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About Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers offer safe, inexpensive, and high-quality moving services to countless families each year. Over a number of years, we have been providing our customers with the most reliable long-distance moving services in the country. Our staff are well-trained experts who have years of experience and can handle your relocation professionally.

Moving-Me about Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers offer a wide variety of services. Whether you need storage, help with packing, or car shipping, their professional employees will meet all your needs and requirements. Long Distance USA Movers is a reliable and trustworthy relocation company that does everything “by the book.”

Long Distance Movers Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 82543

US D.O.T: 3110677

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Long Distance Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $6500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Long Distance Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Long Distance Movers Reviews

I've spent a few years in LA it I was finally getting tired of it. Tired of the people and how expensive it is mainly. So it was back to the midwest for me and Long Distance Movers was the place that helped make it happen! They worked within what I could afford and helped me find ways to save. I packed as much as I could but then I had them handle the rest. The movers arrived with boxes, tape and wrapping stuff in hand. They went through each box with me and labeled it for me. It didn't think that part was very necessary but when it came to unpacking I realized how easy it made it. That was a great touch that I haven't seen other moving places do before. From LA to just outside of Columbus this was a move made easy.

After talking to a few moving companies, I decided to go with these guys. I am so glad that I chose them. Dan, provided me with all the options, competitive rates and he was always ready to adjust the schedule of pick and delivery to my needs. Daniel and Alex came at the exact time promised to me, wrapped and packed everything very neatly and did a great job overall. I will always remember this moving as it was a pleasant experience. Thank you so much.
- Shreyash Ukidave

I will never be afraid of relocations I will never be afraid of relocations. Finally, I have a lasting solution to moving. Whenever in need of moving services, I will simply approach Long Distance Movers. I am sure they will handle the relocation properly because the last experience I had with them was such a wonderful one. I urge them to keep up the good work.
- Clara

I set up most of my move with LDM online which was a first. I checked out there website just to get some info and a chat bar popped up on my screen. I thought it was some sort of ad at first but then I realized it was a real person. I asked a bunch of question without even picking up my phone. Got ball park rates, and detailed packing info. I finally called to set it up. So much more convenient than calling for basic info then realizing you have more questions so you call back and then get a voicemail. Ughh the booking process with some of the movers I called before was a pain.
- Jacob Smith

LDM was referred from a trusted friend of mine. He convinced me to not go the Uhaul route. I understood why he liked them because they were very calm and collective on the phone. The rep took extra steps so I would understand the process and payments. Most every other company I called really rushed through the process and just wanted to email me some pre-written stuff and forms. LDM made much more effort over the phone and worked very well in person. Starting a whole new life somewhere else is stressful enough you don't need a moving company adding to that stress.
- Jon Peters

Making sure everything that I was moving was fully insured was a major priority during my recent move. I had a nightmare experience just over a year ago with a moving company. Furniture got damaged and the company refused to cover all the expenses of the damaged items. It was also my fault for not doing good research because I realized they didn't have an insurance policy. So this time around I made sure that who ever I chose was big on making sure that damaged items would be covered. When looking into Long Distance Movers I saw they had a whole part of their website about insuring. At that point I knew they were a good fit because even if the move went south I would not lose any extra money. I used their moving service with the insurance and it worked out very well. No accidents of any kind occurred but the key point is I felt much better about the situation knowing I was fully covered.
- Frances Hill

Long Distance Movers had all the details in place for my move. They sent a third party packing crew to help get me situated prior to the main crew who was going to handle the move. They brought extra boxes, packing tap, blue cloth mats for picture frames, the works. They used my broom afterwards to sweep up and keep things tidy which was very respectful. When the movers arrived they added a personal touch. They asked me if I was excited to be moving to NYC while they were carrying boxes. The phone staff did a good job of relaying info to the workers. The whole bill wasn't too bad, I was able to do pre-payment with a guarantee by them that there would be no additional charges. First time for that. The truck gave me a call when when they were an hour out from Manhattan Apartment. They got a bit lost in traffic and showed up behind schedule. They made up for it with helping me unpack completely and even broke down boxes then organized them.
- Victor

Eager staff that proved their skills Long Distance is a company I'm glad I chose. Like most places I called they were hungry for my business but what set them from the rest was their effort to get my business. They sent 2 guys over to my place to look at everything that was being moved. This process was all done for free before I confirmed doing any sort of business with them. Things continued very well after that. Scheduling the move was a breeze and dealing with their staff wasn't too bad at all. I absolutely despise moving. However dealign with LDM made it all less of a hassle.
- Miriam Gallagher

Just recently moved with them. 3 movers got the job fast! Was surprised to see one of them was a girl, but she worked just as fast if not faster than the guys. My couch took a bit of time to get through the door. That moment definitely stressed me out but besides that everything went well. They sped up the move quite a bit once the couch was loaded to make up for lost time. Overall they treated my place with respect like it was there own. Because of this move things started off on a good note when I got settled in Nashville. Thanks LDM
- Gesina

Ended the move feeling satisfied with the service I received. There were on time,courteous, and respectful of my property. I've been moving around for a long time, and I've dealt with a lot of different companies. LDM has been the most convenient thus far. I recommend them to those who are moving out of state. There name speaks the truth. They're professionals at long distance moves.
- Angie San

They're perfect for certain moves These guys are GREAT! I have used them twice which is why I believe they deserve a review. Consistency is key. Both times I used their services they were superb. Very punctual, professional and just all around nice. They're great at packing furniture and breakables for long distance moves. Careful and super efficient. Their is a minimum when using their services so if you're only moving a few things it might not be your best option but if you're looking move your apartment, home or at least 5-10 furniture pieces then I highly recommend looking into these guys
- Barry Seal

I moved from a studio to a 2 bedroom between states on the east coast. Price was as they said it would be, no hidden costs or misleading information. They provided all moving materials and were very polite in person. The moving crew carefully wrapped all of items so that everything would arrive flawlessly. They were on time for both pick up and delivery. Probably the easiest move I've done. Interesting because it's also one of the most long distance moves I've done. Good work.
- johny jack

Highly professional movers We hired their movers to help us move from our townhouse in Tampa to our new house in San Francisco. We arranged everything over the phone and email. They put everything in writing without any fine print or confusing details. Movers were very professional and moved everything smoothly for us in just 10 days. I highly recommend them and would definitely hire them again.
- Greene Andrea

One of the Best I've moved to multiple states within the paste few years as we've been expanding our real estate business and opening offices across the U.S. This being my fourth move within the last 7 years. At this point I know what to look for and no what to avoid. Long Distance Movers is up there with the best movers I've dealt with. They don't do the pricing games that all the inexperienced movers do. They keep it simple with strong service and a well trained team. Everything is put in writing without any fine print. I felt good from the get go and felt even better when they arrived at my new home with everything in great condition. One by one everything was checked off a list and a full walk through was done before I singed off on a good experience and money well spent.
- Rahul Kumar

Patrick and Chance did a great job moving furniture and being respectful about my art collection. They turned out to be very reliable. The manager Brik who I spoke with first laid out all the details without sugar coating anything. My move from Chicago to LA was surprisingly smooth.
- moajjeam bepari

Last month I moved to Chicago from California for work. The company I work for was willing to cover the cost of the move but it was up to me to find the right moving company. Giving a business responsibility over everything you own is a bit nerve wrecking. Not being worried about price I focused on experience and the most high quality service I could find. After a couple days of research I finalized my move with LDM. They provided some competitive pricing and made a lot of effort to answer every question I had. Also an email was sent that recapped all the details of the move. On moving day the crew arrived on time and made sure that everything was done correctly. My shipment to Chicago also showed up within the promised time window. The moving truck came right to my new place. Everything came in great condition. The movers stuck around so I could double check for damage. There was none to be found. This business took all the stress and complexity out of this move. I've since forwarded them to a few co-workers who are also relocating.
- Steve Copeland

It was great doing business with LDM. Movers did an amazing job helping us move out of our office and into a new building a city away. We had to downsize things due the Covid-19 pandemic and get a smaller space. Thankfully these guys were still able to honor our move. Moving to me is a very essential service. Their team packed all of our electric equipment with care, all in one day. The move took place the following day. When they arrived at the new location we were really surprised what they did next. Instead of jus placing thing in the rooms we wanted. They took it step further and helped us organize our new space. They rotated furniture, put computers and printers on desks and took care of some trash for us as well. Such a great ending to the move.
- Richard Jack

We chose to have three movers on site over two, based on a recommendation that two could pack while one breaks down the bed and preps other furniture. We had our entire house packed into the truck in just under 2 hours. Truly impressed with this moving company. Rates make sense for the service provided. We almost chose a different company because they were cheaper but didn't want to risk a bad experience. LDM was worth every dollar. The whole team took care of our move during this uncertain time.
- Cecelia C.

Used these guys for my move literally across the country to Albany, New York. The people I spoke to over the phone were very patient and friendly with me.The quote was competitive and they took time to break down the pricing and how they factor it too. The moving team that came were on time and took very good care our things. All the way from the west coast to the east coast without any hiccups. You guys did a stellar job and I really felt compelled to give them a proper thanks here for their hard work and dedication to our move. Would absolutely recommend them those moving out of state.
- Dorthe Hemmingsen

Fortunately, everything went fine while moving to our new place during this epidemic. Movers came on time and they began their work immediately. I felt that they were all very experienced by seeing them work in person. They helped pack, label boxes and every mover was wearing a mask. All of our furniture was maneuvered without a single scratch our of our old place and into our new one. Highly recommend these guys.
- Jon Hammond

The movers called ahead, showed up on time and were as nice as could be. They took good care of everything they handled and made sure not to damage any of our furniture by double wrapping it. They were very careful about the walls of the house and paid attention not to scuffed things they brought everything out of our old place and into our new one. This isn't easy to do because we have some narrow hallways and stairs. This was our first out of state move and we put a lot of trust in them. They never once let us down.
- Hayden Wills

I've had a lot of mediocre to poor moving experiences in the past. There was never one time I felt like I needed to go out of my way to write a good review for a moving company EVER. I never really give a company praise unless I feel like their way above the norm. In this case I'm writing this because Long Distance Movers, moved me from Columbus OH to Forth Worth TX with zero problems or stress. I've been in my new place for a week now and finally got internet going. Thinking back on the move it's surprising that LDM gave me a better move out of state than any moving company ever did in state. They're definitely worth mentioning. Rates were very reasonable. Customer service went above and beyond making sure I was happy with the results of the move.
- Jane Henderson

The movers didn't waste a minute or step once they got inside my place. They didn't just work quick, they worked smart. Each mover set themselves up with a task and worked together so I was out of my 2 bedroom 2 bathroom in 30 mins!! One mover used a dolly while the other double checked the boxes I packed. He labeled some that I forgot to label and repacked ones that I overfilled. I had the same team move me in 6 hours later in San Fran. Finally a move where everything goes right! If you're moving out of state highly recommend giving them a call. I spent days comparing, calling and email movers. Hopefully this review helps save someone a lot of time.
- Freddy Harteis

I've used multiple different moving services around in the past. I've yet to find a moving company that I really like. The majority of them seem so nice at first then once they have your money they become someone else and they give you run of the mill service. Long distance movers were eager to help out and stayed eager to provide good service until the entire move to Long Beach was done. They don't charge much less than the out of state movers in my area but they gave me a lot more in return than I've ever experienced. I had help with a lot of my packing, it was extra cost that relieved a giant headache. Moving truck arrived early instead of on time. Never once did they give me any empty promises or complicated rates. Very honest throughout the whole move. Since moving with them I forwarded their number twice to some co-workers. They had nothing but great things to say about their experience too.
- Evan Morgan

Excellent company top to bottom. The movers were very thorough handling all of our furniture and fragile things. It was our first time using them so we got insurance with our move just to be on the safe side. It didn't cost too much extra at all. We never really needed it because there was no accidents during our move to Florida. They ended up being a great decision for the longest move we've ever done. They also were fairly affordable for the service provided. Their rates are customizable based on how much you're moving and the distance so there was some wiggle room with pricing.
- Joshua Smith

Not only were they friendly and helpful when I first called to inquire about our move but they followed through with everything they promised. Too many movers say whatever they can to get you in the door. It was a nice to see that everything that was spoken of happened here. On the day of the move, our movers also called in advance, were polite, friendly, and very respectful of our home. They worked quick but they worked clean, they laid down a runner, wiped their feet on it every time they entered our home. All of my family’s many belongings were well taken care of. A+ service!!
- Ethan Brown

They moved my partner and I from a 2 bedroom apartment in LA to our first home in Kansas City. We were making changes with our jobs and surroundings. With their the transition wasn't the least bit stressful at all. They were careful to wrap everything, including mattresses, and our large canvas art collection. Be aware that the pacing service costs additional. It doesn't come free with the move. For us is was well worth the price knowing our things were going to be fully protected and insured by them with their full service packing. They aren’t the cheapest in town, but if you want an organized move with zero headaches than I definitely recommend them. Our good friends spoke very highly of them and we now can see why. They did an amazing job.
- Charlie Taylor

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