Milvus Moving Moving Company

Milvus Moving Moving Company

is a high-flying Boston moving company that delivers four seasons of local and long-distance relocation solutions to residential and commercial customers from coast to coast.

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Quality of service: 5

Punctuality: 4.9

Accuracy of Estimate: 5

Customers’ rating: 5

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Our “Customer First” approach allows us to create an exclusive experience that is tailored specifically for our clientele and their individual needs from conception to completion. With a skilled team of Boston movers who have received only the best training available, we are exceeding all expectations in high-quality performance, in-depth industry knowledge, and on and off-road safety standards. From modest apartments to imposing mansions or home offices to nationwide corporations – as preferred movers in Boston, we will offer you the most affordable pricing along with a variety of packing options, special protection, and elite services. When you place your confidence and your belongings within our hands, we will do everything that we can to earn that trust by providing you with the utmost care and protection for those valued items.

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Milvus would not be the successful Boston moving company that they are if they did not provide every solution possible to meet all of the varying relocation needs of their customers. For that reason, they have established an exceptional system of containment to ensure that you will have a space that you can rely upon in size, cleanliness, security, and climate. In addition, they offer rates that are some of the best compared to other Boston movers with storage services. If you already have a storage facility that you are currently using – that is okay. The Milvus team of Boston movers will be happy to transport your belongings to that space or any other storage location of your choice. Plus, they realize that issues can arise beyond your control with the sensitive timing involved in the departure and arrival scheduling. Therefore, if there is an unexpected delay gaining access to your destination after everything has already been packed and loaded on to the Milvus trucks – they will have overnight truck storage services available. Your belongings will be secure, monitored, and kept within the clean interior of their vehicles until you are ready to resume your relocation.

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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we could not find the company’s licenses. To legitimately operate the company must have an Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number, US Department of Transportation number or Local State License.

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US D.O.T: not provided

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Local State License: not provided

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What is the average Waltham mover service cost?

Milvus Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Waltham moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Milvus Moving Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.
Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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Moving-me is a team of professionals who respect your time and money. Being one of the best moving service selection companies operating all over the USA with reliable moving company reviews, we are doing our best to match a to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation at your needs and budget. Being cost-effective means proposing our clients the opportunity to compare different quotes from all our renowned moving partners. We provide a tight moving community for the best and fastest service for any occasion. We are working hard to obtain recognition and respect from our customers.

Milvus Moving Moving Company Reviews

My brother moved to my apartment in Boston. Everything was decided literally in a day. He was suddenly denied a lease, and part of my apartment was empty. With the same crazy speed, we were looking for a company that can do it urgently. Milvus found time for us. In such a hurry, we trusted and did not expect everything to go perfectly, but it happened. The company approached all stages responsibly. I added them to my list in case of a second move.
- Jacob Kraut

I liked my cooperation with this company. Having not so good previous experience, I was pleasantly surprised with excellent performance. It was a long distance move, and I had to move almost all my belongings. They gave me a big truck to fit everything. The guys also fixed the goods inside with protective belts what I appreciate a lot. As per previous agreement, in two days time, everything was safely delivered to a destination point. Decent and trustful service.
- Colton Carr

I hired this crew for delivering my possessions from one apartment to the other. Both locations were in the same city, but quite far from each other. There were too many large boxes so I asked for four movers. As I had all goods packed in advance, the operator offered me to take the truck for four hours only. The movers coped perfectly within this timeframe. You may work with this company with no hesitations.
- Anthony Bain

I engaged this company in my moving to a new house earlier this month. I ordered not only transit but also packing. And I did not regret it a bit. They approached the packing so professionally that not a single glass was broken. The company sent a team of 4 people to prepare all my goods for relocation. They needed the whole day to get everything ready. And the next morning they delivered the goods to my new location. All things arrived safe and sound.
- Zane Umsted

I was looking for an affordable company to deal with my local moving. And this service offered me exclusive discounted rates in the least popular hours. Actually, I had nothing against moving late in the evening. So we agreed on the date. Besides, the operator offered to book the truck and movers only for a few hours, and it turned out it was just right. This company values its customers a lot. I was very pleased!
- Rebecca Barrett

To be honest, I needed two services at the same time. Firstly, I needed to transport a large refrigerator to a country house, and secondly, take an old chest of drawers for recycling. The operator suggested doing this with one truck, with the items in the truck correctly positioned, this is a very practical way. The movers did just that. In the end, I paid a little less than calling two teams. I am very grateful for the flexible solution.
- Jeremy Vogel

My rent suddenly ended and I couldn't find an apartment quickly. Therefore, I turned to the company with a request to hand over my things for storage while I find a new one. Within a week I rented a new apartment and ordered the delivery of my things to a new address. All things arrived safe and sound, and nothing was lost. It's very cool when there is such a service in the city that can help out at any moment.
- Charlie Nichols

I struggled to find a company with a big truck enough for my relocation. And this service could solve my problem very efficiently. We were moving to a different house but wanted to take most of the furniture with us. So the idea was to find one bigger truck and avoid several goes. It was taken into account, and the company sent us a spacious truck as we wanted. All fit perfectly and relocation was completed within a day. THANX!
- Elizabeth Ramírez

During the move, I was worried about only two things - a glass author's table and a large mirror. They are very dear to me, so I didn't want these things to be damaged. The guys listened to my excitement and reacted quite responsibly to packing and loading things. The whole process took just over four hours. None of the items were damaged. I can recommend the company as a responsible service.
- Ron Noble

Having bad moving experience, I was choosing the company very scrupulously this time. I asked for a clean truck as I was moving a lot of light color soft furniture. My demands were fully met. The truck arrived very clean and the bottom of it was covered. The guys treated my belonging with extra care. They even brought some protective covers to use during transportation. All passed smoothly and my furniture arrived safely and without stains.
- Andreas Jelden

I recently cooperated with this service. They were delivering my belongings to New York. But I had a special requirement – to store my things over the weekend. It was not a problem for this company. They picked all my goods on Friday evening, and I got them in New York on Monday. This extra service cost me practically nothing and that was another pleasant benefit.
- Carla Bryant

I changed my job last week and moved to Chicago. My rooms were full of heavy stuff and small items that are incredibly difficult to transport. And when the movers arrived, I had no idea how they would pack it all. But they succeeded without any problems. We finished before the night of the same day. I was surprised by their teamwork and skill. Moreover, they arrived on time and their truck was clean.
- Becky Lewis

Considering that I am a professional athlete, I have a lot of training equipment at home. So, it is heavy, but this service does not care. It was immediately clear that professionals in their field were at work. They loaded everything into their truck in two hours. The truck is clean, and the guys worked in sanitary masks and gloves, observing the rules of the pandemic. I shake hands with the guys, they are great!
- Tim Hanson

Due to the pandemic, I decided to move with my parents to a less crowded place, from city to village. They are engaged in farming and extra hands will be useful to them. I actually thought about it for a long time. After collecting my things, I turned to the Milvus company. And these guys helped me with the move! Professional packaging of all things without problems. I myself once worked as an operator in a transport company and I have experience in this area. And there are no comments to them, everything is done perfectly. 5+ stars!
- Haley Peterson

Our move to a new apartment was urgent and planned from two different points in the city. There were few options, but we chose this company because the guys agreed to take on the preparation. And they did it quickly and efficiently. The guys also disassembled our furniture and installed it back at a new place. All this process was realized within one day. It allowed us to spend the night in a new apartment on the same day.
- Troy Charbonneau

My son Richy is musician and his band bought an apartment to live there all together. So, he decided to move there. He had a lot of things. Unfortunately, we had not enough place to pack it all in my car, so we called MilvusMoving. The movers packed everything carefully and professionally, the move was flawless. Richy said that he liked the work the movers have done. Deserved 5 stars, good job!
- Bekhi Spika

When I ordered the truck last Tuesday from this service, I was very worried that we would not cope within one day. The guys had still to pack some large items – the cabinets from my bedroom that could not be dismantled. But they arrived very early in the morning to arrange it and completed the packing fast. They had to cover nearly 100 miles, and it was also done quickly. I am very glad they managed it in one day.
- Isaac Miller

I could hardly find a truck to move my piano so I was lucky that this company could provide such a service. They relocated my instrument last Friday. It was very carefully wrapped and packed for safe transit. The whole process took only a few hours and my task was solved. The guys were very careful with the piano, for which I am sincerely grateful!
- Josh Barry

I used the service to pass some goods to my parents in NY last Monday. They moved earlier but left their things to be delivered later. I had everything ready packed so actually needed the delivery only. The operator offered me the same day delivery as they could collect all the boxes early in the morning. The price was discussed in advance and it was kept without any extras. They goods arrived in time thanks to well organized work.
- Kirk Benson

Even if my last week’s move was for short distance within just 50 miles, I wanted everything to be done decently. And Milvus could meet my requirements. There were enough of boxes and bigger size items to relocate. I liked that the guys started working early in the morning and we could complete the biggest part of the work by lunchtime, and transit took less than 2 hours. I want to admit that truck was sanitized inside and movers wore protective masks. This approach is really respectful.
- Chris Thompson

Yesterday's cooperation with this team was superb. I was moving within my neighborhood but I had a lot of glass things and was worried not to get them damaged or broken. But the guys knew how to load everything safely. They even used some protective cushions between fragile things. I have already unpacked everything and did not find a single scratch. Perfect and fast performance!
- Katie Frutiger

I was sending goods to Philadelphia via Milvus. And it was great cooperation without any complications and hidden payments. The operator explained me all the costs and terms when I placed the request to pass 20 boxes from Boston. Last week they picked up the goods on Wednesday, and on Friday they arrived to the addressee. I am very satisfied with this service and price.
- Jake Lamb

A few days ago, I hired this company to collect goods from one place and deliver these to two addresses in the city. I was very worried for the boxes not to be mixed. The movers rechecked all the boxes in my presence and mark them clearly. Besides, they separated them on the truck. Thus, everything was delivered within one day without any confusion and mistakes. Thanks for this professionally-organized service.
- Daniel Hansbury

We needed to move a small sewing workshop to another building. Therefore, we were looking for strong guys and a big truck, because it was necessary to move the sewing machines together with the tables, so as not to waste time on disassembly and assembly. Yes, it cost us a little more, because we had to pay for a large truck, but on the other hand, after unloading, we could immediately continue working and not waste time on assembly and configuration. The movers, for their part, did an excellent job, loading and unloading took place at lightning speed, the equipment was treated extremely carefully. As the owner, I am very glad that we came across this particular company.
- Cody Combs

My sister has been renovating the children's room since her child has already grown up. Since all the children's furniture was in perfect condition and it was just right for my child, I decided to move the furniture to my nursery. I needed a small truck, but for the furniture to fit in the assembled state. This was the solution I was offered at Milvus and I agreed. The guys arrived exactly 9, quickly but carefully loaded the furniture and delivered to the new address. Everything was delivered intact, which makes me extremely happy and ready to recommend this excellent service.
- Risa Sibbitt

I am very satisfied how this company organized my move to Chicago last week. I had prepared almost 30 big boxes, so I needed a spacious truck to accommodate everything. The guys came to re check the volume a day before they sent a truck. They also signed and numbered all the boxes to make it easier to deliver without losses. All passed well, and my possessions arrived without any complaints.
- Shain Goodman

I had only a week to relocate to Boston. It was actually a local move but I had to disassemble a few items, so I need movers for the whole working day. This company could accept my order for the same week. On the agreed day, the guys skillfully sorted out the furniture dismantling and loading by the afternoon. Late in the evening, everything was done. Thanks for staying longer and completing the move on the same day.
- Madi Weisberg

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