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Quality of service: 4

Punctuality: 3.2

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About Eco Movers

Eco Movers is committed to providing excellence in customer service while maintaining a sustainable relationship with our environment and supportive partnership with the communities we serve. We accomplish our mission by recycling where we can, but also taking steps to be proactive in protecting the earth. We make green moving practices accessible and affordable, and work with our partners to make a real-world impact on the planet. Eco Movers would be nothing without our thousands of happy customers, who return year after year and confidently refer friends and neighbors. We believe in the timeless notion that the customer is always right, and we will do everything in our power to please you and remove the stress involved in moving. When you move with Eco Movers, you can rest assured that you will be provided with the most professional service and your move will be performed in an efficient, timely manner with the utmost of care from our staff members.

Moving-Me about Eco Movers

Eco Movers is a local moving company with locations in Seattle and Woodinville that provides full service moving, storage, rental truck load/unload services, furniture deliveries and furniture assembly. For all local moves the company provides the following equipment: dollies, thick professional moving pads, shrink wrap, wardrobe boxes, securing straps and a full tool set with a power drill for quick assembly/disassemble. The company is also Seattle’s leading provider of reusable moving boxes, the Eco-Box. Its customers have saved 45,000 cardboard boxes through this earth-friendly program. The moving helpers have built a reputation for excellent customer service over the years, which has earned them the honor of the top spot among movers in the Pacific Northwest.

Eco Movers Licenses & Certificates

Eco Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 3287487

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: HG #063849

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What is Eco Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Eco Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Eco Movers Reviews

Awesome move with Nathan and Costel. They were total charmers and exceedingly professional and careful. Highly recommended!
- Jennifer C.

Eco movers were efficient and courteous. They took the time to carefully move all my things and confirmed with me throughout the moving process where I wanted boxes placed in my new house. Price is middle of the road, but was able to take advantage of a Yelp coupon which knocked a few bucks off the total.
- K N.

I heard about this company from a coworker that had used them for a recent move, and I'm so glad to have gotten the recommendation. Communication was easy and clear when it came to getting a quote and confirming the move, and the move itself was quick and efficient. The movers I had, Satch and Luke, were awesome and got everything to my new place with no issues. I definitely felt like they went out of their way to make sure I had a great experience and whenever I have a need for movers again, this is the company I'll be going back to. Highly recommend!
- Kelsey B.

We've moved a few times, and have used a variety of moving services. At the suggestion of a friend, we asked eco-movers to give us a bid. Their number was well below -- and I mean by 20% below- the next closest. Any concerns I had about low-cost was quickly dispelled when I met the team leader Boris. These guys did a fantastic job, exceedingly conscientious, and hard-working. Boris was the guarantor that everything happened properly, and he is the man. I mean THE MAN. I wish I had more hands so I could give them more thumbs up
- Mark F.

I can't say enough about Eco Movers. We intended to move all of our stuff out into a storage POD in our driveway while we had the wood floors in our house redone. Unfortunately the POD company was extremely inflexible and after several attempts refused to deliver the POD into our driveway. (I plan to write a terrible review about their service but that's another story.) We were flying out for vacation that day and our flooring people were arriving at 8am the next morning so I had to work very closely with the head of our Eco Movers team (Saatch) to quickly figure out a plan B. Saatch was an amazing problem solver and assured me everything would be taken care of. And it was!!! Saatch and his crew worked tirelessly well into the evening to fit two floors jammed with furniture and stuff into our basement. I don't know how they did it. Throughout the process Saatch was super clear and professional in his communications. I felt like we were in very good hands from start to finish. And the team that moved us back into our house was equally awesome. Led by Margin and strongly supported by Lane and Matthew. They were extremely fast, great problem solvers especially with some of our larger, heavier items and very polite. They were also professional and made sure every detail was attended to and i was completely satisfied with the job they had done. I would highly recommend this company and the crews that helped us move out and then back in.
- Melissa H.

Margin, Tim, and Ladalle were our crew today. The estimate was 7 hours for a one bedroom apartment including packing EVERYTHING in our house and storage unit, packing the truck, and unloading at our new house, and ended up taking 8. I've had movers who were inefficient or worked not quite as hard in the past, so these guys blew away our expectations. Highly professional and efficient crew, they kept our carpets clean with a rug they threw down on the walkway and packed everything better and faster than we could've, and moved everything to our preferred room/floor on the unload. The original reason I hired them is because they packed everything in re-useable bins and brought wardrobe boxes that they'll use in the future. The only waste was the packing materials, which they used only what they needed. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to move!
- Anthony A.

I had booked a moving service from the other company before I contacted Eco Movers Moving but they just didn't showed up. I came to Eco Movers Moving and setup an appointment at 9:00am last Sunday. I had a four-bedroom three-layer house and a few outdoor gym devices in backyard need to be moved. They arrived about ten minutes earlier than promised. What a surprise! I saw two trucks coming. The team leader, Adrian, explained that the other truck and people come to help without additional charge. Because we had two trucks and more hands, we could transfer most of my stuff without disassembly and assembly. It saved a lots time and money (7.5 hours vs 9 hours estimated). I really appreciated. The other two team members were Josh and Steven. I wish I could write down the names of the helping crews. They left around noon after they unloaded in my new address. All of them are professional and hard working. They made me believe that moving somehow can be handled with smile instead of tension. They definitely deserve my five star recommendation.
- Xiaoling Y.

My apartment was flooded and after drying out for a couple of days, Eco was hired to help me move into a new unit. I didn't have access to my unit while it was drying out and when moving day came I wasn't prepared. I was worried once the movers saw that I wasn't packed they would need to reschedule. But to my surprise, they offered to help me. Colin, Zach and Lachlan went above and beyond to help me pack and move everything over to the new unit. They were professional and incredibly fast & efficient. They turned a stressful moment into one of ease. I'm thankful for their help.
- Chris S.

After being frustrated by movers in the past, these guys were a breath of fresh air. When they were moving stuff out of the old place, we knew they were friendly and efficient, but we were really impressed when they moved stuff in. There was a couch that really shouldn't have made it up the stairs, but they made it happen. Even more miraculously, the move came in under time and estimate. I've never had that happen with movers before (usually the surprise is much more unpleasant). I'd happily recommend them to any friends or family looking to move.
- Paige L.

From the start, the company was very professional and easy to deal with, even with a change in the moving date. The crew of 3 showed up within their window, were very professional and did a fantastic job at both ends of the move. Would highly recommend Eco Movers Moving to anyone.
- Richard W.

We chose to move with Eco Movers in large part because we didn't want to waste a ton of cardboard boxes, despite having more convincing meetings with other moving companies. However, they ended up using a lot of cardboard boxes for books, so that was a bummer. They got the job done but I was shocked at what a ragtag bunch of people they brought together as a moving team. The movers didn't even know each other's names, didn't have a clear leader, did not seem experienced w moving (eg setting a carpet in the right location was drawn out as if they hadn't ever done it as a team before, nearly knocked out our dining room fixture...) and were very inefficient with time. It took from 9am til 6:30pm to move us 4 blocks. Granted it was a 4 BR house but it was all thoroughly packed up the day before. They also broke our kitchen table, so it is now unusable, and dirtied our brand new master bed headboard because they didn't wrap it. A big disappointment. We definitely would not move with them again.
- Jane D.

Eco Movers did a fantastic job. We've used a few moving services and Eco Movers was definitely the best. They were professional, efficient, courteous and careful. I appreciated that they took great care in moving our items without issue, whereas other movers we've worked with have broken, damaged, or lost items. I've recommended them to friends and would definitely use their services again if needed!
- Christina S.

We had a very mixed experience with Eco-Movers. The pros: the three-person team that helped us pack up our remaining things was excellent. They were timely, communicative, and efficient. The cons: (1) the cost estimate for packing up was off by quite a bit. The labor estimate was relatively accurate, but the box count was extremely low and we therefore paid far more than anticipated (we had built in some buffer and recognize estimates aren't perfect). We were surprised but the additional box cost given that we don't have a ton of things and that we packed up many things ourselves prior to the packing team's arrival. (2) I would never recommend the team that actually moved our boxes and furniture. Three out of the four team members were slow and extremely chatty with each other at the expense of getting things done. I ran circles around them -- I understand they need to be slower in order to be careful, but it was kind of ridiculous. Our neighbors all commented on their pace. Additionally, one team member was particularly careless, breaking a few items, banging and denting walls, and irreparably damaging some of our furniture. Eco Movers offered us a token refund but it was nothing near what we felt was fair given their slowness, damage, and the fact that after one hour we decided that one of us had to be there during the rest of the move in order to make sure they didn't do more damage (and we're glad we did stay because we prevented multiple accidents). It completely wasted our time and was, overall, a headache.
- Anh N.

We had a great experience with Eco Movers! Satch, Ethan, and Deryck moved us from Magnolia to Beacon Hill. They arrived on time and were friendly, courteous, and totally prepared. They treated our stuff and our home well, and were a calming presence on a very stressful day. Highly recommend!
- Tiffany G.

Great company! My move date was pushed back twice and they were very accommodating in rescheduling both times. In addition I had a team of great guys who worked hard and were very polite and careful. They maintained a friendly and upbeat attitude and found solutions vs complaining. Thank you Satch, Deryck and Ethan, you made my move a breeze! Nothing damaged and they even helped fix my broken bed (a result of the last moving company) for me which was expected but muchly appreciated!
- Meow S.

Do not choose these movers. On the phone, they talked a good talk, then they did a crappy job afterward. I had asked them to empty a house and donate everything to charity, and to call me from the charity so I could get a written acknowledgement. Pretty simple, right? They showed up hours late; never called me from the charity; and informed me that they had not donated anything. What??? Instead they said, "we took your stuff to the local dump, and you should feel lucky that we are not charging you a fee from the waste facility". Really? I then spoke with a Gavin who promised his business would donate other items in place of what they had not donated. It seemed like a fair resoluion. Then, nothing happened. After half a dozen calls to Gavin, I received no call in return. This is crappy, incompetent, customer service. Fortunately, there are other movers in Seattle who take pride in their work. Ecomovers does not. AVOID!!!
- Arthur S.

I only needed to move ~1 block from apartment to apartment in Capitol Hill, but I had a lot of big/heavy furniture to move and wanted to get it done quickly without bothering my friends. Booking was easy and convenient online: Zayla helped set up the contract and adjusted the arrival time when I got an updated elevator reservation from my new apartment building. Sacha (sp?) and Derek [edit: Satch and Deryk according to other reviews] helped me move. They disassembled my furniture damage-free and packed everything onto the truck. They were patient as I chased people out of the designated un/loading parking space and quickly unpacked when it turned out the space wasn't big enough and they had to double park. We got everything up to my new place, and then Sacha reassembled my bed even better than I had initially assembled it: the anchors for the screws had been filled with glue or something at the factory (ordered online from Article: quality was good minus that), and he cleared it out so that my headboard no longer squeaks and moves. Took 5.75h to move my 1Bd apartment with major furniture being: bed, dresser, media console, large shelving unit, and sectional/chaise couch. Happy with everyone who helped me from Eco Movers!
- Stephen M.

On time. Good work. No surprises. Professional and dependable. Definitely good value and worth the cost. I have used Eco 3 or 4 times for various moves and they have been consistently good.
- Sam M.

Originally left a 2-Star review due to slower than usual execution of a 1 bedroom apartment move. The crew was friendly and professional, but the time to complete ended up being more than the estimate and more than other moves had taken with the same items. Glenda reached out to me after seeing that I was not satisfied and helped to remedy the situation. I was surprised by the level of customer service after I had already paid and completed the move. Thanks Glenda!
- Brian S.

I didn't end up using Eco movers because they don't move Grand pianos. But they responded to my message quickly
- Mary A.

If I still lived in the Seattle area, I would definitely be a return customer for Eco! I had an excellent experience with them when they packed up my apartment to hand off to a long distance mover, but only upon unpacking my boxes at my destination did I fully appreciate what a good job they did. The long distance mover charged by item, not weight, and Eco Movers was looking out for my best interest by packing things together into larger boxes. While unpacking, I realized how smartly they had combined things such that less durable items were surrounded and protected by more durable items. I'm impressed at how they were able to make those decisions while they packed, since they also worked very quickly and efficiently. It would have taken me a lot longer to figure out how to pack things with the same quality. None of my belongings were lost and they arrived safely. It was also hugely helpful and convenient that they could take away furniture I no longer wanted for something like $25 a piece. The only thing I wish had gone a little smoother was the paperwork. Since they were handing off my things to a long distance mover and had to deal with the long distance mover's paperwork, I felt like the paperwork wasn't explained very well to me and I had to fuddle through the insurance elections and hope I was doing the right thing.
- Anna R.

I actually got a quote from another moving company and was satisfied enough until I tried actually booking and couldn't get ahold of the guy I spoke to. I called Eco Movers and John Howard helped me right away. He was friendly and made the process super easy. I just wanted to get the move on the books and be done with it and John took care of everything. Grant and the other gentleman who's name I did not catch showed up at the beginning of the time window they told me they'd arrive and got everything done quickly. My move took less time than the quote and everything was handled with care. The movers were very friendly and helpful. Thank you Eco Movers, I will definitely use you for my next move!
- Jolynn V.

Our new apartment building offered free move via Eco Movers Moving Services. We didn't have that much furniture in our 1 Bedroom apartment, and though "Yeah, that wouldn't hurt if someone can carry our bed, sofa etc". I hadn't expected much from a free move service, I guess. After seeing the level of service, I can say I am amazed. John contacted me right away after the service request was sent (via our new apartment building). He explained the basic logistics and sent me an inquiry form. On the day of moving, Johann and his colleague came and handled everything with upmost professionalism and efficiency. They carefully wrapped everything, including our super big flat screen TV, and filled the truck in record time. Johann was continuously communicative: He asked, explained and offered solutions for a faster and safer handling of the items. When we got to the new place, they nicely asked where to put the packages, even if it was just a yoga mat. After setting everything up, they checked the final condition of the items before they leave. 1 hour after the completion of the service, I received a call for customer satisfaction survey. And it was an actual human being, not a bot. He asked how satisfied we were and if anything could be better. When it is time to move again, I will definitely contact Eco Movers!
- Esra B.

Used Eco Movers a few weeks ago for our move to our new apartment. Ethan and his team were fantastic and made the entire process completely painless. I would highlight suggest asking for them specifically if you use this service! The only negative part of the experience was that the final price ended up being ~$600 more than the original quote. However, I would still go with them again.
- Jeffrey K.

Over the last 10 years, I have had the pleasure of employing Eco Movers on three (3) residential moves, and (3) warehouse moves. All were very technical moves based on access, the number of valuable/rare items packed and moved, the distance between old and new locations, and the set up of many items at their new locations. During the moves, I have not always worked with the same staff or crew members. That said, all staff I have had the pleasure of working with at Eco Movers have consistently been professional, communicative and personable throughout the process. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eco Movers.
- Dean T.

First Stacy in the office is super nice , Jesse heads up the crew that came out started our day with a phone call saying when they'd arrive. Jesse just got better from there handling the crew watching making sure our things were cared for . He even got bossy with them when he needed to. Which we really appreciate. They also brought extra help at no charge. We will be calling ECO MOVERS next time we move! Thanks to the entire crew!
- Mike A.

I really liked that it was easy to schedule the moving services and that the quoted price accurately captured the time it took to move my 1bd apartment. What resulted in the 2 star review is that they significantly damaged dry wall in 2 places in my apartment (see photos) and they broke my vacuum cleaner by dropping part of it and my bed frame (resulting in the need to purchase a new bed frame). They were two nice guys and quick at moving, but this lack of care toward belongings or space is not on par with what I expect from a professional moving company. In addition to moving costs, I could have been required to pay funds out of my security deposit (luckily my landlord was understanding!). Update: they called me to offer solutions to the problem (including repairing the wall for free and filing insurance claims for the damaged items). I had already settled it with my landlord and decided not to waste more time on the issue.
- Nicole H.

Called to schedule a move just a few days before the date and they were able to accommodate me easily! Two movers showed up and they were fast and very nice! They offered to help me assemble any furniture at my new place that I had taken apart myself before they showed up. These guys were so nice and worked so hard!! Would use them again for future moves!
- Alisa U.

I thought choosing a popular & higher cost moving company would mean I get better service, but that was not the case. My 1 bedroom move to a place a 5 min drive away took almost 2 hours more than the 4 hour estimate, even with my boyfriend and I helping to unpack & asking them to not rebuild the bed since it had taken so long already. It felt like they were in no hurry to finish, especially when I beat them to the second location on my bike, and still had to wait another 30 mins for them to show up. And I now realize that my yoga mat was left in their truck. Do yourself a favour, save some money, and go with another company.
- Julie L.

I hired Eco to do both the packing and the moving based exclusively on Yelp ratings alone. Serious mistake! Quick run down. We are a West Seattle couple with a three bedroom house who braved selling during the pandemic, and bought a new home in Green Lake. Then came the problems! There are many good companies out there, and our regular mover (Can't Stop Moving) was booked, so we turned to Yelp, and had a disaster. First was the bait-and-switch pricing. They kept changing the prices over and over prior to the job (about five or six times), and a $3,000 job became a $4,500 job and it was all due to ineptitude. The packing was $1,500, and we got three non English speaking persons who could not take direction, and could not write on the boxes in English what was in them. Worst of all, they threw things into boxes without wrapping paper or bubble wrap to protect things. We've been in the house three days, and can't find our pots and pans. Too many boxes all unmarked. Many things ruined. It will take a long time to dig out of this mess. NEVER hire this company to pack anything! I've had professional movers many times before, and never encountered this magnitude of ineptitude. The move was to have four men and two trucks. We got one truck, and it slowed down the move. Again, there wasn't a good English speaker, so it was hard to coordinate.... .......worse still because when I was asked where something should go, or what something was so they could place it on the truck, it was a mystery to us all, as the packers didn't label the boxes. So valuables were packed low and got crushed, and of the 200 hundred boxes, and a four bedroom house we moved into, most of the boxes went to the wrong floors and wrong rooms. I have a broken back, and can't lift clothing boxes up the stairs to the rooms they should have been moved to, but alas, no labeling. We are older, and have a lot of nice suits and clothes. All were packed so tightly that I have to have my entire wardrobe dry cleaned and pressed. I've attached some photos which show the "unmarked" boxes, many of which weigh 20 lbs or more, and when opened you find a pile of trash! Nothing separated nor cushioned with wrapping paper! Clothes boxes are even a greater mess. Shirts mixed with pants, and shoes! Wardrobe boxes have all manner of junk loaded into the bottom, damaging the hanging clothes and also keeping things we need hidden. There you have it! If you and your partner are moving across town having sold one house, to move into another, please hire a "professional" moving company that knows the ropes, communicates and works with you, and labels everything carefully. This is not the company! This will take a week of work to straighten out!
- A Z.

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