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Quality of service: 3.7

Punctuality: 3.2

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.1

Customers’ rating: 3.8

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The Groovy Movers work diligently to provide premium service through all stages of your move. We offer superior service without additional cost while caring for your belongings during each step of the way. Our movers specialize in crating TV’s, mirrors, glass tabletops, etc. and wrap furniture prior to loading. Making your move day a happy experience is just one of the ways our movers make a difference.

Moving-Me about Groovy Moving

Groovy Moving is a family-owned and operated company. They work diligently to provide premium service. During 8 years in business, they have been honored to be Campbell’s Best Movers for 7 consecutive years. Groovy Moving is an honest and upfront company, working to provide its customers with a smooth move.

Groovy Moving Licenses & Certificates

Groovy Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 742196

US D.O.T: 2130277

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Groovy Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Groovy Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Groovy Moving Reviews

Damaged are now fixed. Happy customer is number one goal. Kimberly follows through even weeks after the move. Increase by another 1/2 stars to 4 now.
- root r.

I used Groovy Moving for a relatively small move this past weekend. Couldn't have been happier with the move - the team was professional and friendly. They even put together a dresser for me that I moved. And the price was VERY reasonable. I would definitely use Groovy Moving again.
- Michelle C.

We just moved back into our home after a major remodel, so we've had to move our entire worldly goods twice in the past 16 months. The first time we used Zorn Moving, and they were adequate but my goodness they charged an enormous amount of money, twice what they quoted us for initially, and frankly I felt majorly ripped off. At the time, we just were in a bad space and had to take it. What a difference this last experience was! I called and Kimberly made an appointment for her to come out to review how much we had to move. First of all, she was right on time for our appointment. She was so pleasant and a joy to be around, and also thorough. She opened cabinets, estimated number of boxes, checked the size and quantity of the furnishings, inspected the outdoor furniture and the garage contents and then a day or two later emailed me a professional quote. We decided to do a two part move to allow me to stage things, so the first part of our move was on a Monday, then the guys came back and did the second part of the move on Thursday. I did this because I had things that were actually being moved into the garage of the rental to be disposed of by "we got junk" (expensive but quick and useful), and I also had some things that I just needed a couple extra days to pack and deal with. Not only did the movers take great care of the things they were moving, they also disassembled and reassembled items where needed, screwed shelves back on walls, put felt pads on the feet of EVERY PIECE of furniture before moving it into the house, cleaned and wiped books free of dust before putting on shelves, helped pack where necessary, helped unpack (crystal and china oh my), and swept all the dust bunnies and such from each and every room of the rental closing doors behind them and checking to make sure nothing was left behind. Not only would I hire these guys again, I brought them back another day to help me unpack the 5,000 books we have for our little "library" in the new house. All of this, and I'm including the price of having them back for book unpacking, AND I bought lunch all 3 days they worked for us, was about 2/3rds the price I paid the other moving company to do just one days work. I just can't say enough about the really positive experience I had with this moving company. If I need furniture moved around, or more things shifted (and I think I will, I have a bunch of stuff to store in the attic) I will definitely have them back to help again, with no hesitation. Don't even bother calling the other companies, just call Kimberly, she and her guys will take very good care of you and your possessions.
- Audrey K.

What a great moving experience! Kimberly and the movers at Groovy Moving were incredibly professional. The whole experience was wonderful from the beginning to the end. First, Kimberly discussed the move with me, and gave me a very reasonable estimate. She was extremely competent and confident in her abilities and her movers. She reassured me several times that the movers were very professional and experienced. She assured me that they would protect the breakables (TVs, monitors, mirrors, etc) and wrap the couches and beds for protection as well. I have not had any good moving experiences in the past. Something ALWAYS goes wrong. However, not this time. Kimberly and the Groovy Moving movers made the move flawless. It was great. The foreman had 8 years experience, and they really worked hard. The day of the move Kimberly called first to let me know what time approximately the would be coming. Then the movers called to let me know that they were a half an hour away, and they showed up right on time. They did a walk through with me and talked to me about how the move was going to go. Then they went to work! Everything was protected and handled with care. They did a great job!!! They were friendly, courteous, hard working and professional. NOTHING was broken, damaged, scratched, chipped, dinged or lost. Not one wall was scratched, and not one wood floor was scuffed. They took apart the bed and put it back together too. Plus, they finished right on time as well. The estimate was actually higher than the final invoice cost! Plus, we gave one of the movers (Carlos) a wooden coffee table/chest because we didn't have room for it a the new place. Turns out that there was some pictures and stuff inside it, and Carlos gave it to Kimberly. She contacted me and delivered it to me at work. How is that for customer service? That was an awesome, great and wonderful moving experience. I will never move again without the help of Groovy Moving!!! I give them 5 stars, and I'm recommending them to all my friends & family. Thank you Kimberly and the Groovy Movers.
- William K.

I was referred to Groovy Moving from a friend. Yeah, for friends! I found Groovy Moving to be the best company that I have personally used within my several moves over the years. I am sure I could go on and on however will list my top 3 favorite things about my experience with Groovy Moving. 1) Kimberly came to my house directly to access the move & provide a real quote. Meeting her reassured me that I chose the right moving company. She is kind and professional, she took an inventory of my home and supplied a quote for my move. It was not the lowest however you get what you pay for. 2) The movers were very hard working and polite. I am sure carring my heavy furniture upstairs was not the best part of their day however they smiled and joked through out. It was nice to have friendly movers that obviously know how to do their job. 3) Pricing, pricing, pricing! No more low quote, big surprise. The hourly rate is a little more per hour than others however no hidden fees really makes it all worth it. At the end I did not have one hidden charge. If you have ever used movers, you know just how rare this is. This is something that I previously thought was unavoidable. For this reason alone I would be more than happy to refer Groovy Moving to anyone looking to move. Thank you Groovy Moving for giving us a company that provides a "groovy" moving experience! I will continue to tell all of my friends about my wonderful move.
- Katie S.

Let me start off by saying that Kim is very friendly and a lovely lady. But...I must tell you as a consumer and someone who is a strong believer in doing research I am disappointed with this company. Any one that is planning on hiring movers i suggest you go to this website…:: and type in the moving company you are looking to hire. This basically tells you who is licensed and insured and who is not. Groovy Moving does not exist in this database. Now I am fine with paying more for quality movers....I am not frugal when it comes to my home and moving my things. What I do not understand is the need to charge a $149 "flat rate" for gas and an 8 mile move. Absurd, I was already surprised at the $620 for four hours and then add the other charge to it....not worth my money if you are NOT licensed. I will go with the moving company that has all its ducks in a row and I know can be held accountable if for some reason anything is to happen. I am sure the movers do quality work based off the reviews, and I can not judge that because I will be going with the company. This review is done on pricing and licensing alone. Lastly the thing that urked me was Kim came to my home early on a Saturday afternoon and did my assessment, she was on time and said she would get me a quote by Monday. I did stress to her mid day Monday that I was waiting on her estimate because I had other moving companies I needed to get back to. She said she was on site and would have it to me that evening, I waiting. Tuesday morning I had to call and remind her yet again that I needed that estimate so I could make my decision. I understand things come up and life happens, but at least communicate if you are not going to be able to commit to the expectations you set to your client.
- Candice B.

Kimberly, the owner was fantastic during entire moving process. She came out to our place and gave an appropriate estimate. We had to change our date once but that was so smooth. The movers were excellent, they are genuinely good people. We had a garbage dumpster break outside and they helped the man lift the dumpster back up. Would highly recommend groovy moving with your move. Tips they do provide wardrobe boxes and offer 5% off if paying cash. Rate was highly competitive vs other moving companies.
- Andrew C.

I decided to go with Groovy Movers based on the reviews from Yelp and I'm glad to say they did not disappoint. The guys did a great job moving everything and took great care with the fragile items. They come to your house to give you an accurate estimate so your not surprised by a huge bill at the end of the move. Unfortunately my move took 2.5 more than estimated, but they felt bad and gave me some discounts so the end price came out about the same as the estimate. These guys are great and I will definitely use them again.
- Dan M.

groovy moving is a very professional moving company. Jose and Daniel are exceptional. I moved from a one bedroom apartment on the second floor with a fifty foot walk to the truck to a storage unit. They blanket wrapped all my furniture with professionalism and were fast. Kim, the owner gave me a two hour window when they would arrive and I received a call 1/2 hour before arrival. Excellent customer service. Do not hesitate to use this company you will be satisfied with their service. They definetly deserve a 5 star.
- Joseph K.

They are super easy to work with and reasonably priced, especially with the Yelp deal. The woman who helped me book over the phone was a doll and the movers were punctual, polite, and wasted no time. I will be sure to use them again the next time I move.
- Kirby O.

We hired Groovy Moving to move us a couple of weeks ago. Our initial decision was based on their ratings, and I suppose that as long as things go perfectly well people would be happy with their service. Our experience, however, was AWFUL! My story is written below, but for folks who don't want to read the whole thing here are two critical things that you need to know before even considering using Groovy Moving: 1) Kimberly is NOT LICENSED, and 2) Kimberly is absolutely not equipped to handle mistakes and will leave you high and dry no matter the damage! She will tell you over and over how customer centric she is, but I've learned that this only applies if things are going well. I can't tell you how many times we've heard her say that she cares about a positive resolution. Her actions clearly don't support her words, though. I called Kimberly at 9:45am on our move day because I was concerned that the movers hadn't showed up yet. When I asked "what time can I expect the movers?" she responded with "between 8:00 - 10:00." I said "great, so any minute now" to which her response was "umm...wait a minute." It's a good thing I called because it turned out that she had moved us on her calendar to the day AFTER our move. The result was that the movers didn't show up and start working until 1:00pm. This poor group of guys was made to come to work on their day off - not a great way to start our move. In addition, the late start caused the whole moving process to go well into the night. We have a lot of stuff so our move had to be done in two loads. Our first load included our bedroom furniture - a beautiful, solid wood, king-sized bedroom set. During the course of the move the wood on the bed frame was split vertically in two critical locations at the headboard and the footboard and could completely fall apart at any moment. In addition, the footboard has several deep gouges that need to be repaired (it's gone from being beautiful to being badly scarred). And that's not of our dressers has a mirror attached to the top of it. Rather than unbolting the mirror properly before moving it, it looks as though the mirror was ripped off of the dresser. The top has two very large chunks of wood that appear to be torn off - I'm talking at least 5 or 6 inches wide! Kimberly claims that she has someone who can fix all this for us, but I have yet to hear from anyone. I doubt it can be fixed at all, quite frankly. The mirror is heavy and the integrity of the wood that it bolts to is so badly damaged that there's no way I would be able to trust it in an earthquake (or even if I try to move the dresser to clean). This bedroom set cost us thousands of dollars and it breaks my heart that I will most likely have to get rid of it because the damage is so extensive. We aren't made of money and that furniture was something special that my husband and I saved for. I wish I could say that it stops there. When we got to the house with the second load (very late at night) the movers spent about an hour trying to open the door to the truck. Once they finally got the door open we saw that our beautiful stainless steel refrigerator looks like it was hit with a shotgun blast. The whole side of it is covered in deep divots and dents. They brought it into the entryway then spent about 15 minutes crouched down behind it. I asked my husband to see what was going on back there so he went to check it out. As it turned out the cord was severed - he came back holding a 12 inch piece of cord that they were trying to tape to the "stump" of the cord on the refrigerator. Upon closer inspection we learned that the two pieces of cord they were trying to tape together weren't even from the refrigerator (who knows what the 12 inch piece went to). When they finally found the missing piece of the refrigerator cord we saw that the prongs had been sheared off. The whole refrigerator is a loss. Again, this is something that my husband and I saved for so that we could buy something very nice looking, highly rated and very efficient. Now it's sitting in our garage completely useless. At first Kimberly seemed like she wanted to want to make things right with us, but here we are two weeks later with absolutely no resolution whatsoever. She's claimed that she will replace our refrigerator and send a wood working professional to fix our bedroom furniture, but neither has happened. I simply can't imagine going into someones home, breaking a bunch of stuff, then leaving without fixing any of the damage - what kind of person does that? She talks a good game, but as I said above her actions don't support her words once it becomes inconvenient for her. She has left us no choice but to take her to small claims court to find some sort of resolution. I hope that you will learn from our experience and think twice before hiring them.
- Leona B.

Great experience with them! Kim was very good. She set up the movers for the time that I needed them. They came at the time stated, did the move very effeciently and under the time estimated. The bill was less then what Kim quoted me for which was awesome! They are very affordable. They were half the cost of all of the other moving companies that I contacted.
- Leia G.

I set up for the move far enough in advance as I was moving to the East Coast. Kim quoted me a price based on the number of people that would move me. They were no-shows on the day of the move, even with my repeated calling. They finally arrived the next day (late), but Kim added an additional person (at my cost as it turns out). The crew did a decent job and moved my stuff to storage. I was disappointed when I saw the bill which was considerably higher than the quote. It was explained to me by the foreman that it was due to the additional mover that was added. I objected and he agreed to split the difference with me. However, when I saw my credit card bill I noticed that I was charged the original extra charge amount! Sure the movers were good, but on the business side, I wouldn't trust these folks at all!!
- John C.

I contacted Kimberly in late May to get a quote for our move from Campbell to Monte Sereno in mid June. She was pleasant over the phone and said that she could come out the next day to give me a quote. She had a little problem finding our place but she called and let me know she was on her way. She is a lovely person, knows the business, and spent time listening to my needs for the move. In order to keep costs down (and the fact that we were only moving 4.5 miles away) we knew that we were going to be doing much of the moving of small things ourselves. We were lucky enough to have a month overlap on the two properties so we could schlep many things over to the Monte Sereno property. She was able to take this into consideration when giving me a quote. I received quotes from two other companies and although one was less than Groovy Moving I still felt compelled to go with GM because of Kimberly and the service I felt they were going to provide, I was not wrong. On the morning of the move the 5 person team, led by Gabriel arrived. I was a bit surprised that they arrived in a U-Haul and not a company owned vehicle but the company is new and I guess this is one of the ways that they keep the costs down. The guys took a quick tour of our 6 bedroom house and were surprised that we had taken so many trips to the new house, they actually said "where is all the stuff!" The team took care with all of our furniture, there was not one thing broken or scratched. Our new house in MS is a bit of a difficult location with a hill and lots of stairs. The move on that end took longer than expected but since GM had given us a "do not exceed" amount they simply charged us for that amount. I am extremely pleased with the job all around. Kimberly called throughout the day to see how the team was doing, they only took 1 short AM break and a short break for lunch which I provided for them. Again, such nice and professional guys. I would hire Groovy Moving again in a heartbeat.
- DeEnna H.

This is the second time that I used Groovy Moving and my experiences could not have been more different. Last time which was a more difficult move actually went smoother and came in at the estimated price. This time I was quoted for three movers and got four at a higher price and it took them longer than the plan. The foreman (4th worker I didn’t ask for, but got) kept disappearing and the workers who had just took my bed apart a few hours ago couldn’t remember how it went together and it took them over a hour to get it back together. Which I paid for of course! I was going to be charged $780 for my move. I called Kimberly and told her what was up and she discounted me to $700. The estimate was $625 with a return customer, a referral and a Yelp check in. My roommate used them as well and the same problem occurred, plus they broke and forgot some of her artwork and it took days to get it back. I definetly feel like I was taken advantage of! HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED!!!
- Tracy J.

I had a horrible experience with a moving company in the past. (They’ve LONG been out of business, or I would pan the heck out of them!) Unfortunately, I really didn’t have a lot of time to get all the packing done with this move (a holiday weekend) and it seemed all my friends were out of town and unable to help. A colleague referred me to Groovy Moving and I just want to say that I will never, EVER use another moving company. I was completely impressed with the friendliness of the movers, the foreman and Kimberly. They really made me feel like my positive moving experience was most important to them. I had a lot of new furniture still in packaging and they assembled ALL of it! They disposed of all the packing materials so as soon as everything was set up, my new place felt like a HOME. I was soooo apprehensive about paying for moving services after my one sour experience so I lost a lot of sleep stressing about the logistics of this move. Let’s just say, I could have gotten a lot more Zs if I had known it was going to go this smoothly. I really didn’t have much to do myself... I just had to point. I was completely SHOCKED with the bill. Unlike the LAST company I used, they gave me an estimate that was reasonable and the bill actually came in a little LOWER than that! Kimberly and crew - thank you so much for an amazing experience! I am telling ALL my friends!
- Laura B.

Kimberly and her crew were amazing. I called Kimberly on 5/20 about a move on 05./21. She came over that evening and sent me a quote later on. She is affordable and professional. Her crew showed up early and was ready to roll. They worked effectively and efficiently and were always curiosity and more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure our move was organized and less stress. We were done with moving in 4.5 hours! WHAT! That is unheard 10pm that night we were mostly unpacked and my kids had their beds set up with clean sheets to sleep on. I can not recommend Kimberly’s affordable prices! Thank you!
- Noelani S.

I would Like to Thank Kimberly and her staff. They rescued me from a difficult situation. Thaey stepped in when my other mover flaked out on me. They were professional and fun to deal with. I can say I have never had so much fun moving. The communcations were fantastic. Everything arrived on schedule. I can highly reccomend Groovy Moving.
- Michael G

Kim and her crew are professional, experienced and courteous. I called them with a last minute move and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. We had a two stop pick up. They picked up my stuff from storage as well coming to the house to dismantle a King size bed and they handled it in a timely manner with no hiccups. They have years of experience and they flat out get it done. When you are moving your stuff, you want to know that it’s being handled with care and they do that. They threw down runners inside of our new place and that really put my wife’s mind at ease with the new carpet etc. IF you want a smooth moving experience and a good competitive rate... look no further and call Groovy Moving. Thanks again to Kim, Omar, Gabe. Peace.
- Jamal S.

Had contracted 4 movers to come yesterday (06/22). Got a call at 7AM saying that they were cancelling on us because all of the movers were hurt - what? Do you not have backup movers? They offered to come on Tuesday but: 1. Normal people don’t have several days of extra time when moving 2. Why would I provide business to a company that is obviously unreliable?
- Anna B.

Like most people reading these reviews I decided to use Groovy Moving because of their fantastic yelp reviews. Looks like everyone was right and I’ll be adding yet another 5 star review to the list! SETTING UP THE MOVE: I spoke with Kimberly who I immediately got a good feeling about because of her enthusiasm, friendliness and sheer desire to make my moving experience the best possible. I won’t go into too much detail, but I had my stuff stored in a POD container and due to technical issues and weather constraints, I had to change my moving appointment approximately 4 times. At NO time did Kimberly sound frustrated because of this and on the contrary was extremely flexible and happy to fit into my schedule. In addition to this because of the hilly nature of the area I was moving to, she also also took the time to survey the driveway herself to make sure the move would go off without a hitch when it came time to do it. THE MOVE: I unfortunately needed to go out of town so my Dad supervised the move and I talked with him afterwards about it. She sent 3 guys to the job and all of them were extremely friendly, professional and HAPPY. The last point was one my Dad wanted to make sure I put in this review because he really genuinely felt like they were happy to be there helping out. This obviously is not something you’d expect from people moving your heavy furniture around. The move took no time at all. There were fast & efficient but CAREFUL with everything and were done within a matter of a few hours. When I returned from my trip and saw everything arranged neatly I was extremely happy. SUMMARY: Would definitely use the service again. Friendly, flexible and AFFORDABLE! Thanks for all the help Groovy Moving!
- Prakash C.

5 hours late the first day, 5 hours late the second day, the third day they did not show up at all. I was told they put other jobs ahead of mine and left us waiting. Then we had damaged and stolen items, which they of course deny. Possibly the worst business experience I have ever had in my 50 years as a consumer. Find yourself a real moving company. This company is basically nothing more than a phone number and a rented U Haul truck. Stay away.
- Frank B.

Hey Kim. Still waiting for that 5k you owe us since you lost in court. Are you ever going to pay, or are you simply going to keep dodging the judgment and telling lies as to why you cannot pay us? You still don’t have a drivers license? Where did that Mercedes come from? I guess you don’t care about customer service and or your credit or ever having a license to run your business. I guess just being a terrible human is good enough for you then right? We won the court settlement of $4500 against Groovy Moving, She had to admit to the court that she was not licensed or insured at all. Kimberly agreed to pay, she made plans to pay us on HER OWN TIMELINE and we let her. She gave us all of $250 and has now missed her payments that we let her set so she would not go broke. She broke her own agreement with us again. Sounds like a broken record right? Now we are going to have to go back to court yet again and get them to MAKE HER PAY US ON OUR TIMELINE NOW. I was nice Kimberly, now I am not going to be anymore. Aug 1st. She has been served court papers and we already have everything needed to go for our court date on the 10th of Sept. As far as what she wrote as a response. Nothing but lies! LIE #1 Her furniture guy never called, or came by. I gave her a chance for that, but never heard a peep from him. I don’t think he existed just like her license. It doesn’t exist either. I have all the e-mails backing up what I am saying here. LIE #2 The insurance she says she does have, she doesn’t. And that insurance number is for her, not us. As it turns out, she HAS to replace all of our items at her cost, the insurance she quotes, is for her. She’s on the hook big time. LIE #3 She said she is working to an "amicable solution". Well we have not heard from her in 2 weeks. What "amicable solution" is she trying to reach and with whom?? Not us, that’s for sure. Her laundry list of lies is extensive. LIE#4 She keeps says she would like to fix our damaged cord on our fridge, but the problem here is, THE FRIDGE IS COMPLETELY DESTROYED, and not just damaged from the cut cord. The stainless on the side and underneath of the fridge is so beat up, that it may not even be fixable from the factory, let alone her just buying a cord to fix that one problem. By the way, she has seen the damage and told my wife and I on the spot that the fridge needs to be REPLACED. Her own words. LIE#5 She has NEVER ONCE OFFERED "financial compensation". She said that she would get us a Samsung fridge but in the $1200 dollar to $1700 dollar range to make up for destroying our $2600-2800+ fridge. Nope, not going to happen. You think we are going to take a lesser fridge that we don’t want because she killed our expensive one? Ahh no. We already have just bought a new fridge for around the same cost as the old one. Kimberly Carter has lied about being licensed, insured, and lied about wanting to make things right. She has done nothing, zero, zilch. She talks a great game, but does nothing but lie through her teeth. Luckily in California, if you win a judgment and we will. She will have a window to pay, as we in California get to have judgments to be executed as liens against real property and wage garnishment or bank account levy. And credit will be damaged. She should have worked with us.. But she didn’t.
- Michael B.

What a great moving experience! Kimberly and her team were more than AWESOME. She met me at our home at my earliest convenience and got us a quote very quickly. Groovy Moving takes pride in making it as easy as possible for the customer. And they succeed! The men who helped us were VERY polite, hard working and professional. They never rested and were moving the entire time. We had a captains bed that was a pain to dismantle and took us an hour to set up when we first moved, Jose did it in 10 minutes. They have their stuff together and overall it was a GREAT experience. Thank you Kimberly and team!!!
- Cole C.

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