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About Colonial Van Lines

With over 50 years of experience and over 200 agents in our network within the moving and storage industry, we have the knowledge and ability to handle your move. Our background in conducting local and interstate moves has equipped us with the skills to meet the most demanding moving requirements. Our services meet your needs, regardless of the volume of your personal belongings. Being rated as the nation’s top long-distance mover, Colonial Van Lines is the preferred choice for all your long distance moving needs. We will assist with every aspect of your move to eliminate as much stress and hassle as possible.

Moving-Me about Colonial Van Lines

The company is a full-service moving company that keeps the moving process as convenient as possible. Their trained packers handle your items like their own. They take the hassle out of relocating your home and business by packing, moving, and placing your belongings to your new location. When you choose this company over ordinary cross-country movers, you’ll enjoy the following benefits: free, No-Obligation Moving Quotes; Friendly Movers; nationwide Service. Whether you’re heading to the opposite side of the country or just to a state next door, their experienced cross-country moving team has the equipment and experience to get you there. No matter what the case may be, Colonial is here to provide the short-term and long-term storage services you need to keep your items safe and secure. Secure, accessible, and user-friendly, these helpful storage services are the perfect solution for any time you need a safe place to keep your treasured goods.

Colonial Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

Colonial Van Lines is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: MC-681534

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 1434373

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: IM 2198

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What is Colonial Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Colonial Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Colonial Van Lines Reviews

Let me first start by saying we have moved multiple times including overseas twice. We have never had such a negative experience with a moving company. We hired Colonial van lines for our move from NC to IL. The biggest issues was they delivered our items 27 days after the guaranteed delivery date. The second biggest issue was the delivery truck arrived with the back half open (our belongings at the end of the truck were soaked) and our bikes tied to the outside of the van. The company has been extremely difficult to get in touch with both while waiting for 27 days for our items to arrive and after they arrived to try to resolve our issues. The company gave excuse after excuse as to why they could't give us an update on where our belongings were located and when they would be delivered. They kept us hanging on giving us a new date 5-7 days later only to be told multiple times the "moving truck broke down". Colonial Van lines is simply a broker that contracts out jobs so it was not until we demanded multiple times for them to hire a new contractor to move our belongings and submitting a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, that our belongings finally arrived. Despite these issues of living in limbo for 27 days without belongings, fast forward to the delivery day. We received a call on a Sunday afternoon from the movers themselves saying they would be to our house in 8 hrs. This would put them there at 7pm at night. We live in a wooded, dark area. The movers insured us they would stay all night unpacking if that is what it took. For security reasons, we asked them to deliver in the morning. They arrived on Monday morning, in the rain, to find the moving truck was half open and our bikes were tied to the outside of the moving truck. They had traveled 900 miles like this and left the truck overnight. Anyone could have easily opened the truck back as it was simply tied shut and not secured with a lock. Our belongings in the back of the truck were soaked and our bikes were damaged from where they had rubbed against the truck for the entire drive (we aren't talking regular everyday riding bikes, we are talking adult mountain and road bikes which are quite expensive). We were disappointed that the movers did not have masks to wear despite us being in a pandemic. After surveying the damage of our items, we were contacted by a manager to discuss. At first she was very nice on the phone however it was extremely difficult to get in touch with her after she promised to call back on a certain date/time. After multiple phone calls we were in touch with her 10 days after delivery in which she was only willing to refund us the standard refund of $40/day past delivery date. This compensation was minimal compared to the expenses we incurred due to the delay of our items. I own an online business and all my supplies were in the move, so on top of the unexpected added expenses we also lost a month of income. We understand not everything will be perfect with moving and you can expect some things to be broken in the move. We have moved enough to know this. What is not acceptable is a delay of 27 days for delivery and items arriving soaking wet. We are extremely disappointed by this company and I am writing to warn anyone that plans to use the company as I don't want anyone else to have a similar experience.
- Michelle Williard

They tried to overcharge me by putting extra weight in the truck. They charged me $200 extra for wrapping my couches since it was raining which was not my fault. They had a mess with pick up and delivery dates. FILE A COMPLAINT with the fmcsa or nccdb.
- Cris Castro

AVOID THIS COMPANY!!! They will subcontract a small company to do your move. I moved from MD to FL. They gave me an initial estimate of 6780lbs, after that I sold my washer/dryer, tv stand and 2 of the TVs that were included in the quote. I also dicluttered and ended up with less boxes than they had estimated. At the end, they still tried to charge me for the same amount of pounds. I made them re-weight the truck at the time of delivery and we found 920 LESS than what they were trying to charge me. They never explained to me that if they had to use boxes or plastic to wrap or pack furniture items, I had to pay for it. I did all the packing myself and left out only furniture items that had been quoted. They insisted that they needed boxes to pack my patio table and a lamp. After they had packed my items, the truck driver told me about a charge of $255 for boxes and shrink wrap they had to use for my patio table, a lamp and 2 couches. They also wanted to charge me $750 extra for "holding the moving" for me which was something I never requested. They gave me 2 different delivery days and then tried to say that I made them hold the moving for me. The truck driver sent me a text message the day before delivery ASKING me what time I wanted the delivery, I said 3pm. Next day they wanted to charge me another $225 for making the truck driver wait until 3pm to make the delivery saying that they had notified me that the delivery would be at 10am and I had postponed it, which is a blatant lie!! The day of the moving they showed up at my house with a rented Penske truck and not a Colonial truck as they had told me. I found out that this is a violation to the contract and I'm in the process of filing a complaint and possibly a lawsuit. Many other things happened. Many of my items arrived damaged and missing parts. Every time I called the office someone different would address my issues. Melissa Sontag promised to be my moving agent and she never answered calls or emails after giving me the estimate. PLEASE do yourself a favor and pay a little more for Mayflower or another REPUTABLE company. I tried to save a few bucks, but in the end, it wasn't worth all the stress, anger and tears. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!
- elia santana

Mover showed up a day late. Communication was poorly done through the moving process.
- Brad Winter

I had a good experience with Colonial Van Lines on my cross country move. All of my things arrived safely and undamaged. I was moving from a very rural area to another very rural area and they delivered on time.
- Anne Colgan

After the struggles of having delivery outside the 5 day window given and losing 2 boxes, Donna Rose worked with me to find a fair resolution.
- Anne Crays

I scheduled to have my bmw 3 series shipped from MA to MS almost a month in advance of a move due to a job. I spoke with chad, who was very helpful at the time of scheduling. We set the pickup date so the car would be delivered in a safe enough window where I would be in MS to receive it already and that I would receive my car no later than 3 days before I had to start my new job, which I need the car for. The car was supposed to be picked up between oct 2nd-4th and be delivered between oct 5th-9th. I was driving a uhaul with all my stuff down and was leaving on oct 3rd. They told me the driver would call me 24-48 hours prior to pickup. Well I hadn’t heard from anyone by the 2nd so I called to make sure everything was ok. I was told by a woman in their cs dept that they were working on it and she would call me back that or the next day to confirm the pickup date. So I jumped in my uhaul and took of the morning of the 3rd. Well, guess what, I never got that call back, but around 3pm I got a call from a woman named Donna to let me know that they were not going to be able to pick my car up in the scheduled window! Mind you this was set up and the deposit was paid a month in advance! Donna tells me that due to covid they can never find drivers, that I don’t know how bad the moving industry is right now finding drivers and this and that. She tells me to start calling other companies, but they’ll keep trying to find a driver. At this point it’s too late to get my car to me before I start my new job. So I call her back the morning of the 5th, I don’t get an answer, so I call the main dispatch line and I get the guy on the phone who Donna told me was working on fixing the situation. He has no answers for me but tells me he will call me back in 20 mins. Well 2 hours later and still no call back, so I call them back again, I get the home moving guy so he says he’s gonna get the auto guy who I was talking to earlier, but instead he sends me to the regular customer service line. Then I get a call 2 hours after that saying they still haven’t found a driver. At this point I’m completely done with this company, so I call a few other companies. Within 10 minutes of talking to easy auto transport I have a driver assigned to pick up my car and get it to me the day I start my new job. When I was on the phone with easy auto transport, there must be an online delivery driver bid board of some sort, because he said he could see my job with the other company and that the company priced my transport way too low so that’s why they “weren’t finding drivers”, because drivers didn’t want to do the job for that little money, not because of covid and the other excuses they gave me. This new company is charging me $1150, which is pretty standard, where colonial charged me $875, and told me that’s their flat auto transport rate when I set this up a month ago. I would have gladly paid $200-300 more to make sure my car arrived when it was supposed to. So it seems this company gives a good price to the customer to get the job, but the drivers that pick the jobs they want to transport won’t do it for so little amount of money, so you just have to sit and wait until they finally find a driver willing to do it. This is a horrible business practice. The people on the phone are extremely friendly and I don’t hold anything against them personally, but I would never do business with these people again. Oh, and to top it off, when I first spoke with chad to set this job up, I was originally going to go with a different company, but he told me that company was just a broker and they can be really unreliable, but colonials auto transport is all within the company. Which was a huge lie, as they are basically just a broker when it comes to auto transport also. If you need your car by a certain date, I would not trust this company to meet your expectations. You’ll be just as let down as I was.
- Shane Chiarello

If I could leave no stars I would. The sales staff are excellent- from then on the service goes down rapidly - communication, delivery dates change and change again. We are now looking at an extra 12 days in a hotel as the dates have moved yet again. Expensive, poor customer service and a poor attitude in terms of ‘well you’ll be compensated’, thus implying ‘shut up and don’t bother us.’ Having been someone who has shipped belongings around the world - and I am being serious here - it took less time shipping from Asia to the US than it has to use Colonial to transport our belongings from Florida to California. Incidentally it took us a 4 day drive for ourselves.
- Branchline Learning

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MOVING SERVICES, KEEP LOOKING!!!. I'm writing this review to save you from the mountain of stress these people have caused my girlfriend and I. She sold her home and we are moving out of state with a firm closing date on the home. We shopped around and landed on these guys because they were initially very nice over the phone and offered a competitive cross country rate that was better than everyone else we contacted. My girlfriend booked the move, we paid a $2100 dollar deposit, and they were scheduled to arrive the weekend before closing. Leading up to the scheduled move date, they were becoming less responsive to phone calls. The day before they were supposed to arrive, they told her she was still "in scheduling" and they didn't know when they were coming. The weekend came and went and they never showed. Try calling? they give you the runaround. Ask to speak to a manager? They tell you the manager is busy and will give you a call right back. (P.S. The manager never actually calls you back). Their solution? "Oh we can just give you a refund.." The problem is not the money, the problem is time. We trusted them with our time and they took our money and screwed us. We requested a refund and are scrambling to pack a U-Haul and move ourselves. Read the other reviews here people, many of them say the EXACT same thing. Do not trust these people with your time or money. They do not deserve to be in business. EDIT: In response to the owner’s response to this post. I got Donna’s number from other terrible reviews that you responded to. I called her two days ago when there still was time to help us and GUESS WHAT??? She didn’t answer or call us back either. There simply isn’t enough time for you to fix your mistake that never should have never happened in the first place. We gave our business to U-Haul and they showed up when they said they would. Do better.
- Joshua Fruge'

We moved from PA to CA a few weeks ago and Colonial Van Lines coordinated well and updated me the status of shipment. Although they went through the third party, Budge Moving for the pick-up and delivery service, their team supervised the move step by step.
- Weiming Hu

Very unprofessional company. They do not return your call when you're trying to figure out when they're supposed to come and pick up your things while traveling a thousand miles south. Then they give you a wide range of dates of when the "might" be coming to move your stuff but they do not return your call when you try to confirm when they will be there. I do not suggest using this company and to take your business to someone who is more professional and reliable.
- Ashley Glasson

I was able to work with Donna and resolve it, appreciate your responsiveness and understanding, thanks
- Gokul Roshan

I was able to work with Donna and resolve it, appreciate your responsiveness and understanding, thanks
- gokul roshan

We contacted four moving companies to move our furniture from CT. to Fl. We went with Colonial because their initial estimate seemed very reasonable. We packed our own boxes and the closer we got to a final count, the estimate for the move was more accurate. Half of the estimated payment was made at the time we contracted with them. Half of the remaining balance was paid at the time of the pickup. The balance was paid at the time of delivery, with the proof of weight from a scale. The movers for the pickup and delivery were very professional and careful. Our items arrived with everything intact and nothing broken. everything that was disassembled was put in place and reassembled. All of the furniture was carefully wrapped, and arrived undamaged. In the real world nothing ever goes perfect, and yes there was a miner glitch, but all in all we were very satisfied and would recommend them.
- Louis Criscuolo

What a great company Colonial Van lines is. Two other moving companies had turned me down because of the small load size and the geographic location. The challenge of the geographic location was that it was near nothing and required a small truck not the normal 18 wheeler moving van. I was quite surprised when colonial van lines call me back and said that they could do the move. Reluctantly I gave the deposit. I fully expected that in a few days they would call and return the deposit saying that it was just not worth their time or effort to proceed with the move. It took several days but they came through with the move. During those several days they constantly kept me updated. To say the over communicated is an understatement. Other companies (all business) should take lessons from Colonial on how to communicate. I would rate them a 10 out of 10 in every aspects of the job. On communications I would rate them as 20 out of 10.They made me feel like I was their only customer. They are very impressive company and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in need of a moving company. Jimmy Huddleston Sebring Fl.
- Jimmy Huddleston

I had some issues initially but Donna from customer service called in and corrected the situation. I really appreciate the effort and time that she put in to help resolve all outstanding concerns and address all my questions efficiently and in a timely manner.
- Hatem Sabassi

However, corporate side was a sham. Arrived late by 5 days. Lied to us about items being stored with other people’s items. Lied to us about not moving items to another truck. Kept adding fees as the move was delayed. Only offering about $100 off for the delay in move. Lost $1000 TV offered us $60 dollars for the lost TV. Response to calls were late.
- Doug Langley

Where to start: On the day of the move the price went up 12% so basically it was pay it or they walked. I wish to God I had let them walk because that was the best part of the whole experience with Colonial Van Lines. when I was ready to have my household goods delivered they couldn't schedule it for 5 days, which went past my "ESTIMATED DELIVERY WINDOW" and they charged me extra for each day. When i did get my items delivered there were crushed boxes that were clearly marked fragile, broken/damaged furniture and missing boxes, which have NEVER turned up 8 months later. My desk was left outside in the yard and I had to fight them to bring it inside when it started raining. Then the settlement offer came in for the missing and damaged items at $0.08 per pound. when I refused the offer it got kicked up to Donna. She's very good at promising you the moon and the stars but once you have a settlement agreement in place forget about ever getting any more cooperation or assistance out of her. She ignores emails and lies when you can finally get her on the phone. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY. If you don't believe me go back and read the 5 star reviews all the way through where the company has basically black mailed their customers to change their 1 star rating to a 5 star rating. The 5 star ratings happen because they won't even consider negotiating a higher settlement with you unless you agree to change your original rating to 5 stars and provide proof that you changed it on Google or Yelp. What does it say about a company that has to resort to blackmail for good ratings.
- octgirl s

NEVER USE THIS COMPANY! I used Colonial Van Lines to move my stuff from a storage unit in New York down to Florida into another storage unit. They didn’t have to do any physical packing or I packing. They gave me an expected day and timeframe for the pickup and ended up never showing up. So I took off of work for the day to be there to get them in the storage unit and they didn’t show up and my account manager, Jared, was out of the office that day and unable to be reached. Then that following day they said they would show up between 10-2pm, never called to say it would be later. They ended up showing up around 7:45pm. That was just the pick up....I knew we were in for a disaster. Then they lied about the estimate cost and tripled it right away. I never heard back from my original point of contact, Drexel, who said he would be my point of contact the entire time. Complete lie. Then for delivery, they were supposed to show up on a Friday between 10-3...shockingly a no show/no call. So I called my account manager who told me it would be delivered on Sunday between 10-3. Never showed up/never called. The guy physically driving the moving truck, who was a 3rd party company and isn’t affiliated with Colonial Van Lines, Calls me on Monday morning and says he never received the address for the delivery, the storage unit number or access code, which I had provided that previous Friday for the original delivery. So I gave him the info directly and he tells me he will be arriving around 4pm for the delivery. It gets better. Jared, my colonial van lines account manager, calls me that same day and tells me my stuff has been delivered the previous day. Then I obviously had to correct him and tell him it was getting delivered that afternoon at 4. They ended up showing up around 7:30. I had my infant with me waiting for almost 2 hours at the storage unit with no call or answer as to where they were. They destroyed a lot of our belongings, my son’s crib which is brand new, is destroyed. They took it apart and cracked all of the wood. I am beyond upset, frustrated, and shocked by the unprofessional and completely lack of pride this company has. I will never ever use them again and I will make sure people know not to use this company because I don’t want anyone going through what we went through. ***Worked with Donna in resolutions department after our move. Updating the review based off of the resolution department, not the moving experience.
- Bernadette Leone

WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! Items destroyed by movers, boxes "fell off the truck" and have never been delivered, Donna, the "Resolution Manager" is non-responsive to emails. DO A GOOGLE SEARCH ON THIS COMPANY AND READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE REVIEWS. CHECK THEM OUT WITH BBB. Read about the lawsuits and investigations. Then do yourself a huge favor and go to another mover.
- Kay Stokan

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