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About Kerb

We envisioned a moving company built on honesty and integrity, with experienced professionals that care about its customers, who are already in a vulnerable and stressful position. No matter how big or simple a move may be, we stand behind each and every customer. There is no distance to far or effort to great to preserve good will and our reputation.

Moving-Me about Kerb

The company was established in 2017. Reliable & experienced moving team you can trust with your belongings – Insurance for your household goods and vehicles – No double drive time fee – 7 days/week support from our relocation specialists – Guaranteed prices and rates that include no hidden fees.

Kerb Licenses & Certificates

Kerb is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 1014839

US D.O.T: 3234695

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Kerb cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Kerb is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Kerb Reviews

Kerb was on time, friendly, with excellent rates. I truly appreciated all their hard work and attention to detail. We have a couple pieces of very large furniture that didn't get scratched or the walls for that matter. There isn't a single criticism I can think of to give them. They had the move under control the whole time. The day after our move I received an e-card thanking ME for my business. Lots of attention to detail from these guys. Really good customer service and hospitality.
- Tom Wood

Great for an Out of State Move It takes double the effort to get someone comfortably moved to a new state compared a new area of town. It costs double the price which is why I felt I needed to be much more careful when selected a company to handle our move. Kerb offered competitive rates and most importantly worked within our schedule. We didn't need try and squeeze into a day or time they had available. We knew when wanted to move and they were able to honor. A few highlights about this business: - Movers are very outgoing and work hard. No oddballs or kids trying to make extra money. They all were professional hard working guys with experience. - Rates were transparent. No fine print, gas fees or surprise charges - They didn't arrive on time... they arrived early. First time I've seen that! Moving out of state isn't easy but these guys made the best of it and we're thankful we hired them for the job.
- Tyler Franklin

Smooth Transition For us Kerb was a wise purchase. They really made our transition to the east coast possible and they also made it nearly stress free. I don't give many companies 5 stars reviews much at all but.... because this was a challenging move and they did such a good job I felt the need to give people some info on this great company. The most stressful part of moving out state for me was just finding the right business.
- steven byers

Great New Experience Review:- Haven't once dealt with a moving company like this. The quote is usually never the near the real price. They actually came to my place and did whats called an in home estimate so I could get a real price instead of some ball park figure that would likely change. Honest, hard working staff. This was a great new experience and much less stress than normal when doing a big move. Real happy I used my money towards Kerb and not one of other companies in the area I was considering
- Cerys O'Sullivan

Tough Time to Move but They Got it Done Thanks to Kerb we had a smooth move from Boston to Chicago. They were a pleasure to work with. Moving at this time was much trickier than usual with Covid 19 but these guys got it done and took extra precautious with face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. Also was given a great quote for the move by their staff. I'm completely aware of the price difference between local and long distance moves so before getting sticker shocked it's good to ask around and find a good idea of what a fair price is. Kerb offered a very fair price for company of their caliber. They came in before the move to check out the place and mapped out how they'd efficiently move things. Very professional with the way they wrapped and boxed my belongings. I would definitely use them again for a future move.
- Cherly Mason

Fabulous moving service Awesome service and great people. Got our items and cars in such a rapid and safe manner. Got all our items from California to Tennessee in perfect shape, we will highly recommend them to anyone looking for a long distance move.
- Edward Perez

Fragile Move Kerb was used to ship only extremely fragile stuff that I was uncomfortable handling myself. I thought it would be a wiser choice to have someone with professional experience handle it. Before confirming anything I called and asked if they could handle a move with just fragile items. Without hesitation and lots of confidence in the tone of the voice the gentleman over the phone said their movers have done many movers handling fragile items. They moved 3 vases, 2 chandeliers, dishware and a Glass coffee table for me with nothing chipping or scratching. They gave me a very reasonable rate for it to get to San Francisco and they got it there quickly too.
- Kavin O Brain

Quality over price In the past moving has typically been a stressful ordeal for me. Mainly because I usually went after the best deal instead of the best company. After using Kerb for the first time last week I can tell you from experience they're extremely reliable. The move was near perfect, better than most of the moves we've experienced in the past. They ended up just a few minutes late but made up for it by working quickly and arriving at our new home ahead of schedule. They went above and beyond dealing with challenges during the move. There was a lot of tight squeezed through doorways but they did a good job of not leaving any marks on the walls. Their customer service team was always around to speak with while the move was taking place.
- George Scott

100% worth the money spent I'd recommend Kerb to anyone moving out of state. I got the run around over and over when I was attempting to set up my move from Denever to Nashville. After our first conversation over the phone I felt much better about this business than all the others I spoke with. I feel like out of state moving is such a grey area to most moving companies. Many don't have much experience but claim they do. Kerb was clear on their pricing and very easy to work with. They handled all the heavy lifting and expedited the entire move from start to finish. There isn't a single negative comment I can think of about them. They made our transition smooth. I don't say this often about movers but these guys were worth the price.
- Alex Blackwell

Shipping the Stang while Moving My experience dealing with Kerb was great. We chose them because they handle auto shipping as well. We wanted a company that could do both. At first we thought we HAD to work with two different companies but when we found this business it just was much less of a headache. I have a vintage mustang that was passed down from my grandfather. I didn't want to drive to put a bunch of miles on it so I had Kerb ship it along with everything in my apartment from Sacramento to San Diego. They did a really good job with everything. The rate was bundled together and ended being slightly more affordable in comparison to working with two businesses. Customer service, the movers, the truck driver, everyone was very polite. Vehicle arrived in perfect shape. Moving Truck came just an hour later. Thanks for taking care of this for me.
- Kevin Nikolas

Very helpful when I first contacted them. Hands on and will leave you feeling satisfied with their service. Didn't take long for them to have everything packed, wrapped up and moved out in a timely fashion. Nothing was damaged and everything was placed exactly where we needed it to be into our new home. Definitely will be using their services again next time we move
- Keith M.

One of the best movers I've ever paid for, they were extremely well organized and had a whole system for packing all my belongings. They made sure that all the fragile items were packed correctly, to assure no damage to my belongings. Which is one of the key problems when it comes to moving, but I had no worries at all. All the workers were very friendly and answered all questions that I had, making my move from Seattle to Anaheim less stressful. If you are currently looking for a moving company, I suggest you to pick Kerb!! 10/10 recommend.
- Nicky T.

I am so impressed by the service I received from Kerb!!! I have actually never used a moving company before, but since my girlfriend was moving such a long ways from Seattle to LA, it made sense to pay someone to do it. But I never would have imagined that it would be such a smooth and easy experience. Whenever I have moved in the past, it was always a huge hassle and it was such a time consuming process to pack up all of my things so they wouldn't break, but these guys did it in basically no time and loaded all of the large and small stuff for me. After a week and a half, all of the stuff was delivered to LA with no issues. I would have to say that if you are doing a long move like my girlfriend, Kerb definitely provided me fast and reliable service and I would recommend it to anyone.
- Jonathan S.

This company is Amazing, we recently moved from Denver to California these guys did a great job from start to finish they were very understanding of our needs they also made the stress of moving less stressful, when we first called in for an inquiry they were very polite clear and responsive, on moving day the crew came on time they were fast, friendly, respectful and efficient also very careful with delicate items when wrapping all my furniture and made sure nothing was damaged they were just hard working and professional guys pricing was also affordable I highly recommend this movers thanks Kerb.
- Blanca R.

My uncle and I recently bought some heavy equipment which is a CNC machine which is very valuable and needed it be transported safe and sound. Of course I needed to do my research because the people I purchased it from were unable to provide shipping then I came some movers on Yelp and decided to look into more. I placed quotes around and we decided to choose kerb. Seemingly like we made the right choice because they sounded like professionals and in which it came into fruition. Their quote was fairly decent but what got us was how safe they were in transporting it. They even sent us pictures to show that they crated it up properly to reassure us that it would arrive safely and it did plus on time. Now we are currently using the machine to make our money back from the investment and from the transportation and we could have only done so with the machine being in tact. These guys are great to work with. Thanks again!
- Kevin S.

Great moving service. These guys were quick to respond and very professional the entire way. It was our first time using a moving service for such a long distance but the job was done smoothly and as efficient as possible, making our move from seattle to OC easy. They took great care of our belongings and everything arrived with no damages! The price was very reasonable and overall we were pleased and thankful that they made the process easy. Thanks again guys!
- David T.

Great company! They did a amazing job of moving everything for me a few days ago. It was such a pleasant and easy to process to get in touch with them. I honestly thought it was going to be a big headache for me but they made everything easy on my end. I also couldn't believe how good the price was considering I was moving from Florida to North Carolina. Anybody in the need of looking for long distance movers, I would highly recommend them!
- Manny A.

The experience with this company was super great, really professional every step of the way. I gave them a call about the moving deatails and they told us the prices. The team was super friendly, they even got there ahead of time which was perfect, also really helpful. They were really careful with all our things specially the fragile and our valuables. Nothing was broken, everything arrived in perfect conditions not even a dent on any of the boxes. They made dismantling beds and closets, and puting them back together look easy, they did it so fast and effortless.They just made the whole stressful process of moving from Seattle to Colorado so much easier, and I can't thank them enough for that!
- Vanessa N.

I was up in Seattle to help my cousin move back down to Irivine. After mulling over whether we should rent a truck or hire a moving company, we decided to go with Kerb. Naturally, they provided a competitive quote but it was their professionalism that won us over. I dealt with other "moving companies" before but it usually turns out to be a couple of guys with a truck who throws your stuff in as if they're taking out the garbage. We were so happy that was not the case with Kerb. My cousin has a ton of airplanes and Gundam models that he poured hundreds of hours into while he was up there. All of which were pretty fragile so I was amazed at how the Kerb team took extra precautions with them. We lost zero models on the trip down to South Cali. We would have been satisfied with just that but Kerb also help us unpack and get settled in. This might not seem like a big deal, but after driving 20+ hours, it was a great relief not having to do it on your own. Everyone should count on Kerb with confidence.
- Matthew L.

I first wanted to handle the move by myself, overwhelmed with having to juggle work and situating my family in our new home was going to nearly impossible. Setting up the date and time was a breeze. Their team arrived early and moved all of my furniture without scratching a single item( at least not that I noticed) lol! They definitely handled packaging all my furniture better than I ever could. Not only were these guys professional and polite, but EXTREMELY FAST. Made my move so much easier. I doubt I'll be moving again anytime soon...but I would hands down recommend this company to any of my family or friends.
- Jacob C.

Kerb movers are fantastic! I moved to Washington recently and they were helpful in moving all of my boxes and larger items!! They came to my place and carried my boxes out (which is honestly the worst part of moving hahah), even repacked some things in sturdier crates and boxes. Also wrapped up my more fragile/easily soiled items. Everything arrived in one piece, they helped me move it in, and they were very nice and responsive throughout the entire process! Was a little worried because it was such a long drive up but everything went smoothly!! I also stopped in NorCal for a week and they were able to store and hang on to my things until I arrived in Washington, which was probably the most helpful part.
- Sonia C.

Kerb moving services did an amazing and outstanding job with helping me and my girlfriend move! We had moved from Seattle area to Asheville NC and it was the smoothest transition ever thanks to this company! They arrived early and packed everything up within a few hours. Took extreme measures to care for our fragile products by using specialty crates. The workers were easy to communicate with and were very transparent. The whole team worked very effectively and efficiently! Although the move was a bit far it was very affordable! No matter what the circumstances are I will make sure to use Kerb moving services again and I highly recommend this company to anyone! They save you a ton of stress for a great price!
- Julian M.

My best friend recently moved into a new home from LA to Seattle. It's been 15 years since she's moved into a new home and we didn't know where to start the transition from. We had contacted multiple moving companies and we had horrible experiences with each and every one. From rates being ridiculously high to getting one response every couple days, we almost gave up. We started to do more search and find a company that fit our needs (and budget) and we finally came across, KERB. They were great; they made a stressful move a breeze. Every person we had interaction with in the company were very attentive and responsive to any concerns. The day of the move was easy, they showed up on time and handled all of our valuables carefully. We had such a great experience with them I'm considering them for another move in LA very soon!
- Anam F.

Would highly recommend!!! Moving can be an overwhelming event that takes all day and is physically + emotionally draining.... so when my friend told me she was moving from Seattle to LA, I recommended hiring movers. It's already stressful moving long distance, and not having to deal with renting, driving, and returning a u-haul is worth it in my opinion. I recalled another friend mentioning using Kerb for her move awhile back. I called and helped my friend setup a move but was a bit nervous since I "recommended" them. I'm very happy to say the move went very smoothly! The movers were courteous and professional, working quickly but handling everything with care. My friend especially loved how they wrapped all her furniture in heavy duty blankets before loading the truck. They also placed all her furniture right into their new places and even put each box in their designated rooms to help make unpacking easier. We inspected every piece before they left and found no damages. Very grateful to Kerb for making her first LA experience a positive one!
- Anne H.

I had a very great experience with Kern. These people were well trained, respectful, communicated with me. Ensured that if I had any fragile items that they were not damaged at all & this company definitely lived up to those expectations I expected and I will definitely be recommending this company to my family and friends.
- Michael O.

Kerb Local and Long Distance Movers So my buddy recently got a new job up in Seattle, WA and being the good friend that I am, I helped his lazy ass look on Yelp for a moving company in WA to help smooth out the horrendous transition of moving. NOBODY who's human enjoys's a pain in the ass! I know, I've moved plenty from state to state in my life time. Anyway, I wanted to help him find an affordable moving company that could follow the basics: - Don't break inventory and destroy valuables (so many places do) - Free estimate and won't hijack price quotes discreetly and throw in hidden fees in the final invoice (may they burn in hell) - Can pack and unpack small or large furniture a timely manner - Deliver boxes and be extra careful with valuables - Storage if needed by my friend (he has a lot of useless vintage items that he hoards) Well, I reached out on Yelp with the nifty "Request a Quote" function and immediately this place (Kerb) reached out to me ASAP with a quote. Multiple places reached out to us but Kerb was able to match the other places's quotes and surprisingly they were quite polite compared to the others who mistook me for an invitation to a shouting match. I told my buddy and he agreed, we picked a date and time for them to come. My buddy had an appointment that morning so he asked me to stay over and watch the movers on the day they came. Well, on that day they came 15 minutes earlier (punctual...not bad) and started to help my buddy pack. They have these special bins and crates for valuables (like TV, glass lamps, etc.) and I watched them put each item that I told them was fragile get wrapped in a blanket type cover and securely fastened. It reminded me of my Navy days when I was on the ship and we had to secure the F/A-18E Super Hornets on the flight deck. The attention to detail and care they took for each item was uncanny. Anyway, my friend came back a few minutes before they finished packing everything and he himself was impressed. Suffice to say, my boy is Seattle, WA now and his move was easy becase of this company. If you moving I would suggest you use them. Highly Recommended! Final Score 5.0 stars - Top Score. Excellent Customer Service and work.
- Tim C.

After posting the below review I was contacted by Kerb's Quality Assurance rep, John. He apologized for not checking in after the move was complete, as is their practice, and empathized about moving a sofa bed after paying someone else to do it. He was very kind and helped smooth things over. All things considered, Kerb did a great job. We would recommend them to others for future moves. --------- Gosh, moving is an experience. Kerb aimed to make it easy on us, and overall they were successful, but the final delivery ended in dismay. Kerb's local partners showed up at our Seattle home on time and were fastidious in getting to work. Everything was wrapped, packed, and loaded well. The truck left and we crossed our fingers that everything would be fine. When our things arrived in Texas, only one person was with the shipment. We had 3 people load the truck in Seattle, so we were perplexed, but it wasn't the biggest move. Everything made it into our new home just fine, except our sofa. The mover couldn't get it through our front door, so we went through the garage. He had to remove the door to the garage, and spent maybe 30 minutes getting it through the door. Then he wheeled it down our hallway and decided it was impossible to get the sofa into the room we wanted it in. Impossible, no chance. We felt the delivery man's pain (105 degree Texas heat...) and thanked him for his hard work. Then my wife and I worked on getting the sofa into the room. It took us a little while, and a lot of muscle but the sofa is safely in the room we wanted it in with no issues whatsoever. It just took some creativity with angles. In the end - we're thankful everything arrived in one piece, and that nothing is missing, but we were peeved that we had to go through such an ordeal with our sofa. I don't understand why Kerb decided to send 1 person with a fair amount of furniture and other items (as well as a second move he was off to after ours). It turned out to be the wrong decision as the delivery person could not complete the job as needed. I would take some money back if I could.
- Gary P.

Everyone knows how crazy moving can be. Especially if you are moving to one state to another. I am so grateful that I came across Kerbs. I called to get a price quote and their prices were great compared to what I had quoted on from other companies.The person assisting me was very polite and courteous. They answered all my questions very professionally and addressed my concerns. On the day of move, the showed up very promptly. They packed everything neatly and helped me organize. I had a lot of fragile valuable items. But I just saw the way they were handling everything and it made me feel at ease. I felt confident that they respected my belongings. Of course all my belongings arrived to my new home all in one piece. They were so helpful. I can't thank you enough. You made my life so much easier. I would definitely recommend friends and family to contact Kerbs! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!
- Mary V.

I would say that my overall experience moving with Kerb was good, but there were some negatives as well. Overall they did deliver well on the things I considered most important. Pros: - Perhaps the most important thing, all my stuff arrived in good condition and nothing was missing. I noticed the movers during move-out took apart and wrapped everything very carefully, and movers on both ends took very careful inventory. It seems like Kerb has good processes to keep your stuff in good condition and making sure nothing is missing. - Pricing was fair and transparent. There were no surprises and the binding price was laid out from the very beginning. I ended up with slightly more boxes than I had anticipated upon moving out but I wasn't charged more for it. I also found the online form nice and easy to read and use. - Both move-out and move-in were good experiences overall. Movers called in advance, arrived on time, and were polite and professional. Both were pretty fast and efficient, particularly the move-in crew, who assembled all the taken apart furniture (correctly) at lightning speed without the instructions. Cons: - Communication could have been a lot better in my opinion. Prior to my move-out date I would have rated the communication as great - the moving rep was communicative, answered all my questions, and proactively pointed out issues, which was much appreciated. However it kind of fell apart after that. Everyone seemed a lot more aloof and uninterested, and it felt sometimes like I had to pull teeth to get my questions answered, and I often wouldn't get very clear answers. At times it almost felt like now that I was "locked in" with them that they could put down the facade of friendly and proactive customer service. Now it could've been a lot worse (still way better than talking to Comcast customer service or something), but there was a stark contrast between what it was before and after my move-out. - Related to the above point, I felt like I was sold on some things that didn't end up being true. There's a 21 day guaranteed delivery window after your first available date - I was told that in reality it generally only takes actually 1-2 weeks, not the full 21 days. It took me basically the full 21 days. I was told that a more specific delivery ETA would be sent to me about a week after my move-out day - I didn't receive that ETA for almost 3 weeks after. Now, I suppose I could've just been one of the unlucky ones, which is fine, but I feel like better communication there would've helped a lot. Instead I felt lost and that I had to push and prod for answers, which I didn't find great. Despite some of my grumbling above, Kerb still delivered well on the most important axes - getting all your stuff from point A to point B in one piece, and fair and transparent pricing. Overall I would rate my move as good, and would be fine using them again for a future move.
- Justin W.

I've moved many times in my life, and I feel like it's always stressful no matter how well you prepare yourself. I reached out to Kerb for a recent move from Seattle to San Jose. The company I used before and loved for a cross country move wasn't able to provide me with a reasonable quote which was unfortunate. But I was very impressed with Kerb! They were so professional, detailed and thorough from the beginning to the end. My stuff arrived a few days after I arrived to my new home, and I was again very impressed with how friendly and professional the service was from the crew who unloaded everything. I plan to use Kerb again for any future moves and would highly recommend!
- Dawn I.

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