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About College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

When people hear our name, they often wonder who—and what—we are. Though junk hauling and moving are both in our name, we are that and so much more. College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® is the only full-service residential and commercial service company that offers moving, junk removal, donation pickups, and labor services in the United States as well as Canada. Unlike our competitors, we strive to be an eco-friendly company. That means we will first try to donate your unwanted items to a local non-profit. If your belongings aren’t salvageable, we’ll do our best to recycle or dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner. We will only allow your stuff to end up in a landfill if we’ve exhausted all other options.

Moving-Me about College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

This moving company provides stress-free junk removal, donation pickups, prorated-labor and Full Service Moving for professionals in any industry. Its professional, courteous and uniformed collegiate teams will come to your office, your home, even to your clients’ property or job site, and provide a comprehensive solution tailored to the situation you’re facing. The company’s transparent, volume-based junk removal and donation pickup pricing means there are never any surprise fees. They remove single items and do total clean-outs. Whether you just need some Hunks to help you lift, carry and load your items, or you are looking for a full service, stress-free moving experience, they’ve got you covered. The movers do no obligation on-site estimates for your convenience.

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 1592455

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: IM 2631

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What is College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. this moving company is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving Reviews

They were excellent. Anthony R, Reedy K, and James B were fast, quick, careful and I felt very comfortable with them handling my stuff. I would def. book this team again.
- Nathan Samoranski

Thank you Kedlan, Cam C, Alex U, and Jeremiah R for your excellent service and attention to detail last week! We greatly appreciated your help and support during our move.
- LA Dees

Jeremiah R, Alton J and Anthony P were amazing. Thank you for all the help
- Hsu Scott

Diego and Remy were amazing. They took great care with my things by wrapping my furniture with care. They worked quickly and efficiently. Even though charges were based on time, they didn't waste any time and move took amount of time I expected. If I ever have to move again I would call College Hunks again without hesitation. Thanks guys for making this a great experience.
- annie rose

Clay P and Chase E were awesome! They were so friendly and so awesome with moving out my junk. They were even able to arrive earlier than my scheduled time which was awesome and even better...the price I paid was cheaper than the quote I got initially! In a half an hour the guys had everything out and loaded up in the trunk. So grateful for their hard work!
- Heather Hughes

Kedian, Adam S., and Tasheem were excellent.
- Ashley Jones

Great workers Alfredo, Alonzo n, renny
- Faruch

My car broke down in front of one of your guys trucks at a red light an the two gentlemen I believe there names were Anthony R an Jonas did not hesitate to get out an offer me assistants, they stopped traffic an pushed my vehicle into a parking lot out of harms way. Great guys you got working for you.
- Chris Lee

Did great, faster than expected! Justin Lee & Fernando C were great.
- A_

These gentlemen are absolutely great! I had AJ and Nate working with me for several hours moving things from three different locations and they never complained, were respectful and at times very funny, and they handled everything smoothly and professionally. I am grateful for their help with the move! In addition, Alec at the office was helpful in finalizing the details at the end. Solid, reliable, on time, and great communication with everyone I dealt with. Thank you!
- Susan Haugen

Used this company 6/7 months ago to move my larger furniture items and they were amazing! They took about 2.5 hours to move a heavy sleeper couch, table, two dressers, mattress, box spring, side tables, headboard. Used them again today to move the exact same furniture and it took them 4 hrs! 🙁 One of the guys was much more efficient than the other. They took care to wrap everything well, but I did not feel like they were efficient as they could've been (esp. when you know they are charging hourly). It was very hot out and it was a 3 story walk up on both addresses, so I felt bad... they also left some blankets laying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs at my apartment complex. I called them (as they had just left) and they came back to pick them up...but will be looking into other companies the next time I move. I really want to love this company but I was disappointed today. They were very courteous and friendly. A manager of sorts stopped to check in at the starting address which was nice. Just wish todays experience was consistent with my prior one.
- James P.Cayley O.

$219 to remove a couch and a recliner. No quote over the phone even after asking them. Yeah.
- James P.

Paul F. and Kendrick S. were very nice. They provided a quick and efficient pickup of a couple couches. I agree with other reviewers that the pricing model is a bit schemey. Quotes online show about 100 bucks for a 1/8 of truck. We had 2 couches to remove, thinking that could not be more than that. Stacked on top of each other... sounds reasonable, no? Anyhow, the trucks are noticeably slimmer than a normal cargo truck, which seems purposefully done to bump you into that next cost bracket. 320 dollars later plus tip and we got those suckers outta here. I like that you can book online and they have a super quick service. They truly are very nice - everyone I dealt with on the phone and the two movers. If we weren't in such a push to get the couches out so quickly, I probably wouldn't have used them because of the pricing. It's pretty variable and you won't know what the cost is till they put stuff in the truck…
- Danielle J.

Beware! Quoted $300 to move debris from the side of the house before the hurricane. They arrived with an almost full truck and told us they would have to go empty and come back later. They did come back, guys loading the junk even said $400 worse case. Charged me $800!!! Talk about gouging before a storm. Emailed them weeks Ago and had no reply. My next step is to go To the state for help
- Lulu L.

Super impressed with this company! They were prompt, helpful, and Cesar and Andrew really hustled for my recent move. They even rolled out a Red Carpet in my entry way to protect my floors. They were so careful of my furniture and geniunely sincere about making sure my move was as stress-free as possible. They thought of everything and were really professional and delivered world class service. AND THEY WERE CHEAPER THAN OTHER QUOTES! I am a seasoned yelper - and I give a well earned 5 STARS -- which is very rare from me! Amanda Cook the VP was so attentive and followed up to make sure I was pleased. Talk about great service! Wow - truly a company that cares about their customers, employees and furthermore, their reputation. Seriously - check them out. You will be pleased. Highly recommended to my family and friends. Hell yes! Reasonably priced and well worth it!
- Kevin R.

We got an estimate and received it by email with the cost and date requested. I responded back right away by email confirming my acceptance and agreed to pay accordingly. When I did not receive a reply back confirming they received my acceptance I called them the next day. They then told me that I did not reply back within the window and it was only a flex quote. When I asked how could there be any change when I replied right back. Then then told me that due to the date change the pricing changed. I then told them there was no date change and everything in the quote is the same for the same date of moving. They then came up with one excuse after another and said that the computer was just pricing it out based upon the information given. I said to them that the information is all the same. He then said he would talk to a supervisor and to hold. He then came back and said that the cost was now 50% higher but that was not a guarantee and it could even be higher if I did not accept and pay a down payment then. I said that he would need to email me everything in writing for me to review and then I would respond. He said he could not email me and that I had to accept right then or the price would go higher. I ask why he couldn't email me when they already emailed me the first proposal. He said time is running out and if I did not accept right then it would go up in price again. I hung up and made the arrangements elsewhere in 15 minutes. Do not trust this company - they are scammers.
- Gene A.

I wrote a review about them ripping me off. They did not deduct my deposit of $100 from the final bill so they owe me this refund. I tried calling and emailing them and was ignored. I literally got a response on my first review that they were sorry I did not have a great experience and how they try to meet the customers expectations. They "hope" I will give them another try. Today I am sending a letter to corporate. I have also alerted my leasing office of my experience as they said they often get asked to recommend movers. Beware and look at your invoice CLOSELY!
- Sue G.

Ali and Torey, showed up on time and were very knowledgeable and experienced! Professional and quick will definitely use them again in the future !
- Jessica S.

Of all the places I called, their quote was the cheapest. Still over $500 dollars. They called me every single day to confirm my move and STILL got it wrong. Guys showed up thinking there was an elevator. My precious move took a little over 2 hours. (With the same amount of stuff) this took them over 4 hours. This was even with me helping bring stuff down. I also asked if I would be charged for any misc supplies and they said no -- but when guys showed up I was charged for boxes and wrap that I didn't want. Prices to move are ridiculous these days and the entire process this company uses could be done a lot more efficiently. Clearly there is lack of communication. I was also forced to sign off on confirming I said there was an elevator when I didn't say this. I have voicemails and calls to show how many times they confirmed my move with me. I don't hold the hunks I had accountable for the issues with the company. Anthony R, Kevin J, & Brandon we're kind and handled my things with care. But speed definitely could have improved. Also don't like all the pressure or asking to fill out a review so they can get paid more fairly. All in all, use if you are physically in need to help. Otherwise, save $700+ dollars.
- Savannah S.

I used these movers and my first call it sounded like this was going to be the easiest move. I have a one bedroom apartment and I move all the time. I was moving less than a mile away. Well long story short, they arrived with no materials. They arrived with complaints and cell phones in their hands to worry about their social media. They used my dolleys and my tools. The first hour and a half nothing was loaded yet I was charged for time. It started at 1030 and they did not finish until 730. Mind you they charge by the hour. I ended up taking 6 loads myself in my SUV. They refused to move my tvs, lamps, etc cause they didnt have supplies to keep them safe. After the move, we took inventory and they ripped in 3 places my 2500 couch.. they scratched up my brand new flooring that was installed the day prior, they busted up my door frames, broke the glass on my coffee table, scratched up my head board of my bed, broke a chair by standing on it.. the list goes on.. then they wanted to charged me $1100. Folks.. this was a one bedroom apartment and 3 guys??? I have moved a billion times... I am still dumbfounded. We are 3 months past and there are still no resolutions. Also.. the head kid decided to yell at me, threaten me when I called his direct manager which I stole the number off his phone. Again.. this company could care less. Their VP Amanda has disregarded my emails and could care less. I believe in Karma and hopefully it falls to her and all involved. If I could give negative stars I would. Do not use these movers!!!
- Tricia F.

I have waited patiently for three weeks to write this review. College hunks damaged at least $6000 of my property during my move on January 14. There has been an ongoing investigation past three weeks with no resolution. They sent 3 hunks for our move, the lead hunk didn't have tools to disassemble our bed frames so he tried to bend the bed frame in half to fit through the door which broke our $1500 bed frame in several parts. I have videos to prove it… The second hunk was all of 90lbs and could not lift anything, instead he let furniture drag on the floor. This caused damage and bent the legs of our Steel Kobalt Garage Cabinet, nights stand, sofa and newly epoxied garage floors. The third hunk kept complaining about the 2nd hunk and his inability to lift things… Here is a list of everything damaged or broken: bed frame- $1500… Cabinet - $299… Ceiling fan- $250 Nights stand -250 Epoxy floors- $720 Sofa- $2947… Broke nest rollers and shelves of my green egg Damage to our walls and mirror. This has all been a huge inconvenience and not a stress free move.... Hopefully College Hunks makes good and solves this investigation.
- Stephen T.

So I hate leaving negative reviews, this however was an extremely rough, and drastically over priced experience, that we need everyone to be aware of. Backstory: we had just moved a 1 br house the previous day on our own using myself and a friend. Roughly the same amount of boxes, and furniture, and we managed to do the entire movie in 2.5 hours including the 30 minute drive. Our experience with College Hunks. It took 7+ hours!!!! In our opinion, this is ridiculous and when being charged by the hour, we absolutely feel we were taken advantage of. After calling management to explain our concern, the manager called the mover during the move, after being asked to not address in the moment, which made the remainder extremely awkward and uncomfortable. We found out at the end, that the one employee had just been promoted freshly as a team leader, and the second mover was brand new and being trained. We essentially were paying extra for the training hours needed to teach him how to conduct a move, which is in no way fair or professional. The trainee also would disappear for nearly 20-30 minutes each trip and not come back, and the entire time there was no sense of urgency. For future reference to the company, maybe a fully trained team should be sent, with new employees to watch and work alongside so paying customers aren't charged outrageous hours. We will never use this service again, and highly highly recommend everyone looking into other options, or simply moving yourself which will be faster and way more cost efficient than this headache.
- Preston L.

So here is the "resolution" I got from the company: Thank you for reaching back out in regards to your claim. The following resolution was provided: "We moved this client over 6 months ago. She was not on property so we were taking direction from her ex-husband who she was fighting with over the phone. Her friend was present and left us a 5 star review. She will be sent a letter by me. Everything stated in the claim is false as I spoke to her for over an hour and discounted her move EVEN THOUGH we did NOTHING WRONG. Closing claim and sending Cease and Desist. AC" The local office is locally owned and operated so they close out their claims locally. We understand this may cause some inconveniences and we do apologize. First: My husband and I were not fighting over the phone. He was working (he works remote) and I was in the hospital. I was talking via text with my friend who was on site to guide/supervise the movers. Second: My friend complained to the movers and documented all of the items that were broken and when they left stuff in the truck to take with them - she documented that too. They stole all the attachments to my troy-built weed whacker, an electric hedge trimmer, all kinds of shovels and rakes, power cords and who knows what else - as my husband hasn't finished going through items that were already packed to get our stuff separated. The lawn equipment was a definite theft though as my husband saw them put it on the truck and my friend said that it was missing from the storage unit. Third: They charged me 300 dollars more than invoice - can also prove that via two credit card bills. First one was what it should have cost - the second one was the extortion money as she said that they would not let me have my stuff unless I gave a tip- I refused a tip so she raised the price of the move. I contacted them in April - looking for the rest of my items and to report that they did take all the hardware for my beds and mirror. My husband reported that they refused to tape the hardware to the items. He did manage to get the hardware for my dining room table and hide it in a tote - or they would have rendered that furniture useless as well. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY - I NOW HAVE TO HIRE A LAWYER TO SUE THEM FOR THE THINGS THEY STOLE AND OR BROKE. Laughable - that my best friend who they said "sat around and didn't lift a finger" left them a 5 star review ... she was the one calling me to report what they were doing. Oh and my husband made me take everything in the house - he is so contentious that he gave me everything... seriously - this lady is a moron. Teleport movers was so easy - so much better. I'd hire them. Below you will see the furniture rendered useless by them - it's in the garbage. Don't let them near your stuff - they'll steal it or break it.
- Lisa L.

Had hunks for junks empty my attic on 5/29/20. They fell through living room ceiling. I now have a 3 foot in diameter hole in my ceiling. Plaster fell and damaged my husband's urn, my piano and my grandfathers clock. Told by dispatcher Scott they are not responsible for damage. When you sign for job you waive damages. Beware! Now I have to find someone to fix and plaster my ceiling. Update June 26th. Had a wonderful conversation with VP Amanda. She did a good job explaining their corporate policies. I can now see where my issue with damages was not valid. So now I can say I am so pleased with the quality work they did at my house!
- Lynn R.

fernando and partner were wonderfully helpful, fast, and thorough letting me know pricing along the way. they were both pleasant and worked through the rain in and out of a high rise in dt orlando. def refer and use chhj in the future!
- Jaimz D.

Justin L responded very quickly to give an estimate for a last minute move. The team, accompanied by Courtney, Matt G. Alex and Joseph called in advance and arrived on time yesterday. They were very polite and professional
- Stacey S.

What can I say about college hunks? They stole from me, their workers,and they broke my furniture and they crammed things into boxes that shouldn't have been it was the worst move I've ever had and I have moved with the military for 25 years hands down the worst moving experience I've ever had! Over a month ago and I'm still trying to get that piece of furniture fixed!! They hire felons that steal from people open their belongings and steal!! Please beware!!! Not to mention that my estimate ran $600 over and I had even sent pictures and told him everything I had!!!
- Laurie S.

I was supposed to get a charity pick up at 9:00 in the morning, this mess had been sitting out on my porch since Sunday afternoon. At 1:00 when I was able to get a hold of the charity, the charity they told me they were not going to be able to come pick it up for another 2 weeks! By 1:30 the college hunks were there to help me out. They picked it up and took it to a local charity for me. Clay P. and Jorge C. We're really nice guys! And my neighbors no longer wonder if I'm becoming a hoarder!
- Mechelle Renee V.

Kedian, Tasheem, and Adam S were great!!! Very hardworking and professional. They called when they were about a half hour away, let me know they were at WAWA gas station getting some drinks and asked me if they could get me a drink/snack or anything. They finished on time despite us having more to move than expected and weren't bothered by our dogs. Above and beyond service! Very pleased!
- Ahsley H.

Haul with Will R & Harry H. today was affordable, right on time, fast, and easy. Highly recommended!
- Ryan L

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