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About Matheson Transfer Moving

Matheson Transfer Moving has been a leader among moving companies in Pennsylvania since 1940. Matheson has come a long way since we first opened in 1940 and offers a variety of comprehensive moving services and storage solutions. As an agent of North American Van Lines, the largest transfer company in the United States here at Matheson Transfer we have the resources and tools necessary to help you with your moving or storage.

Moving-Me about Matheson Transfer Moving

This moving company provides its customers with the highest quality moving services. Top-rated moving professionals of the company strive to assist their customers and provide the best services. The movers offer a full range of customizable moving and storage solutions for any size move or budget. Unlike other moving companies these offerings include customizable residential and corporate moving services for local or long distance moves.

Matheson Transfer Moving Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 70525

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 38187

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Matheson Transfer Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Matheson Transfer Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Matheson Transfer Moving Reviews

This company stole an iPad from us, damaged countless pieces of furniture, and destroyed our Sleep Number bed. It has been 3 months, and the only thing they've done to rectify the situation was to send someone out who "touched up" some wood furniture with sand paper & wood stain. The owner, Corey, also said he issued us a check for $50 (for breaking our grill), which not surprisingly, has never arrived. The rest, I've been told, "didn't happen in transit". Their response to the missing iPad - "all our workers have been background checked & none of them ever saw it". They grossly underestimated our price by over $2,000, which I had to pay them if I wanted my stuff. They were unprofessional, insulting, rude, and slow, and the packers/unpackers were extremely inefficient. We paid for a full unpack & finally just told them to leave because they were taking so long & I just wanted them out of my house. We chose them because they were lowest in price quotes and the sales associate, Lisa, who came out seemed very nice. Well, she was unreachable once they charged our credit card, and in the end, they charged us $2K more than expected. I wish I had hired Bekins or Mayflower for this move as their estimates were correct. I'm giving them 1 star only because this site won't let me give none.
- Melissa H.

Matheson Movers from Forty Fort, PA absolutely destroyed my expensive home, broke and damaged expensive and irreplaceable furniture, china, collectibles, etc.!! The woman who gave us an estimate,Lisa, saw that we owned an executive home with all high end furniture.She said she would send her "most experienced team" to do this job right. She allotted for 3 days to pack my home and 2 days to load the truck. However, she never sent enough movers to pack my home! First 2 days of packing, the company only sent 2 guys to pack (they were too cheap to send the accurate amount of packers needed)! At end of second day, they weren't even 1/4 done packing my home! So for each day that they were there, I had to be packing with them (which I was paying a significant amount of money for THEM TO DO)!! At the end of day 2, I called the GM, Corey, and said they would never be done packing the rest in one more day! He said "no worries, I give you my word that it will be done in time and I will send a 3rd guy on the final day of packing." On the third day, the movers broke some of my irreplaceable collectible, expensive items! They left on the 3rd day and the home was STILL NO WHERE NEAR BEING PACKED!! On day 1 of loading the truck, they didn't get a dent in it because they had to have men still inside packing!! The second and final day of loading the truck was an absolute disaster!The men came at 8am and by 9:00 pm, they still weren't done because they were still packing! As the day went on, the movers started getting tired and that's when they started breaking high-end furniture and scratching all my hardwood floors throughout the house. They took apart my bed and stood the heavy, expensive headboard straight up and down against the wall not on an angle! We heard a huge bang that literally shook the house. The headboard came smashing straight down!When the movers lifted it up, it had a huge wide crack on the right side at the top and going toward the center that was a foot long. When the mover lifted it up, he quick put his whole hand over it to try and hide it from me! However, I had already seen it! They took it to their "furniture dr." to fix. When it was delivered to where we moved to, it came back with 3 big cracks on the other side! The original crack, they just painted over it and the color was too dark so now it even looked worse. They didn't even bother to fill in the crack just paint over it! I called the company that made the bedroom suite and they said it has been discontinued, so I can't replace the headboard! This bedroom suite cost $10,000, I worked and saved up for several years to buy it! It was my most expensive and loved suite in my entire home! Now it is ruined and can't be replaced! When I called the GM after they broke it, he said "that's what you have insurance for." They then forced another bed through a door way and b/c they were tired, they refused to disassemble it. It put big scratches and ruts into my hardwood floors as I watched them shove it through the doorway! Then destroyed all carpets w/ wet muddy shoes! Every item shipped to my new home was scratched, dented, cracked, or broke! They even left items in the home that night as they all walked around saying how "tired they were and they just wanted to get out of here!" When I called Corey again to say how all my items and home were getting destroyed b/c everyone was so tired, he said "do you want me to send them back the next day?" I said "no that is not possible, just send different movers who aren't exhausted so they stop destroying my home!" He replied, "I am sure my movers are fine, they are professionals." I am happy to show him the pictures in my home of my destroyed hardwood floors and of all of my expensive pieces of furniture and china that were broke! I wonder if Corey would say they "were fine" when he sees the damages they caused! This move literally affected my health as it was beyond devastating to deal with this company!! When the furniture arrived, none of it was wrapped and protected on the bottom or on the legs so every piece was damaged on the bottom (I am including a pic that will show this and how a headboard and TV was barely wrapped on the truck). Lastly, I paid for all "NEW" Boxes and explained to them that my 2 daughters have life threatening allergies, asthma, and autoimmune illnesses. They ran out of new boxes so brought in used ones! I specifically said to the 2 packers that my girls' clothes could NOT go in used boxes. Sure enough, they get to our new home and my girls' clothes were put in all used wardrobe boxes!! They read "Jackie's Clothes" and it was scratched out and my girls' name written in!!! (a picture of this is included.)They were completely noncompliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act! If "Jackie" had cat hair on her clothes and then my kids' clothes were put in that box, it would have closed their airway! So then, I had to wash all my childrens' clothes!! I would have given them "0" stars but the least you could give is "1." Save yourselves a ton of devastation and NEVER, EVER USE THEM!!!!!!
- Vince C.

Matheson was great! Corey gave me a guaranteed price of and even though we had more boxes than estimated we did not have to pay any more. Jason (the head mover) was terrific and so were his helpers. They loaded us up in Moosic and then Jason and another helper unloaded us in MB. Both times they showed up right on time and were done earlier than we expected. COREY IF YOU ARE READING THIS JASON DESERVES A BIG RAISE!! I just apologize that I didn't write this review sooner--we moved in late April. Yes, there were a few items broken but they were things that I packed myself. I was leery because of the bad reviews but I took a chance on them because Corey gave a lower price than the other 3 movers, and I am glad I chose Matheson!!
- Mary B.

I had 2 moves at one time. Both moves went very smoothly. Lisa Parente guided me through the moves very efficiently. The movers were polite, moved things out of the house quickly and packed the trucks very well. All of the items were delivered safely with no damage to anything. I would certainly use Matheson again.
- Mary Roach

This was the worst moving experience I've ever had. I lived in NYC, the company, which claims to have done several NYC moves sent someone the day before to pack my apartment. They sent one older woman by herself in a cargo van who didn't know NYC and didn't even have gps. She was expected between 8-10am but didn't arrive near me until about 11. She then spent another 2 hours circling looking for parking because her large cargo van wouldn't fit into any of the garages. I told her should could risk the parking ticket but she refused. Around 1pm she gave up and drove back to PA without packing me. The next day, the movers showed up around 10am (they had told me 8am since they had to both pack and move me, but were late). They too didn't know where to park the truck. I explained to them that parking tickets were the norm for this kind of business in NYC and that these things should be budgeted in, but they refused to get one, and kept circling for another hour. They eventually gave up and got a parking ticket which the company charged me for (they wouldn't unload my stuff the next day until I signed a note saying I would pay the ticket). They claim that NYC buildings all have loading docks, so this is my issue. I'm not quite sure how they assume this when majority of residents live in smaller walk up buildings in the middle of city blocks that don't even have parking, let alone a loading dock! The movers, although very nice, packed my stuff very poorly. Items from each room are mixed into the same boxes and labeling of the boxes is inaccurate (if labeled at all)so finding things has been a nightmare. I've moved a few times in my life, and this was the worst experience I've ever had. I hope this review helps others in choosing a different moving company.
- Shireen Husain

I received the non-binding estimate from Lisa. I thought it was over-estimated but it would be OK because it would be prorated base on actual weight. However, the company never weigh the loads. The workers were nice and professional.
- Jiwon Kim

We were very happy with the service from your company and would be happy to recommend you to our friends.
- John Curry

The packing crew in pa were polite and professional. A pleasure to have in our home. The driver and loading crew were as well great to work with. When our furniture arrived in Mesquite it was in perfect condition and again the driver and unloading crew were a pleasure to work with. I spent most of my career in the electronics industry and moved 19 times.This move was the most trouble free and enjoyable of all. A special thanks to the young lady that came to our house to give us a quote and also to Matt our driver who was personable and professional throughout.
- Patricia Spruce

Matheson sent someone to do an estimate before our move. When the truck arrived on moving day it was a plain unmarked truck that was much too small. The movers over packed the truck and had to unload and repack it at the lot. The result was that much of our furniture and all of our boxes were damaged. Priceless China box was unloaded upside down and placed under a box labeled heavy books. The movers we're clumsy and slow. They used hand trucks to dump loads of boxes I our garage regardless of how they were labeled (rooms were marked on boxes). We discovered several missing boxes of Christmas decor months after moving as well. No effort was made to repair or replace the damaged items. No follow up. They were distracted and messy from start to finish. They were also late at both locations and hasty with their things, leaving covers and boxes and tape randomly. I will try to add pictures
- Sarah Stouffer

The crew, Tyler McKenna, Greg Johnson and Dan Cimino were great.
- Steven Bays

If i could give zero stars, I would. Lisa P. is just about the rudest "customer service rep" I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to. She outright lied to us about our delivery day and is now simply denying everything. She promised a delivery day. (We found out after our stuff was on the truck and gone that this was something they apparently are not allowed to do--they can promise a window, not a specific day.) We based everything on her promise--our date to leave, care of our animals on the way down, our kids starting school, appliance deliveries, etc.--only to find out it was all a big lie, which I am guessing she did just to get our business. Once your stuff is on their truck, beware! I spoke to several customer service reps who offered to do absolutely nothing. Now I have to spend over $1,000 on extra days of hotels, meals, etc. all because she lied to us. Do NOT use this company! Use someone honest and reliable. Had I known any of this, I would never have trusted them with my belongings. Watch out if you need customer service--they don't have any! They believe that the customer is always wrong. I said I was getting a lawyer, and a supervisor sarcastically said, "Please do." Please do yourself a favor and book someone else.

Professional service from the first contact through the move. Movers were very careful with everything, and great at reassembling things at the destination. We have moved into an apartment and staff was kind enough to take packaging to the complex dumpster when going back for other items. Real pros.
- Glenn Snyder

Cost estimate was reasonable. Movers showed up on time. Loading went well, movers were careful with items and with the home, so no damage there. Movers arrived at the delivery location as expected. Unloading went well. The crew did a great job in general. However, there was damage to the master bed. A claim was submitted. Awaiting follow-up. I would recommend them. Just be sure any valuable furniture is well protected.
- John Niemkiewicz

My husband & I had the best experience with Matheson. Lisa was very personable & answered all of our questions. The quote that Lisa gave to us was very reasonable & we did not feel like we were taken advantage of. John Kraft was the BEST!!! He arrived at our home on time, actually a tad bit early so that he could do his job better. The movers & John worked very well together as a team and all the movers were so very pleasant. All of our furniture arrived at our new home undamaged and John Kraft put it all together again all the movers worked well as a team. Thank you for a very pleasurable experience! Debbie & Peter Basso
- Debbie Basso

Recently did an in-state move (over 100mi) Lisa was very accommodating and service oriented. The moving team, Greg, Oliver and Doug, provided excellent service. They were very pleasant and professional throughout the entire move. Having moved with other local services in the past, I can say from experience that they are the best option with very economical pricing. Thank you!
- Stephen Balucha

The move was well organized. Movers were professional, kind, understanding, and accommodating. The movers paid attention to detail in re-assembling furniture where required. Items moved to storage were well-cared for and organized for future retrieval. We found Matheson Transfer Moving to be an excellent company.
- Dwight Pfennig

Move couldn't have gone better. Lisa, who set it all up, was helpful and reassuring. The guys who packed, loaded and unloaded were fantastic, and everything (almost!) arrived safely. A glass shelf for a dining room hutch was missing, but all it took was a phone call and the shelf was located, wrapped securely and sent via UPS the next day! (Turned out it had been left on the truck and when discovered, no-one knew whom it belonged to.)
- Jen H.

Movers were punctual and friendly. They were meticulous in tracking furniture to be moved as well.
- Allison Kristofco

We recently moved from Hazleton to Annville. The workers were very diligent and worked hard. However, we had several pieces of china and other valuable pieces broken. We have been finding where some of the furniture was marred and chipped. I suspect that the trailer was not properly packed and this resulted in the damage. We have used this firm in the passed and were greatly pleased - less so this time.
- Greg Myers

I can't say enough good things about this moving company. Lisa was fantastic coordinating the move, quickly and efficiently. She and the team worked to get my move done in a very tight window. The moving team packed and unpack our entire house with great care. Everyone was super friendly and accommodating. I would recommend this moving company to anyone.
- Eric Zelinski

Okay -nobody looks forward to moving day! and i DREADED it! Well moving day came and our movers showed up on time introduced them selves and moving regulations and started to move us, well The crew, Doug the 3rd, Te and John ( this man is strong!) Did a wonderful job they were respectful and took great care with our furniture and valuables. To Management: you are very lucky to have such a delightful hard working crew they are very efficient and really no how to move! If I were to move again I would use Matheson again- thanks guys for moving us and making our day less stressful!
- Michelle Ryan

The movers were fantastic. They really hustled. It was only 90+ degrees and no AC. You would never know it looking at these guys. I highly recommend Matheson.
- John Daniels

I had to move my house and fabrication business from pa to sc and I was obviously scared to death about trusting strangers with not only my house, but my only source of income as well. These folks filled 4 tractor trailers and 2 box trucks in three days, and only took two days to unload it all. From start to finish they moved my whole life 600 miles in 8 days. And out of all those full trucks, including stacks of heavy steel, glass tables, TVs and sensitive cnc machining equipment, we found zero damage. Not one broken dish. I can't thank them enough for the immense amount of hard work they accomplished in such a short time span yet still handle everything carefully enough that nothing broke. Moving can be a scary time filled with stress, but the whole crew from Matheson was a breath of fresh air when I needed it most.
- Bill Reilly

The initial encounter in setting up move was positive. The day before the move I had lots of questions and was told someone would call me. I got a phone call at 4:53 pm and was rushed off the phone because she has two other calls to make before 5 pm. On moving day, the crew arrived later that what was told to me. The delivery to my new residence arrived earlier than expected, however, many items were damaged.
- Sean Morgan

They low-balled the moving estimate to get us to sign the contract, then claimed that we did not adequately describe our possessions and that is why their final charge was $5000 higher than what we signed a contract for. They said “it is all your fault”. They dismantled a futon frame and lost the hardware, same with a bed frame. We can’t find the futon; it was probably mixed up with other family’s stuff on the truck. Wardrobe moving boxes and clothes inside were all crushed. They left several bookcases and lawn furniture off the truck; we found them only after the truck left. On a scale of 0 to 10 they get about a “2”.
- James Blankenship

The guys were great knew what they were doing did it quickly And efficiently. They company did not explain everything before hand but all in all made this move very nice.
- Ruth Muchler

They didn't damage much and the movers were nice. Some packers and movers were not very efficient. Although I moved some items beforehand and they packed FAR fewer boxes than estimated, the final cost was 25% more than the estimate! They're okay but expect the move to take awhile and cost extra.
- Mover T.

Recieved several item broken or damaged, was lied to about them getting fixed. Standard disrespect and incompetence that I have come to expect with moving companies. The workers were polite and the unloaders hired at the destination were excellent. Pretty sure moving companies exist to screw the customers.
- Fred S.

If I could give zero stars, I would. I was lied to about the delivery date, which I based everything on--the date of the move, appliance deliveries, care of my four animals for the long drive from PA to FL, kids being settled for school, etc. There is zero customer service. When I called with questions, I was screamed at by a person named Lisa P.--she should not be in customer service. She denied everything. Once your stuff is on their truck, you don't matter and are garbage to them. Their answer--they can't promise a delivery date, only a window, so too bad for us. Do yourself a favor and hire someone else--someone trustworthy, reliable and HONEST. Now I am trapped with no recourse, and my delivery date is going to be 2-3 days after what she promised. I will have to spend over $1,000 for additional and unexpected food and accommodations as we cannot live in a completely empty house. I don't even know what I am going to do with my poor dogs and cats. Everything I own is on their truck, and we are at their mercy. I told a supervisor I am thinking about contacting a lawyer, and she said, "Please do." So rude! We have been taken advantage of, and I beg anyone who plans to use this company to look elsewhere!!!
- Susan S.

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