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About Clean Cut Movers

We provide residential and commercial moving services. We do local and long-distance moving 365 days a year. We also do labor-only moving when clients do not require a moving truck. Our movers are clean-cut gentlemen who will show up ready to handle your move like a pro. We only hire employees who have experience in the moving industry. We do not hire convicts, day-laborers, or sketchy individuals like many other companies. Since we charge a flat-rate most of the time rather than an hourly rate and our movers are paid a percentage, our employees work more efficiently than other movers.

Moving-Me about Clean Cut Movers

Clean Cut Moving NYC provides residential and commercial moving services together with local and long-distance moving. Free, no obligation flat-rate estimates. Their team offers last minute moves and also provides flat-rate movers. Their fleet is presented by clean trucks equipped with pads and professional equipment. Friendly movers and experienced staff will do their best to fulfil your stress-free moving. Need a man with a van?! Contact Clean Cut Moving. If you need storage mention Clean Cut Moving When Booking Your Storage Room With Manhattan Mini Storage For 15% Off!

Clean Cut Movers Licenses & Certificates

Clean Cut Moving NYC is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Clean Cut Moving NYC is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

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What is Clean Cut Movers cost?

Be ready that the studio apartment will start at around $300, and a two-bedroom will cost you about $600. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Clean Cut Moving NYC is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Clean Cut Movers Reviews

I finally stepped up and hired a real moving crew and this was a pretty disappointing experience. I contacted them to receive quote and explained I was moving out of a 600 sq ft apartment and itemized my large furniture. Major mistake! Clean cut movers scheme is to give you an affordable initial quote but literally up charge you for every piece of your belongings and they clearly underestimate the number of boxes to win your business. After the 3 of the movers arrived smelling pungently as if they just left the rasta concert, I had to go through a half hour negotiation of what is the equivalent of a large box and then they began the move after I paid $120 surcharge for "extra boxes and bags". I asked the lead mover multiple times when they expected to arrive at the drop location and he insisted it would be only an hour. Then 2+ hours later they arrive and proceed to tell me that there is going to be an extra stair flight surcharge. At this point, the stress of the move broke me down and I agreed to pay (there was not an actual extra flight). If you're considering clean cut movers, I would make sure explicitly document every bag, sheet, and belonging that you own. As for any stairs, take a picture beforehand and make sure they don't deem it a "double flight" or any interpretation that leads to an up sell.
- William E.

This company saved the day with their help. I had to move on a Monday afternoon in the middle of a big job transition. Needless to say I was a bit frantic. A good friend of mine recommended getting movers. Initially I was hesitant to utilize such a service and wasn't sure if it would be worth the price. I ended up taking the plunge and had very smooth process scheduling my appointment. If I could describe the whole experience in one word from start to finish it would be: Efficient. The day of, Jonathon gave me a heads up well in advance to their arrival (1 hr) which I appreciated. Once they arrived, he and his partner (I believe his name was Chris) got straight too work. They packed my belongings and got them to my new place, then unloaded them in what I would consider 'record time'. I could not believe how fast they moved and how experienced they were with moving things quickly but also with care and safety. I would recommend this company to everyone and I strongly believe they were worth every single penny.
- Sanam D.

We used Clean Cut Movers today and they were fantastic! We scheduled a late time slot because it was cheaper than morning, but they called the day of and said they would be able to do earlier for not extra cost, which was extremely helpful for us. Moses and crew were very nice and efficient. They also took extra items at no extra cost. We were very pleased with the move today and would recommend them
- Michael D.

Do not use this moving company. When it comes down to it they do not care about your items and primarily care about the speed at which they complete the move as they jam many into one day. I used them on 3 separate moves (almost 4) and they broke furniture on two of those moves. I gave them the benefit of the doubt during the first move, but it was also a piece of furniture that was irreplaceable. After the other occasion, they had broken a glass door to a family heirloom. I was promised that it would be replaced and mailed to me (they supposedly knew a really good glass person). After 6 months (2 of which they went completely silent - I still haven't heard from them) I still haven't received any indication that they are sticking to their word. Finally, I had discussed with them that I would be moving across country and one of their main movers, Sam, said that they could do that for me too. I was excited because cross country moving tends to be a headache. We had locked everything in and then they pulled out of the arrangement TWO WEEKS before I was supposed to move, leaving me to find a new company that jacked up the price because it was last minute. In short, do not use this company because something will inevitably break and they are not good on their word.
- Nick S.

I have been waiting for a quote--just a quote--for a move tentatively scheduled for tomorrow for two days. Although Clean Cut Moving has promised to get back to me asap, they haven't. It's end of day, and they have provided no information about a move supposedly scheduled for tomorrow. I would not be able to recommend this company. They have been extremely unprofessional with my booking and do not seem to have customers in mind.
- Roz R.

DO NOT USE. Movers damaged a railing and wall on my move out. I cannot get response from this company on how we can work to resolve this. I also paid $60 for them to provide their COI prior to my move, and after multiple requests they still never provided it. I would love for someone at this company to comment on how they would like to resolve this situation.
- Mmageeny

Last weekend my sister and I hired Clean Cut Movers for what we thought would be the worst few days ever! (As moving is never fun). Fortunately, Clean cut sent us Moses and Mercedes who were very professional, efficient, and accommodating. We recommend the company as the move was as great as it could be (again, moving sucks no matter what, but less sucky in this case). Furthermore, I wanted to highlight that Clean Cut should be extremely happy with Moses and Mercedes -- since their work ethic and work quality left us with a very good impression of the company. We will call Clean Cut Movers again if the world punishes us by having us move again in the future.
- Hugo O.

Our crew from Clean Cut made an otherwise nightmare of a day a little bit better. Foiz, Grant, Gustin, and Kelz worked quickly and with smiles on their faces, even after our old building tried to prevent them from leaving. I would definitely use them again.
- Maureen L.

AWFUL - MANAGER ALEX, NICOLE AND NATALIE. ALL AWFUL - DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY, THERE ARE DOZENS IN NYC. **NOTE** - that idiot Alex will respond to this review with the words "lies, lies, lies" like he has done all throughout Google and here. Folks, take our word over his. He sucks and this company sucks. **SECOND EDIT** Alex this isn't a duplicate review. I'm sorry so many people have the same exact terrible thing to say about you and the company. You shall not go unnamed on my watch - ALEX, NICOLE AND NATALIE. All should be fired ASAP. Better Business Bureau already has heard about this debacle. Unwilling to work with you. Natalie emailed us a price in bold. Then we receive an email from Alex with a different price ($525). We responded that Natalie just quoted us $375, and then another reply came in with $475, and then Alex re-responded saying "sorry it's $525, Natalie is mistaken". I called to resolve this and Nicole picked up the phone. She was familiar with the issue but when I asked her to honor the price that is in writing, she said "but our other price is also in writing". I tried to level with her and negotiate but she said "no thats now how we do business, you can go to another mover if you want." I thought that was a bit odd and asked to speak to Alex. She called me "fucking ridiculous and hung up on me." What an awful company and I didn't even hire them - I wouldn't dare try... at least these guys were too stupid to rip me off before the deal was even done.
- Chirag D.

I can't recommend this company enough. Wow, wow, wow!!! I can't get over the efficiency, great communication, and quickness of this company. I had reached out to five different moving companies and Clean Cut was the first to respond, quick to reply, and thorough with their communication. Currently sitting on my couch in my new apartment about ten minutes after their departure, I couldn't wait to write a review. Moses, Josh, and Mercedes arrived promptly and kept me updated for their ETA leading up to that. I literally couldn't believe how quickly they moved but made sure to be mindful/careful of my belongings. They went above and beyond with wrapping my fragile items and furniture. I couldn't say one bad thing about this trio that helped my move today. They alleviated all possible anxiety I could have had today during my move. Thank you so so much!!
- Jenna P.

Thank you, Clean Cut Movers, for making my move so much less stress inducing than all 5 of my other NYC moves! Specifically, I highly recommend Moses and Gustavo; they were extremely professional-- fast, efficient, careful, and friendly. The planning process was also very easy; all emails were handled within 24 hours, usually within the hour. I hope I don't need to move again anytime soon, but if I do, I will hit up Clean Cut Movers again for my next trip!
- Katie-Rose N.

These movers are overpriced and ripped me off by not giving me back my deposit. They pressured me into submitting a deposit early on in my search for movers. I paid the 200 deposit to reserve my spot. When I found better priced movers, I gave my spot with clean cut movers to my friends who also needed movers. I asked clean cut to apply my deposit to their move, since I found a replacement. And they refused. They also charged my friends a deposit and during the actual move, they scratched and scuffed up a few pieces of my friends furniture.
- Kristin Z.

I just had the worst moving experience with Clean Cut Movers. They literally abandoned the moving job after arriving 90 minutes late and barely started the job before leaving. I had to hire additional movers last minute to do the move and the only thing I got from Clean Cut management at the company after the movers left was "best of luck". I cannot emphasize enough that you should NOT book a move with this company unless you want to be out of money and left scrambling last minute. I wish I had read all of the Yelp reviews beforehand as the negative experiences are accurate. I filled out the form and was quoted one price. I followed up to let the company know that I had a bed with drawers as the fine print indicated that would be more. They increased the quote by almost a $100 to include moving the bed. The movers showed up 90 minutes late. One of then was very hostile the entire time and the first thing they say upon late arrival is that the quote doesn't include moving the bed even though I was given an updated quote that incorporated the fact that the bed had drawers. The movers then put my BARE mattress on the dirty floor outside of my apartment and got an attitude with me when I asked them not to do that as I have a plastic cover. They then just upped and left after moving a few of my valuable items into the first floor of my apartment with the door was open and anyone from the street could have walked up and taken my belongings. Believe the reviews that say this company is unprofessional, does not honor their quotes and arrives late. I hope you don't lose any money like I did working with Clean Cut Moving.
- Monica P.

I used this service twice. The second time was very disappointing. The movers brought a small van and could not move the amount I quoted. I had to wait in the van to keep from getting a parking ticket. They did not handle with any level of care. Unfortunately, I recommended the company to a friend, who was moving in her building. They charged for a 3 hour move and took only 90 minutes and still did not move everything. I contacted the company multiple times and only received a we will get back to you with no follow up.
- Nitin M.

Just made the move from Brooklyn to Long Island. Gustavo and Wagner showed up on time. They were efficient and well prepared. They finished a hard job relatively quickly and were professional throughout the process. Highly recommended! I'm glad you had a positive experience. Thanks for taking the time out to leave a review =)
- Justin T.

ZERO STARS AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I am blown away by what happened to be, as well as the company's response. My day with Jesus and Clean Cut Movers was horrible, dragged on, scary, and all around a horrific experience.The day started at 2pm and continued until 12:30AM(!) when my mover Jesus last came to my house (for his PANTS that were inappropriately left at my apartment?). Having moved this exact furniture within the city (and between states) myself, this is something that I KNOW should have taken 2-3 hours max. But instead, it took over ten. Jesus also had me included in the process the entire 10+ hours waiting in the truck (why did I even hire anyone then if I was as involved as ever?). Jesus took advantage of me, constantly swindling me for more money, making up prices about things that "weren't included" and "extra work". Not to mention he had an young child ILLEGALLY WORKING with him. I was told 2 grown men would be moving me, but A YOUNG CHILD who shouldn't be working, let alone moving furniture, was who showed up. Jesus spoke to me and handled everything incredibly unprofessionally - stopping at subway in the middle of the move without telling me (taking over an hour to travel between apartments that are in walking distance of each other), complained about the boxes and weight of what he was moving, and overall speaking down to me. I spoke on the phone with Clean Cut and told them about my scary and horrific day in detail. At told me they would get me a refund and handle the situation and they were sorry...clearly, they weren't. I have been hounding them for my refund and gotten no money back, let alone an apology about my disappointing, exhausting, and SCARY experience. I really hope they go out of business so no one has to experience what I did.
- Savannah C.

Would give 0 stars if I could - all of the movers showed up and immediately took shits in our bathroom. Wish I making that up. All three of them. They then bitched and complained how heavy our stuff was, and then they didn't cover our mattresses with plastic until I literally said something while they were putting stuff into the truck. They then completely destroyed one of our dressers (leg snapped off and dents and a ton of scrapes) because they took the moving blanket off it in the stairwell because they couldn't move it with it. We paid in full and even tipped to be nice as they assured us that we would be compensated for the dresser. After this the company systematically screened our calls for several weeks before finally agreeing to reimburse us the absolute minimum for the dresser they had to by law. They then never sent us this amount and continue to not answer our emails or calls. Will not be using this moving company again, and do not recommend.
- Brad E.

Beyond exceptional service. Clean cut movers made this taxing experience such a hassle free one! No one, and I mean no one, looks forward to the tumultuous experience of moving, but clean cut movers made my experience a lot more uncomplicated and painless than I initially anticipated. Being that I was doing this on my own, they stepped in and made my experience such a breeze! I cannot thank the team enough. I highly recommend their services.
- Tina G.

I used Clean Cut Movers on my move on 3/25/19. There was one hiccup. They gave me a quote and the night before told me it would actually be $100 more because of my marble topped tables. I was not pleased. However, Nicole and I were able to sort it out. Even with that in mind, I would 100% recommend them and I have to my friends. They were AMAZING. My move was fast, nothing was broken or scratched, and my movers were FRIENDLY. I did not expect that at all. It was the most painless moving experience of my life. Could not have been happier. Thank you Clean Cut!
- Kim S.

This place is the actual worst. They underrated our move and STOLE one of my $500 tables. They wouldn't pay me back only after I threatened to hire a lawyer. And they only gave $100... all my furniture was banged up too. TRUST all the other reviews you see on here!! This place is no joke
- Allison F.

Just used Clean Cut Movers for my move across town in Jersey City and could not have been more pleased! Foiz and his crew were so friendly and kept a good attitude despite the heavy furniture and VERY hot day. We ran into an issue with the building I was moving into where the mgmt company had us share the reserved elevator with another (irate) resident and my movers were really patient and respectful the whole time. Moving will always be stressful but the process with Clean Cut - from start to finish- was not! Getting a quote was simple and they were one of the cheapest quotes I received. For the price and the service- this is a definite value company. Would use again!
- Ash J.

This is a great company and Ted and his crew are amazing. The pick up location was in the Financial District which is a difficult area to maneuver with a truck and even more difficult to park and load. The guys were on time picked up the items which the covered with pads and delivered to Riverdale NY. They carried the three 7x5 bookcases up 4 floors and delivered them without any damage. They were very responsive and capable. The office was also very responsive clear about the pricing and very specific as to what was covered. Prior to contacting clean cut moving I had contacted several other moving companies. The quotes f the other companies were double and more that this company. I highly recommend them.
- Dora P.

I had a great experience with Clean Cut. Josh and his crew came on time, worked fast, and didn't damage anything. The back office was available on Christmas Eve and on Sunday. The whole move took only 4 hours and the crew played great music the whole time. Hands down the best moving company I've ever used. Highly recommend.
- Zaid A.

Fortunately, for them, I have no internet presence and I rarely review, so this one will probably be filtered out. Literally, F*** this company. We've been in contact for a full month. Had a move scheduled for today, 12PM. They EMAILED last night, 8PM, saying they under quoted and would not be able to move me for that price. They proceeded to jack up the price by $300 blaming "management". Not even 24 hours notice, which would have been just as tacky and unprofessional. I still had to pay $200 for a guard for my building (it's a yuppy coop), and took a full vacation day from work. So, $500+ later and I'm still in exactly the same apartment, not at all moved. My guess is that they had an opportunity to take a bigger move, so they lied instead of canceling me. Even if that's not the case, that's obviously the case. They still haven't even had the balls to call and apologize. TL;DR - people use Flat Rate Moving for a reason. Don't use Clean Cut Movers, even if Gothamist recommended them. I mean, look what happened to Gothamist.
- Amanda K.

The Clean Cut Movers team was excellent. They were quick to respond to emails and patient as I added items to be moved last minute. I give particular thanks to the moving crew Foiz, Alladon and Ty for their professionalism, good sense of humor and willingness to help. They made what could've been a stressful day much more manageable by ensuring me they would take care of everything needed, including taking apart and reassembling my bed at the new destination. Thanks again!
- Naty S.

HORRIBLE! I hate that the only way to get in touch with this company is through bad reviews, but our other methods of communication have fallen on deaf ears. Look up their Better business review (link at bottom) From what we can tell this company is two guys in a room outsourcing jobs to outside moving teams. If anything goes wrong they will do their best to disappear. We hired them to do our move and paid for the insurance that our building required. They never provided the insurance information to our building as promised, they showed up hours late and then caused damage to the hallway in our building. The damage was $650 and when we tried contacting them about it they stopped answering our calls. (I have a recording of them saying we paid for the insurance and that they would send it) We have asked for a refund for the insurance that we paid ($60) and for them to cover the damage. We called, we emailed. No response. We sent an official demand letter and are now working our way through the small claims court process. Surprise, surprise none of their addresses are legit. At this point it's not about the money but the principle of a company taking your money and not providing a service. Look them up on the Better Business Bureau and you will see their F rating. Learn from our mistake and find another company!
- Lizzi B.

I was worried about moving during the pandemic, but David and his team went above and beyond to get me moved safely. They made what could have been a really stressful day a lot easier. Their prices were also pretty fair, so I'd definitely recommend them to friends and will probably use them for my next move.
- Lynne C.

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