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Quality of service: 3.9

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Accuracy of Estimate: 3

Customers’ rating: 3.8

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About Mambo Movers

Mambo is a moving company and yet it’s a bit more than just that. MAMBO WORLD IS A STYLE OF LIFE.The Mambo Guys are musicians and artists, actors and philosophers – everything but the traditional image of the surly caveman mover.

Moving-Me about Mambo Movers

Mambo Movers is a relocation company with the team of professional movers, who are always there for you to make your move as stress-free as possible. The company will take care of your belongings providing the full range of relocation services. Check out the reviews of the customers and see that these movers are the best for the most comfortable moving.

Mambo Movers Licenses & Certificates

Mambo Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 409314

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 958067

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Mambo Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Mambo Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Mambo Movers Reviews

Full disclosure, there are two components to take into account with Mambo Movers. First, the movers. They get the job done and things dont get broken. So thats nice. However, there is a second component. Billings/Corporate. Specifically, they will milk the clock. They are the only moving company that refuses to provide quotes, and theres good reason. They will make a 3 hour job take 5-6 hours. If you call up corporate, you are a making a mistake. The office manager, Serge, decided to berate me as he is the moving expert. He said that my pregnant wife and I should be thanking him so kindly for agreeing to service us (amazing during this pandemic that he thinks its a honor to the customer to have him allow us to pay him). He complained about how they only charge us 152 an hour, but have to pay 3 workers hazard pay totally 18 per hour, thus Mambo is losing money! (simple math shows that 152 - 3x18 is actually 98/hr profit, so even with expenses, me thinks they arent losing out). And, worst of all, during the stressful time where they were just racking up bills, Serge had the audacity to tell my wife, if I call the office, they are dumping all our stuff in the street and driving off. Avoid at all costs. There are dozens of other moving companies. Get quotes! Mambo literally is the only one that refuses. Especially at this time, because Serge has instructed the movers to literally wrap every single item, multiple times over. They spent about 2 hours moving and 4 hours wrapping! And if you have to deal with Serge, run. We don't plan on moving again anytime soon, but when we do, I can assure you we wont be going with Mambo and it is almost entirely due to the unprofessionality and attitude of Serge. Sadly, we should have taken notice of quite a few other negative reviews and complaints with the BBB. And the best one of all, is Serges way of compensating for being rude and to offer 10% off the next move. What a mess.
- Brian Portny

Mambo was recommended by 3 of my friends who moved recently. They're great - they are friendly, fast, careful, and efficient. We moved during COVID-19, and they were careful to protect themselves and us (masks/gloves, sanitizing the truck between moves, providing hazard pay to their employees). Thank you Mambo!
- Elizabeth Kaufer

Canceled on me on moving day an hour before my move was scheduled. The lack of professionalism of this moving company is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I would give them zero stars if that were an option. They called only a couple hours before my move to explain they had no truck, and were only coming with a van. I had a 20’ ft trucks worth of stuff to move, and when I explained that it would take much longer with a single van, they refused to adjust my hourly rate to account for their mistake. The mover I spoke to was rude and said he would call his manager and abruptly hung up. I then received a call from the manager a half hour later. He asked me how I would like to resolve the matter because they had no truck for me. I reiterated that I would only pay what my move would cost based on one single trip in a large truck and no more than that. He insisted their policy was inflexible on hourly rate and made no effort to offer any solution. He then told me, “if you don’t want to pay for the extra time then we will not move you at all” and hung up on me, leaving me completely alone to manage my move, costing me much more than I would have needed to pay for 3 guys and a truck. I will never recommend mambo to anyone and pity the fool that puts their move in Mambo’s hands. Big zero here.
- julia k sanders

I used Mambo movers to move from South Philly to NY. Every interaction I had with this business was wonderful, from getting as estimate to the actual move. They were right on time, communicative, and efficient. They made the moving process so easy and were very smart about where they placed items in my new, small place. My total price was on the lower end of the estimate because of how smoothly things went—I couldn’t recommend this business more to ease the stress of moving. It’s important to note that I chose to completely leave the house when they packed and unpacked the moving truck, which I think decreases stress for all. Thank you Mambo!
- Sami

I've always heard good things about Mambo and am so happy I got to use them for my move today. They just left and I couldn't wait to give a glowing review because the three guys who did my move were absolutely impressive. They're FAST! They wasted absolutely no time and were completely professional. These guys have such a tough job but they do it amazingly well and had masks on the whole time too. I'm literally in awe and will never use any other moving company in Philly.
- Keri Moore

dont use this moving company they not work 3 hours but still charge 3 hours ... specially if u young girl alone !!!!! cuz they not respect
- mike davis

I've used Mambo three times and they are always amazing: timely, professional, efficient, and great to work with. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and they work FAST. They work with you to figure out what you need in terms of truck size and length of booking. I wont use any other mover and I tell all my friends to use them. Book them as soon as you know you are moving.
- Angelina Conti

This would be the 3rd time using Mambo Movers and they continue to NOT disappoint. On time, courteous, professional, reasonably priced and friendly. I may have to move again this time next year and they will continue to have my business!
- Orlando Avila

Picked this company because I wanted to support a local business/ young entrepreneurs. I was incredibly disappointed. They charged me for travel time, which wasn't supposed to be included. The worst part is, I watched them circle my block 3 times trying to increase the rate. They only stopped circling when I called to check on them. It shouldn't cost $500 to move a tiny home.
- Michelle Lambert

I used the moving service of Mambo Movers on Monday, September 21st. Now, I have a foul odor in my finished basement from my L-shaped sofa that was in their moving truck. Also, my moving boxes have a foul odor as well. The odor smells like animal urine and fecal matter. I don’t own any pets. I never have. My L-shaped sofa was odor-free before the move as well as my moving boxes. I moved from a newly constructed apartment that is barely two-years-old. I’ve lived there since the apartment building in King of Prussia opened. And, my new home was just built. I was in my new home before I used their service and there was no animal urine or fecal matter odor. I have contractors, my realtor, and family members to prove my statements that my newly constructed home was odor-free. For days after my move, I could not understand where the awful odor was coming from, then I smelled my sofa. My sofa smelled like musty urine. Then, I checked my moving boxes, some smelled like animal fecal matter and others smelled like musty animal urine. Every moving box they transported it had an odor. I moved many personal items myself from my previous home. Guess what? There is no odor. Only the items they moved have an odor. I reached out to them and left a lengthy voice message about the matter, no response! I sent them an email to [email protected] No response! In my resilience, I kept calling, and I finally got someone on the phone. It was Serge the “ Bully”, he is the office manager of Mambo Movers. He often raised his voice, and his tone was exasperated while talking to me. He told me the owners Pete and Mike were out of the office but they would pass along my message. Either no one passed along my numerous messages or the owners do not care. I firmly believe the latter. They could care less about you, once they have your money. This company has absolutely no respect for its costumers. They are boldface lairs. Their moving trucks are dirty despite charging a COVID-19 cleaning fee. They denied having animals near their moving trucks. That is proven to be a lie. On their very own social media pages, it shows multiple animals near their moving trucks and their improper storage of their moving supplies. My sofa and moving smells exactly like animal urine and fecal matter. I deeply regret using this company. In addition, I hope BBB will properly warn others about this company. Future victims of this company, need to be aware of the complete disregard they have for their customers, they lack accountability, how they creatively find ways to upcharge you, and they dismiss and bully you if you bring forth a complaint. Side note: If want your property damaged, hire Mambo Movers! If you want your personal belongings soiled by animal waste, hire Mambo Movers. If you want to be disrespected as a customer, hire Mambo Movers and, especially talk to Serge the office manager. He will disrespect you within seconds. He is pro at being an unprofessional jerk.
- Miyoshi Miyoshi

This is a mixed review as the moving service (when they arrived) was top notch but the communication could have been improved upon. First of all, the movers were fantastic and exemplify everything you want in a mover. They are kind, polite, efficient and know what they're doing! Our move was particularly uncomplicated, as we moved vertically within the same building with minimal large appliances. That being said, Mambo Movers offered the cheapest and most competitive prices when I had obtained quotes from all of the available Yelp movers, and they were also the most recommended from my colleagues. Furthermore, their prices for additional boxes and packing materials was also very reasonable (albeit, we did not use their products). We had paid for the movers to come and pack and then move (2 days). Our only gripe was that the original packers were greatly delayed due to an unexpected moving incident and we had waited for an entire day without any updates until we called. It would have been nice for the company to offer compensation due to our delay, but we did a lot of packing ourselves during the day and ultimately saved us money by doing our packing, rather than paying them for extended time. At the end of the day, I would definitely hire them again, but would prefer closer updates if there are emergencies that alter the initial plan.
- Xiao Z.

Our move was freakin stressful to say the least - our building's requirement to move out had our two previously scheduled movers cancel on us. Not kidding, at that point it was 3 days before the actual move and on top of that it's moving season in Philly. We were losing our minds and suddenly like a shiny light Mambo Movers appeared (aka the first to respond to my email out of 10 companies I desperately contacted), they were able to fit us in on an incredibly short notice! Their office was in constant communication with us, they answered all our questions and the day of the move : Matt, Josh and David arrived on time and ready to roll. They were gems, had a system down and started moving us with such efficiency! I did not know people could carry as much as they could! They did it as quickly as possible with care and we haven't noticed anything dinged or scratched. We're so pleased and happy with the crew and Mambo movers - I was stress free that day thanks to them. We have nothing but great things to say about Matt, Josh and David. They were pleasant, professional and all around great guys. Let them do their jobs and don't stand in their way - just point them to where you'd like your boxes and BE READY AND PACKED when they arrive!!! Thank you guys, we will hire you all again when we have to move again 🙂
- Cioa E.

There's nothing to say about this moving company that hasn't already been said. These guys are efficient, professional, and priced way cheaper than 6 other companies that I received quotes for. They finished a slightly difficult job within 2 hours, which was a major relief for us. I would certainly use them for future moves.
- Samantha W.

The guys who moved us were nice and worked very hard all evening to get the furniture up our large trinity stairs to the second, third and fourth floors. However, they were unable to hoist our large, heavy dresser up to the second floor deck, (on the way to the third floor). It was attempted around 9:30pm, the end of a long day that didn't start until 10:30am. They were spent by that time and ill equipped (literal lack of equipment) to lift our Restoration Hardware dresser. I would not recommend Mambo Movers to anyone who has to hoist significant pieces of furniture. Otherwise, they are very hardworking, nice guys.
- Lisa E.

I do not recommend. Hired them to move a couple pieces of furniture including a very heavy glass top dining table. They claimed to have wrapped it properly but they chipped one of the corners badly. To their credit - they told me about it but I had no light fixture in the room yet so I didnt really see how bad it was until the next day. They offered me a measly $200 off the bill that was around $400 more than the estimate. I stupidly signed the form and even tipped them. So mad at myself. I contacted them about the extent of the damage and got no response. Disgraceful.
- Janet C.

Mambo Movers is hands-down the best movers in the tri-state area And you can get your stuff done anywhere no matter how tight I have used them three different times and every time it was a pleasure
- Constantino P.

The last few months as I've been preparing my move to Philly have been pretty stressful. Strangely enough, the move from the ReloCube to my apartment was possibly the least stressful part of it all (some of that Mambo Mover magic, I suppose). Weirdly enough, like with the movers in Austin who prepped my stuff to get to Philly, Mambo Movers were not my "first" choice. I initially was hoping for Old City Movers, but they recommended a weekend move due to their experience suggesting an easier move than during the weekday (I could have inquired about an earlier move date during the weekday, but didn't. The issue was that the weekend date was the day before I started a new job) and it seemed they wanted me to get the parking permit for them. I reached out to Mambo Movers, and they had no issue with the move date I proposed on the weekday, and said they'd get the parking permit they'd need (I paid for it, but they handled all the paperwork). I got a call a few days before the actual move confirming everything, and then on the date of the move I received a call as the guys were heading out to the site. They got there fast, the three guys loaded things up, and they got to my apartment without any issue and got things in quickly. The front desk was impressed with their work that he asked for business cards that he could pass out. I suspect when the time comes to move again, I'll reach back out to Mambo Movers.
- Paul A.

I took 2 weeks to write this review and finally I am ready to say how horrible this company truly is; they were the rudest, worst company I have ever entrusted with my belongings. I had Mambo Movers load a truck for a big move from Philadelphia to Austin, Texas. I did not have a corporate company moving me. I cannot go into all the details but is was the worst moving experience I have ever had. I hired them to pack the truck and they complained from the minute they got there about cars being on the street (I live on Pine Street what would you like me to do) to having to go into the basement down steps. To make a long story short DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! The movers in Austin said it was the worst packed move they have ever seen! They blamed me for not packing properly and said it was "my fault". All of my furniture, paintings, "keepsakes" were nicked or ruined. I lost many pieces of furniture i have moved many times over the years. My favorite art pieces are DESTROYED. I wish I had packed them differently if I knew I was going to get such a reckless crew. Lesson learned but take some responsibility and pride in your work. BUYER BEWARE....FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO MOVE YOUR BELONGINGS. THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE!
- Lawrie W.

I have used them to move between a couple different apartments in Philly. I have always had a good experience. They are reasonable, they prorate if you go over 2 hours (their minimum) rather than round up. If you are moving on a weekend, call far in advance because they book up quickly. The movers I've had were all friendly. I would def recommend them and plan on using them again in the future.
- Alyssa R.

We used them to move from West Philly to Bucks County. We didn't give them a ton of notice. They fit us in no problem. They were speedy, competent, and courteous. And their price couldn't be beat. They were also very careful about not letting our cats out (and they were super nice to the cats too). I hIghly recommend Mambo.
- Soraya J.

I used Mambo Movers for the third time last week and had the dream team - Zack, David and Nick. They are fabulous. Down two flights and up three. Not a scratch. As always the guys were stronger and nicer than ever. I was totally exhausted by last-minute details, and they were so easy going and competent...if only they could have stayed to unpack! I can't thank you all enough for making moving day as easy as possible. Another great experience from the phone call to book to the last box in place. I am a Career Coach, and only wish all businesses had your business acumen and great employees all wrapped in one. Whenever I hear someone talk about moving, I recommend you without hesitation. Again thanks!
- Chrna F.

We were very happy to have hired Mambo Movers. We we're able to move everything from one place to another in under three hours. They dented a diaper pail in the process, but immediately sent us a check for the cost as soon as we told them.
- Jacob B.

These folks are the best. A bunch of artists and musicians that move boxes and furniture with the deftness of a raptor riding the thermal winds. Majestic.
- AJ I.

I used Mambo Movers for a move from Philly to New York. They made the whole process as easy as a big move can be. They answered all my questions beforehand, and gave me no trouble during the move. They were very easygoing and easy to deal with. Everything was handled carefully, and they moved quickly. I hope I don't move again soon, but if I do, I'll want to use these guys.
- Bernie L.

Mambo movers were fantastic! I needed to move my belongings from a POD at a storage facility in NJ to center city. The guys were kind, efficient, and completed my whole move in 2 hours! Nothing was broken or damaged. Highly recommend!
- Angela G.

Loved working with Mambo Movers. They'd given us some specific COVID related guidelines for our move, that kept us and them safer. Move was quick, but these guys were professional and safe. I couldn't find a single wall mark at either house after they'd moved us. They did a great job with some of the more fragile items as well. Overall, this was a group of chill, hardworking dudes who did an incredible job.
- Mallie S.

The best! I have used Mambo several times and highly recommend.
- Lori J.

I cannot imagine how this experience could have been better. Setting it up was easy and the person I spoke with went through everything with me. On moving day I was so stressed and overwhelmed and they walked in to take care of everything. They got the move done faster than I thought possible. If it weren't for Covid I would have hugged them. They took all the necessary Covid safety precautions which I appreciated. When we got to the storage unit I had trouble with the gate and they went above and beyond to help me. I was so grateful. I would recommend them to anyone.
- CB R.

I used Mambo movers to move from South Philly to NY. Every interaction I had with this business was wonderful, from getting as estimate to the actual move. They were right on time, communicative, and efficient. They made the moving process so easy and were very smart about where they placed items in my new, small place. My total price was on the lower end of the estimate because of how smoothly things went--I couldn't recommend this business more to ease the stress of moving. It's important to note that I chose to completely leave the house when they packed and unpacked the moving truck, which I think decreases stress for all! Thank you Mambo!
- Sami S.

I can agree that the movers were timely and did not break anything (not that I am aware of yet - I am not finished unpacking). However, the poor communication skills of the head mover and management needs improvement. This lack of communication and the fact that they have not yet resolved my issues is leading to the low rating. Upon arrival at the move-in location, they were in such a hurry to get started that the head mover talked over me as I tried to explain putting the bed together and how I wanted it done first in case they ran out of time with moving the items in. The items were being moved from the storage areas within the building up to the apartment. He actually walked out of the room while I was talking and waived off my concerns. I took the bed apart prior to it going into storage so I wanted to make sure they understood that it would take some time to put it back together again. When I returned 2 hours later, everything was in the apartment but no furniture was in a particular place (other than the bed). A very heavy file cabinet was placed in my bedroom instead of the living room with my desk. Chairs, tables and boxes were all mixed together indiscriminately in the living room as if it were a storage room. There was no effort to place the furniture or text/call to confirm where I wanted things. On top of this, there was some deception. They apparently had some trouble putting the bed together, but instead of calling to clarify or confirm they were using the right pieces (we were not allowed in the apartment during moving), they did an absolutely crappy job and put the mattress on top - thinking I would never look I guess. The next day, I did look and was surprised to see most of the screws in the frame sticking out and put in crooked. The vertical piece of wood that runs down the middle from the foot of the bed to the header was not flush but turned to the left by about 15 degrees. The horizontal slats were then screwed into the crooked vertical slat at an angle. The horizontal slats were of course not flush with the vertical wood and were not evenly spaced. Some slats were right next to each other while others were 5 or 6 inches apart. What I don't understand is why this happened when the wood already had screw holes in it that were evenly spaced out. They decided to make their own holes for some reason. I think also maybe they didn't have a power drill. In addition, some of the bed legs did not reach the ground. They mixed the use of 2 different kinds of bed legs instead of using 4 of the same kind. These are things that they should have called me about to inquire instead of trying to cover it up. I called and left a message the evening I discovered it and the next morning. I finally got a call back from management and he agreed to send someone over to fix the bed and move the heavier furniture to the right place. I was given an arrival window but the movers did not call ahead of time like they usually do. They beat me to the apartment so I arranged for the building maintenance to let them in. When I arrived about 15 minutes later, they were already gone. Meanwhile, I was calling and texting before I arrived to make sure they understood what exactly needed to be done with the bed and the other furniture. They ignored the calls and texts until they could leave and then texted back later that they were already done and gone. They did not respond to my attempts to text or call them back once I arrived and I saw that they fixed only part of the problem (straightening out the vertical wood piece). The screws were now laying in flush but the horizontal slats were still not in the right places. No changes were made to the bed legs. I was very frustrated that they would not return my call or text back even if the response was "too bad, we're not coming back again." I left another message for management that evening and the next morning. No response this time. I guess they have written me off and I have to move the furniture around the apartment myself - and buy a drill to re-assemable the bed. For 2 nights I could not sleep in it due to it being unstable and not wanting to damage it by laying on it. Overall, I didn't like how they went "ghost" and left me hanging. I would not recommend them because you don't know if you will be treated well like some reviewers described or if you will be mistreated and dismissed like me. If they need to get your opinion or preference on something, they may not ask and end up doing a poor job. Or worse yet, they may try to conceal the poor job and then it will be too late to have it fixed before payment. I wanted to like these guys and got good reviews from others, but I will not be going back to them ever again.
- ML S.

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