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Quality of service: 3.8

Punctuality: 3.8

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.3

Customers’ rating: 3.2

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About Ironclad Moving Systems

Professional, Expedient Service. Distribute us however you will whether that is getting the big stuff, organizing the garage, packing boxes etc. We do it ALL and accept all challenges. We pride ourselves in our passion and efficient workmanship in moving. You Will Not Be Disappointed! -You’ve got the Ironclad Guarantee on it.

Moving-Me about Ironclad Moving Systems

Established in 2009, Ironclad brings you ten years of professional experience. They gathered extensive experience in all aspects of the moving industry. As they continue the journey in this business they strive to be the best mover they can be.

Ironclad Moving Systems Licenses & Certificates

Ironclad Moving Systems is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 76628

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: MTR 0191337

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What is Ironclad Moving Systems cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Ironclad Moving Systems is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Ironclad Moving Systems Reviews

Cody, Dakota and Tony were great! They were very Professional and careful with all my stuff. Going above and beyond what they had to do to get my huge heavy fridge through my small Harveston door! Lol. I would definitely call them again. Hopefully not moving again for a while though!
- Holly S.

We requested a bid from Ironclad, having had a great experience with them in the past. This time, we had a visit from someone who was very pleasant and thorough, and he said he'd get us a bid that same evening. We did not receive the bid, which was not like the Ironclad of yesteryear. We re-emailed the office asking when we might receive it. Long story short, we emailed five times over the course of a month, and we kept hearing back from a "Kelsey" that the estimate would come soon. We had one promise from them that the would come with hours. It never did -- after a month of trying to give these people our money and a lucrative move. Buyer beware.
- Bonnie C.

I had ironclad movers scheduled to do my move on June 10. No one came due to some miscommunication, so that was unfortunate. However they came on Tuesday and they more than made up for it. The movers worked fast, carefully, and diligently. They were so very helpful. I had Jian, Anthony J, Miles, and Anthony R and they were the best.
- Liana W.

We saw great reviews for Ironclad so my wife booked a date with them and then had multiple follow up discussions about boxes, bringing materials for packing pictures, etc. So on moving day, with beds disassembled, refrigerators off and defrosted and three little kids in tow, we awaited the movers. 8:00, 8:15, 8:30...we are now very stressed that they didn't show. We called two phone numbers, sent emails and even tried to contact them via Facebook with no contact. They simply didn't show!!! How can a professional moving company just not show up on one of the most stressful time in a person's life?!? We ended up booking another mover and finally got a call back late that morning. Their reason? He had us on the schedule but was out of town and when he looked at his schedule he realized he missed us and called us. Huh? How do you realize that the day of the move and you are out of town? Wouldn't you have to book a truck, schedule employees, etc??? He apologized over and over and said he would take care of us and send a gift card for our inconvenience. We got a $100 gift card. What a joke!!!! They delayed our move by 5 hours and had to reconfigure our move into two smaller trucks. Our kids were literally falling asleep standing up at 11pm at night. Movers were unloading us until 1am finally just throwing everything in the garage just we could get in and go to sleep. Ironclad really screwed us up. I don't see how you can call your self a professional mover if you forget to show up!
- Scott K.

IRONCLAD did a fantastic job moving my household. I am retired military, currently working for the government & have been through a lot of job & personal related moves. That being said, have had more than enough interactions with moving company's & moving crews. IRONCLAD not only provided me with my best move to date, but did it in the most professional, time efficient, gentle way possible. I called on short notice, & despite that, they were flexible & able to provide a crew size of my choice in just 2 days time. They arrived when they said they would, called to confirm & handled themselves with the utmost professionalism! The crew consisted of 2 gentlemen that were kind, courteous, & so gentle with my stuff, you'd think they were moving their own household goods. They had just come from a job prior to mine, & still had the energy for my 6 hour move (2 PODS parked 500ft away from my home, the back & forth can you imagine!) & then were scheduled for yet another move after mine! These guys are supermen! I would not only recommend IRONCLAD to everyone I know, but will use them again in a heartbeat if ever needed! Government agencies in the area take note! With as many personnel that you move in & out of this area, you'd be wise to have a company like IRONCLAD under contract! I will definitely be telling the department I scheduled my move with that IRONCLAD is the way to go for future moves. Thank you guys for all your hard work, you killed it!!!
- Gina P.

Jacob and Justin did an outstanding job with our move. They were very careful with our things and they were very helpful and polite. They went the extra mile by going into our attic to unplug a bluray player that was wired behind the wall, and even swept the garage when they were done. They also patiently waited while I rented a trailer when the truck I rented was too small (and didn't charge me for the time). I would highly recommend this company!
- Matt H.

I used Iron Clad Moving to help move my family from Huntington Beach to Murrieta on 2/2/16. They were awesome! Jim was great about coming out and doing the appraisal and getting us a fast and fair quote. Sharon called the day before confirming everything. And Cody and Jian and 1 other guy came with the truck and knocked it out fast. The guys were professional and extremely efficient. They even managed to do the move faster than the initial appraisal which saved me some money! Would definitely recommend their services. They made moving as easy as it can be.
- Luke S.

Nice guys... terrible service!!! I thought I would have nothing to worry about by picking the highest rated movers on Yelp in my area but I was wrong. It started off fine.. I was able to squeeze in my move out date 6 days before. The guy on the phone was very nice and said it was a 4 HOUR JOB! & to expect a call an hour before the quoted time (between 2 & 3) for an ETA. But on the day of move out I waited for my call until 3 and decided I had to call them. I was told that the guys scheduled for my move were stuck in a move that was taking longer than expected and they would give me 10% off and to wait for another ETA call. Finally around 6pm I get a call that they will be there in a hour. 8:00PM they show up!! Before they get started I overhear one guy ask the other if they should get the runners for the carpet? The other guys says, "No, this is an apartment..." Thanks for thinking about my security deposit!! I also had a pile of pillows and comforters that I didn't know what to do with and they decided to stick my pillows and blankets in a box that was labeled KITCHEN FOOD!! Just disgusting.... By the way, I guess because I live in apartment none of my stuff was wrapped like in the pictures... my couches and wooden furniture were just tossed in the back. Now to the new place which was literally 500 yards away... in the SAME COMPLEX! At this point its near 11 PM. and my NEW Neighbor asks them to be as quite as possible... which is understandable.. But the movers decide to make a scene by telling me very loudly on the porch, "Your neighbor just came out and asked us to be quite... can you believe that?" While laughing. Sorry to say they did not try to be quite or respectful to my new neighbors at all. Even though they were pretty friendly to me. By the time the move was done it was 12:35. I found this hilarious!!!! So the pricing is $35 per person per hour and the truck is $30 an hour so that $100 an hour for 2 guys. 4 hours is 400 bucks... But with the extra 30 min. they took to move my shit in the SAME COMPLEX.... there went my 10% off for them being 5 HOURS LATE!! Lastly, They damaged several things. Things I had to pay for. Like the vinyl floor in my old and IN MY NEW APARTMENT!! They just pushed my fridge across the kitchen floors with no care.. Its worse in MY NEW APT!! There is a row of flaps of vinyl lifted... I'll just post a picture!!! Also, my leather couch was scratched.. right in front!! How lovely... Anyways, this was my moving experience with Ironclad...
- Kelly B.

Ironclad was amazing...the two guys showed up early and finished on time. Very friendly and professional, I will use this company again for any moving needs.
- Annie M.

Our company used Ironclad and they were awesome. I can't say enough good things about them. We called them with a weeks notice to move and they were able to come out the next day to give us a quote. Jim was great very professional . On moving day the guys were there on time and went above and beyond to get us moved in the time frame they quoted us. The move went smooth no issues at all. They set up our furniture and everything looked great. I have since called them to transport a few items to Irvine and to our storage again received the same great service. Thank you Jim, Chris, Dillon ,Steve and Raul. If I left anyone out I'm sorry but they all were great!!!!!!
- Jackie S.

Having to move every year ot two , I have never had such Excellent movers as this time using IRONCLAD Movers. There are so many nightmare moving companies out there that dont know what there doing ,breaking your things and taking much longer then promised and your bill ends up being much higher then quoted. IRONCLAD was Very careful with my furniture and were fast . These guys were Strong as Oxes and very nice. So Glad to finally find a moving company that ROCKS !!!
- Don L.

Cy and Angel just left my house. I now have a 12 inch scratch and dent on the front side of my new $3,000 LG refrigerator, 2 gouges on my walls and they tried to take my sliding back door off the tracks to get the refrigerator through and now we can't open the back door. I have never seen such sloppy work in my life. So here it is on Monday and just got off the phone with Steve at Ironclad movers. He is willing to send 2 workers out to my house to load the refrigerator at the $ 80.00 per hour rate but if it takes only 20 minutes to load the refrigerator that is all they will load. All I'm asking for is to get an hour of work that I'm paying for. UPDATE Steve called late in the day on Monday. Said he would send someone out to load refrigerator at no cost, IF I would take down Yelp review beforehand. I said no, public deserves to know caliber of this company's work. Now they won't return my calls so I can file a damages claim! Today they offered me 180.00 on my claim. Spend a little more money and use a company that respects ur property and has some integrity.
- Stacy F.

Best movers in the area. Administration is very detailed on the phone in explaining what you get and the price. I had a very positive experience all around. The movers were professional, friendly, and experienced. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to move in Southern California.
- Wes G.

My husband used these guys last July and said they were hardworking, fast, and excellent. They helped move all of our stuff out of a 2nd story storage unit into a pod to be moved across country. I think maybe one small frame was broken. Everything else was packed secure and very tight. Would definitely recommend or use again.
- Jessie A.

I booked a move with Steve at IronClad and was told the movers would be at my place between 830 and 930. I was also told they would call when they were on their way. Well 930 came and went. No call, nothing at all. I called IronClad and talked to Justin. Justin couldn't find me on the computer and then said he was going to call the warehouse and see what was going on. Around 10am I got a call from Steve. He apologized and said that the crew that was supposed to do my move , got a late start on their first move, which was in Hemet. He said they were on their way and would be at my place in Murrieta in an hour. That should have been my red flag! It doesn't take an hour to get from Hemet to Murrieta!!! Anyways, Steve said that what he would do is add a 3rd mover for the same price. I told him I would rather have just the 2 movers because I really didn't have that much to move. He said that's the best he could do. Well since I had everything packed and ready to go, I told him to go ahead since they could be there by 11am. Well 11 came and went, no call from anyone. At 1120, I called and Steve immediately answered and said something about a discount. I told him to stop right there and cancel the move. He started mumbling something about a discount and I told him that it doesn't take an hour to get from Hemet to Temecula and that I wouldn't use IronClad even if he offered to do it free!!! One thing I don't put up with from any business is being lied to. A business that lies to me will never get me as a customer and I will tell everyone I know not to use them. I ended up going with Starving Students, and I highly recommend them! They call the night before to confirm, and also right before they leave the warehouse. Starving Students is a class act. And guess what??? They only have a 2 hr minimum, whereas IronClad has a 4 hour minimum. My move only took 2.75 hours and only cost me $275! With IronClad, it would have been $450! For those of you who have used IronClad with success, good for you. As for me, I will never use or recommend them and will use Starving Students from now on!!!
- Scott B.

Was being blown off when trying to schedule with Justin. Woman who answered was rude and always have some excuse went with someone else since they are not in the business of returning calls!! Don't know what the deal was but I wouldn't bother to give them a chance again!
- Matt H.

Should really take my picture off of here. Seeing that the movers are the least of company worries.
- Cody F.

Given the positive experience that I had with Ironclad the first time around, I thought things would be awesome. I should have figured that things were going awry when they did not call to confirm the move after they informed me that they would. I thought, "No big deal. I will call them." So I called. They did not have my reservation. I thought, "Maybe they are busy and just had a communication breakdown." So I reconfirmed. And waited for a confirmation. Nothing. So I called again and again they did not have my reservation. Cue ominous music. On the day of the move, the guys show up two hours late. That's right, two hours late. The guy in charge tells me "we won't start charging you until we start moving your stuff." Really? Awesome! It's not like you threw off my whole schedule, but thanks for not trying to gouge me at the same time. So we (I helped, as I do) moved the stuff. And things get dropped, mishandled, muffed. And in the end - I kid you not - it seemed like the two movers expected me to tip them.
- Mark S.

Avoid this company unless you have time and money to burn The worst customer service I've experienced in years! Here's what happened: Scheduled a move on the phone. Got an estimate on the phone of 6-7 hours Didn't get a confirmation call a few days before as promised Start time was on Saturday between 8 and 9 am At 9:30, I called the main number and Vicky told me she would check At 10:30, I got a call from Cody stating that their truck broke down and they would start at 11:30 At 12:00 I called Cody and was told start time was 1:30 They finally arrived at 1:20 in a Ryder rental truck The first thing I thought was 'this truck isn't big enough' They packed the truck quickly and efficiently. I have no beef with the guys who did the grunt work Unfortunately they only got half of our stuff into the truck. When we arrived at the new house Cody asked if it was OK if they finished the job the next morning between 8 and 9 am start time. I agreed since I had to attend my son's high school play at 7:00 that evening They unloaded and were finished by 5:00 Now the next day's start time was pushed back to 11:00-11:30 Got to the old house at 10:00. At 12:00 and no movers yet I texted Cody again. He said they wouldn't be there until 1:00-1:30. When I objected the only answer I got was 'I'm doing my best'. Small consolation I called the main number and talked to Vicky again. I told him I wanted to talk to Cody's supervisor. She stated she would have him call me The truck arrived at 1:20 with two new movers. Once again nice, hard working guys. They got the truck filled by 5:00 and headed to the new house The movers finished unloading at 8:00 pm. 36 HOURS AFTER THIS WHOLE ADVENTURE WAS SUPPOSED TO BEGIN! The originals estimate was $660-$770. It wound up totaling $1360! Double the estimate! The supervisor/owner NEVER called me! Horrible customer service, horrible communication, horrible follow up on promises and an owner who lacks the balls to get on the phone with a customer who has had a day and a half wasted because of his company's inept customer service
- Kirk P.

I left a message with Vickie, who said Justin or Steve would call me back. That was three days ago, and no call. Very unprofessional. They are off my list!
- Carole W.

The guys that came to move us were very nice, polite young men. They worked quickly, and they worked hard. When we arrived at the new place we were disappointed to find three big planters, a lamp and a cabinet handle broken. The guys response was oops,sorry. Okay so I called the office the next day and that's why they are getting a two stars review from me. I made sure to say positive things about the guys. I believe it was Justin who I spoke with and he was not very interested in my reporting that these things were broken. He said I could take pictures but he could not stay on the phone with me anymore because " he had missed three calls while he was listening to me." I had talked to him for perhaps five minutes. I knew then that I was getting no where with them fixing what their company had broken. Disappointing…
- Pebble C.

My experience with Ironclad Moving Systems was nothing short of EXCELLENT because of RICK & CODY. Read my TIP as to the reasons why and the five stars. This is the only move we made that did not contain frustration due to damaged or lost properties. Rick and Cody have gentle hands in every box and heavy items they carried. Their big smile made the experience a lot more memorable.
- Nonnie T.

We moved cross country from NYC to San Marcos, CA. We would absolutely recommend Ironclad Moving Systems. We used a service that shipped our furniture and Ironclad picked up our shipment and delivered/unloaded/and placed all of our furniture. They answered every single phone call I made when coordinating our shipment and delivery and went above and beyond to make our move a pleasant experience. We even called 3 days after moving and the crew knew exactly where our tool box was put in the garage! They were profession, polite, and careful with all of our furniture. Thanks for a job well done!
- Caskey C.

Highly highly highly recommend these guys. Came to my house to delivers some items I had in storage. Now my experience with these types of companies is that they say they are going to be at your place at a certain time and then its hours after that. Not only were they there on time, but they were early! Professional, polite and easy going. Moved my items exactly where I wanted them and actually cared about my stuff and its condition. Overall great experience. Would give
- Ryan S.

belongings were carefully shuttled to Az overnight. Steve Weber lead the 2 man crew professionally, quickly, and carefully. The only things broken were the things I broke while unpacking. I did not expect such quick service. Steve offered to drop my stuff off in the evening as he had a job in phoenix in the morning. I agreed. He arrived shortly after I did. All of my stuff was there. How perfect is that!
- D. P.

I engaged Ironclad for my long distance move from San Diego to Florida. The experience started out great when Daryl came to my home for the move estimate. He was nice and responsive up until the point I signed the contract. More on that later. One of my requirements in hiring a mover was that I did not want my goods to be shuttled. I wanted them loaded on the same truck that would be delivering. I was assured that this would happen. A few days before my move I was told that a shuttle would be picking up my stuff. I was not happy and eventually spoke with Casey, the owner of Ironclad and he assured me my stuff would be well protected and I would not experience any issues. He even gave me his direct cell phone number. More on that later. When Daryl did the in home estimate, he suggested that I buy mattress bags for my guest bed and pay for boxing of my $3k tempurpedic mattress. That made sense to me so I agreed. I bought mattress bags for the guest bed. On move day, the movers came and did not have the boxing materials for my bed but assured us it would be boxed when they got back to their facility. Fast forward to delivery day and it turns out they never boxed our mattress set but instead put the cheap bags on my expensive bed and left the guest bed exposed. We asked the driver at delivery what happened and he said that’s how he received them. Ironclad charged me for boxing and unboxing. My mattresses were also damaged. Remember my concern about the shuttle? Well, it turns out they lost one of my boxes in the transfer. Furthermore, all of my furniture arrived with scratch marks...every single piece. I decided to take Casey up on his offer so I called his cell phone and it’s been 5 days and he has not had the professional courtesy to call me back. What a liar. I also tried contacting Daryl and he has not answered me. Seems like he couldn’t care less about clients after they sign a contract. Avoid these crooks and liars and look elsewhere for your moving needs. They are not even deserving of the 1 star rating. The only person that has shown any post move concern is Raul. He has been helpful and I am grateful for that.
- Frank F.

DO NOT HIRE... We set a date and time, received a confirmation email , set a babysitter and took the day off work. Ironclad did not show , did not call, did not return voicemails. Left us sitting at our storage waiting for our 8 am appt. DO NOT USE these people They finally showed up at 1 pm, to their credit the actual crew were good guys. No attempts by management or any office staff "office is a po box" we’re even made to check how things were going and then we were overcharged with a "5% discount " . What a joke. I want to be clear this is not about $ as our movers were tipped very well . It’s thee point that moving in to a new home should be exciting and Justin, Raul and Sharon all dropped the ball and ruined that experience. All morning we were given excuses and sent emails saying they contacted us and left messages on the day before when nobody even knew they had "lost their truck til sat morning. We were not even called til 915 am by the owner who stayed they had lost the truck. We were even sent an email in a tone of …..WE TOLD YOU. Wow is all I can say. It’s too bad these hardworking movers have to be managed by this company. contact , follow up or anything. I should have not paid in full but that’s not the point. No attempt at all to rectify. Don’t let these guys ruin your moving day also
- Chad P.

Yep, we used these guys to move back last year. They did a great job and where very concerned that everything was protected and placed where we wanted it. They worked overtime to make sure everything was moved and even put everything back together for us. Great Guys!!! I had no need to be exhausted returning to work on Monday
- Guy S.

Steve, Tony and Cody were amazing! They made moving so much easier and less stressful. Thank you guys for all your help! Keep up the great work!
- Celeste E.

5 STAR!! Cody, Frank, Chris and Steve moved us from OC to Menifee and did a superior job. Not only were they very professional, fast and knowledgeable, they were thoughtful, polite and accommodating. Each gentleman was a pleasure to meet. There is NO WAY we could have accomplished what they did in one day. It would have taken us a week at best. We highly recommend them!
- T. G. E.

My mom hired these guys- They were amazing so nice - worked so hard - will definitely recommend them for more jobs!!! Neil Newman
- Neil N.

I used Ironclad to move our garage to a storage unit in Temecula. I was very impressed with Jacob and all the hard work he put into moving our items on the hottest day of the summer!
- Sheri B.

Can’t begin to say enough nice about this company!! The best experience we’ve ever had in our 33 years of marriage and 11 moves!! Highly recommended for sure!!! Would definitely use them and recommend them again and again!!
- Judy L.

I e-mailed Irconclad Moving Systems to get a written quote on June 15th. I used the e-mail address that was listed on their website. I never received a response. On July 8th I received a voicemail from someone named Vicky asking if I still required moving services. There was no apology for having never responded to my initial inquiry or any mention of it at all. My move date was July 10th and I had already made other arrangements at that point. Maybe they’re a good moving company, maybe they’re not. I’ll never know because they don’t respond to inquiries regarding their services.
- Tyler B.

Justin, In response to you reply (which I spoke to Raul about the day after you replied): When we do have a damage claim, we do everything within our power to make sure it gets resolved quickly and fairly - as far as I am concerned, I have yet to receive a call or a check for my damage claim. There has been no followup since April. we had a furniture restoration service go to your residence and repair your damaged items at no cost to you - I don’t know why you think I would have to pay to repair the furniture that you damaged. We sent another crew for over 8 hours to move and organize your belongings to your expectations and did so without hesitation - it was not 8 hours, it was 4...they did not organize anything. They completed moving the items that was agreed upon on our contract. , and we also offered you a settlement for your damaged items which was declined - the settlement was not declined. a settlement well into the thousands which was offered to you in spite of the fact that you hadn’t opted for valuation coverage. - I didn’t agree to anything, all offers were taken off the table before I could make a decision. Again, we apologize that we weren’t able to come to an agreement, but to say that we "did nothing to fix this" is an unfair statement. - nothing has been done to fix anything past the furniture restoration (which is still incomplete). Justin, your company failed miserably. There is NO follow thru and we are still finding damaged items. Regards, Stephanie C. a VERY unsatisfied customer
- Stephanie C.

Worst move ever. First, movers got lost gave them specific directions twice. When they finally showed up one of the movers was around 50 and very overweight. Took them Forever to move a few items. Four hours later I was informed they were going to bring another crew of 3 people in about two hours to help finish. I got my son and two of his friends to come and get this done. They did more in two hours than the movers did all day. The older gentleman seemed like he was going to have a heart attack every time he can me up the stairs. He even disappeared for about two hours. I called the company the day of the move and no call back. Finally got through to someone two days later. He sounded very upset and was going to look into the situation. Four days later and no response
- Denise B.

Booked National Movers throigh them for long distance move. Great experience with initial estimate and sales person. Then it got bad after we signed. Had to call three rimes to get paperwork sent to right address. Day before move they did call to c9nfirn arrival time and details such as the supplies and custom pack they were to provide. Day if move they were over 2 hours late, I and my National driver had to call to figure out what was going on, no updates from them. When two employees arrived they had a rebtal truck and told me the delay was renting a truck same day in the summer.....I booked nearly a month out and a shuttle truck to take my belongings from my apartment community to the long distance semi moving truck was ALWAYS part of the pricing. Two movers showed up, one told my long distance driver he was too hung over to do much. Both did very little with National driver doing vast majority of the work. They did not bring the packing materials or do the custom packing job I paid for and and confirmed which left a large piece of art to be moved in blankets. Guys whi showed up hadno idea why these mistakes occurred. No communication. Office staff very unprofessional. Do not use this company. If booking long distance move reccomended National but try to find some other local company to book and load you.
- Amanda P.

I had used Ironclad previously and raved about their professionalism and efficiency. Went above and beyond to refer new customers their way; however am now regretting having used them a second time. This experience was absolutely exhausting, time consuming, cost me near double what I was quoted and I am still missing several parts to items that now cannot be put back up. POSITIVES: Jeremy Angel Gion Anthony NEGATIVES: Frank (packer) Steve (Boss) 1. Asked for an in person quote; however was assured that the over the phone quote would suffice, ended up paying nearly $1,000 over 2. Frank, the packer, asked for me to leave in the middle of the pack, in the storm, to purchase my own tape because they ran out 4. Frank was smoking in my garage several times throughout the pack 5. Move took 3 days due to inadequate planning and initial refusal to do on site walk thru 6. I paid by credit card, almost $4,000, and was contacted by the boss, Steve, to ask to write a check to alleviate the company from credit card fees 7. The screws to my baby’s trampoline are missing, the leg to my baby’s water table is missing and a post to garage shelving unit is missing. I continue to be reassured that they have located these items and that they will drop off when they are down in my area again.
- Crystal B.

BEWARE!!!! These people lie and are LAZY! They agree to do a job than just want to load the easy stuff. Why would anyone hire movers for some light boxes. Even when they’re directed as to what to move...they don’t listen! Waste of money! *Update* See Picture of screen shot to see what kind of people these are. Do not use them!!! Clearly Christian P. is the business owner using an alias or someone else’s account.
- Melissa F.

Recommend, recommend, recommend! Fair price, great service. Ironclad took very good care of our belongings! They were referred to us, and will be referred by us. Our move took place about 40 miles from their home base, but not only was that not a problem, they were very understanding and patient with those last minute escrow problems and moving date changes. Prior to touching a single piece of furniture at our old home, our floors were protected with heavy runners, the doors were wrapped to avoid damage, and each piece of furniture they moved was wrapped, strapped and protected. The process was replicated at our new home and each piece of furniture was placed and re-placed as necessary. Mike lead our crew and Mario, Frank and Juan did a great job. I’ve never used a moving company before, but if I move again, I’m calling Ironclad!
- Michelle R.

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