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Quality of service: 4

Punctuality: 3.2

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.5

Customers’ rating: 4.3

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About Denver Professional Movers

We endeavor to make your moving process the easiest for you. Being in the moving industry for the past 8 years has improved our skills and expertise. We are customer-oriented company, and we understand the headaches, menace and inconveniences arising from moving. We are set to provide proficient moving services so that you can focus on other important details.

Moving-Me about Denver Professional Movers

Over more than a decade they have been delivering professional service to the clients moving locally in Denver area. Among all-inclusive hourly rate, service of disassembling and reassembling back the bigger items, blankets, plastic wrap, they are delivering great Customer Service throughout your moving journey.

Denver Professional Movers Licenses & Certificates

Denver Professional Movers claims to be fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. However, they do not display this information. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is Denver Professional Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Denver Professional Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Denver Professional Movers Reviews

The movers were on time, efficient and fast! We had a great move and the three men who showed up were professional and friendly. I highly recommend Denver Professional Movers! They went above and beyond and had honest and fair pricing. I have been burned by movers in the past but these guys were top notch!!!
- Jill M.

This company has helped me moved my home from Colorado to Florida and did an outstanding job in loading my personal possessions without any problems! The movers where very polite and professional and I highly recommended them to everyone to use there service! There customer service Care was very professional and helpful in taking care of my needs! Thank you Denver Professional Movers
- Cyndi C.

Really expensive for the simple move. I was moving up to a different floor of the same building which took about an hour for them and they charged me over $300. I knew about the minimum charge but I thought it maybe worth the price. Because of my bad previous experience with other movers, I decided to spend more money with a company that had better reviews on yelp but it was not worth the price. I labeled my boxes and asked them to move the boxes to where I labeled them. But they put "closet" labeled boxes in my BATHROOM and rest just all piled up in my living room. Also my lighted vanity that has a led light is missing a bulb. And they took my key fob to my apartment. Never heard from them to get it returned. I do not recommend this place
- Julie K.

I didn't have the best experience with the move, but I reported the issue to customer service and they reached out, provided excellent customer service and made it right for me. The company is really trying to create a great customer experience and is willing to do what it takes to ensure the customer leaves satisfied. Don't by the "all inclusive rate" bs!!! The rate did not include boxes. It did not include a paid lunch. It did not include the 20% tip they demanded at the end of the process. It did not include assembling one of the beds they were supposed to, which, by the time they finally left I was sooo over the process I just let it go. They brought things I specifically asked them not to, and left things I asked them to bring. An hour before the end of the project two of the guys disappeared to the truck while the other two put one of two beds together - when the other two could have been assembling the other bed - and I didn't get a price break for an hour with 1/2 the crew. Also, when they backed the truck into my driveway they ripped a branch off my tree and left a gouge in my driveway where the ball mount scraped up my driveway. At the end of the night the guy couldn't get his credit card machine to work and billed me for the time it took to fix it. Do yourself a favor and pay a little more for a reputable company - you truly get what you pay for.
- Jeramie S.

This was a WONDERFUL experience. I have never hired movers before, and had only heard other people's horror stories. But this place was wonderful; they were very quick and very careful with my stuff. As well, they took the time to make sure I understood the cost and what came with that. I would highly recommend them! Photo of Justin J. Comment from Justin J. of Denver Professional Movers Business Owner
- Dylan D.

Denver Professional Movers did a great job. They were easy to communicate with and were appropriately priced compared to many of the other companies I called. They worked hard and were careful with my furniture. I like that they didn't charge me until they got to my house. There was snow on the ground the day if our move so our carpet is an absolute mess. I'm not sure what the movers could have done to prevent that but now I need to pay to get it cleaned. Maybe it's just the price of moving during winter.
- Jordan L.

Highly recommend! Russell and Cody did a fabulous job moving our things with care and also quickly. Super polite guys and had the hustle. Look no further.
- Hannah C.

B.E.W.A.R.E. My hopes were for success so writing a negative review was not anticipated. Deserve 0 stars. This company pulled every moving scam on the books with the exception of holding my items hostage. Scam #1 - When booking with thorough description including pictures; "Jason" (everyone goes by Jason) advised against 2 trucks with full knowledge of square footage and items; I told him I'd still like to max out at 4-5 hours. He said going with the 5 guys rate ($237/hr); they could handle it no problem. When movers arrive they immediately say it will take 8-10 hours since I didn't get 2 trucks. Jacking up the price tremendously. They said they had to do a minimum of two loads for all my items. The office and the movers work together no matter how much they try to tell you they are contracted. Scam #2 - Movers offer to personally come back at a reduced rate if you rent a truck for the rest so they can return the truck to the company. Price ultimately quoted was the same as paying the company + you run around finding a U-haul. Scam #3 - When arriving to new home; movers pulled the let's-carry-one-item-a piece to milk the customer for as long as we can move. Scam #4 - When told they would not be paid past the minimum three hours that I would be hiring a different company for the following day. They ran so fast the sweat was pouring. Finished (1) 26 ft truck; loading & unloading in 2 hours & 15 min. WAY OFF from the original quote of 8-10 hours. Had they done (2) truck loads they could have been done in 5; maybe 6 hours. *they work as fast or as slow as they can in order to make the most money off the customer. Unprofessional-ism #1 - They were late. I was given a window of 9-10 am and they showed up at 10:20 with no prior call. I had to call the main office & they just put me on hold. Unprofessional-ism #3 - Movers put a lemon sized hole in the wall while moving furniture; instead of communicating the mistake they covered the wall with their handy dandy large moving post it note the color of the wall to avoid being seen. Unprofessional-ism #4 - Bobby; the manager was rude and disrespectful. They spent their time making jokes and talking about us the whole time. Bobby also attempted to physically intimidate me by standing in front of my car door demanding I sign the paperwork to let them leave. When I exited the car; he shouted in my ear that there was 10 minutes left to the contract and I needed to sign immediately. Unprofessional-ism #5 - Movers dropped marked items in garage and main floor to avoid moving to either the upstairs or downstairs. Unprofessional-ism #6 - Found all boxes marked "fragile" upside down. Luckily we packed well and the damage was one item of little value. Unprofessional-ism #7 - Company never contacted after the service to get feedback. Scam from the get-go. We refused to be taken by any of their tactics. Literally turned on the surveillance at the new home and kept the videos. Had friends come to witness as well as the handyman that was at the new house installing shelving. There were (2) Russian gentlemen that were clearly the "workers" and they did a good job. We went out of our way to thank and tip them personally. I did not tip the others who were supervising the move; they were the scammers indeed and the ones making it difficult for everyone. These guys only moved the items from the main floor & left the other levels for the next company I had to find; easiest route for them. Denver Professional Movers attempts to take advantage of people when they are vulnerable and moving without the opportunity to recover. I fortunately had the time and resources to delay the second half of my move to the following day. I contacted another company Denver Small Movers for the following day to complete the job. The service between the two companies was night and day. Denver Small Movers had 3 guys; did a full 26 ft truck as well; finished in 3 1/2 hours and were the nicest fastest working guys I could have asked for. I paid $200/hr for 3 guys Mind you these guys were left with the basement and upstairs to tackle. They made sure everything was where we wanted it and even moved a heavy item that Denver Professional put in the wrong place. I've work in the property management field in Denver for 25 years so I was very aware of the potential tactics as well as being prepared both for the move and any unexpected situations. Not only were we ready and waiting for them to show up but we had donuts waiting for them when they finally arrived 20 minutes late. I am member of AAMD & Denver Real Estate Commission; I will do my best to warn the public of this company. Don't waste your time and heartache over something so important - stay far away from Denver Professional Movers. If looking for reliable, hard working and honest movers use DENVER SMALL MOVERS; they saved the day & proved not all Denver movers will try to take advantage of you!!
- Laurie H.

Vlad and his team did a great job! Our move took much more time than we originally anticipated, but that's pretty standard for this type of thing. They arrived a few minutes late, but worked for almost 8 hours non stop. No hidden fees, or other issues. I would definitely use them again!
- A G.

We hired DPM to move out of our condo on the 27th of December. They sent 3 guys, Darren (the lead) was good, however there were 2 guys who seemed like they were new on the job who goofed around for 5 hours! We moved only a year ago from a 3rd story apartment and it took 2 guys 4 hours (8 man hours), this time it took 3 guys 5 hours (15 man hours). That's twice as long! The 2 guys were wrestling, joking, goofying off... not taking anything seriously. On top of that, they damaged our carpet. There was snow outside that was tracked in and left severe mud stains all over the carpet which we now have to hire cleaners to clean up. As soon as we saw how negligent they were, we went out and bought plastic covers to put around the carpet of our new home. I just can't believe how unprofessional these people were. The only good thing they did was cover up the furniture really well to protect it from damage... now if only they did that to the carpet too. We honestly could been done in 3 hours had we had 2 hard working guys and not 1 hard worker and 2 goofs. I am so utterly disappointed with this place. I can't believe we trusted the Yelp reviews, you failed me Yelp.
- Hanh P.

My fiance and I hired Denver Professional Movers to move us each from our individual condo's into our new house. Setting up the move was easy. One truck went to my fiance's condo and one came to my condo. Both trucks showed up on time and loaded and unloaded in the quoted time. I had used a moving company once before and they were not as professional as Denver Professional Movers. DPM wrapped ever piece of furniture to prevent scratching/damage. We did have a few boxes that ended up in the wrong rooms, but overall that was not a huge deal - considering how many boxes they were dealing with. They were also very careful moving all furniture and removed all furniture wrapping once moved in. The staff from both trucks went above and beyond helping us move. I would highly recommend them. Once the trucks were empty the movers did a walk through with us to ensure they did not forget anything on their trucks.
- Jamie B.

Bobby and his team did a fantastic job, super fast and friendly service from Denver to Colorado Springs!
- Nathan K.

We had a great move, and I feel very good recommending Denver Professional Movers. They came on time, communicated very well, took great care with our things, and got the job done quick. We had a crib that would not fit through a door. The guys took the door off the hinges, and when that still did not work, they helped me disassemble the crib and put it back together in my sons new room. Thanks for a great move!
- Scott B.

Super affordable. Fast, careful, efficient!! Moved from a 2 bedroom on the 2nd floor to a 2 bedroom on the 3rd floor. The movers were great, and set things up for me in the new place. Definitely a great choice!!
- Nina S.

Very pleased with my experience! I utilized this company as I relocated from Texas to unpack my container at the storage facility and travel to my new apartment. Not only were they able to accommodate my schedule, but they were efficient and respectful, explaining each step along the way. Beck and Frank were the best! Quick and careful with no damages or issues. I would absolutely recommend this group!
- Jessica G.

Unfortunately, a horrible experience with these guys. First off, not all of them spoke English, maybe even only one, so it made communication with them very difficult. Telling them what we wanted or what we needed to do seemed to fall on deaf ears unfortunately, if you want to call it that since it was obviously unable to communicate with them. Second, we were not supposed to be charged for an hour of service as their truck had died when trying to move to our moving location and they had to have their manager come and jump it. They charged us for that time and we forgot to bring it up with all the chaos of the move. When we got to our destination, we specifically told them that we wanted coolers to be placed in the kitchen as they had food in them. Most of them made it, but one ended up in the back of a room behind a ton of boxes. By the time I was able to locate this cooler, the food had gone bad in it, once again, lack to being able to communicate with all but one mover. When they had finally finished moving, they were writing up the bill, and once again, no credit for the hour the truck was down, they asked how much we wanted to tip. Well, when we told them how much we wanted to tip, they laughed at us and said that most people give us $50 each! I actually had to negotiate the tip with these people which is absolutely ridiculous. Instead of just saying forget it, you don't want what we are giving you, you get nothing, I actually went through the negotiating process with them which was totally stupid and, after what I had found, they should have gotten absolutely nothing, especially charging us for the hour they were down. We did find some damaged items and had to file a claim. They low balled us with the amount that they wanted to give us and had to point some things out in order to get it a little higher. Still wasn't compensated for the hour down time that they had and we had damage to our bed, a chair, a dressed, in which we were told sorry, we don't cover fiberboard items. Here's an idea, don't stack heavy items on top of it if it's a question. This is a company that looks like a hit and miss for people, some have good experiences, some have terrible experience, unfortunately, we were one of the terrible experiences where I would never in any way recommend these people. Good luck to everyone out there who hires these guys and I hope you have one of the great experiences.
- Phil G.

They were very professional and super fast! Amazing work guys! No marks on my walls and I appreciate you for that. Even at a rough spiral downstairs case you guys managed to get our futon without any marks on my wall.
- April V.

They were fast and efficient but I kinda wish they took more time to care for my stuff a little more. They were more fast focused than care focused. They should be called Denver Fast Movers.
- Brett S.

These guys at Denver Professional Movers really are professionals and top notch!! I see bad reviews on here and I cant see why. I really cant! They wrap everything when they move it so they don't cause damage to your walls and door frames moving your stuff. All I can say is wow! They drove to my pods I had at U-Haul and loaded my things and even pointed out damage that was caused by U-Haul and showed much respect for my stuff! Look no further for a moving company!!
- The G.

These guys were great. I've used them twice in the past year. Two guys showed up on time and worked fast but carefully. I moved from a studio to a one bed so it only took 2 hours and I still had to pay for three but it was well worth it. Highly recommend!
- Mike B.

I want to give a shout out to the moving company I used recently. These guys went above and beyond! They responded to my inquiry almost immediately regarding their price, which I thought was fair. I booked with them and they made sure to follow through with all my questions. I had never used a moving company before (my poor dad had to do all the work lol) and it went easier then I thought. Easy to contact and keep in touch with, and treated my stuff as if it was their own. Check them out, they are super helpful. Moving is never fun but they definitely make it easier!
- Adriana C.

After getting quotes from various other moving service here in Denver, Denver Professional Movers was the most competitive pricing by far! Not only that I was recommended to them by a friend who also had an amazing experience. Not only were their rates amazing, they were so quick and full service! They broke down my bed and re-assembled it and treated everything with care and professionalism! I had a one bedroom moving to a two bedroom. I had most things packed, but they help me back the rest and finished roundtrip and re-assembled in 3 hours. Boxes were also available to purchase for super cheap. They also have wardrobe boxes included in your quote so you don't have to fold or box your nicer things and keep them on the hangers. Photo of Justin J. Comment from Justin J. of Denver Professional Movers
- Ryann S.

Just hired this company for a seamless move yesterday from a 3 bedroom townhome to a 5 bedroom single family home. My piano was moved expertly. Everything was already packed and ready to go so it took them about 2.5 hours round trip. All 4 movers were courteous and clean. Definitely used the money I saved to add more to the tip!
- Kimberly A.

Highly satisfied with the move of three bedroom house. Planning and scheduling were easy. Five man crew arrived on time and got right to work. Everything was packed in boxes, but they had to wrap and move the furniture, including some disassembly. They were quick, but careful. The loading and unloading took less than the estimated time. Since it was billed on an hourly rate, the cost was less than the estimate. Reasonable price and transparency, no surprise charges. Furnishings were undamaged and re-assembly of beds and tables were good. Overall, crew and company were professional, efficient and friendly. I would use them again.
- Bill D.

I have some positives and negatives to report. First and most important is they set pricing and expectations through the entire process and were always within their quotes. For that they are 5 stars. The other major positive was that they worked extremely hard to get couch out of our basement without damage up a small and tight stair case. They were able to handle all the big items and did so while doing their absolute best to protect the items and the property. Now for the negative: When they were loading they took a long time to wrap everything and get it onto the truck. I had mixed emotions since it felt like it was taking an eternity to load the truck but I also knew they were taking time to protect our stuff. The other negative was a couple guys were chain smokers and since I didn't want smoke in the house it meant some extra breaks to smoke. In the end there was a few minor dings, dents and scratches on things but it was exactly what we expected for a big move. For the professionalism, pricing and overall experience this is a good moving company but I had to give four stars due to the couple negative items which may not be as big a deal for you.
- Dominic L.

Purchased a Yelp Deal Did a great job! Moved everything quickly and carefully. Had zero issues and they even put felt pads on the bottom of EVERY piece of furniture in the new house! Thanks guys, for making my move care free!
- Carman R.

Everything was great, timely and efficient. These movers are experienced and quickly, yet carefully moved my items. I appreciated that they worked within my time constraints. It is apparent they take their job seriously and do their best. They sent a team of 4 instead of 3, but didn't charge me. A drawback was that 2 of the movers did not wear masks. Thankfully, my family was outside or in other rooms for most of the reviews.
- Lisa B.

Everything was great. They were on time and efficient. Made sure not to damage anything and were very professional. Would use them again!
- Sunny K.

Moving is always hard, but these guys did an amazing job. They were super careful with our belongings and so friendly. Appreciated how hard they worked on our move. Would definitely recommend!
- Grace H.

Where to start? This is the second time I use this company. I will use them for sure on my next move. Excellent service, on time and great communication. They were both very careful with all my furniture and boxes. They were able to disassemble, move and assemble again very complex furniture. They really went the extra mile, by coincidence Amazon delivered a new piece of furniture while we were moving, they not only helped the UPS guy to bring the heavy boxes up to the third floor, but they also offered to help me assemble the new bed (not an easy task to do by myself). They completed it in a very professional way. I will recommend them for sure.
- David M.

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