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Customers’ rating: 4.6

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About Inter Van Lines

Choose moving professionals who they know what they’re doing. InterVanLines is here to help. We’ll be on your team from start to finish – we will pack, transport, and unpack your home or business. Unlike many other moving companies, we never use a third party or a subcontractor. When you hire us, you’ll be dealing with InterVanLines for the entire journey.

Moving-Me about Inter Van Lines

InterVanLines offers a range of services catered to how much you want to get involved in your moving process. Their 24/7 secure storage facilities are the perfect solution for those who want extra storage space for household items or furniture at an exceptional value. InterVanLines offers a range of services catered to how much you want to get involved in your moving process.

Inter Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

Inter Van Lines is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 293119

US D.O.T: 2725439

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Inter Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Inter Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Inter Van Lines Reviews

During my move from CA to VA, I went thru a hell with some moving companies and Inter Van Lines saved me at the end of it!! For my job opportunity, I moved out of my place in Carlsbad, CA, stored all my stuff in a storage in San Diego prior to move to Virginia for about 3 weeks. (The moving company that had moved my stuff to the storage not only damaged my furniture but also packed all my belongings very poorly.) When I needed my stuff moved to VA, I contacted a moving company, GPS, and provided all I had for estimate per their request. When the movers showed up at the storage for pickup on Sunday, they showed up 2 hours later than scheduled time and I only had 1 hour left till the storage closed! They pulled everything out of the storage and then the driver increased the rate far more than double although there was not much difference in volume compared to what I had provided over the phone for estimate. I cancelled the contract at the spot. Then the GPS movers left all my belongings in hallway and in the elevator saying they would not get paid as I voided the contract and they left! Some lady in the storage was in shocked, speechless and started helping me with putting everything back into the storage and after I came back home, I googled and contacted Inter Van Lines. Despite it was Sunday, they not only answered the phone but also sent someone to my storage for accurate estimate! Joe checked my belongings very thouroughly and beat the rate by thousands of dollars! Also, he scheduled for pick up right next day! The movers showed up on time, and they pointed out to Joe how poorly my furnitures were packed and started packing them all over again! They also showed me how the other movers messed up with my computer monitor, the way they stored could have damaged the screen amd explained how they deal with monitors and computers etc when it comes to storage and also packing. After they were done at the storage, Joe and the movers came to my friend's house. I had two queen matresses and a dresser that were exchanged by furniture store and due to this exchange prior to my move to VA, I could not keep them in a storage but separated in my temporary place. Joe and the movers were great again. Even though my mattresses were brand new in plastic bags, they packed them all over again! They also packed the my dresser and loaded them up. How professional! Joe stayed in touch with me and sent my stuff on my requested date. The movers brought my stuff in perfect condition and stored them to a storage as I was in the middle of buying a home here. They worked very deligently and quickly. After I got my place, I hired movers and they were very impressed how excellently my furnitures were packed. They all repeated 'excellent packing' the whole time they were loading amd unloading. From my experience with 4 moving companies in 2 months, Inter Van Line was far best, they were directly moving company, I did checked the 18 wheel truck they brought to my storage to see if they were also moving some other stuff such as fruits, vegies, or even worse, chickens etc like some non direct moving companies do. I know it sounds funny but make sure to check reviews and you will be surprised to find out about it like I was. After I was done with my move, I talked with Joe that I would save his phone number and ensure to contact him when I move back to CA from here! I was truly lucky to have found one good moving company that I can rely on wherever I move to! Thank you so much, Inter Van Lines! You guys were very professional and great all the way from CA to VA! Thank you!!
- H J.

We are so pleased with the way our move went these movers were great they did such a great job with getting there ontime help pack and moves us to Nc it was so nice to get such friendly guys explaing how it was all going to happen and the girls were so sweet I am 100 % happy with this move I will be letting all of my friends and family know who to use for there move
- Jaens J.

Dealt with Joe who was a stand up guy and a straight shooter . After other companies giving me the run around this company stepped up . Glad a found them , good guys , thank god and god bless!
- Al J.

If you're looking for a good and reliable moving company, this is it. The staff respond promptly to phone calls and questions you may have. Jesse was my moving coordinator, he was very informative and professional. Also, after comparing prices with several moving companies in San Diego, their price was the most reasonable. The pick and deliver process was smooth and my belongings were delivered to me in a timely manner. They absolutely deserve the 5 stars.
- Guia A.

My neighbor recommend this company and it was a very good choice . the service was excellent , a professional packer came to my house and in 5 hours all of my items were loaded on the truck .they used moving blankets to wrap all the furniture and it was free .my price did increase around 10% but that was because i had more boxes to ship that were not on the original quote . it was totally worth it and i would definitely recommend them .
- Avi

Inter van lines move me 2 week ago and today I receive my belongings. I'm very happy to now that all my furniture are in good condition (after all the stores that I heard on moving company's ) as off now I didn't open the boxes yet but they look in good shape. thank you for the good service . FYI make sure to pack everything in boxes I hade plastic bags with clothes and they had to pack it in to boxes
- Kobi

Best moving company ever!!!! I want to say a BIG TEXAS STYLE: THANK YOU TO JESSIE for taking my call on Thursday night 6:30 ( 30 minutes before closing time) June 21st and showing up the next morning sharp at 7:00 am getting me moved out!! I had hired another company to do my move they were a no show, they left me & family scrambling looking for other moving companies and I was so glad that I still had Inter VANLINES' emails. I called them, Jessie answered, took down my information showed up the next morning and were out of there! Whew!!! Let's not forget to also say another BIG TEXAS STYLE THANK YOU TO JESSICA! For taking all my calls each time I called their office. She was very pleasant to talk to and always reassured me that my items would be delivered. The other company had left me scared thinking I wasn't going to get my items but Jessica eased my pain! Lol!! Thank you very much! AND THANK YOU to the 3 guys that delivered our items, they were very careful and fast in dropping everything off. I definitely recommend this company to anyone that is planning on moving. Look at Inter Vanlines. I had booked in with another company that gave me a very low quote, which that did me no good because they never showed up and they said the earliest they can get my moving going would be 4 days after my original pick up date!! So no, don't hire a company that offers you a very low price. Please hire Inter Vanlines for your move! You won't regret it. Thank you Jessie & Jessica!!
- Norma Herrera

To the Owner of Inter Van Lines DOT#2725439 My parents and I were moving from San Diego to Austin and I helped them pick a moving company and together we contributed toward the cost. Worst mistake ever picking your company. The estimate increased 33% from the original quote and even after accepting that outrageous increase there was a continuing lack of updates and a failure to deliver promised services. When Jesse came to our house to view our property, we worked with him to point out all of our items that would need to be shipped. When my parents mentioned a few rugs that we were unsure of taking he stated it was better to overestimate so we had him include them all. We informed Jesse during this overview that we had a storage space that was packed to capacity. We mentioned the washer, dryer, large leather couch, china cabinet, computer desk and various other items that were all in our storage space. We even offered to take Jesse to our storage unit but he declined to go. He did tell us that he would work with us every step of the moving process. He also told us that your website would allow us to track the move from San Diego to Austin. He stated that we would be informed when our items left and be given at least a 48 hour notice before our items were delivered. On September 22nd 2018 we received the estimate of $7,832.50. After receiving this quote I called Jesse and learned that if we didn’t take the items in storage that the estimate would be reduced to $5,632. On the day of pickup we were all ready for the movers with everything boxed and even moved everything to our garage to make it easier for the movers to access. We gave water to the movers and showed them the bathroom. After many of the boxes had been moved to the alleyway, Joe showed up. Joe informed us that Jesse was on vacation (interesting since Jesse promised he would be with us every step of the way and knew our move date at that point) and that the estimate provided was too low by about $2,200-$2,300. Joe encouraged us to eliminate some of the boxes by reboxing them and to consider eliminating some items to lessen the load. At that point we had no choice but to combine boxes and do what Joe suggested so we didn’t take the leather couch, a wooden bed frame and a large computer desk. We actually ended up giving away two of the items for free to one of the movers to have for his personal use. I informed Joe that such a large increase after the elimination of larger items and re-boxing was unreasonable and Joe told me he would get back to us. The next day AFTER ALL OF OUR ITEMS HAD BEEN REMOVED, Joe presented my dad and I with a new estimate of $10,500! After my dad and all of us protested as this was significantly more than the original quote and even the increased quote Joe provided the day prior he reduced it by a measly $500, this was still 33% higher than what was quoted. My dad asked Joe if he could tell us the date our items would leave San Diego and he could not. He did tell my dad that Jesse would contact us, so after a few days we called again on the 15th and my father was told in a "firm" and unprofessional manner that we would be contacted when a date was known. My father politely reminded the employee that he had only called again because we were told by Joe that Jesse would contact us which he didn’t. On the 17th after not hearing anything from your company I went onto your website and saw it indicated that our items were still in San Diego. We were planning on arriving in Austin on the 20th and 21st so this was a bit troubling. The very next day on the 18th the driver of the moving fan called my dad and informed him they would be in Austin the next day in the morning!! When he complained about the lack of a 48 hour notice the driver claimed that on the 16th when he picked up our items he had been told we had been in contact that same day. Which is clearly not true as nobody ever called any of us and we were treated rudely when attempting to contact your office on the 17th! We all had to drive for 15 hours straight to make it to Austin for the delivery. On the 19th my father showed the driver his cell phone- which has no incoming or missed calls from your company on the 16th or 17th. He barely responded with a grunt. We were mistreated and misled by your company. We trusted your methods to give us an accurate estimate and you completely bait and switched us. My parents are seniors on a fixed income and even with my contribution we had to borrow money from a family friend to pay the remaining cost after the increase. You should be ashamed of how poorly we were treated by your employees. In case of any of your employees claim that any part of our experience outlined above is untrue, I am happy to share my personal cell phone number with you and even take a lie detector test. I look forward to hearing your response as I can only pray that you as an owner will take some accountability for your employees actions.
- Cassandra A.

This place contacted me because I went on a brokerage site to find a moving company to move my furniture from San Diego to TN. I told the woman on the phone what furniture I was moving from my storage to my son’s home in TN. Also I was paying for the move up front & DID NOT want my son to pay anything. I was told he wouldn’t have to pay & they made a contract that stated that he wouldn’t pay anything. 1. Three guys came a few weeks later & loaded up the furniture. They removed legs & hardware from the furniture. I was told they’d load & reassemble the furniture as well as unload in TN. This was in the contract. I also along with the three guys waited for their supervisor for 45 minutes--he didn’t speak English or write very well. Also he added $1000 more to the bill. I told the woman in the office that I’d give a deposit & come a couple days later to pay the balance. I gave her an itemized list of what I needed moved plus or minus one or two items. She didn’t put down the items which was why I had to pay $1000 more. The time came to deliver the furniture & the driver told my son to meet him at Uhaul to get the furniture because he couldn’t get his truck close to the house. My son asked if he was the only person delivering the furniture. He said yes but he could get someone from Craig’s List to help. My son told him he didn’t want a sketchy person to come into his home because he had six kids & one on the way. The driver told him he’d charge him for all the used blankets so my son told him to come back the next day & he could have them. The driver left my son stranded with the furniture, & he paid for the Uhaul truck. Violating their own contract, Inter Van Line dropped the ball & didn’t uphold their contract. My son had to pay his neighbor $300 to help him unload all the furniture--8 hours. My son & his wife were left with furniture that had a lot of hardware, which needed to be put back together.
- Linda R.

These guys are pros. Friendly and fast. All of our stuff arrived safely and unbroken. What more can you ask for? If you compare their pricing to other movers you will find they are more than reasonable. They will come out and tour your home to give you an accurate estimate for your move. They stuck to the quote with no add ons for surprises at the end. Straight forward and no gimmicks. I’d use them again in a heartbeat for any future move.
- Steve R

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