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About Delicate Moving

Delicate Moving understands that every person craves the security of moving confidently. Our moving professionals have over 50 years of collective industry experience, guaranteeing that your moving experience will be careful, streamlined, and low stress. Our moving teams consist of qualified movers trained to meet the standards our customers have come to expect from Delicate Moving since 1993. Our experienced movers are courteous, conscientious, and committed to providing our clients with an outstanding moving experience.

Moving-Me about Delicate Moving

The Company is in moving business since 1993. For this period they proved to be experienced and efficient at disassembling and reassembling furniture and completed over 17000 moves. At Delicate Moving, they believe in being full-service, superior movers for the DFW area and beyond in Texas, so they offer it all: local moving, long-distance moving, flexible insurance packages, environmentally protected & secured storage, packing services and so much more.

Delicate Moving Licenses & Certificates

Delicate Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 1327398

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: 000570400B

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What is Delicate Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Dellicate Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Delicate Moving Reviews

Excellent customer service, arrived as scheduled, flexible and efficient.
- Debra B.

Hire them!
- Sharon E.

The level of care they took with our furniture was excellent. They took a little longer, but they were methodical, We did not pay hourly, they quoted us a flat rate. I would highly recommend this company.
- Kathy S

Very careful
- William W

They tried to back the van up our driveway against my wishes and gouged some grass loose in the neighbor's lawn before they abandoned the effort; minor damage no repair required; but overall, they did great work with moving our things and were very professional, friendly and courteous.
- Linda M.

Great team!
- Kristen B.

Movers were very careful, neat and tidy. All the guys were great.
- Sherri J.

Delicate Moving Systems was incredibly professional, quick to respond and provided great service. The movers showed up right on time and were friendly and professional. We discussed about how long we would like the move to take and they worked their tails off to make that happen. They even gave us a heads up halfway through so we could make sure to get to our new house and unloaded in the time we desired. Best money we've ever spent!
- Hannah R.

This is a lovely group of people. They are not only affordable but friendly and professional. The movers were respectful and worked quickly and efficiently. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

Incredible service – these guys went the extra mile to take care of my furniture during the move.

Best, on time, no hidden charges movers I’ve had in very delicate and antique type cargo !!!! Packed into storage perfectly and hand wrapped a huge mirror!!! Well done gentleman great job and super easy to work with !!!

Great customer service and overall experience, I couldn’t recommend them more! Aaron and Sam took great care with my items and moved quickly. Thanks, Delicate Moving!

Have used Delicate Moving Company several times and could not be more pleased with the move start to finish. We have recommended them to our family and friends because they are are professional, on time, careful, and competent.

I have used Delicate four or five times now. From my daughter moving in and out of apartments to our personal home move. Always professional, on time, courteous and efficient! Not to mention reasonable. Genie is fabulous to work with!

I wanted to take the time to write this review. I have used this moving company in the past for my client with my business and due to the service decided to use them for personal family. James Kern the owner completed an estimate and gave a very reasonable rate moving from West Texas to DFW area. We planned the move for April 2 and even though it was Easter Sunday the Crew & Kenneth arrived Sunday night in Midland to ensure an early start on Monday. Monday The Crew & Kenneth arrived on time at 8:30 am did a walk through and had our family packed and loaded by 1 pm. There was a minor delay as the truck was not large enough to hold all of the packed items and Cynthia & office worked with us and covered the additional U-Haul needed to get the rest of the household items. Tuesday The Crew & Kenneth arrived as scheduled and unpacked and set up very Professionally and timely. And for a small fee took away our unpacked boxes & paper to dispose. The Final Price was well below the estimate our family were very pleased with the final price as well as the extra care they gave our senior parents. We highly recommend Delicate Moving especially The Crew & Kenneth team. You will not be disappointed. Thank you James and Team.
- Christina C.

They moved furniture for me to my office and residence. Very easy to work with their movers, and their company headquarters. They double checked and triple checked items before moving and after with us to make sure there weren't any special instructions and to confirm any prior damages and tlc needed. They want to make sure we were happy with every detail, we loved their due diligence. They have good follow up and someone's always available.
- Cathy C.

I had Delicate Systems move me from Allen to Austin back in July. My experience with quoting, scheduling, and everything up to and including the move was great, however trying to follow up with them in regards to some items damaged during the move has been a tiring and strung out process. The movers were friendly and worked hard. Dino was awesome, and I enjoyed working with him during loading and unloading. The truck was packed 100% full, and unfortunately a few items of mine were damaged. It took quite a few months to get resolution in regards to compensation for the damages, which was the only challenge working with the company. If it wasn't for this issue I'd give them 5 starts without a doubt.
- Nadeem P.

Delicate Moving gave me comfort during a difficult time. From the start of the process (interviewing movers) through the completion of the move, I had confidence in ALL employees. I was treated courteously and professionally and I could not recommend one bit higher. I appreciate the outstanding customer service, the timeliness of service and the gentleness with which my mother's "pretties" were handled. Thank you Delicate Moving!
- S C.

I would not recommend this moving 'company's to my worst enemy! Things started off well the morning of the move. After placing all of the furniture into their truck, they said they would stop and grab something to eat. WELL, they must have gone and sat down at a restaurant because it took more than an hour for the crew (2 men and a lady) to arrive at the new location, that was professional!! I guess they didn't have the energy after eating because things were just thrown into the house. While straightening up after the move, I discovered my mom's antique dresser is totally DESTROYED! They did a great job at propping it up against the wall however while applying some furniture polish, my mom stated, "I didn't notice that piece of wood sticking out"... I took a closer look and that's when I discovered, the entire left side if the dresser had come completely apart from the rest of the dresser and most if the drawers were off their rails! THIS THINGS IS TRASH NOW! Gorilla glue would not help it at this point. The charges will be disputed. Just hope and pray I do not discover anything else destroyed while straightening up.
- Henry S.

If I could give this a 0 star I would. CAUGHT STEALING! NICK WAS CAUGHT STEALING. FILED POLICE REPORT FIRST DAY IN THE NEW HOME. DELICATE MOVING JAMES KERN OWNER HAS NEGLECTED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS. HERE IS MY POLICE REPORT: (too long, damaged furniture, took 2 hour break with our items in truck. Will provide where I caught nick stealing)After unloading more items with only Chase and Scott I went into the house and Chase yelled for Nick and I walked around looking for Nick and he was in the master with bed rails on the floor half put together as if he was putting the bed rails together and he was unwrapping one the night stands with his knife. I said, "You don't need to unwrap that or anything you know, or put anything together" and he looked at me with doe eyes and replied, "Oh, I don't?" and a confused tone. As if the whole day and the day before none of the men including him didn't unwrap one of our items or put anything together. I replied to him saying, "No my dad knows how to put everything together and me and my mom unpack the stuff." He began to walk out of the room and I heard jingling in his pants as if it sounded like keys were in his shorts and I stayed in the room putting the saran wrap back on and I noticed right next to the night stand the jewelry box had been unwrapped.Nick asked my mom if he could use the restroom before they left. (Keep in mind we are in the kitchen and the guest bathroom is in the living room next to the kitchen; the master bathroom is clear across the house) My mom says it's fine to use the restroom and then she nudges me and gave me a look to see what was going on. I immediately began walking towards the master area and he had to of been on a fast walk because I walked right after he left the room and I wasn't seeing him in the hallways. As you walk towards the master since the house is a U shape there are many walls and hallways. I passed the entrance and went to the hallway that leads to the office and guest bathroom next to the master, as I turned the corner I saw the guest bathroom had the lights off and the door was half way open. My stomach dropped because I realized he wasn't in the bathroom. When you are standing in the hallway you have to make a turn to see the master room and in the hallway you only see the office and bathroom. I made the turn and I saw Nick crouched over grabbing handfuls of jewelry and putting it into his short pockets. I stood there for a second to see him doing it and he didn't hear me walking or see me. He was so focused on getting as much as he could and ALL the fans were on in the master (when we moved in the AC was broke in the master it was hot in just that room so we bring fans in) I walked into the doorway and said, "What do you think you're doing?" I said this as he had a third handful of jewelry in his hand and he shot up and dropped was in his hands and put both of his hands up and began his speech, "Im sorry, we get paid off of tips and I can barely support my daughter. I'm so sorry, Im sorry" As he kept repeating that he was sorry and that they get paid off of tips. I stood there staying silent for a second as I have NEVER been put in ANY situation like this.. I have always put myself in safe situations and been aware of my surroundings so I wouldn't ever be unsafe. After a second of me processing this, I said, "Put the stuff back." He reached into his pockets and dropped what he had back into the drawer. I said, "Take your shoes off." He began taking his shoes off, he took his hat off and wiggled the hat to show there was nothing in it and brushed his hair with his hand and then put his hat back on. I walked over to him and I pulled his pockets out so I could confirm to myself everything was out. On his left pocket he had his cellphone and his MOD (vape device/smoking device) When there was only a phone and a mod I wondered why was he jingling earlier when he was in the master if there was no keys in his pocket? After I backed away from him he said in a very intimidating voice, "Do not make a scene" over and over again as he was walking towards me. I was terrified and my legs and arms began to feel shaky and weak. I replied, "Get out of my house." I moved back towards the door and he began to walk with me as i was backing up and I stopped at the doorway and he stopped with me and I said, "You're walking in front of me" I was so scared if I walked in front of him and he walked behind me he was going to hurt me from behind. He began walking out of the doorway and I waited for a second to keep my distance and then I began walking behind him. As we were walking in the hallway he stopped and turned towards me and looked me in my eyes and said, "Do not say anything." as he used hand motions. I stayed quiet and he turned back and kept walking towards the kitchen. As we approached the kitchen I felt sick.(can't add more. stole pink ring because he said his daughter loves pink
- Haley H.

If I could give a 0, I would. In my many years of moving, I have never experienced a more unprofessional, inexperienced, rude, and slow group of movers. About 2 hours into the move, I noticed one of the movers literally carrying one small item at a time, putting it in the truck, then staying in the truck for 5 minutes! When I quietly approached him, he angrily and aggressively responded to me and said if I didn't want his help, he would leave. He did just that. After speaking to the owner, he acted shocked. I had to 2 men for the rest of the move and he only barely reduced the fee. Well, that didn't matter, because the other 2 movers took 6 MORE HOURS, to complete a job that could've been finished in 3-4 hours. It took 8 hours!!!! They had no sense of urgency, moved slowly, and had music blasting all day. The move cost $750+ and then they thought they would get a tip! My brand new apartment has scratches in the door, the wall, and dishes were broken. Never, ever will I recommend this company!!! First and only time.
- Tracie B.

Not a good experience... at all! 1st they were late. Hours late. I finally called and was told they were running late, but was never given a new time to expect them. 2nd, they were SLOW! I've never seen movers work so slowly. To the point that I jumped in to help. As they were heading out the team lead mentioned that they were going to grab a bite on their way to my new house. I thought very little of it. After they left, I packed my car and headed over to the new house. I got there 45 mins before they did and left at least 30 mins after them. So they took over an hour break, and charged me for it. They were just as slow unloading, to the point that we asked them not to remove plastic, that we would do it. Then we asked them to put some things in the attic, which the lead laughed and said no, attics scare him. Um, seriously? So he instructed the crew just to stack EVERYTHING in our garage. They paid no attention to the labels on the boxes. When things came off the truck, I would ask for them to be moved to specific locations, only to have my request ignored. The next day I went back to the old house and found tons of trash everywhere! Empty water bottles just thrown in the yard. Packing materials littering almost every room upstairs. I spent an hour picking up after them!!! I called the company to complain and to ask for a refund for the hour + that I was charged for their lunch break. I was promised a refund of that time, and that someone would come out to move the heavy planters that were just ditched on the sidewalk. No call to follow up and schedule someone to come out. No refund check came. We finally contested part of the charge on our credit card and got some money back. On top of everything else, several pieces of furniture were scratched or broken by them! Worst Movers Ever!
- Davanna J.

We needed furniture moved from 3 different rooms to others. I called and they were here when they were supposed to be and could not have been more helpful. In between the time we called them and they got here we had a change in plans of what we wanted moved. They were understanding and did the work without a hitch. If I ever need moving services again I would definitely call them.
- Maurice B.

Delicate Moving came recommended by the people we bought our house from. They had a great experience, and said this company was affordable. The booking experience was efficient and thorough. Our experience on the day of the move was not good. Delicate Moving "no showed" on us the morning of our move! We were scheduled for 8-10 a.m. arrival window. I made reservations to board our dogs that morning so they would be out of the way. We had a smaller move with only furniture and a few larger boxes. All furniture was already broken down. At 8:30, I received a text from the company stating arrival time was delayed between 9:30-10:30 a.m. Near 10:30, I called as no one had showed. The customer service personal had to attempt to call the crew. When she called me back, she told me she had bad news...that they were not responding to calls or texts and she could not say when they would arrive. She said they had gotten off a late night job at 1:30 a.m. and were probably tired. I was dumbfounded! She said we could either wait for them to show, or she could potentially schedule us for the next day. After another call back to us, she then confirmed next day was not an option after all. As she couldn't guarantee if or when they would arrive, we canceled the reservation and had to scramble to find another mover last minute. Fortunately, we were able to find a crew with another company. This delayed our move by serval hours that day. This was absolutely the worst experience. The customer service agent was apologetic, and we did receive a hand-written apology note from the owner about a week later with a gift card to Home Depot; however, the no-show on the day of the move is inexcusable when people plan their lives around a service that is not being provided.
- Judy I.

I would highly recommend Delicate Movers!!! They were absolutely amazing!!! The quote process was simple and upfront. Irma was wonderful. She was friendly and personable!! She sent the quote right away and it was a great price. We were contacted the day before to confirm all the details of the move. We were contacted again the day of the move to know what time the movers were arriving. They arrived at the that time. They were quick, courteous and very careful with our belongings. They arrived at the house and unloaded the truck in a timely manner and asked where we wanted our stuff. The pricing was upfront and had no surprises. We are currently renting and hope to buy a house in 2020. We will absolutely use this company again!!! Shout out to Kenneth, Desmond and William!! Thank you, Thank You!!!!
- Cindy K.

Could I give less than 1 star? So after waiting more than 6 hours for the crew to arrive because of "flat tire" issues that were poorly communicated to both myself and their moving supervisor/main office, they were nonchalant and would not accept responsibility for their poor communication stating, "we had to get tires fixed and had to wait on them so we had no control over things." True, but you have a phone and can call ppl to let them know..... The move itself was ok but I really did not appreciate the fact that it took until after dark for everything to get done. Also, so far I have found broken electric socket panels in my newly renovated apartment; who knows what other broken things I will find!! I had used this moving company twice in the past and each time in the past, a moving van with the company name on it moved me. Not this time. What arrived was a 24 foot trailer with no company logo that was pulled by crew leader's personal extended cab 4x4 pickup truck, again with no company logo on it. I was told the other day by the supervisor that she would contact me today and, surprise, she didn't call. I tried to call her phone and the main office number and no answer, no call back from my messages. Guess all I can do is dispute the overcharge with my credit card company.
- Dianne B.

Wonderful movers! Super friendly, hard working and trustworthy. They took special care of my belongings and I felt great about the entire move. I highly recommend them.
- Luz J.

We had less than an acceptable experience, total nightmare to say the least, we caught one of their workers going through a jewelry box, seriously?? We contacted them, we were told what their employees do is not a reflection of them as a company. I could never recommend Be careful
- K H.

Delicate movers were professional, efficient and flexible with our move of my wife's 90 year old mother from a regular apartment to one in a senior facility. I would use them again and/of refer to a relative or friend. Sincerely, CK Singleterry
- Cedric S.

I'm mortified. They were scheduled to come between 8am and 10am so I scheduled everything around them. Two guys show up. Start moving stuff. They 30 min later I am told that one of the guys is leaving and they will be sending a new crew. I get a phone call from the owner I believe that the two guys apparently had a falling out and they would be referring me to another company to get me moved today. Now I am watching the guys take stuff off the truck and unwrap it while I'm waiting to hear if I am actually going to move today, the guys are fighting in the front yard yelling. This is completely unprofessional. Do NOT hire this company as they are clearly unreliable and can ruin your entire moving day.
- Emily E.

Had a very difficult situation to deal with for my move. Delicate Moving, especially Travis and the crew that moved me are AWESOME!! I had problem after problem occur that prohibited my move, Travis rescheduled with me multiple times, made an extra effort to help me. To say this move was messy is an understatement. The three men that completed my move went out of their way to help me and did a great job. This is my fourth move with Delicate Moving and I have had the same Crew Chief each time. They were very polite and careful. We also had to deal with rain. I will continue to use Delicate Moving in the future and recommend them to everyone. Everyone I have dealt with at Delicate Moving has been professional and courteous. They have big hearts and show it to their clients.
- Andrew S.

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