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Don’t break your back or your wallet the next time you need to move in New Jersey. If you need help with moving, furniture delivery, appliance delivery, or other moving and hauling jobs, we are just a tap away. Use GoShare’s app or Web site to get a free estimate. In less than a minute, you can hire one or two delivery professionals with a pickup truck, cargo van or box truck. Schedule ahead or request them to arrive in under an hour. Service areas include Tom’s River, New Brunswick, Howell, Freehold, Asbury Park, Lakewood, Brick, Belmar, Jackson, Old Bridge, Marlboro, Manalapan, Red Bank, Ocean, Long Branch, Neptune, and more throughout New Jersey!

Moving-Me about GoShare

The company provides high-quality moving service, flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, convenience, peer-reviewed. Their technology makes it easier than ever to get your items moving. Request a delivery professional in less than 1 minute. Save up to 50% compared to traditional movers or delivery companies for faster, better service. All delivery pros are reviewed on their platform by other users, just like you. This helps the company make sure you only get the best movers every time. All company’s delivery professionals are backed by their commercial insurance policy. All delivery professionals booked through GoShare are independent contractors that have been through a rigorous background check process.

GoShare Licenses & Certificates

GoShare is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: MC-1008948

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 3222813

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is GoShare cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2900. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. GoShare is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

GoShare Reviews

Never knew this service existed, but I'm definitely glad it does. After spending a couple of hours building an Ikea dresser, it ended up being way to big for the space it was going in than I had expected. The boxes fit before it was built, but once it was assembled, there was no way I was going to fit it in my SUV. I made an appointment with GoShare, and the next day I was able to return the dresser with no problems. Definitely recommend the service if you need it to haul something that you can't fit in your vehicle.
- Erik J.

I can't say enough great things about this company. I just moved here from the east coast and have been struggling to get all my furniture in my apartment by myself. These guys did EVERYTHING for me! They picked up my furniture and delivered it to my third level apartment, and for an AMAZING PRICE! I highly recommend Esteban he was super friendly and funny! I know for sure I'll be using them again in the future!
- Melissa K.

I've used GoShare twice now. Once for a local move and then for one across cities. I did not have a lot of luggage and did not want to pay a huge fee for another moving service. The drivers both arrived a little late but as I was not in a hurry it didn't matter. They were great and did not let me lift a finger. I paid 1/10th the quote a different moving company gave me to move my stuff from Los Angeles to San Diego. Definitely recommend GoShare and will use them more often!
- Sreya R.

I just tried this service out today! I ordered some furniture that was delivered to me, but after receiving the items, I changed my mind. decided I wanted to return a couple nightstands back to Pier 1. well... how the heck was I gonna do that!?! I drive a small sedan, nobody I know has a truck or SUV and since I'm fairly new to my building, wasn't sure about asking my neighbors for help either! I remember seeing a post on Nextdoor not too long ago and thought I'd give it a go. easy to use app... driver came at the time I requested, loaded my furniture onto his truck and off he went. met him at the store, he unloaded the items and done. 30 minutes of time and all under $35!! BRILLIANT!
- Rupal B.

So shady - not worth the risk! The GoShare company might be trying to do something great, but your experience still comes down to the person who shows up at your door. In our case, the driver's van, which was not big enough to haul my load, stalled in front of my house and took a while to get started again. Then, the driver asked if he could borrow a saw to cut down the boards since his van was not big enough. Keep in mind that I gave a thorough description of the boards including photos on the job posting. After using my saw he informed me that he forgot his wallet and needed me to pay him cash so he could access the dump. I had no cash, so he asked if he could dump the debris down in the south bay near his house so he could grab his wallet. I said fine, as long as it's gone from my driveway, he could dump it wherever he wanted - then I got the bill. The initial quote that I agreed to was between $60 and $80 - It was a relatively small load. Go share charged me $254 dollars. I could have rented a limo bus to haul this stuff to the dump myself for less. My first and LAST experience with GoShare was horrible. I informed GoShare customer service of the situation and haven't heard back from them in nearly 2 weeks. Save your money, the time I saved was nowhere near the same value as what it cost me. If you are going to try anyway, do not accept Moises H. as your driver. Oh yeah, he almost drove away without his phone which he took the liberty to plug into my outlet and charge while he was loading the debris - very unprofessional. My only recourse was not to tip him and give him a poor review on GoShare. Total Rip-OFF!
- Ron T.

I used GoShare for the first time last week and was delighted at the service I received. I was at Costco contemplating how I could get a patio set home that was too large to put in my car. The set was not available for online delivery. One of the Costco employees told me about GoShare and within a few minutes, I had the app downloaded on my phone and had placed an order for a driver with a truck to pick up the patio set and deliver it to my house. I didn't even have to wait at Costco for the driver to arrive. My patio set was delivered within the hour and placed right in my backyard by the driver. The delivery cost was very reasonable and the service was excellent. What a great concept!
- Marilyn Y.

Used GoShare to move a studio and I absolutely loved it! It was on time, charged reasonable price, price included the driver helping with loading/unloading, and overall provided us with a fast and smooth moving experience. I just wished that they'd allow the customer to ride with the truck but that is their policy and we managed to make it work anyway. So, 5 stars for our easy move! Thank you, GoShare!
- Bita N.

GoShare rocks. Needed a Craigslist Fridge moved and had no truck and was even willing to help lift it. . Set up appointment hours in advance. Elliott showed up on time and had strapping and Dolly. Moved it 10 miles down the road and unloaded for a very reasonable price. Without a hitch . Will definitely use again!
- Rich C.

DON'T GET MIXED UP WITH GO SHARE! This company is a complete joke! They are using misleading business practices to lead people to think they are paying a lower cost than a traditional mover but then charge your card MUCH more days after the move! I live in Jersey City and was moving my room of furniture to a local spot in Jersey City. I filled out their inventory form and made SURE I listed EVERYTHING I planned to move - I even left some things behind deciding at last minute I didn't want them so I moved LESS not MORE! I paid $128 upfront and the drivers accepted the gig. I am a woman on my own and needed this move to happen as I was flying out on a business trip the next morning at 7:20am as I continually explained to them as I HELPED them move me! I even staged everything on the 1st floor before they came so they could grab and load. They came to do the move in a Sprinter van. 1st mistake. They got it loaded and said we have to come back for the other stuff. They wouldn't allow me to ride in vehicle with them so I had to Uber to storage facility. We get to storage facility and facility opened the loading dock door so they can begin to unload as I get my papers signed. They helped me squeeze everything but 1 table into the facility. Then it started to thunderstorm and they started complaining talking about getting more money! I'm like "Wait a minute I paid for this upfront already!" They're like "That's only an estimate and this is gonna cost more, so I'm like "Ok, they'll charge my card then" It's thundering and lightning like biblical times and they TAKE OFF! To leave me with my busted knee to move the rest of my stuff ALONE and get an Uber SUV to take it! THEN they had the NERVE to further charge my card days after the move until my bank shutdown my card because of their suspicious activity! Damn right it was suspicious! Because they kept hitting it and hitting and hitting it! When I complained and asked for a refund of the amount over what I initially paid and explained that the movers did NOT complete my move, they said they'd 'look into a discount" but they charge by the minute and would not refund anything! I will get refunded through my bank though because NOTHING they did that day was worth $300 to move a person from a room! DISHONEST BAIT N SWITCH, BACKDOOR CHARGERS WITH LOUSY SERVICE. I wouldn't use them again EVER not even to move a toothbrush #FakeAssUberWannaBees
- kamichele a.

DECEPTIVE. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. I was given a range price of $187-$222 to pick up a sofa . Instead of being charged the high side price of $222, GoShare charged me $308. At that price, I could have gotten 2 professionals to pick up the couch. GoShare pricing is deceptive. The consumer is given a range. One would assume the worse case scenario is that the cost will be $222 not $308. GoShare said that I should have read the fine print that it's $10 base fee and $1.29 per minute. So in theory if you have a driver who doesn't know what he's doing or is dishonest, he can take his time and the consumer would be responsible for any minutes he claimed. BE AWARE. Pass up on this service.
- AppleCrisp R.

Don't. Left my furniture on the City Street. No negotating of refunds. Poor Customer retainment. Late. Charged me 2 transactions on credit, for the 2nd late Driver. Charged me by the minute after them being late. Furniture was stolen.
- Cara Antrillo G.

Becareful with this company.... They rip off costumers and drivers. They owe me more than $600 for previous jobs. They give a costumer an estimate, and costumer end up paying double or more.
- Jose P.

Our mover Eric Bender was extremely efficient & careful with our items. We had stairs on each end of move too. I will definitely use this company again!
- MP K.

I am not sure how Costco tied-up/recommends with such a company. They sent a single person to deliver and assemble a dining table set furniture I bought from Costco, whereas such furniture can't be assembled by one person. They can't say that it is the customer's responsibility to decide how many people are required for such work. With all their experience, they should be able to judge and recommend/mandate the services accordingly. I and my wife ended providing the help throughout the assembling (took almost 3 hours late in the night) and ended up paying $30.17 additionally for no fault of ours. In my opinion, it is unscrupulous to deceive customers with such substandard service.
- Ravi M.

I was in LA around Christmas time visiting friends. I didn't have a vehicle and needed to get some large presents home from Costco. I saw the sign for GoShare and thought perfect! I downloaded the app and booked someone in no time. The app was surprisingly easy to use. Everything went as it should and I had the stuff home in no time. Sadly they aren't available where I live so I have to wait to be able to use it again. I recommend the service to anyone I know in an area that has it.
- Heather H.

Moises Hayton and Matthew Sobke accepted my order through the GoShare app. Together they loaded a purchase in one part of town and delivered to my address within 25 minutes. I received an estimate, their photos and names ahead of the job. I was able to relay the info to the seller (perfect theft prevention tool.)A message came through at the time of their arrival to the pick up spot. Very soon after, two well-groomed, pleasant individuals arrived at my door. The item arrived in perfect condition. 25 minutes later? These guys had ferried this large antique (in two pieces) through a narrow passage and expertly slid it into a tight corner-no scratches or dents to the item or to my home. Need that "black car" level of service? GoShare, my friend!
- Ellen D.

I didn't hear about until this past week when I bought a machine I thought I could fit in my car but couldn't. I was kind of desperate as I don't know much people that I could bother on a personal level. The employee at the store was concerned and trying to help and after we tried different options, he said you should use GoShare. It was a great solution! Yes, it was a bit $$$ for only one box drop off at the garage but at least I was able to bring box without any other complication.
- Milky W.

Worst service ever. I cannot believe this company is in operation. The charge you a preauthorization charge before services are rendered then charge you the actual price with service and refund the preauthorization. Huh? My pick up was cancelled twice then had to be rescheduled for the next day. By 830pm still not confirmation. DONE. Refind my money and go eat a [email protected]$ Costco told me this is who they use for pick ups. Worst idea ever.
- Jenny R.

Downloaded the app at Costco. Price was significantly more than the estimate (+$250) and almost as much as the bedroom set I ordered. They also put a hold on my credit card which was to be released once the full price was charged. I had to have my credit card company dispute that charge, it was removed almost 30 days later. The two gentlemen unpacked the furniture, by literally tearing the boxes to shreds and leaving the mess to cover my entire garage floor. It took them two +hours to move the bed and dresser up 3 flights to the bedroom, after which the helper made a quick exit with my box cutter. I paid extra ($75) to have the bed assembled. It was put together backwards and I had to take it apart and redo it myself. They dented every wall and scratched or marred every step and landing. I filed a claim with GoShare and after requiring professional estimates (3) and pictures they told me they were denying the claim. I fell for this one, my age must be affecting my judgement. I also have contacted Costco. Order online and use Costco white glove delivery, waaayyy cheaper! RE GoShare reply: almost 3 hours is excessive for three flights of stairs. I defined this requirement in the request and expected it would be part of the estimate.
- Ron C.

If I could give negative stars, I would. This was the worst moving experience I have ever had - and I've moved a lot. All I requested was for them to move a mattress, desconstructed bed, and a six drawer dresser about 10 miles. They dragged the mattress down the stairs, and when I asked them to please lift it up, they said, "it's heavy." They proceeded to continue dragging it down the stairs without protective covering. I now have a huge hole in my brand new mattress. They ruined the mattress topper on it; it is stained and full of rips. They handed it to me after they "moved" it and said, "You should probably throw this out." I filed a damage claim and also contacted management immediately. I still have not heard back. Furthermore, this very simple move cost over $400. A complete rip off for very poor service.
- Kelsey H.

I had a 5ft media console delivered to my empty apartment by this company. The property manager was nice enough to let him in before occupancy. When I moved in the console was facing the wall and the door was detached. The hinges were bent and the holes in the console were stripped. The property manager said the mover was alone and had a difficult time manipulating a 5 ft media center by himself and up a flight of stairs. The company will not respond. They don't have a phone I can call. I'm so disappointed and would never recommend using them.
- Patricia F.

My experience with GoShare has been positive. I've used them a handful of times and each experience has been good. For example, a dining set for 6, awkwardly packed, a patio set bought on Craig's List, furniture purchased at an estate sale.... Things that I couldn't remotely get in my car, nor manage without muscled and creative loading help. The challenge for me is estimating the vehicle-size needed, and the weights of items. But shortly after entering the parameters on the ap, the driver calls and there's opportunity to explain what's needed. The drivers are friendly and helpful. I suggest good communication to calculate cost to minimize unpleasant surprises. Keep in mind the calculated cost, is still an estimate. I further suggest ensuring the driver knows pick-up details and delivery requirements. They are not professional movers just like Uber/Lyft drivers are not professional drivers. It's unfair to equate GoShare to Professional movers. If cost is a concern, I suggest comparison shopping before the delivery is required. Compare competitor cost, and lead time. I have hired movers for small jobs and those that will take small jobs, may charge a fee for showing up before the work is started, or have a minimum cost. The GoShare drivers have carried items in to where I wanted them. I'm unsure if this is their practice or if I got lucky. Again, it's good to indicate your expectations to anyone who moves your things. I suggest you plan to either help the drivers load/unload at both ends or tell them in advance if multiple people will be needed to lift and load items in and out of a truck bed, or if a dolly would be helpful. It's often not the weight but the awkwardness of things. Hiring movers or renting a truck for a single purchase/item can be expensive and a hassle. Go Share is convenient, reliably available, doesn't hassle your friends who happen to own trucks, and cost-effective in my experience even after a gratuity. I would not consider GoShare for a big job, although maybe. But for those pallets of impulse purchases at Costco or Home Depot, or that unplanned purchase at an auction... I would, and have, recommended GoShare to others who like me, wish we had access to trucks a few times a year.
- Rebecca R.

Needed to move a full box truck of Luxury kitchen, bathroom and heavy appliances from Renovationangels.com in NJ a charity outlet to upstate NY! With COVID-19 I was restricted to the area and it was essential I move back into my house! Desperate I googled truck driver companies and GoShare came up! I took the risk knowing nothing about them. It was just like the UBER APP pick-up and drop off times with price! Easy! I can't give praise enough to how professional Dennis who accepted the job was! He kept communication with me the entire trip and how far he was out etc..Timely service and this app saved me over $1600 that another trucking company wanted to charge! Give them a try! You will be pleased! I can't thank them enough!
- Nicole B.

We recently wanted to purchase a large patio set from Costco but had no way to move it. While we were at Costco I was able to download GoShare app schedule an appointment for pickup an hour away. Enjoyed lunch while waiting an mover arrived as promised. Tim was awesome carefully placing our furniture where we wanted. I will definitely use this service again.
- Dianne H.

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