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About Independent Moving Solutions

Independent Moving Solutions is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured moving company. We offer services in the local and long distance moves to short and long-term storage. We understand that moving is generally an extremely stressful circumstances, including all the other activities happening across the proceed. A lot of individuals are buying/selling a home, shifting credit card information, turning the electric system off, and a wide array of different tasks which are involved in moving. Independent Moving Solution intends to take any stress related to moving off of the shoulders of our customers. We go the extra mile in terms of moving customers across country lines.

Moving-Me about Independent Moving Solutions

Independent Moving Solution is a family-owned company and they treat their clients as part of their household too.

The company is fully insured and licensed to carry household goods, also with extensive experience and tens of thousands of happy customers, you know that you can trust them with your next relocation.

The movers are specialists in what they do, and they need to meet strict criteria to be considered a worker or better say, part of the household.

Independent Moving Solutions Licenses & Certificates

Independent Moving Solutions is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 1036295-B

US D.O.T: 3278729

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Independent Moving Solutions cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4300. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective.  Independent Moving Solutions is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Independent Moving Solutions Reviews

This is a SCAM. They will give you a low initial estimate and charge you thousands more. If you cancel within their contract guidelines, they still will not refund your deposit money. They are evil people that are taking advantage of people.
- Cassidy P

Everything was good. We are satisfied with the move. They wrapped everything and took care of everything, nothing damaged but a bit late. Will Use them.
- Michael Kesler

Moving was a pain but the entire experience was much more pleasant thanks to Mike and the movers. They were very professional and extremely proficient in their procedure. They wrapped everything and we were completely out of the apartment in 1 hour!
- Martin Ross

The 3 guys were professionals in every sense of the word. They all had upbeat personalities and worked very hard doing what was required to get the job done. Very nice and professional as well. We will be moving again to our permanent residents in a few months and will be calling on them again.
- Jesse Malise

They were on time, professional, fast, efficient. Hard-working and strong guys. They handled my stuff with care and respect. Because of the awesome job they did I have recommended your moving company to a few friends of mine who will be moving in the fall. Thank you again.
- Mickey Johansson

I used Independent Moving solution for the first time and they were really fantastic. They quoted reasonably and moved VERY quickly and efficiently, and were friendly and straightforward whenever I had questions.
- Joseph Ryan

Carol is super helpful and responsive!! She gave me a great deal for being a loyal repeat customer. The movers were honest in warning me my desk might get damaged because it’s fragile, but absolutely nothing happened to it. They were quick and handled my things really well. Recommended!
- Russel Caswell

The group that runs this "business" are among the most evil people I have EVER personally come across. After they picked up our items, and our online contract disappeared from their website, they began sharply raising the price of everything they'd previously told us, and they stopped answering our calls. We realized we'd been scammed. Look up "moving company scams" on YouTube, and one of the first short videos that comes up is titled, "Ex-employee of alleged moving scam reveals new details." Independent Moving Solutions is exactly like the fraudulent company she is describing in that news report. My mind was blown that this can happen in our country, and your mind will be blown too. First off, every five-star review you see, was written by one of their "employees," just like in the video. They employ maximum pressure on you to give them a deposit or you will not get the date you need, or the current "low rate." Then they give you a bunch of lies the day before your move to trick you into signing their digital "contract," which disappears from their website once they have your stuff. They have a huge deposit from you, and it's too late to get a new mover in time, so they KNOW they have you. They say that your phone calls have been "recorded for quality assurance," but now you begin to realize what kind of people you are dealing with. After repeatedly promising that your move and storage rates would be no more than one price, their customer service team denies it all. They double or triple your bill, saying they'll "check the recordings and fix everything, IF the sales guy really said those things." They will never call you back about any of that. At this point we read every last review on them, from several different websites. We learned about "rogue" mover fraud, and realized we had been scammed. Our stuff was now being held hostage for cash, or else they will auction off all your clothes, furniture, and memories. We learned that, just like in the news video, THIS company had formerly been at least two other corrupt moving companies which were shut down, including Merit Movers, and J & J Moore Nationwide Van Lines. Angry reviews for THOSE companies, feature the same 4 evil employees we have been dealing with, and there has been plenty of investigation into their fraudulent owners: Salvatore Viscount and Michael Korman. We learned that no STATE government agencies, including the police, will do anything about it, because our move involved more than one state. Your insurance company doesn't classify this as theft, so they don't have to cover your loss. Then there's the Department of Transportation and the FMCSA who are in charge of this type of crime... According to them, there are dozens of rogue "companies" performing thousands of these hostage move scams per year. But their Federal team is simply NOT funded enough by Congress, to effectively go after anyone for these crimes... So, you are on your own. Many people never see their stuff again. Others pay the ransom (which must be in cash), only to find that their most valuable items have been stolen or damaged beyond salvage. Either way, expect a bunch of lies and tears. The only piece of useful advice we received from government officials, is that if a person acts fast, they can contact their bank and maybe get some of the deposit back. We were told that if you write reviews, the movers will try to accuse you of check fraud, or say that you never answered your phone. Then, their employees will write a bunch of new, fake, 5-star reviews so YOURS will disappear from the front page. It will never be seen by their NEW victims. So if you've read this far, you were probably scammed too, and I wish I could have helped you.
- Daniel Dean

Mike and his guys were beyond amazing and efficient. They were even early to the job and no damage was done at all. Nothing is impossible for them. I’m such a happy repeat customer and will always use them forever. Thank you again!
- Robert Angila

Great moving experience with these guys. Mike and his team were super professional and efficient. We'd definitely call on them again for moving services.
- Marshall Davis

The team from Independent Moving Solutions made the move so easy and stress less. Despite hauling my heavy boxes and furniture up there flights, each one of them did it happily, kindly, and with no complaints at all. I was dreading moving but they made it so quick and enjoyable. 10/10 recommend. You would be foolish to work with any other moving company.
- Christopher Phillip

The 3 guys turned up on-time, were clean, polite, efficient and hardworking. They were also meticulous and ensured nothing was scratched. When I move again which I will, I will be calling Independent Moving solution.
- Richard Harkins

I am writing to warn any readers to avoid this company at all costs, and I will continue to write at least weekly because this company adds their own reviews written by employees in order to hide the real reviews written by dissatisfied customers. This company is misleading, untrustworthy, and will scam you out of money and time. They attempted to charge more than $1000 over their original estimate, something that was supposedly a binding estimate that would not increase. If you have any problems with billing, the billing department only works through email and you will not be able to get a billing representative on the phone to speak with you. Every single thing this company does is designed to hurt you and exists only for their profit. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. If I could go back in time, I would, as they completely destroyed my experience moving from Iowa to Colorado.
- Melinda Ann

I used Independent Moving Solutions for my move. Mike and his team did a great job. They came beforehand to check all of my stuff to give me a proper estimate. On the moving day they rang me before knocking the door. Moving team was great and managed to move all of my stuff very carefully. My move was fast and didn't take a lot of time. I will recommend these guys in a blink.
- Jeanine Corbett

This note is to express my satisfaction for the services I received so far. I appreciated in particular your support and the way you have assisted our family during the move. The day before I received a confirmation text and the day of move they let me know when they'd arrive an hour before, which was 5 minutes earlier than my booked time. No problems there. 5 stars to them.
- Linda Hamilton

Moved across the country last minute for work and these guys made it so much simpler than I thought it was going to be. I appreciate them, they were quick, efficient and professional. From start to finish they kept the headaches to an absolute minimum, which was their main promise on our initial call. I understand there are a lot of moving pieces to hiring a moving company, but honestly these guys were great. I am hoping I do not find myself in this situation again, but if I do I have no reason to shop around. I trust Independent Moving Solutions, they have earned my business for life.
- Angela Macri Mucci

We were so pleased with the services we received. We were in a bind as another company took our deposit and never answered the phone again. We had 3 days to get out of our home and we were beyond STRESSED. They were able to get a truck out the next day. They did a great job packing up our glass shelves and tables, they were fast and diligent. We Were delivered in less than a week and our items were brought to us just how they left. This experience was perfect and we would recommend them to anyone moving out of state!
- Andrew Herrero

I’ve moved across the country multiple times and had some horrific experiences. Independent made this move wonderful. I had contact with a representative there the entire time which was nice considering all the other times I moved I couldn’t get in touch with anyone nor did I know where my stuff was. Not the case here, I couldn’t move into my place before they delivered so independent stored my stuff for me and delivered it with no charge. First class service Jim and his team at pick up and delivery were fantastic. This will be the only moving company I will use from here on out.
- Todd Todaro

Where to begin - this company exceeded my expectations and delivered on everything they promised to do for us. I was making a move last minute with my girlfriend because she was starting a new job. I was responsible for finding the moving company that was going to be doing the move. We first looked at Uhaul but it was $2800. The quote we received from Independent Moving Solutions was $4100 and they were going to everything for us. We had to leave NJ and needed our belongings in CA in 10 days. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to do that but man did they. They even got our items there in 8 days with no damages. If you need a moving Company last minute don’t look any further. This is one of the top companies in the country. Keep up the great work.
- Tom Kinder

This review is long overdue. I’ve been using this moving company for YEARS. They have been incredible. I feel relaxed knowing that my most trusted possessions are in their hands. Independent Moving Solutions is by far, one of the friendliest, quickest and reliable moving companies in the US. Every time I move I ‘m always using Independent Moving Solutions. Why? They are trustworthy, efficient, and most importantly, they get my merchandise from one coast to the other safely. Highly recommend!
- Elizabeth Conlon

I would like to thank Independent Moving Solutions for doing our move from FL to NJ. They were very professional and educated me on the entire moving process. Which can be very complicated. Our rep Collin was very helpful and Gabby and Nick in customer service did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend this company if you have an upcoming long distance move. They delivered on everything they promised. They even got our items to the destination 4 dash earlier than expected. We will absolutely be using them in future for our next move. Keep up the great work Independent Moving Solutions.
- Tom Andrew

Micheal and the team were great! They were super nice, efficient and fast. Moved our 2 bedroom apartment furniture from one place and unpacked nearby in under 4 hours. No damages and also reassembled the furniture. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
- Wictts Shannon

Best part of independent Moving and Storage is they offer a flat fee. No hidden box fees or anything like that. The move was worth every penny I paid. I am so happy with the moving process. It was a total 5 star experience. Will not even shop around in the future. independent Moving and Storage for life!
- Rohshan Anil

My husband called a bunch of companies and they had the best price from Independent Moving Solutions. They wrapped all my furniture in plastic and did an awesome job without expecting a tip but I still gave them a good tip. They are trained and skilled movers who know their work. I am happy and would love to highly recommend their company to all.
- Jennifer Williams

BEWARE HORRIBLE TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I find it very troubling that this company has not been investigated for fraud. Long story short, I called, they answered. The sales person quoted me a price which was cheaper than the other quotes I received, he then guaranteed a move date and a short window for delivery "guaranteed over the phone" took $1100 deposit to put me on the books. Fast forward a week I called them and e-mailed with my final inventory list and the price jumped another $2000.00 I told them that's fine and paid another $460.00 deposit. The pick up date came and went so I called the next day and was told that I was on the books and they don't get updated final pick up till 5pm from the movers (mind you this is the day they were supposed to be there) the next day I recurved a shady call from someone stating they "may" be able to do a pick up the following week after I was already supposed to be moved and out of my house, they then told me that I would not receive my delivery for 3 weeks to a month when I was GUARANTEED a 5 day delivery from time of pick up. However if I pay them another $1000.00 cash I could get it within a week "possibly" I told them no that I was not willing to do that as I had an uncomfortable feeling. I told them I will try to get ahold of independence moving solutions for further guidance. I called no one called me back, I then emailed them telling them the move was off as I have no movers to handle it. A few days later as I was on the road to my new home, I called and reached a manager. She stated that I cancelled my contract and therefore relinquished my $1500 deposit. That is NOT true, the movers cancelled by not showing up, independent moving solutions cancelled by not calling me or scheduling a move on the date scheduled. She was very rude and unprofessional, I actually have never dealt with someone so unprofessional in my life, she then hung up on me. I called back a few days later to try to get my deposit back and spoke to a woman who told me accounting will deal with it and wait a week. I waited no call back no email, I then called and spoke to a man who was extremely rude and at one point said "why would I give you your deposit back when making me mad was so much fun" he then said that again the "he enjoyed my anger" at that point I realized they actually are legal thieves and purposely take advantage of unsuspecting clients. They have a racket going and all the other reviews confirm that, after investigation the positive reviews are no more than the same people writing reviews under different names. Thank god the movers tried to scam me before they picked up my stuff or I would be in a lot more of a mess and out a lot more money then I already am. These people need to be investigated before they hurt more people and take more money. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE. They will hold you, your stuff and your money hostage.
- Richard Wood

Expensive but really nice guys. All six of them that showed up. Polite and hard working. I trusted them with my things once they got going. All I can say is "Thank You!" This is the ONLY Company I would call for any moving jobs!
- Jason Greeks

PHENOMENAL JOB! Mike and Michelle helped me with my move from GA to WA last weekend. Their service was quick, neat, and super duper easy! Well worth the money.
- Ricky Clerk

Do not use this co. they lied thru their teeth the whole way thru the move. Asking for more money thru out the trip along with Royal Star Movers. SCAM SCAM SCAM.
- Kathleen Sullivan

The moving crew knows how to do a move without breaking anything. They do know how to handle a situation. They maintain a high level of professionalism and do not give you a reason to doubt them. They maintained the positive attitudes while unloading and were even nice enough to reassemble a non-standard bed frame for me.
- Dexter Smith

Mike and Michele helped us with our move. They were very professional and helpful. They made our move stress free. Took good care of our items and were courteous. Thanks for taking so much stress out of our move. Would definitely recommend them to others!
- Ryan Williams

The 3 movers from Independent Moving Solutions came to my house for their move. They assembled and disassembled my larger furniture pieces in no time at all. The process went well. Everything was carefully loaded and unloaded. Nothing was damaged.
- Jesse Roles

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