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About Divine Moving and Storage

Our founder, David Cohen, has been in moving for more than 20 years. While working for other companies, he noticed that moving in New York City was not only an expensive proposition but that many companies would overcharge or hold onto customer’s items and jack up the prices, forcing customers to pay egregious fees just to get their stuff back and delivered. While these moving horror stories of holding clients belongings hostage (when they weren’t busy breaking them) may sound illegal, but it sadly turned out not to be.

Moving-Me about Divine Moving and Storage

Divine Moving & Storage is New Yorkers’ top choice for safe, reliable, hassle-free storage, and relocation services. More than simply moving your belongings, they provide relocation consultations to ensure your every NYC moving and storage need is met. They’ll even pack and unpack your home for a stress-free turn-key experience.

Divine Moving & Storage, stands apart from any other NYC moving company for their commitment to customers satisfaction. Divine Moving and Storage dedication to their customers satisfaction and happiness means they work night and day to make your move hassle-free and stress-free.

Divine Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates

Divine Moving & Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Divine Moving & Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 410024

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 959644

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: NY DOT 35301

New York State Department of Transportation. To verify the license, contact NYDOT at (800) 786-5368, or e-mail at [email protected]

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What is Divine Moving and Storage cost?

Be ready that the average local move is $650. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Divine Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Divine Moving and Storage Reviews

I learned of Divine Moving and Storage through the Better Business Bureau site. I filled out a form through the BBB site to Divine Moving and Storage, and I followed up with a phone conversation to Divine Moving and Storage two days later. I spoke to Dana. I had two concerns; both were noted on the online form submitted through the BBB site, but Dana argued that I never provided the two details of utmost importance regarding my move to her during our phone conversation. My concerns were: (1) The move had to occur between 10am and 1pm, on April 29, or I would be penalized $1,000 by my building (2) I needed access to my property. I needed to confirm that the integrity and value of my property would be maintained by the storing facility, and I would need to check on my property while in storage. Dana assured me the facility was secure and that the movers could move me within the timeframe indicated, provided my goods were packed when they arrived. I told her all goods to be moved would be packed when the movers arrived. April 29, the first words out of the con artist-thug's mouth, who arrived to move my goods, were: we will not be able to move you within this time frame. As he continued on to relay his plan to accomplish the move, he revealed that I would not have access to freely inspect my property because my valuables would be subject to an open storage arrangement. I was irate. I called Divine Moving and Storage, ultimately I spoke with Dana. She said that she told me about the storage arrangement, and that she has been doing her job for twenty years - this first assertion is untrue, and the later has no bearing on the conversation in question. I directed her to look at my written communication to Divine Moving and Storage, and the written confirmation of my move details: I would never submit my valuables to be subject to an open storage warehouse that I did not have access to and could not inspect as needed to be assured that my goods were protected and their integrity maintained. She suggested I Google another storage facility for them to move my goods to - at 9am! I informed her that I needed to vet the storage company, and it wouldn't suffice to just Google another storage company or even trust a BBB rated company - that is how I ended up in this predicament. I am a law student. I rely on what I see in writing, such as, the move confirmation from Divine Moving and Storage, which does not specify that property is stored in an open facility. I also relied Divine's rating under the Better Business Bureau, and have made a complaint with them. Faced with having to pay a $1,000 fine plus possible legal action for not moving out on time and preventing the new owners from taking ownership, I continued with the move. The con artist-thug moving man, then told me he would not be able to move my goods as packed; he said some of the boxes were too small. I had repacked my blender and other kitchen appliances into their original cases, but this thug insisted that I pay for boxes from their truck to store the smaller boxes, and I was forced to do so. Three moving men arrived: The con-artist-thug did all the talking; a large man who didn't seem to understand what FRAGILE meant; a tall thin gentleman, who was very polite and the only one who earned his pay and tip that day. What happened to my large furniture being covered with blankets - FREE of charge, per the move confirmation?! I couldn't say anything more because they had possession of my property, and I feared what would come if I didn't submit to this blatant raping of my wallet. Between all three men repacking, covering, disassembling my bed, and moving my property from my apartment to the move truck, it took 1.5 hours (9:30 - 11am). The con artist-thug came up (at 11am) when they had loaded the truck and told me that although the minimum charge was 3 hours of service for three men plus 1 hour of travel, he would have to charge me an additional hour. I was charged $420 for 4 hours of labor; $105 for 1 hour of travel time; $99 for 1 month of storage; $32 for a toll; $98 for boxes for a total of $754. To add insult to injury, the con artist-thug had the audacity to tell me that a tip was customary. Under duress, and in fear of what he would do to my property in his possession, I gave him $140 tip to be split between the three men. He then asked me to sign something stating that my property was not damaged when it arrived at the storage site. I refused since I would not be able to inspect my property and had no way of ascertaining the condition upon arrival to the storage site. After lodging a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, I received a partial refund as requested for funds wrongfully taken from me. Additionally, I received a scathing written response from the company in which they asserted untrue and slanderous allegations, but was unresponsive to the concerns stated in my complaint. This company is unprofessional.
- Theresa B.

Fast, friendly, and took excellent care of my things. I will recommend to anyone I know (unless I don't like them).
- Allena V.

I used Divine Moving & Storage while relocating my mother from New York City closer to us here in Waterford, Michigan. They turned a stressful experience into a move that dreams are made of! The movers were very attentive and careful with many items that were quite fragile and invaluable to my mother. They were quick, organized, and immensely productive which resulted in an easy, relaxed journey for both my mother and myself. My mother can be quite a handful at times, but they treated her with respect and kindness. I would honestly recommend this company to anyone for all of their moving needs as it is rare to find high quality customer service at such a reasonable rate. By far and large the most wonderful moving experience I have yet to encounter!
- Jamie H.

After three misfires with three very shady moving companies, one of the passerby neighbors overhearing my conversation with Jakop the doorman, chimed-in and said call Divine moving. Not only were they very easy to deal with, their pricing was fair. The most professional moving service I've ever used.
- George M.

* My rate was $165 / hr for 3 men, 1 of whom was quite chatty * Minimum time was 4 hours (3 hours moving + 1 hour driving) * Total amount charged was $1100, including boxes for a 1 bedroom * I tipped $200. The immediate response? Maybe you can give a little more? I kid you not. * I obviously can't prove it, but things certainly got done faster when I was watching. They didn't break anything and were careful. They're rates seem to vary quite a bit. Try getting the hourly price quote before you even let them know where you are moving from. They were probably the the most expensive option I considered, but because they knew my current building well, I decided to pay for someone with experience, so I knew what I was getting into.
- Jim S.

The offered moving time was scheduled very tight. Of course it took much longer to move our whole staff. But the guys were awesome, they were very friendly and did a great job. Everything arrived in one piece. I would definitively recommend to move with these three strong guys.
- Sabine W.

The four men who handled my move were great in every respect. And David, Dana and Anthony were the essence of customer service because with all the changes of date/time, They never said "no" or were negative in any way. Dana also provided valuable information and coaching, and together you made the Divine way the best way possible for a move.
- Gladys A.

Divine moving and storage rock!! Top notch customer service and real pros when moving. We have them move our apartment last week. I was amazed how well these guys work. They helped us when we didn't wrap something too well and made sure nothing got damaged. Thanks again Tommy and Brad. Will definitely use them again!
- brett b.

The three men who handled my move were terrific. I found them to be fast, friendly and efficient. They even showed up early. Will definitely use them again.
- Jennifer B.

Fantastic and efficient service for the Burroughs ! Affordable prices and great customer service. Highly recommend!
- Allison W.

Me and my boyfriend just moved to New York from Jersey and Divine helped us get everything there on time and in perfect condition! I will definitely be recommending them to my friends when they move. They even helped bubble wrap certain things. Very professional and over all good service.
- Shannen O.

There's a good reason why they're called "Divine". David is your best friend when these guys handle your precious household goods. The cool thing about this company is they have the moving thing figured out. No estimator pretending to "assess" the move +or- 20%. C'mon, you'll NEVER be invoiced 20% under at the end. With these guys, you pay by the hour. Period. My friends said "you're crazy, why should they move quickly then?" The answer is, they just DO! Both times I've used this company I've never seen guys work so hard. Not only are they super careful but FAST too! Even in the worst circumstances (last time, 3 flights of stairs and the snow storm of the year and this time, apt building restrictions, a flight of stairs and the tiniest service elevator known to man.) Careful? I've seen them carry eggs across town with not even a crack. If anything is damaged, where most movers give you a runaround, David goes above and beyond. I've moved across the country twice and have never used the same company twice, until now. Highly recommend!
- Fred M.

With lots of large furnitire and appliances in my former home, I was scared to hire movers. But I knew I would need their help. I was most hesitant about letting movers uninstall and reinstall my the appliances but my husband's friend referred me to Divine Moving and said David is the best. Well, he didn't lie. My experience with this company was excellent. I don't have any complaints and they got me into my new home with absolutely no problems.
- Sheyla A.

-The first piece of furniture they picked up, they broke, and were not sorry at all. -They did move my things rather fast (that's the only reason I'm not giving them one star). -When they moved items into my new apartment they bumped into every wall and were extremely careless (I legitimately had to catch items before they crashed to the ground). -They then lost some hardware to my bed, refused to look for it, and again were unapologetic. -I gave them a decent tip despite the above (think it was 25-30%) the guy asked if I could tip more...I saw at least 1 other person post about this, so be ready for it! Would not recommend, and will be using someone else to move next time.
- Max P.

They did a wonderful job with helping my friend move. From what I hear Divine Moving had the cheapest moving quote so she went with them. They took apart the few big pieces of furniture she had carefully and were very organized with all of the screws and bolts. Since she had just previously moved from Boston to New York and used my basement as a storage, the majority of her stuff was already boxed up and ready to go. With everything being boxed up already made it very easy for the guys to just load it in the truck and take it to its destination. The furniture was well protected and undamaged when it made it to her new apartment and the guys kindly put together the pieces of furniture that they took apart and were even nice enough to put together her another piece of furniture that was already disassembled before the move. All in all, this move was quick, neat and fairly inexpensive.
- Omgitsbjc

Unlike many other moving companies out there, Divine moving and storage goes above just showing up with a truck. Their prices are reasonable, customer service is professional, which is hard to get anywhere. This is perfect for the Burroughs. They work around your schedule. I will be recommending this to others. Simply Fantastic!
- Shana F.

They say the one thing you hate about NYC is moving. I was a little inclined to believe that when I needed to move until a friend recommended me to Divine Moving. It was a relatively short distance to move (Astoria by the Ditmars stop to LIC) with not too many things but they were fast, professional, and most importantly on time! I had my personal effects already boxed but I needed help with my bed and bed frame. Divine was, well, divine! I explained my situation, what I needed wrapped and that I only had the service elevator of my new building reserved at a certain time. They understood my situation and the movers came promptly on our agreed upon schedule with all the necessary moving blankets to wrap around my bed frame and bed. They were able to move my stuff out of my previous duplex with ease and transport everything to my new place. I have since recommended Divine to a few other friends who ended up using them as well!
- Jessica M.

I move often (every year or so, it seems), so I typically consider myself a "pro". However, I've accumulated more things than I thought over the last few years, and have a problem with my left knee that makes it difficult to move most things on my own. Considering all of these factors, I decided it was time to hire professionals. Divine was prompt in their communication, moved all of my items without damage to them or my new place, and more than fair when it came to pricing. Would absolutely recommend.
- Danielle N.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to move with very little notice... but Divine Moving and Storage saved me. They were communicative, prepared, and extremely professional. 100% would recommend (and already have). I never want to move so quickly again, but would with their help.
- Betty F.

The moving and packing was okay. The movers did a good job, but I would definitely recommend buying your own boxes- they charge a premium, and put everything in boxes, even chairs, so my packaging charge ended up being over $1000. I won't gripe about the guys getting "lost" on the way to my storage and taking twice as long to arrive at my apartment as I did in a taxi, but I did feel resentful when I tipped over 20% in cash on a 3k move, and was rudely asked for more- as other people have commented, it left a very bad taste in my mouth. They also didn't show me the parking ticket they claim to have received, and by that point I was so annoyed I just wanted the foreman out of my apartment, so I didn't check if it really actually existed. Wouldn't recommend them to a friend, but not a terrible experience overall.
- Bianca K.

Moving can be so frustrating, especially finding a good moving company. In a long anticipated search, a relative of mines recommended Divine Moving and Storage, after checking the reviews I was compelled to go along with this company and I am so glad I did! One of the best choices ive made by far. They made my move from Manhattan to Brooklyn a very smooth transition. I paid a reasonable price and received beyond great customer service. They were careful with my furniture that I was concerned about along with a few antiques. All my questions were answered beforehand. Highly recommend!!
- Steph S.

Overall i would describe the move 'decent' other than one bad experience described below: Once we got to the new apartment, i was upstairs waiting for them to come up with the first load. After about 30 minutes i started wondering what was taking them so long, so I decided to go downstairs to check on them. I was shocked to find out that only 2 of the 3 guys i was paying for were actually down there, the third guy was completely missing. I waited for an additional 20 minutes by the truck until the 3rd guy finally showed back up. At this point, instead of getting back to work like i hoped he would, he proceeded to get in the driver seat of the truck and took another 20 minute break! It's one thing to ask for a break and take one off the clock, but i was being charged hourly for him to do this! Not to mention it slowed the other two guys down significantly to be short handed (which increased my total bill). I complained to the head guy about this and he apologized, but at the end of the move I explained why i was tipping under 20% and he guilt tripped me for it! I told him that i was going to give 2/3rds of what i considered a generous tip (on an inflated price, mind you). (Even after this reduction it was still a 17% tip). I told him i did it this way because i wanted the other two guys to get their full tip, because they did a good job and worked their butts off for me. The other two guys were pretty legit and i was happy with their performance. Other side notes: -Movers could have been a tiny bit faster overall even aside from aforementioned mishap. Just didn't seem too concerned that i was on the clock. On the flip side though, they were pretty delicate with my stuff so i guess it's a trade off. -Also, they used one of their large, expensive cardboard bins without asking me and then charged me for it at the end.
- William S.

Can't recommend these guys enough. I hardly had any time between work hours to pack up my apartment after 4 years in the same apartment (think, 4 years of build up!) and it was so nice to have the whole process taken care of start to finish. I felt like my possessions were safely packaged and in a way where I was able to find them easily when unpacked. I have a large collection of sentimental mugs that I was so nervous about moving...I was incredibly pleased that they all made it safe and sound! Because I was moving in with my partner and we were combining two homes of stuff into one place, my partner ended up using their storage service to pack away a few items of furniture to give him time to sell them.
- KC S.

Let me first begin by saying that I helped my a friend move this past weekend in Brooklyn and my friend was fatigued by the idea of hiring a moving company. She has had movers in years past who have shown up late or simply cancelled at the last minute. When I did a quick Google search and found these guys they proved to be an exceptional crew! The movers were very friendly and got the job done in an efficient amount of time. As anyone knows, moving is an extremely frustrating and tedious process, therefore when finding a mover it's crucial to hire someone with a good reputation. This company was nothing short of amazing! Additionally, they showed up right on time and finished the job in less than the amount of time we expected. Another wonderful aspect of this service is that they bring boxes to you if you need them. My friend was in a bind and needed a few extra boxes so when we called and they arrived with boxes we were beyond thrilled! Needless to say my friend and I were extremely pleased with this moving company and would recommend them to any future or current mover in need of some good help!
- Kendra H.

I have moved three times in the past five years within New York City and have had some great and not so great experiences in doing so. Last month, I used Divine Moving to move into my new apartment and they did a phenomenal job. Moving is so stressful but they were friendly, professional, and punctual throughout the whole ordeal. Since I was short on time, I opted to have them pack my boxes for me. This freed up so much time and they organized all of my belongings so well, which made unpacking and moving in a million times easier. Everything was in perfect condition - no dings, marks, scratches, nothing! They are more than worth their rate. I would highly recommend Divine Moving to anyone relocating within NYC.
- Anna J.

I needed help moving my furniture from my old apartment to my new one. I called them and they were there as promised. A couple of strong men, very friendly and very professional. They took care of everything and they handled everything carefully. I was initially scared that they might break some fragile items but they knew exactly what they were doing. I would call them again without a doubt if I need to. I recommend Divine Movers. The price is really not worth all the trouble you have to go through if you were to do the job yourself. Believe me, I have done it once and ended up driving a U-Haul truck with half my furniture broken in the back, it was a nightmare. Wishing you all a happy moving.
- Maria A.

SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY. We used them a few weeks ago to move a studio apt from downtown to midtown. I was quoted over the phone we would get 3 guys at $115 an hour and that it would take no more than 3 hours and they charge an extra hour of travel time so total $460. I thought ok maybe they might take an extra hour no biggie. Well the guys took 8 HOURS TO MOVE A STUDIO APT! *AND THEY GOT A $115 PARKING TICKET THAT WE HAD TO PAY. It ended up costing us over $1200 because they insisted they put my large Ikea bags that I packed nicely into their boxes which we had to buy. I would NOT recommend this company because I honestly felt taken advantage of! They also didn't show us the parking ticket. *Also if they damage anything they only pay you $.30 a pound so say your TV gets damaged and it weights 10lbs you get $3!!
- Stella C.

I always worry about moving companies. You know, things such as getting overcharged, furniture scratched and damaged, and missing items, plus arriving late and finishing even later. What a headache it could be, for sure. This moving company helped me move out of my Brooklyn apartment into a new one, sans any problems and worries. What a breath fresh of air. In addition, they came prepared with blankets and extra pillows to protect my stuff. I have a great, and valuable, collection of sports and music memorabilia. It has taken me a long time to gather these unique pieces, and none of them were damage or missing. They were kind and professional to boot. They didn't seem to mind a little direction when I offered it up, which was pretty cool. They were even kind to my mixed-Dachshund dog, Charley.
- Jerry D.

Scarring experience. Absolutely chaotic and we ended up cancelling divine co. the day of our move and U-hauling everything ourselves. - they charge by the hour but their team was extremely slow moving when we got here (took almost 45 mins to park a truck after walking around- they would have charged us for this time by the way) - they doubled price quote the day of our move. Expected move time was 3 hours when we were initially quoted, but it essentially came out to more than double that time when we asked for a flat rate - they didn't tell us they had flat rate pricing until we were on the verge of tears (after doubling pricing) but flat rate was essentially the same as per hour pricing - they were trying to charge us extra for moving TVs, which we had told them about beforehand - their team was 45 mins late and extremely inefficient - every other moving company I've worked with has been much better, specifically Clean Cut Moving company which has way better service and a significantly more efficient moving team
- Cheryl C.

I wish to offer an outstanding recommendation for the Divine Moving Company in New York. Without a doubt, they are the most reliable, honest, efficient, trustworthy and pleasant people to deal with and to trust your valued furniture and belongings to. Additionally, their pricing is incredibly competitive, totally fair, reasonable, and below that of the acclaimed movers. The Divine movers arrived to us exactly on time, they worked quietly, quickly and professionally. They then drove to our new apartment without interruption, and they even assisted us in unpacking-- opening the cartons and placing them in the respective rooms in our new apartment, They did all of this their courteously, creating a pleasant atmosphere during what is typically a stressful time. The foreman Shlomi was great. We wholeeartedly recommend Divine Movers. Every single item we packed arrived back to us in perfect condition. My wife and I have moved many times and have used many moving companies. None, absolutely none, can compare to Divine Movers. We will always turn to Divine Movers any time we may have to move again. Sincerely, A. Kugel
- Abraham K.

Great experience. Items arrived in their original condition and on time as they said they would. It was a really smooth process and the prices they offer are unmatched in the NYC area. No one likes the process of moving. They made it quick and painless. Would definitely recommend!
- Leavona G.

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