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  •  Phone: (407)-988-0286, (954)-371-2877, (813)-328-6868, (305)-842-2549
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About Jochas Moving And Delivery

Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, your move is going to come with a number of stressors. Save yourself the hassle of a DIY move by enlisting the help of Jochas Moving and Delivery. We have locations in Naples, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona or Orlando, FL, so you can get the quality moving assistance you need at your convenience. Our highly trained movers will pack up and carefully move all of your belongings from point A to point B without damaging your property. No matter how far away you’re moving, you can trust this mover to keep your valuables safe and sound!

Moving-Me about Jochas Moving And Delivery

The moving company operates over long distances. All your items will be neatly transported. Even if something does not suit you after transportation, a team of professionals in Jochas Moving And Delivery will be able to bring your item to its original state. You can get a free estimate of services by contacting them with the closest location to you. Our team can provide the following services: local moving, long-distance moving, commercial moving, residential moving, heavy-duty packing, disassembly and reassembly.

Jochas Moving And Delivery Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Jochas Moving And Delivery is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2528213
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License:  IM2275

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What is Jochas Moving And Delivery cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. This mover is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Jochas Moving And Delivery Reviews

This company is awesome and i will always have them to move my things Curtis was amazing he help me out a lot. Robert was awesome and his partner Pierre were great they work in a fast Pace uploaded my things and set everything up for me I greatly appreciated them. Thanks i don't think any other moving company would of made it easier for me. I didn't have to worry about anything but unpacking my boxes lol
- Shameka L.

I would not recommend JoChas Moving Company. The company damaged our $1400 dining room set during our move and did nothing to compensate us for the damage. A claim was filed promptly as per directions from the movers, whom did not want to take responsibility for damaging the table. After weeks of unanswered calls and unreturned voicemails, JoChas finally spoke with us and told us they would give us $30 to repair the table ourselves, assuming we had the tools and experience to do so. We were told a check in the small amount of $30 would be mailed to us. Weeks later and we still have not received anything. Our move was in April and it is now August. This company is unprofessional and lacks the communication skills required to run a company. It is apparent that they have no respect for their clients and are only interested in completing a move, taking your money and moving on, whether or not you are satisfied with the job they have done. I will not be using this company again for my moving needs and will advise friends and family against using such a careless company.
- Alexandra D.

I would strongly recommend that you not hire this company. They damaged my dresser by not even wrapping it! I filed a claim and sent pictures in and we agreed on a settlement. The gentleman that processes this said it was approved and went to accounting. This was over 70 days ago. I sent a demand letter from my attorney. They have until end of the month to respond, otherwise, off to small claims court. This company has no customer service, horrible business ethics and should be shut down. Do not bring your business here.
- Jared A.

The workers were very professional, friendly and packed my items very neatly. I felt confident knowing my items will be transported to the next location without anything being scratched or broken. I was very happy with the outcome and entire process. I would definitely recommend this moving company to my family and friends.
- Nicolle B.

The movers were right on time. They contacted me prior to arrival and were very professional and pleasant. They professionally packed our items with great care. We have two extremely large glass curio cabinets and never had to worry about the way they would safely move them. Both gentlemen were very efficient. From start to finish, we were very happy and we would gladly recommend this company to our friends and family without hesitation.
- Lynnette R.

Jochas Moving was on time and did a great job handling my mothers antique foot chest which I was very concerned about. Great experience on a big move.
- Martha V.

Prompt delivery. Friendly service. Very professional.
- Annette P.

Best movers I have ever dealt with. They were super professional, through, careful and fast from the beginning. I highly recommend this company.
- Laura L

The movers were great, they were super helpful! I would definitely recommend to anyone moving, makes the process so much easier
- Lisa P.

Very seldom do an indivdual find dependable movers. You all communicated every step. From start to the end, this company was professional and efficient. My mom was thrilled with the level of service provided and will use you all again for her next move in a few months. Thanks Selwyn and Retell for taking great care of my mom. We look forward to doing business with you soon.
- Londa T.

The guys that moved my of of my apartment and into the townhouse next door were GREAT! Super efficient and professional. I bought a Groupon for 4 hours of moving and NOWHERE in the fine print did it say anything about being up-charged for EVERYTHING! Literally everything. You'll be charged for EACH flight of stairs at both places your moving from and to, for each television that is move and a gas charge. Mind you, the two residences I was moving between were less than a mile apart, so the $35 gas fee was absolutely ridiculous. There's no point in buying the Groupon to then be charged an additional $200 for services that any reasonable consumer would assume were included in the moving fee. Nothing against the guys that moved the furniture, even provided them water and Gatorade. They were awesome. The whole pricing structure of the company is ridiculous.
- Sarah I.

Everything from the first phone call to the final payment was clear, organized, and professional. I arranged the move within a week of needing it, and they gave me a fair price that included all of the charges. The person I worked with on the phone was very transparent on the pricing so there were no surprises. The men who came for the move were awesome! They gave me advance notice, arrived right on time, and they worked quickly and efficiently every minute. Not one item was scratched or broken, they were polite, friendly, funny, and FAST. They finished my move in the time projected despite the very hot and humid weather. I absolutely recommend them!
- Susan H.

Let me start off with the fact that as actual movers, they do a good job. They took care of my stuff and there was no damage noted. There were a couple of items that were turned from being upright, but luckily, no damage to anything contained within. Also, Charles was pleasant to speak with and very professional on all contacts that I had with him. That being said...... I had scheduled an afternoon appointment window for Saturday. They gave me a window that I was fine with. Apparently, their first job had a customer that wasn't prepared, so they were going to be delayed until 4pm. Then, I got another call stating they wouldn't be available until 8pm. I said no, can we reschedule for Sunday and they did and gave me a time between 11 and 2. Good thing because it rained on Saturday night and the amount of time that it took would have put it past midnight. Speaking of.....come Sunday, I get another call stating that they would be arriving closer to 2. Here we go again.....I say OK, because I had to take my daughter to a drop off party so that worked out. They FINALLY arrived at 3 pm. Before I could give them a tour of what was needed, the clock started promptly at 3:11 pm. Luckily, it took me about 5 minutes to give them the tour. I took their 'special' which was 3 movers for 3 hours for $475. Each hour beyond that, however, was $185. I went over by 2.5 hours and that was with me having to unwrap stuff at the new place and put some of my items back together to keep the time down. My whole problem with this is that there was no compensation or working with me on the delay. I can understand a couple of hours, but a whole day was crazy. Plus, to keep costs down, I had to perform some of the work. Anyways, That's my experience with this company, so take it for what it is. No matter which moving company you go with, read the reviews and be prepared to spend some money because it can still be a lifesaver when it comes to larger furniture and stairs.
- Michael M.

I appreciated the fact that Jochas could do my move same day and was on-time. Charles was great on the phone and took care of everything quickly. The Groupon was a great deal 2 Men for 2 hours $139.00 although, I did not like that 30 mins. were deducted from the 2 hours for driving. The 2 very nice moving men moved quickly to get everything loaded and un-loaded. I REALLY appreciated that!!!! I had no damage to any of my items. Jochas was moving the remainder of my items that my original moving company "supposedly" could not fit on the truck. I wish I had called and used Jochas originally for my entire move. If ever needed again I will call these guys. I will recommend them to others who ask me about moving companies. Thank You!!
- Ryan C.

I used Jochas Moving on 8/29/18. Stephen and Charles did a GREAT job. The company sends you a text reminder the day before. Charles/Stephen called me with their ETA that morning. They were on time and moved me fast (they make it look so easy). They secured and padded my belongings. I had ZERO damage. I did take the time to label my boxes that had fragile items in it (with bright eye catching stickers) and they took extra care of those boxes. Charles and Stephen were professional and very nice.
- Nicole F.

Remember to tip your movers! Jocha's possibly has the best deals in town and the movers were very polite. I'm giving them one less star because they were in fact late. My move time was from 4-7 but they came close to 9. I still think I had a great experience. I would make sure I leave a extra time in your schedule just in case things like that happened. It was honestly out of their control, it was raining and the move before mine went over their time. I have to admit it was really hard to get hold of their representative. I had to make a dispute because they charged me $75 for being 9 mins over, even though my movers were in fact late and also got to my second destination late because they got lost. Overall, I would hire Jochas for my next move because they resolved any issues that I had.
- Ngoc- Anh V.

BUYER BEWARE: MISLEADING/ DECEIVING They automatically add 30 mins of so called "drive time" to your move NO MATER WHAT. If they tell you you they are giving you 4 hours of move time it's really 3 hours and 30 mins. If you use 4 hours (which is what is in writing) they will AUTOMATICALLY charge you an $75 EXTRA for so called "drive time."
- Karin E.

Hired this company to move me, had to pay extra for their slow move and to top it off the movers stole some stuff out of my garage. Never again.
- Karl D.

If I could give zero stars I would, they are nothing but thieves. As one guy distracts you inside the house the other is on the truck opening boxes and stealing what he can and tapes them back up. Payback is coming. POS NEVER USE THEM
- Bryn C.

I used Jochas Moving and delivery services today and when I tell you they were amazing! That's an understatement. Charles and Deyvin were quick and friendly. I had an arrival window of 10-2, they showed up at 11:30, by 1:00, we were heading to the drop off location and they were finished by 2:30. 3 bedrooms and a garage full of stuff. They put the beds together for us and broke them down! I would definitely use them again! They didn't just thrust he things into the new place either, they asked where I wanted the beds/dressers to go. Great job guys!
- Brandy F.

BE WARNED - this company is a threat to your TIME, MONEY, PROPERTY, and SAFETY. Do. Not. Hire. Them. I purchased 4 hours of moving services to move from a studio to a 2 bedroom, no couch, no entertainment center, no dining room table with elevators at both apartments. I ended up having to pay almost double what they quoted me. They took 4 hours just to pack the truck. They took 50 minutes to drive 20 minutes but were miraculously able to unload 4 hours of packing in less than 1 hour in order to make their next appointment. The reason the move took so long is because one of the movers spent much of my time hitting on me, asking me increasingly personal and inappropriate questions, asking me to meet up with him later, and hanging out on my balcony. After the move was complete I walked out of my apartment and walked back in to find one of the movers digging through my purse where my credit cards, license, passport, and checkbook were located. I then had to confront a grown man and criminal in my home, by myself while he tried to steal from me. The company issued me a laughably small refund - not even covering the unexpected extra money that they forced me to pay for going over my time and then refused to speak with me. To this day they refuse to give me the employees name so that I can file a police report to protect myself and my personal information. They say on their website they hire "Family and friends of family." They have no interest in protecting you or your property only their employees. This company will send CRIMINALS into your home with your personal belongings and your family members – DO NOT HIRE THEM. Whatever you receive as a quote – double that to account for the time their employees will waste hanging out in your house and making you feel uncomfortable. I cannot imagine the time and money you would spend if you were moving more than one person’s belongs. If you value your time, money, and safety STAY AWAY.
- Betheny

Charles and his crew did an excellent job.We had some furniture moved from a storage unit to our rental property.They finished faster than the time we were quoted and the customer service was great.All of the item arrived in perfect condition without any scratches or dents.I recommend these guys to anyone with moving needs!!!
- Wesley Crow

If I could leave 0 stars, I would! This company has some of the worse customer service I have ever experienced! One of the movers was great but the other was a complete buffoon. Within 15 minutes of starting the process, he broke a vase of mine. I didn't make too much of a fuss about that though. The main reason for the review is because as he was TOSSING my packed items down the stairs of this townhome, he managed to break the railing off of the wall. I hear him telling his bosses that it wasn't his fault when he called them but he didn't have the consideration to apologize or take responsibility for this damage. Once complete, I filed a damage claim, expecting this to be a quick and efficient process, as the mover assured me it would be. Instead, I was told to get my own independent quote for repair as they "do not have anyone on staff capable of doing that type of work." After submitting photos and misc. other information requested, I was told to "be patient." I was then offered $11 dollars as compensation! The movers claimed that the railing had been damaged before and that it was poorly re-attached and that it fell off when he barely touched it! How ridiculous! I have called their offices many times and have yet to speak to anyone about my experience. They chose to take the word of a mover, who by their own admission, is not an expert at wall repair/railings rather than speaking to their PAYING (yes, they still charged me full price for the move) customer. WORSE BUSINESS I'VE EVER HIRED! BEWARE!!
- Tameka

I would not recommend JoChas Moving Company. The company damaged our $1400 dining room set during our move and did nothing to compensate us for the damage. A claim was filed promptly as per directions from the movers, whom did not want to take responsibility for damaging the table. After weeks of unanswered calls and unreturned voicemails, JoChas finally spoke with us and told us they would give us $30 to repair the table ourselves, assuming we had the tools and experience to do so. We were told a check in the small amount of $30 would be mailed to us. Weeks later and we still have not received anything. Our move was in April and it is now August. This company is unprofessional and lacks the communication skills required to run a company. It is apparent that they have no respect for their clients and are only interested in completing a move, taking your money and moving on, whether or not you are satisfied with the job they have done. I will not be using this company again for my moving needs and will advise friends and family against using such a careless company.
- Alexandra Depaolo

The worst moving company ever, they sent two guys that had no common sense at all, a move that should had taken 3 hrs, took 5 hrs because of their lock of work ethic and common sense. My furniture and wood floors were damage and the company did not take responsibility for damages, they are unprofessional and absolutely have no respect for their customers, all they want is your money. Do yourselves a favor and do not hire this nightmare of a company. Beware!!
- Erika

They did an amazing job from start to finish. Price was perfect for my budget. I highly recommend!! This was hands down by far my best move ever!
- Sharon Denson

Terrible company. Moved on 4/15, movers were nice but after reporting damage on 4/30, I was told they would follow up within 30 days. So 30 days later and nothing so I called (5/30), they told me that some how the claim was over looked. So after they reviewed it while I was on the phone, they calculated the damages and told me since they do payouts at then end of the month and they were already processed I’d have to wait to the next month (June). Called again several times looking for an update to fine out that they haven’t sent out any payouts as the business isn’t financially unstable and not doing well. And there was also no guarantee I would get paid! So pissed $250 in damages that now I won’t get back!!!! STAY AWAY
- Monica Lopez

I hired them to do a one bedroom move. They did not pack or wrap anything up! Now, almost everything is scratched up or completely ruined!
- Labriska Gordon

This is not a legitimate business. They charge you a ton of hidden fees. Then the owner just repeats himself over and over again when you try to seek help and is extremely unkind. The staff is completely unprofessional. The movers were reckless and damaged many things. I gave them multiple chances to make the situation right but i never got any help. Nor did i ever even so much as recieve an appology. All i got was a grown man screaming in my face like a toddler throwing a tantrum
- Mark Smith

Negative 10 is a good rating.Told Charles I needed a 12 hour move, and he scheduled 10. The pity of it is Charles moved stuff from storage to a one car garage approx. a year ago for me so HE WAS most familiar with the items to be moved. He remembered the move when we spoke therefore he knew the scope of just the garage alone, plus the house. Movers showed up at 1:30 pm after already working 6 1/2 hours and milked me for 6 hours of overtime. They didn’t use ramp just fricking truck lift all night long and into the morning hours. Crew had no hustle, broke a recliner and dropped a piece of my headboard with drawers which now drag. Didn’t wrap things and used my tools to disassemble and reassemble furniture. Movers did not know how to disassemble bed with drawers beneath mattress so, lucky me I got to pay for on the job training. When the movers arrived so lateI called Charles to express my extreme displeasure and all I got from him were excuses. I told him I wanted to speak to someone in management and he told me there was no one he was it ! Post move I tried to reach owner, on at least 3 occasions, over the last 6 days in an attempt to make this right, got crickets. RUN FAST AND FAR from this company! My next stop is the BBB and my credit card company, not only did they bilk me for tons of overtime they didn’t finish the job, I had to hire another company to finish. Lead guy whined and complained through the move that he couldn’t get items through doorways.
- Denise Miller

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