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About Merit Moving

At our moving agent’s are trained to have an ear for what our customer’s wants and needs are. You will work with professionals to help customize your long distance move around what works best for you. We specialize in moving in residential, corporate and military long distance moves and our auto transport department has been transporting vehicles for over a decade! We understand moving can be an extremely difficult ordeal and it can create a lot of stress, anxiety and fears for customers when moving your families and personal possessions across the country. It’s important to us at Merit Moving that we make this process as simple and easy as possible as each customer is dealing with other tasks that can come along with moving. It is our goal to set each customer up with the proper expectations and to coordinate everything around specific scheduling to ensure a smooth transition into your new residence.

Moving-Me about Merit Moving

Merit Moving is a fully organized and complete moving company. Their staff and professionally trained agents nationwide are here to help coordinate your move according to specific scheduling that you may need. They are aware you may be focusing on other tasks besides the move so it’s important that they customize each move around their clients needs. Merit Moving’s team has a personalized approach for each customer. There is no bad question when it comes to moving as it’s important you know what to expect during the move. You will surely have a excellent moving experience with Merit Moving.

Merit Moving Licenses & Certificates

Merit Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Merit Moving is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 063588

US D.O.T: 3075428

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Merit Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $5900. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Merit Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Merit Moving Reviews

Merit Moving company had me take video of my home to pack and move my items from my home into storage. Merit Moving company calculated my move to be 1,023 cubic feet, with professional packing. Merit Movers outsourced my move without my understanding or permission, to a 3rd party mover. 3rd party mover arrived today and told me that I was missquoted on my cubic feet by Merit and proceeded to blackmail me into paying them $17,000 or they were LEAVING! I called Merit Moving very upset while the actual movers were here, Merit said they fired the person who booked my move and calculated my cubic feet for shaving off cubic feet to book moves! I told Merit this moving company they outsourced to is trying to blackmail me for $17,000 or they're leaving and not moving me! Merit apologized and said they would cancel the move because they couldn't perform the move anymore for me today and would refund me! I had to move today, 9/8/2019 because I sold my home and had to hire another moving company last minute! Merit is playing more games by not refunding me in full for not providing ANY moving service and royally screwing me!
- Rachael M.

More than a month late delivering my things from ID to CT. Can't get anyone one the phone that gives me honest answers. Tried to get reimbursed for them being so late and I was told to talk to the driver when he gets here. If he ever gets here! Freaking ridiculous!!! I'm so frustrated and at this point the only way I think I'm going to get my things or be able to claim a file with insurance is through my lawyer. Worse experience ever. Not to mention the guy who initially called to setup the move (mind you they contacted me) said I could call him for anything through the whole process. Once my things were picked up he dropped off the face of the planet and I haven't heard back from him in over two months. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!
- Tiffany N.

If I could give zero Stars, I would. I hired them to help me move items from when my mother died. They showed 3 days early, I wasn't ready, and they MADE ME MISS THE FUNERAL. They gave me the "now or never" speech. So I rushed, and they were counting each individual item that was not in a box. By the time they loaded the truck, the price had jumped almost $1,000. I told him to take some things off the truck that were not necessary, they told me it would be a $200 fee. Then at my destination they were 10 days late delivering it. I said I was still dealing with corporate about the overcharge, so I didn't want to pay everything at drop off. They threatened to sell my stuff! Many items were broken. Every single box was broken open and stuff falling out of it. They destroyed very expensive and priceless items. When I try to make a call and complain, they blocked me. This company should be shut down!! I'm taking them to court.
- April M.

Nothing worse than hearing that you openly ROBBED my friends! Shame on you YOUR COMPANY SUCKS! 1 IS GENEROUS.
- Jim B.

If I could give this company 0 stars, I would. Total crooks. They are eager to take your money and then it's radio silence once they have it. I hadn't even signed a contract yet and they took $500 out of my account. I said I want this reversed as I did not sign the contract and even if I did, the contract states you have 48 hours to receive a refund minus 10% "fees incurred." I have emailed their billing department 3 times. Todd stopped responding once I asked him to reverse this. Gabby and Todd are both awful. It is obvious they care about one thing and one thing only - MONEY. Terrible company... complete frauds.
- Carly C.

these people are f....thieves!! they took my $835 deposit and refuse to refund it!! fortunately i am a dj at kllg in wilits ca and everyone in willits now knows they are fucking criminals!!! my attorney is taking these criminals to court! and im suing for punitive damages and all costs. they will be paying a lot more than $835!!!!
- Cheryl A.

This is NOT a moving company, they are a BROKER!! This company is formerly J & J Moore, who is responsible for stealing 1/2 of my belongings!! DO NOT USE THEM!!!
- Donna S.

Do not use this company. Misrepresentation! They don't standby their cancelation policy. Promise a refund but keep your money.
- Tina H.

We moved at the end of March. Over a month has passed, we don't know where our entire house is, and we are still waiting. We are getting ready to call the police, go to small claims court, and then will follow up with federal complaints. Don't even think of calling them. This is a nightmare.
- Conni F.

Merit Moving ROBBED me. These people are criminals. This service is a scam. I received a written estimate of $4028, and once all my belongings were packed inside the moving truck, i was told i had to pay $8968. they had me over a barrel. i called to complain and was told they would review my case and get back to me. two months passed with repeated emails and messages that went unanswered. finally i spoke to a rachel williams (who has NO BUSINESS working in customer service) who antagonistically informed that they were going to do nothing for me. she invited me to take legal action against them, which i fully intend to do. after i launch a thorough social media smear campaign and contact the better business bureau and other consumer advocacy groups. furthermore, i contracted with merit moving to transport my pickup truck across the country. they gave me an estimate of $850. the truck was picked up 1 week later than the window they had given me, and i was charged an additional $300. SAVE YOURSELF. DO NOT USE MERIT MOVING. my experience was a disaster on every level.
- Sara N.

Terrible experience - start to finish. Merit Moving will low-ball their estimate to ensure you do business with them. They do not conduct a site survey to ensure they have a good estimate of items to be moved. They do not have nor apply any professional moving judgement in developing their estimates. I had a 3-bedroom house with a basement. They estimated I needed 100 sq ft of space – WRONG! Because of their low-ball estimate, the company they subcontracted the move to charged me charge me $1,000 during the middle of loading my items. Practically holding my goods hostage because Merit Moving did a lousy job. I would have gone with my initial avenue if Merit Moving didn’t promise the price they did. Merit Moving did not confirm pick up date until the afternoon before. I had to call and email to get that information from them. The subcontracted movers from – American Home Relocation (moving services) were unprofessional and inexperienced. They showed up in a rented Ryder truck. They were at my house from 3pm-1130pm. The Foreman was lazy, complained about being hungry, made awkward conversation, inappropriate jokes, convinced my friends to take him to the gas station, and then sat on my floor and ate for an hour. They struggled to move my bed and my treadmill from the upstairs. They destroyed my treadmill and it is unusable to this day. They did not take 2 pick-up truck loads worth of goods which I had to figure out how to move myself. I had a terrible experience working with their customer service department. I requested to utilized up to 30 days of free storage but they told my spouse that keep your stuff in storage for 30 days regardless of when you need it. They would not schedule delivery when I called. They said, “they would call me when a truck was passing through my way”. 2.5 weeks later, they called me on a Wednesday night at 8pm and said they would deliver my stuff at 10am Thursday. I had to travel from out of state to make that appointment. I told them multiple times, the delivery team had to pass a background check at the military gate. They did not listen. One person was able to get onto Post and it took him over 6 hours to unload my stuff by himself. Per his words, it should have taken 3 hours. The man that unloaded my goods was the only positive highlight of the whole experience. The company does not provide a claims form for damaged goods. I asked for a claims form at delivery and emailed twice requesting it but did not receive it. My treadmill is destroyed and the moving company has not done anything. Weight ticket - Both Merit Moving and American Home Relocations said they could provide me with weight tickets even though my move was based on cubic sq. ft. I asked numerous times to confirm. I did not receive any weight ticket and I DID NOT get reimbursed for my military move because of this. I would have gone with a different company or worked out an arrangement with the man who delivered my goods if the companies would said they would not provide a weight ticket. DO NOT HIRE!
- Laura Porter

Merit Moving... I am trying to cancel the move because of their outrageous price but they are not making this easy. Here is how my story goes. Rep contacted me back in May 2019 and gave me a low estimate which was $4,974. I moved 10 months ago with the same amount of stuff for $4,600. I accepted the price and gave them $2,000 deposit. Mid June, I called to move the date, I went over the inventory again (the first time was a rough estimate), they said now my weight was double but didn't tell me the final price. I was stupid enough to assume, it couldn't be more than $8,000. I signed the electronic form. Next day, $4,000 was pulled out of my bank without my knowledge. I looked at the contract again, total was $11,194!!!!!!. I can totally get rid of everything and buy new of everything at that point. Within 24 hours, I called the company to cancel and the rep said give him 12 hours, he'll see what he can do. I waited and heard nothing from them. I called again the next day, they said your case is under review. I called many times that day, I was told it is being sent to billing to be reviewed and I will hear from them by Friday. Nothing...They make no attempt to contact me in any way. By Monday, after numerous attempts on the phone, Gabby (customer service manager) finally answered. She told me it is still being reviewed. At this point, I feel that I have lost $6,000 because their lack of communication. I reported this problem to Better Business Bureau Monday night and emailed Gabby the next morning. On Tuesday afternoon, I got an email back saying that I will not get any money back because I did not cancel within their cancelation window of 48 hours. What?? The whole company knew who I was that that I wanted to cancel the move and have nothing to do with them anymore, no one was accepting my cancelation. They did not provide me any service and wanted to keep my deposit. This is unfair to consumers, they should not be allow in this business if their goal is to rip people off. I can understand keeping 10% or whatever for their trouble but I can't understand how it is fair to keep $6,000. This group of people are unprofessional and dishonest. Please be aware of their SCAM they are running. They claimed that they are specialized in military moves but they are ripping us off. Stay away from Merit Moving if you want your move to be less of a headache.
- Woralak Bryant

They use unreliable subcontractors they came a day late the original quote was $3400.00 when the movers got there they upped the price to over $9000.00, the whole reason was to save money could of done it myself for $5000.00
- Sonny Gegogeine

Moved my 3 bedroom home from St. Paul down to Houston. The process was simple which is exactly what I paid for. The price was a little more than I wanted to pay at first but at the end of the day it really was worth paying a little extra to insure that my goods were handled properly. Excellent work! Speedy and efficient. Would definitely recommend.
- Joseph Macklin

Moving out of state is even more stressful. From the first phone call, to the actual movers on moving day were all great. They are all hard working dedicated employees who showed up when they said they world and worked with efficiency and professionalism. Outstanding customer service and attention to detail. This company knows what needs to happen for a good move. No hidden surprises and a fair price!
- Elmore Nienow

myself and a friend decided to move from WA state to TN. We looked up moving options, and called Merit Moving for a quote. On 7/12 my roommate in my presence talked to Merit representative, Russell. He was told that we had a 1400 sqft house, outdoor equp, lawn equp, etc. He sent us a quote with them items discussed listed at the bottom of the quote. Unknown to us was that the rep actually quoted this as a 1 bedroom apartment. However nowhere on the quote did it state that this was quoted as such. The quote had an estm volume however someone with no moving experience we had no understanding of what the the cubic feet meant. On 7/18 The contract was signed and $200.00 deposit was taken on that day. I was told to call back on Monday and pay the additional $1700 deposit to reserve our booking /move. When I looked at my bank on Monday 7/22 Merit had already taken out the additional $1700. I wasn't too concerned since I was going to call them to pay the remainder of the deposit. But I did think it was odd that they withdrew it without permission.On 7/31 my roommate called Merit to just double check that everything was booked and ready to pick up. She talked to Todd at Merit who informed her that the original quote was not correct and that the move with addition items (exercise equip) and the size of the house the quote would have to be revised. The new quote would now be 6807.51. At this time we were 1 day before moving. We were hesitant to accept this new amount and as we were moving on a limited budget. We were going to cancel the move at this time, but we were within Merit's 48 hr cancellation policy.Todd told us that he was doing his best to give us the best deal he could and that we would most likely not have any more charges Based on what he said we elected to pay an additional $700 deposit. The movers we supposed to come on 8/1 between 8am-11am and call within 30 mins of arrival. We were told by Merit that we did not need to be onsite and the movers just needed access to our home. On 8/1 we had to turn around and come back the house as it was getting ugly with the GTS movers.My rooommate called Merit and GTS to discuss the situation and was now told that there was 100 items not listed on the quote from 7/31. That we did not pack according to GTS standards, the total volume of space needed was now higher than previously quoted. The new estm for the move would be closer to $16,000.00. This quote was given by Gabby with Merit and only verbally over the phone. We were told that if we wanted, we could have GTS pickup 900 cubit feet of our house for the quoted amount given on 7/31. The new estimated volume was closer to 1400-1600 cuft. So they would pick up half of house, and leave the other half for us to sort out some other way. we cancelled the move and sent GTS away without picking up any of house items. On 8/2 I received an email from Merit Client Care stating that they were under no obligation to refund any funds but that they would refund $350.00 out of the $2604.81 deposits they had already received. I emailed back the same day and that I felt this was unethical business practice, and if we had been told from the beginning what the price would was going to be we would have never booked with them as neither of us have the finances to afford such a high moving cost. I received no response back, On 8/12 I called Merit and talked to Patty in the Client Care dept. According to Patty the $350.00 resolution all Merit would offer and once that was declined by me they would resend the offer and not offer any further compensation. she continued to refer to their cancellation policy and refused to consider the fact that by no fault on our part their quote had changed 3 times. Merit misrepresented their company, pricing, and expectations of "packing". The quote was changed 3 times, the last two times there was a change to the quote it was done by Merit and due to the fact that they had mis-understood, or completely mis-quoted.
- Maranda Teel

Moved from CA to NY. Reassured multiple times before booking that everything would be fine as long as we communicated. Our stuff was quoted $2560 and charged IN FULL instead of the 80/20. Additional unknown charges of $650 were added without explanation upon reaching Hawaii and we were told if we didn’t pay they would put in storage and send us the bill. We were missing 2 boxes and our entertainment stand had a busted leg. All the people we spoke with, and they never call back after they needed ‘to do more investigation.’ Beware, they take advantage of people and your stuff.
- Phillip Mcgriff

I contacted Merritt moving in June of 2019 regarding a move from Connecticut to South Carolina. I gave an inventory of the items to be moved. We had sold our living room set and our dining room set so all that remained was two full bedrooms just a bed from the third a kitchen table and about 60 small to medium boxes. I was quoted a price of $4,139 which I agreed to and gave a deposit of 1760 dollars. The Mover showed up a week later then expected and claimed that we had much more inventory than what I told Merritt moving and that the fee would not be $4139 but would be $15,000 dollars. I refused to pay $15,000 after being quoted a little over four thousand and when I did that they cancelled the contract and are refusing to return my $1,760 deposit. They said they couldn't get their 28-foot van with a lift gate up my driveway and would need a shuttle truck to move things down to their van. I got another company American Van Lines, to do the move. They quoted $4,600 and did the move for that amount. They brought a 28-foot truck with a lift gate and made it up my driveway without a problem. I gave them the same inventory that I gave Merritt when I contacted them. The new moving company had no problem loading it on their truck along with the possessions of two other families who were moving south also. Merritt claimed that our possessions would not even fit on their 28 foot truck, yet the Mover who finally did the move not only fit mine but two other families onto a 28-foot truck. Merritt also represented themselves to be a moving company and they're not, they are brokers They don't Supply trucks, labor or anything else. They contract it out to real moving companies to real Truckers. So they took over $1,700 from me and provided nothing, didn't move a single article and tried to basically extort another $11,000 from us after agreeing to 4139 dollars. They said it's in the contract but I know of no contract that gives one-party the right to basically steal $11,000 from another party to the contract. If you are planning a move avoid Merritt moving like flesh eating bacteria, like the bubonic plague...Get a real mover, not a broker.
- Wayne Stoops

Move was from Sacramento, CA to Tacoma, WA. Merit Movers is a brokerage company based out of Lake Worth, FL. I was completely misinformed about many items related to the move, and other important moving facts were not disclosed. The actual cost was nearly triple from the original estimate. I have filed a formal complaint with the FSMCA. Beware of this company. I felt I was a victim of a classic bait and switch operation.
- Janine Siegel

On July 3rd we entered into an initial quote with Merit for C$4400 based on the size of our place (two-bed and 51 boxes). That was the initial quote we agreed to and signed. First. When we gave them our bank info to deduct the initial deposit of $2360, they had taken down our wrong account info. They ran the payment through twice under the wrong account so naturally, it showed 'insufficiant funds.' After three teleconferences with our bank and theirs, our bank had told them numerous times they had a problem with their bank - not ours. Pressured to move, we paid $125 ro send a money order to them overnight. As soon as they got their initial deposit, the owner who we had been dealing with, Ol Sal Vascon was never to be heard of again. The next call received was two weeks later from a company our of Las Vegas, Nv -Executive Movers who said they were picking up our possessions to move. We told them we were with a company called Merit Moving. The rude woman on the phone said, "Not anymore." Executive Moving cancelled our pick-up three times on the same day as they said they would pick us up. Each cancellation, we had to call our hotels we had planned our trip to move on and each time we were charged the hotel cost because of their cancellations. We called Executive Movers and texted ol Slick Sal from Merit to ask when we would be moved. First they told us 3-5 days out - then 7-10 days, and finally 30 days to move and they were nasty each time we called. Of course every day we would text Slick Sal, he would never rrespond . Finally on the 3rd week, Executive showed up. After everything was loaded on to their truck our cost for the move now went from the initial $4400 to now $6800. They said unlike Merit with the size of the 2-bed home and 51 boxes, they :do things different." What choice did we have to pay - our stuff was already loaded. Then we went on to our new home unknowingly what was about to happen. Executive took our furniture from loading to putting our stuff in their warehouse where it sat for three weeks. meanwhile, we slept on the floor of our new place for 22 days waiing - calling Executive and texting ol sal daily - still nothing. Then finally after 22 days, the movers who would delivered our furniture showed up in our new town. They said "We have a 51 foot truck and we cant move that down your street so we will have to unload your furniture and put it on a u-haul. That was an additional $1300 as well as the movers had their hand out for a tip!. You do the math. We started going through all of our possessions. Cracked flat screen TV;s that the loaders insisted not to use our heavy-duty moving boxes for them - a ton of other broken items and above all - a variety of missing abd actually stolen items. We had enough. We also filed with the Florida and Nevada Attorney general;s office and also contacted CBS,ABC and NBC. which will be running articles soon. Ol Slick Sal come to find out has changed his company name last December to now Merit Moving - they have 16 Florida AG Office complaints as well as works in conjunction with Executive Moving and other companies. DONT DO IT !
- Laurie Retzer

Great service and affordable prices. Staff very friendly and go out of their way to help with all your moving needs!
- Stephanie J.

Don't know how these ppl sleep at night. They literally robbed my 77 year old mother living on a limited income BLIND!! DO NOT use this company. If there was an option to give negative stars that's what I would give them. The communication was horrendous and it was clear that the company botched the original quote and was back peddling their way out of it. Do yourself a favor and move on to a more reputable company if you have a move to execute. These ppl are shysters!!
- Jennifer A.

Beware of this company. I just got off the phone with them and the guy was very rude and wanted to talk over me and not listen to what I was asking him. Very unprofessional! I would be very scared to let them touch my stuff. #Bewarebewarebeware
- Jerry G.

Zero stars this company is a scam DO NOT USE!! Does not have any trucks outsources everything and raises prices right when they get to you I repeat DO NOT USE!!! They damaged everything and will not cover they lied and said they would I also did not receive all my items and got someone else's items fake scam.
- Doug Y.

Beware!!! This company is a total fraudulent operation!! We were quoted $1800.00 to move from IL to VA then when the truck was in transit they asked for another $4000.00. When they arrived they asked for another $1000 for storage fee's on top of that. What ever you do do not use Dan Drumheller (the owner) or his company you will get burnt!
- Ross M.

I would give them a negative review if possible. They continually harassed me as I looked for a moving quote. Then when I told them I had chosen someone else, Ray called me a "bitch". STAY AWAY!!! OBVIOUSLY A SCAM!
- Stacey S.

Absolutely horrible. Gave 1 Star cause I had to give something to post. They're great until you sign the contract. The price doubled when they came to load, they showed up late. And the company they sent to move us (Apollo Moving) got his truck stuck in my yard for 7 hours then took an additional 13 hours to load. Only the driver and one helper. And I paid almost $10,000. Disgusting. Then when you try asking for a credit for the inconvenience you get no where. No one returns calls, no one calls you to follow up on how things went. Our stuff went to storage for a month then when it was delivered the driver was rude and disrespectful. Our stuff was damaged, an 8 foot ladder missing and trying to file a claim for damage and loss is a huge challenge. Never again.
- Beverly S.

This company should stop doing business as a mover. I have nothing against the moving coordinator T. Greene, or Jim. The problem is the person picking up my things. At first they gave me a $ 1,244 quote for a 311 cu ft size of luggage and things. The 311 cu ft was based on the original list that I submitted to them. Now during actual pickup The person hauling my stuffs gave me a different version of quotation. It says on his list that I have 790 cu ft for a total of $ 3950.00 . After we argued he lowered the price to $ 3,500 ( still not close to original of 1, 250 ) i did not sign for his new quote. This person think that because a client is already set to go, a postponement would delay the trip? Cost more money to cancel then its their modus to bloat the price in order for them to earn more money. But I told them to go home because Im getting a new mover. My new mover gave me his estimate to only 320 cu ft. For a total of only less than $2,000. He said no way its gonna be 790 cu ft. An update to this company. The $ 500 something deposit that I made to them was never returned to me. At first they promised to return $140 to me. This is just a warning to anybody who deals with this company. THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. Consumer Affairs Board should check on this company that is in existence. Their defense is that yiu read the contract. Who's got the time to read all those small letters printed on their papers. They took my $500 something when there was no goods delivered or performed. This Merit mover is very HORRIBLE. Shame on these people who work for this company. They don't deserve even a one star.
- Winston L.

Merit was a big help when my brother decided to move. The guys at the office guided us through the process from the beginning. The only thing was the movers were a tad late, but they apologized and did a good job of handling my things.
- Matt M.

they are frauds. beware. Somebody from sales team pressurizes to sign with low price then they increase price at least 4 times. After packing they again increase price and no customer service at all. Beware of them. I am trapped and now need to take legal steps.
- Subhajit B.

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