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Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible. People call us for many different reasons. The one thing that all our calls have in common – we have the solution for your debris/junk removal, light demo, items transferred/moved, professional cleaning staff on call, organizational help and moving. Why does moving from one location from another have to be so stressful? The answer is it doesn’t. We save you the customer money, time and time again. Call us and put your stress at rest. We make moving a lot less stressful for you. Whatever you need to be done, we will get it done. Packing, in and out of storage, and more. We make your life easier, that’s what we do.

Moving-Me about Dr Clutter Junk Removal

The company offers a complete package of moving services: local moves ( under 30 miles), long distance moves, packing and borrowed moves. Experience, professionalism, and customer service are their greatest assets. Dr. Clutter will save you money on your long distance moves. Their estimated rate falls between $3.5-5 dollars per mile. Dr. Clutter offers greatly discounted packing assistance and supplies to make your move even less stressful. They will pack your items with the utmost care and courtesy to your possessions. Whether it be a full-service move locally, long distance or a total package request the company has the expertise and the professional staff to cover your needs. They also can insure every move and all damages for only 75 cents per pound. From point A to point B, the company is the affordable answer to your next move.

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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we could not find the company’s licenses. To legitimately operate the company must have an Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number, US Department of Transportation number or Local State License.

ICC MC number: not provided

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Dr Clutter Junk Removal cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Dr Clutter Junk Removal is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Dr Clutter Junk Removal Reviews

1 star This is the worst moving experience I have ever had. First I was expecting them to arrive at 9 am. I was not able to reach the owner to confirm a start time. Typically I receive a call from the mover confirming start time the day before the move. Also the number I was provided did not get an answer. After multiple calls I finally sent an email to confirm. The finally call me back on a different number and proceed to insult me for expecting them to arrive at 9 am. Eventually the crew arrives at 11:15 and asks me for water. They didn't bring their own water? How unprofessional can a group be? Then they didn't wrap any of my possessions that I didn't' specifically say : wait, please wrap that because it .... ect. By this time they are stopped for lunch, which is fine but I wasn't told they are stopping for lunch so I was stuck waiting for them, unable to go and get lunch. I had to field several phone calls from a very irate boss who started yelling at me (yes the person who hired them) about how he had a bad experience with his last client canceling a check, and i am such a terrible person that he expected me to do so as well. I refused to answer the phone at this point because I was so tired of having the company I hired to move my stuff call and give me shit on the phone for wondering why they were arriving at 11 for a "morning" appointment. Also they though they were moving me to someplace else in Bethlehem, not Philadelphia. Yes, they didn't know this was an hour move. It seems they were very unprepared for the entire move from not having their own drinks to the lack of wrapping materials and not having the final address. It took them a long time to finalize the bill for me, and I had to write 3 different check for 3 different amounts. The lead mover was on the phone with the boss who had been yelling/harassing/insulting me all three times and apparently didn't give me the right calculations for the miles and fuel. I just wanted the day to be over. The amount was comparable to other moves I made so at least I didn't have to call the horrible boss and get that clarified. Also the price dropped by a few hundred but for the hassle, insults I had to endure, and general condescending treatment I received, it wasn't nearly enough. I put up a review of my experiences and received a text message from the boss hassling me for leaving a truthful, poor review. He texted my personal phone number in the condescending attitude he had on the phone and left a very insulting message regarding my character for having a poor experience. So clearly this is a business that does not respond well to criticism. Later received a taunting text message about the review being removed. Do not use. It would be a waste of you time to expect any respectful customer service from a company that insults and harasses people who have had a poor experience. Today, several months later, I recover another message insulting me for leaving a poor review. I felt inspired to recount in as much detail I remember every terrible moment. Hopefully this review will stay in place and I won't have to deal with any more taunting, insulting, and condescending attitude from this organization. I do not want any more insults or bad experiences in association with Dr. Clutter.
- P M.

I cant give Scott and his team enough kudos. They completed my move from PA to NY, overcoming some logistical challenges along the way. They were careful, extremely efficient, and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend this company for any move, big or small.
- Liju V.

I'll start off by saying the owner of this company is in his own world. I spoke with him and shortly after I called him back and he couldn't remember who I was. Like, really?! So we used this company twice... unfortunately. The first time they moved our furniture into storage because the home we were moving into was not ready yet. Then we used them to move the furniture from storage to the new house. Not only did they DAMAGE multiple pieces of furniture. They damaged my flooring and walls in the process. Understandably sometimes a few scuffs get on the walls that's easily removable with a magic eraser. But, scratching and taking paint off the walls to the point where it needs spackling and a new coat of paint is ridiculous. Scratching my floors in numerous places because they "forgot" to put a blanket down is absurd. I noticed the movers seemed to have been rushing. Not my problem, don't rush while carrying heavy furniture because now you've damaged a home that no one has ever lived in before. Oh, did I mention they FORGOT a piece of furniture in my storage unit??!! Yeah... that happened. So I called the owner when all these discoveries were made and said he'd have someone he knows take a look at the flooring to repair it etc. he also offered me $40 for my troubles. Seriously???...... ok, no biggie. We sent him pics last week and have yet to hear back from him. Within the last few days upon cleaning and situating our belongings we noticed numerous damaged pieces of furniture. I've called him in regards to the furniture being DAMAGED & have yet to hear back. OH, and they didn't bring tools to put furniture back together that they originally took apart to move it. REALLY??? REALLY??!! I'm infuriated. To the point where I'm contemplating reporting this business to the BBB. My advice to you is I'd pay a little more for a reputable moving company. The owner Scott, had the audacity to ask if we could work around HIS schedule for getting the other piece of furniture back. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. There's a reason his prices are lower then most. COMPANY RAN BY TERRIBLE OWNER.
- Kim P.

What a great bunch of guys. They moved my mom to a home and they were pleasant and hard workers. They arrived right on time and delivered her belongings to two different locations. Put everything together too. I will use them on every move
- Diane P.

We needed a bunch of things cleaned out of our basement and we found Dr. Clutter. The owner Scott returned our call within minutes of us leaving a voice message and he was very professional and easy to work with. His crew came out and did a very nice job. Fair pricing and no issues whatsoever. A week later my parents needed some things removed from their garage and Scott quoted a fair price and they took care of everything. It was also nice to see the photos of the staff and owner on the website, and also the fact they have a nice business logo and attire means a lot in this business. We will definitely be using Dr. Clutter again the next time we need these services.
- Justin C.

I had a last minute request towards end of day Jack and Lou were very nice and helpful, they were determined to get all our "stuff" in this evening. They were great letting me know when they would arrive and when they were running a little later than expected!! I plan on using them again !
- Melita G.

Dr. Clutter gave me -excellent- moving help with insanely short notice on my end. I was impressed with the professionalism and service mentality of their main office. Their can-do attitude, right there helping me to solve a challenging time frame, was refreshing and supportive. Checking in by phone and text until the move was accomplished. Then the main mover was simply top notch. Kind, patient, taking excellent care of what needed to be moved. Reassuring and thorough, "U.V." demonstrated he cared about the move AND the people. I picked Dr Clutter out of the Yelp hat, with only reviews as reassurance. And they exceeded my expectations. Would definitely use them again if the need arises.
- Jill H.

This company did not follow the schedule that was set forth in the plan. The employees did not all show up. One was stoned. There were to be four men on Saturday for packing. And four on Sunday with a large truck for moving. Full service packing and unpacking was contracted. Friday night the owner called and asked to change the plan. He requested to send five men and a large truck and assured me this would save both time and money. I had to ask the seller of the Home to have the house ready a day early, and he agreed to get extra help to complete the home a day early. Well.....only two men showed up Saturday to pack and one started complaining and whining a few hours into the job. Every so often the owner would text me to say that the other three guys were on their way. Eventually the became clear that after six hours the others were not going to show up. And the two men on the job were both too tired to complete a pack and a move and unload unpack in one day. Additionally one man informed me that he felt it would be physically impossible for them to do good work if they pushed through and tried to work for 13-14 hours nonstop. So that ended the one day move. I had to tell the owner to send these men home for the day and to go back to the original plan and send four men Sunday to finish the packing and also do the moving and unpacking. Sunday the same two men came with a small truck and told me they had to make two trips. They finished packing but boxes were not properly labeled nor professionally packed. Extra supplies were charged to me but then went unused while the movers simply Saran wrapped old boxes without lids. A lamp got broken. My cherry wood corner fireplace got chipped. Part of the hardware for a hanging wall mirror got left in the wall while the mover complained that his Allen keys were missing and he can't take the part down without Allen keys. We had to make two trips. The final trip lasted until nearly 10:30 pm and much of my things were left outside in the screen porch. No pictures were rehung nor were the mirrors. Nothing was unpacked no had to pay for a man to come back and unpack yet a third day and I had to cancel plans to clean my old house because of this. And yet the job remains unfinished, unprofessionally done, and overpriced for what I got. I would warn people to stay away from this fly by night place with its inexperienced workers, unprofessional owner and inability to stick to a schedule or complete the job. Run. Run far away. Not sure how they got so many stars on yelp as I trusted that as a guideline. But they are not a four star company. They are a zero star company. Only one part of this job was ok. One worker named UV was courteous, organized and apologetic. I hope that a really GOOD company offers him a really GOOD job. He deserves better. Thank
- Jeanmarie J.

I just hired them the third time last Sat...They did another excellent moving for me. No scratch on the wall or floors. All my things are kept well. Because they wrapped everything and moved them very carefully. Good rate and they move also fast enough. Now we are staying in our new home and appreciating their great job!
- Borui L.

Job well done. The movers were considerate, friendly and worked long and hard on this move. I would recommend highly. Thanks Scott and Scott and the guys!
- Abby Bartos

not to be cliche` but i'd give 0 star if i could. I'm pretty sure these guys stole my brand new queen-sized bed and brand new couch bed and sold it. One minute I can come get my stuff from their truck that I left at my old apartment cuz i couldn't get a uhual in time. Then two hours after I was told to come get it, all of a sudden my bed and couch are suddenly in such horrible condition in the truck that I shouldn't even bother coming anymore. That sounds really suspicious. How it it not salvageable from taking it from a house and putting it in a truck. How?
- Roselia Leon

They took all my yard waste in minutes. It was a great service at a reasonable price.
- john menichini

I had a great experience with DR. Clutter, the price was great and the guys that came to my house were very friendly and professional.
- Emily Bauman

Don't know where to begin. Dr. Clutter is a phenomenal company with wonderful employees and customer service! I needed a hot tub and cover removed from my yard. I initially called another local company who came out, assessed the size and access point to my yard, and gave me a price. We agreed to a specific date (2 weeks later) for pick up. That day came and went and no one showed, so after checking the weather I called and rescheduled for the following Friday. On Thursday I called to confirm but no one got back to me. On Friday I called to see if they were coming (since I had plans to go out) and the answering service said she would leave them a message. I never heard back from him, and ofcourse he never showed. The following week I called and he wouldn't answer the phone, just kept sending me to the answering service. Completely frustrated I called Scott at Dr. Clutter. Left him a message and within 3 minutes, got a call back. I explained the whole situation and without coming out to assess the tub or access point, totally took me on my word, charged me the same as the company that never showed, and the best part of it all... HE CAME OUT THE SAME DAY and hauled it away. His staff was awesome. Uvaldo and Danny really were the best. They were getting that hot tub out of there no matter what it took (and it definitely was not an easy task)! I "VERY HIGHLY" recommend this company. Don't even consider calling someone else, it's not worth the time or aggravation. As a side note... I almost never leave reviews if that tells you anything. Thank You Dr. Clutter for such a smooth and great experience and thank you Uvaldo and Danny for working late just to get this done. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know!
- Irene Papageorgiou

The movers came and did a great job. They were quick too. Prices are reasonable. Also, one of the movers found out that my girlfriend's father had passed away and he was very sensitive about removing certain items from the basement. He offered his condolences and was very respectful and professional. I would recommend them.
- Paul Mesler

Dr Clutter has helped me out several times and nothing but good results when recommended to friends. Great value for the price. Wraps your furniture in blankets and wrap to keep it in great condition from old place to new.
- Shane Patton

Literally tried to scam us and when we heard one of them say just hit it with a hammer for a hour when we confronted them they freaked out and left saying we weren’t gonna pay them when we offered to pay upfront very unprofessional don’t recommend
- Kayleigh Baran

Very unprofessional!! We were told prior that they would be able to move our items for $110 an hour, for 3 hours, to our new house that is 2 miles away. When they came, they tried to have us pay for extra hours of needed work. They brought all of our stuff down, piece by piece, extending the hours of work needed. We realized what they were trying to do, so we started helping them take furniture out, so that we would only have to pay for the 3 hours. We took out all of the couches and dressers for them to put onto the truck, while they were bringing out little things, like small drawers, and little planks of wood. I then called their boss, and the boss removed them from the job. The movers then proceeded to take all of the furniture they had loaded onto the truck, and throw them onto the lawn, and yell at us for the poor work that they did. Very disrespectful to us, as clients. Would never use again!!
- trista baran

- Katie Peterson

Just read the story of Dr. Clutter cleaning up and old couples site after an illegal dumping left couches and chairs on their property. I want to give this effort an electronic High Five. Nice to hear there are thoughtful people out there.
- Vince Lynott

I have no idea how good Dr Clutter does the work since they never showed up...twice. The second time I couldnt even leave a message since the voice mail was full. I'm trying to get my deceased mother's house cleared out so new owners can move in. I can't imagine anyone using this company.
- Christopher Laevey

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