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About Move For Less

Move For Less LLC. is a well-known moving company in Seattle, Bellevue, Federal Way, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and the Greater Puget Sound. We provide professional moving services including residential, commercial, loading and unloading, and storage. Move For Less is constantly trying to improve in order to provide the best quality service at affordable prices. Our goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied with our moving service. We learn from customer feedback, and we are always trying to take our service to the next level. Our service includes moving equipment such as moving blankets, shrink wrap, dollies, hand trucks, and tapes. We provide FREE wardrobe boxes allowing customers to conveniently transport clothes. Our professional movers, with over 10 years of experience, will disassemble and reassemble furniture upon request.

Moving-Me about Move For Less

Move For Less is a family-owned moving business, fully licensed and bonded. Its professional movers pass a background and criminal check. The company provides all the relocation services you need while moving, whether it is a residential or commercial moving, storage or packing services, be sure the movers will do their best to satisfy their customers. And what is just as important, the movers also offer seasonal discounts on a regular basis.

Move For Less Licenses & Certificates

Move For Less LLC is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2910237

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: THG-067981

Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is Move For Less cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2100. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Move For Less LLC is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Move For Less Reviews

On time hard workers.
- Rodney M.

These guys did a great job. Took great care with furniture and appliances. Would use again.
- Angela B.

John, the owner of this company, is a total scammer. He asked me to pay a deposit of $50 for a moving estimate. I unfortunately did. He also told me that it was fully refundable if I chose not to go with his company. I didn’t trust this company for several reasons and I asked for my deposit to be refunded. He agreed but never followed through and made multiple excuses. He is so greedy for $50, imagine what he would do if you actually paid him $1000’s. He is the first guy I can honestly say was a total scammer and thief on thumbtack. DO NOT use his services. He’s a total thief.
- Girish B.

Excellent moving company! The moving team was timely, Professional, kind and treated our belongings like it was their own. They were great.
- Chelsea S.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I hired them to move fitness equipment. It was a basic and very straightforward job. The guys disassembled the equipment at one location and were to put it back together at the second location. When they arrived at the second location, they literally spent the first HOUR trying to figure out how to assemble the unit that THEY had just taken apart. They either lack the aptitude necessary for this kind of work or they were pretending to be clueless to milk the clock. When they finally said they were done, I had to have them fix multiple things that were done wrong. Unfortunately I didn’t notice a big bolt that was put in the wrong place and just left there exposed! My kids could’ve gotten hurt on that. When I contacted the owner and explained that the bolt they left sticking out was a safety issue, he didn’t even offer an apology. The guys also let equipment slam into the wall making a dent and chipping the paint off of the wall. Lastly, on top of milking the time, they tried to increase the price almost $200 over the price I was quoted. Do yourself a favor and utilize ANY OTHER COMPANY!
- Sheri C.

My expectations were exceeded and the whole process from inquiry, survey to removal couldn't have been more straightforward. It seemed like a nightmare during moving day, but this team made it hassle free, professional and take care everything effortless. They mended furniture, reassembled pieces, helped with rearranging boxes at the delivery end and after the job was completed not only came and took all the boxes away but they also helped me completely rearrange all the boxes in one of the rooms.They were so professional, friendly & very experienced. I would certainly recommend this company. Thanks guys you were all brilliant.
- Robert Klein

This is the most amazing moving company ever! The staff both in the office and in the field are absolute superstars. Very professional, Caring and full of respect. The 3 guys were exceptional at their job. They arrived promptly and worked hard! They were extremely positive, polite, energetic and speedy. All our items were carefully wrapped and packed, including large items. Managed to get things into a 3rd level of a townhouse which i never thought they could....great work ethic and really friendly. Will definitely use your service on my next move and recommend you highly.
- John Baker

I was anxious about the terms and conditions, but the staff in the office provided appropriate explanations. The team arrived on time and they started the packing, all the fragile items were packed in bubble wrap and something very special so the items did not get damaged. Movers people were terrific as they talked me through the whole move, explaining all in details. Overall were satisfied by the Move for Less service that they provided. Thanks guys for making our move stress free, will surely recommend you lot to our friends and families.
- Brian Stanley

My moving experience was the best. I literally did not lift a finger. They were right on time and did everything so careful. They took the approach of better safe than sorry with some of our more delicate and valuable items, which was very much appreciated. They were respectful, professional and make the whole process enjoyable. They took great care of our stuff - including a large TV and some tricky glass pieces. Highly recommend for any of your moving/storage needs!
- Claire Phelps

Move For Less movers has helped me move on several occasions and every time , from booking to move day, was responsive and easy to deal with. They showed up early, they were fast and handled all of my possessions with care. They expertly packed my move it container, I was afraid I had too much stuff but nope. They found a way to pack everything in there. They were just so incredibly professional, quick and careful. Highly recommend them!
- Philip Douchete

Incredibly professional, efficient; moved during COVID-19 and they were hygienic and respectful of social distancing. The movers arrived at the earlier, they came prepared and ready to start packing our belongings. They took a lot of care in wrapping up my furniture to make sure nothing was damaged en route. Everything went smoothly. Every item was carefully placed and intact. Would definitely work with them again in the future and would recommend to others!
- Nathan Brody

I chose Move For Less after getting a recommendation from a friend who used them for a long distance move and I am so glad I went with them. The guys are really prompt, they offered us a great quote and schedule our move really fast. They mentioned every step of the move, what we will have to do, what they will do. The fact that the guys are so well prepared made everything much simpler and easy. They had duct tape, bubble wrap, boxes, blankets...everything!!! The team was very courteous and wrapped all the furniture with covers and tape, treating every thing with care. My cherished curio cabinet is very precious to me and it was delivered to my new apartment in one piece and no broken glass, even though it was only 2 miles to destination. Thank you team for the amazing moving experience.
- Mary Santiago

We experience a wonderful service from start to finish and excellent value of money! The office staff and the movers communicated effectively throughout the entire process.The crew showed up on time, and they were friendly, professional, nice and accommodating despite of my mother controlling attitude. They wrapped all our furniture's of moving blankets, so it will not get a scratched from the truck. They also packed our fragile stuff quickly and carefully so nothing could get damage. I decided packed some of our belongings, so if the movers came they can directly loaded it in the truck but before they loaded it I like that they double check it how I packed if my things are safe packing and nothing will be broken or damage. I really appreciate this team not only for the quality of their services but also their friendly and positive attitude. I strongly recommend Move For Less company.
- Bella Madden

They were recommended to me by a friend and I am so pleased that I hired them. Move For Less service definitely exceeded my expectations. They made sure everything was well taken care of during the move and my furniture was perfectly neat and clean the way I had it before, no dents or scratches. They lifted my heavy furniture with such ease. Everything was so well packed that nothing suffered any kind of damages on the way. Everything went smoother than planned and have recommend this company to many friends and family members.
- Patrick Cerra

We moved a furniture, kitchen and clothing in a one bedroom apartment into a storage unit in four hours. The two man crew arrived on time, packed efficiently and safely and moved the packed material into the storage area without compromising any of the items moved. Really high quality team. Will use again when needed.
- Scott Johnson

My husband and I just moved and had a recommendation from a friend to use Move For Less. The guys arrived on time, worked diligently and took extreme care with our items. At that time I was really worried about moving my delicate items, but the team took care of my concern & packed every item very gently. Pricing was fair enough for the awesome move we had experienced with them. They were also able to deliver it on time and everything went seamless and no damage has been made to our things. Service was really fantastic and we do recommend them to everyone.
- Sarah B.

They came on time and were very professional and efficient. Would definitely recommend.
- Malika S.

Friendly team who moved our items carefully and efficiently for our move within Capitol Hill. They were even extra nice when I misunderstood what storage boxes they'd bring, and went the extra mile to help me find a way to move my clothes and personal items that day. I'd definitely work with them again.
- Nina P.

**update** I would like to update my review. I just got off the phone with Joe, the owner, and he was amazing. Probably the best customer service I have ever experienced. He apologized for my experience, said he talked to his employees (one of them new), and offered me $100 back to make up for that time wasted. He said that feedback is essential, and a learning experience for everyone. I love that he is taking the time to educate his employees, and not just berate them or make excuses for their behavior. Knowing that Joe stands behind his service, and makes an effort to right wrongs, makes me confident in recommending his company in the future. That kind of guarantee is priceless.** This was my first experience with a moving company, and I wish it had gone better. Pros: the guys called and said they could come 2 hours earlier which actually worked for me. They were courteous. The communication with the owner, John, beforehand was great. I had to reschedule the move and he was very accommodating. I had 2 spaces big enough for a 20 ft truck to park. When they came to the apartment, they parked in front of the buildings garage. When I asked them to move, they said it was too inconvenient to turn the truck around and they would move if they needed to. He told me after looking at my apartment that it would take about 3 hours. I was moving from a 2nd floor apartment with an elevator to a garage. Pretty simple. The move started off well enough. They started loading up all the boxes, and putting them on the truck. I thought for sure we would be loaded within 2 hours at the most. After about 40 minutes I noticed the workers were gone. I went downstairs--they were smoking behind the truck. I was a little annoyed, but w/e. As long as they hustle and get my stuff moved in a timely manner. My friend came over to help me load up stuff that i was taking myself about an hour in. At 1.5 hours, I was getting anxious because there had been very little progress in that second 45 minutes. I started moving things out and the mover said "thank you, but that doesn't actually help us." I said ok and stopped moving items and started to clean. It took them 20 minutes to take my mattress down (they for some reason refused to use the elevator), and when I went to check on them after moving a couch (and not seeing them for quite some time), I found them, taking another smoke break right by the truck (where all my items were exposed to the cigarette smoke), sitting on the back of one of my couches. I was clearly irritated, and the guy said "we are just finishing up" (signaling with his cigarette). At this point, I was done with how long it was taking them, and started loading up my elevator and moving things myself with my two friends. At this point, he started apologizing and making excuses for the elevator and how they didn't realize it wouldn't take as much time. It took more time because they were being inefficient. There is a minimum of 3 hours for all jobs, so I think they thought "oh easy we can do this, so we can be slow and take breaks." He offered to take out their smoke breaks from my overall charge (which he did not do in the end). We got all my stuff loaded in around 6/6:15, drove 4 miles to he new place, and they unloaded all of my stuff into the garage by 7:15. I asked them to used the couch covers I had provided--they ripped one off and used their own wrapping (which is not adequate for items I was storing for at least a week or two). They didn't use the other ones. They had to take time to move the truck because a tenant had to get in and out of the garage. More time wasted when they could have used the spots provided. I just feel like an hour of my time was used inefficiently with at least 2-3 smoke breaks--around my furniture no less, and moving at glacial pace. My friend who is pregnant, my friend with a knee problem, and I moved more stuff in 45 minutes than they managed to. It's hard to complain in the moment because these guys are handling my items and I didn't want to tick anyone off and run the risk of bad service. But these guys earned an extra hour from just being plain slow and inefficient. I haven't looked at my stuff to see if it's scuffed or broken--from what I could tell, they handled items with care, I won't be able to check until I'm able to unload the items into my house. But, I still give them 2 stars for communication up front, and actually getting things moved.
- Tiffany W.

BEWARE!!! NOT RELIABLE OR TRUSTWORTHY! I went with this company based on Yelp reviews and have a long conversation via Yelp and had a phone conversation to book my move on 09/30. As I emailed John (owner) to confirm my booking, he emails me back saying that they won't be able to move me, as they got another job instead! Think twice if you want to hire this company.... Update: Upon posting this review, business owner sent me an insulting text message, calling me names for posting this message. In his response to my review, he is very nice, and trying to smooth out this situation, but he is not listing facts as we have discussed them in our conversation. John, Based on our conversation, I was happy and was expecting a great moving experience with your crew, but after you inform me that you simply didn't put me on a calendar (because you don't take your business serious enough), because you were at the airport meeting friends, that doesn't help any to your business. And calling your customers names doesn't help it either!
- Pier M.

Update: John called me and apologized for the miscommunication. He explained that they normally do have a 3 hour minimum charge, but agreed that he forgot to mention that to me, so he refunded the 3rd hour. From start to finish, John and his crew were friendly, I trust that the hiccups in our deal were due to an abnormally busy day and I'm happy he contacted me to make sure I was satisfied. Original Post: I moved with the Move for Less guys in Oct. '17. Over all a good experience, and I would consider using their services again- but if I found a cheaper competitor I might consider that instead. Their crew, both in person and on the phone, were friendly and accommodating. They handled my property professionally, and worked quickly. There are two reason why I am giving them 3 stars instead of 5. First is because my initial appointment of 11am ended up being pushed back to 3pm, and then a second time to 7pm. They called me the night before to say one of their crew had a family emergency and that complicated their schedule. Then on moving day they told me that the job in line before me was dishonest about the quantity of property they had to move and that was putting them behind. I was offered a 5% additional discount for the inconvenience, but I'm not sure if I actually received it. Second, when they showed up, I was told there was a 3 hour minimum charge- which was not in the quote I originally received from John via Yelp. Considering I did the work of packing all my belongings and arranging furniture to optimize the moving time, it kind of sucked being charged for 3 hours instead of the 1 hour and 50 minutes it actually took. I am satisfied with their service, and I forgive them for their scheduling conflicts, I believe it was mostly out of their control. I just wish it hadn't cost me more than I had planned for.
- T H.

This is an updated review. 3 stars for the one of the best customer service I have ever had and one star for the move. I moved in August this year with Move For Less, due to some personal reasons, I am moving again after just less than 3 months. I was disassembling my bed earlier today, and I found two of screws were stripped, one of them was completely headless. I was not happy about it when I found this out so I wrote them a bad Yelp review. The next day the owner John called me and asked me what did not work well and what they can improve and fix it for me. At that time it was too late for them to fix my bed so I asked for $100 reimbursement. I understand that it's hard to start a business and it's extremely hard to make sure none of your employees will screw up something. I think the unfortunate accident was caused by one of the new guys in his team and I also saw another bad review based on a relatively new guy. It doesn't make sense to judge a business just based on the one guy. From my conversation with John, I can tell that he really values his business and he is trying really hard to do a good job. One thing I would say is to keep a good communication with the moving company and let them know asap when you find anything unexpected, even they are small things.
- Youying L.

I don't usually like to write reviews but I had to for this one. First off I wouldn't move my stuff with THAT much care as they did very nice to see ppl caring for ur belongings. Second their quick maybe cause I don't have that much stuff but being in apartments and the STAIRS are KILLERS 😉 good job guys. And best of all quick response easy to contact and schedule. John Hope u guys stay busy
- Yevgeniy T.

Completely unreliable and uncommunicative. Do not use this service. I made a reservation for this company to help me move. (I normally move myself, but I'm pregnant and need assistance this time.) They were supposed to show up at 10, so I took the day off from work and reserved the elevator in my condo building. We sent texts and left several voice mail messages to confirm the time the day prior. At 10 on the day they were supposed to show up, we received a text saying they forgot to put us in the books, but they could show up at 2. This is really problematic for someone like me in a large building when I have to make elevator reservations. At 1215, we received another text saying they wouldn't be able to show up at all and wanted to reschedule for the next day. I'm choosing not to reschedule with a company that has proven to be completely unreliable. I do not recommend these guys.
- Meg C.

John's customer service is literally impeccable. From how he managed the Yelp communication to our phone calls, to the bidding etc... He's AMAZINGLY trustworthy and he sincerely has YOUR best interest, above his own, at heart. The Nordstrom philosophy of customer service is alive and well in this moving company.
- Jaime S.

The team arrived 30 minutes into their 2 hour window. They were careful with my property and I was amazed at how they loaded their truck and appeared to have a little room to spare. Upon unloading it, they lost a support wheel to my bed frame. I had to take apart the top part of my king bed headboard and completely take the bedroom door frame out, to fit the headboard in. They politely declined to help, since it meant "damanging" the property, which they would not accept liability for; I understood that. So, while I was doing the dismantling, they were moving other items. That process took over an hour, which cost me, since they charge an hourly rate. Since I hadn't factored that in, my total bill was "slightly" higher than I expected. They only took 1 15 minute break during, what ended up being about 8 hours of work. I appreciated their attention to protecting my stuff and the house I moved into, while still working as efficiently as possible.
- R. Craig H.

Moving out from Merrill Gardens during the Corona Virus was quite a complicated experience, especially since I was very traumatized from being kept prisoner there for six weeks before the move! I moved into Merrill Gardens this past November, as an Independent resident since I couldn't find a regular senior apartment in the location I wanted. It was fine...and I was leading my normal extremely active lifestyle UNTIL the monster Pandemic occurred! Then, all residents of Merrill Gardens were literally "locked down"...unable to leave the building or have any company coming in at any time. I knew I couldn't stand not being able to go out at all, but since I'd been relatively happy at Merrill Gardens before the shutdown, it took me awhile to come to grips with whether I should move out temporarily to a sublet, and wait for the shutdown to be lifted, or find an apartment to move out permanently. I finally decided, since it is unknown how long the lock down will last, I should find an apartment and move out permanently. But that wasn't easy because of the salary requirements of the Seattle rental quagmire. Staying in the neighborhood I wanted was very challenging! Anyway, I FINALLY was lucky enough to find a decent apartment. I could only tour it virtually, but it seemed okay. I'm sorry, I know you only want to know about the services of this moving company!...But I felt I had to add a bit about my history so you'd realize what these two guys, Dan and Robert, had to contend with! An old lady stressed to the max and an Assisted Living Retirement Center manager who was very unhappy about having to have movers come into their facility, and making it clear to them the time frame they had to meet and the other "hazmat" type requirements. Okay, finally to the part you're interested in! This moving company is obviously the very best in Seattle. I've never been impressed with any other moving company I've used! Even the ones recommended by Merrill Gardens as specialists for senior citizens would not even compare to these two employees who were obviously very well trained, they took the utmost care with everything and worked unbelievably fast too. They seemed to shake off the stress that I know they must have been under and were just the very best you could ask for! And Alice, the office manager was very caring and helpful You cannot go wrong with this moving company!
- Donna F.

The young men who came to move us were polite and hardworking, and the moving company was able to schedule a move for me with only 72 hours of notice. We appreciated the effort! Unfortunately, it appears that expertise is a factor in the quality of service provided by a moving company. It took 3 guys 8 hours to pack a 2 bed 2 bath condo, and another 7 or so hours to load the truck (including additional boxes from a 4' x 8' storage space). It was 10pm when the truck arrived at the new house, so they dropped off our bed and came back late the next day. It took an additional 4 hours for them to unload the boxes into three rooms of our house. Again, the guys couldn't have been nicer, but Monday was the very first day for one mover and Tuesday was the very first day for another mover. We move every two years or so and we've had a lot of movers who packed and moved efficiently. Effort is terrific, but knowing what you're doing is a real plus. Worst of all, we couldn't even see how much we were agreeing to pay them. They gave us a tablet to sign that didn't show any details about hours worked or which fees were incurred. Finally, a set of six chairs and at least four wooden tables were damaged when the movers taped them together for easier packing. Packing tape should not be used directly on finished wooden furniture or leather upholstery because the surfaces can be damaged when the tape is removed. A TV stand was broken as well. Overall, the experience was one that many of us have had: sighing because the job isn't going well, paying fees nearly double the estimates, and sucking it up because we have no other choice but to continue.
- Amanda B.

Arrived on time, quick, efficient and helpful. My only critique is that they didn't mention where they placed a key to my wine cooler. Had I not had the specific mover's number, it would've been lost forever. Luckily, he texted me back with the location! I would absolutely use them again should I move back to Seattle.
- Miel B.

I moved out of my house during COVID, and the team at Move For Less helped to get my things into their private storage, even though I wasn't in the country at the time of the move. They finished the job quickly.
- Darren S.

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