we drove to Akron and they slowly and in a poor way unpacked. They asked me where to put the microwave??? Then they said they left all the screws at the apartment?? I went and they weren't there so my furniture table etc aren't assembled and nothing is in the right place. At 6:30 they were done and gave me s bill of $1385. The 7 hours at 120 would have been bad enough but should be $840. But their charge was obscene for Half the job. A man called on Monday to schedule the rest of the job and I told him what had happened and he said he would try to get things rectified. I never heard another word. It's clear to me they take no responsibility for their estimates their people or their work. If I move again I'll use a professional mover.
- Milt B.

Their services were clearly unsatisfactory. Cons: 1. Packed many boxes with no cushioning and damaged multiple items 2. Used unusual packing practices like using our own throw blanket to tape over and cushion mirror 3. Damaged several items temporarily-stored in their warehouse 4. Exhibited lack of customer service at times (see below) Pros: 1. Good estimate process 2. Friendly staff 3. Packed kitchen items well 4. Delivered items on time and in courteous manner Most troubling was that they focused more on not exceeding projected truck space than completing our move. We were consistently clear that they were to move ALL items and we could not stay after to attend to anything left behind. When they went to leave, we were exhausted and didn't notice that they had not removed all items. And, we didn't think it was our responsibility to check their work since we were consistently clear about them moving all items. The moving team left to add items we paid them to temporarily store at their facility. Then, they would not commit to returning to pick up the remaining items at our house until they knew that they would have space in the truck! We had to delay leaving for our new out-of-state home until they finally committed to return...inexcusably bad customer service. We certainly would not contract for their services again and cannot recommend Moving Ahead Services.
- Jim B.

Horrible service. Will never hired them or recommend them again, there are way better services out there for same price.
- Luis T.

At the end of the day my apartment was moved, mostly undamaged, and about 50% over the estimated cost. The process was easy and efficient and I did my best to provide them with all the information needed. I gave an accurate estimate of what was in my apartment, the location's details (how many flights of steps were involved), and I believed I had an accurate estimate. The office staff estimated my move would take 2-4 hours and I tried to do everything to get it closer to the 2 hour mark, but it ended up being 3.75 hours. Before the movers arrived, I had disassembled the bed and ensured everything was packed to make things happen as quickly as possible, however for the first three hours, the team slowly took my stuff downstairs, with upwards of 10 to 15 minutes between trips. Occasionally I would try to see what was taking so long and we could see the guys using their phones while taking their time to walk back up to the apartment. It did not exactly sit well with us watching them take their time and texting while our bill was running up. We were very surprised with the amount of time it took them to get the stuff loaded. Then once we arrived at the new place, the guys had everything unpacked and upstairs in less than an hour. It seems a little crazy to me that it took so long to load the stuff. After a closer inspection after the fact, I found quite a few scraps and chips in the wood that was not there previously. All together it cost me $665 to move my apartment when I was quoted $420. I would recommend looking elsewhere if you need a moving service.
- Adam M.

Best movers I've ever had. They hustled the entire time! They were early, and they were very respectful and careful of my belongings. Highly recommend.
- Jennifer L.

The team from Moving Ahead Services was fantastic! They were easy to communicate with, schedule, and were very communicative the day of my move. The team showed up on time (even a few minutes early I think), and were very professional throughout my move. They came prepared with the necessary supplies and were extremely efficient (yet still mindful of things I'd marked fragile) moving me out of my 2 BR apartment. Once out of my old place, and into my new place, they offered to help me set a few things up and move the heavier items to the place(s) I wanted them. They finished the job within the estimate they provided, and it was easy to pay/tip them when all was said and done. I've had nightmare moving experiences, and the Moving Ahead Services team was a breath of fresh air! Would highly recommend, and will certainly be using them the next time I move. Thanks guys!
- Kara S.

Brandon and Jameson did an excellent job moving me from Cuyahoga Falls to Canton for exactly what was quoted. Wrapped everything very well and nothing was damaged. Also extremely happy with how fast and willing to get the job done quickly, yet correctly. I highly recommend and will be using them again! Thank you
- Matt S.

For reference I moved from a one bedroom apartment on the second floor (that had a service elevator) to a three bedroom, multi-family home on the second floor. The move took a total of 6 hours. I'm not sure if that's reasonable given the size of my apartment or the amount of furniture I have, but I feel like that's quite a long time to move a one bedroom apartment. I noticed that one trip to load the truck took an unusually long time, so I went to check and I saw the movers chatting with a maintenance worker. I'm not sure how long they had been chatting or if the movers took breaks like that throughout the loading of the truck, but I was disappointed. Once the truck was loaded (a total of three hours after they arrived), I was to meet them at my new place. I was told they would stop and grab a bite to eat, but that would be deducted from my total. Once they arrived, there was some trouble getting the truck into the driveway. During the process, the driver managed to bump into the gutter on the side of the house, causing damage (which I will be contacting them about Monday morning). A neighbor was kind enough to move his car so the truck could fit, then they unloaded the truck. I didn't notice any unusually long trips, but it took them a total of three hours to unload the truck. When I received my final bill, there was no mention of a deduction of time for the food they did (or didn't) stop for. I received no confirmation that they stopped on the way or drove straight to the house. All in all, my items are moved. I wish it hadn't taken so long or that there would've been a third person to help. I'm disappointed that it cost so much and took such a long time, especially when I was only quoted for the 2 hour minimum and the movers were quoted 2-4 hours.
- Anna G.

We used them for a local move; we mainly had them help with the big furniture pieces. They were very professional- they called the day prior to confirm the moving details, called again when they were on their way, and showed up on time. They were very understanding of our clutter and half-packed chaos. The movers were very polite and efficient. The final price was close to the quote we received. Overall, we were very happy with our experience with Moving Ahead.
- Ashley B.

FIVE STARS...!!! 100% A+...!!! This was the second time we used Moving Ahead Services. We worked with Damien, Marcus, and Jerome. The guys were punctual, professional, and friendly. They showed up right on time with cheerful attitudes and went right to work. They took especially good care of our belongings, carefully removing everything from the warehouse, we had are things stored in, and placing them into their moving truck. Once they arrived at our new home, they thoughtfully laid down protective mats to protect the frames of our doors and our floors. They offloaded everything from the truck and ensured they knew exactly where we wanted each box, and belonging, to go. They expertly moved our extremely heavy Tempur-Pedic bed, and ensured that things were kept from touching the walls, or scuffing up anything. They worked quickly, and were perfect. I wholeheartedly recommend Moving Ahead Services, and would reach back out to Damien, Marcus, and Jerome next time we move. Outstanding work, gentlemen! Thank you...!!!
- Peter S.

Moving Ahead has become my go-to moving service. I recently used them for the second time and they were just as good as the first. The crew was courteous, professional, and incredibly friendly. It is sometimes hard to trust others with all of your personal belongings, especially during an emotional time like a move, but Moving Ahead was really wonderful. I recommend them whenever I can to others and will definitely be back if I ever need to move again! I've used Moving Ahead for 3 moves and they've done a great job each time. There have been slight damages in each move, but they have taken full responsibility each time and fixed everything. The movers have always been super friendly and their customer service is great. I definitely recommend them 100%!
- Jillian N.

We had an excellent experience with Moving Ahead Services. Anthony and his team were efficient, professional, and accommodating. We had a few unforeseen events occur, and the team was more than willing to work with us. We never felt worried for our belongings because they handled them with such care. They are not the cheapest company, but certainly worth the money. We were very happy with our move with them. 100% would use again, we have recommended them to our friends already.
- Erin C.

Tony and Bryce helped us move out of our third story apartment into our new home and they were FANTASTIC! They took excellent care of our belongings, were super friendly and professional and did a great job. Although we don't plan to move again any time soon we would definitely use Moving Ahead again and highly recommend!
- Renee M.

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