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About Excalibur Moving Group

Your satisfaction is our priority. Excalibur Moving Group has a long-standing reputation for quality and is recognized for excellence that enhances the overall calibre and outcome of your moving experience. Our people combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of client needs, to serve you with the highest standards of customer care. We constantly engage in honest, loyal and ethical business practices by providing superior counsel to our clients through leadership, experience and knowledge. Our staff is committed to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Moving-Me about Excalibur Moving Group

The main goal of the company is to be completely satisfied with the work done. Therefore, from the very beginning of cooperation, qualified employees will advise you. They immediately understand what the client wants and will help in resolving the issue. They are moving brokers, and at that, they are some of the best. They maintain their reputation and pay attention to any details in resolving issues. They can offer you local crossings, commercial crossings and long distance crossings.

Excalibur Moving Group Licenses & Certificates

Excalibur Moving Group is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Excalibur Moving Group is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 3054918

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Excalibur Moving Group cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. This mover is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Excalibur Moving Group Reviews

The Excalibur Moving Group is the best moving company I’ve ever dealt with. I’m no stranger when it comes to moving across state lines, and I’ve had many bad experiences, but not with EMG! The the staff was proficient, kind, and helpful with my move from Florida to Texas. I have two kids under three now, and I was worried about moving with them. EMG relieved that stress! I got to focus on my kids, while they safely moved my furniture hundreds of miles away. To top it off, my quote matched the final price! The entire process was flawless! I barely lifted a thing. The movers had great personalities, and we formed a little bond! I will be using EMG for my next big move! Thanks guys!
- Gharren

As an Interior Designer, I get more worried about my furniture than regular people. Just thinking of any of my precious pieces getting compromised in the process of moving pushed my anxiety to a new level. When I got a job offer at a Design Firm in Florida after living in New York for quite a bit, I was already stressed out about all the big changes that were happening in my life at the moment. I didn’t need the extra anxiety from the moving. I’m used to moving furniture from place to place, but this time it was my babies we were talking, pieces I collected throughout my entire carrier that means a lot to me. Thank god I found Excalibur Moving Group, they made the job so easy. I must say I had my doubts at first and believe me I am as bossy as someone can be. But it was great working with them. Everything got intact and on time to my home. The crew was great, they even tolerated me bossing around and all. I would really recommend them, I’ll even consider using them with my clients in a near future. Also, the price compared to the quote was almost the same.
- Louis Disla

I was not looking forward to moving out of my studio and figuring out how to get all of my stuff down to Florida.. But Excalibur made it extremely easy for me! Setting it all up was user-friendly, their communication was great, and they took great care of my haul. I was really impressed at how seamless the process was, experiences I’ve had in the past with other companies were a nightmare in comparison. A big thank you to all, and especially to the crew who helped me with pickup! Highly recommend this service to anyone who needs reliable, quality moving assistance. Shane Riley 5 stars I don’t usually submit reviews, but I had to make sure to give props to Excalibur Moving Group for making my move so easy! My family has amassed so much stuff over the years (much of it isn’t necessities but we like to buy things) and it would be so difficult to move on our own. Though we like to buy a lot of stuff, we are frugal and want to find the best deal we can. After some research, we found Excalibur. It looked like a reliable company that wouldn’t force me to sell my kidney in order to afford it. I’m so glad I made this decision! They were so gracious in our move and understood the stress that it can put on a family. They took all the pressure off of us and treated our belongings like they were theirs. 10/10 I would definitely use them again.
- Nicole Villegas

Since the time that I filed this complaint, Kaitlyn J. the Operations Director at Excalibur reached out to me personally, and offered to return to me ($$$) which was exactly half of my original deposit as a gesture of solidarity for all of my troubles. Although, I am still not totally satisfied, nor have I been made whole by having my belongs returned, or replaced. And I stand by my original complaint and because the way I felt insignificant as a customer. I feel that now Excalibur has at the least, stepped up and taken some responsibility in the way this venture was perform very unprofessionally handled. Also, Kaitlyn has been very instrumental and has kept in touch with me, while helping with initial guidance, through the very tedious claims process. I will say that I'm feeling hopeful, and not ignored, and from that, I believe that with Excalibur's help; the carrier and myself may be able to arrive, or at the least come closer possibly, to resolving this nightmare. However for now, the saga continues... In closing: Moving Tips! If you are moving "BUY" the full coverage insurance, you will be glad that you did, if your were to find yourself in my shoes! Also: Witness your carriers truck being weighed, at pick up and at dropped off, and don't take "NO" for an answer. It's the Law!
- Kevin M.

STAY AWAY from this moving company! This company made our move so much stressful and I swear that we would never want to move again just because of them. So initially they contacted us and talked about how great the moving company is and bla bla. They would call us everyday to get the business from us. But once they got the deposit they didn't bother much. Called us just a day before to confirm the pick up and then again there pick up time changed many times. There reviews are great and I am not sure if it is genuine at all because of the experience I had. They are NOT professional and all they care is just the money. No person came in for initial visit to give us an estimate. They gave us estimate based on the count and when the day of move in came. They overcharged us like $1700 more. They hired another moving company and they had no idea what excalibur had quoted us and said it didn't matter. Delay on delivery and they would give us heads up on short notice. Not just that, when we received our item there were few people that were damaged and I have been calling them frequently to get it taken care of but they don't return your call back and every time you call them they say the will get back to you. Very frustrated with the entire team and how things have been handled. JUST go with another moving company. Highly NOT recommended
- Mashstha

HORRIBLE. Why can’t I give 0 stars for this terrible company? From start to finish my move was a nightmare. They were 2 weeks late picking it up to start with, I had special circumstances for this move and I booked in in February for June. 4 months to make sure that a truck would be in KY with a 5-6 day date range they could pick up before I had to go back to CA. FAIL. Then the company they hired (48 States in Maryland)to pick up my move took 74 days to get my stuff to me. Every piece of furniture was destroyed. I am missing somethings. I have a box that doesn’t belong to me. My appliances are damaged. They even had the nerve to open boxes and use the items in the boxes to fill the spaces on the pallets. There were boxes marked fragile on the bottom of the pallets with heavy furniture on top of them. Nothing was wrapped or padded or protected in any way. Are you serious? Both companies failed to meet the terms of their contract and this review is posted on both companies Yelp pages. Worst experience ever!
- Autumn Slone

I recently moved from Texas and was looking around for a moving company to help. I've had horrible experiences with moving companies in the past, so it was very important this time around I find one that would provide excellent service. A friend recommended Excalibur to me so I set up my appointment online to discuss the logistics of my move and I cannot say enough good things about this company. I did an interstate move with full packing services, which made me a bit nervous. However, the movers and staff I worked with were excellent. You can tell they have had a ton of experience/training doing interstate moves so it made it very seamless and effortless on my part. I was extremely grateful considering I was an emotional wreck having to leave many of my good friends and family in Texas! Another main concern was my furniture being damaged. I have a couple of family pieces I am typically worried about but I arrived with all of my belongings in pristine condition. The pricing is also very budget-friendly which helped with all of my moving costs.
- Kristen B.

After 4 months I finally heard back from Excalibur. They got a new customer relations person (Steven) who is much better than Kaitlyn, who was awful. My moving experience was still awful, but after a few months of silence Steven reached out (new in position) was willing to work with me to come to a resolution. In exchange, I was asked to update my review to four (4) stars and update my review in order for Excalibur to commit to our (Excalibur and I) mutual agreement of resolution. The original request was to delete my review but I countered to update and they accepted under these terms. I think they may have previously operated under a different company name? unsure but may be worth looking into as you do your moving research.
- Rose C.

I can't find one positive thing to say about this company. The people in the office Maria, Steven and Nicole were easily the rudest people I have ever communicated with. There was a complete lack of professionalism. I booked my move with Excalibur Moving Group back in January. My move was from Indianapolis to Fort Rucker, Alabama so I could join my husband who is an army pilot. The move was scheduled for May 15th. However on May 14th they tried to call me and say that they were going to have to pick up my items on either the 16th or 17th, which would break the terms of our contract. I called angrily and received confirmation that they would in fact arrive on May 15th. The movers showed up two hours late and informed me that I would be charged $75 per person per hour due to my apartment "being far from the elevator." I had to hold items while they taped things and pick up all their trash, which is not my job. I was asked when I wanted my items delivered and I said May 18th. He said that sounded doable since it wasn't that far of a drive. However, after my items were taken that is when everything went terribly. I did not receive my items until June 11th!! Almost a month after the fact. I was never given an answer as to where my items were kept. I had four failed deliveries, which is ridiculous because I work and my husband is an active duty pilot so he can't just take off work. Due to the failed deliveries I lost time at work!! The movers showed up at 9:30 at night, which I believe is so that people can't see their items and it's late so you don't monitor them as you otherwise would. I 100% believe that Spirit (company who did my move) employs illegal workers. One of the workers did not have identification. Regardless, as soon as they opened up the truck door my kitchen table came flying out and shattered. My brand new chair and couch were ripped, I had missing items, broken items, etc. Oh and I was charged an additional $480 something because my weight went up, but failed to ever receive a weight ticket. So I am sure that was a complete lie, but they said they wouldn't deliver if I didn't pay. The customer service was terrible for both Excalibur and Spirit!!! The owner of Spirit, Eli, is a misogynist and extremely rude not to mention completely clueless and worthless when it comes to what is going on with his company. The Director of Operations for Excalibur, Steven Ericsson, alerted me that my move "took years off of his life!" Well imagine how I feel. I easily spent 25 hours on the phone with these people if not more trying to get an answer as to when my items would get delivered. We finally received a reimbursement check that bounced. It bounced for $100. How does a National Moving company bounce a $100 Check?? Now I am in the claims portion of my move and filed my claim over a month ago and have yet to hear anything about compensation. This moving experience was absolutely horrible. They treat military families terrible so I can only imagine how they treat other families. No one ever needs to deal with this and I strongly urge that this company be shut down. They are predatory and have wronged so many.
- Madelaine B.

We are lodging a legal complaint probably a class action lawsuit against this company, gathering clients with similar complaints! They have not only demanded twice the money, shipment is not here, and we are sleeping on floor, buying new clothes, utensils and shoes for everyday living. They wrote an official email (below for details) and never even refunded money or have any idea when the shipment will arrive. We have probably made over 20 calls with no call back or reply. They always say we will call back but never do. Agent KYLE - nothing short of a crook. Below is their email.
- Nirmal S.

My previous review was removed due to content? Not sure what content since it was the same as many of the reviews here. For those really interested in reading what really goes on with this company-- READ all the reviews Yelp DOES NOT display. Same story different victims. I fell victim to Excalibur Moving Group--wish I read these review BEFORE I got sucked into signing into a contract with them and giving them my $900 deposit for my $3300 out of state move (Northern California to Washington state). I hope my review can help another Yelper out and they don't fall victim to this so call moving broker!? Late August 2018, my husband and I were researching and comparing companies to see if we rather rent a truck yourself or hire a moving company for our out of state move later in November. We had to complete an online inquiry to get some estimates. Within seconds my email inbox was flooded with emails from various moving "companies." I kind of expected that but what I was NOT counting on was the phone call my husband got from a from Excalibur relocation sales guy within seconds from the email I just got from them. The guy on the phone was pretty persistence with my husband regarding letting them book our move. We informed them that we were getting some estimates and were not ready to book anything. When we were ready to hang up, "Phil Wilson" a Senior Relocation Specialist got on the phone with us and again pushed hard on getting us to sign. I hate telemarketer and sale people who pressure a sales right on the spot, I should have hung up right there. "Phil" sold my husband hard and promises us an easy move with NO HIDDEN/ADDITIONAL charges..aka "surprises" during our move. Needless to say nothing "Phil" did not deliver. We had no contact from the company in regards to our move until I called them myself 5 days before our schedule move. Our move was schedule for 11/21/18 with a company called Leadership Logistic. We did not realizes Excalibur was not a moving company rather a BROKER?! On the day of our move, LL who was booked by Excalibur were not aware of the our moving date and did not come. We had to track them down ourselves to find out we were not on their schedule book. We were given a "$350" credit $175 from Excalibur(the broker) and $175 from the mover company (Leadership Logistic) if we did not cancel our contract and reschedule it for the next day. What were we going to do?? Our stuff was already packed and it was during a holiday so getting a last minute moving truck was going to be really difficult. So we agreed to wait another day. Once the movers came we got another "surprise"-- the movers said it will cost us an additional $500 to $2000 for them to move our stuff because they said that Excalibur's estimate was based on weight but the the move is based on cubic sq ft in their truck. When we did our updated inventory with Excalibur (furniture as well as box numbers) we were not told of ANY additional cost. We contacted the "customer service" of Excalibur and express our frustration only to get no assistant from them. We were told that since the movers came we were contract bind and would lose our $900 deposit regardless if we book the movers or not. We realize we were in "hostage" situation and had to come to term with the movers (Leadership Logistic). It cost us an additional $1000 from our original estimate of $3300 to move our stuff that day. We actually had to leave a lot of our items and were not able to bring to keep the cost down. Look up Leadership Logistic (Los Angeles, CA 91303) for my review of them. These are the kind of movers Excalibur work with. Unfortunately you don't get any saying on who Excalibur will send your way until they show up at your door that day. After our move was completed (3 weeks later from our move date), I called to inquired about our so called "broken contract date" credit of $175 that same week. Spoke to their customer service gal(who I think goes by several names "Nicole", "Christina", etc) when they would credit me back the $175. She informed me that it would not go out until Friday because the credit department issue credit/refund ONLY on Friday. After 3 Fridays ago and I called again on 12/26/18 and after spending another 30 minutes on their customer service line waiting for a customer service person to answer, I finally got someone at the office. "Nicole" said their billing office who handles all the credit/refund was close until the new year. As of 2/7/2019, I have NOT received any credit on my credit card for the $175. I have filed a complaint with the BBB of Florida and even they can't get a respond from this so call "company."
- Trang W.

I recently used Excalibur for a move after getting quotes from a few different movers. I'm definitely glad I did, as I hate driving U-Hauls and my apartment had narrow staircases that were tough to navigate with large pieces of furniture. Overall I had a positive experience (certainly better than movers I've used in the past that damaged my belongings, etc.). The movers were pleasant enough, and while some of the boxes were packed a bit tightly/over capacity, all of my things were unharmed and the process went pretty smoothly. Would use them again (though hopefully I don't have to move again anytime soon!)
- Steve D.

They were amazing. I really didn't have any idea of what was going to happen and they made it much easier. Thank you excalibur.
- Noah Cardenas

I moved with excalibur moving group. They have very educated customer service reps on the phone who answered all my question! So happy I choose them for my move.
- Anthony Puglisi

pick up when great! they came on time and packed everything. the guys were nice and handled my stuff with care
- Anthony Puglisi

We were looking to move our tiny antique shop to a place with a more convenient rent and Excalibur moving group seemed like a happy choice. I also got a recommendation from a friend’s friend. When I was researching moving companies I heard about lots of horror stories, but somehow I was confident that I could avoid them successfully. What happened to me wasn’t that bad, but it was certainly stressful and nerve-racking. They dismantled my furniture and somehow the table legs were missing. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to it, but that piece of furniture was in our family for 3 generations, so I was really stressed out. Movers offered a decent compensation, but after 4 days they informed me that the box with table legs was delivered by mistake to the person I was sharing a moving truck with.
- Carlo Mayer

I was moving my grandmother from Florida to Northern California. I chose Excalibur Moving Group to perform the move. Because of the fact that I was able to set it up a few months in advance, this company offered me a sufficient discount. I need everything to go smoothly because of her age, she cannot endure as much stress as others. All of her belongings are very important to her and she was not willing to part with any of them. This company did a fantastic job getting everything there safely and in a timely manner.
- Nannie Tolem

My move with Excalibur moving group went smoothly. Thanks to these guys and their competent approach I had my household packed up and moved in no time. Every person I interacted with was extremely polite and efficient. My items were delivered without any breakage. They brought quality packing and moving supplies and specialty crates as previously agreed. The next time I move I won’t need to research moving companies again, because I will most definitely request Excalibur moving group services again. Working with them was a real pleasure and I’m very happy that I finally found a reliable service provider.
- Nicole Villegas

DO NOT USE! or experience with Excalibur Moving Group was horrible. Moved from MD - CO and major of our son's household goods where damaged! A toy hauler showed up with his items and they REFUSE to return calls or emails to pay for damage! RUN AS FAST AND FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN!!
- Susan Alderfer

I wish I had read the reviews before hiring this company to move 1bed apartment from Houston to NY - it is NOT a moving company but only a broker, that promise things that will never happen and once you pay them and have your stuff picked up, there is nothing also they will do for you to guarantee that you will have a good experience or even get your move delivered on the 21 business window promised. I could understand if there was delay or anything that happens, but they actually don't answer your phone anymore, don't reply to emails and don't really care. At this moment, I'm trying to deal directly with the moving company that actually is doing the job to see if I still can get my move within the time promised. Working with Excalibur was the worst experience ever, don't hire. I wish I was informed since the beginning that they are a broker and not actually taking care of your move. Seriously, I suggest to pay more and just don't deal with this company. When I read the reviews (unfortunately only after I had closed the deal), despite all the bad reviews, there were few good reviews and I was hoping I would be the lucky one to have a normal experience. But everything written in the bad reviews is and I will never hire this company again and my suggestion for you is: runaway from them.
- Carol

I have a small business that I relocated urgently a month ago and I got to admit that the people at Excalibur were perfect. They guided me through the process and in one day, the move was booked, confirmed and the next day I had moved and settled. Great people, great work!
- Eric M.

Relocation can be a very difficult and time consuming Excalibur made it feel seamless and took the pressure off our family.
- Kathy Danforth

I had to ship my car back to my hometown, and asked many companies for quotes. They were all outrageously high and Excalibur is the only company that was able to offer reasonable rates and deliver the car in a timely manner. The car arrived on the correct date, at the right time and location. Awesome.
- James Hershen

I had newborn baby at the time of the move, which made me anxious about the process. Gladly, I found Excalibur and their customer service was so helpful that the experience ended up being completely stress-free. Thank you guys, will recommend again.
- Natasha Bernier

Excalibur was amazing helping us relocate our offices. They had one goal: to make it all easy. Easy to understand. Easy to manage. Easy to keep our employees as productive as possible. Thanks so much!
- Ronda P

Excalibur quoted us a price, showed up on moving day and more than doubled it. They took our things, promised a reasonable delivery date, and then kept them for weeks longer than they had said. When we called to express our frustration our phone calls were ignored and unanswered 90% of the time. When we DID get somebody on the phone they made it clear that they couldn't care less about us or our things. When they finally brought our stuff the truck was stuffed so full that I could see how squished and damaged my possessions were from inside the house. They broke serving dishes, a smart TV, a classic gameboy, damaged both of our dressers, stole one of our boxes of liquor and left us a bit of somebody else's clothing. While the movers were here they also asked me, a homeowner who they don't know, if I could tell them if a few mystery items were mine or not. They didn't know. Who knows. It amounted to a few boxes, a guitar, and a very broken mirror. They weren't mine so I told them so, but what if I weren't honest and wanted a guitar?! After that the movers explained that they were mixed up because their truck had been stopped by the police and searched for drugs the night before. They showed me pictures. I wish I was lying, but I'm not creative enough to make this up. When I try to call to see how I can file for compensation on my broken, damaged, and stolen things, how I can get this bin back to its proper owner, and maybe to follow up on our movers possibly being drug mules, no answer. Of course. Don't use Excalibur. If you're going to move a long way and are considering going with them for your moving needs, instead just collect all your stuff in a big pile and light it all on fire. You'll be less stressed out for less time. If you want pictures of my things, how broken and squashed it all showed up, I'd be glad to share, just drop me a comment. If you were the move with KP0632 Blue stickers, also contact me! I'd like to get you your stuff back.
- Meaghan Noyb

We filed a complaint with the BBB and Excalibur agreed to an $800 refund for the packing materials they charged for but did not provide. When I reached out to turn to organize the refund they hung up on me dozens of times during business hours, laughed at me, gave me the run around, and once put me on hold for 2+ hours when I was still naive enough to think they gave a. We ended up doing a partial chargeback but they are the lowest of the low.
- Evie Ioannidis

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