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This moving company began operations in 2009 in the “Five College Area” of Western Massachusetts. Since 2009, Five College Movers has expanded rapidly, completing over 1,500 relocations in 2016. Our Team of Movers assists with local, long distance and commercial relocations for our clients all throughout New England; with offices in Northampto, MA Springfield, MA and Winsor, CT.

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Local & Long Distance Moving – Local moving within New England or long distance moving with a destination within 750 miles of New England. Their Award Winning Team packs, preps, loads and delivers a stress-free moving experience tailored to each clients individual needs. They offer free Virtual & In-Home Estimates which can be booked online here. Office & Commerical Moving – Their Commercial Moving team relocates offices of all sizes, from 1 workstations to 100+. Extensive pre-move planning ensures a smooth transition and minimized downtime for your organization.

Five College Movers Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 692772

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 1947212

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: MDPU 31542

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What is Five College Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Five College Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Five College Movers Reviews

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They moved my stuff two years ago into a storage unit they subcontract from another local company. I paid for a 10x10 unit that was, ostensibly, mine alone. In May of this year, I went to check on my stuff, only to discover that someone else's stuff was in there. It was full to the brim and made it so that I couldn't access my stuff at all. (The accompanying photo shows only the other person's stuff; my stuff is crammed into the back so that you can barely see it.) Pat, the owner of the company, acted like I was crazy for thinking anything was wrong; he never apologized and barely offered an explanation, and even hung up on me and, when I finally got him on the phone again, asked me if I was "ready to be polite." When I got a lawyer involved, he finally agreed to move the other person's stuff. The movers left broken glass all over the floor of my unit, and, according to someone who works at the storage facility, left it without a lock for three days, only finally locking it at his insistence. They also changed the locks several times without giving me the combinations, and avoided my calls so that I had to call from different numbers to get through. I ended up paying $150 for a bed-bug-sniffing dog to check my stuff to make sure nothing had transferred from this other person's stuff. I don't know how often this other person went into the unit and had access to my stuff. They could easily have taken items; luckily, I don't think they did. Because all of my stuff had been piled into a corner to make room for theirs, there was considerable damage to boxes and furniture. NEVER, NEVER USE THEM.
- Toby B.

AWFUL EXPERIENCE DO NOT BOOK. This company told me all I had to do was put down a $39 deposit and $100 holding fee for their services on 9/1. I booked them the first week of August and they cancelled on me 10 days before my move because I did not sign a contract that they never sent me. When they told me they cancelled my reservation they already notified me that there was no more availability on the day of my move and asked for another day when I had explicitly explained the importance of my move as early as possible on 9/1. They "say" that they tell everyone they will send over the contract but they did not tell me and now I have a week until I move with no movers because it's the busiest moving day of the year in Boston. Beware of this company as they are very clearly unreliable and I would look elsewhere before committing to a booking with them.
- Elana R.

Read the fine print on your contracts! They protect themselves but not you. We had a job of moving things out of a POD and into the house. And moving some furniture out of a bedroom upstairs and out to the garage. Not a big operation. UNTIL the moving team moved the dresser with a glass top down the stairs. They didn't take the glass top off and it slid off hit the walls, the bannister And crashed on the tile floors. They took an accident report and then I sent them the invoices to repair the damages. Oops they sent me an email back citing a clause in the contract that they only pay $50 and the rest I need to use my insurance to cover. The job was around 600. And the repairs cost more than that. The company WAS NOT going to budge. I have to pay for them. What was a little job turned into a nightmare.nThis company does not stand by their work and did not take responsibility for their mistakes. They messed up and I had to cover their mistakes and they show no remorse or restitution for it.
- Bogie F.

Follow up on previous review: owner immediately reached out to not only resolve my outstanding claims, but to offer apology and explain their intention for better processing operations for their future customers. He did not ask me to update this review, but future customers should be aware that the company did take immediate remediation action. DO NOT USE. Movers themselves were great young men. Professional, respectful, and strong. That's all you need out of them. The management team should NEVER be allowed to operate a business. They are a month delinquent on responding to my damage claims that the MOVER insisted I file, after he accidentally damaged multiple planks of my hardwood floors. I have called 6+ times looking for resolution. Not for hundreds of dollars. Just resolution. On the most recent call over a week ago, Phil told me "I don't like hearing from you as much as you don't like having to follow up" and to "temper my expectations". Essentially, leave us alone. I was then told I need to send an email asking for a follow up, because calling wasn't sufficient. Was told I would hear back by the end of the week. That was a while ago. Save yourself the drama and headache. Moving is already hard enough.
- Danielle D.

Two hours late just to come load a truck for a cross country move. Unprofessional, unacceptable, completely screwed me because Corey and Patrick don't know how to schedule properly or take responsibility when they screw up. The guys they sent were completely incompetent, and when I made a polite suggestion, the "lead" fully bitched me out. I talked to Corey and he was rude as hell. Later, I found out they had tried to remove the table legs from my table without consulting me. YOU DON'T DISASSEMBLE FURNITURE W/O PERMISSION. They didn't know how to use rachet straps or how to secure anything. They didn't load properly. They were slow and inept. And actually thought they'd get a tip???? THEN we got the receipt. For abot $250 more than what I signed for. It should have been around $580 minus the deposit. Grifting, lying, unprofessional, misogynist jackwagons.
- Kate B.

This company has no boundaries. The owner of this company took advantage of my disabled neighbor. He harassed her and preyed on her vulnerabilities. Knowing that she had no voice, this company felt it was ok to break her items and throw them in boxes haphazardly. There is too much to go into but I feel the need to warn people about this company. Apparently this owner gets a kick out of mistreating people with disabilities. Maybe makes him feel more powerful? Sad.
- Jen K.

Movers are not cheap. So if you are not willing/able to pay a pretty penny, don't do it. But five college moved my stuff so fast and efficiently. I just stood there watching them pack all my stuff up and gaped at how fast it all went. Juan did a great job. Even dealt with a difficult couch. So know it wont be cheap. But also know it's amazing to not move your stuff. Or ask people for help.
- Caci C.

Guys showed up right on time. Moved right along and didn’t even take a break. Very happy with this moving company and a pretty good value. Fair prices.
- David LaSalle

We moved from Nj to Ma and the guys were awesome. They arrived on time and loaded the truck quickly. They were very careful with our furniture and wrapped and padded everything. They were also very friendly and efficient. I would use their services again.
- Emalina Ascher

Hire these Guys! Made our move so easy! Thanks so much to Charles and crew!

I used Five College Movers to move from Wilbraham to Agawam last week. They showed up on time and were ready to work. And work they did!!!! Had my entire 1200 sq. ft. house packed and ready to go in 3 hours!!!! They were kind, courteous, and extremely hard workers. If I ever need to move again, I will be calling them back! I would recommend them to anyone!!!!
- Carianne Haluch

Tony and Leon were fantastic!!! They showed up on time and were such hard workers. They did a great job. Everything was packed into the truck great and not a single item was damaged or broken. Speaking to the sales team and getting an estimated cost was very easy. Overall, I had a great experience with this company! I would definitely recommend them!
- Joanna Coraggio

Their guys were great! They were running a little late, but called to tell me, so no problem there. They had to move a HUGE cabinet from a difficult spot which required moving it on a couple of roller dollies over grass. At the other end, they had to put it in a tight spot as well. They were quite cheerful throughout the move. I highly recommend them.
- Jon Lynes

The relationship started off great and just got better. Initial phone intake was professional, quick and painless. Moving crew showed up before their promised arrival time. This was a special move because it included not just furniture, clothes, and all household effects but it included moving five hundred 30" x 40" oil paintings. 3 hours later, they showed up at the destination before the promised time. The paintings had to leave the truck, go into the house and down a long hallway, go up a 10' pull down ceiling ladder, pass through a 10' long 5' high crawl space and up another ladder to the attic where they were neatly placed. They did a great job. I haven't told them until now but their estimate and actual cost) was $1,000 less than the other national chain mover we called who actually came in to do the estimate. Hope I don't have to move soon but if I do I am going straight to hiring Five College Movers again and am happy to provide your prospective customers a phone call referral. Thank you.
- David Mager

I had never hired movers before so I didn’t really know what to expect and the whole experience was absolutely fantastic. The guys that came worked quickly and efficiently - everything was moved out and then into my new place in about 3 hours with no damage at all and I didn’t need to lift a finger. I would absolutely use them again and also recommend them to anyone.
- Jess Fiano

Great moving company, very friendly and efficient - would recommend and will definitely use again in the future!
- Kimberly Shorey

5 College Movers were excellent. Plenty of communication ahead of time about the move and expectations. The day of the move, I heard from the lead mover and they arrived on time. The crew worked efficiently and were very careful with all my items. They cleaned everything up. The unloading went just as well. I was very pleased with my whole experience.
- Anthony Scibelli

Good move, bad experience with office staff about over-billing. At the end of the move on 4/22/2020, I asked for a copy of the detailed receipt showing the charges. The mover said he didn't have a copy but the office will send it out within 2 business days. I paid my bill via credit card and noticed it was charged 751.25. Called the office the next week after not receiving my receipt and it was told that they would email it over. Followed up the very next day after not getting it to confirm the spelling was correct on my email. Email was confirmed correct and it was mentioned that it would be resent over. The very next day after not receiving the email, I was proactive and re-followed back up to ensure I could get my receipt and check over the bill. It was mentioned to me that they would check with the manager since they would be having there daily meeting shortly. Fast forwarding up until today (5/6/2020) when I called back in and had them re-send it again that I finally received the receipt. Noticed that the billing was wrong. I called back and spoke with Corey and Pat about how no moving supplies was used but the bill said it was. They said that 2 rolls of tape were used when the movers didn't use any rolls from their truck because I had everything all ready boxed, taped, and stretch wrapped up. Also mentioned to them that my deposit wasn't included in the receipt. The manager got an attitude with me about the two rolls of tape and the deposit being refunded. I told him that I noted two charges of 751.25 being taken from my account. As me being a prior operation manager for a moving company in North Carolina, the office staff of Five College Movers was terrible. They didn't show any ownership as far as following up with the customer about the issue and it took a lapse of 14 days to get down the path of resolution. If a paper bill of lading was done, I would have seen the charges right away and disputed them but they said due to Covid-19, the office does the paperwork. After every move that the bill was ran, the credit card credentials are supposed to be shredded. How in the world did my move get billed twice? Once showing from the driver which was on the move day, then another time on the 28th of April. A professional company will always stay tactful and never argue with a customer, especially if the company is in the wrong! The movers were excellent but the process and office are a different story.
- Timothy Thomas

Beware —- read the fine print. Most reputable companies stand by their work. Hard to say that here with FCM. Had a small job where they had to move a bedroom set from the second floor and swap a set from a POD. The movers dropped a glass top off dresser down the stairs that smashed into the wall, bannister and tiles below. Sent estimates to repair but their contract says, they were quick to point out, will only cover 50 dollars. The repairs cost more than the move of around 600. They show no remorse, are rude, do not respond to emails and basically don’t really care because they are a high volume shop. Good luck if you use them. They do not stand by you. They are very polite on the front end when they get you to sign but apparently that’s where it ends.
- Michael Ferris

VERY impressed with efficient professional service. From the start these guys were amazing. The initial appointment was convenient, quick & accurate. And this was not a simple move. It involved splitting up a large family home full of antiques and moving the items to four different locations some ending up at a storage unit 5 College Movers located for us. The estimate we were given was precise both in time and cost - this was so important for our planning. On moving day it was obvious the movers were well trained. They were respectful, courteous and worked well together. They had a system that was thoroughly planned overriding all of our chaos. Juan was especially impressive with his ability to move fragile antiques.
- Wendy Boisseau

Broken piano. The guys from Five College Movers where hard workers and did a good job with the exception of one major problem. These guys broke my piano in HALF!! It was an upright piano that had been in my family for 30 years. The movers took pictures right away and reported to their company. I filled out a damage report and a month later, I have heard nothing from them. I finally called them today and was told that Dave was the person to talk to and he was not in there today. I will update this review when this issue is resolved but the timeframe for expecting a response from this company is unsatisfactory. Hopefully, I will hear from Dave on Monday 8/31/20 or I will be calling again.
- Donna Gray

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