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About Gold Standard Relocation

Gold Standard Relocation is a top-rated residential and commercial moving brokerage firm offering comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services. Our goal is to exceed customers expectations by customizing our moving services to specific needs. We move apartments, condominiums, homes, businesses, and everything in between – from very small to very large. Whether moving down the street, across the country, or to a new home or business building, we’re here to help with managing relocation stress.

Moving-Me about Gold Standard Relocation

Gold Standard Relocation is a nationwide moving broker providing moving coordinating services. Gold Standard Relocation is a Sarasota moving company that serves all residential and commercial moves. Please note that a properly licensed interstate broker, such as Gold Standard Relocation, is not a motor carrier and will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by and FMCSA authorized motor carrier, whose charges will be determined by its published tariff. All estimated charges and final actual charges will be based upon the carrier’s tariff which is available for inspection by the carrier upon reasonable request. No move is too big or small, they do small, medium and very large moves, and plan the most efficient route to make your move a smooth transition.

Gold Standard Relocation Licenses & Certificates

Gold Standard Relocation is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Gold Standard Relocation is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 88982
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 3122941
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Gold Standard Relocation cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2900. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Gold Standard Relocation is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Gold Standard Relocation Reviews

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I worked with them for a long distance move from Southern Nevada to Northern Virginia. They put me in contact with the logistics manager for Veteran Relocation because they needed to fill a truck between the states to reduce their cost, and were offering me a discount to do so. Initially, Jim was easy to work with. I sent him an itemized list of my inventory and he sent me a quote back, with the items re-worded to how he assured me they were supposed to look in the system, and that all of my list was still included. Over the phone when finalizing the offer I even checked that they didn't need photos or for me to take a tape measure to ensure the CF was right, and he assured me they had added a bit of extra space to make sure there would be no surprise expenses. Well, surprise, the contractor they hired to do the move arrived and informed me that I had almost double the CF of inventory that Gold Standard had included on the quote. Suddenly, I can't get ahold of Jim or the person who did my quality assurance and last inventory check, Garin. I had to sign off on the paperwork, as I had no other options and needed to be out of the apartment and on the road the next morning. So I spent the better part of a week trading emails with Sam on their follow-up team, trying to understand why the items in my inventory were exactly the same, but somehow took up nearly twice the space. I was brushed off, told that their computer uses a standard size and clearly my items must not have been standard size, and told that I can take pictures when my items show up to see if my inventory is the same as the one we already went over and both companies agreed I had. They have since stopped responding to my emails. Based on all the work I put into trying to make sure we had an accurate estimate from the start, I can only assume several people are very bad at their jobs, or I have been lied somewhere in the process. Either this company has no idea how to do an estimation, they contract with crooks that added CF to my estimate to over charge me, or they are crooks who intentionally under-estimated my inventory to get me to sign off on an intentionally low “binding estimate” knowing that I wouldn't have time to find an alternative on such short notice. TL;DR These people are crooks and the estimate they give you isn't worth the cost of sending an email. And once they've over charged you and made their excuses they'll stop responding.
- Bec Heffner

We hired the moving broker, Gold Standard Relocation out of Sarasota, FL area, who in turn scheduled our move by TOQA movers of Scranton, PA. We never received receipts from TOQA & several items were delivered damaged as well as missing athletic equipment worth over $600. We notified Gold Standard Relocation while the movers were still unloading the truck. Item pictures & descriptions were e-mailed to both companies the next day as directed by Gold Standard Relocation. We were then told that TOQA movers handle all issues "in-house" & under federal law had 120 days to make amends. TOQA never responded to e-mails, calls or letters from our attorney. We were later informed by Gold Standard Relocation that TOQA moving company was no longer in business & nothing could be done to help us with settling our losses.
- Deb Wolf

I went through Gold Standard for my moving. On move day the movers tried to charge me an insane amount of money, but Gold Standard stepped in and dramatically reduced the price for me. I am thankful for their customer service department for resolving these issues and easing some of the stress of moving. I would recommend.
- Ana Jolie

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - the mover contacted me multiple times asking for cash in advance, then didn't live up to the agreement to deliver the furniture to the 2nd floor. The furniture was badly damaged and both Gold Standard and Hall of Fame movers stiff armed the claim process, I'm still waiting for them to step up to the damage claim. Not professional, not reputable - BBB rating of D
- Ed Edmondson

I hired gold standard after I was promised that they had a truck going to my location and that I would be helping out a military family,I was told that the 26ft truck was mine and that what ever I could load in it was not a problem because it was going from fla. to Arizona empty. come to find out they don't even own any trucks. they get your deposit, you have 72 hrs to cancel but they don't contact you until you are out of the cancelation period. they quotes me $2500 at first then three days before the move it was $5200 they are a total bait and switch company,they come off so nice and welcome you to the family what a joke. talked to the manager he said that he repermandid his sales man, sure you did and offered me $88 in compensation after keeping my $900.63 dollars he said the had to pay `a driver for the space on the truck to reserve it ,I talked to several trucking companys they might have paid $150 for reserved space, they totally ripped me off ,.I will file charges against gold standard relocators I have every thing taped from jim the sales man and try to get a hold of customer service only when they get youre money and they want the next inslallment other wise ,I called five times no call back would never recommend them read the bad reviews they are true you have not heard the last from me unless you return all my money.
- Scott Flanagan

I am very happy with the way this broker helped me. Very professional, respectful, knowledgeable and efficient. If I am ever in need again let this broker will be the one I go to! Thank you again!!!! My family is grateful for all of you!
- Miles Kasey

I used this company for my move from Deland, Fl to Rutland, Fl. My experience from start to finish was a very positive one. They quote I got was about $1,000 less than the other companies I contacted. There reps were professional and very helpful. All my belongings were handled with care and all arrived undamaged. I highly recommend Gold Standard relocation if you want personal and excellent service
- Deborah Morgan

Helped me out when I had absolutely nobody to move me nothing was broken process went fast and simple recommended
- Hannah Guzzino

Terrible company at all levels! I never write a negative review, but this time, I felt I had to, because treating customers like they treated me was inacceptable. At time of contract signature, we agreed on cost with every single items being listed. Nathan was extremely nice and promised all was included in my quote and there will be no hidden costs. Despise all details were agreed upon, I was explained at time of delivery why I should pay 25% more, which was absolutely not justified. It was a small move but I spent so much time on the phone to try to explain to at least 4 people what was happening. None of them had gotten the same information and the movers (who were very nice) explained to me they were not communicated the same list as mine! After hours of discussion, I paid the extra charge but I will never work with them again. This is just dishonest and unprofessional.
- Sophie All

Sales rep quoted me $2500 over the phone for specified inventory stating they already had a truck going in that direction hence the good price. Said packing of larger unboxable items was included. They brokered the deal to a different company and once my items were on the truck said it would be nearly double the price and if I didn't agree they'd throw my items off the truck. Looked it up and this is a common practice for dishonest companies with fraudulent practices. If your quote seems great, double it. Filling a fraud complaint.
- Corey Kelley

Wonderful Company! Very happy with my move! Quoted me cheaper than other companies, Very honest, Professional and Careful! Would recommend to family & friends, They made my move quite painless! Will use again in the future 🙂
- Amanda Hale

These guys were excellent! Flexible with time, reasonably priced, got everything done in less time than what we were booked for. The owner obviously cared a lot about the job he and his and employees did. Best movers I've ever hired! I would definitely use them again!!
- Meesh A.

The owner of the company is rude, difficult to work with, and unfair. The company did an okay job loading into the truck. They were careful with our stuff. The company imposed a 3rd person for the unloading, which we had to pay for but absolutely wasn't needed. I would not want to be an employee of this company!
- Amy C.

e warned that this is a BROKER that contracts your move out to other companies that turn around and sub-contract your move to someone else! With three companies involved, you will NEVER get the service that Gold Standard promised. They tell you want you want to hear and low ball the cost and then at the time of move say that it's all discretionary to whoever they subcontract it out to. You will have NO say and when you try to call the 'emergency' number during your move, they will not answer. If the contract with Gold Standard says they will Disassemble of all standard furniture...they WON'T.... Deliver to specified rooms.... they WON'T, Professional Service...NOT A CHANCE, calculate appropriate cubic feet used.... they will ADD about 400 cubic feet on to what you use, so just plan on leaving furniture BEHIND because they will charge you more than the actual cost of your stuff. On top of that every sub-contractor can add additional fees and each company said that they have never heard of Gold Standard previously...RED FLAG. So, if you would like your move to cost double what they quote, disgruntled drivers, late deliveries, broken furniture, scratched doorframes, lies, and a painful experience, this company is for you. If not.... use ABF and pack your own stuff. It will save a lot of heartache during an already stressful time in your life.
- Lindsay T.

This moving company is a BROKER. Meaning, they hire subcontractors to load and move your household goods. In our case, it was Fast Trucking located in New Jersey. The communication between Gold Standard and myself was good until my household goods were packed and loaded on a truck. Caution: Without boxing up your household items yourself, prior to receiving a quote, it is impossible to accurately calculate how much cubic space necessary for your move. I was approximately 300 cubic feet off which cost me $1,000 additional dollars. Beware: All customer service from Golden Standard STOPS after the pick up: Read Read Read your contract before signing. It has been 15 days total since Fast Trucking picked up my furniture and I have reached out to Golden Standard customer service multiple times with NO update as to when I can expect my household goods. The contract reads 21 business days beginning from the first available delivery day. You can expect at least two weeks or more before you receive your household goods. Thankfully, I finally received a response from the dispatcher, JEN Blake, only with the drivers name and phone number. I have contacted the driver and left multiple messages with NO response. All I wanted was an UPDATE! Driver (barely speaks English)finally contacted us two days after this review and arranged delivery, in which, he never showed up and called late to say he would arrive the next day. I sit and wait for the driver, yet late again, with no phone call to notify us and will not answer his phone. I highly recommend using a moving company that has their own trucks or move yourself. This is the worst service I have received from a moving company. I would think that during a national pandemic that there would be a higher priority of customer service.
- Chad N Kimberly R.

Would do 0 stars if possible. My roommate hired Gold Stardard moving to help her move cross country and we still HAVE NOT RECEIVED OUR STUFF!! Gold Standard relocation was deliberately dishonest with me throughout the moving process, and has still not consented to providing me a WINDOW OF TIME in which my home furniture my be delivered. They operate as a broker between 3 different counter parties and take no accountability for the losses brokered during the supply chain. They also provide no customer service or communication channels. While asking when my move would be charged for, so I COULD PRE-EMPTIVELY PAY FOR THE SERVICE - I was ignored for 4+ days. Moreover, when my furniture did not arrive the 7 days after on the date scheduled for the past 3 weeks - Sam at Gold Standard told me because I had not paid, it was my fault for the items not being delivered. Bear in mind on date of reservation and contracting I paid over a $400 deposit for their services in advance. Gold Standard touts a customer review system which is one manager, Sam G- who is incredibly dishonest as well as rude in temprament, regularly raising his voice on me when I asked how I can be expected to plan for my move? To highlight again , they : 1. refuse to provide clarity about where my belongings are being stored 2. will not give me a date even a week in advance when my items can be delivered 3. ignore their customers for 4 days at a time, often treating them rudely 4. do not answer their emergency pick up line 5. take no accountability for delays nor miscommunication 6. lie about expectations on when one can plan for a move Particularly during COVID, when extra cleaning fees are incurred and moving is a delicate situation, planning is more important than ever. Gold Standard made it clear that my move is nothing more than a charge to my account they can treat as fraud.
- Nicolet D.

I was a little worried about my move at first but when I hired Gold Standard Relocation they made everything as stress free as possible! They are extremely professional with great customer service! All my belongings where well taken care of at a very reasonable price! I highly recommend this company and will use them again if needed in the future!!
- Colby M.

This is an amazing company. Very friendly and respectful. Wouldn’t refer nobody else other than these people.
- Cameron Ferris

Moved from Daytona Beach to Orlando with no problems what so ever. It was a fairly decent price to move everything, and it all arrived just fine. Me and my son are super thankful for the services provided by the Gold Standard! Highly recommend!!
- Savannah Newell

A wonderfull company very professional will recommend to anyone. Made my family and I a very wonderful experience the crew was awesome thank you so much
- Josue Hebbeler

This company is the best around. With the work that I do I move around a lot and they are always here to help me out. There is never a job to big or to small Gold Standard does it all.
- Buddy Fred

Really made the move for me and my family super easy, No hassle. I was quoted $2800 and that is what I paid.. Everything arrived intact, The guys took extra care of my belongings! Would give 6 stars if I could! Gold standard is what they are! Name speaks for itself.
- Marissa Gomez

Haven't had my move yet but so far the service has been great. Krystal is very personable and makes you feel at ease. Also gave me an amazing price quote. Hope the rest goes as smoothly!
- Mira Stew

Current price of move is over $13000.00 for a 1478 sq foot house Price has increased 2 times since initial agreement. Picked up our stuff 2 days ago and Sam can not tell us where the truck is or if it will be delivered as discussed on June 5, 2020! After reading the many reviews which some are concerning, I can not figure out how they are justifying what they are charging us! No one on here has even close to the charge we have incurred. They have told us that it could increase if a 18 wheeler can not get to the house. Where’s my stuff? Why are you changing the price? Why don’t you know when it will be delivered? I intend on posting this review on every possible website. Bait and switch scam artist!
- Karen Lane

Fantastic experience. They were available same day. They were both friendly and took only minutes to move the piano gently to where I needed it. I will absolutely hire them again with any moving needs I have.
- Victoria Ivy

I hired 3 men to move my family from a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom house. They were efficient, polite, and careful with my furniture. I would hire them again and recommend them to friends.
- Theresa Beaudette

Gold Standard Relocation were very courteous and professional. I was very happy with their services and appreciated their business. I even had a piece of furniture that did not fit well in my new place so they offered to take it to a relatives house, an hour away, later in the day. I couldn't have asked for better service.
- Sherry Kohn

Thank you very much for a great moving service! We had a lot of heavy stuff to move into the 4th floor in the building without elevator and we were very happy to get things moved pretty efficiently. Highly recommend.
- Darlene Muir

Great communication and careful movers! The two movers were fast, efficient and professional moving my daughter. They called before arriving, and meticulously wrapped up all of the furniture. We had a great experience! Outstanding moving service at very reasonable prices!
- Carole Little

I have received several quotes from many moving companies. I chose Gold Standard because there customer service and attention to detail are second to none. my inventory list was spot on as they covered every single room with me over the phone. The pricing was not the cheapest, but it was fair and i didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of. Thanks to the entire staff from Krystal to Sam my move from Deltona to Chicago went great! I would highly recommend this company!
- Matthew Cangelosi

I want to thank Brandi and Gold Standard Relocation for making this move stress-free and very easy. The movers were very professional and fast thanks again to everyone at this company.
- Krystal Moore

I had to call a sudden pick up and move I called gold standard relocation, they came in and pack my hole house , got me pick up within a 2 days and was honestly the best and most honest move/process I have been through with a moving company and I have moved a bunch. Definitely my new go to moving company I really appreciate everything everyone did for me along this move!
- Roderick D Youngblood

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