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Quality of service: 1,5 ⭐
Punctuality: 3,5⭐
Accuracy of Estimate: 4 ⭐
Professionalism according to customers’ reviews: 2,3⭐

✓ Trusted Mover

About La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company

Whether your moving needs are a few boxes or a complete four-bedroom home, our crew handles your belongings with intense care. Just as your business is priceless to us, your possessions are priceless to us as well, and you can be assured that with so many years of expert packing, handling and transporting, your possessions are in safe hands.
If you find yourself in need of temporary storage, La Rosa Del Monte can take care of that as well. We will arrange to have the shipment placed into temporary storage at one of our full-service moving and storage facilities strategically located in major markets throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. This service gives our clients greater flexibility and the comfort of knowing their possessions are being stored in a secure and modern warehouse facility.

  • Full Service Moving Company – Door-to-Door Service
  • Shipping by Surface, Sea, and Air
  • Professional Staff with experience in the Moving Industry
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Warehouse Facilities are our Own and have 24-hour Security
  • Modern Communications Network
  • Modern, Secure Storage Facilities
  • Remotely monitored security surveillance systems – 24 hour
  • Annual plumbing, electrical, fire systems compliance checks

Moving-Me about La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company

La Rosa Del Monte is famous for a 50-year history of success stories that range from small apartment moves to celebrity mansion moves. They are ready to perform any kind of moves from a “just around the block” move to an “across the globe move.” What makes them stand out from the crowd that many of their customers are repeat clients, and many more are referrals from satisfied clients. With professionalism and performance at the cornerstone of every La Rosa Del Monte move, their certified moving experts have an unfaltering commitment to excellence and top-of-the-line personalized service.

La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company Licenses & Certificates

La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. To legitimately operate within the State of New York, La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company is required to have a valid New York State Department of Transportation license (NYDOT). La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company apart from others in the industry.
ICC MC number: 134689
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)
US D.O.T: 025982
(US Department of Transportation number)
Local State License: not provided
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What is La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company cost?

Be ready that the average interstate moving costs will be around $2100. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

La Rosa Del Monte Moving Company Reviews

The absolute worst!!!! Was late on pick up and and delivery. Lost time for work waiting around and then said would adjust by $25.00 after already adjusting for $25.00 the day before expected delivery! If I good give negative stars I would because this has sucked the excitement out of our move. NEVER USE THIS BUSINESS! shandy and unreliable!
- C H.

My stuff got picked up august 1 from Puerto Rico to Dallas, TX. To this day October 13, I'm still waiting for my stuff to get here. I call every week and they tell me a different story. I lost all credibility to this company. My advise, pay extra with another company and get your stuff on time and safely. They promise and don't deliver, their excuse is that is on the contract, they are not responsible for how long it takes or even if there's any damage (the sales man never mentioned any of this).. Oh and their intial quote was $1,750 and at the end end was $2,100I hope my stuff gets here eventually but I highly doubt it
- Alexandra A.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Do yourself a favor. To start with on moving day they were supposed to arrive in the morning but did not get to our building until 4PM. Because of this they didn't finish until very late and our building fined us $200. They didn't care even though it was their fault that they were 6 hours late. They didn't provide a contract - we signed the papers that showed the boxes and the items that were packed but no contract to show for it. Upon delivery, they presented a contract that we had NEVER seen or signed. They told us that we had to pay an extra $250 on delivery for interest and some other bogus charges. When I tried to fight it, they refused to deliver our stuff. Finally, they broke one of my favorite items and I have no recourse. They insisted that they didn't break it. They aren't trustworthy at all. Sooo disappointed!
- Michelle V.

If you want to receive your items broken, go ahead and use them. I really don't know how these people are in business. And don't think you'll get reimbursed for any damages either. Stay far away and find a reputable company, for this is not it.
- Jen M.

As a veteran who's moved a lot and used many different moving companies, this is a nightmare! I chased them for 3 days in order for them to give me a quote. While I shopped around and called them back to finalize the move, it took me 5 days for them to call me back with a different quote. I accepted since they did have a better price. We agreed on moving on a Friday. I'm sitting around waiting on them on Friday, frightened because my storage closes at 6pm. I call and ask for the manager and they claim he'd be in 45 minutes. I called 40 minutes later, CLOSED. Am supposed to leave the area on Monday and now I have 2 days to move my furniture. WORST NIGHTMARE MOVING COMPANY!!!
- Daniel R.

I hired la rosa del monte to move my belongings from poughkeepsie, ny, to ocala florida, and i was asked by them to buy a 175.00 insurance to cover whatever, they won't cover, so i went ahead and bough it. when the made the delivery, one of the things they packed was broken, and after they left,, we started to unpack the rest of the boxes, and found out, that there was no a box, that didn't have one or two things broken, I called them, and told them about, and I was told, that they weren't responsible for what have happened. I will advice any one that is going to move, not to hire la rosa del monte, they are a very bad company to deal with, they are vey irresponsible and deshonest people to do buisness with.
- Arcadio D.

Worst shipping company. I was quoted for a certain price to move my items from Dominican Republic to Miami, and once my items arrived in Miami, they raised the price and told me to either to pay up or have my items confiscated by them. To everyone considering this company, don't use them. Find other ways to ship your belongings. These are dishonest, unprofessional and hard people to deal with.
- Amin T.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! I moved from Florida to ny they came on time to do the pick up and told me it would take two weeks for my furniture to get to my new home. 2 weeks go by now going on 3 I call they don't know where my things are located. They tell me they will call me back that never happens. Basically I had to chase them for 2 months to finally get a bs call that they called the wrong number in which they said was on the receipt so I thought ok understandable but........ When I look at my copy of the receipt guess what??? It was my number indeed they lie and bs you over and over. I finally got my furniture 2 months later and thank god nothing was broken. The customer service was the worst I ever experienced. I would never use or recommend this awful company to anyone. I posted a review on their site and now on here to help others not make the chose I made. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I don't even want to give them a star but it won't post otherwise.
- Smadar P.

This was by far the worst experience with a company I have ever had in my life. I was completely taken advantage of from the beginning. I had a short move from Miami to Atlanta and it took over a month for my things to arrive. They changed the pick up date one day before it was scheduled which was very inconvenient. I was charged for something new every single time I contacted them. The employees were rude on the phone often talking over me and not letting me finish sentences. They bulk up many orders in a giant truck so when it arrived it did not fit in the building. Their solution to this problem was to make me rent a Uhaul on top of all the extra charges I received. They refused to help me bring the items upstairs after that and many of my belongings were broken including a very time consuming piece of artwork I made that I spent a lot of money to get extra bubble wrapped. Bottom line is, they do not care about their clients and will use your belongings as a way to get every penny they can squeeze out of you. Do not trust this company.
- Erica T.

This company SUCK! Dont use this company, they do not care about your stuff and will not keep their word. We talk about picking my stuff on a specific date but never showed up. I had to pay a full month on a storage unit because this company LRDM never did what they said they where going to do, wen we call them they said that they had to wait until more costumers requiere their services around my area so they could come and get my stuff WTF!!! We already had talked about where i was at and the day i needed my things gone. I was already in another state and had to call a friend so he could help me and pay for the storage unit since they would not take payment over the phone. NEVER AGAIN I WILL HIRE THIS COMPANY.
- Jose C.

Recently used this company to move. The guys were professional very nice. Because of elevator problems in my building the job ran over the estimated quoted amount. I would still recommend the workers I had.
- M M.

Absolutely Horrible! These people were suppose to pick up my things on the 14th of December, but they never showed up! I got a phone call at the end of the day stating that they had an emergency inspection for the truck and that they couldn't make it!! My apartment lease ended the next day and I was assured they would be there at 9am and I asked my building for more move out time and I reserved the only elevator again for a 9am move out. I got a call at 10am stating that there was traffic on i95 and that he didnt know if he was going to make it! After a lot of arguing with him and his office (who took his side again, I think they're related to the owners), the man showed up with his son at the end of the day. I had a king tempurpedic mattress that I asked them to crate and they refused. They wrapped it in paper and then created a thin box around it. My bed just arrived to my home in Puerto Rico and it is completely destroyed because of the way they wrapped it. I have moved this bed with Rosa del monte from PR 3 times and it always gets to the states perfectly! Now I have to fight for them to pay me for a new bed and I will take this to court if need be. That bed was extremely expensive and I will not let them get away with it. The BBB is my next call. Stay away!
- Rosa O.

Worst Company. They picked up my stuff in Puerto Rico to deliver to VA over 2 months ago and haven't heard a thing about it and no one will contact me from the company. My husband and I are moving across the country at the end of the month and having our stuff picked up on Dec 11. Are they going to ship our stuff out to Oregon on their dime since they were late? Of course not. They left me with no tracking number and didn't put any of my contact information into their system. Enjoy all my belongings Rosa del monte, because I'm sure I'll never see them again.
- Angie B.

This company is a SCAM! Do not let them rob you of your money, they have the absolute worst customer service and treat you with such disrespect when you call to ask them about everything they ruined, if they even bother to pick up the phone that is. ALL they do is send you back and forth, no one is in charge apparently and you just have to call every single office and pray someone picks up and has some knowledge and respect to speak to you. They damaged all of my items and lost my boxes and don't even have the decency to speak to me OR to repay me from an insurance I purchased to protect myself from this type of thing, they are the worst. NO USEN ESTÁ COMPAÑÍA, SE VAN ARREPENTIR. Gave one star because that's the lowest it can go but they deserve to go out of business, I am in shock at how this company works.
- Laura N.

After contacting Mr. Rodriguez, I was informed that the new delivery date was August 15th. Today, August 14th, they called to give me another pitiful excuse of why they will not be able to deliver this week. It's taken them two months to deliver a moving shipment from Florida to Missouri. Yet no one takes responsibility or offer any type of compensation. Save yourself the headache and go read their reviews on BBB.
- Virmarie A

STAY AWAY FROM THIS OFFICE THE COMPANY IS GOOD JUST NOT THIS LOCATION !!!!!! HAVE TO GIVE IT A STAR BECAUSE IT NEEDED IN ORDER TO LEAVE THE REVIEW IT DOESN'T EVEN DESERVE THE ONE STAR ‍ Where do i start , first thing its a SHAME THAT SUCH A REPUTABLE MOVING COMPANY allows this office to remain open , they are in seriously need of new office management i was told that the the manager of that location is the son of the founder and i was horrified by knowing that this office runs the way it does , the customer service from answering the phones to the delivery techs not all of them but more than one its a problem , when you call they take a message they are able to give you information on when it will be delivered the manifest got there about 2 weeks ago and still now delivery date , they give you an general email to inquire information an email that was never returned. not doubting the company had great experience with the NY office more than 10 years ago and the Miami office has bad reviews and for a reason .
- Valerie V.

This company is a SET UP for a SCAM! Do not spent a cent on your money, DO NOT. Starting with their policies which where totally false, spoke with a man named Rodney who told me to pay a the most overprized guarantee policy just in case. However the guarantee i spent in, was a total waste of money because when the boxes came in many valueble pieces were destroyed. I've been trying to contact them various times, but yet again I go straight on hold, or even worst, voicemail. This should me consider even ilegal to be scamming people so lightly, if a company guarantees moving your furniture safetly then they should at least pay for the damages of the moving goes wrong ( like mine did), instead they offer me $150 to repay all the damages that will never sum up $150. This company is a joke, thats why i invite all those who like me, have been scam, to recollect receipts are persue legal actions.
- Natalie H.

My parents used this company to move from Florida to Texas. The parents do not speak English and they don't use Yelp either. The only way anyone can fall in the trap of hiring this awful scheme. It's been 4 weeks since they promptly picked up my parents entire home but obviously they still have no idea where everything is or when it will arrive. Obviously this review will not help anyone because they are not scamming people who use Yelp. They scam those who don't know better. NO USE ESTA EMPRESA
- Jose F.

I wish I could give this company a zero star but Yelp won't take it. Dishonest sales people. Actual movers are thieves. I have 2 bad experiences with RDM. In 2008, they moved me from PR to Houston and the movers stole by Apple electronics. In 2019, they scammed my mother by accepting a credit card for down payment at time of pickup and then refused to accept the same card in order to schedule the delivery. Patricia Bonilla never told us verbally or in writing that the delivery was cash only for payment. I called the offices and spoke to 4 different people who either refuse to give their name over the phone or simply don't care to help or resolve any client grievances. Exceptionally bad service. Do not recommend to anyone, not even evil people.
- Maite C.

I also wish I could give this crappy company a zero, so many promises and everything was a huge fraud in every way possible. I even read the bad reviews first and I let them know, but they said that it was all made up to ruin their reputation..... Wow, my pictures speak for themselves, they said they were going to be extremely careful with my China, (BOXES were identified as so) and I'm sure no one knew how to read, ufffff, I could keep going on and on, but not worth my valuable time anymore....
- Sony Q.

After picking up my grandmother's furniture to bring to me in Atlanta, I received a call that they were in our neighborhood but unable to deliver our furniture to our home because their truck was unable to make one of the turns in the neighborhood. They were approximately 1/3 of a mile away from our house and there is nothing wrong with making this turn. Large trucks make it all the time. Furthermore, there is another route to go in order to avoid this turn but they told us they "didnt have time." Frantically, my husband drove in his card to find them and guide them, but they were not interested in anything other than unloading our furniture on the street or "a pickup truck." It was a dark rainy night 1/3 mile from our house. In a panic, we had to have a neighbor with a pick up truck come out to meet us and the minute these movers saw him coming, they immediately starting unloading all of our heavy boxes into the pick up truck and peeled off, leaving us to fend for ourselves. Our much older neighbor then had to help us carry all of the boxes from our driveway into our home on a dark and rainy night. Picking up one of the boxes, we realized that the glass top table of a coffee table was completely shattered. It had not been properly wrapped and the box was not properly taped so glass shards were sticking out of the box, cutting both myself as well as my husband when we picked it up in the dark. The table is completely ruined and there were shards of glass all over our neighbor's truck. The whole thing was a disaster in every way. They did not care about any of this and gave us $50 for our troubles since we had not bought their high insurance package.
- Jenna S.

We got off to a great start, then got rocky, then ended well. Considering the many bad reviews they have, I figured I would leave a review of what was (in the end) a positive outcome. The Colombian fellow who goes for the initial quote is a charmer, all is rosy and you schedule pick up date and it all seems to run smoothly. Then comes the part where I struggled whether to leave 4/3 stars or less: based on the terrible reviews, I took the precaution of calling and confirming my pick up ONE WEEK EARLIER. All was good and we confirmed. I AGAIN took the precaution of calling to confirm day before the pick up... low and behold, they were going to cancel (I called! They didn't) because a truck broke down day before. So when was I going to find out? (Next morning as I waited for them) Were they going to reimburse my $250 elevator fee? (No) were they going to make up my day that I took off from work?(No) I could Not Believe them! I had a contract from like a month earlier! I called previous week, why would they do this! Do they really not care about the humans they are servicing? I can't take another day off... I'm MOVING! unbelievable. I had to negotiate that I was now taking less things, not all the furniture they had quoted originally, so the one truck could probably fit the stuff I was now taking along with another move... I had to beg for them to come on the scheduled date... it came down to the wire. In the end, they agreed to come only because I had barely any furniture now going and it was mostly boxes. They were there early, they were good with my things, I did transport a bed and a spin bike and everything made it to PR in good condition. They said 4-6 weeks, which was perfect for beginning of month, my rental, my arrival. Two weeks later I got a call that it had all arrived and needed to be delivered next day- oh dear, here we go again! The new issue: It was before first of the month (actually, day before thanksgiving so if I said no, I'd be forced to leave it there through holiday weekend) and they were going to charge for the storage until apartment was available on the first. Again, I lucked out that my landlord allowed the delivery a week earlier. I had to scramble to get family in PR to deal with the delivery way ahead of schedule. I have no qualms with the delivery itself - everything got there in perfect condition. So my takeaway: they suck at logistics; are inconsiderate as to the impact on us, the person who's moving, the fact that we are paying an elevator fee, remarking a day off, renting a new place, availability and the logistics of having to get people to receive the move when they are delivering so much time in advance to the window they provide... not their problem! The number they pulled on the actual pick up... that I found out they planned on cancelling when I called to just confirm the evening of day before! Even though I'd confirmed just the previous week! That I had to accommodate them so that they could do what they assured me they would do! I still feel the tension and knot in my stomach just thinking about it. But I'll at least give them the kudos for being good to my things and delivering every single item and nothing broke. Such are the times we live in and shitty service these companies provide that even what should be standard, we are surprised to actually get and feel compelled to compliment. SMH
- Lourna M. M.

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