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About Kings Van Lines

With years’ experience in the moving industry, the skilled professionals at the moving company will carefully wrap and protect your belongings, efficiently load the truck, and safely ship your items to your new home for a timely delivery. For quality moving services and affordable rates, Kings Van Lines is the right choice for your relocation.

Moving-Me about Kings Van Lines

You can count on the moving company to help you with your local moves, long distance moves, and commercial moves. Or you can even hire them to move a specialty item for you. You can inquire about budget according to your packers and movers need.

Kings Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number:  527166

US D.O.T: 1382913

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: PUC # 190069

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What is Kings Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $5500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Kings Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Kings Van Lines Reviews

Sean and David were fantastic movers. They took great care in wrapping all the furniture in blankets and ensuring all boxes were in good condition to move, all while being in good spirits for a longer than expected afternoon. They went above and beyond in helping my particular situation out and I am eternally grateful for their good spirits. I would definitely use them again and am looking forward to recommending them to my friends in the future.
- Glory A.

Nice guys--Carlos, Billy, and Vladimir were nice and professional. Got my stuff in and out quickly. Make sure you have a full idea of everything you want to ship, because they will go off cubic feet and not weight (like I thought). The guys who moved the stuff were nice, but make sure you really do push them to let you know exactly what they'll be charging on. Double check what they consider large, medium and small sized boxes, additional cubic feet, etc. The actual movers get 5 stars; iffy guidance on the front end (particularly not mentioning the part about charging by cubic feet--and not weight, which is what they push in their advertising) gets 2 stars. Averages out to a 3.5 star overall, but I'm rounding up.
- Crystal H.

Excellent service!!!!!!! The guys were very friendly! I would recommened them to everyone I know. There in and out in no time at all. From the point of contact with Alicia to the pick up with Vladimier, Billy and Carlos they in my eyes are very customer oriented. I thought moving was going to be a big hassle but these guys made it so easy. Keep up the great work guys!
- Manny P.

I have not had an overall excellent experience with Kings Van Lines! While the guys Sean, Gio and Juan were all perfect gentlemen and awesome to work with in the beginning, the process of working with King Van Lines after they pick up your items has been very difficult. I moved from California to Kentucky and my items have yet to arrive in Kentucky. It is over their "up to 21 business days" of promised delivery and the customer service of trying to find out information about my belongings has been horrible compared to the service I received when my items were picked up and packed. Unfortunately, I cannot give this company great ratings on just the friendliness and effectiveness of the guys who picked up my items since the experience after hasn't been. I would definitely recommend spending the extra money to go with a more helpful/reputable company that will ensure you have a great experience from beginning to end.
- August S.

Today was move day and Kings no showed no called. We called several times and not a single call was returned. WORST MOVING COMPANY EVER! What company completely bails on move day?THIS ONE!!!! NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!! I'm a patient person and understand mistakes happen but for an 8am scheduled pickup time and no returned call ALL DAY LONG is completely unacceptable. I wish I could give zero stars.
- Sarah E.

These movers came in with happy spirits Made me feel less stressed during a move . They was ready fast and very patient. They handled all the items with care .. I most def will use them again and def recommend them awesome job guys and thanks again !!
- Bella M.

I just would like to start by saying I'm 52 years old and this is not my first cross-country move I'm moving now from San Diego California to West Palm Beach Florida I was very skeptical and scared of it but thanks to Alicia Richard Travis and Sean walking me through every step making me comfortable and feeling like they're very professional and care about what they do I have to say it's five-star all the way!
- Frank P.

Sean and Giovanni were awesome movers! They made sure they had every item in the truck and inventoried in a short amount of time. Hoping to see everything in awesome conditions when it gets to location. The price was unbeatable and customer service has been perfect thus far!!
- Victoria E.

Wow I had an astounding and lovely involvement with Kings Van Lines mover! They were absolutely proficient, simple to work with furthermore extremely affable along the way. In the event that you have children they even make it a good time for them! Kings Van is a genuine professional mover and he will do everything conceivable to make it work. Try not to pass up a major opportunity!
- Matthew K.

It was a joy being moved by Kings Van Lines. My name is Shannon, and you may portray me as a masochist Type A. In the event that you fear moving, numerous your fear by 3, and you have my position on moving. I presenting a request online to get a quote to move our 4 room, in addition to office (3500 sq ft) home from Irvine, CA to Boston, MA. At first, I was immersed with calls since I didn't understand that my request would be disseminated to around 10 or more movers.
- Shannon Carmichael

I actually had a move scheduled with a different mover. The day of my scheduled move, they did not show up, and had conflicting excuses. In a panic, I called Kings Van Lines, and thought they would surely not be able to accommodate my pick up the same day. But, they did... They showed up within 2 hours of my phone call, and performed the pick up as if they were prepared for it for weeks. The crew consisted of 3 very professional movers, and the tr
- Becky Callahan

Hi y'all. My name is Shannon and I recently moved my entire family including 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 3000 square feet of furniture to Boston. These guys did a great job loading packing unloading your price to and securing my stuff. After comparing their price to other competitors, they came in we'll below. The price was solid and delivery was quick. If there was one negative thing about this whole experience, it was that I didn't book them sooner, because I had to compromise on a date. I was in contact with them over the course of a week and it kept telling me that their availability was getting limited but I thought it was just a sales pitch. It wasn't.
- Shannon Carmichael

This is a one man show!!. I was given a quote for 1000 cubic feet for relocation of my home furniture from CA to TX. Despite inspection and quote from 2 other companies, once they picked the goods, my invoice jumped from $5000 to $9500. Upon delivery of goods when I refused to sign on amount mentioned, David called me at threatened to call FBI and file a law suit on me. They bumped up prices on packing help and despite many ask and calling/emailing numerous times, i was never given a straight answer on how my estimate can shoot up by 60%. One man runs this company(David) who outsources this to another company(Leo moving) who finds a trucker to load stuff and this trucker will land up in your town and hire local day wagers to unload stuff. Beware...and be careful of Kings moving and never believe in their estimates. They will low ball to come out competitive and once they have your shipment, they will ring your credit card as they wish.
- Sam Aghi

I want to thank everyone at Kings Van Lines for the fabulous job they did moving my family from Los Angeles California to Dallas Texas. Robert was my sales guy and I want to say that he was so nice and patient with us even when we called him 3 times a day. He answered all our questions and helped us through the entire process. The day of the move came and and the movers arrived at 9 am to begin packing and moving a 4 bedroom home. They came in a tractor trailor with 4 men. The men who moved us were very nice and polite. They worked diligently throughout the day packing our boxes and wrapping our furniture. I have to say that these guys knew exactly what they were doing, they were professionals. By 8:30 that night they had us packed and loaded. We signed our paperwork and the movers left. Now it is 5 days later and the movers came and unloaded us yesterday. The put everything back together for us and unwrapped all the furniture. I couldnt be more happy with my mover of choice.
- Jason

They did a stand up job Kings Van Lines moved my family from California to Ohio in September, and I have to say they did an outstanding job. We were initially contacted via email by Chris, a sales rep at Kings Van Lines. After we received an email explaining their services, we called in to get a more specific moving quote. Chris was so great. He went over an inventory list with my wife and I, explained all of the services that were included and what we could add additionally ins. if we wanted to. We opted to add full value insurance coverage and packing of our china. We were so comfortable with everything that Chris told us, that we went ahead and placed our reservation. Chris assured us that our price was locked in and would not increase and that we had secured the dates that we requested for the move. We still had two weeks before the actual move was to take place. In that two week period, we made a few changes to our inventory and packing requests and Chris gladly helped. On the day of pickup, the driver called at 9am to let us know he would be arriving within the hour. When the movers arrived (three guys total) they were so nice and helpful. They did a great job packing our china and taking great care of our furniture as they loaded it onto the moving truck. The driver said he would be arriving in Ohio two days later and to plan accordingly. On the delivery end, the crew arrived about thirty minutes earlier than they had planned (which was great). They placed all of our furniture where we told them and even unpacked our china for us! Overall, we were so nervous about moving and we had heard so many horror stories about a long distance move. This was one of the best reliefs I have ever felt. I hope that anyone reading this will contact Kings Van Lines if you are moving and you will be very pleased. I cannot thank everyone at Kings moving enough. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
- Andre

My initial contact and contract process was wonderful. The men who picked up by items were fantastic and I felt very assured that my items would arrive in perfect shape. Sadly, this was not to be the case. A large dining room buffet had been wrapped in a blanket, stored upright on its end and both decorative ends of the buffet were badly damaged. I had been assured my items would be wrapped and placed together on a pallet and not separated during the trip. When the truck arrived at my home boxes had to be located and many other items were placed on top of my items. When the buffet was being lifted off the truck I heard it land on the curb but until it was in the house I wasn't able to see the damage. I looked in the snow and did find a few small pieces that I hope a craftsman will be able to use to repair the item. The driver was pleasant and apologetic but I felt I needed to pass this along.
- Pat

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! THEY WILL LOSE YOUR ITEMS!!! I used this moving company for an out of state move.Here are the reasons I would not recommend this company. 1) I was clear to the Alicia, who took my reservation, that I had a FULL 10 x 10 storage space to be moved. The truck arrived already 3/4 full. Needless to say, there was not enough room for all my belongings. They claimed that I misquoted, yet THEY are moving company. They should know how much space a 10 x 10 storage unit takes. 2) I was quoted one price, the actual price came to DOUBLE. DOUBLE!!!! 3) During the pick up of my items, the foreman, Sean, was on his cell phone a good majority of the time taking personal calls. His conversations were very loud to be heard by all. This added to the time it took to load all items, which took four hours. 4) The final delivery truck arrived at the destination about 5pm. Unloading could not begin until 7:30pm as we waited for more crew to arrive. Unloading took 2 hours, in which I was then rushed to sign paperwork so the crew could leave as it was almost 10pm at night. I was not able to take inventory until the next morning because of being "rushed" to sign. (I realize now I should not have let them leave until inventory was taken). 5) Despite all this, I was still okay with this company, until inventory was taken. TWO boxes were missing. One box, a very large TV-sized box, was very important to me. This boxed was purchased at Home Depot and meant to hold a flat panel TV, or picture frames or mirrors. I think most people use that box for TV’s, and movers know this, because that is the box that "mysteriously" disappeared. A VERY LARGE BOX THAT SAYS "TV" ON THE OUTSIDE IS ONE OF THE BOXES MISSING!! Very suspicious in my mind. 6) I called first thing the next morning and reported the boxes missing. I asked to speak to a manger. No manager was available at the time. 7) A manager returned my call FOUR days later. I spoke to Amanda, who was extremely defensive and rude the entire time. I told her that only two things could have happened to that large TV box: a) It was accidentally placed in another delivery, and if that is the case, I asked that the clients who had items near mine on the pick up truck, the transition zone, and the delivery truck be contacted and asked if they had an extra box that says "TV" on it. Amanda refused to contact those clients, claiming my box never existed and that her company never misplaces or mixes items up. b) The box was stolen by a member of the company, possibly thinking they were getting a flat panel TV. If that is the case, I asked that each employee that handled by items on the pick up truck, the transition zone and the delivery truck be investigated. She refused to attempt that saying her company is honest and no one would do that. Obviously, those are the only two things that could have happened to my missing box. 8) Even though the box was a TV box, there was no TV in there. (so the joke is on them, whoever stole it). However, what was in that box was more precious to me than anything. The box was filled with picture frames and pictures. Many of them were original art done by my mother who no longer is living. I would have moved this box myself, however it was too large to put in my car. I trusted this company to do its job with integrity. (I will never do that again!) 9) I told Amanda that I could have lied about the contents of the box, claiming it was a 60" plasma flat panel TV. (The inventory sheet filled out by the foreman even says "TV"). I didn’t, though. I told her exactly what was in the box and that I just want my items back. She was very defensive of her company, showing no sympathy to my lost items. She could not even see the possibility. 10) I reported to their claim company immediately. Months later, I heard back. They are giving my $42 for my loss. Like FOURTY-TWO DOLLARS can replace the irreplaceable!! 11) I was very unimpressed with the lack of professionalism from this company. If you used this company and received a TV box full of picture frames, please return them to me. They will do you no good. If you stole this box thinking it was a TV, return my items PLEASE!! I will not press charges. I just want my memories back.
- Suman D.

Sean and Juan were fabulous. We were very pleased with all of their hard work to help us move across the country! Defiantly consider them for your move!
- Julia M.

Sean and his team did an excellent job packing and loading our mom’s apartment. The took great care to cover all the furniture with blankets, taped the blankets up so they would not shift, loaded the truck to minimize the volume consumed by the goods, were careful with all the furniture and boxes, and were friendly and cheerful the whole time.
- Richard H.

Hi Amazing service!! A friend of mind told me about things in that business that I should be aware of like moving company’s tell you one price on than phone and than at the move the price go up and up as you go.. We’ll, I called kings van lines and I got a quote with a good price, happily I paid the same as They told me, and the move was very professional. Thanks guys you did my move very easy!
- Nir D.

Sean and Sergio were awesome! They saved me money and even were able to fit more items than I was originally quoted for! I highly recommend Kings Van Lines and Sean and Sergio, they made the process extremely easy and we’re professional and outstanding! Thanks guys!
- Travis K.

This was my first time using a moving company and this was the best decision I could have ever made. I had a GREAT experience with Kings Van Lines . From the time I requested a quote until the last box was delivered, it has been nothing short of amazing. I requested a quote online. The very next day I spoke with Starr. She was patient and very helpful with preparing me for the move. Once I was ready to book, I spoke with Alysa. She too was very helpful. I was able to get the desired moving date and time within a short timeframe. The movers called me when they were in route. They were punctual and arrived ready to move. After loading up the first house we arrived to the new house. They were just as energized as they were when they first arrived. Honestly, I felt bad because the new home had several steps. They were extremely professional, effective, and efficient. They had positive attitudes, hard working spirits, never complained, and even assured me they were okay. I can not express how pleased I am with this move. Great services goes a long way and this is exactly what Kings Van Lines possess. The staff was very personable, helpful, professional, effective, and efficient. They helped make this move into my new home a seamless and stress-free process. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
- Romario R.

Had a great experience with Alicia on setting up the time line & estimate for moving furniture from our storage unit here in San Diego, with a delivery to my brother’s house in Cincinnati. Very nice, professional & straightforward. She called my brother so he knew what was going on. Communications opened and accessible at all times. Sean called to let me know when they were on their way to San Diego and approximately how long it would take them to meet me at the storage unit. He called again about 45 minutes before they arrived & I was able to meet them at the storage site. I didn’t have to wait long (about 5 minutes) when they showed up. They introduced themselves and proceeded to get to work. Sean and Giovanni were/are a great working team! They took extra care of my furniture taking the pieces from the storage unit to the truck and loading all items safely, and methodically. Safety a priority, asked me questions and listened. Fun to work with but very professional at all times. Would DEFINITELY recommend Kings Van Lines along with Sean AND Giovanni to anyone who is moving. I am very confident that my brother will have just as good an experience when he receives his furniture as I did working with Sean and Giovanni packing everything on this end! Thanks again Sean and Giovanni!
- Elizabeth C.

Sean and Giovanni are the bomb!! They were professional and efficient. They Handled everything with care and were very enjoyable every step of the way. We would recommend these guys for any size move. Also shopped around for competitive pricing and you can’t beat these guys. Alicia was also great to work with before the move!
- Magie B.

Not a happy customer. Beware! Don’t count on receiving your shipment in a timely manner. Our family moved from CA to FL on 07/16/15. We gave notice on 07/27/15 that we would be in our new home on 08/01/15. Over 4 weeks now and we’re still sleeping on the floor, living out of suitcases, and eating off of paper plates. My children wake up in the middle of the night because their backs hurt. What is taking these guys so long? Apparently our stuff has been on a truck in Texas for a week. This has been a terrible customer service experience. I just hope when our furniture finally does arrive there is no damage.
- Scott D.

Absolutely the worst moving company that we encountered and not to be TRUSTED The price was competitive for an interstate move but the pick up portion was very rushed by this Sean rep/mover on June 15th and delivery date was set for first week of July. After numerous calls to the original sales rep Alycia Benjamin and their receptionist Amanda which was very rude and everything was according to their rules of delivery with zero customer service including their warehouse Manger Issac they finally delivery our 420 cubic feet of precious belongings and personal private business records 38 days later by 2 Russian drivers from NYC All said these guys tried the switch game with a missing wardrobe 003 box wirh some of our best suits ,artwork artwork highly sensitive personal tax information with someone else’s box that looked similar but NOT ours The other two wardrobe boxes were smashed in half and repackaged by this Issac which he admitted We are now dealing with their insurance company They want nothing to do with us and trying to find the missing box
- Robert O.

WARNING TO CONSUMERS: This company is owner by Izhak Ohayon and uses many different company names and there are hundreds of complaints of theft and pilferage. They continue to do business by changing ownership and the business name. I used them to move me from La Jolla, CA to Austin, TX. Once my belongings were packed in CA, the problems began with no communication and unexplained delays. When they finally showed up in Texas, over half of my boxes were "missing" and the others had been opened and pilfered through. When I questioned the movers their only response to the situation was "I don’t know." I had them call the owner and they offered no explanation, made no attempt to rectify the situation and became indignant that I was questioning them about lost items. The inventory list that they created and had given me a copy of in California when they did the pick up, clearly showed more than half of the boxes were not present. I suffered thousands of dollars in losses. I immediately contacted the Austin Police department while the movers were still onsite and discovered that consumers have no recourse other than to file a police report, which I did. I escalated my complaints to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that collects complaints for household goods moving companies and they confirmed that other than making complaints, there is nothing that can be done. These moving companies are aware there is no policing in this industry and disreputable companies like this one, abuse the system and go unpunished.
- Pat E.

Sean and richard where great to work with. He was very up beat and help keep the stress level of moving down. They took great care of our stuff and and was very concerned about it getting to its destination in one piece. I can say if you are moving give them a call they work hard and make the customer there first priority. Also a few laughs to keep everyone in a good mood.
- Brad W.

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