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About Condor Moving Systems

Condor Moving Systems provides full value protection at no additional cost for all interstate relocation. It truly sets us apart from other companies. Most in this industry offer basic liability protection. The company offers solutions for short term and also long term storage options. We have a 25,000 square foot warehouse in a state of the art secured and climate controlled warehouse. Each item has inventory tag, lot number and item number that correlate it back to customer’s shipment. Condor is also fully licensed and insured, per the us Department Of Transportation, they are operating a fleet of 6 trucks that are all well maintained. Nonetheless, you will very happy with the end result of your move with them!

Moving-Me about Condor Moving Systems

Condor Moving Systems began in 2003 in Arlington, Texas. Condor has over twelve years of experience specializing in long distance moving. The company has two of the highest distinctions and certifications in the moving industry. They strive to provide you quality moving services at the most competitive rates. They also offer partial packing to full packing services which could include a full hands free move, where they would disassembly large items, pad wrap the furniture, load everything in the truck and at arrival unload and assemble all large furniture. Furthermore, the services they offers are local residential moves, long distance across state lines, industrial/office relocation’s. Condor is a ProMover through American Moving & Storage Association and has accreditation through the Better Business Bureau.

Condor Moving Systems Licenses & Certificates

Condor Moving Systems is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 1126171
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Condor Moving Systems cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Condor Moving Systems is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Condor Moving Systems Reviews

DO NOT USE .... I have moved over 10 times in my life cross country from Ohio to California and all over in between this is by far the worst moving company I have ever had I was so stressed out when I finally did receive my stuff I didn't even want to go through the insurance to pay for everything they broke I just let it be do not use this company
- Sue Vickers

USE EXTREME CAUTION! I had the unfortunate luck to have used this company. Everything sounded good, their estimates were a little higher than few other companies but I liked the idea of using a texas based company, and it seemed like they had good business practices.... I was wrong. Everything from getting the estimate to having the movers pack up the stuff went smoothly, then the nightmare began. My furniture was delayed by nearly 2 weeks, past the estimated date, and for what reason? because the driver kept "running into issues". It turned into so much of an issue, that one of the managers "Maj" just gave me his number so I can deal with him directly. Finally when they came with my stuff, most of the boxes looked like they had been smashed. It looked like the truck had flipped over a couple of times on it's way! My TV screen was completely cracked, they left permanent damage to the couch and broke a bookshelf. Now I'm dealing with a 3rd party they use for claims, don't expect to get a single cent. PLEASE RESEARCH OTHER COMPANIES, they're all movers, and inherently have the power over you once they have your stuff, but DON'T USE CONDOR if you want your stuff intact and on time.
- Damien

Condor was great! I used Condor Moving Systems to move me across town i was downsizing so this was a small move. The fact that it was a small move did not seem to matter to them at all they were very polite and helped me a bunch. I was able to move my items across town with ease. I highly recommend this company there family friendly atmosphere was great.i will use this company again if needed and recommend them to all my friends as i am older and have a lot of friends that are relocating.
- Margret

HIDDEN GEM OF A MOVING COMPANY Words cannot express how grateful I am to the team at Condor Moving systems. The whole team of guys did a marvelous job in moving all of my belongings carefully and efficiently. There are times that it hurts shelling out money to pay a move or tip movers, but not this time. It was worth every penny and perhaps more. I have moved multiple times - Colorado to Houston, then back to Houston from Colorado - and this was by far the best experience. They didn't stop. The team were like an army of ants that swarmed my apartment, grabbing anything and everything in sight. Everything was packed quickly and efficiently, but delicately if there was a fragile item. You could tell they know how to work hard and not stop until the job is complete. Yet, they are cheerful, pleasant to be around and while extremely hard working, had fun with each other. Thank you Condor Moving Systems for making this moving experience so effortless and phenomenal. Great company to work with if you’re looking for a true team of experienced professionals!
- Alexandra

A solid moving job Nobody likes have to moving, but I’ll be damned if Condor didn’t make it a surprisingly easy affair! Offering professional moving crews, reasonable rates, and a helpful home office (thank you Mario!), Condor saved my butt when it was time to move from Texas to Massachusetts. They showed-up on time, did everything faster than they estimated, and had my entire life safely packed up and transported halfway across the country. My best advice? Make it clear what you’re looking for when you talk to them. Condo can scale to meet your demands, so if you only need to move a few rooms, let them know and they can accommodate that! Need to move a whole house? They did that too! Definitely would use again!
- Samuel Frond

Just moved home to West Virginia after years of living in Texas. Leaving the big city, there was a part of me that was afraid it would be hard to find a moving company that could find the address. Condor Moving Systems made the whole process easy and fearless. They got us all packed up and helped situate us in our new home. There was a small hiccup when the drivers reached an area with no cell service or GPS, but we were able to get the issue resolved. My only complaint was that they tracked in a little mud. It was raining when we arrived, and they put down a mat to walk on, but some of the mud still got on the floor. Better than waiting an extra day to unload, though.
- Douglas Benson

Where to start The final drop off was a mess. The company originally told me I could pay with credit card, then the guy dropping my stuff off told me they only do cashier check or cash. Additionally the guy gave me a 4 hour window for drop off and then canceled at the end of the window saying he wouldn't make it. The next day the guy said his tractor trailor wouldn't fit into my apartment complex, so he made me go rent a uhaul and meet him at a Walmart. At the Walmart he started with having me sign the paper work and asked me whether I would be tipping. Also, he told me there was a $100 dollar waiting fee for me to get the U-haul which I am sure he pocketed since on the paperwork he never documented it. Then the guys unload the truck into my U-haul, and they lost an ottoman! I mentioned this and said that is there any paperwork that needs to be signed. They said give it a few days they needed to talk to their manager. Then they left! I had to take the u-haul to my place and unload all my stuff my self. I had a king size bed! Later on when I went to file a claim for my stuff, they denied it saying that I signed the paper work! I had to fight for weeks to end up only getting a $24 check. My company will never use them again.
- Matthew Sanda

This company moved us from Austin TX to Hoboken NJ after a lot of convincing due to their horrible reviews. The sales people were very nice, reassuring and their rates competitive. Well, I regret using them now. I understand that things get broken on a move like this, but we took extra care to pack everything, except a few items that we paid extra for them to pack like original art, TV’s, etc. We should have packed those items ourselves. A piece of original art had tape directly placed on it that removed the paint. In the end, we had about $3k worth of damages and their insurance company offered us $35 after the deductible. What a nightmare. The Better Business Bureau was no help, so now I have to go after them in the small claims court. Don't ever use these guys. If I could give them zero stars, I would. They break stuff and take no responsibility.
- Tim

I booked the mover, but should have read the reviews first. They were right. They said I had 60 items. When they got there, it turned into 100 items and tried to charge $600 more for it. However, when you take my son's bunk bed apart and count every board as an item, then yes I will not have the 60 items you quoted me to have. If you don't reassemble items, you should not advertise that you do! They don't reassemble bunk beds. When a bunk bed is part of the inventory, you should be professional and have good customer service skills and tell me that you don't! Boxes were crushed. They changed trucks and hire local random people to move my stuff in; one of which had mud all over his shoes and pants. I have used other long distance pro movers and would not want my worst enemy to have to go through what I did with this company!
- Melanie

Condor Moving Services contracted to move me. The day prior to the move I received a call from Condor dispatch confirming they had me booked for 7am on 9/4/13. They showed up 4 hours late with someone else's furniture on the truck that was supposed to move my furniture. When I inquired about the delayed arrival of the movers, I was told it was a mix-up on Condor's part.
- Aqualina

Their movers damaged the property of my home. They tried to hide a hole in the wall. Amit at Condor claimed if we e-mailed him a picture of the damage, they would pay. He never returned our phone calls or emails. They only allow cash out money order payments. I believe this is so you cannot dispute the move with anyone. USE ANYONE ELSE!!!
- Candice

I booked this mover after specifically asking if they were a broker and was assured that it was; all their own trucks and employees. They showed up, not with the 18-wheeler that I was told would directly transport my furniture to Florida, but with a smaller truck and was told it would change trucks in Arlington, TX. It has now been a week after calling for a deliver estimate time. They told me it is still sitting in the building in Texas. I was originally told 4-10 days from first day, I can receive the delivery, and now it has turned into 10 business days. They also charged me for 500 pounds extra when I under packed by 5 boxes on the original estimate. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE THIS MOVER!! REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY TELL YOU.
- Kimberly

I read the contract - they followed the contract. Most complaints have to do with the details in the contract from what I have read - it lays it all out there. Yes there is a fee for using a CC for anything besides the deposit. Yes they can hold your items as they have a delivery window to deliver them and they don't send them on the same truck they loaded... It is standard moving procedures (I have moved 5 times between states). It lays out the stairs and fees and what is included in the base price. Read the contract is the best advice I can give - and make sure you understand what it is saying. Ask questions.
- Erin

I recently moved from Fort Worth, Texas to NYC for a job. It was a huge move for me and my family. I had a really great experience with this company. I would definitely hire them again if we ever have to move somewhere else.
- Daniel

Nobody likes moving from Texas to Boston, but Condor made it downright pleasant! Of everything that went wrong during my move (and there were oh so many), I can definitively say Condor wasn’t one of them. People don’t move very often, and it sorta sucks when they do, which is why it’s important to not waste time going with lousy moving companies. Everyone has a horror story, but you won’t if you go with these fine folks!
- Samuel

My husband and I recently moved from Rutherford, New Jersey to two of Dallas, Texas. Condor Moving Systems really helped to make it happen with relative ease. I had called around for four or five different quotes and they were one of the easiest to deal with as well as one of the companies with the more reasonable price quotes. My truck team leader was in charge of four other guys and it seemed they had clear communication with one another to make the process happen as fast as possible without breaking anything.
- Alexandra

I was recently transferred in my job, and had to make the move to Austin in two weeks. Condor Moving Services was really easy to work with, and they had no trouble working with my time frame. The movers were very professional, even when it came to relocating boxes several times into several different rooms! I think that their prices were fair. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone else in the process of moving.
- Andrew

Great JOB! Felt completely supported by this team at Condor Moving Systems. The communication was good and the mover they chose. They packed my entire household so carefully, you would have thought it was their precious furniture and items. They would keep me updated throughout the transference from KY to AZ. I have moved extensively from international to statewide and this has been the best experience ever. Thanks everyone and I highly recommend Condor Moving Systems.
- Nolan

Condor Moving overcharged by $1200. They are a trickery company to deal with. They cheated me on volume space occupied on the truck on my apartment move. The actually volume was 500 cubic feet on arrival but they charged me 730 cubic feet on pickup at $5 per cubic feet, plus they charged me for packing material and number of walking steps to truck. Their initial estimate to me was $2200 but in the end they charged me $4800. Delivery was after 28 days. Be careful with Condor Moving!

We used Condor for a huge move from Houston, TX to another state. Worst experience ever after we signed contract. The move cost us $15K for full service. When they arrived the packers divided up and the main person went over information and paperwork. When I walked in the bedroom, there was no packing going on... just dumping of items into boxes. No special care of breakable, very little bubble wrap used except for kitchen dishes and glasses. I was very upset but we were locked in and had to go with it. We were never told that our stuff would be unloaded into a warehouse and then reloaded onto a contracted truck that would then drive our items.
- Trish

Horrible!! Moved from TX to VA. Initial moving company brokered my move to Condor. Please ask the right questions before signing or paying for anything!! Moving day... Cool guys came but told me one thing about my cubic feet, then told their boss something different. Liars!!! Destination - guys arrived and the truck was jam packed so tight, dude couldn't even get the first box out. Stacked inside like Legos!! Just too much stuff in the truck, so of course my things were damaged. Wood tables scraped up. A handmade ceramic vase from NYC completely broken in half. Filed a claim and it's been crickets. Worst moving experience ever and both companies, First National and Condor movers will lie to you and sing kumbaya with you. You cant piss on me and tell me it's rain. Where's my money for the items you broke and damaged!!??
- K

An hour ago I have moved eight times in my life - both intrastate and interstate - and never have I experienced such a disaster, nor have I, or my possessions, been treated with such utter disregard. They should be put out of business. Condor was hired by myself to move me and my family from San Antonio, TX to Tulsa, OK. My itinerary entailed moving a 3000 sq ft home of furnishings, home accessories, wall hangings (mirrors, pictures), an upright piano, large stained glass pieces, outdoor decor & patio furniture, and a multitude of boxes containing fragile and non-fragile items destined for my storage units located in Tulsa, OK.
- Su

Condor Moving Systems really made my experience much easier than I thought. They were communicative from the very start was great. They fully answered any questions that we had. I was certainly stressed as this was my first relocation in a while. Once I got to my new house, I started unpacking and everything was in great condition. The movers had even taken extra care to provide additional wrapping for my items. When I move in the future, I will definitely use Condor Moving Systems.
- Sioner Archer

We are a military family that has moved ten times within the past fifteen years so we have had a lot of experiences with moving companies all over. We have to say that Condor Moving Systems is one of our favourites. Everyone, from administrative staff to the actual crew, was very friendly, professional, courteous, and efficient. Setting it up was as simple as ever, and they provided a pretty solid quote, if I do say so myself. I do not usually write this stuff, I want people to form their own opinions. Though, I would use Condor Moving Systems again, if that says anything.
- Ranveer Whitaker

I hired Condor Moving after doing extensive research and comparing prices and reviews online. I asked so many questions and made sure I fully understood what to expect before agreeing to sign any sort of contract. I was very happy with the communication and detail these guys put into my job. Their customer service was very good as well and they even took the time to follow up with me after my move was done to ensure I was happy.
- Michelle Barnett

The Condor Moving Systems team was awesome! Moving is stressful and this was my first long distance move. My stuff was in storage so it was hard to estimate the weight or size of items to fit into the truck. With that little knowledge Sal built a quote that felt reasonable and clear. The moving team was amazing!!! They were fast but super careful with all my things. Because it was long distance, the main mover had to hire people for the unload in my new city, and they were also wonderful. It also felt good to use movers who are conscientious and take a new approach to the moving experience by packing items in sustainable and reusable packaging. I wish they had packed my things too. I truly felt the integrity behind each statement and decision made on behalf of my move and in spite of my stress, everything done was done with such ease and care. The move couldn't have gone any smoother, and Sal made every effort to ensure that my actual amount paid was close to my quoted price. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend Condor Moving Systems to anyone!!!!
- Jordan Adams

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