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is building one of the most powerful and enduring foundations within the hub of Boston movers while revolutionizing the industry and forever changing how today’s consumer will view residential and commercial relocation.

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Quality of service: 4.8

Punctuality: 4.8

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.8

Customers’ rating: 4.9

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The best Moving Company Massachusetts – Cratos Moving Company

Known for the strength of our character and conviction as well as the gentle nature in which we care for the contents of our customers – the unparalleled service that the Cratos professionals provide alleviates anxiety and promotes the personalized attention that every customer deserves. Small truck, large truck or multiple trucks – we are the Boston moving company that will have everything that you will need and more to accommodate you. If you have unconventional requirements from the size and style of your living space or business to the unique composition of your contents, your qualified crew will be equipped with all of the essentials for safe and seamless transfer. Cratos is the moving company in Boston that will work with you through continual communication and commitment resulting in the epitome of customer satisfaction.

Massachusetts Moving Company Review – Cratos Moving Company

Unlike some of the other Boston movers, Cratos is committed to providing you with a bigger and more solid “bang for your buck” to make sure that you will be receiving all of the valued services and satisfaction that a customer should receive for the most affordable moving rates in Boston. They will not sacrifice any of their features or benefits to be known as cheap movers in Boston. Instead, this team will step up their game as leaders in the industry while giving you more quality, more efficiency, and the best results for less chaos, less stress, and a price that you can afford! Their Cratos team has been educated in the special technique of piano moving. As a bonus, they are Boston piano movers who can transport your instrument for temporary reasons, whether you need to take it to a piano technician for essential tuning and service or to have your piano moved to a theater or performance center for entertainment purposes. The Cratos team is trained and prepared to serve all of your Boston piano moving needs.

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Local State License: not provided

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What is the average Massachusetts mover service cost?

Cratos Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Massachusetts moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Cratos Moving Company Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.
Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

Verified and Trustworthy Massachusetts mover from Moving Me catalog – Cratos Moving Company

Moving-me is a team of professionals who respect your time and money. Being one of the best moving service selection companies operating all over the USA with reliable moving company reviews, we are doing our best to match a to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation at your needs and budget. Our aim is to gather facts about reliable movers to guarantee a stress free, cost-effective and fast moving. We have a passion for the work we do and take pride in providing our customers with an unforgettable moving experience!

Cratos Moving Company Reviews

This company was my best choice for moving. I decided to use it as the guys could pack some things for me. They also had all packaging materials ready to supply. I was relocating to a different town and needed some of my possessions to be safe in transit. The crew could handle everything very fast. I thought the whole process would take much longer. But I was already unpacking my boxes in a new place in the evening.
- Jake Pearson

This company is located in my new neighborhood. So I decided to use it for my move last week. I was moving from an apartment to a house. And I needed a big truck and skillful loaders to relocate my possessions. There was plenty of boxes, large size furniture, and other packages. The guys spent the whole day on loading, some repacking, and delivery. Upon arrival, I also needed their help with furniture assembly. All was done perfectly.
- Owen Mather

I tried different companies because I move a lot. But these guys are literally better of all I ever had called. They arrived right on time, in protective masks and gloves, in professional uniforms, and moreover, by a clean truck that could hold all the boxes with things. With other companies, there were various problems: being late, a dirty car, little space, lazy workers. But here's everything you need. All was done professionally and quickly. Recommend!
- Martina Aguilera

This service helped me with my recent move. It is my fault, but I was twice rescheduling the truck due to my personal reasons. And many thanks to the operator for understanding and being so flexible. When we finally did the job and I received the cost there was no extra charge for the rescheduling. The relocation was well organized and did not took long as a new address was just an hour drive from my old place.
- Chris Newlyn

A week ago, I had a very unexpected move to a different town. The biggest issue was to find a free truck for the earliest date possible. Besides, my things were not ready for transit. An employee at work recommended contacting Сratos and take advantage of a package offer from this company. It was good I learned of it. And they could start the job immediately. The guys really helped me with packaging.I gave instructions on what things should be packed, and they did the rest themselves. The entire move was organized within two days, including delivery.
- Joshua Hall

I bought a house in Cleveland at the end of last month and moved there from Boston with my family. We had about 40 boxes of our stuff, not counting the furniture. I had never moved before, so I had my doubts about such companies. I was like "how can these dudes pack it all in their truck?" But I was amazed at their professionalism. A big properly cleaned truck arrived. It was not difficult for them to carry a huge number of heavy boxes. The entire move process went as quickly as possible and there were no problems.
- Ross Mangun

I contacted several companies before I stopped on this one. Last week they were dealing with the delivery of my things from Boston to New Jersey. The main reason for my choice was a flexible price policy, I even was able to use a limited time offer which was a pleasant bonus. The company respected the agreed terms and my goods were delivered to a new place without delays.
- Dane Esethu

It so happened that I started looking for a moving company too late. In addition, the new apartment was on the 3rd floor and there was no lift in the building. Therefore, many did not want to take on my order. But these guys are not like that, after listening to me they found a solution and a command for me. They offered to disassemble/assemble the furniture and do the packing themselves, so that there are no surprises and everything goes according to their plan. It only played into my hands, I was ready to pay any amount, if only they would help me. They disassembled the furniture so that it was easier to bring it in, they carefully packed everything. In the new apartment on the same day, everything was collected. I am very happy and of course I will recommend you to everyone!
- Nate Howard

I mistakenly bought very weak boxes that could easily crash, despite I needed transit only with 20 miles. So the guys provided their own plastic crates for some of my possessions. They have repacked everything before loading to better protect my things. Loading and transit passed without any issues, and after lunchtime the goods were already with me.
- Brit Garner

My move was from Boston to Burlington. The time was not on my side, and I needed the same day delivery. This company was capable of fulfilling such a task. The delivery was done yesterday and the service was great. There were no issues with the loading, but I was very worried that they would not deliver the goods on time. But when I called them to recheck the whereabouts of the truck, the operator immediately provided accurate information based on GPS tracking. Great performance, all done as per schedule.
- Tom Jameson

We needed a reliable company to send nearly 20 boxes to Philadelphia. CratosMoving offered us a great deal and the next day delivery. The timing frame was perfect for us and we made an agreement for the same week. It is also much appreciated that the company is insuring all the goods during transit and it is completely safe to work with them. We did not have delays or damages, all was done without faults.
- Annette Marchesseault

When booking, I warned the operator that in addition to the standard substances, I would have a lot of indoor plants. These are both small plants and dwarf trees, so I need very neat movers. I would like to do without broken pots and scattered soil all over the house. And my wishes were taken into account. The guys were extremely careful and all the time consulted me about transporting larger plants. In the truck, they arranged the objects so that the plants would not turn over on the road and this also deserves an additional star, and the guys collected all 5 from me, did a great job.
- Heather Berry

Cratos was the first to provide me with their quote. The operator quickly estimated the cost for transportation of my goods from Boston to Chicago. And the delivery was realized last Tuesday. I could not find a single fault in their performance – truck arrived without delay and was very clean. The guys completed loading with no complaints even if some boxes were really heavy to lift. We agreed that good will be delivered to a new address within 2 days and the term was also kept.
- Brandon Zook

I hired this company for local relocation a few days ago. The main issue during my moving was the stairs. My apartment was on the third floor, and there was no elevator in the building. But it was not an obstacle for this service. And indeed, they coped fast and without complaints. The guys maneuvered skillfully without scratching the walls or furniture. The offloading was much easier and was done instantly.
- Darla Eaton

A month ago I ordered a sofa in the living room. They delivered it to me safely and during the assembly process it turned out that it does not fit in the place where it should. The saddest thing is that I got it wrong with the size. The only way out was to take this huge sofa to the country house. I immediately started looking for a moving company to arrange transportation and called CratosMoving. The task was unhurried and I was ready for any day. The couch was transported on December 10th. Part of the sofa had already been assembled, and some were still in their original packaging. Therefore, everything went with lightning speed, and the movers were noted for their punctuality and accuracy, which is extremely valuable for me.
- Cale Nittinger

Our relocation with this service was fast and efficient. We did not warn the operator that we had some very heavy furniture and they sent us only 2 movers. Last minute we called to send two more people and it was done. We appreciate it a lot that the company could find an immediate solution and did not cancel the truck. Everything else was completed successfully. A really flexible service!
- Eric Colin

Thanks to Cratos, I could finally relocate my piano from the apartment in Boston to the house in the neighboring town. It was not easy to find the service with the necessary equipment. And it was great to find this company, and I immediately placed an order. We did a few days ago. And I am very happy the instrument was delivered without scratches and other damages.
- Jesse Bradley

I was relocating to New York area recently and hired this company to take care of my goods delivery. They promised me the same day delivery, and it was what I really needed. I had mainly boxes to move. The guys arrived on Monday am and loaded everything at a lightning speed. In the afternoon the operator called me to reconfirm the delivery time. All arrived strictly as it was agreed. Very efficient service!
- Kym Luck

My mom sold her house in Providence to move closer to Boston. And we hired this company to bring her possessions. I appreciate that my mom got help at every stage of the process, the operator sent movers to check the volume of the goods, and then she sent reminders about the date and time. The relocation itself was very smooth, the guys loaded the goods and delivered them to the new address the next morning as we had previously agreed.
- Brent Mullet

I decided to move my parents to my big house. But they didn't want to move without their favorite furniture. I had to take the furniture along with my belongings. I could have taken their belongings in my minivan, but it took a truck for the furniture. Therefore, I had to add mooving company to the task. I have previously used Cratos services and I was quite satisfied with their work and I turned to them again. I was very lucky because the guys just had free time during the week and in three days they could start. By that time, the furniture was already partially disassembled, and things were carefully packed. The movers were not late, they worked quickly. The whole process took a little more than 4 hours. And I am already twice satisfied with the work of these guys!
- Dave Riley

I was looking for the service to transport some boxes and things to my house out of the city. It was roughly within 50 miles, so actually I needed the truck for a few hours. Luckily, this company was working on an hourly rate. So we agreed the date and time, and two days ago they delivered my boxes. I want to admit that the service is very efficient – the guys arrived without delays, worked quickly and carefully. My best recommendations!
- Meredith Zemke

My experience of working with the Cratos team was excellent. I contacted the company to deliver about 30 boxes to the New York area. Last week they successfully did the job. I liked that the operator could tell me the exact time of goods arrival as the company is using live GPS tracking. All boxes arrived clean and dry. The guys helped me to bring everything to the third floor, special thanks for it.
- Shalee Blackmer

The other day, this company relocated my possessions to a small neighboring town at 60 miles from Boston. It was a very positive experience. I was puzzled how to prepare some glass items for transit, and the operator suggested me to give this job to her people. It was a great solution – the guys brought protective materials to avoid breakage of fragile items . The whole job was done excellently, this company is very qualified.
- Christopher Brown

I really liked the quality of service I received from Cratos recently. I was sending two dozen boxes with expensive goods from Boston to Cleveland. My choice was mainly reasoned by the fact that company fully insures all the truck contents and monitors whereabouts of the truck in real time. I did not have to worry about my things. And all arrived in time and safe.
- Michael Mooney

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