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About Lincoln Moving and Storage

An agent of Atlas Van Lines, the second-largest mover in the U.S., we work with a commitment to service when you go new places. As a full-service moving and storage company, we provide everything you need for a secure and successful move. You can get started right now with a free, no-obligation moving estimate.

Moving-Me about Lincoln Moving and Storage

The company provides a full pack of moving services including local, long-distance, international moving, packing, and storage. The time required to pack and load depends on the size and unique requirements of your shipment.

Lincoln Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates

Lincoln Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle the car shipment. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 125550

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: WUTC THG 2278

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What is Lincoln Moving and Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Lincoln Moving and Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Lincoln Moving and Storage Reviews

WARNING: Do not use this company to move!!! From start to finish, the worst moving experience of my life. I've used movers in Seattle several times, no problem, but I was planning a move across the country. There's not many options for an out-of-state move so I called and got estimate from several companies; Lincoln promised the best estimate, bonded movers, blah, blah. I could write pages on all the ways they completely screwed me over but I'll stick with the highlights (or lowlights): 1. Took the movers 6 hours to load a truck for a STUDIO apartment 2. Day of the move, I was informed that the estimate I was given did not include packing my television/mirror/bed packing materials as I was promised. The move was halted for an hour until a "representative" could bring packing materials and charge me another $180. 3. My load arrived 2 WEEKS late and my "customer service representative" was not in touch with me; I had to email and call several times to get a "We don't know when your things will be delivered". 4. The movers for my new place, rude, irritated and acted completely oblivious to the fact they were dumping boxes that were completely smashed. The inventory list did not account for about 20 items?!?! 5. 1 shelf destroyed, 8 items broken (including heirlooms in FRAGILE boxes), and I'm still finding parts missing from a number of items. 6. When they sent a "How was your move?" email, they had basically no response to the list of complaints I sent them. All they said: You can try to file a claim but it probably won't go anywhere. ****I feel obligated to post this because I would feel terrible if I knew someone else went through the same moving experience. If you are moving within Seattle limits, use A-Ray moving. They are awesome. If out of state, use a different company and check with your home renter's insurance!*****
- Nora D.

Terrible Experience! We have arranged long distance moves many times and they are never perfect. However this time was horrible. The salesman was great - promised experienced packers, driver, etc. We paid in advance. The packers were rude, slow, and ruined several items. We have yet to locate parts to a TV stand, remotes to sound equipment, and various components/chords to several kitchen appliances. We had to buy a new TV after a couple of weeks of being unable to find all the parts to ours. Why would you pack a Vitamix in THREE different boxes? Employee John who packed the kitchen was especially slow and mean spirited. Also one or more of the packers sneaked smoke breaks inside a bedroom of our house and left the window open for me to find the next day. The rain that came in ruined a leather chair. This was a house that had never been smoked in. They broke a high chair because there was no packing around it; just threw it in the truck. The same for a floor lamp. On the other hand, they carefully wrapped, in many sheets of paper, items like paper cups and dog toys. They crammed unwrapped tennis shoes into wardrobe boxes next to evening gowns, and all clothing was packed so poorly it needs to be washed and or dry cleaned. Many boxes were crushed. The "moving coordinator" Mark was useless and seemed only to make required calls. He made no effort to even express sympathy, let alone offer any solutions. The driver, Jose was very good about keeping us informed of his arrival time from Seattle to Scottsdale. I responded their survey request with the details above several weeks ago. They did not even acknowledge my response. This was an expensive ($15,000) mistake. Beware.
- Debbra L.

After getting three quotes, we hired Lincoln for our local 3 bedroom house move. Their quote was middle of the line, but we were impressed with some of the things they told us about the way they only have full time employees, etc. Communication leading up to the move was strong. The only downside was that we were told they would bring tv boxes and wardrobes and that we could borrow used boxes from their warehouse. No boxes were ever provided and warehouse was suddenly 'empty' of boxes when we asked if we could have some. That said, our experience with them on move day was fantastic. The movers arrived early, were courteous, professional and amusingly only called us "sir" and "ma'am". They were extremely careful with our items and not a single thing got broken, scratched or damaged. We bought full insurance but it wasn't necessary. They also spent about an hour with us trying to set up our enormous sectional until it was just right. You got the feeling these were good guys, who were in a great mood which makes the whole process of moving more pleasant. While they are not the best price in town, they run a quality moving team, and I wouldn't hesitate using them again.
- Mackenzie S.

Lincoln was the service provider contracted by Closetbox to pick-up, store, and deliver my furniture items. Somehow, a piece of my sectional sofa and a chair were lost in the process. I contacted Closetbox, as they are the company I went through for storage, regarding the missing items and possible reimbursement. Closetbox completely obfuscated and offered an insulting $200 as a "courtesy" for the lost items. I contacted Lincoln directly and asked if they have been able to locate the items and about possible reimbursement for the missing sectional piece and chair. Lincoln promptly replied to my email and stated that they have been looking in the warehouse and the items are still missing. I submitted a claim form and Lincoln processed the claim and offered me reimbursement for the replacement value of the two items within a few hours. Lincoln did not try to muddy the issue and fall back on convoluted processes and procedures. They handled this matter professionally and took responsibility for the two lost items and offered an acceptable reimbursement amount to replace the two missing items. If you are looking for a moving company, it would be best to contact Lincoln directly and avoid Closetbox all together. Lincoln has shown integrity and that they actually care about their business and customer, unlike Closetbox and their shady business practices.
- Ashley A.

BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! These guys are crooks.. they rented a bunch of vans from us and never paid their bill... I have been chasing after our money for three months now...we are now in litigation with them.
- Reza M.

My family has been waiting to hear from this terrible company now for THREE weeks after we were told they would get back to us in two weeks when our claim was done processing . DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They are thieves!! We finally received payment from this company...after months and months of waiting. They will only speak through email and rarely respond. Their excuse is that someone is on vacation. Funny, when we FINALLY got our check the Lincoln people actually attached a screen shot of my bad Facebook review of their you want a good review then do your job and be good at it. This company does not even deserve ONE star...more like negative 10 stars! Our home flooded and we had to have most of our downstairs packed up and put in storage. We only used this company because they were sent to us by Coit/Superior (who did the water clean up). Lincoln workers packed up and removed close to 60 boxes on March 28th. This week we finally were able to get our belongings back to our home...but Lincoln only brought back six boxes and a nasty bed that did not belong to us. SIX BOXES OUT OF 60. Some of the boxes were CRUSHED and our things that were taken away in totes (the actual one that came back) was returned to us in a crushed home depot box. We filed a police report because the company told us our things were stolen by teenagers????? Also, when we opened the few boxes we got back they were mixed with things that did not belong to us. The workers tired to assure us that "when the movers pack and seal the boxes they NEVER get opened until the owners open them" and would not listen to me at all. We lost over $30,000 in belongings because of this terrible company. DO NOT USE THEM!
- Erika F.

I had a pretty bad experience with them recently. I decided not to use their moving services based on this experience. I submitted a moving quote form through the Atlas Van Lines website and my information was routed to Lincoln Moving and Storage, a local subsidiary of Atlas. The scheduler contacted me right away and setup and appointment with what seemed to be the only estimator they have on staff. But we were not in any hurry so I booked the appointment a week from that day. On the day of the appointment the estimator contacts me saying he needs to reschedule because he is not near my area and probably won't be able to make our appointment on time, if at all. Seeing as how I took time off work specifically for the appointment I was a bit upset, but then he offered to come out on that weekend on Saturday at 9:00 am. I agreed and we made a verbal appointment for that day instead. Fast forward to Saturday and about a half hour past the appointment time, he has not shown up yet. I give him a call, send an email and send a text to his cell. No response until later that afternoon. That's when he tells me that he forgot to move the appointment on his calendar to Saturday and also tells me he went out of town at the last minute and there was nothing he could do. Well if that's how this company wants to do business I certainly don't want them moving my stuff! I told him we will be taking our business elsewhere. Really poor way to do business and poor customer service in my opinion!
- Jessica B.

I decided to use a moving consultant to coordinate our move from Seattle to Hawaii. Unfortunately, they connected me me to Lincoln. I have made 2 long distance moves in the past and something is always damaged or lost, but this self-financed move resulted in significantly more damaged and missing items. I will give them credit for not breaking a piece of china or glassware. But they totally made inoperable a $1500 kitchen cart, a world globe ($400) and did significant damage to a $1500 glass display cabinet that may not be repairable. Oh, and the smashed $150 floral display and the crushed/missing Stieffel lampshades. But that is only part of the story. What I also found objectionable was the hidden billing practices of this company, which were not evident until after the account was closed. When I first entered into a storage agreement with them, I was aware of the upfront valuation charge (hundreds of dollars just to set up an account) as well as the monthly valuation charge for storage. What they failed to disclose was that they had added on an additional fee at the outset which was not disclosed or billed to the account until after the final autopay had been paid.
- Paul B.

I would advise against using Lincoln Moving and Storage for a move. Of the many times that I have had moving companies move my stuff, they inflicted more scratches, scuffs and chips on the furniture than any other movers. A glass topped coffee table had a long scratch in the glass. The glass is pretty tough so it would almost have to be deliberate to make a scratch like that. A teak bedroom set among other pieces didn't fare very well either.
- Tom J.

Never use this company! My mother used them. They were hired to move her home by my mothers case manger as she is considered a vulnerable adult. She is also assigned a caregiver who is there 4 hours a day. 1. They came an hour late. and they took long to move. So long my caregiver had to leave my mother alone to finish the move because her hours were up and she had to pick up her child from daycare. 2. They caused damage when they moved her items. 3. The movers pressured her into signing a release by telling her they would not leave until she signed it. 4. They did not respond to my moms calls about the damage 5. When my mom had her case manger call them. They denied the damage and then said she signed a release ( a vulnerable adult cannot signed legal documents). I will be getting an estimate and possibly suing them in small claims court. BEWARE! Don't use them! they will damage your property and then deny it!
- Comiera B.

We used Lincoln and the multitude of subcontractors who actually shipped our items from the Seattle area to England. We got a quote which seemed reasonable and the rep was very nice. We booked them in but after the packing the final price was about an extra 40% from the quote. By this time our belongings were in transit and they said nothing could be done as it was then subcontracted to Atlas and already on the way. The whole point of getting a quote and showing the rep everything we were taking was to get an accurate quote. We ended up paying thousands more and didn't have a choice but to pay it unless we didn't want to see our items again. When our shipment arrived, and we unpacked we then found out what a terrible job they'd done packing. Some examples... 1) The removable leaf extensions on our dining table weren't removed making the heavy table super heavy, so much so that when the table was delivered, it was knocked and damaged as the delivery guys could barely lift it. 2) Precious oil paintings (which I clearly said were precious when we had our quote - sentimental not monetary) were not even wrapped but slid down the side of a large dish pack box along with various items, including a candelbra from my grandparents - which also wasn't wrapped and got damaged in the move. BUT, in the same box, some plastic food wrapping bags WERE wrapped. 3) The dish pack boxes which are heavy when empty were so overloaded that they could barely be lifted. One of the boxes contained, amongst other items, two heavy glass cake plates, 10 china dinner plates, 10 china salad plates, 10 china cups, 10 china saucers, 10 china bowls - you get the idea - plus heavy BBQ items 4) Boxes were incorrectly labelled so we found it difficult to find items, or just labelled totes. In a box marked hats, we had chair cushions, in a box marked cushions we had something else. 5) Some of our items were shoved into boxes and so were bent or squished. 6) We clearly said we were shipping two bikes but they didn't bring any bike boxes with. We had to source these ourselves on the day of the move. 7) They also knew we had many paintings, and they didn't bring ANY picture/mirror boxes. They used the ones we already had sourced, and when these ran out - see above, they shoved the paintings down the side of a dish pack box. 8) They stuck packing tape to the front of our desk and ripped off the veneer, permanently damaging it. In summary, I WOULD NOT recommend this company. We're happy we have our items, but we did have to make some claims on the insurance, all down to the poor packing.
- Blah B.

“superb moving and storage job” . . . “on time, careful, cooperative, and patient” . . . “they went the extra mile”
- Seattle Preparatory School

. . . “second to none” . . . “willingness to exceed customer expectations” . . . “commitment to quality performance” . . . “one of the best Seattle moving companies” . . . .
- Boeing

I would highly recommend Lincoln Moving. Not only were they competitive on price, they were incredibly helpful in training our employees on how to prepare for the move. Key staff responsible for the move found Lincoln’s people to be friendly, organized and willing to go the extra mile to ensure a smooth move for our organization. We hope not to move again soon, but when we do, we’ll use Lincoln Moving again.
- Anne

I am in the process of closing out the IT Move project your move on 1/12 supported. I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for your excellent assistance with this effort. I appreciate all of your hard work, planning, and smooth execution of the move portion of this effort. You and your team provided my project with excellent customer service and executed one of the smoothest moves I have managed. Thank you again for all your planning and assistance. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again if future IT move needs arise.
- Jared

If any of your clients are looking for a company to help out with their move or tenant improvements, Lincoln Moving and Storage is a great option! They worked with us during our tenant improvements and they were excellent! Very attentive to any needs, concerns or questions I had. Their work was fast and reliable and they were very clean.
- Washington Partners

We’re still waiting for all the dust to settle, but by far and away, this was the smoothest move I’ve ever been a part of and for a move the size we did, we all deserve a pat on the back! Your crews were friendly and helpful and kept a positive attitude throughout the whole experience. It was also impressive to see that you took feedback from the last move seriously and re-strategized aspects of this move to avoid any previous pitfalls. Our team had very positive feedback about your team today and our customers are very happy with the move results. Thank you again for all your hard work and your willingness to go above and beyond to help us be successful. We could not have done it without you.
- Children’s Hospital

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