Five Stars Movers Moving Company

Five Stars Movers Moving Company

The talented team of movers at Five Stars Movers regularly assists customers who are relocating in the Massachusetts area.

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Quality of service: 3.6

Punctuality: 3.5

Accuracy of Estimate: 4

Customers’ rating: 3.3

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Five Stars Movers offers a quality white glove moving experience that cannot be beat. Having a mover you can trust is essential in the moving process. Everyone wants to hire a Boston, MA moving company at an affordable price. Part of our Boston, MA moving services is to provide customers with expert support from the beginning to the end of your move. We will handle coordinating everything you will need on your moving day. Planning and preparation for your moving day is a key element and we understand the difficulties involved in leaving your home or apartment and moving to a new city. Let us help you with the entire moving process from packing and loading to unpacking and unloading.

Massachusetts Moving Company Review- Five Stars Movers

At Five Stars Movers, they pride ourselves on their attention to detail and excellent customer service. They understand that when it comes to commercial moving, efficiency is key. And they’ll work their hardest to help your company relocate smoothly and as quickly as possible. They’re here to assist you by: packing up your work spaces; carefully transporting furniture, computers, and networking equipment; unpacking and setting up your business in its brand new location. Whether you’re packing up a small apartment, a large house, or an entire office building, their team is on hand to offer assistance. They have the equipment and skills to get your belongings packed securely and efficiently, and they employ a detailed tracking system that makes keeping tabs on your items as simple as can be.

Certified Moving Company Massachusetts – Licenses & Certificates

Five Stars Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 521972

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 1362673

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: 31179

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What is the average Massachusetts mover service cost?

Five Stars Movers Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Massachusetts moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Five Stars Movers Moving Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.

Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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Moving-me is a team of professionals who respect your time and money. Being one of the best moving service selection companies operating all over the USA with reliable moving company reviews, we are doing our best to match a  to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation at your needs and budget. The well-coordinated work of the entire team is the key to the best result. Full commitment and respect to each other is the guarantor of a united team of moving winners.

Five Stars Movers Moving Company Reviews

The movers were friendly and professional.Great impressions!! Great team! They were polite and took care of everything for me Thank you for your efficiency and for putting everything back together in my new place! More than happy and satisfied.Thank you so much.
- Duvall Duvall

Thank you Five Stars Movers for making our move fast easy and exceptionally professional!These guys delivered my entire household with care and everything was delivered damage free Thanks guys for making this the least stressful part of my relocation!! Strongly recommended
- Jarred Buskirk

Amazing service.I used Five Stars Movers two weeks ago upon a recommendation from a friend and could not be more pleased.These guys are masters of this work! I used services of Five Stars Movers last month for moving to a new house. I was amazed how these guys managed the move without any problems. Well done! I would especially thank Dave and Jim for their help and patience.
- Connor Curington

This the best moving and storage company that I have ever used. Erika Maxfeldt is so kind and efficient. I have had my things in storage with them for quite a while and they have worked with me to keep my stuff stored with them even when I was having a hard time. I would recommend them 100%. They are the TOPS! Don’t go ANYWHERE ELSE! Use Five Star Movers. You won’t be disappointed!
- Rene Chandler

Damaged many of our belongings in transit during a cross-country and accepted little-no responsibility. Much of the damage could have easily been prevented with a little care- wooden box spring was broken in half, crock-pot was smashed from being dropped, etc. Customer service was mediocre- couldn't tell us when to expect our items to be delivered, and left quite a mess in our home after pick-up and upon delivery (trash, tape, etc. left on the floor). Would not recommend.
- Nic Soucy

They picked up our furniture near Albany NY on a Tuesday and drove back to their warehouse. We were told they would leave the following Monday and be in Venice Florida by Thursday. We called on Monday and the person answering the phone said they didn't know anything about our furniture or what truck it would be on. When we called the following day they hung up on us and stopped taking our calls. We were in Venice for 14 days before our furniture arrived and we only knew it was coming because the new driver from a different company called to tell us he was going to deliver our furniture. We also found out that they might have seriously overstated the weight of our load. I would not recommend this company to anyone who expects good service, courteous staff, or timely delivery.
- William Carpenter

Responds quickly and helps out in emergency situations.
- Urvi Vani

These guys are well equipped and they are experts in moving house hold. The crew arrived on time and did exactly what I asked them to do. Nelson and his team did a good job.
- Kiran Kuncheria

I am not one to complain, however my moving experience with this company was awful. Initially for the company to pick up my things they were scheduled to show up around 4pm. However they showed up to my apartment at 10 am, I woke up to a voicemail saying they would be at my apartment very shortly. I called back to tell them I was not ready and it’s very unprofessional to show up 6 hours early with out confirming with me that it was okay, since as I called they were pulling down my road. The man I spoke with on the phone essentially told me too bad they are there already. I told him I was not paying for the extra packing they did with the items I had not packed yet, which they agreed but then turned around and charged me anyway(they eventually removed this fee). Then I tried speaking with Sam who arranged my move to talk about the issues and he was on vacation Until after my move would be completed ( How convenient..). I left several messages and have not heard back from him. The issues continue.. once the movers arrived they were unable to pull the 18 wheeler to my complex to get closer and since they had to move over 75 feet they had to charge me extra for a long carry... but they did not carry anything as they had dollys so their labor of moving over 75ft was pushing something on wheels not carrying it, additionally they charged extra FOR USING AN ELEVATOR instead of having to use the stairs. I am being charged extra for a convince for them and for them to roll a dolly 75feet not carry.Many of these additional fees I was never notified may come up. I was told my initial rate was all I was going to pay until I ran into several extra fees that I was not informed of until it was too late. On my bed half of the shelves on my bed-frame have broken off the track and I have had to since fix. Sam has not returned any of my calls, messages or emails. I do not recommend this company as the experience went down hill after I committed to their initial price.
- Garrick Santos

By far the worst experience I've ever had moving. I am extremely unsatisfied and dissapointed the way I have been treated. My phone calls were unanswered along with no return call of my messages. The delivery driver actually blamed me due to a lack of communication on the companys part, even after multiple attempts of me reaching out. Multiple antique items were damaged. I do no recommend this company to anyone. They were rude, unprofessional and did not care about my personal belongings.
- Dalilah De Vaux

Five Stars Movers did a great job. Everyone I worked with was helpful and did what they said they would do. Paul, Henry and Orlando were the movers that did the move. They were professional and courteous. All my belongings were handled with care. Nothing was broken and everything was delivered as promised. Highly recommend. Would definitely use their services again.
- Mac Winburn

We were looking for a moving company online and I liked how Five Stars Movers had some decent reviews online about moving industry local and long distance and how competitive their price is. I went with them and the rep whom I worked with, Erika, was fantastic. She stayed on top of my situation and she was accurate. She called back, checked all the time, gave status reports and made updates. She was very hands on. Five Stars Movers price was on point too.
- Gabriel Rodgers

I sent cross country movers to move my items, Once they arrive and unpack everything I noticed that my 4000$ projector was missing, I contacted for days with no response after being prompted to call the office by the movers who delivered my shipment. I finally speak to the manager a few days later and he starts cussing me out telling me theirs nothing he can do about it and hung up in my face, of course i will be filing a claim and taking legal action but I’d suggest you stay as far away from this company as you can they are not honorable.
- Tsunami Surfgawd

My experience with 5 Star Movers Manhattan n was easy from start to finish. The sales rep was friendly polite and he updated me throughout the process. The move itself was incredibly quick and they did an amazing job and getting my things to my new apartment safely and reassembling. Amazing moving company in Manhattan NY to hire out.
- Holly Greenwalt

The pickup went great. The movers showed up on time, were professional, and loaded everything promptly; however, our furniture was picked up 11 days ago and we have not heard from them since. I've called and emailed repeatedly and have yet to hear back about when we can expect to have our furniture delivered. I think it's very bad form to take possession of a person's belongings and then essentially disappear from the face of the Earth. I would not wish this stress on my worst enemy. If you value sanity and peace of mind, I recommend finding another moving company.
- This is gunna be a channel

Hiring 5 Stars Movers made my move so much easier than it would have been had I rented a truck and tried to move everything myself. They were very organized and I could tell that they were experienced. Thanks to their assistance my new home started to feel like a home the very same day I moved. Hiring them was money well spent.
- Morris Edwards

Ok there pickup of furniture was great but this is where the bad rating comes in been 9 days since pickup and still waiting when you call there is no answer of you leave message no return call this Tony guy is very rude I understand how these moves work having been in the business myself but there's no excuse for the lack of communication
- Bryan Van Wart

I want to preface this post by saying that I've literally never gone out of my way to post a review for any service/experience. My experience with Five Stars Movers however, was so ABYSMAL, that I wanted to warn everyone else who considered using them. This review is solely for the Newton, MA branch. I contacted them about moving from MA--->LA and had everything picked up from my apartment to be moved on July 1st. After that moment, I literally never heard from them again. Two weeks elapsed and I contacted them, they were extremely dodgy and couldnt give me a direct answer as to when to expect my delivery. All I was told was it could take "14 business days" Fast forward another few days (mind you the 14 business days had elapsed) and I finally contacted an attorney thinking my furniture was stolen, and managed to get in contact with them. They became incredibly rude and unprofessional after learning I hired an attorney, and the 14 business days now turned into 21 business days (even though the signed contract receipt I had when they picked everything up said 14 days). Fast forward ANOTHER couple days, and I finally get a text from a delivery driver saying he's coming during the weekend (mind you this is now 3 days after the promised 21 business days and a MONTH since they had picked everything up). The driver arrives and informs me he was SUB-CONTRACTED and literally had NO ONE to help him bring my stuff up to my apartment. When I paid for the moving service, it's told in the contract that everything will be disassembled/reassembled and moved by the MOVERS. So after waiting a MONTH for my items, I helped this poor delivery kid bring all of my stuff upstairs, and STILL paid full price for everything. Most of the furniture had nicks and scratches in it. This entire experience was absolutely horrendous, and entirely unprofessional. This evolution ended up costing me over $2,000. In retrospect, I would HIGHLY recommend just renting a uhaul, or hiring another company. PLEASE do not use Five Stars Movers. Hope this helps some folks.
- D Jizzle

Most reliable moving company I have ever worked with. Five star movers was able to fit me into their schedule within one day, they have great customer service not only when scheduling but throughout the move. I had the perfect moving experience with Five star movers!
- sophia shelly

Me and my husband recently just moved for the military from GA to MA. These guys were hired as a third party from movers in GA. And were beyond amazing and a true breath a fresh air. The company we originally hired was horrid and by far the worst. But they made the drop off beyond amazing for us and were exstreamly understand to our issue with the first company. They got everything done in such amazing time (about 2 hours ) , and up three flights of stairs with no issues. I would give them 10 stars if i could. Most professional movers ive exsperinced out of 4 cross country moves. Definally will be recommending them to everyone i know.
- Morrigan amber

I, unfortunately, had a terrible experience with Five Star Movers as they facilitated a cross-country move for me from June - July 2020. I understand there is a global pandemic that is making it difficult to operate any business or organization, but I would have assumed this crisis would have made Five Star even more responsive to meet its customers’ needs. This was not the case. After picking up my furniture and boxes in early June, I never heard from Five Star about the move unless I reached out to them. In fact, each time I called the long-distance dispatch number (which was at least 3 times), no one picked up the phone or responded to my voicemails. They did not deliver my materials within the 21-business day delivery window and provided no update unless I reached out to their central office. I do not know when I would have received my materials had I not reached out - it honestly felt like when Five Star picked up my materials in early June and was paid, they proceeded to do the bare minimum the rest of the way. When I was able to make contact with a company representative, I did not receive my materials until a week and a half after the articulated date. Five Star, rather than trying to facilitate the delivery themselves and rectify the delay, gave me the contact information for the driver and told me to reach out myself. It was not until the driver arrived that I realized Five Star had sub-contracted the delivery of my items - it was not a Five Star truck or representative. Five Star never alerted me to the fact that a third-party would be delivering my furniture, which caught me completely off-guard. When the driver finally arrived, he was extremely rude and unprofessional. Instead of explaining to us the payment process, he uttered profanities to me and my family and threatened to drive away with my stuff and leave it in storage. It was only until I requested that he call his supervisor that he called Five Star Movers and we were able to get it straightened out. Furthermore, the driver had hired someone from Craigslist to assist with the delivery of my materials, another aspect I was not aware of until that moment. The driver was also not thorough at all - he took 2 or 3 boxes off the truck that were not mine, and if I had not alerted him to this fact, I would have been in possession of someone else’s materials. When I finally began unpacking my clothes, I found, to my dismay, a few suits and robes that had gotten wet and developed a significant amount of mold. It was clear that a few boxes had gotten damaged during transit, as evident by the tape that was on a few of them. Again, I was never made aware of this until I saw the damage with my own eyes. Unfortunately, Five Star Movers never called and checked in to even see how the move went. Again, I recognize this is an unprecedented time, but I would not be able to recommend this company to anyone in good confidence.
- Farris Blount III

This company moved our bed, a couple of bureaus and night stands, and around 55 totes and boxes from MA to MO. We did receive these items sooner than they stated, which was a plus until they opened the truck. Our totes and boxes caved in, broken and smashed. The adjustable base to our very expensive sleep number bed is broken. They thought it would be a good idea to use packing tape to hold it together. We are both heavy people. It will only hold for so long. A lot of other items were broken. Called them about it and all they said was file a claim and take pictures. I better see some money back for these items. Please do not use this company for your move.
- Deb Hagerty

They were super helpful. Very communicative and flexible when our UBox wasn't able to be picked up at the right time -- they actually came much later than anticipated just to make sure that they could squeeze us in when our UBox was available, which was really standout. Both men were friendly and extremely willing to help make it all work for us. Would definitely recommend!
- Helen Armstrong

This company is the epitome of lack of communication. The sales person that calls you to set up the move tells you completely different things than the movers that pick up as well as delivery your items. No one knew who worked for the company. Although they have a five star email address, they are apparently agents only. After the 48hr window you have to change or cancel your move, good luck catching your rep or anyone in the office. They completely ghost you.This was extremely frustrating when trying to get the correct process/cost nailed down that constantly changed ON moving day.
- Shirleyne Dumoulin

They helped me move two dressers from Holbrook to Revere. They were profesional and really fast. I will be recommending their services to friends and family. Definitely the five stars service.
- Helen Orellana

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Five Stars Movers and am SO GLAD I found them! Like many other grad students, moving out of my Harvard apartment and back to Canada during Covid posed unexpected challenges, especially with the border closed. Thankfully, I stumbled upon John at Five Stars Movers who confidently answered every question I had and his experience put my mind at ease. Other moving companies contacted me subsequently, but I felt so reassured by John’s expertise and kindness that I had no reason to look anywhere else. I am grateful for their flexibility as my move-out date changed 4 times. The price was reasonable and fair. The three men who showed up to move me were polite, clean, and professional. They swiftly undid my furniture and whisked it into the truck. I appreciate that I was contacted a few times right before delivery day to confirm the time and address (at a friend’s in Denver who will hold my furniture til the US/CAN border reopens.) This move was as flawless as it could be, and I was not worried at any step of the way. Interestingly, the mailman in my Cambridge apt building told me he’d used Five Stars five different times for local moves. I can assure you that my moving experience with Five Stars was first-class all the way. I could not have asked for a more professional moving company than they proved to be. Many thanks, from Vancouver.
- Amazing Andrea

I want to inform you that in all networks i am going to tell people not to hire your services, it is the worst experience i had have with a company. Staring with Erica the assisting manager or something like that , she lied to me from the beginning she told me that my move from weymouth Ma, to Wichita KS, would arrive at my new in 14 days, lies! They picked up my things in MA on 10/20/2020 and arrived in Wichita on 12/07/2020, 49 days later!! I had to make a change of address because i have a physical disability and the new apartment did not have the conditions for someone like me, I told Erika by e-mail about this, it took me 6 days to find a new place but i never thought that this change would take more than a month a half to deliver.The truck arrives on 12/07/2020 with two workers, Ricky the son of the owner he said is very decent and cordial it must be said, but the driver Fernando who does not know what respect and professionalism is. The total charge, the deposit, the initial payment and the balance to pay the day of the delivery was accepted with signed documents, but Fernando tells me that i have to pay an additional $75 in cash because they had to climb stairs, I told him that i had already paid for it in the original contract. Fernando pressured me to go and get them out of the ATM while they were left alone at my house because they were in a hurry! he said, the furniture was not properly assembled, the bed was left out of adjustment, Fernando told me that it was not his job, that he did not assemble that kind of beds, i asked Ricky to adjust it and he did it. When they finished the job they left me all the garbage that they made themselves, i was going to give them a tip of $150 but when i asked Fernando to take the garbage, he said that they do not do that, that guy told me that he had already done too much for me! Really! I think he was doing his job for which i have paid. Fernando said that he did not care about the tip because he earns $500 a day!! to all people looking for a moving company, never hire FIVE STARS MOVERS!.They have hidden charges, they don't respect the original contract. The only one who drives the big truck is Fernando a bad guy, with out any understanding for disable customers like me. So do not waste your money hiring these people, you will regret it. They treat clients badly, this is how bosses should treat their employees, they are abusive!
- Hernan Gomez-Builes

Love to help.
- James Dellamano

My experience with Five Stars Movers exceeded all expectations. Fair quote and great service from start to finish (especially from Erika). Movers wrapped and loaded all of our belongings in just over an hour. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.
- Andrew Niemczyk

The pick up and loading of the truck went fine. The movers loaded the truck very quickly because I had most things ready in the garage. After they loaded they sat around for quite a while before leaving. What I’m upset about is the condition of my items once they got to my new location. They arrived at the very end of the promised time and many of my boxes and crates were damaged.It was evident that some have even fallen because there was dirt and leaves on my clothes. When I brought this up to the movers the response was, you can file a claim. They weren’t caring at all about my property or my discontent.
- Kimberly Stone

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