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Quality of service: 4.6

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Accuracy of Estimate: 5

Customers’ rating: 4.6

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About Grandview Moving & Hauling

This moving company is an Ohio moving company that’s been providing residential and commercial moving services to the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas for over 7 years. At Grandview Moving & Hauling, customer care and satisfaction is our primary goal. We make it our top priority to deliver, efficient worry-free moving at a very affordable price. Each move is planned and coordinated according to each individual’s needs.

Moving-Me about Grandview Moving & Hauling

Grandview Moving is a relocation company established in 2011. It is centralized in Columbus, Ohio and is a locally owned option to choose for your specific moving needs. The company has a large fleet of clean, fully-equipped moving trucks, trained, and courteous personnel, and a reputation for quality in the moving industry. The movers can be trusted to handle your move quickly, efficiently, safely, and, of course, economically.

Grandview Moving & Hauling Licenses & Certificates

This moving company hasn’t disclosed any licenses or insurances publicly available. No registration in FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to legitimately perform interstate moves was found.

ICC MC number: not provided

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is Grandview Moving & Hauling cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Grandview Moving & Hauling is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Grandview Moving & Hauling Reviews

Do not hesitate to book Grandview for your long distance move. Kevin and his team were communicative, efficient, and careful.
- Katelyn Wood

I was impressed by the flexibility of the team at Grandview Moving. They were able to help me move in a short time period, and they all took very good care of my stuff. It was my first time getting movers and I don't think I'll ever go back. They arrived right on time and were done before the estimated time. My advice is to make sure you have all your stuff packed and ready to go, that way you can make sure you meet the estimated hours that you use them. My girlfriend used another moving company and they charged her well above the estimate since she didn't have all of her things ready to go and it took longer. Kevin and his team were very professional, and treated our things with care. 5 stars.
- Jeffrey Rabe

Grandview Moving is a great moving company at a reasonable price. Kevin and Matt were both very helpful in organizing a perfect move. They had all of the tools to get the job done. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks again!
- J Bolen

I was looking for a locally owned company to help with my move, and I'm very happy I found Grandview Moving & Hauling. Kevin and Matt arrived on time and were very quick and efficient, even after completing another move before mine that day. They were friendly and personable, and went out of their way to make sure they'd loaded everything I needed and arranged it where I wanted it in my new place. I highly recommend Kevin and his team for your move!
- Leah Driscoll

We had a great experience with Matt during our long distance move from OH to NC. Very professional, flexible with our needs, went above and beyond with additional requests, and extremely affordable. Would recommend to anyone planning a move locally or long-distance.
- Sarah Eulitt

Kevin and his team were excellent movers. They were easy to schedule, showed up on time, and worked quickly and efficiently. Very hard workers who got going as soon as they arrived to the apartment. They wrapped my dark wood dresser with some protective wrap that I had purchased so that I didn't have to do it myself. Kevin was very courteous and friendly. I feel like I got a great deal on moving day and I saved myself SO much stress and strain. Well worth the money!
- Emily B.

Site made me give a star to post a review as they deserve a negative review TERRIBLE, WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. CALLED MY DAUGHTER TRASH AND DISGUSTING LEFT AND DIDNT DO THE JOB I AM a LTC in the Army and on order at tine of move. Never had this crappy of service. They showed up LATE to move my daughter, complained about all of her stuff to move, that it was to heavy. Called me a liar although i sent pictures of furnature and txt regarding the number of containers and the fact there were stairs 2 floors up. Called me a liar on the phone said he is right me wrong. Said I never told him any of this, that there wasnt to be all this stuff. Said would need 400 MORE (cash, he only Takes cash, FIRST RED LIGHT)to do the move. I SAID OK HE said he wasnt doing the job. Left my daughter hi and dry. Thank goodness for ALL MY SONS MOVING Co. They came to her rescue after hearing what Kevin and his team did they immediately came to her rescue. AGAIN RED LIGHT CASH ONLY AND NOT INSURED UNLESS YOU PAY FOR IT
- michele whaley

Matt and his crew made my move easy and stress free. Movers were extremely professional and polite.
- chris larkin

Showed up on time, actually early, kept us in the loop when changes occured. Even had an elevator to deal with. I would recommend them to family and friends.
- Jennifer Brown

Kevin and Matt were great to work with. They arrived on time and were very friendly and efficient. Would definitely hire them again and recommend to others.
- Christina Kimbler

Kevin and Matt are great to work with. They communicate thoroughly, give you a fair price, and are very secure with their packing, loading, and unloading. Plus, Matt is enjoyable to chat with during the process. Highly recommend!
- Carson Reider

With this moving company, truly, it is the luck of the draw. The company earns two stars thanks to Matt but falls very short of a 5 star review thanks to his business partner Kevin. One year ago I had hired their services for which Matt followed up - he was extremely professional, courteous and displayed the same demeanor on the move day. Now fast forward one year to this Aug 2018. Since Matt had done a thorough job and I believe in supporting local businesses I booked a date with the company once again - same items to move, move out of the same apartment Matt had moved me into and all of this was very courteously confirmed by Matt. On the move day however his business partner Kevin showed up and I could tell he had totally missed the brief. I had to put up with having to listen to complaints about my apartment being on the 3rd floor and about the items for the move (though everything - items and location - were the same from one year back and I described them all in chapter and verse once again to the company and received a confirmation for the move this time by Matt). And there was more - I had to put up with having to listen to swearing under the breath, an awkward assistant he brought along who was embarrassed by his boss' behavior and apologized to me on his boss' behalf. This move itself involved loading my items into a truck container parked right within my apartment community (again, all details were emailed to the company and confirmation received). However, I had to listen to petty complaining on how open a loading ramp, how it was a pain to open a loading ramp, a puzzled mover trying to understand what a bulkhead was and repeated complaining on how he hadn't signed up for this job. I tried showing him the email confirmation but all I got back was yelling and verbal abuse - including uncouth comments on how I went "scampering off" - when I had politely excused myself to go back to the apartment to use the restroom. More complaints in response to my request to load a very expensive Tempurpedic mattress the right way (again, informed well in advance by me over email). The response I got was very unsavory and suffice to say that the most courteous part of it was being sarcastically called "the packing expert". As the complaints were incessant and the overall demeanor was beginning to turn crude, I requested Kevin to place a call to Matt so I could apprise him of the situation as well as verify why such poor service was being provided. This would have been the perfect opportunity to clear up any confusion in a civil manner but Kevin clearly was not in a mood to cooperate. It was exhausting and exasperating but I still ensured that I was polite and addressed him courteously. Towards the latter part of this ordeal I requested him and his colleague to finish up the loading the way it made the most sense to them as it was clear that the voice of the customer didn't matter that day- Kevin interpreted this request as 'just leave'...and so I had to put up with more drama with him walking up to the edge of the truck and just sitting down in mock protest. I had to again, and very calmly, reiterate that I just wanted the job completed. By this point I was afraid he might just explode into another tirade but gratefully it ended. There were many more unsavory bits to this move experience but I will conclude by saying that most of my boxes arrived in terrible condition and, the way my items were loaded ended up causing a minor injury to one of the receiving movers in the destination city helping with the unloading. Thankfully they were very courteous apart from being curious on the low quality of loading. This review is probably going to receive a defensive response from the business (similar to the response to the other negative reviews). I did my due diligence for this move, and despite having the lowest possible move experience with a mover complaining on everything for which one hires a mover's help, I still choose to acknowledge the good experience from last year but this year it was a poor luck of the draw.
- Divya Janardhan

I couldn’t be happier or more pleased with the extraordinary, prompt service I have received with Grandview Moving. I would highly recommend them to close friends and family. Kevin and his partner arrived on time as promised. They were extremely professional and carefully listened to me and my roommates (sometimes irrational) instructions. We were impressed by their speed, flexibility, and they seemed incredibly experienced. It made quite a positive impression on me. I was especially impressed with how gentle they were and how much they went out of their way to protect our belongings. Both their smiling faces and positive, energetic attitude made this move very painless (and even somewhat exciting.) They also offer the best prices of anyone around! We had such an exceptional experience with this local moving company. I will with no doubt use them again for my next move!
- Kelsey Yost

One of the best experiences I've had in dealing with the hassle of moving. Kevin handled our move with the utmost speed, care, and professionalism. Kevin was also very direct and honest about pricing and time that would be spent on the move. Would highly recommend Grandview Moving for any of your relocation needs.
- mark ramsey

Kevin and Ben did an excellent job! They even did some extra moving for my mom that was not initially discussed. They were flexible and low cost. Highly recommend!!
- Carmen Jackson

We had such a great experience with Grandview Moving! Kevin was so easy to work with in advance to plan everything, and then made moving day so easy. Really pleasant and so so helpful! Highly recommend Kevin & Grandview Moving.
- Julie Sespico

Kevin and his team were awesome to work with on my move from Grandview to ATL! They were on time, courteous and you can tell they really care about every job they are on. Due to some issues 10000% outside of their control, some of our items did have some damage, however Kevin still got to ATL within 24 hours after packing up my stuff in Ohio, and was set on doing whatever he could to make things right which we so appreciated! Their prices are also the best around- if you are looking for a moving service that is efficient, professional, and caring look no further! 🙂
- Alyssa Mellone

Fast, efficient, and super easy to work with. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to move.
- Nick Dorgan

From someone that has worked for multiple moving companies, these guys are the real deal. Quick, efficient, and careful throughout the entire move. Expertly packed the truck using every inch. I'll save you time calling around and let you know you can't beat the price of these guys. Could not recommend them highly enough.
- C Street

Highly recommend. Efficient, cost effective (time based), careful with your things, accommodating, and pleasant to work with.
- Lori Kelley

Just used Grandview Moving for a local move in Columbus and the whole experience was great. Kevin was quick to respond to my request for a quote and then ongoing when I had questions. Chuck and Ben were so fast the day of. Truck was loaded and unloaded and we were set up in 2 hours flat. The original quote was honored and not a ding or scratch to be found. Moving is super stressful but this part went off without a hitch. I would definitely use them again if needed in the future.
- Angela Guzman

Fast, on time and high quality service.
- Ricardo Bush

Was looking into Grandview Moving Company to help with a move. Asked for some quotes which seemed promising but followed up with a simple question about whether or not they wear masks. Apparently, protecting their customer’s safety isn’t a priority here and they do not? Myself and a family member are considered high risk, and these jokes aren’t even buying into masks to prevent the spread of COVID to their customers. Do NOT recommend!
- Ali Shaikh

Kevin and Ben were outstanding! They communicated about the move, were on time hard working, and pretty quick. I moved from a two bedroom apartment to a house and the transition was smooth. We couldn’t have made the move with out them. This was the first time my husband and I hired movers and it was worth every penny. We had several fragile items (glass top kitchen table, a special mirror, and other glass items) and they took great care in loading and unloading the items. After showing them our items in our apartment they got started. Kevin and Ben were able to successfully disassemble and reassemble our ikea bed (this was worth it in of itself)! if you are moving in central Ohio they are an amazing choice!
- Leigh Anne Fish

They did a great job on short notice for us on two different occasions!
- Ashley Wright

Professional and kind movers!
- Valinda Rodriguez Aguirre

I moved from one apartment to another across town and used Grandview Moving & Hauling because they were very affordable priced and were really easy to communicate with on the phone. Kevin and Matt were on time and placed all my heavier items in the new apartment in about an hour. They were super friendly the whole time and the whole process went seamlessly. I highly recommend using this company for your next move!
- Stephanie J.

They did an excellent job moving me into my new house. They worked without taking a single break and I was amazed at how fast and efficient they were! It was the most affordable rate compared to 2 other companies I priced. Also, our steep staircases made it very difficult but they figured out a way to get everything moved without scratching anything up.
- Kate S.

After researching over a dozen moving companies in the Columbus areas, we settled on Grandview Moving and it was honestly the best decision. To move our two bedroom/2 bath to a different neighborhood it was ~$500, which was less than half of what every other moving company quoted us. There were no hidden fees, nothing unexpected, and the two guys who moved us were really friendly, professional, and got the job done quickly. I would recommend Grandview Moving over any other moving company in the area; you'll save money for the exact same result.
- Sarah B.

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