Coach USA Moving and Storage Company

Coach USA Moving and Storage Company

is a commercial and residential moving company with many years of experience, with a service area in 15 states.

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Quality of service: 3.9

Punctuality: 3.3

Accuracy of Estimate: 4

Customers’ rating: 4.3

✓ Trusted Mover

The best Moving Company Massachusetts – Coach USA Moving and Storage

We are a successful Coach USA Moving and Storage Company, a commercial and residential relocation company with many years of experience in co-managing and relocating. Our company has all the necessary tools, trucks, and equipment to make your move smooth and stress-free. The company has built a reputation for excellence, productivity, timeliness, safety, and cost-effectiveness throughout our history. Our services operate in 15 different states. Contact us and we will advise you in more detail.

Massachusetts Moving Company Review – Coach USA Moving and Storage

Coach USA Moving and Storage is a commercial and residential moving company with many years of experience . They offer a comprehensive menu of relocation services according to your needs and means. Provide professional movement over long and short distances with the safety of your belongings . The company also has the experience and resources to plan and implement an effective office relocation. They offer secure and reliable temporary storage services for your belongings until you are ready for delivery.

Certified Moving Company Massachusetts – Licenses & Certificates

Coach USA Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Coach USA Moving and Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: MC-813905

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2372043

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is the average Massachusetts mover service cost?

Coach USA Moving and Storage Company offers relocation services at an average Florida moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Coach USA Moving and Storage Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.
Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

Verified and Trustworthy Massachusetts mover from Moving Me catalog – Coach USA Moving and Storage

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Coach USA Moving and Storage Company Reviews

Dani was very professional. If I had any questions, she had the answers all available for me. I moved from Arizona to the state of Florida. All of my property was handled with care and none of it was broken during shipment. I am happy I went with them for their services and I will use them again. Ask for Dani when you call and she will take care of you!!!!! *****
- Jason Leger

Out of a few moving companies i was considering, I spoke with Helen, who was able to answer all of my questions when it came to moving, as you know, you hear a lot of horror stories. I chose Coach USA, as my moving company, because the staff was responsive, and helped me with my first long distance move from MI - CO. They were very detail oriented, made sure my needs were met, made sure the driver stayed in communication with me, and updated me if there were any changes that may have occurred. If you're looking for a great moving company who takes the time to help you out, then please consider Coach USA!
- Adam Walters

These guys were AWESOME! Moved my 2 bedroom townhouse in the blink of an eye and so well! They were very cordial and respectful. They were very diligent in their work and took extra care not to scratch the walls or damage the furniture/hardwood. Definitely recommend them.
- Stacey Gauthier

It was a pleasure to move with Coach USA. They were courteous, professional and very careful with my belongings. Everyone involved from customer service and to the foreman Gardi and his crew at my house were on top of their game. I loved how they managed everything so efficiently and fast. Amazing company! Thank you!
- christine harris

They helped me move from Chicago to Massachusetts, great and friendly customer support, very professional. They helped me disassemble and assemble all the furniture, and went over the estimate. No complaints at all, I will definitely use them again if I need to move.
- Federico Jiménez

Coach USA moved me from up north to fl. The crew was very detail oriented. went over each piece of furniture with me and answered any questions I had. they were there to help make the move easy.
- Kimberly Berger

Had a really great experience with Coach USA. I want to thank the foramen on the job from pick up to delivery, very professional crews at both my pickup and delivery. The staff in the office was very polite and always informed me of updates or changes. I will definitely use Coach USA again. Thank you!!!!
- Steve Dierdorff

Coach USA was very helpful when I moved from South Florida to Northwest Georgia. Crew and staff were very helpful from start to finish. They were on time & very caring of my belongings. Coach really made the move a smooth transition. Very pleased and would highly recommend it to others.
- Kelli Saunders

I had the pleasure working with Coach USA. I am elderly and sometimes have a hard time remembering things. Coach USA's staff were great. I say great because they took the time to call and remind me of my upcoming movie, they stayed on top of me and answered all the questions I had I moved about 980 miles and was informed I would have a window for delivery, which I was fine with because they went into detail why I had a window as well as what to expect moving forward. The crew and the foreman on my job took the time to explain my paperwork as well. I am very grateful to have found a blessing in disguise. Thank you. I will refer all of my friends and family to you.
- Colette Meiders

They were on time, worked straight through, very friendly and professional. They went out of their way to make my moving experience a good one. Thanks so much for a great job. I would definitely recommend them.
- Barbara Miller

I would like to thank Coach USA for helping me out with my mother and fathers move to a retirement home in Maine. The staff in the office was very polite and patient with me, and my parents who are in their 80's. They disassembled and reassembled all their furniture, wrapped and packed everything neat and tight, also labeled everything and went over step by step the process for a smooth transition. I highly recommend this moving company for their professional etiquette and hard working staff that helped out in a time of need. Thank you again Coach USA!
- maggie marquez

My wife and I used a moving broker to coordinate a recent move but they were inept at best. The Coach USA movers were very professional and worked with us through a very long and taxing state-to-state move. Inaccuracies provided by the brokers were worked through and final delivery was made to our new location in days, not weeks. We highly recommend them.
- Jamie Melville

Used their service to move my furniture and personal stuff from MD to FL ! Great service , Dani the moving coordinator was super helpful and kind and kept me posted with all the details with the time deadline and schedules . The movers team were super kind and professional. Great price compared to other companies , I totally recommend working with this moving company!
- Shay Nahum

They understood what we were going through and how stressful a time it was. The team was fast and efficient and took care of our items by wrapping in blankets and securing them. They were more upfront with fees than the company that contracted them. They were honest about everything.
- Amy Aubin

They were wonderful. Unfortunately I used a broker, the broker was not so wonderful. Coach was clear with directions and kept me posted as my things travelled across the country. Mischa was the driver and carefully unloaded and unwrapped everything. I would use them again.
- Patricia Hague

This was my first time using a moving company. I was very impressed with how they wrapped up my items and all items were delivered without any damages. The crew that packed us up in Rhode Island and the crew that unpacked us in Florida were both very professional and I felt they treated our belongings as if it were their own. If I ever have a need to move again I would use Coach USA Moving and Storage without a question!
- donna grinnell

Excellent company! They handled all our belongings carefully and professionally with no damage. Would definitely use them again!
- john lennon

The movers are very great with communication as to when I should anticipate the pickup and delivery. More importantly, they unassembled difficult furniture pieces at pickup and reassembled at delivery, and were very careful with my items, as if it were their own.
- Alexander Stevens

I think Coach USA did fantastic with my move. This was my first out-of-state move using moving them so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but the movers did an exceptional job wrapping up my items and loading them in the truck the delivery 1200 miles away it was only a 2 to 3 day wait which was phenomenal they even moved my furniture in on a Sunday which I thought was great the movie men were friendly and helpful there were a few items that got damaged but the company was quick to assist me I am waiting the outcome of those items but I expect that the company will take care of me nicely.
- B.J. Fournier

I would recommend this company move my daughter from Florida to South Carolina in a timely manner. All of her belongings were all in good condition and made the move smooth and easy.
- Denise Mora

I must say that COACH USA was a great moving company. I say this because I had a last minute move, and needed to be out of my residence the following day after a previous moving company I hired, cancelled on me. Coach USA really was there for me through this late last minute move. The crew was AMAZING, actually I have never in all my life seen a moving crew be so polite, courteous, helpful, and professional, I was amazed. Terry and the crew explained everything in detail and went over everything step by step. I was blown away by how great the service I received was. Thank you again, Coach USA.
- Kendra Willard

Coach USA was very professional when the two movers came to my house and picked up my furniture/ belongings. No complaints there. When it came to delivering my furniture and belongings to my new place out-of-state, that's where it got "iffy". I did not like how my very nice bedroom set was scratched, dented, and missing a knob out of my dresser, I finally put in a moving claim, hopefully I get some answers soon. Overall, use "Coach USA Moving and Storage" for close or closer moves that don't need super far distances. Maybe your furniture won't get damaged. Wish I knew this before. *** I am thoroughly disgusted with Alliance Moving as a broker, Coach USA Moving & Storage as well as MovingClaims.Net who work in conjunction to ROB their clients. My items were delivered outside the window agreed upon—with larger, high ticket items damaged, destroyed, or lost. I filled out the appropriate claims forms THREE times and the companies would not agree to pay the minimum value they were insured for ($.60 per pound). Even at that valuation the total should have been less than $200—STILL they would not agree to pay (first offering $46 then $76). I will continue with a final attempt at receiving the full valuation for the destroyed Elliptical machine, surfboard, and carbon fiber paddle in addition to reimbursement for late delivery. DO NOT WORK WITH THESE MOVERS. DO NOT AGREE TO USING MOVINGCLAIMS.NET. DO NOT BOOK THROUGH ALLIANCE.
- Brittany Latour

Edit: Upon posting this review I was contacted by Dani, the customer service representative at Coach USA Moving & Storage, and was told that I would be paid the requested total for lost/damaged/destroyed items if I agreed to edit my review. I agreed and just received my settlement check for $200. I spoke with Dani previously regarding the amount being offered for my claim. During my first phone call with her (prior to the review) she told me that I would have to contact MovingClaims.Net to address the claim settlement as it was they who made the recommendation. In the subsequent call, after posting my review, she explained that MovingClaims.Net had only assessed the value of the plastic pieces broken off my damaged items and not the total value of the items (noting that they had no way of knowing if the items worked prior to shipping--it was plugged in and functioning when the movers showed up). The issue of the late delivery was never addressed and after 4 months of back and forth it hardly seemed worth the continued effort.
- Chelsea Wetherell

The details go on and on. It was a nightmare. We had damage on almost every piece of furniture. We filed a claim with photos and a clear explanation of all that went wrong. I have called them so many times and gotten nowhere. Now I cannot reach them. Their number has been disconnected.
- Minnie Hobbs

This company was hired from USA Standard Moving Corp (do not recommend ). The household goods were delivered late and a vintage table is missing. A table goes missing out of thin air. A table that was purchased in 1960. It was one of THREE furniture items that my 91 year old mother handpicked to bring with her to her new home in an assisted living facility in Florida. We are heartbroken. For weeks I had to inquire about the whereabouts of this lost table. On my own, I came to the conclusion that it was STOLEN or lost. No one should have to go through this ever especially with a moving company that specializes in moving household goods. Finally they sent me a link to a claims website. I am going through the motions of filing the claim. I will keep you posted to see if anything redeeming comes out of this most unfortunate process. Feeling violated and just plain given the runaround. No one should have to endure going through the process of moving, hiring a company that you trust to bring your precious household goods to their new home only to find their goods were STOLEN or lost. How does a table just go missing? I will never look at movers the same as a result. I will update on what happens with the claim...if anything happens.
- Diane Holmes

DO. NOT. USE. THIS. COMPANY. Also, do not under any circumstances use STARLINE MOVING either. They are the broker that set me up with Coach, unknowingly to me, and I had no control of that assignment due to the contract. Many things went wrong with this move. First, they did not take all the items on my list. Then, they charged me extra for the sofa. Then, above all, there was a water leak at the warehouse that damaged one section, one sofa, my mattress, and several storage boxes I had. Coach offered to dry clean the items - which is laughable because there is mold in the furniture so it is unsalvageable. In total, they are compensating me $250 for the damage. Again, laughable. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
- Suzy Wang

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