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About Independence Van Lines

Here at Independence Van Lines, our combined relocation experience makes us a leader in the industry. We are committed to supporting you throughout the whole moving process, no matter how big or small the project is. We believe that communication and a personalized moving plan for each client is the key to our continued success.

Moving-Me about Independence Van Lines

Established in 2017, the company specialize in long distance and interstate moves for individuals, families, military members, and businesses of all sizes. Starting with a full inventory of all of your belongings that need to be moved, they focus on making sure the move is hassle-free and affordable.

Independence Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 3102373

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: MC078045

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What is Independence Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Independence Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Independence Van Lines Reviews

Very deceptive sales department . Please don't uses . First they subcontracted my move which I was unaware of . Was advised movers were coming on three different dates and missed work. Was mistreated by delivery driver. I was contacted by Independence Van Lines from an online inquiry I filled out about an upcoming move from Duluth, GA to Hampton, VA. I was advised I would receive white glove service, that my furniture would be delivered in a professional manner within 2 days and that I would not pay anything additional unless I added more furniture. I was advised someone would contact me to go over the inventory 2 to 3 days prior to the move. When the call occurred I advised of additional items and was told I the furniture would be weighed and if it was underweight I would pay less. I was advised that tape and shrinkwrap was included as well as assembly and disassembly. The movers arrived on time and stayed for several hours taking my things apart and wrapping everything. I was advised I needed to pay an additional 550 for shrink wrapping. My furniture was already loaded and I didn't want to argue so I called the company and I was advised that I shouldn't have signed the addendum for the 550 and there was nothing they can do.I signed because I didn't feel as if I have an alternative and that was issue number 1. The movers advised my delivery would arrive 10/28. I called on 10/28 to get an ETA and was advised the delivery had changed to 10/29 or 10/30. I called on 10/29 and spoke to I believe Tyler on that day. He advised my things would be there 10/29. They never arrived so I called back on Tuesday, I was told they would def be there on Tuesday and again they never showed. Wed I called and I was told the truck is in VA and they will be delivering my things Wed. When they didn't show Wed I contacted a family friend attorney to reach out and he spoke with them and I was advised that they by law have 21 days to deliver my items. I understood delays occur but I missed work because I was told they were coming on those days. I believe I am entitled to consequential damages for the three days I was told they were enroute and I did not work. Had they told me of the delay originally I would have went to work and not sat in an empty house awaiting furniture. The last complaint I have is with the company the subcontracted my stuff to that delivered my items. The guy wore a moving shirt with a company that I found out he doesn't work for. The gentleman came in a budget truck and had another person meet him there to help unload my things. He had called me the night prior and told me he would be there between 12-3 with the delivery and he was there within that time and was very courteous at first. As he began unloading the truck he became irate with the way the other moving company had dissembled my things and I hard him say they were "retarded". After everything was loaded into my house. He began to assemble my daughters bed and mine. He yelled at me and told me they don't assemble childrens beds once he got frustrated with putting it together and said he wasn't doing it. I explained to him that I paid a lot of money for assembly and moving and was told everything would be setup. No one had told me that my daughters twin size bed wouldn't be set up. He started saying" I don't have time for this sh"t_ and was yelling. I got upset and raised my voice. He said he wasn't going to assemble anything else in the house. He was yelling and cursing so much so he had my 8 yr old daughter and I in tears. The driver left all the furniture padding, did noy clean up , didn't complete assembly of anything. I am missing items like slats for my bed, screws for furniture assembly, the legs for my TV. The When I called the 1-855 he had on his shirt they advised me he wasn't their worker and did not know who he was. I overheard him tell his helper he would pay him 20 for stay behind. His helper ( who also does not work for the company) was very kind and said he lived locally and agreed to stay behind and assemble everything for me. He stayed in my home until roughly 10pm assembling furniture. I paid him a few extra dollars because of his kindness.
- Juné D.

Total fraud of a company. I would say they have horrible business practices, but that would be legitimizing them as a business, which seems insulting to real businesses. They get you to pay a direct deposit on the phone with whatever you want to hear, then take your money and don't show up to collect your stuff when they say they will. They delay pick up as long as possible (outside of your promised window) until you are desperate, then show up at the last minute to pick up your stuff (never in a real uniforms or an official truck, since they are only BROKERS and contract out your move to whoever wants it). Then, the worst part is that once they get your stuff, they hold your belongings HOSTAGE until you pay them two or three times what you were quoted. Luckily, I was able to avoid giving them my stuff, but if I had, I can't even imagine how much worse off I would have been. They lie, cheat, and steal. This type of thing could truly lead someone into dire financial distress, and that breaks my heart to even think about. After dealing with this company, I now firmly believe that evil people actually do exist in the world. Never contract with them. EVER. For ANYTHING.
- Emma R.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! We had to threaten them with a Law Suit for them to move our stuff, Which is what we payed them to do. This was the worst customer experience I have ever had. They were over a day late on the pick up, and communication was terrible. Once I payed my deposit I had to call from a different phone number in order for them to pick up. Long story short, DO NOT use this company
- Rudy N.

Do NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They have been horrific throughout the whole process, except taking my money of course. I was promised a 2-3 day turn around and that only my belongings would be on the truck. I have now been waiting 26 days and when the truck pulled up to pick up my belongings, it was a rented ryder truck with no company logo and 4 other loads were on board as well. The 2 movers who showed up were creapy, unprofessional and looked borderline homeless. I was told this was a binding estimate and they used an algorithm that prevented hidden fees, not exactly. It ended up costing me 6000 and not the 2000 i was quoted. I have been yelled at by their inept staff and treated as if i did not just drop a sufficient amount of money for them. Now am hiring an attorney to get my possessions back. Do not use them, whatsoever, for any reason at all!
- Catherine S.

If I can give a negative star I would. This company is a joke. John Easton is the representative who I talked to and he asked me everything we have in our two bedroom townhome, and gave me an estimate. A "binding" estimate. He said he enters in more weight of every item because he doesn't want the estimate to increase, would either stay the same or lower.(lie). Then I said we need our stuff the weekend of December 1. Moving from San Diego to Utah. Husband has already been in utah. And renting a house dec. 1. That is why we needed our stuff that weekend and also he was off work on the weekend and not traveling for work. So John Easton said they will pick up then on November 25 to make it to utah by the first weekend of December. So I gave a deposit of $840, then a couple days later I realized I didn't tell him about a few big items I forgot to mention. So then they had to add $150 more dollars which is fine... He told me the drivers will call me the day before they come pick up, was Saturday and they didn't call me yet. So texted John about it and then a little while later I received a call back that they will pick up Sunday nov. 25 at 1 pm. The drivers who picked up our stuff was from vanguard van lines. I gave a second deposit of $840. So the third deposit should of been around $900 when they deliver our stuff in utah. So after our stuff was picked up, all communication was Lost!! We had no idea where are stuff was. No one was calling us back! I texted and emailed john easton and he basically ignored me, and also emailed Max Hamilton. He ignored me too. We finally got ahold of someone the week after they said they would deliver and the lady we got ahold of could barely give me any info. She kept saying there were delays. What delays!! She said the drivers would call me the next day. Still no call. Called back. Now the eta changed to the next day with more delays. Finally a driver or someone from the warehouse called. And apparently they drop our stuff in a freaking warehouse and it sits there until there are more loads going to whatever states! And also found out that it takes up to 1-20 days to deliver!! John Easton DID NOT tell me or mention it would take that long at all! If he did I would of went with someone else! So another Lie! So we finally got our stuff 12/13! After I had to pay so much extra! Supposedly we had 400 cubic feet more than what was on the first list. Freaking ridiculous! So instead of paying 900 something for the third deposit. I ended up having to pay $2365! So the total ended up being over $4100 bucks! What a f#*!!?! joke! And I had to pay, otherwise we wouldnt of got our stuff. And they broke our flat screen tv (driver took responsibility for it) told us to call/email the office. Again, can't get ahold of anyone! INDEPENDENCE VANLINES AND VANGUARD VANLINES is a Joke! Unprofessional/misinformed/uncommunicative business I ever dealt with. Just letting you all know that YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! :-/
- Adrienne W.

Absolutely the worst company in the world. They haven't even packed up my stuff yet and I've already had a terrible experience. No one at this company knows what they're doing. They rush you through everything. Then they don't know which customer you are. When you book the service they'll tell you that their movers are professional and will show up in their uniforms which is a LIE. They contract out the packing company. I've had the same experience as other reviewers. They give you a good deal to start and then they call trying to say there was a mistake when booking and it will cost more and that person was fired, blah blah blah. Customer service reps are extremely rude so don't even bother calling them. They speak to you in a direspectful and condescending tone as if they're the smarter than you. Do not trust Mark Davis!!!!
- Jennifer F.

Do not hire them for any service! You'll get promises at the time of booking about a professional service, once the contract is signed everything falls apart, there's no professionalism at all, they tell you that they fired the person that promised all the things that they won't deliver, by this point they have your things in transit and you can't do anything about it. Customer service is the most cynical I've experienced, do not use this service if you don't want to be frustrated
- Fer S.

These are not movers! They are brokers...and do not tell you this when given a quote or signing a binding estimate. Not upfront, hires sub contractors rated F by the BBB. Tells you your items will be delivered one date, then not for 12 days and then not for 21 days. Over charges past the BINDING estimate amount for no extra items or packing services. Blocks your number and email when you try to stay on top of everything because they do not keep you updated at all!! My items were picked up June 14th, 2019 by the sub contractor Boost Van Lines (who was hired without my consent). My items are still in storage in original city. The response from the company is to contact them if my stuff hasn't been delivered within the 21 day period. (That is July 5th). If these issues are resolved and ALL of my items are delivered UNDAMAGED and SOON I will change my review!!!
- Brittany E.

So far, Independence Van Lines has been the best long distance moving experience I've had. They were professional and thoughtful about the entire move. My moving squad was experienced and it showed as certain key aspects of the move require a seasoned mover. They coordinated the pick up and drop off time cohesively. This seems to be a major struggle for most moving companies, but Independence did an excellent job with that overall. Communication was consistent and attention to detail wasn't overlooked. My family and I are definitely going to count our blessings that we ended up with them as a moving company, other than a mediocre moving company. Thank you again for performing beyond our expectations. I recommend Independence Van Lines if you're considering a long distance move that requires precision.
- Steven T.

Wish I would've read yelp before i used these guys. Hoping I can help others avoid the mistake I made. These guys are terrible. All the reviews about them being scammers are absolutely correct. I have never interacted with a company who sucks as much as these guys. They quoted me based on weight, but the movers who they hired are charging me based on volume, which is doubling my price (I had more volume than my estimate, but not more weight). They asked me when I wanted them to come on my moving day, and I said between 12 - 3 (of the options they gave me). I later got a call from the movers themselves that they would be here between 7-9 AM. I had a call at 9 am and was annoyed, but I said ok. Then they came at 9:30 in the middle of my meeting and would not take a lot of my stuff unless I used their packaging. They took shelves out of dresser to drive up the volume when every other mover I've ever used just wrapped them in. I rarely write Yelp reviews, but these guys are so fucking horrible that I don't have a choice. Avoid at all costs.
- Nick T

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They are an unethical moving company with predatory business practices. Unfortunately I lost my job and have yet to find employment, which is why I needed their moving service as I was moving back home to live with my mother until I could get back on my feet. Prior to contracting with Independence I packed what I could in boxes and measured all of my non-packable furniture. This resulted in a cubic-foot need of 430 cubic-feet. I called an agent at Independence and we went over my itemized inventory and he was surprised at how accurate my measurements were. As a result I got a quote of $2,200 for my move from San Diego to New York. But when the movers arrived all of a sudden my estimated cubic-feet increased to 700 cubic-feet just upon visual inspection, resulting in a $1,000 increase from the original estimate!!! Did I mention I am unemployed and cannot take a $1,000 price increase. Tried to work the issue out with Ray Anderson who claimed he was a supervisor at Independence but he would not budge. As a result I cancelled the move as I could not absorb that drastic of a price increase. Not to mention that I contracted for 450 cubic-feet but the final estimate showed 341 cubic-feet. As a result they kept my deposit of $1,064. Putting me in a position that I cannot recover from. Taking from someone who is unemployed with limited funds is extremely unethical and morally bankrupt. STAY AWAY FROM INDEPENDENCE VAN LINES!!! THIS COMPANY IS EXTREMELY UNETHICAL! They quote you one price and space usage only to change it once they arrive on location, leaving you with no choice but to come out of pocket with more money and if you choose not to do business with them they will take your deposit. Is it any wonder that they are rated 2 stars on yelp!!! Don't believe the reviews on their website they do not reflect actual customer experience! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY FAR-FAR AWAY!!!
- Don W.

TIFFANY you and your company are some of the most disorganized pos I've ever had the horrible experience of dealing with!!! You're a piece of garbage, all of you. From the mover who wanted to take a tour of my house... WTF.. Right down to the company not delivering belongings in a timely manner. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR PRECIOUS BELONGINGS. THIS COMPANY AND OWNER TIFFANY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER IN THE LEAST!!! APPALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! You'll never know where your things are until it randomly arrives going on 38 days since pickup........
- Sláinte

More than 85% of everything glass was broken. And this company's owner TIFFANY & whoever tf ERICA, couldn't give a care less. BBB will be fighting a claim on my behalf for a full refund... THEN, my families attorney will be putting together a punitive damages suit against this company and all associates involved in this entire transaction. This action will take time & money.. But NO ONE should be able to get away with profiting on what should be the careful and delicate service of moving a person and their family across the country. I'm sick to my stomach over this situation with this company that has charged me $1000's of dollars for their "services" only to be treated like a burden or nuisance because I want to know where my belongings are after 38 days........smfh (Day 46 when truck arrived.) Prayers for justice against this establishment.
- Amanda S.

DO NOT trust anything they say, it's a scam, they will take your deposit and mover will not show up to pick up your stuff and then claim that the deposit is nonrefundable and can only be credited for another move within 12 months, what a joke, like you will be moving once a year. I got a new position out of state and I contracted them to move my household furniture from San Francisco to Seattle, during the initial fact gathering conversation I explained that I would be flying in from out of state solely to meet with the movers and that my stuff was in two locations, my old apartment and a storage unit, they asked me customary details about what was where and worked out a price accordingly. I was told that they could be there Saturday or Sunday and the cost was $1365 with a $374.75 deposit. Flew in Friday night to wait for the movers, Saturday they called and said they would be there Sunday morning, then on Sunday, they called and said they will be there at noon, noontime passes and mover did not show, they called again and said they would definitely be there by 3 pm, abut gain they did not show. Then at 5 pm when it was already getting dark, I call the number where they called from and ask where they were? Their answer was that there will be another one and a half more before they would be there, I proceeded to explain that the storage unit was closed for the day, that it was dark, and that I was leaving for the airport to catch my flight back, to which they told me that they were very sorry and that I would be getting my deposit back. The next day I called Independence Van Lines to ask the status of my refund, and they gave me every excuse in the book to refuse given back my deposit, to the point of saying that it was because I had refused the service.
- Jose L.

They provide the world's worst service. Please keep away from them. They change the moving date after I waited for them for an hour. They rise the price on the moving date, and use the deposit as hostage. The deliver date is TWO MONTH later than they promised. Please do you some favor to stay away from them. I am so regretful that I did not check their yelp page before using their service. Everyone here said about them is true. They earn their 1.5 star rating.
- Jie Z.

So far, this is the best moving experience I've had. I've done at least 5 moves in my lifetime and compared to those moves, this one was the least stressful. Independence Van Lines provided a sense of comfort with their knowledge and moving approach. The movers were efficient and made the most of their time. Deadlines were maintained and nothing was damaged. I've always had things damaged in the past. I felt compelled to write a review mainly because of their attention to detail.
- Bob B.

We were quoted $1700 for a move from Florida to Texas. 1 bedroom apartment with not a lot of stuff. After everything was loaded and truck went to unknown direction after 2-3 days we received a call from them saying the total amount will be $3672. We were SHOCKED! Nothing can be changed, WE HAVE TO PAY. No turning back or canceling agreement. We have no idea where are stuff is. The guy who gave us the quote stopped answering emails and his phone number was disconnected. Independence Van Lines never told us they were a broker not an actual moving company. They lie about cubic footage and weight to charge more money. Unbelievable and sad how they can get away with that.
- Vyacheslav C.

My experience with them was pleasant compared to other moving companies I've used in the past. Right away, I searched for a moving business that met certain qualifications for my move. Independence Van Lines ended up fitting the criteria I was looking for and fulfilled my move. An excellent experience overall. I'd recommend them to others.
- K O.

This mover was very helpful and careful not to damage either properties. They were on time and worked tirelessly to get the job done, which is greatly appreciated. I'll be moving again in the fall and will definitely use them again. They were fast, efficient, funny and kind. I couldn't have asked for a better and smoother move. Their staff is kind and courteous and the gentlemen who moved my articles were very courteous, gentle and most professional. I was a little nervous about having expensive furniture moved, but watching them work quickly, and skillfully, certainly put me at ease. They handled my furniture with the utmost care and respect. I would recommend them and use them again!
- Margorie H.

I booked them at the last minute. I emailed them 8 days before my move. Got a prompt response including insurance details. Their pricing was the most reasonable quote I got for the short notice. They charge by the hour so I had packed most items myself. I've only moved once before with professional movers. My last move, I used a different company based solely on price and had a mediocre experience. They notified me 40 minutes before the they arrived. They packed the remaining stuff and loaded all of it in the truck. They were fast and efficient. They did not break a single thing. I will recommend Independence Van Lines to anyone looking for a move.
- Misty M.

A small move but was urgently needed on my end to start a new job. Independence offered the most attractive price which is always a selling point for me. Now that its all said and done, i know why they have so many good reviews. The company is a gem and does great work!
- Kimberly Vanhoozer

Outstanding work. Bravo to the hard working men that facilitated our move, especially in this crisis situation we are dealing with right now. On top of working during the pandemic like essential workers, you wore all that PPE to make sure that everyone was safe. Mark who was the lead mover is excellent in his knowledge of the whole moving industry.
- Johnny Castro

Round of applause. I would like to take a moment to give these guys a round of applause. They earned each and every one of the 5 stars I'm giving them. They provided me with dedication and hard work from start to finish. Customer service was top. Thank you to everyone here for the best moving experience I've had. I hate moving but Independence Van Lines most definitely came through and made it a bearable less stressful event.
- Casey Sharpton

Reliable and Dependable. A very dependable and reliable company. These guys done exactly what they said they would do in the time frame they promised to do it. There is nothing about a company that gets under my skin more than a company or a person that don't keep their word. The most important thing about good business to me is functional communication. Independence Van Lines kept me informed about every detail along the whole way. From the first conversation with the agent taking my house hold itemized inventory to the customer service agents ensuring quality assurance that my moving experience went as smoothly as possible, Independence was very respectful and honest. Could not be more satisfied.
- Allen Green

The best!!!! Mark, the guy who handled the whole move, is a yankees fan so we get off on the right food right away. Straight shooter with no BS which is exactly the cuystome service I NEED. We got to the point, negotiated a good price, and followed through with the move. The whole procress was pretty smoooth sailing and priceless.
- Jacine Craig

Superb! I was comfortable hiring these guys bc of their professionalism and customer care. I received better quotes but I was confident these guys would hold up their end of the deal. I hope i have to never move again but if i do ill definitely be calling these guys.
- Ashley Hart

The Best moving company. I was all worried and worked up for nothing, which i guess is actually a good thing. My move went super easy, i didnt really have to lift a finger. The movers came in on time, packed everything up, then delivered my stuff to our new home in mississippi. While it was a couple grand out of my pocket, the convenience factor was worth the money i spent.
- Michael Knell

Our move took three weeks in total, and i thought it would be like three months because of COVID so this is actually a sweet deal! My antique furniture needed careful handling and independence van lines promised they had strong and experienced movers. The men that came to do the job were just that!
- Leah Asher

Excellent company. The biggest plus with independence van line is that you have a dedicated moving rep that you can contact any time for an update on your move. This was a big plus for me and i feel like other movers i did not have this option or possibility or at least did not tell me about it during their proposal.
- Prince Dadon

Independence van lines should teach other movers by example on how to execute a great relocation! It all comes down to timing and price which are aspects they belew everyone else out of the water with. I saved almost two grand by using independence over another guy that i almost signed a contract with, and im glad i didnt!
- Dakota Richardson

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