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Quality of service: 4.2

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About Interbay Transport Logistics

We are a Seattle based, family owned and operated Auto Transport service provider with over 22 years experience in quality Car Shipping. We are the leading auto transport service provider in the Pacific Northwest. We have been in business since 2010 and have had the pleasure of serving many satisfied clients.

Moving-Me about Interbay Transport Logistics

The company offers the most comprehensive auto transport services nationwide and specialize in vehicle shipping to and from Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta Miami, New York  areas

Interbay Transport Logistics Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: MC708796

US D.O.T: 2246442

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Interbay Transport Logistics cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Interbay Transport Logistics is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Interbay Transport Logistics Reviews

Most of the reviews on Yelp mention Nate, who sounds like a great guy, but my experience was with Lisa. I was shipping my car from LA to Seattle and she quoted me the best rate after I had received quotes from several other carriers. Since this was my first time ever shipping a car, she was patient with my questions. Moreover, she was super prompt with her e-mail responses and was always accessible by phone. Upon pickup, the driver was very thorough with his inspection and said he'd take care of my whip. The car joined me 2 days later in Seattle, a full day ahead of schedule, which was a pleasant surprise. I gotta say - there's a lot of stress involved with moving a long distance to a new city, so it's nice that the car shipment aspect was painless. If I ever move again, I'm certainly going to go w/ Lisa and the folks @ Interbay Transport.
- Bobby N.

After getting a handful of quotes from other companies, reading many reviews until my head was spinning, I noticed Interbay had very good reviews so decided to give them a try. Nate answered all my questions - and he and Lisa, who scheduled the driver, were both very professional. The car was picked up at the beginning of the pickup window, and delivered several days earlier than expected, in excellent shape (a little dirty but that's to be expected with open transport). The driver who picked up the car was extremely professional as well. One thing I really liked is that you can pay for the shipment with a credit card, unlike other companies I got quotes from, which required cash or a cashier's check to the driver when the car is delivered. The price you are quoted is the price you end up paying. Also, Interbay's price was very competitive. So all in all, if I ever have to ship a car again, I would not hesitate to ship with Interbay or to highly recommend them.
- Susan R.

Overall, 5 stars. Had my car shipped from Portland to Hawaii in January. My car is somewhat hard to find, in excellent condition, and it cost me a good amount of money, so it is special to me. I read reviews of other companies and some were scary. I bought my car without seeing it in person so I was worried about getting it in the same condition I had bought it in, without any problems if there was a discrepancy. We had considered flying 6 hours to get it, driving it 3 hours to port ourselves, but after reading the good reviews of this company, the owner spending a lot of time answering my questions (he answered the phone and emailed back promptly), we felt we should go ahead with them. The owner responded the same even after I paid him. The price was very good and a lot less than I expected. My car was in a container on the boat so no baking in the sea spray and sun like my last car I shipped through Matson by myself. I will use them again on our next planned car purchase. Thanks Nate!
- Milla M.

My previous experience shipping a car has been a nightmare, complete with extortion and threats to me, so this time I decided to go with a company that is a little more expensive than some competitors but had excellent reviews. I didn't regret it. Everything went very smoothly, with no delays, and my car was delivered very promptly. Both the person who picked it up and the person who delivered it were professional and friendly. One thing I really appreciated was that communicating with Nate was easy - he answered my emails very quickly and was really helpful every time. This was an excellent experience.
- Mary-Laure N.

Was looking for a reliable company to ship my daughter's car as we ran into trouble last year when our new Mercedes was shipped from California and was damaged. The shipper had a ridiculous insurance policy that required you to obtain three estimates for repair and have them submitted in on their desk within 72 hours. Fortunately, the dealer covered the damage. This time we were doing the shipping ourselves from Seattle to Rochester, New York and were given a reference to ITL by our financial advisor as one of their people had used them. Lisa was very helpful and reassuring. They were able to get our shipment scheduled with minimal delay. As you know, ITL arranges for the shipment but the car gets put on any number of trucks during transport. My daughter reports her car has arrived on time and other than dust, in great shape. Even though they might be a couple hundred dollars more expensive than the cheapest price you can get, knowing that your car will arrive as promised and in good shape is well worth it.
- Lawrence C.

Great service and team! Used them to ship two cars in two years from Seattle to the NY area. Pickups were as scheduled, great communications and deliveries were as promised as well. Both cars were delivered in pristine condition. Can't say enough good things.
- Matt K.

Overall I had a good positive experience. The only negative comment I have to say is that I had called to ask a question and never received a call back and that I was not notified when my vehicle was delivered to the location at the dealership. So I think they could do a bit better with their communications.
- Joyce M.

No Bull! That's the best thing about Interbay! From the quote you get within an hour or two of your request, to the fact you only have to explain your vehicle/needs once and every promise they make is kept. I had horrible experiences with other car shipping companies. Some take your $ after promising they'll find someone then leave you out to dry...not Interbay! Nate got my quote, and although it was more than other cheapos, the yelp reviews convinced me to try it. Within a few days they had a carrier scheduled and got my car picked up by the most professional and clearly experienced driver. Was able to communicate with Lisa at Interbay the entire time, as I was nervous and skeptical after being burned a few times by other shipping companies. She kept me reassured all would be fine, and sure enough, my car arrived in Florida right on time and as good as new. Payment is hassle-free, and if any questions come up you can rest assured Lisa will be happy to answer them. I communicated entirely through email (Interbay) and text (driver), and always got responses within the hour, if not minutes. I would definitely recommend Interbay to everyone. Five Stars!
- Scott D.

My car showed up right as scheduled, the drivers were much nicer than I was expecting and very professional, Nate and Lisa are both great at answering questions in a timely fashion. I was very skeptical at first because my car is very low but it showed up completely undamaged and to be honest it was much cleaner than I expected for crossing the country on an open trailer. So in summary, Boston to Seattle on an open trailer for a decent price. Hopefully I won't need to ship my car again for a long time but if I do I will be a repeat customer.
- Joe F.

Have you signed up for one of those services where a hundred emails fill your inbox with bids by somewhat suspect transport companies? Crazy isn't it? These guys are legit. We used them to transport a new car across the country this year. Communication was great, they were on time on both ends, and the car arrived without a scratch on it. Basically they made a tough process as easy and comfortable as it could be. Thanks Nate and Lisa!
- Ed M.

I HIRED INTERBAY TRANSPORT TO BRING MY CAR FROM WASHINGTON TO NEW YORK AND GOT IT A MONTH LATER! 🙁 So why the 5 stars??? BECAUSE OF LISA THE BEST DISPATCHER EVER THATS WHY!!!! What can I say... We got hit by 4 snow storms in New York this month! (and nobody wants to talk about Global warming) -_- But anyway... almost every day Lisa would call, email or even text me to make sure I knew what was going on at all times! Wow. She even gave me the option to cancel and get my money back but after reading all the great reviews about this company... I didn't feel like going back out there to search for another one... so i stayed. And booyyy am i happy I did. Its rare to find customer service like this... she truly cared about me and about my car! Nate who handled the billing picked up the phone every time i called and never got tired of me lol. Long story short... Lisa was able to negotiate a car transport for me and I received my baby this past Wednesday... yes! the same day as the noreaster storm!! lol #GodsPlan The driver was very nice to me and was very professional. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be using Lisa and Nate again! I just found out they pick up and ship everywhere!! Do yourself a favor... if you want a no nonsense, best customer service, honest people to transport your car for you... Look no further than Interbay Transport!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA & NATE! Bella (my car name ^_^) loves you!! 5 stars!
- Ernst R.

I've heard nothing but nightmare stories about car shippers. Just do a quick search and you'll see what I mean. i wanted to be very careful who I chose because I did not want to be one of those sad stories. I called several car shippers before deciding on ITL. I am so glad I did. ITL is professional and polite. I shipped two cars across the country and in both cases they delivered as promised. I wouldn't think twice about using them again
- Dennis M.

We contracted with them to move our car from Seattle to Chicago and all went well at first. When the car arrived in Chicago the window had been cracked and that's when Interbay completely stopped providing any real customer service. I have been emailing them since May asking for updates only to be repeatedly told that they needed to get information from the carrier company. It appeared that they have done nothing to resolve this claim since May and now it's almost September. I have tried to call them but you only ever get a voicemail and then they never call back. They are all too happy to help at first but then just don't seem to care once the car is delivered. Update: After I sent a scathing email to them I got a quick response back stating they would try and get a resolution. They stated that they were trying to work with the carrier to get the claim paid. I guess we'll see. I just wish they had communicated more effectively from the start. Update 2 - we were ultimately reimbursed for the damage to the car.
- Thomas S.

This business is overrated. I did not receive the same level of customer service described in the other reviews and so I do not feel that the premium to ship with Interbay was worth the additional couple hundred dollars over other similar car shipping companies. There was a disconnect between the dispatch and the drivers that created difficulties that I expected I would not have had to deal with by spending more with a "premium" shipper. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met.
- Claire R.

This is a fantastic company with excellent communication. Nate and Lisa are knowledgeable, friendly, and on the ball! We shipped our car from Rhode Island to Seattle, and they were able to pick it up early and delivered it perfectly in one week. The drivers were also fantastic and would call and text with location updates. Honestly, I thought shipping a car cross-country would be a massive pain and these guys made it PAINLESS! Highly recommend!
- Natascha B.

They did a great job from start to finish, and delivered much earlier than scheduled. The buyer on the other end of our transaction was equally thrilled with the care and condition of the car when it was delivered. Thank you!!!
- Cece B.

Professional service and definitely on-time. Delivered my car from WA to CA with very fair price. Thanks Nate!
- Sullivan W.

Our Mustang was just shipped from Tucson Az here to Seattle and all went well. The driver was courteous and showed up in Tucson when he said he would. He also gave the recipient of the car here in Seattle several hours notice as i had requested. Other than the unavoidable road dirt our car was fine with no damage or issues. This is the second time we have used ITL and will use them again if the need arises. Contacting other companies results in endless calls, emails and being forced to deal with various people and prices all over the place. Knowing Nate can always be reached and that he is quick to respond to calls and emails is well worth the price. It makes a potentially stressful situation very manageable. Thank you!
- Robert R.

I contact Interbay to transport my car from Bellevue, WA to NY, NY. The process of smooth up until delivery and it all went downhill from there. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the vehicle was damaged in multiple areas (several long & deep scratches driver side, 2 rock chips on hood) and was reported immediately. Their contracted truck driver from Fast Freight Trucking Inc. had the audacity to rush me even though he neither gave me a heads up nor delivered it to the right location. I had to go 15 minutes out of my way to pick up my car because him and his son were apparently "late". Not only that, they decided to double park on one of NYC's busiest Manhattan streets. Since the idiot driver parked in such a tense and fast-paced environment, I quickly signed the release form without even inspecting my vehicle (100% my fault) since I was also being rushed by the two of them. I contacted Lisa at Interbay immediately after I parked and had a chance to peacefully inspect the vehicle, calling her multiple times and her a email with all the picture proofs of damages. No one at either Interbay or Fast Freight Trucking (contracted shipping courier) bothered to contact me for another 3 months until I contacted Fast Freight myself. Vitaliy (suppose owner) calls me to ask me why I signed the papers even though I had explained their mentally challenged driver decided to park 15 minutes away in a very tense and fast paced environment. Vitaliy then goes on to belittle me and accuse me of creating the damages myself even though there are multiple dated before pictures and I had reported the damages immediately (you can't get a rock chip on NYC streets lol). Order #5334.
- Brian C.

The people at Interbay were great from the get-go. Nate was helpful at the beginning and Lisa was helpful afterwards. The problem I had was with the driver of the transportation company they hooked me up with. Having never moved a vehicle across the country before, I was not familiar with what to look for. Our driver lacked communication (he arrived a full day earlier than planned, didn't update me as promised along the route and then arrived in Austin earlier than he said). I was so thrilled to be reunited with my car, I walked around the outside, saw no damage and signed my life away. The driver left and when I got in my car later, I realized it was a mess. I have a light colored leather interior and there were black handprints EVERYWHERE - the ceiling, the back seats, the front seats, the head rests. He had also obviously laid our back seats down and there were scratches in the trunk of our SUV. My husband and I had the car washed and spent an hour trying to get his greasy hand prints off everything. There are still a few left but it's better now. We think he used our vehicle to transport something inside. But that's not ITL's fault. I should have looked on the inside and Lisa at ITL did everything she could to make things right.
- Jennifer M.

AMAZING customer service. I picked them after receiving 8 quotes from other organizations I had found both online and through Yelp. I had initially gone with a different transit company for my car (WA to CA), but after I received a quote from Interbay from Nate, and talked to him personally, I switched transport companies. They're a smaller team, but are just as responsive and even more knowledgeable than some giant companies that are geographically preset. Nate and Lisa both know their industry really well, and we're highly flexible with my changing. Their pricing is really competitive, and they're attentive to customer needs. Really really great company, felt safe using them, and highly recommend.
- Emily B.

After making numerous phone calls to different companies, that was totally wasted of my time. I was regretting that why didn't I find this company sooner. Nate is very nice and straightforward. While other companies give you wrong answers and information so they can rip you off, he will tell you the truth and gives very reasonable rate. The truck came sooner than we expected and happy to drive our car again ( getting tired of rental car). Thank you Nate!!!
- Sun C.

This was my first time transporting a car to a different state therefore I had a lot of questions and Nate was very nice about answering every question. My car was picked up on time, delivered on time and the driver kept in touch with me with ETA. I am very happy with Interbay Transport and will be using them again if needed!
- Chivis U.

I just shipped a Jeep from Kirkland to Hilo Hawaii. I spent a good amount of time looking and getting quotes from other shippers. I was puzzled by high ratings from shipping sites but one star ratings on Yelp (I have shipped cars and other stuff from Hawaii before). Well, I decided to find a shipper with the best Yelp rating that shipped cars to Hawaii. Interbay was a winner both on Yelp and getting my car shipped to Hawaii with absolutely no problems. I rate Interbay a five star company with five star service.
- Glenn K. S.

Let me just say- I was nervous as heck* (politically correct language people!) to have my car shipped from Seattle to Dallas. I've heard so many horror stories. BUT Interbay was fantastic from start to finish. My initial call- the owner was on point and helpful. From an office level - customer service was A+. (Skeptically I was still waiting for the pickup/delivery to be less than ideal) My quote was accurate from start to finish: straight forward (no sneaky add ons) The time frame to pick up my car was accurate - the office was responsive and very good at following up. The pick up driver? Amazing! Polite, called ahead, and was very thorough in inspecting and telling me what to expect. I had to meet him away from my residence because the streets were narrow and they even offered to pay for my UBER home. Now- at this point I'm still waiting for the ball to drop- or my car to take a month to get to me in Texas. Not even close. Within a week of my arrival - MY car arrived too!!! I couldn't believe it! (I can't say the same for the company that is moving my belongings- it's been over 2 weeks and they still haven't shown) The delivery driver called me the day before- texted me the day of to give me a time frame, allowed me to change up the meeting location - and let me know again 30-45 minutes out. Very nice, and professional, made sure everything was in order. He was even having mechanical issues with his truck on the venture down and still managed to communicate with me, and make great time. Car was all in one piece - no damage. I can't recommend these guys enough, would highly recommend if you are moving out of state and want great customer service with professional people. I have nothing but great things to say about my experience!
- Kristan N.

My very first review and it goes to Interbay Transport. I highly recommend using ITL if you need to have your vehicle shipped. We first tried using someone else who gave us a quote but then ended up wanting $300 more when they found a driver. I called Nate at ITL and he gave us a great quote and when the car was picked up the charge did not change. They were very flexible to where the car would be picked up depending on our plans, which really helped lessen the stress. When we emailed a few times on an update, Lisa got right back to us to let us know she was contacting the driver. As soon as she heard the from the driver she gave us an update. Great communications at this company and I can't recommend this company enough and will be using them again the in future! - Thank you Nate & Lisa!
- Victoria V.

I can't recommend this company enough! We relocated from Washington to Texas, and didn't have a lot of notice. Nate was wonderful, and was able to schedule our car shipment quickly, and Lisa helped coordinate it all. I wish I could remember the driver's name, but he was so kind, and made sure we were notified of all updates regarding pickup and delivery. Letting someone pick up your car, and drive off with it on a truck, is very stressful. Interbay was awesome!!
- Michelle P.

Nate, Lisa, and the team at ITL took care of my compact Honda Civic from Redmond, Washington to Southern California. From the get go, Nate was very quick to respond with a quote with Lisa e-mailing me (my preference) throughout the pre-pickup and pickup process. My car was picked up the following week - pickup was delayed a day from when I was originally called BUT was within the "pickup window" 🙂 The car-trailer driver loaded my car up directly from where I was working. So I didn't have to drive the car elsewhere. The car was dropped off at its final destination in less than a week (six days total transport time) in fine condition. I was really pleased at how straightforward everything was and how responsive both Nate and Lisa were to all of my questions. I highly recommend their business.
- James W.

These guys transported my car across the country. They were not the cheapest, but they picked it up when they said they would, and delivered it when I said they would. The car was in great shape. I will use this company again.
- Matt R.

My husband and I purchased our first vehicle out of state from WA and the dealership did not provide shipping. We thought ok this should be no problem finding an auto transporter. We thought whatever auto shipping company we called, they would be the company picking up the vehicle. That was not the case. 99% of the companies we called were brokers who would contract with their sub-haulers. We were bombarded with emails when requesting a quote. We continued searching and found Interbay Transport. They had the most positive reviews from all the companies we looked at. My husband called and spoke with Nate. He was very helpful and explained the process and provided a competitive quote. He also stated that most companies are brokers who use sub-haulers. We decided to use them to transport our vehicle. Lisa contacted my husband with the pick up window. We had a few issues with the dealership finalizing the sale and informed Lisa who told us it would be no problem. The vehicle was picked up when they said and delivered when stated. Everything went smoothly. We highly recommend Interbay Transport.
- Jennifer A.

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