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About Fuller Moving Services

Whether you are self-relocating, moving your employees or moving your family, we are the household movers California residents choose to coordinate and execute the most stress-free, simple moves – anywhere in the world. From packing materials and instructions to labeling furniture and moving filing cabinets, storage cabinets, etc, Fuller Moving Services covers every aspect of your office move for you. The services we offer, and the experience we have, make Fuller Moving Services the Sacramento international moving company to choose when you need a careful, simple and headache free move overseas.

Moving-Me about Fuller Moving Services

Their experienced staff has worked in senior services for more than 30 years, from home care, downsize move to interior design. They meet the needs of their clients and their families above and beyond moving. Their storage facilities are fully-secured for the utmost protection of your goods. Each facility comes equipped with fire and theft protection systems, camera surveillance and 24-hour security. The Shipment Tracking feature provides you with the most current information on your shipment.

Fuller Moving Services Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The mover is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 1644858

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Fuller Moving Services cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $9600. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Fuller Moving Services is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Fuller Moving Services Reviews

I was referred to Fuller moving company to move my elderly parents into assisted living. Barbara personally came out and was wonderful with my folks and made them feel very comfortable. They were given a very reasonable estimate with no hidden costs. Moving day came and they were on time, efficient, and very careful with all of their items. They even helped arrange the items in the house and put the beds together! I would hire them again in a second and probably will in the future.
- Lynn C.

This is the second time I've used the services of a North American franchise, and I was not disappointed. At both pick-up and delivery ends, the movers were exceptionally professional and competent. They had all of the supplies they needed, were careful with my belongings, and followed my directions about where to place everything in my new house. Communication about the delivery date was poor, but a call to Nathan Fuller, the franchise owner, straightened things out immediately. Also, tired workers did put a bed frame back together incorrectly; but redoing that was a small price to pay for the overall courtesy and expertise.
- Stephenie F.

This is the third time that we have used Fuller Moving services. Every time, including today, staff are extremely professional, easy to work with, the move goes smoothly, and the prices are reasonable. It's basically a no worries moving company. For example, today's move had us cleaning out an apartment, moving some furniture to another house, and asking them to donate the remainder of the furniture. I couldn't have had for an easier time. All furniture and contents are carefully wrapped and protected, never had any damage whatsoever. Therefore, I highly recommend Fuller Moving services.
- Larry A.

Terrible service!! Damaged my doorframe. Lost some of my belongings. They brought someone else's belongings that I was charged for storing. And then they denied damaging my doorframe even though I was standing there when they did it. They are not honest and the job they did was very amateurish. I would never ever use them again. They were absolutely terrible!
- Dave R.

In setting up a cross-country move Nathan Fuller can definitely over promise and under deliver. I definitely should not have taken the words of his staff into consideration "we build in a few extra days for delivery for unforeseen circumstances related to travel, inclement weather, road closure etc. Rarely do we ever take that long to deliver." Okay, that makes sense I thought & now I am told, it will be 12 days since loading the delivery of our household items will be made. This forced me to be without personal items for over a week after we originally were to have them delivered.
- Kent B.

Fuller Moving Services took all of the stress out of moving. They did an excellent and professional job through the entire process. They gave us a great quote. They arrived on time on packing day and were so efficient and careful with our belongings. They were also on time on moving day and quickly loaded the moving van. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a moving company.
- Michelle E.

Fuller Moving exceeded our expectations and made a very stressful move the best it could be. They were careful with all of our possessions including my oversized house plants and my husband's golf cart. They were incredibly fast and efficient but didn't mind addressing our questions or concerns. I don't think I have ever seen 4 guys work harder. They loaded 2 trucks and moved us from Tahoe to Lincoln in one day. I called several moving companies and am so happy I chose Fuller. It was extremely helpful to have Nathan look at what we needed to move first and I was totally blown away when he was willing to drive to Tahoe to do it. From the first person I spoke to and the last guy leaving our new home there was nothing but courtesy and professionalism. Thank you. Fuller
- Wanda C.

I have helped many friends that have had movers that I was not impressed with. Recently I had two different people I helped move use Fuller. They were fantastic both times. So when it was my turn to move I called them right away. They did a phenomenal job. They are super polite, worked quickly and efficiently and everything came out perfect. I would not make another move without them.
- Linda E.

We were totally stressed about moving and packing. We packed for weeks in preparation. Fuller Moving's crew of three arrived and immediately went to work. They repackaged some of our boxes and some lamps. They were totally efficient and friendly. They put our condo and a full 7x10 storage in about fours hours into their truck. They moved us from Milpitas to Roseville. If I could give them six stars I would !!!
- Cliff D.

My husband and I are planning a move from CA to WA state in April. We contacted North American Movers and spoke to Barbara who came and gave us an estimate. She seemed knowledgeable but we were concerned that the packing and loading would take 4 days. We have moved several times having lived in 9 states due to my husband's job and never had movers take that long. We were satisfied with the estimate and locked in our moving dates for April (estimate was done in January). When confirming our dates, I asked Barbara about storage in WA because we will live in our RV in WA until our CA home sells and we buy a new one in WA. She also said she had to check on ferry fees to which I told her it was not necessary to go on a ferry (we are moving to an island off WA). I received a text from Barbara giving me a price of $4500 for placing our items in storage and one month's storage. No breakdown of how she came to that amount or storage fee itself - an amount that increased her original estimate by 50%! No information - just that she added $4500 to our estimate. We found a much more upfront moving company that is charging $900 to place our belongings in storage, pay 1 month storage and deliver to our new home. I contacted. Barbara by text that we would use another company and she basically said fine and never offered an explanation as to why she added so much to our original estimate. Glad we found out early not to use this company.
- Mary R.

Fuller Moving Services moved my mother's belongings from her 1-bedroom Assisted Living apartment at Eskaton Village Carmichael to a nearby Public Storage facility yesterday. Barbara was very congenial when arranging the move on the phone. Evan and Shawntu were both very professional, polite, and pleasant to work with during the actual move. They completed the job within the quoted four-hour minimum, incluing a run to the landfill to discard some damaged (and demolished) garage cabinets. They also took some furniture and hospital beds back to Fuller's storage facility in hopes of finding a good home for those pieces. I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again in the future.
- FrankF

The worst experience ever -- they destroyed an heirloom marble top cabinet that will cost thousands to replaced. They lost a military style steel flat file used for blueprints and can't figure out where a 4 drawer section that takes 3 men to move it went? Every one of my dining chairs either has serious scratches, paint splatters on the inside backs, or are severely scratched on the backs and arms. Also our 24-inch iMac is missing which was my workstation for my graphic design business and the software alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Now they say they'll give 60 cents pre hundred pounds -- that's not going to cut it and is not acceptable. I want full replacement for this custom marble top and the return of my Apple Computer. Also one of our TVs was scratched. One of their young movers was constantly on his cell phone talking to who knows whom. I also discovered that they unpacked and repacked most o my belongings because I packed all of my stuff in wine boxes so that I would be able to lift them myself if I had to. All my bathroom and kitchen things didn't need to be packed since I had a personal friend help me for days keeping all categories separate. I would NEVER put bathroom stuff with kitchen stuff, or an old dusty metal outdoor candleholder in with kitchen cookware. They are perpetrating a scam against older Americans and my husband is not only a Viet Nam vet but also retired from the navy. This company is totally responsible for destroying a 1.5 in thick custom beveled marble dresser top and all they say is nothing. The lead driver, Glen, was just as surprised as I was to see this marble top destroyed. It was a family heirloom from my grandmother that will be very expensive to replace and 60 cents per pound is not acceptable. Their accountant Paula is a real piece of work blaming me for not pay higher insurance coverage but why the hell would I expect such a sloppy careless job when their sales agent made promise to me and my husband in front of my friend that they would take great care of our antiques and property. They also broke a paper file that held most of my card stock papers for all of the artist books that I make. Plus they tore our waterbed liner on the inside and it took us hours to fine the foam encased water tubes to fill and make up our complete waterbed. This bed cost more than $3,000 so how did they tear the inside liner? Careless and disrespectful is all I can say ad we paid them over $16,000. They did not complete the job as we were told that they would not only take the waterbed apart but also put it totally back together in our new home. And as far as clean up -- that wasn't done either. This company lied to us and cheated us with what we thought would be a complete job. The movers said "we don't do waterbeds" and they sure didn't clean up either. As soon as they saw how upset I was at the broken marble top they left and we still have furniture to put in the places they belong. They couldn't wait to leave an unfinished job, plus all the damage to our household goods. But what seriously concerns me is that my iMac is missing and has my business and personal information on it -- this is called deliberate fraud against me, my social security number, bank accounts and all information that is private and supposed to be protected. But how can you protect yourself against fraudulent businesses who will steal your identity and who knows what else. This horrible experience is not what a 4 stroke survivor needs at my age. They also lost important medications for the 3 weeks that my medical box was missing and very hard to replace certain life saving medications. This company needs to be investigated for fraud, switch and bate contracts and held to account for all losses they have caused people. This company does not deserve the rating on BBB because it's a false indication of what an unsuspecting senior may be expecting of a very expensive service. I will do everything I can to get justice from this crooked company and will not put up with getting cheated and lied to.
- donnasue J

Evan and Cameron made our move a breeze. Respectful and polite and hard working.!
- Thomas K

Fuller Moving Services staff did an amazing job coordinating my recent move. I couldn't have asked for a better service. Their commitment was truly amazing. With them nothing can go wrong as they always have a back-up plan in case of any inconvenience. They used quality packing materials and moving equipment. I'm so happy that nothing was damaged along the way. My items were delivered in excellent condition and I had a smooth communication with my movers all along. They were very polite and careful with my items. Can't thank them enough for making my move a breeze.
- Chelsea Easton

I have had to use Fuller three times in the last two years as we've progressively downsized my father's home. We've only seen professionalism with the company. The first time was a father (can't remember his name), and his very nice son Coby, and the owner's son. That was in 2017. The third time, just yesterday, was Coby again and Andrew. Andrew was great and helped us with some things he didn't have to do. Both were very kind considering the situation. Their prices seemed quite reasonable each time and friends I've spoken with about the pricing have agreed. I'm very surprised with some of the other reviews as our three-time experience has been very different.
- Linda S.

We recently had Fuller move our three bedroom 1600 sq ft home to Lincoln. We have somever valuable and fragile antiques. The guys showed up on time, packed the truck as tightly as was possible, and were really efficient (6 hours to load, drive to Lincoln, and unload). All for $1,100. I was very happy. Tom Watkins
- Tom W.

We had to find a moving company last minute due to a another company scamming us. The office staff and owner were very helpful even though we have to pay a pretty price to move across country. Jared and he's co worker were awesome. I couldn't say a negative thing about their work loading our home
- Jennifer J.

I have used a lot of moving companies and have done out of state moves more than once. Fuller Moving is the company that was used to move me out of state. I have listed the pros and cons I experienced during my move. The representative that came out to do my estimate and was my point of contact throughout the move was very friendly and helpful. The quote was more decent than I thought it would be and I received my belongings within the window that they quoted me. The movers that were used were very friendly, efficient, and timely. I had a hard time understanding the driver and he was not the friendliest person. He did not explain any of the paperwork, just told me where to sign. (thank goodness I have been through this before) and when I received my stuff, did not explain the process of checking sticker numbers on items to the check off list that they gave me (again, I knew better, just thought this was odd), some items were not numbered correctly or mislabeled on the sheet he gave me, which caused a little confusion in making sure I had received all my items (but I did receive all of my items!), the movers did not completely unpack everything at the destination which resulted in them leaving several moving blankets behind. Some of the furniture they assembled was not complete, bed frames were loose as well as legs on tables. Overall, they were an alright moving company to use, just a couple minor issues that took my rating down a little.
- Toni H.

Fuller moved us in today. They were extremely efficient, courteous, fast, and careful. This company also moved another member of our family a year ago and she had the same great experience. I highly recommend Fuller Moving Company!
- Dan D.

This is my second review ( a happy repeat customer) and again happy with the company. For this move I was "under the gun" and it was a very short notice . Barbara the move manager accommodated me. Everything went like clock work, the team was right on time and very pleasant and efficient. It was somewhat complicated with pick up and drop off to different locations and there was no misunderstanding or miscommunications. I had an experience as a mover when I was a student and I can appreciate quality work and quality company. Keep the good work , I am a happy camper.
- Bernard D.

Run dont walk from Fuller moving!!!! , they are a horrible company to hire. They charged me $6,500 + for a full service pack out move, which was suppose to take 2 days it took four, they were understaffed in people and tools to do the job. They had to borrow my tools due to them not having any for the four days in moving me. They were ill prepared with ramps on my front entry way that cause damaged to my steps and entry way. I have spent the last five weeks going through there insurance company to finally have them deny more then half the damage. They refused to do the right thing during the move and of course now. Do not let them full you with there "premier" talk, there ownership never once has contacted me even though I have repeatedly asked them to do so. As much as it pains me I guess I will have to have my day in court with them, because they will not do the right thing!!!!
- Paul B.

Great moving company! Customer service really stands out, Daniel Kirk is extremely reliable, dependable, and easy to reach. They helped my move be as smooth as possible. Highly recommended!
- Danny D.

Fuller Moving Services is really great and the move was as smooth as possible. They were timely and organized which made the whole process a lot better. I was helped by employee Dan. He was extremely helpful and kind while providing excellent service, I am incredibly thankful for my personal experience with this business and I would recommend Fuller Moving Services to anyone who is in the process of moving.
- Danny S.

Fuller Moving Services is really great and the move was as smooth as possible. They were timely and organized which made the whole process a lot better. I was helped by employee Dan. He was extremely helpful and kind while providing excellent service, I am incredibly thankful for my personal experience with this business and I would recommend Fuller Moving Services to anyone who is in the process of moving.
- Dom N.

We called Fuller moving service on Roseville Road, Sacramento, and right from the start we had a very positive experience. On the day of the moving they sent Evan and Cameron and they arrived right when they said they would. They began by putting runners on all the floors and covering all the furniture. They packed everything expertly and moved us to our new house. First they put runners down, then began bringing everything in with care and respect. We couldn't have had a better experience. Evan and Cameron worked really hard and reminded me of young men when I was younger. They were careful, respectful, and polite, which is a lost art these days. Evan and Cameron are a real asset to your company! That's really hard work and they got it done like a breeze. Thank you Evan and Cameron, you for making our move a smooth one! .......Tom and Penny Kerr Paradise Ca.
- Tom K.

I want everyone that is looking for a moving Co Fuller did a great job. They helped me so much. I can't say enough about this Company. They moved me with no problems and notified them on short notice and there were there for me. They are the best. I will use them agine.
- Pamela V.

If you are looking for a great moving company, look no further! Great professionalism and good, honest people. Daniel Kirk goes above and beyond to do his part in taking out the stress of moving. Will definitely use them for my next move!
- Mike G.

They stole dozens of expensive items including a portable Weber propane BBQ, a tower computer and laptop, wireless color printer, Designer purse, shoes, clothes, rug, Expensive temperature etc clock, photo paper, books and magazines, tower room ionizer, stained glass window, large rug, misc new gifts, ALL MY JEWELRY did not did not get moved from my apartment to a storage unit. Broken stained glass lamp bent up to pieces and other items broken. They are clueless with no apology, no empathy, just pointing the finger at everything but them. Timeline doesn't matter. Owner is the worst!!
- Jill T.

We hired this company to move my mom out of independent living into storage. We were looking For a company that would pack up everything so we would not have to stress about moving her out on time. We were told that the movers 2 of them would work for 4 hours. The movers only worked for 3 hrs. I was told that they only had time to move the furniture and not anything else. This is what my sister and I walked into.
- Micheal W.

We were moving from CA to AZ. It was our first time moving and needing a moving company. So, we picked a moving broker and did not realize what we got ourselves into. We figured out that they were not a good company and the reviews we read made us wonder if we would ever see our household goods again. They were set to come on a Friday and we cancelled that contract and contacted Nathan at Fuller Moving on Thursday. He was absolutely wonderful and understood we HAD to get our goods moved within a week. (Our home was closing escrow!) Nathan came to our home, gave us an accurate bid and put us on the calendar for the next week. The three men that came to move our goods were totally professional and were VERY careful with our home and goods. When everything was delivered to us in AZ, it was all there and in great shape. Even though we lost $1,500 with the first company, we made the right decision in going with Fuller Moving.
- Shelley C.

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