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About Costa Mesa Moving Company

The moving company offers local residential to office and commercial relocation. We are fully insured and licensed to hand all types of moves across the nation. Costa Mesa does offer full packing option as well. This is for customers who do not want to pack their own items. The movers will come and do it for you. Typically this either takes place on the day that they load the items, or the day before.

Moving-Me about Costa Mesa Moving Company

This moving company is an independent company. They do not have affiliation with national van lines or referral services. The owner, David, has personally operated the company for nearly thirty years. This type of experience is hard to come by these days!  The company has an excellent reputation and also specialize in antiques and difficult to move pieces. They offer a variety of services at an affordable rate. Competitive pricing is standard with moving companies, but great rates are rare!

Costa Mesa Moving Company Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 1706190

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: 189863

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What is Costa Mesa Moving Company cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Costa Mesa Moving Company is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Costa Mesa Moving Company Reviews

We have used Costa Mesa Moving 6 times for our family as well as ur small business and every time, they are amazing. Thank you Dave, Ryan and rest of you at Costa Mesa moving! You guys are the best!
- Stephen Z.

This is my second time using Costa Mesa moving company and they've been so great both times. I'd highly recommend Phil and Jamil - they were awesome and had such an amazing attitude and handled everything with care. They also brought free wardrobe boxes that were extremely helpful with the move. I'll definitely be using them again!
- Anne R.

It is with heavy heart that I write this review. I've used their service since 2011 when I was pregnant with my first child. My apartment complex actually hired them to do a full move to another unit after a mold/water damage. They were so quick and professional. So ever since 2011, I have used them a handful of times. 5 times! My husband Paul P actually gave them a wonderful review in 2013 because they were really good! 2011, 2x Costa mesa to Costa Mesa 2012, Costa Mesa to Orange 2013, Orange to Aliso Viejo 2018, Aliso Viejo to Laguna Hills So I am a repeat customer. And I have recommend many friends to hire them as well because of how easy it was to book with them. They own their own trucks and the guys that they have sent were so professional. Except for my recent experience on January 2018... During my booking, they did see that I was a repeat customer. They saw that I usually just have two guys. They recommended to hire a 3rd guy to make things go faster! Absolutely! I said yes! I would love to hire a 3rd guy because it would save time! The day of the move... One of the guys they sent was sick. He was coughing alot. I felt so bad for him. He was the dad of the main lead so I get it. He had to take care of his papa and made sure he didnt do that much. Before moving my stuff in their truck, they did the usual. Walk through of the house and garage to see how much stuff I have. I was living in 3bdm2bath condo with a 2 car garage. My garage was filled with two cars. I wasn't a pack rat. Even if I was a pack rat, we owned 3 cars, if I didn't park inside the garage, I would not be able to park anywhere! During move day, I even hired babysitters to help out... Everything was packed up and ready to go. Did you know how long it took took for this move? 9.25hrs! And they were not able to put all my stuff in the truck! It was more like they didn't know how to pack that truck! By the time 4pm hits, they tell me, we can't put everything in the truck. You have too much stuff. Ur kidding! I called their office no answer. I called U Haul, no trucks available! It's Sunday afternoon! And I wouldn't even have any help! Our babysitter time was also so limited! It's not about the $. I have 3 young kids. My family needed the help! $121 per hour for the move. They did a total of 9.25hrs plus extra fees for materials. The bills was over $1000. My husband even had to go back to our condo 5x that evening because our condo had to be totally cleaned out for the new owners that bought our new home! I found one friend that was able to help out with the kids. He was a life saver! They failed to deliver their service. During the service, I could not get ahold of management to fix the problem. Even when looking for outside resources, u Haul couldn't even be an option. I spoke with the owner Dave the next day. He wanted pictures of my garage or any boxes. I even emailed him and called him regarding how my Ninja Coffee Maker was missing and family photos were missing. He didn't get back to me. I can't even believe that Dave even questioned why I tipped the guys if I wasn't happy with the service. Well Dave, it's common courtesy to tip. Like we tip our severs and bartenders even if the food is bad! If you are moving, don't go with these guys! They were awesome in the past! Maybe we got lucky who they sent last time. And this time for Jan 2018, we were not so lucky! But when there's an issue during the move especially on a Sunday, there is no supervisor or manager to help fix the problem. Save yourself the headache and the stress. Hire a reputatable company to move you especially if you are willing to spend alot of $$$ like I did! I would totally paid more if the job was done right. My husband didn't have to go back 5x back to my condo. Scrambling to find someone to help with the kids. And the worse part. No coffee maker and family canvas photo. I don't know where it went and when I emailed the owner... No response.
- Grace L.

Just recently used these folks on moving my father-in-law into our house. This was the third time having used the company and each time they were great. Some items were really tricky to maneuver but the guys got them where they needed to go without damaging anything. Each time the movers have been professional and arrived within the appointed window. This time around they really hustled and I was surprised how quickly they accomplished the move, with the resulting (very reasonable) cost reflecting the speed with which they moved. For any local move I would not hesitate to contact these folks again.
- Jerry D.

Were very professional and efficient Got the move done in a timely manner and made a painstaking event as painless as possible The manager Drew was easy to work with and very friendly and knew what he was doing His helpers Oscar and Ricardo work diligently and efficiently and very professionally I would highly recommend them
- Mark A.

Acceptable move; some unprofessional and shady behavior. We used the Costa Mesa Moving company recently for a move within Orange County. The move itself was OK, but there were a few things that raised some red flags for us: Pros: - The movers were friendly, and helpful. - No damage to our items, which doesn't seem like it needs to be said, but after using so many other moving companies, it's rare to not get something damaged. - They guided us on how to make sure things were securely packed. Cons: - The movers arrived 15 minutes late. I guess this is OK, but it doesn't seem fair to charge me for the first hour if you come 15 minutes late. - We had 3 guys to move us, and it was surprising that they took about 2 hours longer than the moving company we used to move into the place. The movers were nice, but they took an awfully long time. I guess that's OK, but when you are charging by the hour, it's not very professional to dilly-dally. - All 3 of the movers asked to use our bathroom, which is fine. But we didn't expect them to take turns using the bathroom for 20 minutes each to do their morning business. And they of course charged me for this hour they were on their phone doing their business in the bathroom. - But the major concern for me is that they CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. You should really ask them about this. We checked our credit card a few days after the moved and saw a charge from them. We immediately reached out and they said they do this because they "have been burned before" and want to make sure they get paid. Fine, we understand that. But YOU CAN'T JUST CHARGE PEOPLE'S CARDS WITHOUT TELLING THEM. What if we didn't have that money? What if we didn't check? This felt extremely shady to us. And when we brought this up with them they seemed shocked that we would take offense to this practice. Weird.
- Marie R.

This is the second time I am working with Costa Mesa Moving Company and I love it! Karl, John and William did an excellent job! Very hard workers and excellent customer service! I recommend them in a heart beat Next time I will move , I will hire them again!
- Cynthia V.

Recently my wife and I moved and were referred to Costa Mesa Moving Company. I wish I had something new to add to the many positive reviews already posted but all I can do is co-sign the positivity. Manny and Brian showed up promptly and proceeded to expertly wrap and move all of our belongings. Noting was damaged, they were friendly and polite. They made it look easy to be honest. Id absolutely use this company again and have no hesitations about recommending them. Thanks for a great job guys!
- Sean F.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! WARNING! The worst experience I have ever had moving. I was told by Irvine Center Company that this was the best moving company. As both of us have learned, they were wrong. I was quoted a price for the move a month in advance. When they completed the job they signed off on one price. However after checking my account they charged more WITHOUT consulting me. That isn't the worst part. During the move, the movers broke the bottom of my TV stand. Instead of getting to the bottom of it, Dave from Costa Mesa Moving was very argumentative. He asked if the guys could come repair it after hours, but got upset that I text him after hours. What sense does that make? I had to cause hell just to get him to do what's right. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. AGAIN- DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY Also, overall crappy job.
- Amondo R.

Be prepared to be lied to. I was quoted 1/3 of the actual cost we ended up paying (and that was with adding additional guy), items will get scratched and even broken, workers will take extensive breaks and still charge you for it. Highly against this company - save yourself the anxiety and financial burden. The management is not helpful and insults you when you want to make things right. We provided lunch and drinks to them and none of that mattered because we didn't see the discrepancy until months later. I will never personally recommend this company to any of my friends or family.
- Zack M.

We used Costa Mesa Moving for an in-town move of our 4+ Bedroom house. Everything was great from setting up the appointment with Joe, to having the team of 4 guys move all our stuff for us. The team of Rosalino, Mario, Carlos and Ricardo were all really great and personable. They took the time to walk thru the house first to understand what was moving and what would stay. They did a terrific job! I really appreciated the " 3 ways to save " document they sent after I booked the appointment. It helped me to really prepare, and the move ended up costing less than I was originally quoted. I would use them again, but I hope I will not need to... for a very long time! Thanks Costa Mesa Moving Company!
- Cathy G.

They moved people next door and blocked my driveway on a private street. If you want to leave on a negative note with your ex neighbors, they are the ones to hire.
- Jack A.

I was just at my Public Storage unit at 2075 Newport Blvd Costa Mesa. This company is very unprofessional. Nobody had masks or gloves on. At approximately 9 a.m on may 18th as they were leaving in the elevator one guy fake sneezed out toward my gf and I. This is criminal. They wernt happy I parked out front to unload my stuff. It was a slight inconvenience to them and they chose to be nasty. Hire this company at your own risk. Very immature and unprofessional company. This has been reported to everything possible. Good day to you!
- Josh H.

When I first started getting quotes for moving us, CMMC was the only company that returned our calls quickly and provided us with a very accurate quote. Drew, Mario, and Sina were the assigned movers who moved our house last October. They were courteous and quick. No damage or scrapes on walls or furniture. They did a great job and I can only recommend them and the company as a whole. Keep up the good work and stay healthy and safe in these crazy times.
- Tom N.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY ALL THEIR FAKE GOOD REVIEWS. This is the most unprofessional moving company ever. Example one they destroyed our furniture including our Internet modem. Example two they will keep some of your stuff if it's worth a lot. And example three they will harass you on the phone if you leave them a bad review on Yelp. Unfortunately we hired them to move our stuff from Glendale to Irvine and it was the worst mistake of our life's. First they charged us more than they said they will and to make matters worse they damaged most of our furniture. So we called the owner name David and he was extremely rude and unprofessional about it. He refused to reimburse us and he kept making excuses for he's movers. So we left them a negative review on Yelp. Later that evening we kept receiving threatening phone calls from him and he's employee's. I guess he didn't have the balls to confront us in person so he decided to harass us over the phone and on Yelp lol. It got so bad that we had to call the police and the officer called and left them a voicemail telling them to stop. We are planning to take legal action against them if they start harassing us again and I also informed my attorney..
- F N.

Recent move from HB to Costa Mesa. Drew and his crew were outstanding. Very pleasant guys. We had scheduled a 2-day pack and move and they were so efficient that they were ready to finish the move on day one. Further, they came in well under our original estimate. The guys were true professionals on a hot day in July! Would definitely recommend for an OC relocation.
- Matthew B.

We were referred to Costa Mesa Moving Company by our luxury apartment complex. They told us this was the best moving company in Orange County and since we have never hired movers before, we wanted a personal recommendation. First impressions are lasting impressions and the entire process from start to finish with this moving company was incredibly smooth! I called the week of, and spoke to David on the phone who was able to book us an appointment the day that we needed to move. Since this was our first experience with a moving company, he was incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions, and also gave us tips on what we could do beforehand to speed up the time on moving day which would in turn, save us money since they charge by the hour. Moving day arrived, and AJ & Carlos arrived on time and took care of everything! They also brought over as many wardrobe boxes as we needed (free of charge) to transfer our clothes from our closet. Everything they took was handled with caution and care, and they wrapped our furniture, TV's, etc. so that they wouldn't get damaged throughout the moving process. Once everything was packed up, they met us at our new apartment complex and unloaded all of our furniture in the rooms they belonged in. They set up our TV's, and placed all of the boxes in the kitchen & living room so that I could easily unpack them. The last thing I forgot to mention is that they went above and beyond to move our sofa sleeper into our den. We realized that the sofa was too wide to fit through the door, but AJ & Carlos grabbed their tool kit, took the legs off of the sofa so that it could fit through, and then re-attached the legs and set it up nicely in the den. I felt so bad because of how heavy the sofa sleeper was, and I know it was not easy for them to do this, but they handled it like champions. We honestly couldn't have asked for better people to work with. AJ & Carlos were so kind, professional, and incredibly efficient. We gave them water throughout the day and also gave them each a cash tip once the job was done. I highly recommend Costa Mesa Moving Company and would use them again in the future. If you're moving, ask for AJ & Carlos!
- Chisholm T.

starsNothing but great words to say about the work that Dave and his team do over at Costa Mesa Moving Company. I have used them in the past and they have been nothing short of excellent and I look forward to using them again next month as I move once again. I think they truly go above and beyond for their customers and make the process as easy as possible. I consistently recommend CMMC to all my friends, colleagues, and frankly everyone I run into. Great job guys!
- Dylan A.

I have moved a LOT in my life. I've used movers sometimes and other times not. I have now used Costa Mesa Moving Company for THREE moves and they are the best! They have competitive rates and even better employees. Jason was the driver for the first two times i used them and Drew was the driver on my third and largest move with Costa Mesa Moving Company. They are professional and personable with a smile on their face the whole time. They do an amazing job wrapping and packing all furniture and odds and ends for a fast and efficient move. All three of my condos where they moved me from and to unfortunately had a lot of stairs which they did not charge extra for, like many moving companies do, and still had a smile on their face running up and down the stairs. They also picked up a refrigerator for me which I had purchased but wasn't able to be delivered on the way to the new condo. Everything arrived in one piece, nothing broke, and they put furniture together and boxes in the correct labeled rooms. They also took furniture that we were planning on bringing to Good Will for us. Thank you for making Moving day a breeze! I would highly recommend Costa Mesa Moving Company to anyone!!
- Hillary H.

I was referred to Costa Mesa Moving Company by my previous apartment company Rancho Alisal. I requested a quote and Darren responded back to me immediately. What I really appreciate about this company is I received multiple follow up calls and being in the service industry that meant a lot. The process was explained to me as this the first time I hired movers and it was worth it. With the Coronavirus pandemic, Darren requested that I have available cleaning station for this team. At the entry I had left Purrell and in the bathroom antibacterial soap and paper towel. So understood that safety is first for his team and my family. Jason called me 10 mins before he arrived. His team Walter and Jesus were great. Smooth transition. I suggest feeding them and I was so happy I tipped each one of them. Mahalo Costa Mesa Moving Company. Dave you have a wonderful company and team.
- Lori R.

I hired Costa Mesa Moving Company to move from my 3 story townhome to a new 2 floor place. Drew Ricardo and the crew were just fantastic! Arrived in time, were polite, concern about doing the work fast so I wouldn't pay more than I should, clean job and had masks all the time for covid-19 safety (big plus here!). They were extremely careful with my furniture and did just a great job! I'm very happy I hired the company and Drew and the guys did the job. I would highly recommend them. If I ever need to move again, will definitely get the company and him to do it again.
- Stefânia F.

Costa Mesa Moving Company did a great job moving me . After careful investigation, I decided to hire them for my move. They went above and beyond to make me feel as comfortable as possible. They put effort in where possible. They did a great job packing my China as well as my kitchen appliances that I was taking with me. I would not only use them again, but I would recommend Costa Mesa Moving Company to family and friends.
- Rania Kelly

Costa Mesa Moving Company is a wonderful company that did an over the top job for me and my family! I was so happy with Costa Mesa Moving Company that I sent my best friend Renee over to them as well so that they could help her with her upcoming relocation. From the time the drivers pulled up to the time that my boxes were unpacked, the service was flawless. Seriously, I could not give this company enough stars even if I did try! A+, 10/10, highly recommended! Don't waste your time with any other moving company, these guys rock!
- Pete Drewberry

I moved a few weeks ago with Costa Mesa Moving Company and everything went great! The movers were polite and professional and did everything I asked of them. I would recommend them to all my friends and family members! They were more than helpful and they were hardworking during the loading of the truck. They seemed to know just how to work together to get everything done just right.
- Lisa Marques

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