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About Dynamic Movers

Dynamic Movers Inc. was founded back in 2013 with a goal to become a prime-time NYC moving company. And during the course of the last 5 years, our business has established quote a foothold in the moving industry. So, as a young, dedicated and fast-developing company, we look to provide only the best relocation experience for all our clients. This is why all our employees go through screening and intense professional training. This is our way to ensure long-term commitment from our movers NYC, as well as complete satisfaction from our clients.

Moving-Me about Dynamic Movers

Dynamic Movers are licensed and insured, so you do not really have to worry about your valuables. The success of the company is measured in terms of successful moves it has delivered since its establishment. Dynamic crews served countless customers, and over 90% of them were happy and satisfied with the quality of the services we provided. Dynamic Movers NYC professionals have relocated customers from all neighborhoods in the Tri-state area.

Dynamic Movers Licenses & Certificates

Dynamic Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Dynamic Movers is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 841438
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2385511
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided
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What is Dynamic Movers cost?

Be ready that the average local moving costs will be around $500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection company. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Dynamic Movers is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Dynamic Movers Reviews

I am absolutely amazed by this moving company. I called them in a bit of a panic a day before my move and they managed to schedule my move for the next day. Out of the many moving companies that I had contacted, they had by far the most competitive rates. Although this was an extremely difficult move involving very narrow hallways, they were extremely efficient and friendly. They never once complained about the stairs and managed to move my entire one-bedroom apartment in 3 hours. I had initially expected the move to take at least 5 hours. They disassembled and reassembled all my furniture and took great care in handling everything by covering them with blankets and plastic. They were also nice enough to throw out my trash and unwanted furniture. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thanks to these movers, my move wasn't stressful at all!
- Sarah A.

So I was moving on April 31st this year. As always, I procrastinate in life and waited till about 3 weeks before my move out date to look for movers. Dynamic was the 2nd moving company on my list to reach out to and glad my first choice lost me as a customer by trying to overcharge me more than double compared to Dynamic. Spoke to Sam and he was awesome. I explained my situation to him which was in reference to my bed. I have a Sterns and Fosters adjustable bed so I needed to make sure that there would be someone with experience in being able to disassemble and assemble my bed at my new place. Thankfully on the day of my move, the guy that disassembled my bed had about 10 years of experience of installing furniture. So if you're ever in the same situation as me, don't stress, they'll have someone there to help you in that situation. They had quoted me for $380 which included the first full 3 hours, $95/H thereafter. Which honestly, wasn't a bad at all. The e-mail explains everything in detail. They arrived on time and 3 men showed up as promised. They worked very hard and were patient as me & my mother were finishing up in packing the rest of my last things that were left over. They moved majority of my stuff into a storage place in the residence and the rest into my new apartment. I ended up giving them a 25% tip for their quickness and making sure everything was properly and safely moved in. If this moving company is still around within the next 3-5 years, then I will be using them again. Thanks Dynamic!
- Michele L.

Great service. Ali, Curtis and Russel helped us moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn. They did it in slightly over 4 hours but only charges us 4 hours. They moved over 40 boxes plus furniture. Such a great experience compared to our last move with another mover. Highly recommended. No damages to any of our belongings (yes, that included plates, glasses and kitchenware). Great team and very personable. We felt safe and will use them again.
- R F.

These guys were fast, punctual, professional, and really friendly. They also were the cheapest around that I found. I moved from Brooklyn to Astoria on a Monday in less than 3 hours! Everything I needed (wardrobe boxes, blankets, tape, etc) were all included in the price. I have to say that the best part about this company is that there were absolutely no hidden fees or shady additions to the original quote. Please use this business! They are top-notch. Update: I used these guys again for the third time. It was just as efficient, honest and transparent, friendly, and punctual as last time, if not a little more. I moved back to Brooklyn this time (CLEARLY, right?) and it took them even less time than before: they started at 2:00pm and ended by 4:00pm-- and it would have been faster had there not been an accident on the BQE today. ANYWAY... please use this company.
- Johnny A.

Dynamic Movers did an absolutely awesome job with my move! They were on-time, super efficient, careful, and had the best rates out of the 15+ movers I requested quotes from. I had a somewhat complicated/annoying move and Andrew helped coordinate everything so that it all went smoothly. Even in the 90 degree heat, lugging bulky furniture and dozens of boxes up and down three separate walk-ups, Dynamic Movers got the job done quick and with a great attitude. Would definitely recommend!
- Helen R.

These guys are awesome! I called Dynamic Movers the very last minute before my move when the movers I'd originally hired started to sound sketchy. Alan, the supervisor, told me that it wasn't a problem and followed up with me via email and phone, which I was impressed with. He told me that their movers will make sure that I will get the best experience and ... YES he was not joking!! Ali and Danny were the nicest guys. They were fast, careful, and so thorough. I never had to worry about my things being broken, stolen or mistreated. All of my instructions were followed and they had enough patience to place our furniture where we wanted them to be. Lot's of thanks to you guys. I chose them based on their reviews, and never thought that movers can be so great. Yelp deal is great, save your time and purchase it in advance. Would I use Dynamic Movers again? Without exception or a second thought, YES!!!
- Kibi A.

I highly recommend this company. They were very professional and friendly. The price is really good and they do offer hourly or flat rate fee. I ended up using them twice. They also handled everything with care. The great thing is that there is no extra change for going up the stair. I recommend mentioning how many bags are being moved even though on a quote they only ask how many boxes and furniture pieces this way you an appropriate estimate. Kudos to the movers
- Marina D.

Amazing movers! On time, super quick and efficient, took the time to place items where we wanted them in our new place, handled everything with care. We even went slightly over the 3-hour quoted time, but they didn't charge any more than the original quote. Honest business. Definitely recommended!
- Claire P.

I've never used movers before, but this was my first time. I had a great experience with them and highly recommend them. My friend and I called them 2 days before we were moving to get a quote. They were reasonably priced. On moving day, they arrived on time and were extremely efficient and polite. We provided them water and some bananas to make sure they're hydrated and energized since they were working so hard on one of the hottest days of the year and moving us down from a the 2nd floor building up to the 4th floor building without any elevators. They finished moving us into our new place under 4 hours and even put together our sofa and beds. Super happy with my move. Thanks!
- Sharon C.

The movers were very professional and helpful. They made sure that they wrapped and packaged everything so that nothing would damage our stuff. They also made sure that our furniture and boxes were well packed in the truck so that nothing knocked around or fell. They had four movers (one cost extra) and they moved us from a walk up to an elevator building. The whole move too about five hours, which wasn't that much for the amount of stuff that we had! The price was great too!
- Tom G.

Awesome service! Professional, timely, efficient and overall just a great experience. I highly recommend that you use them! The price was awesome. Can't be beat.
- Christopher R.

I don't quite know how to put into words how much I hate packing and moving. It's my personal hell-scape. In college, it usually consisted of me throwing everything into boxes and bags the night before ("I'll organize when I get to my new place!"), having mini panic attacks, and hoping for the best--recruiting friends or willing souls or family members to assist in my transition. I swear to you, my belongings and random items of sentimental value have followed me in boxes like trolls for years. This year, I knew my usual, last-minute soul-sucking technique would not work as my fiance and I were planning to transition to our first real "marriage" place together. I sent out dozens of quote requests and put in calls to various movers. Some were flat, some were hourly. Some re-directed to their websites to fill out long forms and describe every piece of furniture and box I owned. As most of you can imagine, the price range was insane. I feel beyond blessed that I found Dynamic Movers. Andrew was professional, patient, and personable throughout the entire process via phone, email, and/or Yelp message. The response time was always quick with no questions left unanswered. I needed to complete my move within a certain time period / date range and his team accommodated my schedule during a peak time (end of month/first of month). The arrival window was 4-7 and they arrived right at 5:30--calling to let me know when they were finishing up at the previous place and when they were en route. His hard-working, friendly, and efficient crew completed my move in under three hours--loading up the truck, disassembling furniture, wrapping up fragile items + unloading everything in the appropriate rooms of the new place and reassembling the pieces that needed to be put back. I was amazed at how quickly everything was done. The quote was exactly as I expected and they wasted no time. Nothing was damaged either. They did such a good job, I couldn't help but...help! Shifting boxes to the door, maneuvering things out of their path, etc. They even had courtesy wardrobe boxes for your clothes if you needed them. At the end, they ask you to sweep the truck to make sure all belongings are with you. I know I'm gushing, but after years and years of poor moving experiences, I literally had the least painful move of my life. If I'm ever ready to do it again, Dynamic Movers will be my first call. Time slots moved incredibly fast and I fully understand why. Book in advance and tip them well. These guys seriously earned it. They accept credit card with a small fee (3%) or cash--their price was not only unbeatable but truly honest. Beware: I looked into Great Movers, who will charge you full NYS sales tax, and apparently quote men vs. women different prices for the same exact move (...but that's a whole other story...). Andrew & Team: thank you for taking one of my least favorite life experiences and making it beyond bearable. I quite literally could not have done it without you. Seriously.
- Lana L.

I'll preface this by saying they were 90 minutes late -- but they still deserve five stars here. That's how good these guys were. Why were they late? The previous job was estimated at 3 hours, but they were kept for 9. That'll do it... These guys are a well-oiled machine. They didn't waste any time. They marched in, we told them what was to be moved (not everything was being moved at that time), and they got to work. They move very quickly. No cigarette breaks. No breaks for food. They wrapped everything securely in either plastic or blankets. I was worried about my 55" TV, but they knew to disassemble the legs, wrap the screen in blankets and it was safe the entire trip. I priced out movers for my needs and another company said it's unrealistic to move in under 3 hours. He said it'll be at least 3-4. I told him we're not moving as much as usual - it's just furniture and maybe one or two boxes. It wasn't the entire apartment. Regardless, these guys got it done in less than two hours. No wasted time. Efficient. Aside from one guy who looked angry the entire time, everyone was friendly and respectful. Some of them also demonstrated some very impressive strength haha. They weren't uniformed like their website shows, but that doesn't mean these guys aren't professional. Highly recommended. No regrets.
- Joseph A.

Rory and his team did a fantastic job and were a pleasure to work with. Thanks for making my move as easy as a move can be!
- Carey H.

Sam and his team made the move incredibly easy. I moved out of an elevator building in Manhattan and into a walk up in the Bronx in 2.5 hours with very minimal involvement from me. They made moving look graceful and stress free which really helped with the entire process feel smooth and painless. Sam handled most of the logistics and was very responsive and clear about expectations while setting up the move. I found the price to be very reasonable and definitely worth it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
- Stephanie Y.

Perfect. I messaged ten or local moving companies (thanks for making it so easy Yelp!) about a week before my move asking for a quote. Most wrote back asking me to fill out long forms on their websites or call them directly for a quote but Andrew from Dynamic Movers wrote back immediately with a very good price so they were the obvious choice. His crew of three guys were professional, fast, friendly, and were great with my stuff. Best movers ever. I'll only use Dynamic from now on.
- Kyle H.

Dynamic Movers quickly gave me a call after I left a negative review and I definitely appreciated it. Some companies would just accept the outlier and move on, but they worked hard to make it right with me. They wanted me to understand that they were willing to do whatever it took to make things right because they did not want to ever lose the trust of a single customer. I can respect that! Props to Dynamic Movers! Thank you for reaching out to me when you didn't have to.
- Stephanie Y.

I feel so bad, because it's almost a year to the day since I moved and I'm just now getting around to a review, but man these guys were great. The communication before the move was not awesome, as most movers' is not, but by the time they were arriving they sent me a link to an app where I could watch the truck move across manhattan, a la Uber. Hopefully they're now doing this even earlier before they come so you can plan your whole progress. Two guys came to move me out of an elevator building into a fifth floor walkup. One didn't speak much English but the other guy directed. I was shocked at how quickly the took everything, consolidated it onto dollies, and got it loaded into the truck, even as they used phenomenal care. The last few loads from the building to the truck were in pouring rain, but they wrapped everything up in solid plastic and ran out, getting soaked in the process. They even improvised custom-fitting packaging for my TV out of spare cardboard boxes, cutting the boxes open and cutting the flaps to fit, then carefully double layering around the corners and taping it all secure. I was impressed. These guys were workhorses carrying some heavy furniture/boxes up five flights and even helped me install my AC unit and TV. A++. I recommend them to all my friends and will use them again they next time I move. Worth every penny and then some.
- R L.

These guys are the best movers. No-fuss, hard-working, and honest, which, unfortunately, isn't always the case for movers in New York. I messaged about 8 movers for a quote, and Andrew got back to me almost immediately. It was $285 for the first two hours, including driving over to the new place and disassembling furniture. I also really appreciated how they specifically say that they don't add more to the price if you're moving in/out of high-floor walk-ups - getting out and around narrow stairwells can be the stuff of nightmares even when you're not balancing a full mattress or bookshelf on your shoulders. Frank and his team were just fantastic. Got things done in a little over an hour. They made an inherently stressful experience so much easier. Plus, they remained cheerful and professional during probably one of the most humid, hottest days in July. I kept plying them with ice-cold bottled water, slightly fearful that the professional facade might crack at the sight of a pile of Amazon furniture boxes at the new apartment, waiting to be lugged up five flights of stars, but nope, friendly throughout. They deserved every cent. I'd highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of getting movers. Wished I used them for my last move!
- Joy G.

Excellent movers!! Fast and efficient. They finished moving in 1.5 hours for 1 bedroom apartment. I didn't have to lift a finger and was sipping coffee along the way. Great experience. Would highly recommend them again.
- David D.

This team was truly amazing! Moved out of a 1bdr in BK and into a different 1bdr apartment in NJ in under 4 hours. I asked them if they needed help, but I didn't have to lift a finger. Very efficient and very very affordable. Will absolutely be using them again in the future.
- Samantha H.

Even though I move every other year, and I've always had some great movers, no moving company has made me feel like I'm definitely going to go with them again until I hired Dynamic Movers. Booking a move with them was super easy. I loved how they were really precise with their quotes and really broke everything down with an easy online user interface. Their pricing is more transparent than other movers I requested quotes from, too. The movers came a bit late because their truck broke down, but Sam from the office gave me a headsup right away. During the move the guys were fast and very focused. Getting to know them was cool too - one of them is a singer! Not only was Dynamic Movers the most responsive movers, their quote was also the most reasonable for our move to an apartment 5 blocks away. There is no doubt we would be using them again for our next move.
- Jenny J.

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