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About Dumbo Moving

When it comes to Brooklyn-based companies, Dumbo moving and storage team takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction and providing an outstanding moving service. Dumbo movers have worked very hard over the last 12 years and finally found the path to success. The competitive NYC moving industry often requires more than just a quality service. As it turns out, an impeccable service combined with a positive and respectful attitude can help build a strong relationship with our customers. Dumbo movers are trying to minimize stress and ensure a smooth transition. What’s more, satisfied customers are more likely to recommend movers to the friends and relatives who plan on moving house.

Moving-Me about Dumbo Moving

Dumbo Moving & Storage is rated one of the BEST movers out of NYC. With the fleet over 55 trucks, the Company has expanded a lot. They provide immaculate services at a reasonable cost. This company offers local residential moves, long-distance, and office/ commercial relocation. They also have the ability to offer short and long term storage options. The warehouse is safe and secure. They have shown that taking some business risks comes with great rewards as well. Customers’ trust and a number of positive moving reviews is the reward they were hoping for when they founded the company. Like a baby elephant, they also believed in themselves and put to good use their skills and special traits.

Dumbo Moving Licenses & Certificates

Dumbo Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates
Dumbo Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Dumbo Moving and Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 573935
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 1543241
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: T36990

New York State Department of Transportation. To verify the license, contact NYDOT at (800) 786-5368, or e-mail at [email protected]

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What is Dumbo Moving cost?

Be ready that the average local move is $690. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Dumbo Moving and Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Dumbo Moving Reviews

** Used twice and very satisfied with the service ** 1. Sales person is reachable and effective. He really kept track of the order from first inquiry, origination, modification until completion. 2. Two movers are on-time, fast, careful and very professional. They wrapped our sofa and mattress and delivered them very clean. I will highly recommend dumbo moving for anyone who looks for a move.
- Mo Z.

Used Dumbo Movers twice. Careless with furniture and rushed the job. The movers ended up breaking my mirror. I reported the claim to Anthony ( claims manager ) I was offered $100 for a $400 mirror. I immediately declined the offer and even gave them a counteroffer which isn't close to the actual value or the mirror. I will be seeking legal action against Dumbo Moving. It could of been a simple settlement but they chose otherwise. Sales rep George never offered or properly explained insurance on the Move. I paid a total of $815 for two separate moves. Also tipping the movers 25% I will never use them again and I recommend you don't either.
- William G.

I've had great experiences working with the sales rep over the phone. Pricing is pretty fair. Moving guys themselves were fast and communicative - which is great. Easy to work with too. Seemed to take decent care of my items. Only problem was at the destination, when the guys drove their truck onto the lawn of the property, damaged it and possibly damaging the septic system underneath the lawn as well. It was a pretty dumb mistake tbh, but those do happen to everyone from time to time. Overall this was an okay experience - It's my second time using Dumbo. First time was a better experience. I'd recommend Dumbo to friends who are moving to/from city apartments. Just make sure to keep a close eye throughout the pack/unpack.
- Jonah W.

ZERO STARS! I used this company and had my own truck, I was parked in a safe spot for the team of two movers to unload. The movers repeatedly insisted I move the truck to the bus lane, GUARANTEEING that I would not get a ticket. Well, two weeks later I get a bill from Uhaul for a $120 ticket for being in the bus lane. I reached out to customer service only to be told they would do nothing and I quote "what the movers had you do was smart" ?!?!?! Smart as in a tiny bit easier for the movers to finish unloading over half an hour EARLIER than I paid for?!?! COMPLETELY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!!!!!!
- Ginger D.

I've used Dumbo moving twice and never will again. The office and customer service are nice and fine to deal with, but I've had bad experiences with the movers both times I used this company. Right off the bat they were rude and unprofessional. Before we even left my old apartment (as in, before we'd even gotten to the part where one would tip) they threatened that at the end of the move I had to tip them at least $150 (the total move was less than $400 so this is nearly a 40% tip). This same experience happened to me last time I moved with them (threatening to call the office if I didn't tip a certain amount) but I thought it was a one-off. I didn't know what to do and I felt very uncomfortable so I just gave them the amount they asked for though honestly they were nowhere near worth it. They nearly let my dog escape into the street. After asking me to put my dog in one of the bedrooms, they later opened the door without any warning and let her run out, not doing anything to stop her on her way to the door or alert me. Luckily I caught her before she made it out the door, or she would've run into the street. I also saw them literally throw a box on top of a stack of boxes once we were in my new apartment. Generally, I didn't feel like they were very careful not to damage things. I packed everything in tons of packing paper so it ended up mostly ok, and they were a lot better with the furniture than with the boxes. Personally I would not use this service again. Update: I complained about the tip extortion and they LIED and said that the receipt only lists 20% so there's nothing they can do. Prepare to be scammed if you use this moving service.
- Evelyn L.

Using Dumbo movers was traumatizing. After several hassle-free moves in NYC (using other moving companies), Dumbo was a nightmare. They nickel and dime'd me at every step, making BS claims to squeeze more money out of the move....if you want to be held hostage at each step of your move (pay us an extra $X or we will dump your stuff at the curve) then sure, go for it. They forgot to pack an entire kitchen cabinet, they broke several items that were not that difficult to pack, but simply dumped things (including garbage) into boxes and considered it "packing". In the end, I over-paid and lost $$ due to broken and forgotten items. I wouldn't wish these guys on anyone.
- Hana R.

Could not have been more pleased with our movers Melvin and Martin. Not only were they 30 minutes early, they also came extremely prepared with masks and gloves on and were great about being careful during these times. They were friendly, attentive, and efficient. By far the best moving experience we have ever had and probably will ever have! Thank you for the seamless and stress free experience. We will be recommending DUMBO moving to all of our friends who are relocating in the future.
- Claudia L.

They are lucky we were about to replace that couch... It was a year ago when we moved, but I never reviewed until now. First off, I have to say that their flyers are very misleading. Not that we were expecting to actually pay the $15 per man per hour that the flyer said, but given that it was 2 guys and took 2 hours, a cost of $335 is just wrong. It was also very strange that everything showed up as "Big Apple Moving" until we were booked, then suddenly everything said Dumbo Moving, which was also very concerning. We only needed them to move a few large items, since we were only moving down the block, and I had moved most of the smaller and even medium things. They didn't even end up needing to use the truck, smartly using just dollies instead, since we were going half a block against the traffic. The problem was the couch. I'm not sure how my cousin and his friend were able to get this couch up the stairs and through the doors and hallways into our living room with no assistance, but they were able to, while the guys at Dumbo moving were unable to get it out without severely damaging it. They are very lucky we were already planning on getting rid of the couch in a couple weeks. Once it was finally down the stairs, we asked them to just throw it away. In the long run, all this meant was that we had to get our new couches a couple weeks earlier, but could have easily been an annoying, expensive disaster.
- Brian G.

Horrible service, charged me extra for long haul when truck was right below the building. Very rude staff.
- Gayatri K.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! We JUST moved our stuff during Covid and all of the negative reviews are correct- these guys will nickel and dime you on everything. First of all, they come in and do an inventory of what you put on the list which is fine. However, AFTER you book them and AFTER they do the inventory, they make you sign a contract on some guy's phone that is barely legible. Apparently buried in that contract it states that if they are farther than 100 feet away from the service entrance of your building, they can just charge you $200. They call it "parking". They are not paying for parking and no other moving company does this. It's absurd. Secondly, Nikolai yelled at my husband once they went outside to the truck insulting both of us saying "well if you live in a building like this, surely you can afford the extra $200 for parking". WTF. SO. RUDE. This guy should not be customer facing AT ALL. Then at the end of the move, we had a vacuum, a small step stool, and an air mattress in the bag and they refused to take those items because they were not "on the list". Are you actually kidding me? These guys are the absolute worst. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT use them. There are so many other movers who deserve your money.
- Melissa S.

How many great adjectives can I give this company: professional, efficient, clean, prompt. I was moving from NYC to Florida and needed a moving company. I quoted around hearing rates like $13k, and that's absurd. For incredible service similar to those high rates we got a cross country move, professionalism, nothing broken, all accounted for, for around $2k. Unbelievable deal. I could not recommend them more for a move no matter how big, small, close, or far.
- Hurley G.

MOVING TRUCK GAVE ME BED BUGS. I consulted with two exterminators and both deduced the bug had to come from their moving truck. I contacted the company and they stated they fumigate their trucks every evening, which is incredibly hard to believe considering they then ghosted me. Go to any other moving company - this has made my move and current living situation hell. It's a shame, too, because the movers were so great. I hope they are able to transfer to a different company with proper sanitation procedures. If you can avoid this fate please do!!
- Elizabeth W.

Truck #20 Giorgi Gabuldai and his crew were fantastic. They were quick and efficient. Made sure everything was safely secured and nothing to be scratched. When we arrived at my new apartment they helped me figure out where everything should go and swiftly out where I needed. Even if I changed my mind (which I unfortunately did) they were very kind to move it for me. Have used dumbo before and have always liked using them. This truck was the best. Thank you!!!
- Lauren S.

GREAT: Pricing and sales service superb. Nem was GREAT. Pricing excellent.One of the most impressive Sales experiences I have had. For context, working for a major social media company this is my 6th international/long distance move with professional movers. GOOD: The Packing team were friendly, I brought them meals and drinks and oversaw part of their packing (and I paid for special materials as guided, e.g. for the TV etc). POOR: However on the other side when I unpacked some months later, the boxes were dropped-off, some upside down, and sadly as the photos below show with a large number of boxes filled with appliances and valuable not packed properly and in many cases without any packing at all, just dropped together into a box and taped shut. BAD: This resulted in thousands of dollars of damage, many broken lamps, plates, platters, lamps, scratched decorative gifts from our wedding (ice buckets etc... and scratched appliances. I have never had this in any of my moves. HUH?: Insurance only covers by the pound, so don't expect much from that, but below to me looks like bad practice, and so far I haven't seen them take it seriously. Their response to my claim that this was negligent packing was that only a Court of Law would deem if it is negligent packing. Instead of a court of law, I will let you, the potential customers make a call.
- Aidan B.

Used earlier this year to move and chose them based on reasonable pricing. We had a terrible experience. 1. They showed up 5 minutes late from our scheduled time. Our building provided a very strict window to move out, so this was concerning. 2. Once they did arrive, when we started talking to them about details, they stopped us and said they'd start once they finished their breakfast, and proceeded to eat in their car despite already being late. They didn't come up for another ~15 minutes. 3. After the move, when we paid and provided tip, the main mover demanded more, despite their tardiness.
- Jonathan W.

I hit the jackpot! Really always Leary about movers I was so scared I saw their truck walking in the city and asked the customer are they ok? He vouched for them and yes he was leaving NY lost his job. That gave me a bit comfort. Not that he lost his job but... that he had used them before. The men that moved me were really, really, nice. Never a conflict one was so nice he helped me arrange my room in my new apt. Everything was wrapped, they were fast and genuinely nice men. Fast but I never felt rushed or they dumped they asked me where I wanted things. I was relieved. Moving alone is exasperating enough. They truly made my day a lot easier. Highly recommend. They stuck to their prices, something I always worry about. Very professional.
- Lynn R.

Awesome team. Movers are fast and efficient. Very competitive choice and reliable. Eli is the best!
- Era Q.

Krystyl B. 1 star I used to SWEAR by Dumbo Moving. I referred all my friends to them, and love how they have a referral bonus. They were the ONLY movers I used in New York and I never had any issues until I had to move out of state. I had a one bedroom apartment in brooklyn FULL of irreplacable vintage. The second the movers showed up they told me my uhaul wasn't big enough. Even though I had calculated the space and knew it would all fit. They told me I could ship what wouldn't fit. Then the movers asked me what ABSOLUTELY had to go. Which coincidentally happened to be what they did NOT pack into the truck. I watched them pack the truck and every move they made made less space, and as time went on, they said the truck was full. I looked around the apartment and more than half of the furniture was still sitting there! A 20 ft truck, 'full'. I went outside to evaluate and I was so overwhelmed and trusted their expertise. I told them "My grandmothers chair HAS to go. My $25k vintage wardrobe HAD to go. My 1940s glass credenza, HAD to go.' The wardrobe could break down so you could stack boxes on top of it, and the credenza you could put boxes inside once it was in the truck, so space wouldn't be lost. They looked at me and said 'sorry, not going to happen' THEN after much crying they took my grandmothers chair and literally THREW it over a bunch of boxes into the truck while telling me 'just so you know this isn't how I pack a truck' I had to leave the very next morning to move to Nevada and there was nothing I could do. I was forced to have to give away my belongings that were going to cost me another $4k to ship according to them. When I got to my destination, the movers there unloaded the truck and found an EXTREME amount of space in the truck. All of hte light stuff had been packed in the front (which is suggested NOT to do). I emailed Dumbo and told them what happened and they refunded me $150. Which was what I had tipped the movers, because I had trusted them and felt they deserved it but also I felt pressured by the lead guy because he said 'they had worked so hard to do what they could do with what was available'. In hindsight, what they had done was cased my apartment to see what was of value so they could come back and pick it up off the curb. It's been almost a year now, and they say you shouldn't be emotionally attached to belongings, but they were valuable to me and I had worked very hard to have those things in my life and I treasured them. The total amount lost was near $75,000 of vintage and antiques because they 'couldnt fit it into the truck' when it turns out that they could. IN hindsight it was clear they were casing the apartment for valuables. $150 refund won't get those items back. I wish I could go back and micromanage their packing so it could have been done right. My advice: if you are going to use them, watch them pack and tell them what needs to be done. IF you've moved as often as I have, youll know how to pack and pack right.
- Krystyl B.

Terrible experience, you should go with someone else. Short story - rude, insulting, unprofessional, will raise the price on you during the day of the move and threaten to stop moving you if you don't comply. Two man crew, not three that's why they can quote a competitive price. Long story - We moved this weekend (May 30). In the process of raising the cost of our move for unlisted items, Dumbo Moving put a $200 parking charge on us. They didn't disclose it, they didn't outline it in the updated bill. I found out because I asked them why they were raising the price so much. Their truck was across the street, so we pushed back (picture attached - that's their truck and our building behind it. Not like it's an avenue away). The driver, Nikolai, took me to the truck and demanded I tell him where to park, then insulted me and called my wife a liar, started arguing with me, then said "you live in a nice building like this and you're arguing about $200...". Then he said that he was going to tell dispatch the truck is further, so that they charge us even more. That shows they know what they're doing and they don't care. There are a lot of one star reviews on here for a reason. We never received an apology from Nikolai or Dumbo Moving in general for their behavior. The movers then refused to move our vacuum, ironing board and a bag at the very end. So, if you don't listen to this review and decide to book them, be sure to specifically outline for the movers the vacuum, ironing board, and any other odd sized item that won't fit in a box. We had to throw some if it away. By the way, you'll be enticed by the low price they quote you. It's because they're quoting you a two person crew. Even if none of the other things happen to you that happened us, it'll still be a very slow move. It's not a bargain.
- Adam G.

Do not use this company. This review is for a Nov 2019 move. The movers arrived and asked 3 times for tips upfront. I assured them I had more than enough cash to tip above the recommended 40% after the move was complete. Cue the disaster. In the 15 mins between apartments, they ripped a hole clean across my mattress and dropped my fan down the stairs. The movers and company expressed no empathy for ruining a $1k mattress and reimbursed me a paltry $200 for the "damages" and wouldn't remove the damaged mattress from my apartment. I've moved with this mattress cross country with no issue and I'm still utterly confused how it was ruined in less than 15 mins. If you're even questioning for 1 second whether or not to use this company. Don't do it. Spend your money elsewhere.
- Marley J.

They are really good on price. If you lean on them you'll likely get a little lower. It's just a matter of persistence. On the day of they started pretty on time. They were super fast at packing my kitchen. No broken dishes during or after. Things started to get weird when I was trying to be nice and a good New Yorker during a crisis. I offered some rubber gloves as I had a box. One of the movers proceeds to take the entire box and around the corner out of my view. He proceeds to take a bunch out and shove it in his pocket. I nicely interrupted and said hey if you need more just ask. No apologies. Nothing. Mind you my wife was about 5/6 months pregnant at this point. When they weren't done packing I had to pay for more boxes. He throws out the figure per box. I say okay sure. Charge me. He responds with "it's okay, just tip me more". Okay. At the destination it was a longer walk than anticipated to the apartment. He said it's an extra charge. I say okay, charge me that's fine. Again, he refuses and says I need to tip him more. At the end of the day I gave him what was about a 30% tip. Pretty good all things considered! Nope. Not enough. I ended up giving more because he said I needed to pay more. 40%+ just to get him out of my apartment. A lot of the clothes were just thrown in the closet. They eventually stopped using gloves even though I gave him a huge stash of my own. While I am sympathetic to the crisis we as New Yorkers are/we're going through some of this companies actions were downright rude and dirty. Never again.
- Ricky C.

I'm just glad I was able to get my move completed in these times. While the movers coordinated well and moved the equipment. They managed to break my bed frame while moving , then deny it. They also kept some parts of my furniture in the truck and never unloaded. Their customer service and support teams never got back to me after the move was completed. The guys told me there would be an extra charge for going up the 2 flights of stairs, and I mentioned to them I paid for this already and showed receipt, but they said I would need to pay extra. Over all - very poor customer service. I won't recommend using them again.
- Wajid Q.

Okay so moving furniture given to you from one place to another is stressful. Maybe not as stressful as moving an entire house or apartment but it's still just a a mess. What makes this move even more stressful is I had to have the couch taken a part to move it out of the apartment. I didn't even know that service existed. I just thought if the couch don't fit through the door... you're gonna have to get another couch...lol. Anywho, I arrived at my friends house right when the movers got there. They were about 30 mins early which for me was great. I was masked up and regulated myself to a corner of the apt while I point everything that would be headed into the truck. Once they were done, they headed to my apartment which was literally around the corner. Trust me if I could put the couches and dresser on my back I would've. They were quick and the sofa doctor attached to my move put the couch back together is 20 mins. The entire process start to finish was done in under 3hrs. So you're probably wondering why I'm giving them 4 stars instead of 5. Well the one hiccup that made me give a side eye was when the person I'm assuming was the point person day of said within the first 5 min was that I would have to give a 20% tip. I think it is in very poor taste to say that to a customer. 2 reasons why... 1. It's rude to assume that I wouldn't give a tip. I read the paperwork regarding the tip. I don't need a reminder. 2. I can't help to wonder if it's because I look a certain way that you assume I won't give a tip. Sooooo while that happened, I'm still happy with the service. However, I may be reluctant to use them should I need them in the future.
- Ebony C.

Used Dumbo for a last minute move. Was priced decently and easily with help from Edward. Had some changes near the end and they were able to accommodate us. Our movers were Bidzina and George. They did a great job moving our entire apartment during a pandemic. They were perfectly on time, quick, clean, and quiet. Would highly recommend.
- Sara R.

I made a GIANT move to another state during Covid19, I was terrified and knew I couldn't manage it on my own. Luis was always easy to reach, Vladimir was always prompt with his responses. They were reasonably priced and despite a few broken glasses my items all arrived to my new home it safely. The gentlemen who helped me move in Ed and another gentleman who's name I didn't get were AMAZING! Helping me organize and assure all my items were accounted for. I read several reviews and was a little nervous because some people didn't have move things to say. But I had a positive experience and would recommend Dumbo Moving to others.
- Crystal R.

I've moved a couple of times in NYC through the years, and always have done it myself, with a Uhaul and extra set of hands. However, I had more furniture now than in the past and decided to skip the stress of going to rent a truck among the COVID pandemic. I'm really glad I did, Dumbo moving did an amazing job and really alleviated the stress. They didn't damage anything, were really friendly, and did the job amazingly quick (like within 1.5 hours). The price was also so affordable. I highly highly recommend and would move with them again in the future!
- Sydney A.

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