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About Continental Moving & Storage

Since our founding, Continental Moving & Storage, LLC has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. Please get in touch to learn more about our team, our company or for details about the services we provide.

Moving-Me about Continental Moving & Storage

Сontinental Moving and Storage is licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With their huge database of recommended moving companies, they are always ready to negotiate competitive prices on behalf of customers by leveraging economies of scale.Continental Moving and Storage Team knows the importance of getting your belongings safely to their new destination. Their trained team of professional movers have the necessary tools to move all of your possessions from your current location to the other side of the country if necessary. The professional moving companies in their network offer secure, climate-controlled storage facilities for all your storage needs.

Continental Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

Сontinental Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Сontinental Moving and Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 1000667

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 3207244
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Continental Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3400. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Сontinental Moving and Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Continental Moving & Storage Reviews

PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING USING CONTINENTAL MOVING AND STORAGE FOR A LONG DISTANCE MOVE. This is the sketchiest, rudest, and most inconsiderate company I have ever dealt with. I paid this company to help me move from GA to CO. Somehow this company works with Supreme Vanlines- so beware!! I was told during my consultation that if I shipped my stuff off on Jan 21, my furniture would arrive on the date I needed it to. On Feb 1, I contacted Continental about where my stuff was. I was given another arrival date, Feb 9th. On that date my stuff STILL had not arrived. I had no idea where my stuff was. I was then given ANOTHER delivery date- Feb 15 or 16th, and it still did not show up. Legally, this company had 6-21 days to get me my stuff. I was then told by Continental Movers that Supreme Vanlines had my stuff (This was the first time I had been told another company had my belongings). This was NOT mentioned when I pad the company $1400 to move my furniture, nor was this in my paper work. The driver of supreme van lines was extremely rude when I contacted him about my arrival date. Whoever works in the booking department at Supreme in Miami hung up on me also when I tried reaching out to them. This resulted in me going to the police to file a police report, and I even considered hiring a lawyer because of the terrible and sketchy service I had received. On Feb 25, my stuff FINALLY arrived- I'm surprised they even showed up honestly. They wouldn't get my stuff out of the truck until I paid them a remaining balance- which they didn't deserve since they were 3 weeks behind on my delivery. The driver told me he wasn't "trying to fight with me" when I told him I wasn't paying more than what was on my paper work. I am missing a bed topper, a chair, and one of my tables was broken and placed in a box. DO NOT use this company unless you want missing belongings and [EDIT] customer service. Im so glad to be done dealing with these terrible people. This was a nightmare. And Never was I offered any compensation for the items that was lost and broken. You would be better off carrying your belongings on your bag than to use this company.
- Lauren Bridges

I hired Continental for a move from CA to TX. Received a great low cost to transport my household goods and 3 cars. Rep was extremely nice and helpful, which is just part of their tactics to get your $. Once hired, deposits paid, and quality assurance completed; it all went downhill fast. I requested and paid for an enclosed carrier for my cars, but that wasn’t communicated to the auto transport company. When it came time for my household goods to be picked up, US Movers didn’t take half the things on my inventory list Continental verified prior to pick up and the cost was the same. They took 2 bicycles (cost $1400 each) and strapped it on the back of the truck because they couldn’t figure out how to fit it in. Ever since the issues started, I have not heard back from 1 single person from Continental to help resolve issues. Time to lawyer up for breach of contract!
- Lesley Trinidad

Would give negative 5 if I could. Continental Movers, FL. Came and picked up my belongings on May 10. As of today July 23, I still don't have my things. 75 days. I have been told, even by Michael(Owner), that I was getting the run around. I have been extremely patient under the circumstances. The driver called me and said the truck was 50 miles away from my house, but broke down, I would get delivery the next day. When the truck didn't arrive I called and they had taken everything back to Denver, 500 miles away. Very hard to believe everything I have been told as the stories don't match. Each time I call, I get told 2 or 3 days, it will be there. Or definitely by the weekend. I was even told the truck had been reported stolen and was stopped by police. Customer service tells me, they promise that it is a high priority. I have listened to so many lies, I don't believe any of them now. They promised pictures of my things in secure storage, I didn't get them. I was told the owner has FLOWN to Denver twice to check on the situation. I suggested he could have hired a truck and brought my things to KS on his way back to FL. Seriously, all I want are my belongings. This company is not doing the job they were paid to do.
- Rosalie Bennett

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Just read the reviews below! All the same! They are friendly until they get your money $$$ then the are GONE! I was promised a delivery date and told "oh ya we will have it there by then" in the last week and a half they have been ghost! BRIAN who claims he is from MA just like me was calling and transparent (so i thought) until my d
- Jonathan Theodore

My daughter hired this company to move from Idaho to S. Carolina and paid them $1500. They called her the day they were supposed to come and told her that their truck broke down. So she placed a bad review on this site and they called her the same day and threatened her that they would not give her money back if she does not take that review down. This is a bad company and all the scammers work for this company. They will call you everyday before payment and once they get the money, you would not hear from them. They will start with very low price and rush you to sign and then the price will go up. My daughter had to purchase new airline ticket and find another company which put her two weeks behind the schedule. I would not hire this company and I would not work for this company also.
- Mashiur R Talukder

Very satisfied with this company. They were great and worked non-stop without any incidents or distractions. I do have a suggestion to the manager: movers may want to ask customers if they want their items and furniture wrapped in plastic. Several of my items really didn't need to be wrapped and found a lot of time is spent wrapping and unwrapping. I was also busy during the early part of the move, otherwise, I would've asked them not to wrap everything. No huge deal though. I highly recommend this team and company. Thank you.
- Barbara Jones

Its my third visit to their Storage location and Man! This is something really good. They have a skillful workers and they guide you if you have any confusion. I think they trained them to perfection before hiring them. Really Amazed!
- Angelo Wright

In all such matters you look for best or at least good. Ones who keep your stuff secure. My experience with Moving Company was bad before this. This is my first time with them. I kept a close eye on these guys and didn’t put any wrong paddle. Amazing Work!
- Frances Winborne

The stress of moving is very high and it became more terrible if you not get the right movers. We are glad that we came across this company. They are easy to book and they facilitate you with tracked information. They make sure they delivered the stuff on time with no damage. They cost very reasonable. Really had a good experience. Recommended!
- Joshua Berrier

CONTINENTAL IS NOT A MOVING SERVICE. They are a BROKER, and all they do is hire a subcontractor to handle your move. EVERY GOOD REVIEW BELONGS TO THE CARRIER THAT CONTINENTAL HIRED. Continental won't even do halfway decent customer service to ensure satisfaction, meaning you will have the worst moving experience of your life if they hire a bad carrier. They do not care about your move or your experience. They care about getting their $550 "estimate fee" and then using those funds to call the lowest bidder, who may even be a company that you passed over due to poor reviews. Continental will make promises of costs and delivery times that the subcontracted carrier may not fulfill. Do not fall into this trap! When they get your email address, they will send you a link to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website, showing that they have a squeaky clean record, and they will suggest that you use it as a resource for checking their competitors. Continental has a clean record BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT A MOVING COMPANY. Hire someone who actually owns and operates the trucks, and has a responsibility to look out for your stuff, not a company whose business model is based around taking your money and calling someone else to do the job.
- Robert Och

Hiring this company was the worst night mare that I have ever experienced. The driver was supposed to arriving on 3rd, I had to call to find out why he hasn't shown up and was "guaranteed" he would be here the next day... NO SHOW AGAIN, I have to call and get an update... this went on for five days and was told he would show on Saturday. NOBODY SHOWED NOBODY CALLED ME, I had to call a week later and still NOTHING. They have an excuse for everything and now I am without a mover and am moving out of state. The lack of concern , follow through was just enough to make me almost have a nervous breakdown. Everything that the "dirty car salesman" was a LIE. They have done NOTHING to help me. I requested a refund and they sent me BOGUS email stating a credit which was less than what I paid. You are crazy to even consider hiring this company who truly doesn't care about the customer and only cares about the $$. I will make sure that I share this experience with everyone, anyone and everywhere.
- Trisha Troutman

This is a broker, they do not have the same person answering the phone after I paid my "down payment". I did not know this and fell for the line I was given about how much could be moved and the full amount due at delivery. Unfortunately nothing worked out the way I was told. A very difficult young man picked my things up and was not courteous at all. He made me pay triple the amount I was quoted and double the amount at delivery. He did not take all I had planned because the quote he gave for that was way beyond what I could afford. He promised a 2 week delivery and it turned out to be over 6 weeks plus damages because my things were transferred to a different carrier - unknown to me. I attempted several times to call Continental and could only speak to someone who said they would not help me I would have to contact the carrier. When I tried that several times with no response I was told after calling Continental again that they too could only contact that carrier by e-mail. I tried that and did not ever get a response. They stole my money, damaged my things and got away with it. Continental will not help you - period.
- Bonnie J. Neal

My move with Leadership Logistics who was contracted by Continental Moving and Storage (against my knowledge) has been a living hell. In my previous reviews I was reserved because they still had my belongings hostage (please read the previous views). Since day one (May 17) it's been one thing after the other. Them exorting monies from me. THEY ARE SCAMMERS please heed this warning stay away from them. I just got my belongings June 12th. And I was still charged had to rent a U HAUL to retrieve my items because the driver states he couldnt drive my street. I told the driver Alexander,that there was another street to access to my house, he refused to use it. First he was saying it's an extra $595 for them to "shuttle" the items to the house, when I told him no that I will get a uhaul, he then stated will its $150 an hour for me waiting. I refused that as well. When I got there he told me I cant release your items until you pay me $250 up front (Scammers). After going back and forth with him, Diana and Fernando for two hours I went ahead and paid him $150. My kids and I been without our items for almost a month, sleeping on the floor spending monies buying fast food because our everything was in that truck. After unloading and unpacking some stuff I discovered that they had broken my furniture, glassware items was missing. They ramble through my boxes and crates stole all my jewelry, vintage coin collections stuff I cant replace that held sentimental value from my parents that passed away. Things that were engraved with names on them, my designer shades also went through my file cabinet stole my and my kids passports, checks just our identities (Yes I have pictures I will post). I am out of thousands of dollars dealing with them. I was told to file a claim and I am but I know there will be some type of fine line print and I will not be compensated. This move was supposed to be stress and Hassel free less cost efficient then doing it your self but it been a LIVING HELL. They get your money and your business and throw you to the way side. From leadership I've spoken to Diana and Fernando no help at all from Contential Moving and Storage Jim Miller and Crystal (she has been great) but theres nothing she can do, the Manager/owner Michael has NOT reached out at all to me. They dont care because it's not there items. If could rate these companies a minus 10 ⭐ I would. I hired Continental Moving and Storage not Leadership logistics my job was bidded out without me knowing didnt find out until the day of the move. I moved to start a new life and got hit with this. Every box I open is a new surprise I've been crying since Tuesday, I feel so VIOLATED!! Both companies are working hand in hand with each other. SCAM ARTiSTS PLEASE STAY AWAY! If any one who read this and had it happened to you inbox me please so we can see what can be done legally about these companies raping us blind. Very very emotional Sharla
- Sharla Looney

Worst moving experience ever! We signed an estimate to move to move on a Friday, packed up our home, received a call from "QA" on Saturday to review our move who increased the price by $2000 and no one ever showed up or answer a phone? I can't believe a company like this in business, now we have to figure out how to get our $2400 deposit back!
- Sinasi Stewart

If you do not take anything else from this, WATCH your wallet. Be very weary about this company. I am former military and have made tens of moves and this move has been the worst communicated from Continental as the broker. On your 1st call, they will give you a great rate and ask for your down payment, after that, everything goes down hill because they have your unrefundable money. After the 1st call, the "quality" call occurs and now the estimate goes up 20%, and oh by the way, in the 1st call, they left off the upright piano, wow, gee that must be why it was so cheap in the initial call. . Now, the day of the move, the estimate is 30% above the original quote. Contintentals response to me was you should have called us, and you must not have given us the correct items. I did call them and there was no answer, and I gave them everything we had as an estimate. . Continenal said, well the driver has our #, how was I to know that? So, now we are at $3500 over what the original estimate was. We started at 6500, and it is now at $10,200. Plus, the movers put a large cut in my floor that cost $700. Do not plan on them reimbursing you. Do NOT trust them. I am contacting the BBB and DOT. (Oh and by the way, when Continental replies to this post, they will say, I hope you give us another chance; um why would I give you another chance to charge me 30% more than the quote, and why would I move again). So please, don't give me that canned respnse unless you are going to make it right!
- Larry Huber

Thank You Very Much For Your Best Service. I Will Highly Recommend Them To Every one. This Is The Best Place For Moving Services.
- Jacquelyn Chambers

I am so extremely happy with this company they have done everything that they can to protect my belongings or wrap them properly and take care of everything they give you full instructions and they are just the best you have to go with these guys and they were just so kind with my things
- James Williams

If anyone is planning to use these people please think twice . i want to save you a lot of grief and money. This place is not to be trusted nowhere no how. I have proff if anyone wants too know why. I have documented everything from get go. Have photos of the movers that came to deliver my household goods and im in the middle of working with the DOT. and some other places that handles these kind of nothing more than hoodlums.
- Youlonda Willingham

Highly recommend Continental Moving & Storage. They were punctual and did a fantastic job in terms of both handling everything and overall time the move took. The scheduling process was very easy and answered any questions we had. My movers were very professional and overall great.
- Allen Davis

From start to finish Continental Moving & Storage made my families move an absolute breeze! They were on time and efficient in loading and unloading all of our belongings. They took the stress out of moving and made life easy! The moving crew took wonderful care and concern while moving our valuables. They were extremely polite and easy to work with! I wouldn’t hesitate to use Continental Moving & Storage again in the future. Thank you for making my move easy and stress free!
- Kevin Humphrey

I've used a lot of moving companies before and this one by far stands out above the rest. Their unique model allows for a more affordable move and professional staff. Awesome job!
- Ardis Harvey

This mover's company had great workers team. My luggage contains mostly the files and certificate. They arranged them well in the cartons and relocate it with no damage to any of my belongings.
- Derek Lewis

I had to write this because I want everyone to know what an amazing service I had from Continental Moving & Storage. Starting from the customer service when I was booking them, they completely guide me about the policy and everything first. They didn’t hide anything from me. Later on moving day, they were on schedule and packed everything safely. Every item was safe without any damage and no item went missing. They are honest and trust worthy. They assembled all the furniture in my new home and paint of the wall was not scratched. I will recommend them to everyone if someone ever ask me about movers.
- Teresa Hawley

DO NOT ALLOW CONTINENTAL MOVING & STORAGE OR AMERICAN HOME RELOCATION TO HANDLE ANY PART OF YOUR MOVE: April/May 2019 Continental Moving & Storage hired to move my son from Michigan to Texas for medical residency: -Jim Miller was representative/Continental Moving & Storage. Seemed pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable during booking process. Later learned Jim Miller was fraudulent, full of misrepresentations, not at all truthful. Continental Moving & Storage sold our move to American Home Relocation. Both companies disregarded federal law several times during moving process: -Jim Miller never mentioned working for moving broker. He even provided cell phone number to "Assure availability throughout our move." We were told Continental Moving & Storage sold our move to American Home Relocation by the driver at pickup. I immediately tried to contact Jim Miller and of course he was no longer available. -Pickup day new moving company informed us truck was almost full and there would not be enough room for my son's goods. Arrangements with Continental Moving & Storage was 15 foot truck, not shared per Jim Miller. Sales pitch; "The smaller 15 foot truck will help eliminate some of the costly tariffs." -Pick up day we were told they would not move the dresser and other items; no equipment to do so even though the binding contract included the items. -They wanted additional payment for televisions and other items as they were not in boxes and were too heavy. Jim Miller's instructions were to NOT put these items in boxes due to liability. We were to have boxes available, which we did. Again, all items were on the inventory list. -Jim Miller also told me early in the process the inventory list “was really not that important unless this was something that would be helpful for us”. No mention of bill of laden nor the importance of this document until after delivery. -When asked specifically about insurance Jim Miller assured me we had replacement $20,000+ included. Later we learned this was again not true. -Original binding estimate quoted 3367 pounds. Had to pay for an alleged 5950 pounds or goods would be held hostage. This is for 1 bedroom apartment, single man, no dining room table, no appliances, ect… 2 tons of goods?? We disposed of 6 drawer dresser plus other items on pick up day. Had no other option as lease was ending day after pickup and we would then be out of the country for next 3 weeks. Jim Miller fully aware of schedule from inception. -When Continental Moving & Storage was contacted day of move regarding difficulties we were told to contact American Home Relocation. Phoned American Home Relocation; not able to tell me if binding estimate would remain or what additional charges would be. Yet, they loaded the goods. -American Home Relocation took goods to warehouse in Chicago. Original agreement was warehouse in Texas so we could phone warehouse and goods would be delivered within 24 hours. We already had our nonrefundable airfare and the dog's transportation booked. -Movers put holes in the walls, damaged 2 dressers and a lamp. They crumbled the stone mailbox with their truck. -They stole $5,000+ in items such as my son's gun case and gun. -We chose middle bid of 3 movers. Binding estimate was $3,000 for the move. Forced to pay $5,200+ to receive delivery. Cost of the move, missing items, damages = $15,000+ in the end. We filed claim and were offered a slap in the face, $70 total with no explanation. After being taken advantage of by these companies, researching, and contacting our State Representative I have decided to move forward with formal complaints, as well as legal prosecution. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO SOME RESEARCH: Organizations who regulate and penalize moving companies include Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Better Business Bureau (BBB), American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and The Attorney General's Office.
- Tina Jerue

I contracted with Continental to move my belongings from Denver, Co to the Florida Keys. When I had questions prior to signing the contract every question was answered to my satisfaction. When the time for the actual move came it turned out that everything I was told was WRONG. I was told 1 truck 1 driver and that my stuff was to stay on the truck that loaded it until it was off loaded at my new house. When the driver showed up with as little truck I asked if this was the truck that was going to Florida I was told no my stuff was going to a warehouse and get loaded into a larger truck the nest week. I wasn't happy but there was nothing I could da as my house was closing the next day. When my stuff finally arrived (after being told that the large truck could not be driven to my house and I would have to pay an additional 500.00 to pay for another truck and the labor to transfer mt stuff to the new truck. This was complete BS as there is no reason that a full size moving van could not make it to my place in the keys - the driver simply was lying - but again what could I do)I was missing several items. When asked about the missing items the driver said that he left them at his last stop in Orlando and that he would get them to me the next weekend. This was April 18,2019. Needless to sat the stuff never showed up. After several months of trying to deal with the mover I got back in touch with Continental and talked their customer service e reps. none of this did any good until I posted a poor review like this one on yelp and then I was contacted by Ryan. Ryan made some excuses. but did locate most of my stuff in storage in Colorado - he even sent me a picture of my stuff. This was in July, 2019. Unfortuntaly he left the company right after this but he did give me the contact info for the owner who I contacted next. He said that he was aware of the issue and was working on getting my stuff to me. In August I was contacted by one of their customer service reps who was going to work with me to resolve this issue. I was asked for a list of missing items and internet links to the items to show value. I did that and the missing items were worth around 900.00. In early October they offered to settle with me for 200.00 The stuff in the picture that the sent me was close to 500.00 worth of the missing items. I countered back at 1000.00 to help compensate me for all of my time as it has now been over 6 months since this mess started. I have yet to hear back from them. I think their policy is to ignore the issue until it goes away. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE THEM.
- Bill Morris

The Continental Moving & Storage help in transportation of all the belongings and luggage without letting it get any harm and damage. The workers help you throughout the moving process which is the best plus point. Highly recommended.
- Marian Buckner

They've got the amazing, cooperative staff. Who worked hard to move it all. I enjoyed their service very much. Each penny you pay them is worth it. Despite having very decent rates too, best services providing company. I highly recommend Continental Moving & Storage for their world best services.
- Maria Miller

It's difficult to overcome the shifting anxiety. I was supervising the worker's work and also telling them about few belongings. They were humble and professional. The work done just on time with no damage. Thumbs up Continental Moving & Storage, great work done.
- Lesley Williams

Excellent moving company! The team showed up on time, moved all of the furniture with care, and were quick. They put all of the furniture exactly where I needed it and were very careful with the delicate pieces. They’re not too pricey. Highly recommend.
- Yvonne Sanchez

Our moving team showed up 15 min early and done the whole packing process in 3 hours. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience or a more committed team of movers to help me. All my stuff was delivered in perfect condition. Thank you so much for great service highly recommended.
- Philip Park

Great Work !!!!! Continental Moving & Storage and his crew were amazing. They were one time, diligent and precise with how they packed and moved my items. They had all the tools necessary and did a great job. I have used other moving companies and never had a great experience as I did with Continental Moving & Storage from start to finish. I would definitely recommend them.
- Armando Rendon

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